Vice (2015) Script

We're clear. You've got 90 seconds door to door.

Let's do this, man. You ready?

Let's go. You take out anything that gets in our way.

It's done, man. Let's go!


No one's coming.


Go, go, go.

Listen up! This is a bank robbery! Kiss the ground! Drop, now!

Let's go. You know why I'm here.

Come on, separate those dye packs.

Get those G.P.S. trackers off there. Let's go, asshole.


Oh, shit.

Get up. Who did it? Who called it in?


You got five seconds. I'll drop her.

Somebody. Do what he says.

Five, four, three... Please do what he says.

Two! Wait. I did it.

Listen, it's standard procedure.


Freeze, scumbags. Drop your weapons.

I said, drop 'em!

Let's go.

Have you ever wanted something that's beyond your reach, an experience like nothing you could ever possess in real life?

Now imagine a place where there are no laws, no rules, no consequences, where the only limits are those of your own imagination.

Welcome to Vice... a better reality, a world of endless possibilities, a utopian paradise where you can have or do anything you want.

Have you ever wanted something that's beyond your reach, an experience like nothing you could ever possess in real life?

Now imagine a place where there are no laws, no rules, no consequences, where the only limits are those of your own imagination.

Welcome to Vice... a better reality, a world of endless possibilities, a utopian paradise where you can have or do anything you want.

Badge number?

Yeah, it's still Tedeschi. Number?

"N" as in Nancy, "T" as in Thomas, 703-1.

Hey, detective.

Now this is the fifth time you guys put me on hold.

I do apologize for that. I see you're waiting on a warrant.

For the last 50 minutes, pal.

Just give me one second to bring that up.

The warrant has cleared processing.

The approval should be coming through any second.

Well, that would be great news, but the problem is, the last guy told me the exact same thing before he transferred me over to you.

Perhaps you'd like to speak with my supervisor.

I thought you were the supervisor. Please hold while I connect you.

Damn it.


Don't touch the car.

Would you like a glass of champagne or a cocktail, sir?

Would you like a glass of champagne or a cocktail, sir?

This way?


Wake up.


It's time to wake up.

You made me breakfast.

It's your last day.

I want it to be perfect.

Are you all right? Yeah.

I had the weirdest dream.

I was all alone, lost...

Running through some city that I've never seen before.

My heart was pounding, and... it was the most scared I've ever been.

And then I saw this church.

And then I remember feeling safe.

And then it made me think of you because that's how you've made me feel.

You've always been my light in my darkness.

Jeez, Kel.

You'll make me gonna cry.

To new beginnings. Cheers.

Bring up the temperature a little in sector 5, just a few degrees.

Soften it with a little gentle breeze.

What do we have on the docket today?

1,216 confirmed.

With late arrivals, we will be close to full capacity.

Open up extensions on sections 212 and match the field.

I want our guests to be well taken care of tonight.



Very nice.

Hey, just think, tomorrow you'll be in a whole other place, pursuing your dream.

God, I can't tell if I'm more excited or scared.

Well, I'll tell you what I'm excited about.

Tonight we're gonna send you off in style.

Hey, you want to party, girl?

Shove off, asshole. Oh, shit. Did you see that?

You got some fight in you today. I like that.

I'm so sick of these wankers. Hey, easy, Mel.

We'll see you later, girls.

I'm looking for somebody. You seen this guy?


Seen this guy? Is that him?


Thank you both.

Ryan Hollister!

You're under arrest, pal... rape and murder.

That badge don't mean shit in this place. I can do anything I want in here.

That might be true in here, pal, but when you killed a girl in my world, now you get to play with me.

It must be bonus night.

See, those things only work on residents.

Come here.

Sit down. Help me. Help me, please.

I need to get out of here.

Please. Please.

Please help me.

I just want to get home to my baby girl.

Hi. Thank you. I'll put it on your tab.


Are you kidding me?

Come on, it's your last night in this shit box.

Let's make the most of it.

To your last night on the job.

To my best friend.


Hey, can I get you another drink? Yes, please.

I love your shirt.


Sorry, did I say something wrong? No, it's just...

You remind me of the person who bought it for me.

Someone special?


