Velvet Nagaram (2020) Script

God created this world.

The tribes on the hills are his first children...much forgotten children.

Their land is gold and also the hills that surround them.

That's their problem too.

Though surrounded by boundless wealth of Nature's gift, they couldn't claim It as their own.

They are helpless and remain marginalized.

Though they live on the top of the earth the entire world wants to pull them down.

Those who claim to uplift them actually exploit them.

After getting deceived and disappointed again and again fed up of deceitful world they wanted to lead a secluded life.

However the greedy tradesmen never allow them to live peacefully .

[News] Sudden break out of fire, in the Kodaikanal forest has burnt down the houses of many tribes in that region.

District Collector to visit the affected areas.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Ms. Gowri, popular actress and environmentalist, calls it an act of sabotage and says that it's a plot against the tribal community.

It has created shock waves among the public.

Haven't you left yet?

Researching the forest fire incident.

You mean that natural disaster?

Why are you digging into that?

I'm waiting for just one more evidence.

I'll tell you after getting that.

What evidence?

Hello Tell me Gowri Usha. Everything is ready.

We shall now reveal the truth without any fear.

You just come over here.

We are releasing it tomorrow right away.

Have you got the evidence?

Yes. An important document.

What document?

No. Can't tell you that over phone.

You are coming to Priya's house tomorrow, right ?


I'm in the middle of shifting.

-We will meet at Priya's house tomorrow. -Ok.

This document is the key evidence to expose the Advaita Company.

Who's that?

Who's that?


-Hello. -Usha. Just hold on for a minute.


Hello?! What happened ?



Usha. I'll call you again.






[RINGTONE] "Dad pick up the call"

[News] Gowri, a popular cine actress, environmentalist who has been fighting for the uplift of the tribals was found murdered at her house, in Chennai by unidentified persons.

In the recent times she has been writing against encroachment of tribal villages.

She has vehemently condemned the bureaucrats and the political leaders who are behind this unlawful act.

Did Gowri tell you anything?

What's your plan Usha?


I've to complete what she has started Sir.

If I don't do even this...

I must go to Chennai.

You seem to be firm. You won't listen to me If you want, take somebody along from the office.

I'll manage sir.

Thank you.

Ms. Gowri Krishna, Actor/ Social Activist?

Everyone will have a turning point in their lives.

I entered into Cinema at a very young age.

My parents raised me so dearly without showing the difficult side of life.

My fate... I lost them both on the same day.

I was alone, when I looked around, everything seemed to be fake and false.

After overcoming that, when I looked for truth and peace, I met these innocent tribes.

Though we have everything, we still keep running after something.

Though they don't have anything, still they have taught me something.

I wanted everybody to know about these beautiful people.

My face has helped convey several fictitious stories.

Let it now help unfold a true story about these tribes to the World.

Wow. What a song. An Amazing feeling.

I just checked now. This song is in the play list of all our shows.

Is it a favorite song to everybody? Ok Let's get back to the business.

In the past, only sensational things became trendy.

Now, anything becomes sensational and trendy.

That being said, a video has gone viral on Facebook today.

Where in we see 4 men coming out with bags filled with huge bundles of cash.

You might be curious if they're laundering money or is it black money?

I too doubt the same.

Do let us know your opinion about the same.

Before we discuss further, enjoy a super hit song.

In spite of all our planning, it become a big flop.

-Rocket. Clear this. -All are fake notes.

Who could have done this?!

Mike. We went to the correct address, right?

They handed the money before we even asked.

Opened the door before we knocked and gave the money before we showed the Gun.

Mike, it was the first time I was quite nervous before a heist.

And it got over in a jiffy.

I just don't get what's happening.

Don't you get it?

Somebody has fooled us to put a proxy.


Are we in a trouble then?

We don't know for whom we have put proxy and who has made us put proxy ?

But it's not safe to mess with Bhai.

They might let it go as such or might chase us and kill us.

Anything could happen.

What shall we do now, Mike ?

We should find somebody to put proxy for us immediately.

But it should be a new team.

Okay Mike. We will put a proxy immediately.

Mike. Guna has been arrested by the police.

Let us abscond from this city for a few days.

We shall go abroad.

Make the arrangements at once.


Hello. Excuse me.

Who are you ?


Tell me Madam.

Sir. I want to go to Gowri's house.

If it is a resident inside, ask someone to take you inside.

Sir. I've been staying here for 2 weeks.

This is a crime spot Madam.

I can't allow anyone.

-Sir. I'm a journalist. -Strictly not allowed.

Sir. This is unfair.


Yes sir.

Won't you inquire properly before letting anybody inside?

She told me she is a journalist Sir.

Send her off.

Sir. This is really not fair.

Madam. Please come.


Madam. There's no use in talking to him.

All her relatives are at Royapettah General Hospital.

Until the case is closed, nobody should be allowed inside.

It is an order from the Forensic Department.


Please come.

Akka. I've asked so many times they don't seem to permit us inside.

Look there. That guy has been staring at us since we got here.

Better we go.

Alright. Come on.

Hey, why are you so late?

I called Mom. She told me you left early in the morning.

I went to Gowri's house.

What did they say?

They didn't allow us inside.

What do you mean?


Hey. How come all of a sudden?

Your sister didn't tell me that you're coming along.

My sister didn't call me but dad insisted that I must go with her.

