VFW (2019) Script

Let me the fuck in!

Get... Get up!

Let me in!

Brother, are you seeing this?

There's a riot on every fucking floor.

Look, you don't want to feed them, fine.

Don't need to no more, 'cause I did it.

I found a buyer... 500K.

This is the time, man.

Buyer won't wait. Oh, man.

This high...

Let's talk on the balcony.

You've done fine work, Roadie.

Is it real?

Yeah, sure as shit.

It all goes down tomorrow at dawn, 18 hours.


Unload everything.

I'm gonna blow this town.

On it.

Did you follow me down here?

Is this what you want?


Go on... if you really want it.

I'm not saying I condone a militia mentality here or anything like that, but I'm saying people need to take this into their own hands.

The cops can't do anything anymore.

There's not enough of them.

They're taking care of themselves.

They're killing each other.

We don't need to go in there and do anything.

I'm not gonna risk my life.

I drive down the street, yes, I see less homeless people.

Maybe there's more crime around there, but the crime's gonna be gone.

Baby's still running, huh?

Better than you are.

Whoa, man.

A little early for that, ain't it?

Starting the day off right, baby.

I guess so.

Let the good times roll, huh?


It's depressing looking at the old neighborhood, though.

It's depressing.

This used to be almost a thriving place.

It's too bad it's going down.

It's turning into a fucking war zone, man.

I'll tell you what it is. It's all those goddamn drugs.

Say, about your truck, man...

It's old, but it's still running, right?

At the moment. Don't fucking...

Don't... Don't say anything.

It's old, but it's still running, dude.

Just like us... old but still running.

See this? Yeah, I see it. What's...

There's a bunch of punks who have been hanging out there.


I started noticing about two weeks ago, and there was just a couple of them.

And now there's more and more. Druggies?

I don't know what the fuck...

Yeah, I'd say they're drug addicts, for sure.

There's a whole shitload of them, too.

But as long as they keep over there...

Guess what, man. What?

Birthday boy!

Fuck you. No, no. Birthday boy.

Don't say nothing about it, all right?

I'm not the only one who knows that.

You think the other guys don't know that?

God! Shit!

Oh, great. We're here.

I had a dream, Fred.

You hit every goddamn pothole in town.

That was no dream.

Oh, it was delib'ate, wasn't it?

"Delib'ate"? Where you from?

Walter, hit the lights.

Yep. Got it.

There you go.

Son of a motherfucking whore.


This piece of shit's on its last legs, Fred.

Hey, Walter. Walter, settle down, huh?

Oh! Come on. Be gentle, man.

I brought this all the way from Bloody Ridge.

Aw, one man and a big damn knife holding back the Communist regime, huh?

You used to like that story.

I used to be able to get hard without the blue pills, too.

Read 'em and weep.

Yes, sir. Geez.

Lucky day. Come on. Do I need to ask?

The man's horny. Pop it in, buddy.

The man's pathetic.

Look at this. Look at this.

I'm looking. I'm looking.

Oh, Lord.

There we go.

Hold on there. Hold... What?

You've been at this, haven't you?

I have. Uh-huh.

There's no telling where his lips have been.

Yeah. I don't remember myself. You'd better wipe that twice.

How about three times, will you?

Oh, there you go.

Here we go.

To us. Still here.

Still here. Still fuckin' here.

I thought you had that fixed, man.

I thought I did, too, damn it.

Shh. Come on. This is my favorite part.

Standing in the way. You're blocking the man's view.

Two. Three. Take it down.

Come on. Reach! Two. Three.

Gentlemen! My heroes.


What a great day, huh?


Look at Lou, all spruced up, man.


Did the Better Business Bureau close down Lou's Lemons?

No business today on account of it's a very special day.

No, no. Not you too. No way. No!

On account of this being a very special day, I need you to do me a favor.

Let me get you out of that ancient, rusted prehistoric truck.

I'll pass.

I'll give you 2% off the sticker.

Ooh. Oh, my God.

Two percent.

One, because I love you and you're my pal.

Two, because it's your birthday.

It's got to be a cash deal, though, because... well, because of your advanced age.

Lay off him, Lou, especially today.

I can negotiate anything, huh? I'm an animal.

Yeah. Goddamn snake.


Hey, hey. You know what, Lou?

You keep reminding me it's my birthday... and this goes for all of youse...

