Versus (2019) Script

It's OK, we're joking...


What's up?

Where are you going?

-Calm down! -What are you doing here?

I'm asking where you're going.

Back off!

You stole my wallet?

Give me my wallet back!

-Give me my wallet! -What are you doing?

Leave him alone!

-Give me my wallet back! -Shut the fuck up!

Dirty son of a bitch!

Who do you think you are?


Get out of here!

Who do you think you are?

Finish him!

Get off!


Shut up! Get off!

Let's get out of here!

You've timed it well, the weather's great.

I hope your mother can join us.

She won't.

There's a golf course, right behind the house.

Nine holes, but it's fine.

When was the last time you were here?

Four years ago?

So you didn't see the pool.

We did lots of work in the house. Painting, and everything...

Sea salt eats into the wood... It's a nightmare...

I won't be long.

Now you shut the fuck up!

Stop being nippy!


You never have time to talk?

Listen to him! Answer...

Brian! Let him go!

-What are you looking at? -Let it go...

It's OK, we'll take care of him. Just not here.

If I come back, I'll shoot him.

-Is it real? -A scattergun.

Let me see it!

What's a scattergun?

It shots lead, dickhead.

Look at this fresh meat!

It's not your old lady!

Do we have something to read?

Yes, I brought some stuff.

Hey, wait for me!

What's up, hotties?

Seriously, Gab...

She's still snubbing us...

If you miss her, talk to her.

You're jealous, six month later...

The break-up was your choice.

If you feel bad about it, nothing's really closed...

Keep dreaming!

-The first time is really important. -Really?

I can give you a strong foundation.

And our mixed-race babies?

We should train to make them nice.

Tell me: you do know how babies are made?

Look at this!


Don't you want to see my nice diagram?

I even drew the balls...

You're freezing! Get off!

-Maybe you like girls, after all. -Give me a break...

Can I choose who I fuck?

Anyway, they're all the same.

How do you know? Have you tried them all?

You're stupid...


How are you, Lea?

She's fine. Thanks, goodbye.


-Why are you teasing him? -Teasing him?

I have better things to do.

-I wish something would happen. -Like what?


Has your cousin arrive?

Yes, my mother picked him at the airport.

Does he still have scars from the assault?

Don't think so. Looks at the texts she sent me.

"Strange, he's more handsome like that."

Did she lose her mind?

Brigitte's in love, as usual.

Shut up, he's her nephew!

Achille, are you OK?

-What? -Nothing.

Don't bother, I'll do it.

By the way...

Don't say anything.

About the assault? No, of course...

Sorry I didn't visit you in hospital.

Mum didn't know if you wanted us to go.

Don't worry.

I'm glad you're here.

Noemie, do you want to touch my balls?

Shut the hell up, Gab...

Son of a bitch...

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes, I won't do anything.

I'm gonna get more balls.

-How many dimples, do you think? -I don't really care...


OK... 300?

You're so good!

Before that, they were perfectly smooth, but a guy discover that they fly much faster when they're damaged.


So nothing.

Can I play, or are you raping me?

Go ahead, play.

Closed eyes?

It's better for a blowjob.

Man, you're a drag...

Why'd you do that? She was fine...

She needs to fall asleep alone.

She's not a dog, you don't have to train her.

Let her cry, she'll fall asleep again.

-What are you doing? -Thinking.

Sorry... The gentleman is thinking...

-Let's get to work. -Let's go.

The sexy brunette may be there.

Move! You sex maniac...

You talk too much...

Just that?

The guy's nowhere to be found, we're on our own...

You need to work!

I handle everything, here! I'm the real boss!

Next week I'll work with your sister.

Sure... Where are you going? I'm not Tarzan...

Shut up and follow me.

"Brian: King of the jungle!"

Achille! I'll introduce you to someone.

-How's it going , guys? -Fine, thanks.



-Lovely friend... -He's my bodyguard.

-Do you have everything? -Don't worry.

Lea, Achille. Achille, Lea.

-Hi. -Hi.

I'll go get a drink.

You're the famous cousin?

And you're the famous Lea?

I see you met my nymphomaniac sister.

-Do you have molly? -Not for you.

-Why? -You're too delicate.


Guys, to make a perfect party, we need all the ingredients.

We already have pussy, we were just waiting for you.

This guy's talking too much.

Left, in the back.

And your friend?

Who are those guys?

You don't know them?

I think Gab called them for drugs.

-What's happening? -Nothing.

Fucking Gab...

Do you wanna dance?

No, come with me.

-Can I try your other thing? -If you want to try, you buy.

I just paid for that!

Do you taste the meat, at the butcher's?

-I brought you here, dude... -I don't care!