How goes your acting and all?

Going on but no progress so far.

Alright. Come in.

Akka. I've been noticing you since we came. Why are you upset?

Don't you know her nature?

Come let's go and eat.

One second.


I wanted to give it personally That's why I didn't give it during the interview.


Educational kit. For the tribal kids.

There are 500 more. Just tell me where to deliver them.

Thank you.

No other gift could have made me so happy.

Thank you.

I know you too well.

Are you still brooding over Gowri's house?

I keep asking you, whereas you are just wandering around.

Somehow we should have got into the house today.

Something nags me that we have missed something vital.

Whatever is due to you, will definitely come to you.

Just don't bother.

Before we reach the house tomorrow, they would have swiped off everything.

Okay. What's the plan for tomorrow?

First, we should find where is Bhaskar.

Don't know where he is.

I called him. His phone is not reachable.

Second, we should find out what are the items mentioned in the Forensic list.

Start eating Boss

-Hi -Hi. Usha.

Get me the remote.

[On TV] We're really scared how do you expect us to be without fear with the kids?

In this situation, Gowri's murder has given rise to several doubts.

Press, Film world

-and the tribals. -Hey, Usha!

I thought you were following some dummy case.

You follow such serious cases too?

Priya was telling that you get death threats too.

[TV] Social activists and film fraternity demand a thorough inquiry in this case.

Very shocking news it is.

Even two days back she came home.

I just could not believe that she is no more.

-Who... Gowri?! -Yes.

Why did she come here?

She came to meet somebody. And just dropped in.

Aren't Aunty and Uncle at home ?

They have gone to attend my cousin's wedding inside the city.

You could not join them because of us?

No. No. I should be with her at this time.

What happened to her?

You know, two weeks ago there was a forest fire in Kodaikanal.

It was not a natural disaster.

A mining company for their new project has tried to vacate the tribal people in that area But the tribes refused.

Before it became a serious problem, they burnt down the entire village.

Gowri seeked my help to expose this to the public.

In fact, just while telling me after collecting the necessary evidences...

How this was not known to the Govt.?

It was known.

But the people concerned just don't care.


Because for them, whether these tribes live or not, it doesn't matter.

We are talking about people who don't even have ration cards.

What's your plan now?

First should find out, where is Bhaskar.

Don't know if he's alive or not.

Tried calling his phone. It's not reachable.

Eat quickly.

Got so much to be done tomorrow.

I don't think we are involved in this sir.

Yes Sir. Sir. Please trust me.

I will take care of the situation sir.

Sir. Please.

Good day sir.

I didn't send you there to commit a murder.

I sent you to retrieve the document.

If murdering was our idea, I wouldn't send you there Do you know how many persons are in trouble because of this ?

If that document falls into somebody's hands, so many bigwigs will be doomed.

Have you searched the entire house?

I've searched thoroughly. But I could not find it.

Look. I don't know what you're going to do and how.

Within 24 hours, the document must come to my hands.

If not, in order to escape, Sait will finish you, me and everybody involved in this matter.

Got it?

Me and Priya are attending a wedding tomorrow.

There's also an after party plan.

You are welcome to join us.

Just in case, if we are late, use these keys.

Are you a GVM fan?

Why are you wearing this wristlet?

This is called Kara.

A present from my Sikh friend.

One of the five things a Sikh should always have.

I don't get that.

A Sikh must always carry five things along.

Kesh [Hair]

Kanga [Comb]

Kara [Wristlet]

Kachcha [Underpants]

Kirpan [Dagger]


What were you asking?

I asked if you are a GVM fan?

GVM means?

Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Why did he present you this?

He's an arm wrestling champion.

Still he lost to me. That's why.

Dei. Who are they?

Is this your gang?

Where are you in this?

Tell me.

Why don't you watch the entire video before you ask something ?

How much did you get for this?

Only a small share for carrying out.

The Lion's share goes to the one who sketches the plan.

Who are you in this?

No issues from the police?

-I'm speaking to you -Wait. Coming.

I'm speaking to you damn it.

-Hey... -Hey!

Why are you asking so many questions?

They are not some ordinary gang.

They confirm who has got huge money and plan where and when to lay him and escape.

Somebody who doesn't like them has involved them in Bhai's matter.

Bhai is more shrewd and would not let anybody double cross him.

Mike, before he exits wants to plan for a Big sum.


Now you listen to my plan for you.

There was a guy called Guna. He's now in the police custody.

I want you to join in his place.

There is no need to fear the police.

If any problem arises we shall put the blame on Mike.

-Who's on the phone? -Michael!

Don't answer. I'm coming.

Listen buddy Mike is very sharp He hates people who lie to him.

Whatever we steal, the whole lot should go only to his table.

And we get whatever he decides.

But why should I join him?

It's safe to do things individually.

Because Mike will be shifting now.

He is already under radar.

If Mike leaves, Chithappa too will leave.

If both are gone, it's just going to be me, you and Rocket.


I don't know anything.

I was staying here with her for two weeks.

I told you I don't know anything.


I have informed everything to the police already.

No brother, I came to ask for a match box.

I don't have anything to with this.

I'm only her driver.

Would you like to try a Cigarette?

I don't smoke cigarettes.

You smoke beedi but not this?

This is better than that brother.

Have you ever smoked Beedi?

