Vengeance: A Love Story (2017) Script





Want a piece?

Katie's sister, she's coming for Christmas.

Her husband is this big-shot plumber, always buying her jewellery, but her sister is always showing it off and throwing it on Katie's face, you know?

Well, guess what?

It's payback time.

Almost two karats.

From Zambia.

That's why there's a yellow.

See the yellow?

Yellow's good.


I hate that dick.


That's him.

Damn! He's on the move!

Cut him on the way!

Get out of the van now!

John, get out of the way!

Breen, I'm all right.

You're OK?

I'm good.

Officer down, Starvil 252.

Stay there.

Oh, shit.

Fight it.

Fight it.

Look at me. Fight it.

You gotta go.

You gotta...

Thirty days modified duty?

It's a long time to be off the job.


But the doctor cleared me for return, so...

I'm not talking about your arm, John.

Put in your twenty.

More pension.

If I was you, I'd hang it up.


Good as new.

Like I said, just making sure.

No, no, finish your drink.

Relax. Thanks.

Teena McGuire.

Her husband worked for Good Year.

Lay-off hits, four or five years ago?

Boom! Cancer.

No insurance, six year old girl.

The guy's gone in two months.


Hey babe! What is it?

Hey Brad, you got a job yet?

There's food in there.

Make it!

OK, wait til I come home and I'll make it.

No, no-one's going home. I gotta go.

I gotta go. No you don't! - Yeah.

This is our night!

Come on. I can't.

One drink!

One. Alright.

Still love you.

What are you gonna do?

Her boyfriend is going over the Falls tonight.

The dick that barfed the beer on our car.

Oh God! I wish that were true!

My mum took Bethie to the movies.

One night.

One... night.

Free from the hell of fourth grade math and I get ditched.

Gosh! Sure, why not?

Thanks for asking.

I'm Marteen McGuire.

Friends call me Teena.

Now you say your name.

John Dromoor.

Is this girl a psychic?


I don't meet a lot of real life heroes.


It's an honor.

That was back in April.

Yeah, sure, a whole month ago.

Who remembers?


Crooked smile.

I like that.

Let's get another drink.

No, no!

I got this.


Hey, man. Two more.

My mum wants us to move in with her.

Marteen! Lung cancer, the cigarette!

Marteen! A ten-year old needs stability.

Yeah, we would save money, but...

I don't know, we're doing OK.

Pretty stable.

Jesus! living with my mother?

Could be worse.

Hey, yikes!

I gotta go pick her up.

You know, you could, erm...

You could call me... if you want. You're a good listener.

We'll have to work on the talking part.

I'd like to. Yeah, me too.

I want you to know...

You're gonna shut me down just like that?

No, I'm kidding... I'm kidding.

No, erm...


I'm a... a widower.

So, we understand each other.

Maybe so.

John Dromoor.

My new friend.

What's up?


Hey, Teena!


This is amazing!

You have a barbecue?

Bethie, you're missing it.

Don't let your mum see you.

It's fine.

She also didn't know I snuck this.

You little thief.

Look at that!

It's awesome.

I like the rain-bow.



I'm good.


How long's your mum been seeing Casey?

I don't know.

A while, I guess?

I can see why he likes her.


Bethel Anne McGuire, you get down right now or you'll break your neck!

Now, damn it! I got this now!

Mum! I'm not gonna fall!

Bethie! Now! Thank you, Casey! I have this!


Jesus! What am I, five?


Last piece? Saved it just for you.

Hmmm. -It's mine.

I can't.

You're right.

You'll let the ice-cream melting to the crust.

I'm sorry I yelled.

Hey, handsome!

Ain't no kiss?

Bethie, baby, time to be back.

It's late, why don't you guys just stay over?

Come on, Case.

I got some Sponge Bobs loaded on the iPad.

Bethie hasn't seen him.

I ain't done with you but it's a long shot.

I still got some moves.

We could stay, mum.

See? Gotta load it.

We have breakfast at Grandma's, 8 AM sharp.

Are you sure? Hmm.

They're playing our song. Again?

I'll run you home.

No, we're gonna walk. You shouldn't drink and drive.

