Vijay (1988) Script

"Your action itself is your victory, is your victory"

"Geeta has been telling everyone since the time the world was made"

"Geeta has been telling everyone since the time the world was made"

"Your action itself is your victory. Is your victory"

"Victory, victory, its your victory"

"Action is your duty without which everything is action"

"Action is your duty without which everything is action"

"Your action itself is your victory, is your victory"

"Victory, victory, its your victory"

"Faith is your strength. Struggle is your devotion"

"Faith is your strength. Struggle is your devotion"

"Your action itself is your victory, is your victory"

"Geeta has been telling everyone since the time the world was made"

"Geeta has been telling everyone since the time the world was made"

"Your action itself is your victory, is your victory"

"Victory, victory, its your victory"

Victory or defeat, is not in your hands All you can do is put up the fight The battlefield you are about to enter... lies not without. It lies within At every step you must fight, for the truth, for justice, for your rights One thing you must remember. Only in deed lies the victory All students here have received their certificates Giving the last award is what is left The award to the outstanding student for all-round performance His name is...



Success has been our legacy Son, I am proud of you. Go ahead. Thank you, grandpa.

Thank you, sir. - Congratulations. Thank you very much.

Mummy, your blessing is what made this possible No son, it's the result of your hard work

Yes, Mummy.

Let's go Mummy Come on.

Daddy, you promised not to work today Please take all this away Daddy, you promised to take me to Goa today Well you see... Hurry up!

There are a few ends to be taken care of. If I leave now...

Hello Emperor!

May I come in?

Come on in, Gujral Yodhraj's doors are always open for you For me, this is a great honour I'm glad to see that Gujral has become the biggest broker in the market Don't you forget that it's with me your good fortunes began You started out working for me. There's an old saying about... following in the footsteps of the giant. Can I ever forget that?

Not that you should You can collect your cheque on account of your commission from the accountant

Never mind the commission. If I might share some profits...?

Understood. You want a part of the lion's share But the lion likes to eat his prey. And you are the lion of lions!

I am not asking for the lion's share. Some from the leftovers, perhaps...?

No Gujral.

I don't share my profits with outsiders Outsiders...? If there's anything else... or if you need my help for anything, make sure you tell me

All right, see you

Daddy, why did you refuse to give Uncle Gujral a partnership?

My child, you don't wear your shoes on your head I'll never understand you. Now hurry up... or someone else might barge in. Sir, did you ask for me?

Yes Mr Ajit. I hope you're ready. You're coming to Goa with me today On the way from the airport, we can take a look at the plot for the hotel Okay, sir.

Now, Madam, I am at your service.

Yes, daddy.

Suman, come inside


Bela darling, am I mistaken, or is he really Lala Yodhraj?

Yes, that's him. It's been over a year now.

Were it someone else he would've come to accept it.

But he's Yodhraj He won't some to terms with the times Hello, Lalaji!

Hello Mehra, how are you? First class.

Hi Raj. Hi Bela, ho are you?

Why are you sitting here all alone?

Haven't found company. You don't know how to make company You always put yourself before everyone else

You're just as humorous. You haven't changed a bit Nor have you. You've shut yourself out

So tell me Mehra, how's business?

First class.

Raj, have you made up with Suman?

Daddy! Surprise! I've made it! I've become what you never could!

Shashi, you've no idea what I could or couldn't become Oh I know! You can become a father, a husband, but not what I've become That's because you haven't a sister. I've become an uncle!

Suman has become a mother? Just the mother! I'm the uncle!

It's a boy. A grandson! Congratulations!


Congratulate me! He's my nephew. Daddy, I'm going to see my nephew Are you coming? No son, you go ahead Okay. Okay, Daddy.

Shashi! Yes Daddy?

Here's a gift for the baby. From me

That's your character. You miss your daughter You knew she's pregnant. You've even been carrying a gift for the baby But you won't make a truce with your daughter and your son-in-law And today, you even refuse to see your grandson?

Anyone from the family can represent me. Shashi has gone My handsome, boy! My darling!

Look Master nephew, your only uncle is here with your aunt-to-be to see you Oh, my dear nephew, my life.

Congratulations! It's a bonnie boy Thank you.

And why not? He looks just like his uncle Hey, you brother-in-law.

Not the uncle. He looks just like his father He has gone on his father and not on his uncle.

Neither Shashi, nor you. Then whom does he resemble?

His grandfather Oh, yes, Daddy, the great Raj.


How is Daddy?

Oh I forgot!

Daddy sends this for your son See what your grandfather has sent for you So true of Lala Yodhraj.

He sends his love in a gold coin Ajit, please. Sorry, darling.

Shashi. Yes sister?

