Victimas del pecado (1951) Script


Hey girls! Hello babe!

And now you drool over that guy!

Why don't you ask Violeta for the recipe?

She did it. Think of the dough she'll make!

Violeta was like us but in fact, she's an artist.

And she has Rita Montaner as a godmother.

I want to talk to you alone. Come on, give me a break.

I'm so happy Rita. What will the girls say? How was my number? Tell me!

What will the girls say about what? Great, girl!

I told you, it's easy. When there's a will, there's a way!

So you need nothing else.

I've got nothing to pay back all you've done for me, Rita.

You've been so nice... and you, don Gonzalo?

Leave him alone. Don Gonzalo hold on a sec...

Look, these night clubs are whatever their artists make of them.

So, you darling, heat it up. Set the Changoo on fire, but always in your position.

You know the saying, God helps...

...the ones who help themselves! Darling! Whatever...

Bye! Bye, Rita!

Thanks, don Gonzalo, you've been so nice to me!

What would I do to get something good out of each of the bitches at the Changoo. Thank Rita who gave you the chance.

You let me work.

Excuse me, I'll get changed.

How many times do I have to tell you it's fine?

Rodolfo you must help her.

She's at the clinic and she's just had your child. - Don't be mean.

God knows whose that child is.

Besides I don't do that kind of things, you know that.

Leave my suit alone.

And shut up, gossip ruins my reputation.

What's up? I've got $60, half and half.

Who do you think I am, Raquel?

Don't look at me like that, you know I could give you everything I earn.

Even if I went broke.

Come on! You know the price of good stuff.

There's top class and garbage. Give me the dough.

No pain, no gain!

I really can't, Carmela. It's the end of the month and I must pay the rent.

And you? Me? How?

My man is very demanding, you know him.

My kid is ill, I must pay the doctor. Let's dance and let the world spin.

...going to a clinic when you're broke...

Carmela, what happened to Rosa?

She just had her baby and Rodolfo won't see her...

After all she's done for him, he says it isn't his son.

I took her to the clinic thinking...

Come on, let's dance or I'll get another chick! - Well, go ahead!

We don't have the right to have children.

But if it's done you did it right.

When you're a good friend, you've to take care.

I'll check on don Gonzalo to borrow some money... take Rosa out of the clinic. Come on!

Hey, don't you feel sorry? What do you mean?

No one tells me what to do. Rosa is my friend and I also want to help.

After all, I'm tired of working and not even being thanked.

At least this time my money can be useful.


Look, so sweet!

So sweet! He takes after Rodolfo!

Hey, you, give me my bottle.

You have to go and find Rosa and your son and take them out of here fast.

You cannot shout at me...

Let her go away with her monster and do whatever she wants to, OK?

I don't care. Remember this is a decent place.

You don't have to tell me that. Anyway, Rodolfo already dumped her.

Now I'm his girl. - You'd rather shut up and mind your own business.

Don't get so... Shut up!

I have to ask you to leave.

Kill me before kicking me out! Don't throw me away, don Gonzalo.

I'm not raising hell or doing anything wrong.

I just have to talk to Rodolfo. Out!

Come on, out!

Rodolfo, don't let them kick me off. You must listen to me.

Tell them we didn't fight and to let me work again.

So, what have you done today? Not much.


Catherine, how do you expect to make money like that?

You have to walk properly. You must learn how to walk properly.


You see?


That's OK, go!

Forgive me Rodolfo, I... Get out and don't bother me.

Let me stay! Do whatever you want with me, I deserve it... but don't leave me. Move along or I'll have to hurt you.

Rodolfo, I can't live without you... You're drunk.

Tell me you forgive me. You've ruined my reputation.

I won't do it again. I swear it on my mother's memory.

With that fright you're no good, you can't make no cash. Get out...

I'll work night and day just for you. I'll work hard and make you happy.

Cut the crap. I live in the real world and want no trouble.

Besides I've got a job in half an hour and they're waiting for me.

I will help you as usual... I'll do as you tell me.

Tell me what to do!

To show you I care, I'll give you one last chance.

Choose between that and me. I'll take him to the orphanage.

And stand the rumors? No way.

What do you do with trash? You throw it?

Well, there's a trash can there. And hurry up, they're waiting for me.

Let me go! We said you were going to work.

Then go get some dough, we need it.

No pain, no gain... Yes, Rodolfo.

Come on, then.

A dance, beauty?

I've got lots of cash to spend with whoever wants to take care of me.

I'll take care of you, sweetheart. I need that cash badly.

Excuse me.

Let her go! Come with me.

Where's your son?

Rodolfo is back to me. He's the only thing I care about.