It's late! Come on, I'll take you in five minutes.

It's a beautiful night.

Tuesday she's at my mum's, don't forget.

Call you in the morning.

Oh, no.

Oh, Mike's telling this dream...

I'd love to...

Oh no, really?

Why is my purse so heavy?


Must be sweet having such a great mum.

You know, when you were a baby your father used to take you out on long walks around here.

You always took your dolls. You had to have them.

I hate dolls.





What is it? You don't mind me talking about your Dad?

Actually, I don't like you treating me.... like like I'm an infant.

I wasn't gonna fall, mum.




I can't remember.


I can't remember what he looks like.

His face.

I try.

Really hard.

But he just goes away.

Like he was never there.

It's all right.


When you least expect it...

Out of the blue...

There he is.


None of this is just you.

Not your fault you couldn't remember.

Hey, honey.

I miss him too.

It's just how memory works.

Are you sure?

Cross my heart and hope to die.

You know what?

I know a short cut.

Come on.

Let's get you home.

Down here?


OK, his face is creepy.

Oh, he's fine!

He's been there since high school.

It is dark but...

Mamma? Yeah?

Where are we?

You don't remember?


You, me, your Dad...

We used to come out here, rent a canoe, and go look at Niagara Falls.

Really? Yeah!

Can we still rent one?

You know what? I'm not sure.

Maybe. I'll give them a call in the morning.

That'll be fun.



This place is beautiful. Yeah?

Oh, look! There's a mermaid. Yeah!

They call this place "Mermaid Cove".

I didn't know that.

I can't remember how it goes.

♪ There once was a mermaid, ♪

♪ who lived by the pond, ♪

♪ who was very beautiful, ♪

♪ and very blond. ♪ Teena McGuire.

Hey, it is Marvin Fick, remember me? Of course you do.

You remember Teena McGuire?

The cheerleader? The cheerleader, ha, ha!

What are you doing here? Happy Independence Day!

Leave us alone.

Happy Independence Day!

Hey, come on, guys. Leave us alone.

What you guys doing? You wanna stick around?

You wanna have a beer?

We got some smoke.

Oh my God, is this your daughter?

A handsome guy like you, you gotta have a girlfriend.

You wouldn't wanna piss her off.

Leave us alone.

She won't mind, will she, Lloyd?

No, she won't mind.

Hey! No, no, no!


Get her! Get her!

Turn her in!

I got her legs.

Open the door!



Get in there! Get in there!

Get inside!

Get inside!


Come on!

Don't chase her, she's got no way to go.


Leave her alone, please!

Don't hurt her, please!

Please, don't hurt her, please!

Get off me!


Did we deceive her?

Let's go!!

I showed this bitch...

Happy Fourth of July!

Please, mom!

It's OK!

It's OK!

What's this?


Call an ambulance!


DNA, fingerprints...

The only thing they didn't leave were name tags.






I'll help her.



No, no, no, Ma'am, stay down, stay down!

Ma'am, you have to stay down.

The juvenile, they raped her too?



No, come back here. I'm sorry!

I wanna see my mum! - You have to stay down here, I'm so sorry!


It's OK, it's OK.

It's OK. You're gonna be OK now.

I'm gonna go get you a brace.

He'll be down soon.

No, I'm not waiting for the doctor. Ma'am...

Don't Ma'am me.

I'm gonna see my daughter.

I'm gonna see my girl.

God damn it!

Oh God!

Oh, hey!

Hey, my little angel.

Hey, are you OK?

What did they do to you?

I'm OK. Yeah?

Promise? You promise, huh?

How's mamma?

She's fine, because you and I are gonna stick together.

And we're gonna make sure...

Mrs Kevecki, Detective John Dromoor.

I'm with my grand-daughter.

Well, that's the thing, Ma'am. She got a good look at those guys.

She's 12... she's 12 years old.

Her mum can't talk, she's our only witness.

It's OK, baby, that's all right, sweetheart.

Can you please wait?

I need your help.

Go! Go! NFPD!

Get down! Don't move!

Get down!

You can't come in here like...

Get your kids away!

Police! Don't make a move!