Are those rifles yours?

No, it's Camille's place.

-Camille, the black girl? -Yes.

She's cute.

I'm going for a drink, you're pissing me off.

Old people drink, kids do drugs, and everybody's bored!

Come on, dance with me!

No way, get off!

What do you want?

Now what?

Don't look at me!

Don't look at me!

Posh fuckers...

-Were you gonna shoot? -Of course.

Give me the gun, I'll kill them all.

-Be my guest! -Really?


Now what? Who's your daddy?

Brian? Where are you going?

-Wait for me! -Move out!

And your gun? Brian!

What a motherfucker!


With his fucking gun... Fuck...

You go in my pocket, and you shut the fuck up.



Did you see me beating him up?

I was too busy getting blown.


By whom?


You didn't get Lea...

I saw you with the little sister.

Man, I've had zero pussy... Nothing...

Was it a good fuck, at least?


What a party...

And Brigitte?

Where is she?

One hell of a MILF, Brigitte!




Are you looking for something?

The exit.

What's your unit?

-Upstairs, with the nurses... -Motorcycle accident?

-I slipped... -Some burns on your arm?

I've got a prescription.

That's quite a scar, you have.

Dr. Mazelier, I'm a dermatologist.

You're lucky: scars are my specialty.

One minute, princess.

Everybody needs a passion. Scars are mine.

Life is like a blank page: our life prints on it over the years.

I'd say this scar comes from the early childhood, right?

-That's right. -I told you, I'm a specialist.

Let's meet again, there's plenty of solutions.

Come to my office.


-Don't bother. -How old are you?

How much does it cost?

I'll only charge you the social care's rate.

Thanks, doctor.

-Did Lea leave? -Yes.

She took the car keys, and left. Classic Lea...

Hello, sweetie.

What are you looking at?

Look at this.

Looks like a "Z".

Isn't it funny?

Where's mom?

In the bedroom.


You have an accident and you don't call me?

Who does that?

Not even a text...

I didn't want you to worry.

Don't be a smartass!

Do you know how I feel with you?

Like shit!

You don't touch me, or talk to me anymore.

Nothing for me.

You're here for the kid, but with me you're a ghost.

If you say so...

You don't even fight anymore...

-Don't start crying... -It's my place, I'll cry if I want!

Take your things and fuck off!


Don't worry about her, she's not your daughter!

Did you forget?

In six months, you'll be nothing to her.

You're not the first guy to take the place of her father.

Do you really think she needs you?

You think that I'll let her go through the window like your mother with you?

Seriously, look at you! You're shit!

What are you gonna do? Hit me?

You don't fuck me, but you want to beat me up?

You don't look the same with your hair down.


Are you nuts?

Put it away, then.

And behave, we're not hobos.

Keep cool.

Bawling me out...

Why do we always hang around here?

We're not even skaters...

-How can you be so dumb? -That, I know...

It's because I hang out with you.

Gimme that.

We must find a business, I need 500 for my bike.

It's dead.

There's nothing left anywhere.

Momo's nowhere to be found, he probably got caught.

In one week, I'll be dry.

And your job at the golf course?

Only pays for rent and cigs...

Your girl makes you pay a rent?

Not for a long. I'm fed up with her.

I'm fed up with everything!

I know how we could make a lot of money...

Big plan: the big house where the party was.

The chest and the guns: there's plenty of money.

Come on!


Who cares, we're gonna be rich!

-You want to be rich? -Yes!

Start by shutting your mouth.


Try the villa.



-Seems locked. -You don't say...

Let's go to the cabin, where the guns are.

-Careful with that flashlight! -It's not my fault...


You're a brother to me, but what an idiot...

Your pot makes me that stupid.

Go on.

We're supposed to be silent!

It's not me, it's the blankets.

What's this shit?


Who keeps a rusty old saddle in a chest?

Those rich pricks...

Can you make any more noise?

What are you doing, now?

I'm searching for a real safe.

We're not in Scrooge's house!

Didn't you see Indiana Jones? There's always hidden stuff.

You should get along with Jade, you're both children.

I do get along with her...

Don't hush me! She's the one mocking me...

-Shut up! -It's not my fault...

-Kevin... -What?

The cops...

The cops are there! Run!

Get up!

I can't! Go!

Stay down! Don't move!

Let me go!


What's with you? Are you in heat tonight?

Don't scrub your face like that, it's bad for your skin.

This one's clean.

Give me a break!

I'm not one of your fucking pensioners!

Do you know his name?

I think it's Brian. Right, Achille?

You'll be called in to come and make a statement.


I have something for you.


I saw you and your friend last night.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Get lost, I'm working.