We're celebrating.

What are we celebrating?

It's my last night on the job. I'm getting out there to discover the world.

But inside, I'm kind of freaking out.

What are you afraid of?

I don't know. That I might go out there and fall flat on my face.

Well, you don't know unless you try, right?

You're right.

I just wish I was as brave as my friend thinks I am.

Look, being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid, okay?

It just means you're not gonna let the fear stop you from doing what you want to do.

Kelly, come on. Come on.

Hey, we're about to finish up here.

Do you want to come grab a drink with us?

I would love to, but I'm sorry, I just... I can't tonight.

Oh, I really like your shirt, by the way.

To my road trip.

Cheers. To you, honey. Go.


Who was that guy you were talking to at the bar?

What guy? Really? What guy?

I don't know, let me think.

Someone over there.

Shit. You saw that? God, I thought I got away with that one.

Not even close.

I don't know. There's just something about him.

Just sucks he had to show up on my last night.

Stop reminding me. Seriously, Kelly, I'm gonna miss you so hard.

I mean, I want you to go. I really do.

But it's just not gonna be the same without you.

So come with me.

Kelly, I can't. I'm just not like you.

God, sometimes you just have to take the plunge.

I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

We've had a few too many tonight. Well, that's the way I like 'em.

And you... the one that got away.

Not this asshole again.



Melissa. Hey. Hey.

Melissa, no. Please, God.

Melissa. Melissa, please.

Come on. You and I are about to have a lot of fun.

Come on, girl. Come on.

Help! Help me! Come on, let's have it.

Please help me! Come on, honey. That's the spirit.

What should we do with you tonight? Get off of me!

Get off of me! No.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

I want this face to be the last thing you remember before you die.

Send in a sweeper team.

Tell Reiner I want them both back in service by tomorrow night.

You know, that's a two-day turnaround.

We have a hedge fund team flying in from New York.

I want every resident that's operational to be in the field.


I hate when they do that.

Bet you never saw anything like this in grad school.

It looks so real.

That's because their flesh, their skin, most of their internal organs are real, made from genetically cloned human tissue.

There's more of her living than not.

Can they hear us?

Technically they can.

They just don't have muscle control until I switch it back on.

They look and act like humans.

They even have real emotions.

But at the end of the day, they're still just artificials.

They believe they're every bit as human as we are.

It makes their reactions genuine, which gives our clients the most realistic experience possible.

As far as Kelly there is concerned, she's living a perfectly normal life... that of a bartender in a lively night spot.

This is her last night before she leaves to pursue her dreams.

Why her last night?

It puts her in a festive, celebratory mood.

It's fun for the clients.

No detail has been spared.

Well, I'll say that illusion has been shattered.

Only temporarily.

The identity bracelets aren't just there to distinguish residents from clients.

They send a pulse every night, which erases the last 24 hours from their memory.

The artificials live their lives in a continuous loop, repeating the same day over and over again.

So tomorrow, when she wakes up...

It'll be like it never happened.


Wake up.


It's time to wake up.

You made me breakfast. It's your last day.

I want it to be perfect.

You didn't have proper authorization to go in there.

I had a warrant. Is that not authorization?

Look, you know as well as I do that you could have got him upon exit.

But no, you had to go in there and cause a big scene.

Julian Michaels and that resort provides half the tax revenue that keeps this city going.

And in return... in return we show him a little cooperation.

Come on, Roy. This isn't the first time. What is it with you and that place?

They're not real people in there.


Here's a real person for you right there.

That's the girl that Hollister raped and murdered after hanging out in that place.

You know, people go in there, they get their freak on, they do whatever they do.

And then they keep going in there, and then they keep going in there, and then they bring that shit out in the real world.

It feels normal to them, you know?

And who gets to clean it up?

We used to be cops.

I'm a garbage collector. I used to be a cop. I'm not a cop anymore.

I'm a fucking garbage collector since that fucking place opened up.

It needs to be shut down.

Don't go in there, Roy.

You go in there, I can't protect you. I'm tired of covering for you.

How much are they paying you?


Really? You gotta be kidding me. Come on.

It's your last night in this shit box. Let's make the most of it.