What is this? Go!

Lloyd! Keep your mouth shut!

Get up!

Keep your mouth shut!

Get up!

Stay down!

What did I do? What did I do?

Walter, do something!

Do something! Oh, my God!

What is this?


I'm gonna call Father Muldoon!

Go! You're good?



Marvin, stop, police!

Where are you gonna go? Stop!

Stop running!


One to seven.

One on this side.

Seven on the end.

There's nothing to be afraid of, sweetie.

Hey, Bethie, you're gonna pick them out and I'm gonna put him away for a very long time.

They can't hurt you, I won't let them.


The guy in the white eight top.

Number two.

And the one right next to him.

And in the avant garde pants.



And seven.

That's them.

Numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7, step forward.

Marvin and Lloyd Fick.

Fritz Haaber.

Jimmy de Lucca.







Bethie, oh my God.

I'm so sorry.

It's OK.

She's gonna be fine.

Her brain stem's good, so, unless one of them goes down They'll let her out.

Thanks for bringing lilies.

She loves those.

Miss K.

Miss K., I came as soon as I heard.


Oh, what are you doing here?

Look, her color is better.

Did you forget the backpack in the car?


I got it, give here.

I parked just out front, sweetheart.


Marteen McGuire, new patient, she came in last night?

Are you family?

Sir, are you family?

My favourite is Duffy Duck.

Mum needs you inside.

Oh, I need you to stop looking like a whore.

Where are you going looking like that?

They couldn't have done this, Father.

They're good boys.

They didn't do it.

For those that truly love him, God promises to make things right and good.

If we do our job, He keeps thy great promise.

As a good Christian parents, what is your part?

Yes, Irma, we are all His children, but until he calls us, we live in this world.

Sometimes He sends an angel, sometimes... a messenger.

Your part... is hiring the best criminal lawyer you can find.

Who's gonna pay that bill?


You hear that?

Times of trial...

Jay Kirkpatrick.

Sure, he'll charge an arm and a leg.

But he is your man.

He represented 18 cases for the Vatican.

But in this world, a factory town with no more factories, tourists are all that's left.

A gang-rape in a city park, that's bad for business.

Jay Kirkpatrick.

Excuse me.

It's your mum, honey, she's awake.





She's the same.


Hi baby.

It's Bethie and I.

We're here.


Something happened.

It's OK, mamma.

The roof.

No. I told you... to get down.

No, mamma.

She doesn't remember.

It's OK, honey, she's...

She just woke up.

They have been in trouble before.

That McCormick girl?

Lying bitch.

She withdrew the whole complaint.

The police said they got evidence, blood and DNA.

Television. Really?

In a Jury trial, there are two stories.

The Jury picks the story they like the best.

The story and how you tell it, that's all that matters.

So how much for your story?

I like that, cuts right to the chase.

850 an hour.

1250 in Court. Screw me.

That's against our $50,000 retainer fee for each boy.

We cannot do that!

Oh, yes, we can.

And we will.

Our house.

I worked 30 years to pay that off.

It's all that we got.

We're paying twice because it's two sons, right?

Two clients.

But they're charged with the same crime.

So one story.

Jesus, Walt!

Wait, it's like... a woman has two babies.

They ain't twice as much work, she does the same thing for both, that's why she's got two tits, right?

Can you believe this...?

It's OK.

Well now, Walt, wouldn't you have made a damned fine attorney?

My point is.... maybe you could see your way clear to giving us a discount here.

I understand your dilemma, Walt, I really do.

See, I'm a father myself.

But sometimes, we're cast with making difficult choices.

But we always want to do the right for our kids, right or wrong.

We'll do anything to help them out, spare them any pain.

Trust me, you're doing the right thing.

Walt, listen to me.

You're paying me to keep your sons out of jail.

So that they don't get raped.

Like that innocent woman.


Draw up an engagement letter for the Ficks, please.

Looks like someone might be coming home real soon, huh?

The police came by today, they were... asking about...

walking Bethie home.


They wanted to know if you could maybe look at a few photographs, in case you might remember something.

I can't.

It's so weird, I can't remember anything.

It's OK, it's OK.