I'll start reminding you of your tabs.

Now, come on, man. Sure, he will. Sure, he will.

Before you do, Zabriski's glass looks a little light.

Yeah. Excuse me.

Glad somebody is looking out for me.

Thank you, Doug. Ooh. I got you, buddy.


You run over a fuckin' skunk on the way here?

No. Upgraded, you know? Yeah?

Medical. Yeah. It's California green.

What do you got, some kind of condition?

Nurse at the VA.

Oh. It's preexisting.

I hear they got scientists making that shit now.

Mm. Yeah.

Bring a man to a whole other dimension.

I want some of that science weed. Come on.

Not that. You lipped it. Get out of here.

Yeah. I'll roll you a bone.

One for Freddy.

Maybe the old man wants to join in, too.

No, no, no, no.

Only poison I'm going to put into this wonderful body is right here.

Maybe Freddy. Huh? Roll one up for the occasion?

Come on.

You roll whatever you want, but how many times do I have to tell you to take that shit outside, Doug?

Huh? What's wrong with you? What, are you high?


Hey, Freddy, how about we close the bar down early tonight?

What do you say?

What do you say we got customers here, huh?

I'll chase them off. You're the man for that.

What do you got going on?

The best birthday that Freddy ever got.

Fuckin' idiots.

Fuckin' bunch of morons is what you fuckin' are.

Boz, that's more than double what it's worth.

Are you sure this is legit?

You know Roadie's fucked this up before.

Jesus Christ. Let me worry about my brother.

Clear these hypers out of here.

I don't want anything fucking this up.

These are shitty cigarettes. You know that?

You got shitty cigarettes.

How come you don't got no organic True 100s or something?

I'll get right on it, Walter.

Mm! All right, gentlemen.

Gather around the campfire, because it's story time.

The year... 1969.

We're overseas.

And this is when Fred was, you know, not this exactly.

I got a weekend of R&R at some shitty fuel depot, and I'm drunk as a payday skunk, and I see this guy coming, okay?

Now, I hate the son of a bitch

'cause he used to pitch for the Rockets, which was two towns over, and he beaned me in the skull with a fastball senior year.

Boom! I go down, okay?

And I'm...

And... So I'm gonna take this guy apart, but...

You know where you are, kid?

You're in the, uh, VFW post.

Want me to check his ID, man?

May be a situation of stolen valor.

Come on. Check it. Just check it, man.

No. Be sure.

All right, Abe.


What are you drinking?

Beer, please.

You leading a parade?

Ha. No.

Buddy of mine told me, "If you wear your uniform on the plane, they'll bump you up to first class."

Didn't happen.

Hey, Walter, this will shut you up.

Man just got home. Yes!

Oh, hey! Yes, sir!

Don't think about reaching for your wallet.

Nobody pays first day back.

Fred, gentlemen's preference all around.

I'll contribute to the cause.

But not from that paint thinner of the shelf.

Up there.

I was just getting to the good part, guys.

Yeah. You must have been taking the scenic route.

Hey, new fella.

Shawn. Shane.



I don't even know you, but I know you're gonna fuckin' love this.

I knocked this motherfucker out ice cold on the ground, and I'm looking down at him, and I go, "Oh, shit!"

'Cause I just realized he is a fucking staff sergeant.

He's got like seven ranks on me.

I'm... I-I'm 19 years old. I'm shitting myself.

"Oh, fuck, I am court-martialed. I am so dead."

And what's the first words out of your mouth?

Fred, you remember what you said?

First words.

I said, uh...

"...Soldier... you like American poontang?"


That's right!

That's what he said.

I thought I knocked some marbles loose.

But no, he's got tickets in his pocket for that night's USO show, where Miss 1963 is shaking her mm-mm-mm-mmm-mmm-mmm.

Oh, it was glorious.

It was.

Freddy says he's taking so much high heat from the Viet Cong that that little red-white-and-blue right hook... that felt like home.

He makes a couple of phone calls, and first thing I know, I'm transferred into his unit.

And me and Lou over here and Fred, we finished out our tours, and we all come home together, and we... we fart around in town.

We're painting houses and shit.

And then one day, we say, "Fuck it," and we take the first plane back into the shit, you know?

But that was...

And that was enough for me, But... But Fred... Holy cripes.

He's... He keeps going.

He goes like five tours of duty, right?

That's enough, Walter. All right.