Tell me where your son is. Let me go, bitch, I've got nothing, nothing to tell you or anyone else.

What I've done is my very own business.

No way!! You bastard! No way! Bitch! I don't regret it!

I'd do it again to show Rodolfo that he's the only one I care about.

Where's your baby, Rosa? I'm starting to lose it. Tell me!

I threw him into the trash can. You what?

Come with me, Rosa.

Tonight at the Changoo Cabaret we are honored to have the star of Mexican song.

Let's show our great love and admiration with a big applause to Pedro Vargas.

Sing, sing, sing!!

Divine clarity

the one of your diaphanous eyes, like crystal drops.

A sea dampened with sighs.

Blood and laughter together in your eyes.

Blood and laughter together in your eyes.

Why did fate make you a sinner

...if you don't know how to sell your heart?

Why does the one who adore you pretend to hate you?

Why loves you now the one who hated you before?

If every night of yours is a dawn.

If every tear of yours is the sun.

Why did fate make you a sinner

if you don't know how to sell your heart?

Why did fate make you a sinner

if you don't know how to sell your heart?


All I want is the kid to go... to the orphanage, the hospice or wherever.

Why the hell do you keep getting into trouble? - What did you want me to do?

I picked him up... he was in the street cold and hungry.

What should I do? - I don't know and I'm not playing Solomon here.

Violeta, hurry up!

You'll take it yes or no?


She said no, don't you get it? Leave the kid and do your gig.

Come on, hurry up! Cut the fuss and get to work...

Anyway that's no one's creature. Just let it be another no one's child.

Maybe it's even better for him.

Why don't you call the Red Cross or the Green Cross to come and take it away? No one cares about which cross comes as long as they do it, right don Gonzalo?

Of course. You've even showed some intelligence.

That's all I want: someone to take the child away.

Poor thing! He's hungry, don Gonzalo.

José, come here, I need you. We need hot milk for the baby, now!

There's only cold milk for the gentleman that comes every night.

I don't care, José, come back here and bring the milk.

Are you doing it or not? If you'd rather play the nanny.

Listen to this mess you're causing.

And these screams will drive me nuts! Violeta, hurry up!

I'm coming!

All you have to do is take care of the child while I go to work.

The child... out now!

I'm coming! Now!

This is cocaleca.

The sweet drummer girl and with her sweet pace the cheers up your soul.

Oh! Its sweet notes and melody... I sing the tone night and day I want cocaleca, give me cocaleca.

Let's go to the beach, it's dry tide!

I want cocaleca, give me cocaleca.

Let's go to the beach, it's already dawn!

Let's go to the beach, it's a dry tide!

And there we'll drink cocaleca from the jar!

Let's go to the beach, it's already dawn.

Let's go by carriage singing this along.

I want cocaleca, give me cocaleca.

Let's go to the beach singing this along.

I want cocaleca, give me cocaleca.

Let's go to the beach, it's a dry tide!

Enjoy the mambo, babe!

This is how we live, but we suffer!

You're so nice! Did he cry? A lot.

I think he's still hungry.

But Violeta, what's happened? Whose is this child?

It's not mine, Rita. Oh! No?

I've picked him up tonight. It's Rosa's.

Really?! Poor thing...

Hey! They're calling you, can't you hear the fuss out there?

Don't shout at her, don Gonzalo. No, don't...

Shout at me! It's with me Rita, with me.

Come on, it's time to go! Don't shout at me.

So cute!

This baby will drive you nuts, Miss Violeta, remember my words!

Besides the neighbors are complaining because they can't sleep.

I gave him water with sugar but he's still hungry.

And he'll still be. No one's breast-feeding around here.

Good morning ladies.

This neighbor picked this baby up yesterday night and I don't know what she'll do with it. Look at it.

It doesn't even weigh 5 pounds... Is it a male?

Yes, Miss.

It's a male!!

Jesus! My God! Excuse me.

Find someone who's breast-feeding.

Don't give him formula like modern mothers do because he can catch polio and stay a midget.

I need someone who's breast-feeding.

I'll pay good to someone who wants to be my son's godmother.

I don't care if she has her own baby. I'll give her a house, food and whatever she wants but she needs to be breast-feeding, the poor thing is starving.

You'll have to forgive us, young lady but none of us can.

I'll pay whatever you want but please do me this big favor.

It's not that, young lady, we can't.

We all have our men and imagine the rumors if we fed a strange baby.

Miss Violeta, let me help you.

Gosh! You carry a store, Miss Violeta.

It's the food for the child.

At the nursery, they told me how to wash and dress him.

In six months he'll get his vaccines.