No, no, no, it's OK.

The doc says this kind of stuff comes back in time, It's nothing to worry about.

This came for you while you were asleep.

I gave her your mail to open it but I said that's snooping.

No-one likes a snitch, Bethie.

I didn't know you liked flowers.

I said I don't like cut flowers, there's a difference.

Is there?

Mom, no, not in your house.

I don't wanna hear it.

It's OK, mamma.

We're not moving in, I told her that, OK?

Jesus Christ.

Please, mamma, we need help.

Just until you get a little bit better.

Grandma's time machine.

She keeps everything the same, she would still treat me like I'm 16.

How are you doing?

Things could be worse.

Thank you.

You haven't touched your ice-cream?

I wasn't hungry, I guess.

For blueberry swirl?


Well, well, well, the girl is sick.


Listen to me.

Those animals aren't gonna... come near us.

They've been warned.

They know where we live.

God! You're beautiful.


I've done this the first time.

Help me!

Help me!

Don't touch me!

It's OK.

It's OK.

It's OK.

No. Why?

Why would they do that?

No, baby.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

That's OK.

It's OK.

My mum likes a lot of bacon so, you should go talk to Jack.

Not talk.

Ignore him.

Watch and learn.

All those lies about my brothers...

Bitch better watch her mouth.

You and your whore mamma better shut your faces.

You hear me?

This is just about summoning them to trial.

All you have to do is identify them.

You're gonna keep your eyes on me. and don't look at anyone else.

Until you ask me, who?

Not who, but if.

If you see them?

First I'm gonna ask how you knew them to establish...

She didn't know them, they knew from the neighborhood.

Mom, stay out of this.

Mrs Kevecki. Knew them? Jesus Christ!

You're right.

She didn't know them.

And I will make that very clear in Court, I promise.

OK, I hope so.


Eyes on me.


Here we go.

Mrs McGuire, Do you see these men in Court today?

Yes, I see them.


It couldn't be any better.



What do you think? Look.

I think they look conservative.

Mom, no.

Here, I got this.


Thank you.

I really should be there.

No, she can't. She gets too emotional.

It's OK.

Mrs Kevecki, this is just a hearing, it's nothing...

At trial, yes, we will need you there.

Nothing? This is my daughter, my daughter is not nothing.

We don't need you for this.

I think we have a winner.


So, we're all set?

Are we, mom?

Are we all set?

Yes, baby.

You're doing great.

We're all set. OK.




You are my brave girl.

Are you hungry?

I made some soup.... tomato. with bacon and that, like Daddy used to do.

Let's go heat it up.

I'll be right back.


Friday morning is the first step, in a series of steps to make sure that men like that, never do this to anyone ever again.


I'll see you in Court.

Detective Dromoor...


You point them out, I'll put them away.


Teena... You lying whore!

What did you say?

I said... Shh.. Irma.

Take a seat.


All rise!

We seem to be missing a lawyer!


You may be seated!

Jay Kirkpatrick for the defense, your Honor.

My sincere apologies.

I got trapped on a conference call on a Federal matter.

No harm, no foul.

Good morning, counselor.

Good morning!

All right!


What are we all doing here this morning?

Your Honor, on July 4th, Marteen McGuire was viciously attacked, in fact, she was gang-raped in the presence of her daughter, who was also assaulted.

The State plan is to show that the attack was premeditated as the defendants stalked her ten minutes prior.

This gruesome attack was intended to lead to the death of Mrs McGuire, as she was left, in a boat house, to bleed to death.

In fact, if Mrs McGuire's daughter had not been present, Marteen McGuire would not be alive today, to give her testimony.

Mrs McGuire suffered serious physical injuries, she's been in intensive care and she's still recuperating from the attack today.

Your Honor, Marteen McGuire's presence in this Courtroom today is something of a miracle.

Your Honor, I had no idea that the People intended on trying this case today.

But... if it pleases the Court, we're ready.


Well, then I'll just save my opening statement for the trial.

Call your first witness.

The People call detective John Dromoor.

And on the night of July 4th, detective, you responded to a call in Rocky Point Park.