To your last night on the job.

To my best friend.

Come on, girl. That's the spirit.


Come on. Kelly?

Kelly, are you all right?

What the hell?


What've you got?

6126... she's showing irregular cortical activity.

Looks like she's bleeding through from some unallocated memory banks.

She's experiencing flashbacks?

I've never seen anything like this. Neither has she.

What's that, bitch?

Somebody call a doctor!

Reboot her. She's in population.

Reboot the entire grid. All right.

Packet sent, 6126.

How many in the area? 37.

I want this face to be the last thing you remember before you die.

She's not receiving. Pick her up.

Why would you put the rings on a caged bird?

I'm so over this costume bullshit. Where am I?

It's all just role-playing. Gotta help sell the fantasy, right?

They should just install on/off switches on these things.

Get off me!

Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll be back on your knees before you know it.

We've got a live one.

Strap her in.

Come on.

Sit down.

You'll be okay.

I've got her from here.

I know you must be confused and scared.

But trust me...

We'll have everything back in working order.

Here we go. Are you a doctor?

I'm an engineer.

Close your eyes for a second.

The flashes you've been experiencing... those are little snippets of memory... memories which were supposed to be erased.

You see, when you delete something from a computer, it doesn't actually destroy the information.

It just removes your ability to access it.

Take a look for yourself.

In order to figure out what's going wrong here, I have to restore all of your memories and erase them one by one.

I'm not gonna lie to you, this is gonna hurt like hell.

No. Come here.

Get off me! Stop. Stop.

The life you've lived.

No! No!

Stop. Easy.

Make it stop. Easy.

Take her with you. What's going on?

Now, go. Wait, what's going on?

Stop it.

Hey, stop right there.


Stop right there.

Stay on her. Move it, move it.

Give me a head count on non-residents.

Folks, please get to holding. This way, please.

Thank you. Someone will tell you what's going on there.

This way, please. Victims' holding is that way.

Roy, what are you doing here? I thought the captain told you to steer clear.

I heard this place was gonna blow. I didn't want to miss it.

A cigarette?

No, pal. You know I quit. Don't bust my balls.

Glorioso, come on, get these people to holding.

I got it. What's going on?

We're thinking some kind of bomb ripped through the gas lines along the exterior of the resort here.

Yeah? A chain reaction.

Most likely religious extremists. Unit 216, what's your status?

Sure it wasn't some guy, some asshole paid for the fantasy of blowing this fucking place to the ground?

Hey, we got eyes on Julian Michaels? From what I hear, he's still at the helm.

Get me clearance, will you? I'm going in.

You shitting me, right?

Come on, Roy.

Come on, man. Yeah, I got you covered.

Get back to work. Don't let me stop you.

He's gonna be the death of me.

6126 cannot be detected till the system is back online.

If the word gets out that one of our people is out there on the streets... an artificial killing people...


Detective Tedeschi is here.

Just stick to the story.

Detective. Roy.

Julian. Julian Michaels.


Somebody blew a hole in your little hole in the wall here.

Well, I'm sure you're aware that the fundamentalists have been threatening to attack this building for quite some time.

Yeah. I can't figure out how they'd get away with something like that though, with all the security and the cameras you got here.

I mean, look at all these monitors.

You know, I have some friends in the police department who... let me know that you're not very happy with what we do here at my corporation.

Oh, no, I love it here. You know why?

This is the only place I know that any scumbag in the world can get into paradise.

The only problem is they have to come through my city to get into yours.

You would think that if you created a place where people could come and they could... they could commit any crime they could think of, just any fucked up thing that comes into their head, they could get it out of their system and they'd become better citizens, you know?

But you know what turns out, the exact opposite is true.

These people get a taste and they just... can't get enough.

It's pretty cool, isn't it, Roy?

Can I take a look at your crime scene?

My men are already in there, working on the scene now.

I wouldn't want anything to... what's the word you use in your business when you mess something up?

Contaminate? Contaminate.

We wouldn't want you to contaminate the crime scene, all right?

But I really do appreciate you coming by.

My guys will handle it.

I'll be seeing you... Yeah.

Julian. Thanks, Roy.

The time is now 11:45 P.M.