Does Daddy think of me?

Could Daddy ever forget you?

For hours, he sits in front of your portrait in the study

So how far has the romance progressed?

Upto the point of no-return Make sure you think it over before taking the final step What's there to think about?

You're the answer to every question that Daddy can ever ask What you have done, I can do too No, you may not. I will not accept this marriage

Daddy, I'm talking about my marriage.

I've the right to decide, haven't I?

I have certain rights over you. Do you refute that?

The son of such a big businessman may not do anything without forethought Daddy, this isn't business. This is a matter of the heart And the heart thinks not

Kulkarni? From Poona? Yes, go on Yes, about that deal? All right, I'm sending Shashi over No, he's the one who will finalise this deal. Yes, he's going over Okay. okay. Yes.

I'm sure you know the deal I was talking about?

Daddy, I was talking about Rita.

Look son... go over there... strike the deal.

Let's talk afterwards. I need some time to think Daddy, we'll wait for your decision

The decision should be in the affirmative

What if he doesn't agree? How can he? He will agree He's my father. I know him! I just have to play the field I'm going to Poona tomorrow. The deal is tricky A government official holds the cards I'll have to give him a good treat, some scotch to pull off the deal Daddy will be elated. And we're through!

I hope you pull it of soon enough Why? Is someone else propositioning you?

I'm pregnant

Really? Yes

My first deal. I could do with your blessings You are a successful father's son. Success is in your blood Go, and have no doubt. I'll try to return after...

I've succeeded. You surely will Son, in this world, success is everything The man you're pitted against is cunning, conniving and conceited Never forget that. Yes.

Shashi, a gift for you With this pen, I signed my first deal I want you to sign your first deal with this pen Okay.

Bless me, Daddy

Daddy, that's a fine jacket. It'd match my trousers You like it?

When I wear it, I'll feel as if you're with me I'm always with you, son

May I leave?

Take care of yourself. You aren't alone now Come back soon

I didn't want to discuss this in Shashi's presence

Now tell me, what kind of response do you expect from me?

That, which would make your son happy.

And what about your wish?

I'll be happy with that which makes him happy I didn't rear my son so that he'd make me unhappy to make you happy Surely I'm not to blame for that?

I'm not accusing you But as a father, I have dreams for my children, my family I've tried, but I do not see you as part of my dreams

What of the dreams of others?

Daydreams are gone no sooner than you get out of the reverie Shashi's child is no daydream. It's reality

So this is how far it has gone My assumption was wrong For Shashi's antics, whatever they may be, I'm responsible to make good This is my cheque.

Once signed, it's no less than legal tender

Maybe you cannot even imagine what it's worth, if it's a blank cheque I want you to leave this city before Shashi returns Write up as much as you want I cannot go anywhere before I meet Shashi

Then I might have to think in terms of alternatives

"On the assurance of the Chief Minister the truck drivers..'

" have withdrawn their 21-day strike."

"This is All India Radio"

"One of Lala Yodhraj's private planes has met with an accident"

"His son Shashiraj was flying the aircraft"




"A bowl of 100"

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

"A bowlful of 100

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

"If a dog barks over your rooftop"

"If you have a dog that barks The thief will never come in"

"You can eat to your heart's delight While the monkeys keep watching"

"If you have a dog that barks The thief will never come in"

"You can eat to your heart's delight While the monkeys keep watching"

"Set the dog after the monkey The monkey will run away"

"80, 90, complete 100"

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

"If Vicky is angry with his mother"

"He can always talk to his uncle"

Uncle? My uncle?

What will my uncle say to my grandpa?

Grandpa Grandpa will say, "Grandpa is bad"

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

"If you can't count upto hundred"

"Your money is gone"

Friends, time has run against me. But one must go on living Circumstance has brought me to the crossroads Now I must take a new road.

And I know which road to take I am sure you will stand beside me I have transferred all shares belonging to my son Shashi... to my daughter Suman.

From today... Suman Bhardwaj will be the managing director

Daddy, why did you do this? I've done what I felt best About Ajit's opinion...

Ajit is not my problem.


After Shashi, I have only one hope left Vicky But Daddy... My child...

Now I am absolutely alone.

If at a time like this, you want to desert me... go on

As it is, Shashi has left me

Suman! Suman!


What do I call you? Lala Yodhraj's daughter... or Mrs Ajit Bhardwaj?

Or rather, the managing director of Yodhraj Enterprises?

What are you saying, Ajit? Would you rather that...

I become Mr Suman, not Ajit Bhardwaj?

So that people look up to you, and I have to lose face?

Was my love so cheap? You sold me out for pennies?