Your Honor, We're gonna have big problems here if the State refuses to honor the basic principles of discovery.

We have no record of a call.

One moment, you Honor.

Actually, me and my partner were coming from another call, when we observed...

Actually, detective, it's my partner and I...

And actually, there's no question pending.

I'd like to rephrase, your Honor.

Thank you, Jesus.

Detective, on the night of July 4th when you and your partner were driving through Rocky Point Park, What did you observe?

An injured young female came towards us from outside the boat house.

This young girl here? Bethel McGuire?


And when you entered the boat house, what did you observe?

Detective, you may step down.

The People call Marteen McGuire.

Excuse me, Mrs McGuire, would you mind removing the sun glasses?

It's really not that bright in here.

Your Honor, due to the injuries Mrs McGuire sustained in this brutal attack, she's been made unusually susceptible to light.

Well, they're distracting, perhaps she could try squinting.

Thank you Mrs McGuire.


Mrs McGuire? Yeah?

Prior to your attack, did you know the assailants?

They knew my name.

Objection! Unresponsive!

Teena, Teena... Sustained!


Please, wait for the next question, Mrs McGuire.

Yes, I see them. Look at me.

Your Honor, the defense is happy to stipulate, Mrs McGuire's positive identification of all four defendants.

Thank you, Mrs McGuire, you may step down.

Excuse me, your Honor... No, no, they're here! They're here.

I'm sorry, Miss Dixon...

Does the State have another question for this witness?

No, your Honor.

Yes, they're there, they're right there!

Shh, OK, let's go.

Do I do OK, do I have a chance? They'll move them?

I don't know, it'll be right up.

You did fine.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Justice demands that these men stand trial on first degree rape, predatory assault and aggravated assault.

Your Honor, my clients freely admit that they had sex with Mrs McGuire in that boat house.

But it wasn't rape, it was consensual.

As the evidence will show, Mrs McGuire had been drinking earlier that evening at a party given by a Raymond Casey.

Her... ladies' boyfriend.


A party where five kegs of beer were consumed by 19 people.



You know a keg of beer has 165,12 oz of beer in it?

Five kegs of beer, 19 people? It's mind bugging.

And then, shortly after midnight, after she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend.

Mrs McGuire dragged her 12 year old daughter to Rocky Point Park.

We were walking home! Shh.

Young lady, you will control yourself.

She dragged her daughter to Rocky Point Park, where she met up with the defendants.

Whom she knew.

And she offered to trade money for sex.

[OH, NO]


And then afterwards, after the defendants were all set to leave, Mrs McGuire suddenly decided to raise her price.

And then she wildly, drunken attacked, the defendants My clients were simply defending themselves.

And then, they left.

Objection, your Honor. Overruled.

My clients and they're companions were drinking, they freely admit that.

But at no time, at no time, were they aware of the presence of a 12 year old girl, who apparently hurt herself while she was crawling into a storage area.

And by her own testimony, admits, that at no time, did she ever actively see any acts of rape, or any other crimes being committed.

This was a confused and frightened child. whose mother was so derelict as a parent Objection, your Honor. to drag her to a drunken orgy of the Fourth of July party.

Little Bethel McGuire, is a victim.

Your Honor, she was unconscious. Overruled!

She's a victim.

That's right.

Of her mother's outrageous negligence.

Who was so confused at the time of the alleged rape.

That she may have misled her at a later time.

Her testimony and her mother's is completely fabricated and misleading.


As the evidence, and my clients' testimony will show, They did not rape or assault anybody.


They're completely innocent of all charges.




No, no, no, no, no.

Look at me.



No, no!


How can you do this?

How can you do this to either of us?



Somebody call an ambulance.


Not too bad, huh?

Your mom's gonna be OK.

Gave something to sleep.

At least through the night.

Oh, not now, honey.

Give her some time. I just wanna see her.

Bethie, the doctor's right.

We need to let her rest, OK?

You know? You should all get some rest.

Sleep when she sleeps.

Thank you.

Oh, God...

How is she doing?

How do you think?

Get out.

Get out!

Mrs Kevecki...

You... promised... to protect Teena.

You promised justice.

And we're gonna get it.