Curfew will be enforced in 15 minutes.

All citizens are to get off the streets...

The time is now 11:45 P.M.

Curfew will be enforced...

The second pass tonight.

Whenever there's an attack on that place... martial law.

I've never liked that place anyway. Like you could afford to be inside.

Hell, you don't know of anybody who's ever been in there.

Like you do.

Excuse me, sir. I could really use a drink.

I'll take that one, Paulie.

Make it two vodkas.

Looks like you've had a rough ride.

Here you go, Romeo.

Now what else can I help you with?

You know, I think it would be better for both of us if you just leave me alone.

Well, that's not how it works. See, around here, when a man...

Excuse me, sir. Can you turn that up, please? long overdue.

However, Julian Michaels, CEO of Vice industries, vowed that it would open in 24 hours.

What do you say to critics who have long advocated for the closure of Vice?

Well, Yeah, you could argue that some of the things that we do here could be considered criminal in the real world.

But I would say that they're missing the point.

You see, that's the hook. That's why people come to this facility.

It's just pure entertainment. We're simply offering up the opportunity to experience a life completely outside the realms of possibility.

And although we've built the residents to look and act and feel like real people, they're not flesh and blood like you and me. So I ask you, what's the harm in having a little fun?

In the meantime, a bizarre sight in the wake of the closure... a row of decommissioned residents, their digital lives on hold.

To our audience, we apologize...

Curfew is now in effect.

Patrol has now begun. Patrol...


Where are you going? I told you, I'm not interested.

Well, that drink wasn't free. Will you just please leave me alone?

I will, when I get what I want.

Get off of me!



I know you're afraid.

I know you feel lost and alone.

But you need to come with me, for your safety and for safety of those around you.

Who are you? I'm the only friend you have left.

Hey, stop right there.

I'd recommend dropping that, if I were you.

Kelly, listen to me.

I'm here to protect you from people like this... people who will want to cause you harm.

They're not like us.



It's okay.

Everything is gonna be just fine.

Get her!

Everyone on me.



This is your last chance to come with me.

I promise you you won't be harmed.


Kelly, "I know why the caged bird sings...

"When he beats his bars and would be free.

"It is not a Carol of joy nor glee

"but a prayer that stems from its heart's deep core."


I know how the caged bird feels.

You're only gonna get deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

And there are many ways to flush out a rabbit.

Pick your targets.

On my count.


Kelly. Four.



Light it up.


Run, rabbit, run.



6126 is back on the grid, heading into the city.

Have your team stay on the girl.

The grid's online.

I need you here for full tactical support.


Let's move out.

Come on.

Yes! There he is.

Better be good.

I should have known they'd put you on this.

Here, they didn't have that artificial shit you like.

Yeah, well, I like cancer. Tell me this isn't just coffee.

What do we got?

It's is a total fucking cluster. You're gonna love it.

A professional job gone awry.

From what we've pieced together, our Vic here took a couple dozen rounds from multiple assailants while defending himself with... this.

A knife to a gunfight?

You don't know the half of it. Whoever these guys are, they have the latest in military hardware. It's not magic. These shell casings... untraceable, not a single identifying mark.

And the bullets themselves... they shredded upon impact.

You have an I.D. on this guy? Yeah.

Keith Williams... a great guy.

A long list of priors, nothing major... basic assault shit, a pair of drug offenses.

We pulled a D.N.A. swab from his fingernails.

It's gonna take a couple hours to process.

No drugs? Nothing on him? No.

Doesn't sound like the kind of guy you'd bring out the stealth team for.

Yeah, he wouldn't be top of my list.

This guy probably got caught in the crossfire.


Got something for you. What you got?

A bartender around the corner says the victim followed some girl out of the bar just a few minutes before this thing went down.

You got a description? It's spotty at best.

Early 20s, blonde, a real looker apparently.

She sounds dangerous.

Get that... get that digital guy and see if you can get a rendition, okay?

All right. Copy that. All right.

All right, boss.

Let's get these bozos to work.

Who's got an estimate on the time of death over here?



You've come a long way.

Wait a minute. I know you. You're...

I'm an old friend.

We don't have a lot of time.