Formula... that's why the children are like they are nowadays.

The nurse says he'll grow strong and healthy...

I can't feed him otherwise. Yeah! Great!

Now you take care of the baby as if it was yours.

After all, I'm his only mother.

Please take care of him. You know he has to eat every three hours: at nine, twelve and tomorrow at six.

Before I leave I'll show you how it's prepared you'll see how easy it is.

I'm so happy!!!

Ay! José! That's not the way.

Ay! José, what on earth?

Ay! José, do it again!

Ay! José, the other way!

Don't you go soft on me, please a bit harder on me!

And do it well, shaking a lot your waist.

Ay! José! That's not the way.

Ay! José, what on earth...?

Ay! José, do it again!

Ay! José, the other way!

When we turn, please hold me tight!

Don José you please watch out because one wrong move makes me lose the pace!

Ay! José, that's the way!

Ay! José, this is so nice!

Ay! José, this is so nice!

Ay! José, do it again!

Don't you understand I don't want to see you here with the child?

Don't be mean, don Gonzalo. Just for tonight, OK?

The nursery is closed and yesterday night my neighbor almost killed him.

Take it away from here. No, he stays here... I have to work.

Luis, come. Sir?

Take it from her. What?

The child, you idiot. Give me the child.

Watch out, you, cowboy!

Don't touch me...

How many times do I have to tell you?

No one touches this baby because it's mine.

Go. I don't feel like going... and if I do I have a good telling off to give you... you hear me?

I hope all this crap goes to hell and you with it...

...and I don't care. You hear me?


Don Gonzalo, if I were you I'd run to Violeta and give her an explanation.

Out! And mind your own business.

Hey! Don Gonzalo, you watch your tone with me.

My name is not Violeta, my name is Rita and I was born in Havana...

You get out too, you old coo-coo.

There are so many things I'd like to tell you... that all I can do is...

Rita, Rita...

Just one second, dear audience, I'm not going to dance and sing here anymore because this dirty old man and his... funny face... old bastard... has mistreated me and fired me.

So let's see if he puts on rumba costumes now and dances... and before I go, I'll say one more thing, you dirty old man!

This is a man here!

Hear its whistles as it moves away.

Gentlemen hear the train, hear the train go away.

Gentlemen hear the train, hear the train go away.

Why so proud? You're new, right?


You must get used to call the clients.

Yes, I have to get used to it.

Well, won't you ask me in?

Yes, come in, please.

Boy, what are you doing here?

Yours? Yes, it's mine.

My boy was like that, around nine months old...

Was he? It's been a long time...

Don't go.

Look, I run a little business.

The place is very much like this one.

So, any time you want to take the boy out of here, find me at "La Máquina Loca", under the bridge.

Rodolfo is there.

Hey Santiago! I've stopped by.

I've been outside Mexico. How's the biz?

I told you to stop it two months ago. Yeah! OK!

Look, we've done some good business together and some bad ones, but that's life, man!

I don't want to see you around here.

Hey! Calm down! That business didn't turn out right but we paid for that.

That business didn't turn out right because you squealed to get the dough.

It wasn't that way, man. But if you think it was...

I thought you might be interested in some ranking business, that's why I came. I really appreciate the offer but try not to come here again... 'cause you might never leave.

Come on! Let's see who's the big guy here.

I'm as big as you are...

Get lost!

Come on Gato, let's go. He's in a bad mood.

And then? I'll find the girl myself... we'll know what to do with her, right?

You found her, right? - You'll do her a favor, she's doing real bad...

Let's go and find her. Let's go.

I want to talk to you. Come on!

Don't look at me like that, I won't hurt you.

I've got a good deal for you.

That's why I like you... so serious.

I've always liked you but you never paid attention to me.

But I'll tell you something:

I'm taking you out of here and back to your league...

So you learn that women are worth the man they are with.

Look at the place you live in.

If you were with me, things would be different.

Look at me: fine clothes, lots of cash.

What else can you wish for?

You spend your days living in this hut when you could be at a penthouse.

You still have that boy? That explains your situation...

So you've always wanted a child of mine?

Get out!

I'm here to take you with me so start packing your stuff.

And don't raise your voice, you know how I am.

If this beetle bothers you, I'll just smash it.

He should've been out of the way long ago.

If you touch him, I'll kill you. Don't touch me!

Leave him!!

Leave me!

Let me go!

You hit me?! You fucking wretch!


Who do you think you are? Hitting me...

Listen to me, Mr. Delegate... Shut up.

He stole the San Cosme jewelry... murdered the girl at the cinema's box office.

