Very Good Girls (2013) Script

I can't do it. No, you can. The question is will you?

This is no great illusion When I'm with you I'm looking for a ghost Or invisible reasons To fall out of love and run screaming from our home

'Cause we live in a house of mirrors We see our fears and everything's our songs Faces and second-hand clothes But more and more we're suffering Not nobody, not a thousand beers Will keep us from feeling so all alone But you are what you love And not what loves you back That's why I'm here on your doorstep Pleading for you to take me back

Is that a good one?

What the hell was that?

Flock of these.

Very funny.

You are what you love Look at that guy. Slut Speedo.

Cold water makes them shrivel up.

How would you know?

We're really going to do this?

You can wuss up but I'll be 20 bucks richer.

You're just gonna take it off right here, with everyone looking?

That was the idea.


I can't do it.

Yeah, you can. The question is will you?

Oh, no.

You think because your eyes are closed no one can see you?

Screw you.

Get in.

I can't swim!

Yes, you can. No, I can't.

I don't like waves. I hate waves.

And you just remembered this?

Oh, no.

You're naked!

I know!

We just came over to tell you you have the best ass on this beach.

What means this?

You French?

We are Romania. No English.


Wanna go for a walk? Mm-mm.


She can use her tongue, though, right?

Mm-mm. Where you going? Come on.

I'm doing it. Look, mom.

You didn't want to stay and see what your special prize was going to be?

You mean my really special gang rape?


Hey, what's the matter with you?

How about "I'm sorry," "excuse me" or something?

You can use your tongue. Can't you?


You're selling ice cream.

Yeah, amazing powers of observation.

Can I have one?

Which one?

What's good?

Uh, they're all shit.

Recycled industrial waste.

The red, white, and blue, please.

That camera yours?


You don't have to be such a dick.

She's just trying to be nice.

Let's go.

Thank you.

Your mouth is so blue.

I think someone hurt him.

That makes it okay for him to be an asshole?

Oh, come on.

You liked him, too.



Jesus Christ.

Hey, what time is it?

Uh, I don't know. Maybe, like, 6:00?


I hope Norma's still with a patient.

Good luck. I'm going to take my award-winning ass home.


Please don't do that.

Return my bike.

Lillian, where have you been?

I told you this morning, brighten beach.

You took it all the way to Rockaway?

All the way to Rockaway.

Okay, if you knew you were going to be this late, you could've had the courtesy to call. My phone died.

Joy would like to spend some time with her family, too.

Well, dad's still in the office. That is beside the point.

You need to eat something besides noodles.

I don't like fish. It's disgusting.

It's your dinner. My disgusting dinner.

You know what? That's enough.

Joy? Yeah.

Why don't you go home to your family, and the girls will clean up.

Lillian, please go tell your father that we are going to be late for the concert.

He can't still be with a patient.

You stay there and eat some protein.

And take your shoes off.

You're tracking sand all over the house.

Did you tell him?

He was with someone.

What is wrong with you?

Edward, please go get changed. We're going to be late.

It starts at 8:00.

Okay, I'm going.


Sorry, I'm...

Edward, come on. We're going to be late.


Al Franken.

Al Franken is a God damn comic.

He's good, but what's the name of that show he was on?

And she's the best civil rights attorney in New York.

What is she going to do, go to Wisconsin and work for some guy who's on comedy central?

NBC. SNL is on NBC.

Jon Stewart's on comedy central.

Thank you so much for that critically important piece of information.

Hey, get your ta-tas all sun burnt at the beach?

Ta-tas. Really? That's cute.

You told him?

No. You know you're an asshole, right?

How about we change the subject?

Sure, we could talk about politics again.

Well, we could talk about your two favorite subjects... television and body parts.

Asshole. That's a body part.

He's 16. What's your excuse?

Karl, come on.

So how's that tour-guide thing going?

My boss is a perv, and I have to wear a uniform.

Well you have a straight shot into the masonic lodges of the United States.

That's true political power.

So when do you head out for school?

Oh, that's right. Yale.


An Ivy-covered thing...

Lay off her, dad.

Orientation is the first week in September.

They're not telling you you have to change your orientation.

I said stop it.

She doesn't come from a family where you have to train for dinner.

What's the point of dinner then?

Okay, great, you guys enjoy your meal.

Let's go.

You just walked in on your father boning some random patient, and you don't know what you're upset for?

Does your mom know?

Are you going to tell her? Are you crazy?

Everybody okay out here?

Dad, go away.