Never tried.

By the way, where do you hail from?


Since how long you have been in Chennai?

Almost 9 years.

Brother. On seeing me, you said you have informed everything to the Police.

Did they grill you that much?

Yes brother.

Were you on duty during that incident?

So you are here to gather information from me.

No. No. Nothing of that sort brother.

Who's that lady by the way?

She's a media person brother.

Alright. I'll carry on.

Did the watchman tell you anything?


Look at this.

Only this vehicle has crossed during that time.

I inquired around, but no one knows anything.

Brother, just a minute Do you know whose car it is?

This is a car that usually comes to this house.

Give me that.

Is it him?

Yes. He's the one.

-Who is he? -Bhaskar.

I've been to his house just once.

Guess we should take this right.

Sir, please let me go. I've no clue about it If you don't come out with the truth, you'll be buried alive.

Why have you come here?

Sir. I'm Usha. Gowri's friend.

You did mention it yesterday.

I want to meet the inspector regarding Gowri's case.

Hey! Why does he keep on screaming?

-You tell me. -I want to lodge a complaint Sir.

Please wait. Inspector will be here in a while.

Brother. Get him some food.

Good morning Sir.

Did the accused say anything?

He hasn't spoken yet.

Guru sir is on investigation.


-Sir. -Take your seat.

Couldn't get any clue from him Sir.

He doesn't utter a word.

He's very stubborn Sir.

He's just blabbering.

When are you leaving for Temple?

In another two days?

-In two days? -Yes, Sir.

Even if it takes two months, you are not going anywhere until this case is over.

I told you to shave your beard. Why didn't you?

I will take it off after the temple visit Sir.


Show all that devotion towards your duty.

So that God will be glad. Leave now.

Madam. Sir is calling you inside.

Come on.

Be seated.

What is the matter?

Sir. Gowri is my friend.

I want to talk with you regarding that case.

How are you related to Gowri?

She was my school mate and colleague.

What about you?

No. I just accompanied her.

Do you know Gowri?

Then please leave.

Sir, can you please leave sooner?

-I'll wait outside. -Okay.

Sir. Gowri and I were schoolmates.

So what do you want me to do?

I came to know that her assistant Bhaskar has been arrested.

He is here only. Just a minute.

Hello. Tell me sir.

Only one among the five has been caught.

He seems to be a new fellow.

Investigations are going on. Will update you if any.

What were you saying?

Can I meet Bhaskar?

Look madam. We can't allow a media person to talk with the prime suspect.

Sir. I'm not here as a media person.

Whoever you might be. I can't permit that Madam.

Why have you arrested him Sir?

Have you produced him at the Local Magistrate Court?

He has been the last person to visit that lady that night.

Apart from the lady, only his finger prints were found inside the house.

He is the main suspect among the last 2 persons she had contacted.

Don't try to teach me my job.

Alright. What is your name?



-is your contact number right? -Yes.

She has made her last call to you before her death.

What was so important to be discussed in that odd hour?

She wanted me to come to Chennai immediately.

But before we could speak further, the call got disconnected.

I did try calling her again. But there was no response.

Shanmugam. Get a statement from her.

Sir. I really have to meet Bhaskar.

Madam. How many times should I tell you?

Please come madam.

You just can't meet him.

Hey. Get a statement and send her off.

Okay. Should I act as if I knew everything or I knew nothing?

Speak only about what you know.

Don't talk about anything that you do not know.

Else you'll be caught. Got it?

What were you doing earlier?


-What is this? -A theft that I did in my my place.

Getting your name on the newspaper is a great feat at my place.

Are you a that big Rogue in your place?

What else?

5 or 6 chain snatching Jewelry from the neighborhood Also I've stolen a lot of vehicles Vehicles? You mean truck?

I've stolen many bicycles.


I've snatched many mobile phones too.

You brag, as if people roam with iphones in your place.

Look. Whatever you said could be done in your place.

Not here.

Even if somebody suspects that you're going to steal, you'll be beaten to pulp here.

Nothing of that sort. Tell me what I should lift, I'll prove you I'm capable.

Choose someone you like here and steal whatever you could.

If you could do it right, you shall join us while we leave.

If not, just go back to your place.

And if something goes wrong in between, we part ways.

All the time you've got to steal is only until we are here.

Got it?


Chitu, I'm done!

Hey Durai.

Sit down Chithu.

How are you doing?

I'm good.

I heard the bird won't fly without your consent.

You're right.

Okay. Let me come to the point straight.

I can't stay here for a long time.

Bai's men are spying on me.

I hope you're aware of it.

It's a very huge sum of money don't toy around with me in this situation.

Anyone can do your job...

...I'm not a fool to lower my price.

If you try to cheat me after getting money, I'll finish you.

Who's that inside?

Hey, who is that? Hey!

Hey, who the hell are you?


What were you doing inside?

-Hey... -Hey Hey!

What the hell were you doing inside?

Who the hell are you?

You should remember this, before you lay hands on any girl

Hello. The document is with you right now or not?

If I don't get the document by tonight, the information on Gowri's murderer will be out.


-Where were you? -Where is Dilli?

He has gone looking for you.

What happened? Why is your face bruised?

A bloody guy beat me up.

Got caught stealing?

No Mike. You come. You come inside.

Who has the drug?

The drug is with me.