You should have seen this bastard over there.

All right. Alive, I fuckin' tell you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Hey, hey.

Let it go, huh?

I'm just getting to the big twist here, okay?

Here comes the purple nurple.

Miss 1963.

Fred, you ever wonder what happened to that girl?

She got married. She had a couple of kids.

And one of them followed in Mama's career path, and that is why I'm going to ask you the same delicately phrased question that you asked me all those years ago...

Do you like American poontang?

What is this?

'Cause Miss 1963 had a kid that's name is Crystal now, and she's dancing on the pole tonight at midnight at the Deja Vu over on Lincoln.

Aw, come on. And we're all going.

We're all going, and you can't say no 'cause this is a celebration, and we're not celebrating in this shithole.

Watering hole.

Oh, geez. Shitty watering hole.

And you, my young friend, you are gonna get a hero's homecoming.

That's how.

All right?

I'm serious.

So get your shit together.

We leave at 2300 hours or whenever I finish urinating, whichever comes first.

No, no, no.

That... That's it.

She got no pussy hairs.


I like pussy hairs.

What gives her the right to cut off her pussy hairs?

It's her pussy.

I don't understand how they get it so smooth, like a goddamn ice luge.


Laser... Of course!

The kid knows! Lasers! The kid knows. The kid knows.

Moonraker, blasting cunt hairs from outer space.

Pew! Pew!

You don't get it.

Back in the day, I used to buy toothpicks by the gross.

Just in case. You know what I'm saying?

Wait a minute. Am I having a stroke?

If he says we need to move, we need to move.

Is everything else ready?

Yeah, everything else is ready to go.

We got a major problem here. They're out of control.

All right.

This place is fucked.

Plan B. I'll grab the stuff.

Do what you got to do.


Oh, for fuck's sake.

Who the fuck was in here?!





They don't know what they're missing.

This darkness...

...it's perfect.

It's peace.

God damn it.

I'm afraid that's all she wrote, boys.

Party's over. Time to call it a day.

Fred, I've been telling you about this guy.

This guy Eddie Harris, he's the best electrician in town.

He could rewire this whole goddamn dump.

Uh-huh. I mean, he'll have it humming.

Oh, yeah. Or not.

Hell, you might even be able to serve beer when it's cold.

Lou, if he's anything like the plumber you sent over last time, keep his number.

Don't say a fucking word.

What did you do?

Listen up.

A filthy, filthy little reptile... you all know her as Lizard... has stolen your fix!

Hype... all you want, enough to liquefy your fucking tonsils... to whoever brings me the girl.

Lizard's sister... What purpose did that serve?

She won't get away.

The hypers will retrieve her.

Half of them can barely walk.

Don't underestimate them, Gutter.

You see... an army of brain-dead animals... is still an army.

Freddy, this will cheer you up.

She's still dancing tonight.

Aw... No. Come on.

No, Walt. I think I'm checking out early and closing up.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Now, the taps, they might be running, right?

Yeah. All right.

One for the road.

Ranger? Yes, sir.

Hey, soldier boy, don't you have a baby's mama to go home to?

No. I have a wife. You got any extra toothpicks?

Ooh. Ooh.

Lizard, get back here!


What the hell?


Hey! What?

Fred, there's this fucking girl...

Hey! Hey!

God damn it, Lizard! What the hell did you do?


Jesus Christ!

Christ! Get down!


Son of a bitch piece of trash.

Shit. Shit.

Doug, man.

What in the cocksucking fuck just went on here?

Oh, Fred. Fred.

Oh, C-Christ!

F-Fred... I'm dead.

No, you're not dead. You hang in there.

You hear me, brother? You hang in there!

Here. Help me out here, boys.

Yeah. Yeah, I got it. All right.

Whoa, whoa. Go... No, no. Go real easy. Real easy.

That shoulder looks like it's hanging by a thread.

Oh, wonderful.

Sit him up. All right. Here we go.

Lift. Lift. Here we go.

Over to here. To the bar.

Come on. Watch. Watch his head. I got him. I got him.

I got... Don't worry. A little higher.

Watch his head. Watch his head. Higher.


Kid, go shut the door, will you?

We got you.

You got to get a tourniquet on there, man.

All right. Keep this open.

You stay with us. Don't worry about me.

Where did the kid... Hold that arm up.

Dougie, open your eyes.