Don't you want it?

I don't care if you steal from my aunt...

I don't know you, I told you to get lost!

Do you have news of your friend?

Do you know if they'll release him?

If I take this knife, I'll stab you with it.

Is that what you want?

It's your turn, please sit down.

Let's see...

The skin has a good elasticity.

We could try injecting collagen, but...

You're young, I'd go for the operation.

It's a simple one.

We'll create a new scar over the old one.

We'll watch its evolution, and it'll leave way less traces.

I don't want it...

You won't feel anything, it's under anesthetic.

Just a little tingling.

I don't want you to take it away, it's mine.

We're not equal, when it comes to healing.

You're young, your skin can regrow, it would be a shame.

I don't give a shit. I want nothing with your bullshit.

Why did you come, then?

I don't know.

If you change your mind, you know where I am.

Plastic surgery is not only for people who can afford it.

That's your thing? Fixing poor people?

I wouldn't say that...

Now you can say that some poor people don't want to be fixed.

You still have cotton here.

Did you change your mind already?

No, I'm leaving.

OK... See you soon maybe, Brian.

Yep. Thanks, doctor.

Did he see me?

Did he?

I don't think so. Why?

He gets mad every time I talk to a boy.

You're a boy, right?

What do you want?


I want nothing from boys like you.

Come with me, please.



How seedy... Looks like a cemetery.

How many were they?

Four or five...

Why are you asking?

Did they rob you? Five against one is cowardice.


Five against one is war.

Are you OK, now?

I'm OK.

I want to do it again.

Really? Why?


Because what?

Was it good?


Because I fuck all the cripples in the hospital.

So that's your thing...


I always choose the worst.


Don't you like my cheap boxers?

I do.

Very much.

You probably see more Calvin Klein ones.

What a lame thing to say...

By the way, next year...

I'm moving to Paris.

I'll share a flat with Camille.

Do you know my friend Camille?


It's gonna be great, I can't wait.

The flat has a mezzanine, and a big terrace.

Very cool neighborhood.

She's a Parisian...

I'll be the lil' country girl...

Lots of things to plan...

We may not have time to meet again...

Can I have your number, just in case?

It's not worth it.


Are you there?

How are you?

Fine, you?

So ugly!

-Your cousin's a showoff. -Leave him alone!

-Want some? -Yes.

Oh, no...

-And we're off! -Real!

-A blowjob, to celebrate? -Stop it, Gab...

-And you... Blowjob? -Oh, no...

Never mind...

Midnight dip?

No! Who's in?

Come on!

-Let me see those boobs, Cam! -Keep dreaming!

Come on!

Why don't you sing your song?

Don't say anything.

Definitely not.

Don't say anything, follow me.

Don't say anything.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid of me.

Follow me 'til the end of the night, 'til the end of my madness.

Forget the time, forget tomorrow, forget everything, free your mind.

Did I make a fool of myself?

-So? -So what?

What do you think?

I don't know.

If I say nothing, is that bad?

Be honest.

Do you like my voice?

Why did you come back?

We said we'd never meet again.

I forgot something...

Something important?

What do you want?

What do you want, rich boy?

Want to call the cops again?

-Out of my way! -Stop it.

This is pointless.

-Are you OK? -Leave me alone!

I don't want to stay here, let's go somewhere else.


Thank you.

So this is where you live?

It's still under construction.

Can you show me around?

We're in the kitchen, an open kitchen.

Living room, dining room.

There, the bedrooms.

Really cozy, in winter.

It's big, and modern.

Do you like it?


It just lacks a touch of femininity.

For sure.

Achille, are you OK?

What is it?

-You're not with Lea? -No.

-What happened? -Nothing, fuck!

The scarred boy beat you up?

I know, I saw it.

Lea's with him, right?

I'm sorry.

I'll do anything you want.

Why did you stop talking, tough boy?

I don't care about him.

What's your problem?

You wanna fight?

You wanna fight?

No, I don't want to.

Don't you want to kiss me?





What is he doing here?


Why are you here? Get lost!


I'll talk to him.

I'm sorry for earlier.

But you shouldn't be here.



-Lea? -Camille...

Noemie is...

Are you hurt?

What did you do?

-Do you have a phone? -No!

It's Achille...

-What? -It's Achille...

Let's cut through the golf course.

Why would he do that?


Stay with me.

Stay with me.

-Go get help, I'll take care of her. -No way.

I'm not leaving her.

We can't leave Noemie alone...

We'll take care of her.

He's here!



Go get help!

You're not sleeping?

Is there a problem?

God! What happened?

I'm calling the police.

It's OK, don't worry.

Don't tell me it's OK.



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