You come with me Mike. We should go inside.

We gotta beat him up.

Get into the car.

No Mike. He laid his hands on me.

You come. You come inside Mike.

I said, get into the car.

Hey. Will you keep on talking back?

Get inside the car.

Damn it!

What is it?

Chithu. Call and ask them to come.

-Mike! -Hello He is the one. He's the one who hit me.

-The one inside that car. -Come fast guys.

Wait Selvam. Just calm down.

Mike. Did you look at that car?

Mike. Let's corner him.

Just wait Selvam.

I do pity you.

Would you like to have something to eat ?

Sir. Wasn't he demoted from the Egmore station?

So stiff necked.

You media people, make sure to do a background check, before arriving at a Police Station.

Okay. Why do want to meet Bhaskar now?

Two weeks ago, you know there was a forest fire in the Kavunji forest near Kodaikanal causing the death of 45 tribes.


An accident.

It was not an accident sir.

It was a plot by the Government and the Corporates.

Gowri came to know that the Government too was involved in that.

She wanted that to be exposed to the public.

Also she wanted to get justice for those 45 innocent victims.

-But before that.. -Gowri was dead.

How is that related to your hurry in meeting Bhaskar?

Sir. Gowri had an important document regarding this issue.

I want to know if Bhaskar knew anything about that document.

All I need is just 5 minutes Sir.

I'll be in trouble if I permit you inside.

Already he is nagging me.

He'll be here any moment.

-He will yell at me. -Please sir.

-Only 5 minutes. Got it? -Ok, Sir.

Be careful.

How did you find out that I'm here?

I tried calling you many times. Your number was not reachable.

Couldn't find you at your house too.

That's when your house owner informed that you've been arrested by the police.

Bhaskar, did Gowri tell you about any document?

10 days back, a surveyor from Kodaikanal met Madam.

Madam, the survey report I submitted the district Thasildar and Forest officials have manipulated it and trying to sell a non leasable zone to a corporate company illegally.

They have also transferred the DFO who questioned them.

I'm confused about whom to approach regarding this.

That's why I wanted to meet you.

He handed the original survey document to Madam and also assured that corroborate at any place.

Two days after that, we received a news that he was dead.

Madam realized it was not safe to keep the document with her anymore.

And so she kept it at one of her friend's house.

She was disturbed while speaking to me two days back She wanted to discuss everything only in person and asked me to come to Priya's house instead of her house.

Only now I could relate.

-Isn't she picking up the call? -I've tried several times.

She's not picking up the call.

I have the keys. So let's go.


Akka. The ground floor is locked.

I've searched the entire house.

I could not find anything.

I think they are here.

Boss. Why are you bleeding?

Nothing to worry.

You guys carry on. I'll freshen up.

Boss, what happened?

A small problem at the pub.

Ended up fighting with someone.

What's the problem?

Chuck it. What happened with you?

You told me that Gowri had come here that day.


What happened actually?

She just dropped in while returning after visiting a friend.

No. Recollect and tell me exactly.

She came. I offered her tea.

She agreed. I left for making tea.

She wanted to use the restroom.

Over here?

No. That's my in-law's room. Even we don't use it.

She used the restroom on the first floor.

That room is locked. Keys?

Here you go.

Priya. Don't open the door.

-Deepak, are you expecting somebody? -Not at all.

Who is he? Looks like Aravind Swamy's brother.

Who are you?

Brother. We have come to meet you only.

Were you at Nungambakkam half an hour ago?

Yes. What do you want?

What is this brother? I'm talking politely and you are being rude You have bashed one of our buddy.

That's why we have come to sort it out.

Do you know what he did?

Whatever he might have done, how dare you hit him?

Hey, what the hell do you want now?

Leave me. Leave me.


Didn't I tell you that I'll come back you?

Why do you hide inside the house like a coward?


Hey. Catch her man.

Help. Help.




Leave me. Leave me.




Help. Mugilan.

Hey Rocket, snatch the phone from her?


Give me the phone.

I said give it to me.

I said give it to me.

Die, damn it.


Rocket, bring those wire tags.

Brother. You're knocked out.

Selvam, check if there's anyone else inside the house.


Want an energy drink?

I've come here all the way to hit him as he touched my friend.

How dare you touch me?

Hey. Whom are you staring at?

What's your name?

Tell me your name!


Oh. That's the reason why you run like that.

Do you think you are P.T.Usha?

If you move a bit, I'll blow off your knees.

Shall I?


Stop staring. Put it inside the hole and tie them.

Hey. Don't scream.

Pull her away.


Where's the room key?

Hit him. Hit him right on the nose I say.

Where the hell is the key?

It's inside that cupboard.


Whose house is this?

Didn't you hear that?


Who is he to you?

My husband.


Your husband

laid his hands on my man.

-What shall we do? -Mike There is nothing. They don't seem to have anything.

Seem to be more broken than us.

Who is Mannarmannan to you?

My father in law.

To you?


Hey...! Oh my God! you have beaten a Prince to pulp.

Don't worry, nothing is gonna happen Will smash him back. Let's go over there.

Come on, slowly be careful.

Come on. Let's get seated there.

Don't panic. Don't panic. I'm there for you.

I'm there for you.

Nothing will happen.


How many petrol bunks do you own?


How many are open 24/7 among that?

-Two. -Two.