Doug, you hear me? I want your eyes open.

You're coming with me, bitch!

Hey, punk!

I got this, kid.

This is for Doug, you fuck!

Yeah! That's right!


Fuckin' punk fuck!


It's like patching a busted water main.

See? This ain't working, huh?

Yes, it is. Just breathe. Easy, Doug.

What the fuck is going on out there?!

Hey, kid, check that side door.

Easy. Easy, easy.

You all right? Yeah.

Anybody else want to come in my bar?!

Oh! God!

Hard line. Other way out?

At the hall?

All right. All right. Move your ass. Let's go!

Okay. Come on.

Jesus Christ. Where's your head at, Lou?

I got blood all over me. We need a better tourniquet.

Give me your belt. It's alligator skin.

Give me your fuckin' belt, or I'll strangle you with it.


How's he doing?

Not good.

Well, you keep him breathing.

We're bugging out the back.

Yes, sir.

Easy. Okay.

A little tighter. Yeah, a little tighter.

What do we got out there?

Looks clear.

All right. Fuck this.

I'll pull my car around.

We'll get Doug in, and we all leave and eat.


Shit! Holy shit!

Get in there!

Where's Z?

He's dead.

What the hell is going on here, man?!

Easy, easy, easy, easy.

I mean, that trash comes rushing in here, and all of a sudden it's like Khe Sanh all over again.

I mean, those animals outside, don't they know we're supposed to be at the titty bar?

We're supposed to be celebrating Freddy's birthday!

Lou! Shut your fuckin' yap!

There's nothing more we can do for him here.

We got to get him to a hospital now.

All right. We're gonna.

Look, Abe.

Look, there's clean rags behind the bar.

You keep pressure on that shoulder.

Just... You keep him breathing.

The rest of you, secure the doors.

What do we do, just sit here with our thumbs up our asses?

Hey, Lou. It's gonna be all right.

The smaller force acts while the larger force regroups.

I'm gonna bring the truck right up to the door.

We're gonna get him in it, and we're gonna get ourselves out of here alive.

Roger that. All right. Let's move.

Time's on their side not on ours.

It sure as shit is not on Doug's.

Let's do it.

Get that pool table over here. Barricade it, all right?

Come on!


Hey. Listen.

You and me both know this ain't the only option.

We can push Miss Teen USA right back out the front door the way she came in.

Is that the man you want to be, Walter?


All right. Look. I got your six.

Get to your truck and get your ass to the police station ricky-ticky.

Hey, uh, you said something a little while ago.

It was like, uh, "Oh, you should have seen that bastard when we were over there.

He was alive." Yeah.

I'll tell you something, brother.

I'm feeling pretty fucking alive right now.

Yeah. We're trying to stay that way.

God damn it.

Aah! Aah!

Give it back.


Give... it... back.

I don't know what you're talking about!

Then you die.

Come on, bitch! Come on!

Fred. Fred, you all right?

Yeah, yeah. Hey.

Appreciate it, Walter. Jesus.

Really appreciate it.

Shit. That was... Oh, shit.

All right. I got the one on the left.

Fred! Walter! Come on!

These things are crawling all over the place!

Come on!


Oh, Jesus.

Oh, my God.

You got a piece.

I do.

You're good with it.

75th Ranger Regiment, sir.

Some of the guys took to calling me Dead Eye.

That is a clever moniker.

Well... Dead Eye, I'm...

...I'm glad you were in the mood for a beer tonight.

That makes one of us.

Now what?

Now the girl talks.

Two hours and nothing.

Don't you think the police would have heard something?

What? In this neighborhood? Gunshots are like crickets.

It's like background noise.

Cavalry ain't coming, Lou.

It's Q&A time, kid.


What's your name?

Elizabeth. Call me Lizard.

Well, my name is Fred.

And see, the problem is that me and my old friends are probably gonna die tonight unless you help us out to understand what's happening here.

Couple minutes ago, some woman tried to kill me in the parking lot.

But what really pissed me off is that bitch trashed my truck, and, Lizard, I really, really love my truck.

She also said to me, "Give it back."

What's that supposed to mean?

She didn't say, "Give her back," or, "Give Lizard back."

No, no. She said, "Give it back."

So what is "it"? Huh?

Hard case.

When she came in... anybody see?... was she carrying something with her?

Not that I saw. No, I didn't see shit, man.