Your parents screw around.

I think they just talk about it a lot.

I can't believe that you were talking about sex.

Well, apparently in my house you don't really talk about it.

You just do it.

We're the last ones.

On earth?

At Erasmus, at St. Anne's.

That's basically the same thing.

We're going to fucking college, and we're still virgins.

We've got to get over this hump.

You didn't say that.

Persons of the male gender are required.

Out the windows to your right and left are the air ducts to the Holland tunnel, and if you smell roasting coffee, that's because general foods built their coffee processing plant in Hoboken in 1846.

There are some people who say you can still smell the coffee from the other side of the river even though the plant closed in 1992.

You're probably ready for an iced coffee right about now.

This is the end of our tour. Gratuities are appreciated.

Please be careful getting of the boat, and enjoy the rest of your visit to the big apple.

Hey, girl. Hi.

Norma? Don't you ever have to call home?

Only when I need bail money.

Shit, I forgot to tell you what happened last night.

So I... God, I went out to dinner with Danny and Kate.

This, like, obscure Italian place in the village, and the waiter turned out to be him.

Who's that?

Um, the ice-cream guy on the beach.

His name's David, David Avery.

You just ran into him?

Not exactly.

What do you mean?

He had a book of matches from Grotta Azzurra next to his camera at the beach that day.

I can't believe you dragged your parents to a restaurant because you saw a book of matches.

Okay, you don't have to make me feel bad about it.

I'm not. I'm just... it's like...

Didn't you have something you wanted to tell me?

Uh, Fitzsimmons.

He came on to you again?

No, he... he just wants me to give a tour to a boat load of FBI agents.

Danny's going to love that.

I'm starving. Do you want to split a burger?

Who said you could come in?

Mom's crying.

She's actually crying?

Where's dad?

I don't know.

Where is she? In her room.

What happened? Did they have a fight?

No, they were just standing there.

And mom went to her bedroom.

What are you going to do?

Nothing. It's none of our business.

I'm scared.

What are you scared of?

I don't know. I'm just scared.

Come on. I'll paint your nails.

Red? Yeah.

Really? Sure.

I feel like walking Do you feel like coming?

I feel like talking

'Cause it's been a long time

Now your hair is long And you look so thin You're always so pale But something has changed You're almost a man Hungry?

You made that? Maybe.

No one buys ice creams on Tuesdays.

What are you doing?

No one takes boat tours on Tuesdays. What?

Are you the one who says how many rivets there are in the George Washington bridge? Yeah.

What's your name? Lilly.

I'm David.

I'm going to grab a shirt.

You ever been to the cyclone?


You wanna go?

Got my bike.

Come back for it.

I don't think I should.

Sure. Suit yourself.

682 rugby.

It still hurts It hurts It still hurts It hurts It still hurts La la la la

La la la la That's all I got.

It's not very good. It's kind of shitty...

Will you stop it? I think it's great.

Why do you do that? You're good.

I called him at the restaurant.

He wasn't there. He's never anywhere when you want to reach him.

I know you think I'm an idiot.

You barely know the guy.

I know.

So how come Norma hasn't called you yet?

She's M.I.A.

Hasn't left her room in a week, but I better go check the battlefield in case there are casualties.

Keep the faith.

Call me tomorrow.


People have affairs.

This is the 21st century.

It's not the fucking end of the world.

Lillian, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't speak to me that way.

Mom, there is a whole family here.

He said he was sorry. I heard him.

She's probably just some random person.

He only did it to get your attention.

This doesn't concern you.

It doesn't concern me? He's my father. I want him to stay.

Well, we all know how you feel about him.

I can't believe you just said that.

You're a God damn shrink. You know what, Lillian?

If you can't find a way to control yourself, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room.

Thank God, I can't control myself.

You live in a porno movie.

It's a photographer's studio.

Frank Mayo. You heard of him?

Lets me sleep here in exchange for kinda acting like a security guard.

Weird place to sleep. Oh, I'm up there.

Want a beer?

Think they did, like, a lipstick commercial here today, so...

He's got a dark room, too.

He doesn't use it anymore, so kind of teaching myself to print.

All the good stuff was shot on film.

Where's your family?

Now? Eastern parkway.

I grew up on Staten island, though.

I moved there from Tennessee when I was five.

Staten island?


People actually live there.

Moved out, though, when I was in high school.

How come?

It was just safer for everyone that way.

You think your mom's trouble.

These all yours?


You really want to do this.

I don't want to do anything except get out of here.