I want today's collection of those two bunks.

Say Yes.

Penalty for hitting my man.

Chithu...take care of it.

Snatch all the phones and put them on the table.

Hey, move.

Where's your phone?

I think it's somewhere out here Finally you too have started your count.

I know you've been longing to work alone.

Do this right.

I'll set you free.

Dialing. Behave casually. Understand?

Else she will be smashed.

Go ahead.


Raghavan. Have you started?

-I'm about to leave now Sir. -Speak...

Have you picked up the OMR and ECR petrol bunk collections?

I was just about to Sir.

Okay. Two of my friends will be there in sometime.

You hand over today's collection of both the bunks to them.

Today's collection...


Okay sir. I'll do as you say.

Alright. I'm hanging up.

Thank you Sir.

There should not be any hitch.

If anything goes wrong, I'll kill them all one by one.

You follow?

Do you follow?

You should.

Mike. Everything is ready Mike.

Any other help?

Selvam. Here there are separate IPC sections for Robbery murder and rape.

-The last one I mentioned, -Dilli. Water those plants

-I don't like at all. -He has brought such a moron.

Standing like a statue.

We have come here only to rob.




Don't do anything. They will leave as soon as they get what they want.

Who is murmuring there?

Who was talking here?


Won't you keep quiet?

Hey Priya. Hey leave her.

Leave her.

Hey leave her.

Hey. Aravind Swamy.

Mugilan. Let go.



Mugilan. Mugilan.


Die, damn it!




How many times should I repeat you guys?

Break the leg first when you attack someone.

Mmmm, phew!

Nothing is wrong, sorry sir Sorry sir. I'm really sorry sir.

I got ticked off when you suddenly got your hands on my shirt.

Don't take me wrong Sir. What's your name sir?

-Deepak. -Nice name sir. Nice name.

What do you do?


Wow. Actor?

Power star is nothing compared to you Sir.

You are the next Dhravidar star.

We will be going out now and you say you are an actor.

How could you come out without make up?

Let's put on some make up.

Oops. I don't have anything here with me.

Hey Rocket!

Cool. Cool. Nothing to fear.

See how smart you look now.

Are you badly hurt sir?

What is it chitappu?

Hell with you. Free his hands first.

Who tied him up? Set him free.

Moron. Turn slightly. Just slightly.

-Here you go -Show me Rocket.

Slowly, come on slowly this leg, move this leg I'll keep calling your phone every 15 minutes exactly.

If you don't receive my call the 18th minute, don't hesitate kill them all and escape.

Mike, have you finished the chocolate?

Thought of starting it with a sweet.

Sir himself is very sweet.

No worries. We are going for collection today.

Let's go happily as friends.

Come on.

Come on...Do you drive Sir?

You'll drive the car.

I will take the back seat.

We will go for a jolly ride, finish the collection and get back.

There won't be any problem. Okay?


Keep an eye on Selvam.

Chithu, weren't you asking me what is a proxy?

Yes, I did.

-Where's your Gun? -It's with Selvam.

I look forward to a major event tonight.

Chithu What is it Mike?

Do you have Mugilan's phone?

Yes I have it.

Unlock and give it to me

2 5 9 8 Here it is.

Hey Rocket, collect Mugilan's ATM pin, E mail password and Online Banking password message it to me immediately.


keep your eyes on the road.

I'll pull your eyes out. Just drive.

It's been long, since I've peeked into someone else's phone.

Hey, give me your password.

Hey, tell me your password.

Sir. No sir. Please don't.

Just answer to the question.

You are a thumb impression case. Give me your thumb.


Oh! So many women?!

Don't you have male friends at all?

I think I should thrash you for this very reason.

Who is Pallavi? Showing all her teeth.

Oh my God!

Sir. Please don't sir.

Let me take this girl's number.

Hey, are you a porn actor or what?

Chithu, why are you teasing him?

He has been in a video even yesterday.

How could I resist teasing him?

What is this Tinder?

So many women Tin. Tin. Tin. Tin. Tinder.

Won't you sleep at all?

Oh horrible.

He has made me watch some crap.

My eyes are gone Mike.

How did you join Selvam?

I know him.

That means?

He is my friend.

He showed me a video

-and asked if I would like to join him? -The flat video?

How much did you get from that flat?

-One. -One means?

You mean 1 lakh?

If that could fetch 1 Lakh, how can we make of this house?

First, let us get out from here safely.

We'll see the rest later.

By the way, I'm Rocket.


Hey Selvam! Hey Selvam listen to me Hey Selvam!

Hey, leave him.

I said leave him alone.

We are here to rob. Not to kill.

He has seen all of us. It is not wise to leave him alive.

You can't say that.

Let the boss say.

Plan was to kill him, but your Boss sketched another to loot the place.

Hey. Mind your words.

Don't run your mouth as you wish.

I don't care about the damn money.

I just want to kill him tonight.

How dare you laid your hands on me?

Go away.

-Can't you hear me? -Damn it!

-I'm gonna take care of it -Let's see

-Let me see how he survives this night. -Just get away.


-what is this? -Water for him.

-Dilli! -So...

-...Have you started serving him? -Just come over here Go away.

He's going overboard. Hey Selvam!

Hey Selvam, why do you trouble us like this?

Why do you wanna sniff, while we're on a job?