Give me your hand.

I know you can't see this now, so you'll just have to trust me.

Hold still one second. Wait, what are you doing?

There we go.

This is how they track you.

How? All of the residents like yourself have them installed. But you've been programmed not to see them.

Come with me.

I want to show you something.

This is the only sanctuary I could find this close to the city walls.

People tend to avoid churches when they're living their lives in a state of perpetual fantasy.

My God.

My wife, Michelle.

No matter how many hours and days I spent trying to... stop the spread of that disease...

There was nothing I could do to save her life.

Why does she look exactly like me?

Because I designed you in her image.

All right, Stace, I need you to... pull up all the surveillance footage in the closed-circuit cameras that show the exterior of Vice.

Has this been approved? You need a hall pass, Stace?

Okay, detective.

I want you to... find that explosion that happened. Go back to 9:30 and scroll through. It should have happened at about 10:00 last night, right?

Copy that.

Where does all this footage come from anyway?

This is a municipal system set up on one of our relay towers.

Oh, yeah? What's a relay tower?

You know what a relay tower is. All right, let's find the explosion now.

Just scroll through it.

There's nothing there.

What do you mean, there's nothing there, Stace?

The image is everything. I want you to find it.

Well, like I said, there's a cut in the feed between 9:30 P.M. and midnight.

It's like the system went offline or rebooted.

You mean, that's what these little time codes are, the way they skip?

In other words, somebody hacked into the system and deleted everything.

Well, that's not possible unless they had access to the root database.

Roy! I gave you strict orders that you're not authorized to go anywhere near that facility.

And then I find out from the officer in charge that you entered that facility without approval and questioned Julian Michaels?

I don't know, it wasn't really a questioning. I think it was more like a conversation.

Give us a moment, please. Sure.

Yeah, thanks, Stacey. All right.

Oh, here, you forgot your cookie. You want it?

I want it.

All right.

Was I not clear?

Yeah, but check this out.

Don't you think it's a little odd that the most well-guarded facility in the Western hemisphere has no surveillance footage of the exterior of the building between 9:30 and midnight the night of the explosion?

Check it out. There's a missing piece. It's like... it just like disappears.

It's gone. It's missing.

All right, I've had about enough of this shit.

I've had enough of this fucking shit. Right.

You were assigned to a homicide case on the West Side.

Yeah, which I should be investigating.

So what the hell are you doing, looking at stuff that doesn't concern you?

Defending the greater good?

You're a good cop, Roy, but you're one step away from losing your badge.

Oh, look, it's right here.

Any time you want it, cap, come and get it.

Come and get it.

Roy, I've got something for you.

Yeah, talk to me.

Got the results back on the D.N.A. swab off the victim of the alley shooting.

The bartender was right. We're looking for a girl in her early 20s.

The bad news is she's already dead.

Already dead? I don't get it.

Michelle Lund, died nearly five years ago of cancer.

You got a history on her? No, we tried, we don't got much.

I got you an old address for a next of kin... Evan Lund.

Send it to me. All right.

Here you go.

Thank you.

How did all this come about?

When we first introduced the technology, the people panicked.

It was just too real.

They could never allow you into the real world.

So they passed a law banning all A.I.

Then how did I end up where I did?

I started building you as a side project.

I didn't have any kind of plan. I just... wanted to spend another five minutes with the woman that I loved.

And Vice?

Julian Michaels...

This guy... he somehow talks his way into getting a special license to operate artificials in the strictly controlled confines of Vice.

You gotta believe me, the second that I found out what his plan was, I tried to shut it down, walk away.

But he had a controlling interest in the company, so he seized everything, including you.

And all my memories, everything I feel?

Listen, you have real emotions, but they're built on the fragments of someone else's life.

I don't understand.

The human experience... it's really the only thing that separates us from machine.

So by limiting those experiences to a select few, Michaels is able to control the units... nurture versus nature.

But you could have been so much more.

So we had solid tracking on her position until she reached this point here.

Then 6126 fell off the grid.

It can't happen. Charlie, let us have it.

Did you check the presets? Yeah. Take a look.

That's from her last day.

She's an artist. It's part of her character shading.