Where you want to go?

Rome, Paris, I don't know.


Smell it.

Breathe it.

Tired of seeing it in photographs.

Sylvia Plath. Do you know this?

Would you read it to me?

"Daddy, "you do not do, you do not do

"any more, black shoe

"in which I have lived like a foot

"for thirty years

"poor and white barely daring to breathe or achoo"

I think you better get home.

You told Gerry you were going to see her on Friday.


Are you?

It was weird.

We met at the restaurant, and then we just walked around.

And it was pretty obvious that I was down to hook up, and he didn't even touch me.

Maybe I should've come on to him?

I mean, aren't guys supposed to like it when you make the first move?

I even wore my purple sweater that's so low cut my tits practically hang out of it.


Maybe that was too much.

Oh, my God. What?

There he is.

I told him I was meeting you here for open mic.

What do I do? Nothing.

What do you mean nothing? The song is about him.

It's fine.

Hey, you remember my friend Lilly Berger?

David Avery.

I'm so happy you're here. All right, okay. I'm going to...

I'm going to go set up. I'm really nervous.

So don't laugh at me.

I'm going to trip.

If you wanna find yourself by traveling out west Or if you wanna find somebody else that's better, go ahead Go ahead If you wanna buy a band new fancy automobile Or if you wanna build a place Down in east Hampton, go ahead Go ahead Go ahead Be my guest Go ahead

If you wanna have your cake and eat it, too Or if you wanna have other people Watch you while you eat it Go ahead Go ahead If you wanna hold on To the first girl that you meet Or if you wanna settle down And plant roses at my feet Go ahead

Go ahead Go ahead I wish you would Just go ahead You're really good. Thanks.

This is a great jacket.

It's my dad's.

I gotta go.

What was that?

I mean, count on me to find someone certifiable.

I can't imagine your dad in that jacket.

I actually just can't imagine him without a tie.

Have you seen him?

He uses the office, but she won't let him come upstairs.

Well, maybe she's right, you know?

You should be able to trust the people that mean something to you.



Well, do you wanna get something to eat?

Think I'm gonna go home.

Well, I can't sleep.

The guys who went on before me said that there's a producer in the audience and that they're meeting up with him at Wally's, so I think I might just go meet up with them.

Okay, wish me luck.



Sorry. That was hard.

Good job, Lil. Sit down?

No, thanks.

Hot as shit in that uniform.

I'm fine.


All right.

That trip was worth two tours.

You want more like that? Specials?


Night cruises are triple time.

I take classes.

You're a real pistol.


Won't bite ya.

I'm late.

All right. Some other time then. Yeah.

You know what you should do. You should call the ACLU.

She wasn't exactly molested.

Well, verbally she was molested.


That's disgusting.

It's gluten-free.

You know, I'd rather not have a lecture about my intestines.

I would just like some normal bread.

Such a pain in the ass.

I mean, what is wrong with white?

Come to my house. Everything's white.

Anyway, this is kind of a big deal, because you do have an obligation to the women who are gonna work for this guy in the future to make it clear that what he said was inappropriate.

It's not okay.

It was more how he said it than what he said.

No, I know exactly what you're saying.

Can we please just have, like, a little bit of privacy?

Little bit.

Just think about it, Lilly.

Were you scared?


But it must feel kinda good to have a guy want your body.

Mm, no.

He makin' a house call?

What are you doing here?

I just came to watch your parents scream at each other.

You just turn up whenever you want to?


Yeah, I'm out of here.

I just feel like I don't understand you.

I believe you want me to tell you things you already know.

Where can we go?



I've got something. It's all right.

I'm scared.

You haven't done it before?

Do you want it to be me?

Yeah, but I'm really scared.


He's got you where he wants you And he'll have you when he wants to But you'll want him too Yeah you'll want him too

He's got you where he wants you And he'll have you when he wants to But you'll want him too

You're going to be very late for work.

She didn't come home until 2:00 last night.

How do you know? You were sleeping.

She woke me. She took a shower.

I was hot.

Would you like to tell me where you were so late?


I don't know how late they let her stay out, but in this house, your curfew is midnight.

Is that understood?

I'm going to college. There is no curfew.

You're not there yet.

Can I play at Jackie's after my swimming lesson?

You're like a stalker. What do you want?

I'm gonna be late.

Listen, Lil, this thing that happened between your mother and I, it's not your problem.

It's not? No.

You just walk away and leave me to deal with her and then say it's not my problem.

I'm sorry.

This is all bullshit.