I was busy focusing on this jerk trying to cut off Doug's arm.

Why don't you quit this true-grit bullshit and just throw her out the door?

I mean, maybe you got this merciful stuff still in you, but I don't have it in my body anymore.

Now, you...

Hey. Whoa. ...you speak, honey, or I'm gonna lace right into you.

You're not gonna lace into anybody.

This is my joint, all right? Neither are you, man.



All right. All right. It's nothing.

All right?


Go on. Clean yourself up.

Your own fault!

It's his own fault. Yeah.

Give me some good news.

Eliminated one man. Couldn't get inside.

Where's Roadie?

He's dead. Bartender shot him.


That's when you used to be fine, Fred.




Little Miss Bo Peep here, she's been playing hide-and-seek with us.




How much is this?

That is a whole fuckin' lot. That's what that is.

It's enough to kill the kid over.

Hey. Did you steal this?

Boz killed my sister, all right?

This, though, it's all he's got, this whole fucking life.

Well, there it is... We just give this back, and the nightmare ends, and then we can go to the titty bar, where we're supposed to be. It doesn't work like that.

That guy over there with the exploded fucking head, that's Roadie, Boz's little brother.


What the fuck is that?

Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Soldiers? Good.

Soldiers are good at dying.

You guys murdered his little brother.

Now, Boz won't stop until he... Killed every one of us, right?

Yeah, and your kids and your grandkids and... your great-grandkids.

Jesus Christ. How fuckin' old are you guys?

Screw you, bitch.

Oh, pump the brakes on the old-guy stuff, all right?

I don't know about this murder. Could be manslaughter.

He came in with a big damn ax.

Jesus Christ, Walter! What the hell is the difference?

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone, okay?

Because this little girl here, this little child, she is dictating to us what's gonna go down!

Maybe your sister, maybe that little junkie deserved to fucking get it. Shut your fucking mouth!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Knock it off!

Hey! This is my post, my rules.

You don't like it, then walk the hell out of here, huh?

Let's put her outside the... Crying out loud!

Shut up, Lou.

Hey. Here.

You were a soldier. You were a good soldier.

So were we all, weren't we?

So let's act like it.

We set a perimeter.

We make our stand.

Remember the Alamo.

Yeah, but they all died at the Alamo.

Yeah. Dumb shit.

All right.

I got nine rounds for the 12-gauge.

Ranger? I got three left in the .45.

I got a big damn fire ax, and Doug can attest to the effectiveness of that.

So, what do you think, kid?

It's not enough.

We'd better get to work.

Hey. How are you with this?

No, I got this. I got this.

You sure?

They didn't get my trigger finger.


Be good to me, Gordie.

Ooh, boy.

Right up his ass.

Bring 'em.

This little piggy went to market.

I don't want to tell you where that one's gonna go.

Here we go. Little more. Little more. Little more.

See, the trick is to get the snap and the flick all in one very cool... very fluid motion.

I used to be good at it, but, uh, my fingers are getting kind of stiff.

This place is kind of gross.

This place is our VFW Post 2494.

What's that mean?

It means it's... a home.

At least for me, it is.

And for the rest of these bums.

See, when we got back from Nam, we just kind of gravitated, you know, washed up here like some kind of a tide.

There used to be more of us.

There used to be a lot more of us, but...

What was it like over there?

Nam? Yeah.

I remember the mud.

And the crawling in the mud.

A lot of men died in the mud.

I hated the fucking mud.

Now, uh, Abe, you know, he's...


You know, he's the, uh, old sourpuss with all the charm of a clawhammer.

He wasn't in Nam.

Nah. He's Korea.

Different war, same shit.

Same mud?


Same mud, except his was frozen.

Yeah, and Old Ranger Rick... you know, Shawn... he just got back from the desert.

No mud over there.

Just a whole shitload of sand.

Don't matter where you fought.

You make it back, you got a home right here.

You ready?

Don't get killed by those antlers.

They'll poke your eyeballs out.

Yeah. No problem. No problem.

All right.

Don't kill them all at once, now.

Fuck it.

Now I'm not gonna leave any of them for you.

I like the sound of that, Gordie.

Hey. Here. I got something for you.


You know, I think we're gonna be fine as long as they come at us on skates.


I imagine we're gonna have some company any time now, so why don't you get yourself behind the bar and look out for Doug?

No, no, no. I can... I can help.