Just listen to me. Come away.

I can't wait without this until Mike returns.

Just listen. Don't take it.

I know my limits.

I've been watching you.

Hey, go away.

I must kill him.

Don't try to stop me.


First shoot me before you shoot him.

You have got high after getting the gun on your hands.

Let Mike come. Wait and see.

-There's police outside. -Police uh?

If you make noise, will slit your throat.

Hey, Get up.

Lift her.

Get up.

Go inside.

Put them inside.

-Hey Selvam, be careful -Hey you come here.

-Hey... -You go upstairs.


I don't want the cop inside at any cost.

If it all he does, I've no other option than shooting everybody including him.

Just manage the situation.

What should I tell him?

I don't care what you're going to say.

But he should not come inside. That's all.

If we leave him alone, things will get complicated.

You watch them.

Shut up!

I have my doubts on her If she creates any problem, just kill her.

-Who's that? -Police, ma'am.

Sorry to trouble you at this time.

Tell me Sir.

We got a call stating there's too much noise coming from your house Are you alright?

Yes. I am.

Have you seen the person in this photograph?

I didn't.

He has escaped from the police custody.

You seem to be much terrified.

No. No. Nothing of that sort.

I'm alright.

Can I have some water?

Sure, Sir.

Hey. Selvam. Stop it. he is a cop. We'll get into trouble.

Leave him.

Move away.

Hold him, come on hold him.

Damn, why did you mess with a cop?

Crazy fellow!

It might become a serious issue.

Lift him.

You can answer the call later. First lift him.

Lift. Come on.

Keep moving.

Hold. Come on, lift him.

Come on.

First aid box?!

What... got scared on seeing the cop?

Hey, shut up. do you want to get caught then?

Is it the first time for me?

If Mike comes to know of this, you'll be in trouble.

That's okay. Mike doesn't need to know of this happening.

Let's loot the money and escape.

Get lost!

Darling, got scared? Come on.

Come on!

Sir. I need to use the rest room sir. Please sir.

Please Sir.

-Hey Rocket. -Tell me, Mike How many times should I tell you? to keep the phone on you.

Didn't I tell I would call you every 15 minutes?

Restroom. I had been to the restroom Mike.

Keep the phone on you all the time.

Is there liquor at your house?

I think there is...

Are they boozing ? Wait. Let me check Chithu. Hang up the phone.

Only as long as they believe that we are unaware, they will remain scared.

So leave it.



Just wait.

What's the problem between you and him?

Why did you lay your hand on him after all?

Sir. This is the bunk.

Hey. This is not your money.

If you try to act smart,

nobody at home will be alive.


Chithu. Take care of him.


Hey hero. Undo your make up.

If you pull any heroic antics, I'll kill you right away.

Mugilan. Mugilan.

Enough problems as it is, and she's nagging on top of it.

What about the police downstairs?

He has thrashed and locked him in a room.

Such a jerk.

Who gave him first aid without my permission?

Hey I just want to kill him whereas you are pampering him.


Tell me.

Look. If you don't stand by me, you too are my enemy.

Got it?

Got it?!

Mike. Manager is not in there at the bunk.

Sir. I don't know anything Sir.

He has left with the money 10 minutes ago.

Hey, what is this?


You know I have been with you all this while.

I don't know anything Sir. Believe me.

Get into the vehicle.


-Come on -Sir If we don't get the money I didn't do anything.

Is she not your sister? see what is going to happen to your sister at home.

Start the vehicle.

Tell me Mike.

Rocket. The manager is not at the bunk.

He has already left the bunk with the money.

I think he is trying to fool us.

Make a conference call with his manager.

I'll do it Mike.

The manager is not at the bunk.

-Let him go -Are you fooling us?

Boss just called, are you lying to us?

Hey, give me the manager's phone number.

Give me the phone number.

He must be at the bunk only.

Give me the phone number. Come on.

-Come on -Mugilan...

Hey, shut up.

I told you we should kill him right away. Such an ass.





-624 -Put it on speaker

Hey, speak to him.

Hello, Raghavan.

-Tell me sir. -Where are you?

I'm at the ECR bunk.

Have you collected the money from OMR bunk?

Yes sir. I'm waiting with the money at the ECR bunk now Your friends have not come yet sir.

Okay. You just wait there.

My friends are on the way.

Just handover the money to them.

Okay sir. I'll do as you say.

Okay Raghavan. I will hang up.

Thank you sir.

-Darling. Come here. -Leave me

Sit down.

-Mugilan. Mugilan. -Hit him.

-Hit him I say. -You both have already given him enough.

This fellow has beaten up your buddy, And you're reluctant to hit him back don't be a wuss, hit him

-Hit him I say. -I won't.

What a moron you are!

-Mugilan. Mugilan -Damn it!

Boss asks you to leave him. Carry him aside.

You got the command from your boss?!

Just do as he says.

Hey, shall I finish him?

Shall I?

-Come on -Sit down!


You stay back.

-Why is it Mike? -I'll go with him

His number is not reachable.

Sir, I'm coming from Mugilan's house He has called me from another number Let me try that.

-Shall I try sir? -Give me that number. I'll call him.


22603 Why do you need this money, brother?

Sir, I'm a film director.

For tomorrow's shooting, we need cash urgently That's why I asked Mugilan Anna.

That number is still not reachable.