Yeah, that's what I thought. But there's no template for this particular image, meaning she created it herself.

That's not possible.

It's a real temple.

We cross-checked the location against our records and we got a hit.

Her genetic designer lives there.

Evan Lund.

I remember you.

It wasn't just the one time we saw each other.

Really? What's in it?

It's not bad. It's not bad. I would like to see you again.

Michelle, this place is perfect.

You gotta see this. Come on.

This might be hard for you to understand, but I lost the most important thing in the world to me.

I know I was just torturing myself, but...

There were days when I...

I would miss her so much, it would almost feel like I was drowning.

And then I would come and see you and it was like, "Okay, I can breathe again."

What are you doing?

You can't be too safe.

There's a place where we can go, we can blend in, and no one would ever know you existed.

Where? In the Caribbean, called St. Helena.

It's a tech-free zone.

How would we get there?

I know a guy who can hack us into the grid.


This is the police.

Take this.

My name is detective Roy Tedeschi, with Metro police. Is anybody here?

Hello! How can I help you, detective?


Yeah, I'm looking for a guy named Evan Lund.

Sorry, there's nobody here by that name.

Well, maybe you can help me with something else. I'm... looking for a girl. She was seen in this area a couple of hours ago.

She has blond hair, very pretty, mid-20s.

You think somebody like that would be here?

Sorry. This is a place of worship.

Oh, is that right?

Anything else I can help you with?

You wouldn't mind if I imprinted you before I left, would you?

Yeah, sure.


Yeah, it's just part of the job, you know... a routine imprint.

God! Yeah, that's gotta sting like hell.

Yeah, and let me tell you, pal, I had that fucker on the lowest setting, okay?

So let's not fuck around. Let's not fuck...

I haven't seen one of those since the academy.

Now let's be straight with each other. Where's the fucking girl?

I don't know. Don't fuck with me. Show me where the girl is.

Where's the fucking girl? I don't know what...

Get in the car.

Down. Stay down.

All right, come on.

It's just up here. Wait a minute. What are we doing?

Just leave it. It's the only way they can track us.

It's confirmed... all three of our men are down.

What about the girl? Nothing on 6126.

We'll track her the other way... microwave emissions.

When artificials process fuel, they emit tiny amounts of microwave radiation... not much, but we should be able to detect it.

We've already drawn too much attention to ourselves.

And now civilians have fallen into the line of fire.

Collateral damage.

When you look at the pyramids, you think about the pharaohs, but the pharaohs are all dead now. Fuck that.

This facility is just the tip of the iceberg, a test bed for technology.

Eventually people will get used to the idea.

It's for military, law enforcement.

The applications are endless, but not if we're exposed.

Send this out to your team.

Stay on Tedeschi.

He's the one man that wants this as badly as we do.


Give me that. Ever seen a bullet casing before? It's a 223.

Nobody goes up there but me.

Get these bodies out of here. They're starting to stink.

Give me everything you have on Evan Lund.

I'm on it now.

A mad scientist.

Looks like our guy was some kind of biomechanical engineer.

Yeah, and I'm seeing it on my end.

Worked for a robotics firm that was bought out by our friend Julian Michaels.

An interesting turn of events.

I've got some links here to some military research he did back in the day on A.I.

Send it to me.

I'm gonna upload an image of this girl to you now.

Copy that.

Where are you taking her?

This is where your friend lives? Yeah, just up here.

Evan, why are you doing this?

I got you into this mess. I'll get you out.

Hey. Evan.

James, good to see you again.

This is Kelly. Kelly.

Is this the girl you were telling me about?


Now why would you want someone like that to disappear?

I thought you said you were a computer expert.

Is that... better? A little bit, yeah.

So what's the deal? Why is getting her out of here so important to you?

Well, she's a...

I'm an artificial. Yeah.

You're serious? Serious.

Holy shit. You're serious.

You freaking stole one? I didn't steal her.

James, don't make it weird, okay?

This is just... this is amazing. It's...

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

No, you don't understand. You see, I've...

I've... I've never seen one this close before. I mean, not like this.

Do you know what would happen if anyone got wind that she escaped?

Yes, that's why we're here.