I'm supposed to be leaving for college, not dealing with you guys.

Just have dinner with me.

Are you kidding? No.

Okay. All righty.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, can we have a little attention please?

Can we have your attention?

Uh, we're about to commence the cooking ritual, as they used to say in the international workers of the world, by any means necessary.

And so I think we need a sacrifice.

So is there a virgin here?

Oh, my God.

You know, there are some people who are virgins who don't want to be perceived as virgins, and there are some people who...

Time to cook the hamburgers.

Time to cook the hamburgers. Yes. Yes. Okay.

You actually like him, don't you? We should just swap families.

Any time.

No one laughs at my house.

No one shuts up here.

I talked to David yesterday.

You did?

I mean, if you can call it that.

He's not much of a talker.

He called you?

No, I called him to invite him to this, but he said he couldn't come.

You think I shouldn't have called?

I don't know.

What are you doing?

This is my room.

Excuse me.

The last time I checked, I still paid the mortgage on this house.

So I don't get any privacy?

Your sisters are already up and out.

Let's get going. Thank God for small things.

I sure hope the inside of your head doesn't look like this room.

Can you just leave that?

Come on. Get going.

Lilly. I'm in the shower!

Do you have my cream rinse in there?

No! Are you sure?

I can't find it.

Yeah, it's not in here.

Your father called.

He wants you to let him know if you're going to have dinner with him.


I'm going downstairs. I have a patient.

We have 15 minutes.

I'm lost in the light I pray for the night Take me to take you too After so many words Still nothing's heard Don't know what we should do So someone could see me now Let them see you

Was my greatest thrill When we just stood still Let me hold your hand till I had my fill Even countin' sheep Don't help me sleep I just toss and turn right there beside you So if someone could help me now They'd help you too How'd you find this?

My cousins used to live here.

They'd help you too See you through All the hard things We've all got to do

'Cause this life is long And so you wouldn't be wrong Bein' free with me On my own

And I held my own Still I rattled your bones I said some awful things and I take them back If we would try again Just remember when Before we were lovers I swear we were friends So if someone could see me now Let them see you Let them see you See you through All the hard things We've all got to do

'Cause this life is long So you wouldn't be wrong Bein' free with me On my own

Really like that one.

That one?

That one's my mom.

Sometimes I wish she would just die.

Your mom? Why?

She makes you very miserable.

I'm afraid of dying.

I'm afraid of not doing anything while I'm still here.

I don't think there's much chance of that.

What time is it?


I told my mom I'd call if I wasn't back my ten.

Where's your phone?

Aw, come on, don't go.

It's in the kitchen.

Well, mine's dead.

Mom? Oh, thank God.

Where are you? At a friend's.

Gerry's been trying to find you.


Emergency. Her father died...

When are you coming home?

Right now.

What is it?

Hey... Don't.

I have to go.

What... what's goin' on?

Gerry's father died. Whoa, whoa. Let me go...


I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I don't feel anything.

You know, I know that... that my life has changed forever, and all I want to do is go to sleep.

Because I'm the same, but I'll never be the same, you know?

Like he'll never slap me on the butt again.

He'll never see me graduate, and he won't... see me get married, and he'll never know my kids.

I want my daddy.

How is she?


How are you?

I'm fine.

You can't let this happen, mom.

You've got to let him come back.

I was very sorry to hear about Gerry's father.


I'll go to the funeral with you, if you like.

There isn't gonna be a funeral.

Just a memorial service.

Then they'll scatter his ashes.

That's how they do it.

Did mom talk to you about coming back?


Are you?

I don't know.

You could just die, and none of this would matter.

Just talk to her. Explain it.

Say you're sorry. I have.

She won't let you.

Try and understand it from her side.

Is that what you're doing? Yeah.

That's exactly what I'm doing.


I love you, but I gotta go.


God, I can't go back in there and look at all that food again.

It's like we're having a party, and he's just late.

God, I gotta get out of here.

I want to go to work, but Kate won't let me.

You should take a few days.

It's really weird.

All I can think about is David.

I keep imagining that he's gonna walk through the door.


Oh, David? Yes, hold on a second.

It's for you.

David Applebee or something.

Tell him I'm not here.

Why? You are here.

Just tell him.

You're weird.

She's actually not here.

Can I take a message?


Did you get my message?

No. I talked to your sister.

She didn't tell me. She said she'd write it down.

I've been trying to get ahold of you for, like, three days now.

I was with Gerry. How is she?


I have a trip in 15 minutes.