Okay. Take the cash. I'll inform Sir.

Thank you, Sir.

Keep it Chithu.

Mike, hope these are not fake currencies?

Hey. Stop the car.

Durai. We are ready to fly.

When do you wanna leave?

Can we start tomorrow?

Three guys, right?

No. Two.

You said you don't smoke.

Take it.


I noticed your face while you were hitting him.

You didn't seemed to be nervous.

I come and go unnoticed and do my job.

That's my style.

I thought you guys had the same style But here everything is wrong.

Shall I better go back?

No. If Mike comes he would mistake you.

Wait for sometime.

For how long he has been using drugs?

I myself came to know just now.

Can't we give him at least some water?

To the extent of breaking his leg...

Leave it. He is high.

What high?

-If I happen to.. -What "If I.."?

-What "If I.."? -Stop this nonsense Go away.

-You should not be called Dilli. -I said go away.

-You should be called silly. -Just go!

I took you in to be on my side, but you're with him now Get Lost!

Priya, come on.

-Just come -Usha. What are you doing?

We'll get into trouble.

I should blame myself for bringing you here I will wait near the lift. You bring Mugilan.

Come on!

Hold on to me, come on.

Can't you do even this small job?

Come on sooner!

Keys are in my left pocket

-Rocket? The keys? -You had them

-They are trying to escape. -Come on They are after us. Go. Go. Go.

Don't let them go. Catch them.

We have left Mugilan.

Don't worry. He would manage to come.

Hold this.

Come on, hold this.


-Damn it! -Hey Selvam don't Hey!

I'll take care of him.

You can't rely on that idiot.

You go down. Go!


Damn it!




Get up sir.

Please sir.


-Hey -Hey...

-Where is the other one? -She has locked herself inside.

-Get up, damn it -The cop is also in that room only.

-Get up. -Hey. Open the door.

Hey. Open the door.

If you don't, I'll kill your friend.

Open the door.

Damn it!...Dilli!

Dilli, what happened?




Sir! Sir!

How dare you touch a cop? How dare?

How dare you touch a cop?

Tie his hands. Tie him.

Who do you think you're messing with?

How dare you laid hands on me?

Sir, it's hurting Sir.

Hey, who are you? Get out I say.

Put down the pistol. Hey, who are you?

-I didn't do anything Sir. -Who are You ?

I told you to put down the pistol.

Hey, you get out.

I said get out. Just get out.

Hey, you tie him too.

-Sir, Sir! -Tie him.

Mugilan. Put that down.

Get lost.

Hey, put that pistol down.

Mugilan. Sir. He is my husband sir.

-Mugilan. -Don't you hear her?

-Hey! -Don't you get it?

I won't believe you.

Mugilan. He is the one who has saved us.

You keep quiet.

Call your station.

Ask your people to come here.

Just do what he says.

I said keep quiet.

Who the hell is he?

-Hello. It's me. -Mugilan. Don't.

I'm talking from there only.

Send an ambulance.

Also our men.


Hang up.

How dare you touch you a cop?

Do you know the consequences of it?

How dare you touch you a cop?

Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir...

Bloody rascal, how are you touch a cop?

Put that down.

What happened? What exactly happened?


Me and my wife were off to my cousin's wedding sir.

Get up. Usha.

-After that we attended a party. -Sit down There, his friend was trying to rape a girl.

-Get some water -When I questioned, he hit me.

So I hit him back.

He didn't stop with that.

He followed me to my house and beat me and tortured my wife.

She is my friend. They attacked her too.

I own 2 petrol bunks.

They demanded the entire collection of both the bunks.

Her brother Deepak. They have taken him along with them.

They tortured him even after getting all the money.

Okay. What about the gun shot upstairs?

One of their friends kept hitting me again and again Ok.

So I shot him to death sir.

What... have you killed him?

Put the gun aside first.

Put the gun down.

How casually you say that you've killed him.


Where is the body?

Upstairs, there's a swimming pool on the first floor. It is there.

Oh, you have a swimming pool also here?


what are you doing here?

-Usha. -Sir, do you know Usha already?

Morning I went to the police station regarding Gowri's case.

Whose pistol is this?

It is theirs.


These guys don't seem to have come here just to rob or kill?

Tell me if there is any other personal motive?

Is there any other motive behind this?

Do they expect anything else from you?

Take your time to think.

"10 days ago Madam gave me a file to keep it very safe so she went over to one of her friend's house."

"Ya, She wanted to use the restroom."

"She went to the first floor."

Hey Usha! Usha!

-Usha, where are you going? -Hey, what happened?

"Nothing else could have made me this much happy."

I know you too well.

[RINGTONE] "Dad pick up the call"

He's been calling me profusely. I'm not able to handle him Shall I tell him that we got the document?

Everything is okay sir.

The document is in our hands now sir.

We can start the work sir.

Yes Sir.

Shall we ask our branding agency to flash news that we need 500 workers for this new project?

Okay Sir.

Thank you sir.

-What happened? -Nothing sir. I went to the washroom.

Pull over!

-Chithu. -What is it, Mike?

I think there must be a big problem at the house.

I've been calling for the past half an hour He is not answering the call.

Boss. What? What's the problem?

Hey, take a U turn.

Boss, already you have got what you demanded.

What else do you want me to do?

Just leave me. I'll get down.