Her name is Kelly, okay? Kelly.

You... you know what you are?

How does that feel?

I thought you said this guy was a genius. Only with computers.

So are you gonna help us out?



Yes, I am.

But I swear to God, Evan, this is the last time. After this, we're square.


You... you follow me.

I'm so sorry.

An artificial.

Wow, James, I really like what you've done with the place.

It doesn't look like much, but it gets the job done.

A little trick of the trade... you see, most modern systems were built to leave behind a fingerprint.

But these older models... they can still hack into the grid without leaving behind the standard imprint.

Okay, first things first...

Let's get rid of the old Kelly.

Model number? 6126.

6126... technical file, history, case maintenance, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Delete, delete, delete. Delete.

You are no more. Outside of the people that already know about you, you don't exist.

Now what?

I make you reappear.

Your new name is Megan.

No, Jennifer Washington.

Passport renewed last January, cleared for travel.

Where are we off to? St. Helena.

Tech-free? You know it.

Okay, commercial flights... too much security.

So we've got charter flights.

Not available.

Other vessels.

Here we go. The lady Anna, departing to St. Helena tonight.

I'll backtrack the reservations so you can't be scrutinized.

But your departure is 90 minutes out from pier 62.



They've been tracking me too.

Clear the slate?

Do it. Yeah.


Kelly, we could give you an upgrade.

An upgrade?

Yeah, we could download any skill set that you want.

And you could do that? Oh, yeah.

If you wanted us to, yeah.

No, I don't.

Suit yourself.

Come with me.

The safest way to get you guys to the docks is with something that will blow out their thermal imaging.

Nice. This ought to do it.

I want this back.

It's nice to want things.

You know where to find it. Yeah.

All right.

We're in position, standing by.

Do you have eyes on the detective?


Right there. Tap us in.

You're telling me within an hour of running a search, everything we've got on these two has been deleted from the system?

It's like they never even existed.

Hey, I want you to run these down to Matthews. Get it down there now.

Okay, let's try something else.

Is there any way to look for somebody who's been added to the system recently?

Come on, Roy. Those parameters could take days to track.

Yeah, well, narrow it down.

How? I want you to look at St. Helena.

I got a feeling about that. You still got that image I sent you?

Yeah, of course.

All right, I want you to run an image capture using that image.

She might be able to change her identity, but she sure as shit won't change that face.

All right? Get back to me.

We've got movement on our primary. Stay on him.

All right, Roy, I think we got a hit on our girl.

You think or you know?

Well, there is a very close resemblance.

Close? That's not good enough, pal. We only got one shot at this, come on.

All right, we've got a cargo ship off the coast.

It's making a run to St. Helena.

A passenger in the manifest looks like our girl.

All right.


She's gonna be picked up at pier 62 in less than 20 minutes.

You want backup on this?

No, I'm gonna go it alone. And Matthews...


Nobody in the department knows I'm there. Got me?

Yeah, man, I hear you.

Just stay close to me.

They should be here any minute.

Are you okay?

What are you thinking about?

St. Helena.

I've never been to the ocean before, not even in my memories.

You're gonna love it.

Why? Did Michelle?

No, because it's the ocean.

Everybody loves the ocean.

You know, you could come with me if you want to.


I can't.

You and I have both been living in an illusion.

It's time for us to go live in the real world.

All right, lovebirds. Hey, hey, take it easy now.

It's a big gun. It's a sig sauer, with a compressor on.

In fact, why don't you guys turn around?

Look, you don't have to do this. She's not gonna hurt anybody.

I know, I know. You're in love with a robot, but listen, the people who are after you are not gonna let you just walk away, pal.

So what? So she gets defragged, or worse, reprogrammed, sent back to Vice as a cheap pleasure model?

Confirmation on 6126.

I'll tell you what I do. I'll put her in protective custody like a real person, all right? Till I can prove that real lives were lost.

Then we'll have a chance of taking this place down.

Open your eyes, detective. Just look at her.

She's evolving. She's changing with each new experience.

Then she'll learn what it's like to be in jail. Turn around.

Get back.

Get her down!


It's okay.

You can still go. You can still make the ship.

No, no, no, I'm not leaving you.