He wants to kill the baby, Your Honor. He's a murderer, it's the second time he's tried to kill the baby... murderer!

She's lying, Your Honor. I accuse him, Judge.

She's lying... I am a man and I've never beaten a woman.

This bitch is lying! Bastard!

Besides I don't even know all these wretches.


Lock him in.

It's like the saying: the only place you never leave is your grave.

I'll come out, remember that. Murderer!

Take him away.


We did it! Thanks girls. Thank you, Your Honor.


Could you please tell me where can I find don Santiago?

Follow me.



Come closer!

What with the boy?

It's Rodolfo's and another woman's child. We both worked at Changoo.

I sheltered him and I haven't been able to work since then.

He saw me at the alley and wanted to take me with him but got furious when he recognized his son and tried to kill him.

Oh! So it's not even yours?

No, but it's as if he were. I took care of him, as he was abandoned.

Carlos, ask Prieta and Carmen to move their stuff from up there.

Yes, sir.

That room is for the boy now. No, please. I don't mean to bother.

I just need a place for the boy until I can pay for a babysitter.

Take her to the room.

And take this money in advance to buy a dress so you can start working.

Thanks a lot!

Come in. This is Carmen and this is Prieta.

What's your name? My name is Violeta.

Violeta... I wanted that name when I first started!

You'll have to move your stuff... this room is for the child.

What child, man? Oh! It's true!

It's my son. Look! He's so cute!

Is it a boy? Yes.

Look. Let me see him!

I can't stay... we'll manage with just a little space... - OK!

If Santiago said so... it's the same for us, up here, down there, right?

Sure. - Funny... Look at Santiago: nothing ever touches him and this baby's affected him. - Maybe it wasn't the child...

How much did he give you? $100 to buy clothes.

$100! Not bad for a start. You can't work in those clothes.

If you want to I can lend you a dress.

My wardrobe isn't the Duchess of Windsor's but...

I'll show you, maybe you like it. It's the best one I have.

It's gorgeous! You like it?

It's beautiful! I'll lend it to you then.

Really? Yes.

I wouldn't like you to go. Stay with me and my son.

Really? Yes. You've been so nice to me.

Great! We'll help you take care of the child. - He's so sweet!

I'll start working right away, don Santiago, if it's OK with you.

Whenever you want to... just don't call me don Santiago, there's no don here.

At "La Máquina Loca", we're all the same.

You've got our clients there.

Thanks a lot!

Join in! Be the fourth one, honey!

Come on! Come here, this guy here is... Let's load the load!!

Order whatever you feel like! Sure.

I'm a stoker from the Acambara division, babe. Please sit down...

Check the chick I've found, brother.

Who would have thought I'd find such a pretty girl, so nice...

Hey, you! Pour something here, because my race starts now and who knows if Acambara will have a stoker tomorrow! Right, babe?

Look at those eyes! Come here, beauty.

What would you like to drink? Double tequila, please.

Hey! Double tequila here.

Come on! Pour something to my girl, whatever she feels like.

Because beer only makes you fat.

Right my darling?

Dance, dance, dance...

Stop drinking and do your show. Listen to the people...

Let me go... I'm sick of this place. I'm going back to Havana.

Santiago, I'll do the number.'s OK, they'll calm down.

I used to dance at Changoo. I promise it'll be OK. You'll see...

Gentlemen hear the train, that's taking you away.

Gentlemen hear the train, that's taking you away.

Hear its whistles as it moves away.

Hear its whistles as it moves away.

Gentlemen hear the train, hear the train go away.

Before you blow the candles, let us wish him to become something big.

Sure... he has to turn into a doctor... - Or a lawyer...

So that he starves? There are a million doctors and lawyers.

He'd rather be President of the country!

Figure it out! Having a President at home...

Let him be whatever God wants him to, as long as he's good and kind to the people around him, girls.

What a nice machine!! I bet it's just like the one you drove.

Sure, son. Your father is an engine driver from the very North.

Mum, why don't we ever go home on Sundays?

Don't you prefer to go around, my sweetheart?

You stay the whole week at the boarding school.

There's not enough time, Juanito. See, we spent all morning at the matinee celebrating your 6th birthday and we have to take you back to school at 5.

Yes, Dad. But when I grow up, I'd rather spend Sundays at our place.

We'll take you wherever you want, sweetheart.

You're already a little man. We're very proud of you because you have kept your word: you are the first one of your class.

It was a hard job, Dad...

I wanted to be the best so I could take all my friends to our house.

Let's go. It's almost five.

See you next Sunday, sweetheart. Be a good boy.

Yes, Mummy.

See you next Sunday, son. Take it! Share it with your friends.