-Hey. -Drive Hey, I'll kill you. Turn I say.

Turn the vehicle.

Sir. You have got what you demanded.

You told you would leave once you get the money.

-Leave me now Sir. -Hey! don't interrupt.

Ask this baldy not to touch me.

What will you do if I touch you?

-Baldy! -You stay away from this Mike.

-I'm gonna kill you -Hey, watch the road.

Chithu, stop it.

Hey, I said watch the road.

Look at the road and drive Damn it!

How dare you touch me?

Hey, drive straight.

Right side. Right side. Right side.

Hey, are you guys ok?

Why do you look panicked?

What are you searching for?

It will be over in 10 minutes.

I will call once I'm done with it.





I should have changed the ringtone. Am I right?


Hey, where is the document?

Where is the document?

You better say, If not, should I kill her too?

-Sir. I'll tell you. -Where is the document?

-Please let us go -Are you going to tell me or not?

-Where is it? -I'll tell you, please hold

-Tell me. -Mugilan!

Hey, move.

Come on. Take it out.

Go. Where is it? Tell me.

I'll tell you. It's upstairs.

Go. Go.

-Come on, move -Mugilan!

You go. Get the document.

-Mugilan -Mugilan is gone already.

Why do you keep chanting?

Go. You go.

Hey, keep moving.



I said keep moving.


Stop saying please. Go and bring the document instead.

Please Sir. Please Sir.

Leave me.

-I'll knock you down -Let go You've been chanting Mugilan Hold on, I'll send you to Mugilan.

-Dilli -Go!

He's gonna kill everyone here He's going to put that blame on us.

We should not get caught.

Untie me. Untie me first.

Dilli. We shall kill the cop.

Trust me on this, come on.

Open it.

Open it somehow.

The keys.

-The keys -It's with her

Look for it There is no way out.

There is no way.

-Oh no -There is no way.

Move. Keep moving.

-Move -The document are in this room Sir.

Then go and bring it.

-Go I say. -Please let us go Let's cut the power supply. And climb upstairs Come on.

Come on get it sooner. Go.



Hey Usha. Open the door.

Hey you baldy, give me my phone. Give me my phone.

Hey, let it go

Hey Usha, don't complicate it further Give the document and get away.


How many of you are going to lose your lives for this document?

Don't you understand?

Hey Usha. Hey!


Hey, what are you doing there? Hey!

Dill come on. Run. Run away.

-Keep running -Oh.. you guys..

Catch him. Don't spare him.

Hold his hands.

Hold his hands I say.

Stay right here.

You wanted the girl's phone number, right?

-What you gonna do with it? -Just leave me.

Don't mess with me

Dilli. I tell you, don't leave him.

Die you guys, damn it.

-Damn, die you guys -Come on leave Dilli. Go!

Open the door.

I will not leave this place without killing you.

Open the door. You scoundrel.



-Akka. -Who is that?

Open the door.

-Hey, who are you boy? -Akka!

Sir, where is my sister?

Hey what's happening here man?

-Mugilan -It's a crime spot. You should not go there.

What's going on?

Sir, where is my sister sir?

Oh, the one upstairs is your sister?



Sir. Is she on this floor?

-Go to the second floor. -Sir!

What happened to you? Why are you limping?


Sir, are they here?

Yes. Inside this, call her out.

Ask her to come out.


Akka, open the door please.


Aaah! Sir!


Are you going to open the door or shall I kill your brother?

Hey, open the door.

-Sir, it's hurting -If I don't get the document you won't see your brother alive again.

Sir, I never did anything.

Sir, it's very painful sir.

I said, open the door.



-He'll die -It's hurting, Sir.

You're gonna lose your brother.

Leave me sir.

Open the door. Otherwise he will die just like Gowri.


Hey, let go off me.

Hey. Hey Deepak.

Go to hell.


Last night at the residence of Mannarmannar an unidentified gang attempted a burglary his son Mugilan was murdered during that process They found 3 more dead bodies out there we came to know, one among that was an Police Officer Guru.

This incident has created a panic among the people.

In accordance to Gowri's murder and Kodaikannal fire accident Chennai High Court has issued an sensational verdict Tamilnadu Govt. As per the verdict passed by the High Court should stop the Advait Constructions from constructing in Kodaikannal also ask them to vacate that area of mountains.

[Reporter] There has been a setback for Advaita Group of companies as TN Govt. has asked them to evacuate from Tamilnadu But the company has claimed that there's no scam in acquiring the said land.

And it applies to NGT to allow their operations in Kodaikannal.

[Interviewer] Vanakkam Usha.

First of all, we congratulate you for this victory.

What do you feel about this success?

This is the struggle of the tribes.

And this victory is achieved by Gowri.

I'm just a tool in this.

Generally why do people like you are always against any change or development ?

What do you mean by change or development?

The foreign corporates make millions in the name of offering jobs to our people, and by exploiting our people's land, labor and water this can't be called a change or development.

We don't need such changes.

This happens not only in India but all over the world.

According to the Global Witness Report in 2018, 27 countries including India, 317 people have been killed.

70 percent of the victims are environmental activists and journalists.

The only aim of the activists who lost their lives was that, a country's resources must be used by and for it's own people.

The corporate companies that exploit us and the politicians who support them Protesting is the only weapon we have to defend ourselves.