It's not every day one gets to meet his maker.

I'm sorry.

Look, the way I see it, you got two choices, okay?

You can run. I won't stop you.

I know you didn't kill anybody.

Or you can come with me.

Now if you really are more human than a machine, maybe there's a way we can... we can take down Vice once and for all.

I need two things... an upgrade and a reservation to Vice.

Oh, man.

I take it I'll receive full immunity if you ever come calling again?

Why don't we...

Let's just make it one of them things that never really happened.

That's even better.

Now this... you interface this into the mainframe host, it's gonna restore the memory of every artificial in that resort.

Plug it in and hit the button? Plug it in and hit the button.

Do you have any idea what's gonna happen when they start reliving their past?

I do.

Washington, Jennifer and Steve.

She's Steve. I'm Jenny.

Have you guys stayed with us before? We sure have.

Well, in that case, unless you have any questions for me, you're all set.

Would you take this for me? It's not my brand.

Sure thing.

Give me 10 minutes and you'll be all set.

Okay, Steve.

Sorry, ma'am, this area's off-limits.

Whoa, whoa. Ma'am, ma'am, Easy. That's a live weapon. I need you to put...


Look who's come home.

Welcome back, Kelly.

You should have just let me go when you had the chance.

Go ahead and shoot me.

I'll make it even easier.

Just pull the trigger.

Just a little pressure.

I'll come closer for you.

It's just a little failsafe that we had built in a long time ago.

You see, that's the one thing the original creators never considered... protecting man from machine.

But only a select few of us are deemed important enough.

Strap her in.

Tomorrow... everything will be just like the way it's supposed to be.

Proper order will be set.

By the time you wake up from this nap, you'll be right back where you started from.

Hey, I'm looking for the... the control room. Do you have an access badge?

I've got it in my badge right here.

Hey, listen up! Anybody who wants to live, leave now!

Except for you, pal. Sit down.

All right, you want to make it into bed tonight?

You're going to do exactly what I tell you, okay?

I want you to take this, upload it into the mainframe system here.

I... I can't. I don't have access.

You got access now? Okay, just... just hold on.

There was a... there was a girl with a guy. Where did he take her?

Engineering. Engineering? Where is that?

Where is that, pal? Point. Third... third floor.

Jesus Christ. This can't be right.

Oh, it's right, all right. Hit the button. Hit it. Make it...

What the...?

Drop your weapon!

No, wait. I'm not...

They're all self-aware. Did you consider a failsafe for that?

Shut it down.

I can't get in. It's not letting me in.

Yes, sir, we have officers en route. We're doing the best we can, sir.

Sir, sir, I'm gonna need you to stay calm.

Get the fuck out of the way!

We've got confirmation from sources inside the resort, all right?

There's artificials going haywire. They're attacking guests inside.

Jesus Christ, this is not happening.

Yes, we have R.E. units holding on the perimeter.

Why are they holding?

'Cause we got no authorization to go in there, captain.

Son of a bitch. ...Alan Sykes, back on the scene.

Jesus, look at that. Alan, do you hear me?

Scramble the S.R.T. They're still holding at pier 62.

Make it happen. I want every officer we have in the area diverted to that facility right now. I'm on it.

Oh, shit.

You did it. You actually got in, you son of a bitch.

It's the end of the line for you.

Now you know what it's like to be one of your own victims.

Get out of here! Go!

Initiate the kill switches. Do it now, every single one of them.

I need more time. Just fucking do it!

Freeze! Don't fucking even move.

That's right.

All right, easy.

Nobody else has to...

All right!

Not so good at following directions, are you?

I said, don't move.

You think anything's gonna change? You think she's gonna change?

Tomorrow all this is gonna be right back where it was, and there's nothing that you can do to stop it.

Nothing's gonna change. None of this is gonna change.

You blew up half the city trying to get this little genie back in the bottle.

It was always my city, Roy.

Not anymore.

Not bad for a robot.

Oh, my God.

They did it. They freaking did it.

The governor has asked all nonessential personnel to stay clear of the area.

All civilians are advised to stay away...

My God, what's happening? It's okay. Everything's gonna be fine.

Welcome to the real world.