No doubt.

You'll be helping by looking out for Doug.

And if shit goes sideways...

I'll kill them.

I knew you were a hard case.

Come on, motherfucker.

Ah. Let 'em come.

Here we go.

I got to help! Relax. Relax.

T-They're my friends! They're gonna be all right.

You're good. Just relax.

Get to the grenades!

Yeah. I got this. Get it out!

Light that for me, will you? No. That's not good for you.

Oh, come on. Are you fucking kidding me, kid?

It's medical.

Are we winning? Yeah.

Your friends are kicking ass.




Come on, Lou!

Jesus Christ.

Sorry, Gordie.

A little... A little help here.

Fuckin' hippie.

Here. You dropped this.


Oh. Whoa. I got you. I got you.

I got you.

What, you're my fucking savior now?

Now I got blood and pickled pork shit on my jacket.

Well, you look good.



You're gonna have to walk it off.

Yeah, yeah. Fuck you, man. Take a seat right there.

Everybody in one piece?

Well, let me check. Yep.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Come on.

Oh, God. Hey. Good j... You all right?

Oh, good job. I'll tell you.

That son of bitch stoved my chest in.

Any more of these prehistoric creatures coming through that door?

Get those doors barricaded.

Let's use those bodies as sandbags, all right?

Yes, sir. Come on.

It's taking too long.

The old men must have killed Tank.


Sun's up soon.

If we don't get inside, it's over.

Load up.

Heavy stuff. Hard stuff.

I'm tired of fucking playing games.

Thanks for saving my life, Elizabeth.

I started this.

Let's finish it.

Hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Look at me.

You only winged him.

Are you losing your touch?

Don't... Don't make... Don't make me laugh.

It... It hurts a lot.


I think it's time to call this game.

No way, brother. One more for the road.

I'll give you one more, but... it's not for the road.

It's for my birthday, remember? It's my birthday.

Well, listen. I'm older than you.

Y-You got to listen to me right now, so...

Happy birthday. Yes.

You're all right.

Hey, kid.

You know what I said, uh, when you first came in?



Well, when you get to be my age, people don't really give a shit what you say.

I'll just be ready.

I'd like the chance to get to your age, old man.

Lou. Yeah.

You know that bag she brought in here full of shit?


What if you had all of that in cash?

Cash. Cold, hard cash.

What would you do with that?

You know what I'd do... Mm?

...with all those funds from that garbage?


I'd buy each one of us a really nice casket... gold trim, extra cushion, Tempur-Pedic foam.


The best money could buy so that we'd all be cozy, like two little bears in a glen, after we die.

You know what?

Your foxhole chitchat needs work.

Jesus. Fuck.

Lou's sliding off the deep end.

He's gonna be Section 8 any minute now.

We got to hold him.

No. No, no. That ain't the way.

Look, those fuckers, they got to be hurting, too.

I'm gonna go out there. I'm gonna make a run for it.

Fred. Oh, wait a minute. I'm gonna make a lot of noise.

I'm gonna draw them off, and you get Doug to my truck and get him the hell out of here.

Fred, you ain't gonna make it two blocks without them being all over you.

Well, Walter, you telling me you got a better idea?!

Dougie's dying on the bar!

You think I'm gonna let him just bleed out there?

That ain't gonna happen! Fred! Fred! Fred!

Oh, shit. The fuck is this?


You piece of shit!

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Give it back!

Hey! Hey! Knock it off. Knock it off.

What's going on? Stop it. Give it back!

What's going on?

I can negotiate us out of this mess.

No. I can.

I can do what you can't do.

Just... Just have a little faith in me, okay?

Lou. Just this once.

Lou, you, uh...

That bag is the only thing that's keeping us alive, right?

You give that up, they'll torch this place like a matchbox.

You understand that, don't you?

Good man.

All right. Whew!

What a day, huh?

Listen. Why don't you secure the door and come on over here?

Let's have a... Let's have a shot, huh?

I'm getting too old for this shit.

I'll tell you that.

Hey! Hey! Lou!

Where the hell are you going, man?

I'll be back.

After all... we got a birthday to celebrate.


Lou, wait!

He's out of his fucking mind.

He's a used-car salesman.

Yeah. He's got that goddamn pussy party on his brain.

Let's make a deal.

Let's close a deal.

I mean... how can I get you in this car today, huh?