My daughter.... is unwell.

A trial would kill her.

A trial would kill all of us.

That's not gonna happen.

The Kirkpatrick strategy is to try to manipulate the jurors and the gallery.

Well, it worked.

Jurors want to vote not guilty.

It's the generous Christian thing to do.

Oooh, is that supposed to be encouraging?

I'm ready for that, for Him.

The women are being attacked.

Rape must be punished, I'm not gonna let them get away with this.

Now, I need to see Teena.

I need you to leave.


Hey, can I get a beer?

Are you OK?


You have a child.

You have a daughter.

We both know what it's like to lose someone we love.

Don't let her lose her mother too.

Don't let her feel any more pain.

Why do you care?

Because you found me?

Because you met me in a bar... once?

You don't get it.

They killed me already.

They just didn't finish it.

I'm moving very slowly.

Thanks, Mrs Eaves.

Give my love to your mum, honey, I'm so glad she's feeling better.

I will. Thanks.

Bye, Annie.

Here kitty, kitty. kitty!

Tiger Lily!

Mamma, I thought you were asleep.

She needed a ride home.

Bethie, look at me.

She's having a tough time.

You gotta keep an eye on her.

You gotta take real good care of her.

I don't think she wants anyone to take care of her.

You give that to your mum, right?

She can call anytime, day or night.

Seven, O, Six...

Three, Five, Eight. Right.

Leave us alone!


They were here.

Can you please help us?

Thank you.

Bethie Bear?

Oooh, popcorn!


And not until after dinner.

I love this kind.

You seen Tiger Lily ?

Yes, come on!

That's right! Make him bleed!

Come on!

Hey! Hey! Twenty bucks says he goes down in six.

Knock-out or TKO.

Huh? How about it, asshole? Twenty bucks.

You don't got twenty bucks?

Is that all you got?



Fall.... down!

Come on! Call it! Shithead's bleeding out!

You're ready, shit-wipe? Cos they're about to call it.





Pay up!

Relax, Jimmy!

It's OK.

It's OK.


Spend it fast.

Cos I'm gonna do you, just like I did Teena.


Thought I didn't make you, Case?

You think I don't know who you are?


You want another Court date?


Another one of these and a shot of Jack.

That's called a hit, baby. Jimmy!

Oh, that's a bitch!

Stay back! Police!

John Dromoor, badge 736, requesting an ambulance and a coroner's wagon.

Chippewa and 4th.

And at the time of the shooting, you were entirely unaware that this was James de Lucca.

Yes, Sir, no idea.

You saw him less than a month ago in Court.

It was dark.

He was brandishing a knife.

And before in the bar?

When he was watching the fight?

I wasn't at the bar.

I was at a table.

So, John, when you fired your weapon, it was purely self-defense, right?

Yes, Sir.

Three years in the service.

Desert Storm.

A Purple Heart.

Rocky Point was your case, detective.

So, you're telling me at the time of the shooting you had no idea about Raymond Casey's connection with Marteen McGuire?

Just a name on a file.

My partner did the interview.

Name on a file?


Come on, John.

You, Casey and de Lucca in a parking lot together?


No coincidence.

More like... it was meant to be.


If there is a God...

In retrospect it felt like...

I had a purpose.

And what was that purpose, John?


To discharge my sworn duty as an officer of the law.

Next week, Friday, 9 AM.

Works for me.

Well, Haaber's attorney can't do the sixth.

Council for Haaber is in Court on another matter but I have his power.

Next week is impossible.

Sadly... de Lucca's power, we won't be needing.

Your Honor, I need more time.

This is not a discussion.

Mr Kirkpatrick's clients have exercised their 6th Amendment Right to a speedy trial.

Speed is my middle name.

And that's the day.



All right, here's the deal.

Lose the rape one and the predatory assaults drop the agg assaults to misdo's and we're done.

Misdemeanor assault?

The Ficks plead on two counts.

For Teena, for the kid.

18 months each on each count...consecutive.

Three years guaranteed.

Have you seen Teena McGuire?

Have you seen what they did to her?

Have you?

Since the hearing, have you even talked to her?