All right. I'll come back after work.

No, I'm gonna see Gerry after work.

Okay. I'll come with you.


You should go this afternoon if you're not working.

There's a lot of people at night.

So, is that what you want? For me to see her alone?


All right. I'll let you know how that goes.


Sorry about your father.

Well, thank... thanks for... for coming.

Do you want anything to eat or...

No, I'm f... fine.

Wanna get out of here?

Yeah. Yeah.

Everything tastes... sort of smells in here.

It's for the blind.

He used to take me when I was a kid.

I mean, my... my dad.

He was always so quiet.

It's like now.

Even he was quiet here.

Once I came by myself on my bike.

And it started to rain. I was like, uh...

Seven-years-old, terrified, soaking wet.

And I, um...

I looked up and he was there.

I didn't tell anyone where I was going, you know?

He just...

He knew.

I'm sorry. Could you please hold me?

Could you hold me?

That was dad.

Would you make love to me?

And I'm asking you...

You don't need to feel responsible or anything.

You know, I just, um...

I just feel like you understand.



All right, folks. We all know Danny was a man of, for the people.

He was also a sexy son of a bitch.

I can't listen to this.

And he loved his Kate.

Anybody who spent five minutes with him could see that.

He came over yesterday.


I did it, Lilly.

Okay, so you're thinking about my father... that this is crazy.

But it...

It just felt right.

You know, I needed to do it.

I understand.

You know, underneath all that tough guy stuff, he's really... he's... he's so gentle and...

I'm glad it was him. So...

I don't feel any different, you know?

I mean, I... I'm not sore. I didn't bleed.

My mom always said I, uh...

I lost it to a swing when I was four. So...

Don't worry. I'm okay.

If You want to fly

I love you.

Love you.

Just let go

of your mind

Can I have the brown?

Jackie's sleeping over.

Who said you could use that?

It's just an eraser.

It was on your dresser. What's the big deal?

Stay out of my room and away from my things!

Don't be sad

Be glad

You'll find your way You'll find your way

And when You reach Your love

David. Too busy to answer my phone.

Or just relax And drift away

And if you find


I'll take that drink.


you want, like, a... a drink?

Oh, shit. I haven't got any ice.

It's fine. Okay.


Ooh, I need a haircut.


Oh, boy.


I really like you.

You're smart.

I wanna give you a chance to walk away.

I don't want to hurt you.

I'm a big girl.

All right. Let's have some fun.

Come on. Come on.

Hey, you on the pill?

You on the pill? No.

No? No.


Stay right here. I gotta get some protection.



Hey! Where you goin'?

Where you goin'?

Come in.

You okay?

Why'd you do it?

Do what?


Don't tell me what happened didn't mean anything.

Yeah, it meant something.

You asked me to go see her.

I didn't ask you to sleep with her.

No. She did.

So you did.

Is that what you think happened?

I don't have to think it happened. She told me it did.

She said that?

I just fucked Fizsimmons.

Dad's back. He brought his clothes and stuff.

He got you that?

You had one. We did not.

Dad said they were too dangerous.

Apparently, guilt will corrupt people's principles.

You're cooking?


That's it? Hi?

You're just back? No one talks about it?

You haven't given us a chance to say anything yet, Lilly.

Here's your chance.

Your father and I decided that it would be better for everybody if he... if he came back home.


What are we? The wallpaper?

We're just supposed to sit back and watch while you move in and move out and move in and move out again like it makes no difference to us?

This is what you wanted. I don't understand what's different I've been asking you to come back for weeks.

And now, suddenly, you just do it.

This time, I asked him.

Are you crazy?

Do you want him to leave again?

What am I gonna do when you leave?

Transfer. Yeah, right.

Well, these could be cute, right?


You didn't buy anything.

Saving all your money for those designer drugs?

And I can't believe you're gonna be in fucking old haven.

Like, what are you gonna do there?

It's so boring.

Do you think I should call him?


No, I don't think you should call him.

I'm so tired of hearing about him.

You're making a fool of yourself.

Leave the guy alone.

If he wants to see you, he'll call you.


I'm sorry. I'm gonna go home.

Great. No one's stopping you.

Lilly! I gotta talk to you.


Lil, would you talk to me? What the fuck?



You gotta straighten this out, Lil.

Me? I didn't sleep with her!

She told me! You fucking better ask her again.

I don't have to. She's not a liar, David.

I want you to tell Gerry. Tell Gerry what?

How this all started! I don't know how it started.