Hey. I'm... I'm not armed.

I came to have a conversation man-to-man.

So... what's your offer?

Easy exchange.

We'll give you back your, uh... you know, your drugs.

You can go on your way and... and we'll go on ours.


Ultimately unacceptable but intriguing.

There's only one satisfactory solution, and that is we get our product back and each of you die.

Um... how about meet me halfway?

I mean, negotiate with me. This is what I do.

Y-You know Lou's Used?

Maybe you've seen some of my, um, my ads on TV.

The little blond girl saying, "Want something ..."

"You need something new? Call Lou."

I'm Lou.

That's me.

I'm not familiar.

Mind if we talk honestly for a second?


A friend inside there has, uh, has kind of lost it.

I mean, he thinks he's still the... the platoon commander back in the fuckin' jungles, you know?


So he's in charge?

Well, not really.

I mean, he... he's kind of in charge there, but... but, I mean, I carry a lot of weight, too, you know?

But I'm here talking to you. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

There's no negotiating.

However... you may yet prove useful.


Your friend likes to talk!

And you? Will you now talk?

Send out the girl and the bag, and I send him back!

Fred, what's up?

Give me the bag.

This is the last time I talk to you!

Last time!

They're gonna kill both of you.

Fred, they're gonna kill you both!

Your call, Fred!

This what you want?!

You let him go!

Shit, Lou. Come on.

If you want this, you let my friend go!


Fuck it.

Kill him.

Fred, on your left!



Lou! Aah! Aah!



Oh, shit! Fred, come on.

Give me that leg. Easy, easy, easy, easy.

All right. Come on.

Come on.

All right. Oh, shit. Come on. Set him down.

Set him down. All right. Let me go.

There you go.

Can we get a... Can we get a...

There you go. There you go.

Hey, give me that.

Here. Make that. Okay?

There we go. Ow!

Shit. It's all right.


Fucking Lou.


Doug, talk to me, man.

Oh, shit.

He's dead.

Call in the 92 Mikes.

Watch yourself. Watch yourself.

I'll tell you what.

If I'm gonna, uh, go into the abyss...

...just as soon go out on a buzz.

I'll see you down the road, brother.

Fuckin' Lou.

Fuckin' moron.

What the fuck was that about?

It's done, man.

Ain't over till it's over.

Ain't over till it's over.



Hey. This is bullshit.

You're bullshit.

I want to live. We all want to fuckin' life.

We need you together, not drunk.

This is about as together as I'm gonna get, all right?

Don't give up now.

Look. Come on.

I'm sorry. I... I don't know what to do.

We're done.

You had ways out.

You did.

But you chose to fight.

You asked for this fight.

And your friends, they followed you because they believed in you.

But now...

Now you're just a pussy.

Some mouth you got on you.

You know that?

Did you get that from your dead sister, too? Huh?

You want to drink yourself to death?

Go right a-fuckin'-head.

All right.

Fire it up.

We move without him.

I don't like it any more than you do, but getting home is the priority.

"We"? Who put you in charge?

If you don't have a better idea, Walter, shut the fuck up.

Hey, assholes, you're not helping anything.

Well, have you got an idea?

'Cause we could sure as hell use a light-bulb moment right about now, lady.

It's for you that we're doing all of this.

Hey, I never asked for your goddamn help, Gramps.

You didn't have to!

That's the point!

The second you walked through that door, we were duty-bound to help you!

Of course, you'd never get that through your thick fuckin' skull.

I'm supposed to be at the titty bar right now.

You know, great big silicone melons right in my fuckin' face!

Yeah. Sorry to ruin your big fuckin' evening.

Well, sorry don't feed the bulldog, boy.

Hey, ladies, I hate to interrupt your party-planning session right now, but we got more urgent matters to tend to.

Damn it! All the shit I've been through in my life!

I'm gonna be put tits up by a bunch of goddamn junkies!

Fuckin' chill out...

Oh, shut up, all of you!

Let's go.

Why not?

Oh, is that you, Mr. Fred?

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I know hindsight's 20/20, but...

...you should have dealt for him.

You know, inside that little hole, I can see just a small bit of you.

But I know what's in there.

You regretting every single decision you've made today.

You've got it all wrong, son. I don't regret a thing.

I lost my friends.

Well, that's not right.

You took my friends.

But I guess they knew what they signed up for now.