But you've tried.

Went by the house...

Sweet-talked the mum, the kid...

Oh, I promise, I promise it'll all be different in trial.

The hearing was the trial.

It's over.

Teena's not coming back to Court.

Not by Friday.

You son of a bitch.

No victim, no witness, that's a hard case to win in any venue.

And this town by next week?

The case is dismissed.

What happened to winning this?

A Jury trial.

No guarantees.

I had to finish my shift.

He wants to make a deal. Jail. Three years.

I'm presenting an option.

Do you not hear yourself? We are the victims.

That drunk bitch came on to us, selling her ass.

You said, you said that... we were, we all agreed we were messed up and then the cops went looking for the wrong guys.

Three years sound pretty good to me, considering.

Considering what? They didn't do it!

Mrs Fick, in a Jury trial... there's always a risk.

And a good attorney advises you of that risk.

If we lose...

We're not going to lose, that's the whole point!

It's 20 years in State Prison, minimum.

No, no, no, no... Jail is jail, been there, done that, I ain't going back.

We're on! I swear to Christ!

Canada! We'll go to Canada.

No, no, no, you won't.

I put up my damned house.

You don't have to decide right now.

Talk it over as a family.

We've decided.

Teena McGuire is a lying whore, no-one's gonna believer her.

My boys are not pleading guilty to something they did not do.

That's it!

Innocent people don't do time.

You gonna cry, bitch?

No, bitch.

No, bitch.

Start talking.

Yeah, you got him.


Yeah, I just need the...

Now, we see an apple pie right above it.

I gotta get a pie.

I have to get a pie, I would love it.


Look, I can have a pie right above the top with squiggly lines coming out?

Like it's still hot, like you just took a pie out of the oven?

Cos... Hm Yeah.

I like it. OK.

Cos my mum, she got me a pie, she made a pie one time for my birthday.

Instead of her getting a pie, which Marvin...

Marvin, remember the birthday pie?

Remember the birthday pie? Shut up, dipshit.


Yeah, she, she made me a pie for...

Go again?

I didn't eat it in time so the candles had melted.

So I ate with... and I got to wax out of my teeth, and I didn't brush my teeth so they were stuck in my teeth for about a week.

OK, Lloyd? Yeah?

You gotta stay still. Gotcha.

[YEAH, SHE...SHE...]



What's up, dog?

Everything good on the phone?

We'd better be going, baby.


You remember the pie?

You remember the pie.

I remember the belt.

We're meeting an investigator?

Legal investigator.

Works for Kirkpatrick.

I don't get why we're going to meet him, though.

You don't get shit. That's why they called me.

No, I just... Ah, my dick!

Yo, I almost frigging burned my dick off.

No, I don't get why he called

Like why can't Kirkpatrick come and get this on his own, you know?

Bitch, Kirkpatrick is an officer of the Court. These guys stay clean.

I told your ass! Everything that criminates their side cannot come from our lawyer.

And this criminates...?

We're about to get the evidence...?

That criminates the shit out of Teena, yes!

He's got proof that she sold her pussy...

Pussy likes it rough... pictures, sworn statements.

But this is good. This is good as shit, yeah.

There he is.

He's dumb.

So, now what? He gets out?

No, now you get out.

I get out? You get the stuff.

You want me to get out in this rain?

Yeah, bro!

I got...

Judas Priest, little brother! Where'd you get that?

I know a guy that...

Oh, you know a guy? Yeah.

Good for you, John Wayne. Get out!

OK! Fuck! What the fuck did I do now for you to act like that?

You never listen to me when I tell you to do shit.

What are you yelling at me for?

No, no, he's not inside!

What? He's not inside!

Well, check!

There's an envelope. I'm grabbing this envelope.

Yo, it says...

I think this is...


It says "Ficks, confidential..."

No, no, no, who is this? Huh?

You, son of a bitch!

We'll settle this!

Officer 567 requesting (indistinctve).

Hey partner, the keys are in the ignition.

New York State vehicle tag, India, Seven Two, Romeo, Oscar, Roger, over... Copy that.

I got a case of beer.... three are left.

Hiking charts?

The Canadian side is missing.