Thanks, Daddy.

I can't believe it's already been 6 years, Violeta.

6 years...

6 years.


Come on, Violeta!!

Shake it!

Walk it!!

Hey! Violeta!

Come on, Violeta!

Keep dancing, don't worry.

Your friend saw me, she must be thinking of what I told her 6 years ago.

You shouldn't have come.

It's up to you whether I forget these 6 years or not.

I need dough, and then we'll see.

Come on, out! Ok.

But you play the smart ass and you die. You hear me?

Let's go. Let's go.

Well, give me the cash or I'll go in and get your friend...

If I were you I'd forget about that...

Oh! Yes! Watch out!!

Gentlemen hear the train, that's taking you away.

Gentlemen hear the train, that's taking you away.

Hear its whistles as it moves away.

CLOSED This is your house, is that clear?

I took you out of school and I'll take you out of this world if you don't do as you should. You hear me?

I don't want to be a thief... let me go with my mother!

Cut the crap and do as you're told. You just have to hide in the drugstore and open up when you hear the password.

Come on. It's time to leave.

You won't, you bastard? I don't want to be a thief...

You'll get it... you coward. I don't want to be a thief.

I'm your father. Mummy!!

Let's see if you obey now.

Mummy, help!!! Son!

I brought these flowers, mummy,

and sweets and bread for you to eat.

My beloved son!

I saved $0,80 for you.

No. I don't want you to bring me anything.

It's enough for me to see you, even for a short while.

Keep them, mummy and buy whatever you want.

You don't know how sad I feel... thinking about you all alone, in the streets, homeless and hungry!

You wouldn't believe all I eat mummy, even dessert.

Don't cry. I'll earn a lot of money when I grow older, and you'll have everything you need.

I saw you coming without shoes, mummy.

You don't have any shoes, mummy? I do have, sweetheart, but I'm saving them to use them when I get out of here, sweetheart... hopefully it will be very soon, my son.

I miss you so much, mummy. I want to stay with you.

I'll do no matter what so as to be brought to jail with you.

No! Don't do that, my son! I want you to be a good boy, a brave man.

I want you to wait for me.

I have offered my life to God so that you don't suffer as much as I have.

My darling, swear you'll be a good boy. - I swear, mummy.

I have to get back to work, mummy.

Don't cry. Look at me: I'm really happy because I've seen you.

Your attention, visits are over.

Be good my son. Yes, mummy.

Goodbye my darling. Goodbye.

Yes, Mr. Director. I'm glad you called, because I've wanted to talk about her for a long time.

Since she came, she hasn't eaten or slept.

If she keeps on like that, she won't last long.

She looks numbed, as if her heart was elsewhere.

And it is... it's with her son.

I've been a major for 10 years and I've seen lots of pain... but this one...

And why? Just because she freed the world from an outlaw... it's as if removing a cancer was a crime.

Sometimes, justice is most unfair.

Talk to her. Tell her we'll go over her case.

I hope we can give her some good news as a Mother's Day gift.

Polish your shoes, sir?


Here! Pick your shoes! Special offer for Mother's Day... for the queen of the house, the queen of shoes!

I've already shown you the cheapest ones.

These are all $12... standard size.

I only have $10, but I can bring you the other $2 on Saturday.

I have to go far away to see my mummy.

Leave the money here and come back on Saturday for the shoes.

I have to take them to her now, it's her Mother's day gift.

I can give you my newspapers and my box.

It's a shoe-store, not a bazaar.

Please sir, before they close.

Give me the shoes for my mummy. Only so you stop bothering me, but if you aren't here on Saturday, I'll sell everything.

Thank you, sir, you are very good. Which of them?

Too late, boy. Come back next Sunday. Let me in, sir.

I'm coming from far away to bring a Mother's Day present to my mummy.

Mother's Day is over, and visits as well.

Please, sir, let me in. I must give these shoes to my mum.

Don't you understand? It's over... how do I have to say it? Come on.

Don't be afraid, it's me. What are you doing here so late?

I arrived too late and they didn't let me in.

I wanted to give my mummy a pair of shoes.

Come with me, you'll see what we can do together.

Life is so bitter in here when you've got a beloved one outside.

And if the beloved one is a child... a child without any shelter.

God, why didn't he come?

You are not only going to offer shoes to your mother, but her freedom.

Take her far and away and make her forget.

These open bars give you the chance of a new life.

The past remains here. Move forward together.

Let the light of hope lead you to a peaceful place where you can still find love and care that should always shine over evil and ambition.

The end

C1950 Cinematográfica Calderón S.A. C2006 Mirada - Cóndor Media