I wasn't there.

I thought you cared about her. I do.

Then tell her why I came to the house that day. Tell her how it happened!

We already know what happened.

I didn't call him.

He called me.

We're hanging out on Sunday.

What for?

What do you mean, "what for?"

He wants to take a walk in the gardens, where we went before.


Well, thanks for making me act like a person.

I like yours better.

Go away.

It's me.

He's leaving.

Where's he going?


Tomorrow at four.

That's it? That's all he said?

Isn't that enough?

I think I should go say good-bye.


Why didn't you tell me?

You're really somethin' else.

Why now? I'm gonna go do my work.

I can't deal with this anymore.

I really want you to stay.

Then tell Gerry the truth. I can't!

Do you know how hurt she would be? What kind of friend would I be then?

I don't know. What kind of friend are you now?

I didn't sleep with Fitzsimmons.

I'm trying to tell you the truth.

You hurt me.

So you had to hurt me back, right?

You know, you really are fully of shit.

You keep this up, and there won't be anyone left to play with, you understand?

I gotta go.

What was that?

He just kissed you!

I've been seeing him.

Since when?

All summer.

Until your dad died.


What happened when my dad died?

I stopped seeing him.

He started seeing you.

You told him to see me?

Yeah, but I didn't ask him to sleep with you.

Oh, my God.

You're such a conceited bitch!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Oh, my God!

I just wanted to make you feel better.

You liked him so much.

So you decided to play God, right?

To throw him at me like some sort of booby prize?

Because my father dropped dead on a subway?

God, you're sick!

I was just trying to do something good!

Yeah, like, sure, you actually believed that!

I'm so sorry. So am I!

I'm so sorry.

What are you doin' in here?


I had sex with someone.

You tryin' to shock me?

I don't know.

You all right?

It was with someone Gerry really liked.

And she's upset?

She'll never talk to me again.


People aren't perfect, kiddo.

They make mistakes.

Sometimes, it's harder to forgive yourself than to get somebody else to do it.


People will surprise you.

Well, thank you for tellin' me.

I didn't know I could.

I'm here to turn this in and pick up my last check.

There you go.

I didn't expect to, uh...

Give a shit.

Get out of here.

I guess I never really thought this day would come.

It's your turn, babe.

At least, I gave you some stellar examples of how not to do it.

Okay. Let's go.

I think this is for you.

You were there, weren't you, when he took that?


I got it in the mail yesterday, so I guess that was his... his way of making sure that you'd see it.


It was his way of making sure that we'd see each other.

I'm so sorry, Ger.

What are you doin'?

You don't know how sorry I am.

Okay, I bet. You...

What are you doin'?

This guy was smiling. Happy.

You need to put your clothes on.

Because this is crazy.

Yeah? You have to forgive me.

I can't lose you.

Um, okay. I, um...

I didn't do it.

I didn't do what?

I didn't sleep with him.


I asked... I begged... and uh, he kissed me on the head and told me that he was in love with someone else.

I'm really sorry. I'm... I'm so sorry.

I'm... I'm never gonna lie to you again, I... I swear.

I was just... I was really confused.

Angry? Yeah.

At Danny, you know, for just... fucking dying.

Ooh. Love you.

Me too.

I'm gonna visit you a lot, a lot, a lot!

Uh-oh. Oh, my God! Uh-oh.

Uh-oh. Oh, my God!

What's goin' on here?

What's happening?

Lilly's naked.

Shut up.

If you want to find yourself By travelin' out west Or if you wanna find somebody else That's better go ahead Go ahead

If you wanna buy a brand new fancy automobile Or if you wanna build a place Up in cold water canyon Go ahead

Go ahead Go ahead I wish you would Go ahead

If you wanna have your cake and eat it too And if you wanna have other people Watch you while you eat it Go ahead

Go ahead Go ahead Be my guest Go ahead If you want Better things I want you to have them

If you

Want better things Then I want you To have them Go ahead

Go ahead

Go ahead I wish you would Go ahead Go ahead I wish you would Go ahead

La la la la I fell asleep in my parents' room I awoke to the cable news There was a fire at Brooklyn school

I melted down like Fukushima Don't you wanna know How I'm feelin'

I just want to talk to you

'Cause it burns It still burns It burns It still burns It burns It still hurts

La la la la Ooh

La la la la Hold up I'm comin'

In the glow of the rising sun I found my calling In the lows and the feeling Of when you're gone It burns It still burns It burns It still burns It burns It still hurts

La la la la