Get off my property! This is a private property, you're trespassing.

Get out of here!

You got any relatives in Canada? Friends? Some place where they might go?

These are my boys, they wouldn't do this. Something happened!

We lost our house.

That's what happened.

No, they wouldn't run! I'm telling you. They wouldn't do this.

Walt get back out here!

Mrs Fick, have you heard from them?

I'm their mother.

They would've let me know. They would tell me something.

Do you think we will hear from your sons?

All right. You wanna know what happened?

I'll tell you!

It's that bitch Teena McGuire.

She's the one who drove my boys away!

Get out of here!

They're gone!

They're outlaws!

They're ...

There you have it. Outlaws or fugitives.









The Ficks... gone. They're gone.



Erm... doesn't break my heart.

Yeah? But what if they come back?

Honey, they won't.

They could.

You listen to me: they will never hurt us again.

I promise!




Heading to the mall.

Anyone wanna join me for a bit of shopping?

I do!

Can we get some food along the way?

Only if you're driving.

Hmm, I guess I'm driving.

Thanks, mom.

Come on, grandma.

Come on!

Like.. are you really like Bethie Bear?

We're not the same, I'm shorter.

We're similar. Oh, look at this!

They are so cute.

Hmm, too bad they don't have them in my size.

I will check with her.



Listen to me now, before the boat house, before they raped your mum, I was gone. That's what you say in Court.

Don't forget it.

Hey! They got them!


What'd just happened, honey?


Shh, hey!

Talk to me?


Bethie! Bethie!

Hey! How'd you guys get on?


What happened?

I don't know, she's ... I'll go check on her.

Thank you.



Fritz Haaber?

Who wants to know?

It is you.

I don't know if you remember me, Lou Ellen Drought?

I was a few years behind you in High School.

Lou Ellen?


Yeah, Lou Ellen?

Welcome back.

I heard you had a little bit of trouble and I think I can help you out.

I know some things about Teena McGuire.

Things a Jury should know.

Well, maybe... you should tell me.

My daughter and I are staying at the Blackburn's Motel.

Yeah, I know that dive well.

You should come meet my daughter and we can talk.

11 PM, route 24.

Yeah, I look forward to meeting your daughter as well.

Lou Ellen?

♪ Lou Ellen? ♪



Write what?

God, forgive me...

I did what I believed was the right thing to do.

Why would I write that?

Keep going, finish it.


Put your hand on the gun.


Put your hand on the gun.

Guess who snapped himself last night?


Rocky Point.

Fritz Haaber.

We sent him flowers.



She's outside.

D'you need her?

Yeah, we need some more boxes.

I thought we had some stashed in your closet.

We used the last ones last night.

Sorry. No.

It's not your fault.

Are you ready for this?


I am.

Are you sure?

I'm ready for... a change.

Me too.

Where are you going?

I was gonna say bye to Annie.

I also wanted to make one last stop.

You wanna come with me?

You think I'm the bad guy?

Because I defend men that you think are...


You know, John?

We have a document in this country, it's called the Constitution?

And in that document, it expressly provides my services for... all citizens.

Even criminals.

What's not in that document, is vigilante cop justice.

Even for cold-blooded murderers.

Maybe they had it coming.

Maybe they didn't.

Guess we'll never know now.

Who knows?

You might even need my services someday.

And I hope, you'll never need mine.


I told once before, I don't a lot of real life heroes.

Your daughter is the hero.


I'll give you guys a moment.

You're alright?

She seems stronger.

She's fine.

Well, not fine but better.

You've been taking good care of her.

You wanna come to the station?


Come on around at the gate.

We're leaving.



I came to say good-bye, we came to say good-bye.

And thank you.

That day, you brought her home.


I just gave her a ride.

It was so bad.

I've seen bad things.

Things I thought I'd never forget.

We do forget.

Not all the way but... enough so you can move on.

Leaving here?

That's smart.

There's a lot more sunshine in California.

I love you.

You know?

I never had a daughter.

You've never been married.

Have you?

I'll tell you something.

If I ever do have a daughter.

I hope she grows up to be just like you.




All right then, good-bye.