I don't regret a goddamn thing.

Matter of fact... right about now, I'm feeling real eager.

So whatever you're gonna do, quit flapping your gums and do it.

But when you come, boy, you come sharp, 'cause you make a mistake...

...I'm gonna cut your heart out.

Fred, that lamp propane. Yeah.

It's gonna blow.

We'd better hunker down. Don't you think?

Yeah. Hey, uh, Dead Eye.

You know how to waltz?


'Cause I'm gonna need you to follow my lead.

He's back.

This ain't gonna be enough.

A victory is not a victory if everybody dies.

Not in my mind.

It's been a real honor serving with you men.

A real honor.


Jesus! Hey!

Holy Christ.

Come on.

Hunker down. Come on. Come on.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, old man. Look at me. Look at me.


Move it, Fred.

I'm taking point this time. Move it!

Come on, Fred. Come on.

Let's see what all this rumblin' is about.

Come on, ladies!

I got something for you.

Hello, friend.

Perhaps now we can finally be civil.

You killed three of my friends. That's not civil.

Oh. Well, that was just a misunderstanding.

You're all... or were... soldiers, right?

This whole place was built on murder.


Well, I suppose murder is subjective.

Not really.

You enjoy it, don't you... the killing?

Well, I got to admit...

I did get kind of a charge out of...

...blowing your brother's fucking head off.

Give me the bag now...

...and I promise you all... a quick death.

Or we'll just take it from you, and you'll all die very, very slowly.

You last so you can watch Lizard die.


You win.

Get off me, you fuckin' animals!


Come on! Get out, Fred.

I can handle these assholes.

Nobody's gonna take this ridge!

Look what I found. Jesus Christ.


They're gonna feel the might of the American military!

All right.

Hey! Look out, kid! I got this!


So you're the bitch that killed Z, right?

Oh, that's real scary shit.

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to steal?!

Ow! Fuck you!

Come on.

Come on. I'm good.

I'm good. I'm good! Go on!

Fred, come on!

Hey, where's the girl? I'm coming. I'm coming.

God damn it. She was here.

No! You can't go back for her!

You look out for Walter.

You empty? Yeah.

Okay. Take that. I'm sick of the damn thing.

All right! I'll catch up. I'll catch up.


They slashed his tires.

Oh, shit.

The deuce-and-a-half. Now.

Will it run? It will if I tell it to.

No! Let me go!

Oh, shit.

Are you ready to die... old man?

Good shit. Thanks. Thanks. Yeah.

I had the bitch, though.

Come on.

Hey, Walter?

Huh? This thing got any ammo?

The .50-cal? No.

Walter, hurry up! Come on.

What's taking so long?

Goddamn impatient millennials!

You know something, Fred?

What's that?

I like this place.

I'm glad to hear that.

Turn around.

Give me that.



I'll be back.

Walter! Hurry the fuck up!

Did you ever try to pee with somebody watching you like that?

Come on, baby.








Aah! Aah!

Hey, hey. Hey, hey. Oh, shit.

Oh... Hey, you with me?

Yeah. I've had better days.

Oh, fuck.

That looks like it's gonna do it, doesn't it?

No, sir. No, sir. Move over. I'm getting us out of here.

Not on your life.

Where's Fred?

Oh. Look at that son of a bitch.

He's slower than quail shit.

No! Fuck you!



Take peace in this, kid...

You and your sister were only separated by...

I ain't gonna make it, kid.

I know that.

This is the end of the line.

You're a good kid, and you're a good soldier.

Now, you go home and take care of that wife of yours.

That's an order.

I got this.

We're not done.

No. No, I suppose we're not.

Well, Mr. Fred...

...I believe we have ourselves... a situation.

Come on, baby. Come on!



Hey, Fred!

This is the last goddamn time I'm gonna bail your ass out!


You in one piece?

Yeah, just about.

You two all right?


One of those punks got him real good.

He wasn't gonna make it.

God damn, Walter.

You old fool.

Hey, Fred?

Ranger, I think it's about time we had one beer for the road.

You're a real bastard. You know that?

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.



Hey, Abe.

Well, at least he died doing something he liked to do.

Who the fuck said I was dead?

Fuck! Jesus.

Don't do that.





And Lucy.

And Abe.

Well, shit.

What do you figure this is worth?

A whole lot.

Enough to fix the place up and more.

Happy birthday, old man.