From being my wife, you've become Yodhraj's daughter When was I not Yodhraj's daughter? The wife was someone's daughter And now being daughter comes first?

Before I became your wife, I was... someone's daughter, someone's sister, and now, I'm someone's mother too.

Sometimes relationships matter more than love Even your tenor has changed, Suman!

Don't you grieve my brother's death?

My aging father will have to live all alone. Do you not feel?

His years of labour, all that he has built, might be ruined Don't you have a heart?

Having a heart doesn't mean having to sell my pride!

The Managing directorship, or being Ajit's wife? Decide. Here and now I did it when I married you. Marry me, you did But your father, you never forswore. You did leave your father's house But not entirely Sit on two boats, and you are doomed to drown If you wish to drown in that sea of power and money, suit yourself But I'm not going to let my son drown. I'm taking him away Don't you dare touch Vicky And no one dares raise his voice in this house No one can stop me from taking my son with me The mother's right overrides the father's in the matter of a child And who decides that? You?

The court will The court has heard both the sides Emotions cannot direct the course of the law None but the mother can take better care of the child The court has decided to let the mother have custody over the child

We're home, Mummy

Vicky my boy, come in Now you will use your education and expertise to manage Yodhraj Industries Good morning, sir.

Mr Dubey, what about that plot on Victoria Road?

Our efforts are on. But there's a problem

Mr Dubey, you receive your salaries Regularly Yes.

Never have I complained of any problems. Keep this in mind I want that plot at any cost This land is not for sale This land may be just a strip.

But for me, it's the world The dreams of my family are tied to this plot of land That dream is the purpose of my life Don't you ever set foot on this land again

Move it. Fast


All evening, I've had this itch But I didn't know why Now that I've seen you, I know why Sonny... get out of my way I'm Ujagar Singh Barking dogs don't make lions run Stealing is bad business.

Maybe they didn't tell you when you were a kid I will have to tell you Get lost!

This is Ujagar Singh! Our security officer. Why have you trussed him up?

Daddy, he's the one who has been robbing us. Today, I've caught him Biting the hand that feeds him?

Meena, call the police

Mr Gujral, did you call us?

Inspector, this is my security officer caught red-handed by my son Arjun... stealing what he's supposed to protect.

You decide what to do with him How come you employed him? He's a known criminal in these parts Remember one thing. Every sentence has a time frame You have stepped upon a snake.

The day I bite you, you'll be dead Let the government offer you hospitality before that

Hi Nisha.

Hey Nisha.

Angry with me?

You know how long I've been waiting?

Feels nice to know someone is waiting Had you waited, you'd know

Today's prize for waiting ... well let it wait Prize? Or bribe?

My word!

Vicky, why put a price to everything?

Because everything has a price, love Oh, come on, Vicky, not again.

Come on, sweetie. Hey sweetie, give me a smile.

Give me a smile. Smile. Smile. Come on, give me a smile.

That's it.

You're all salted Sweet at times, salty at times?

Looks sweet. Tastes salty Am I your girlfriend, or an advertisement for a biscuit?


Eat once, and you'd die to eat it again and again!

Hey Nisha. Hey Nisha.

Nisha, Nisha, Nisha.

Why is your heart pounding so hard?

Not pounding. It's saying something Saying what? Listen to it

I don't get it. You tell me You don't get it? No You are a bloody fool. I love you.

What happened? Why has the lift stopped Hey, you're a girl! So what?

I'm a boy. So what am I supposed to do?

How about doing something?

What nonsense!

The lift is stuck, and it's dark.

Something ought to be done Shut up!

Why are you getting worked up? We're helpless Will you shut up, please? Shutting up won't move the lift We might get suffocated. How about small talk?

I'll tell you my name. You tell me yours Let's exchange addresses, and when do we meet next?

What for? Why meet? Boy meets girl. After first sight... surely there's a second meeting? I don't want to see you ever again One must never decide in haste Will you keep quiet?

I'm scared of the darkness! Start the lift, I say!

How can I? I'm stuck with you. Oh, you!

Only one way to get over the scare. Let's tell jokes You are mad! Is this any place for joking?

Let me tell you a joke. I don't want to listen You have to do something to while away the time Chicago. The big city in America I know! I'm not a savage So you are listening The same thing happens over there. Lift gets stuck What's so strange? Boy and girl inside the lift Just like you and me. So what happened?

As luck would have it, the lift stays stuck for a year Nonsense! Can a lift stay stuck for a year?

Anything is possible! And if this lift stays stuck...

I'm afraid what happened there, might happen here too The girl must've died. No! After a year... when the lift started, she came out And there were three of them. Not two You idiot!

Thank you for your company

What Sapna? No wish, no greeting?

Oh, sorry, uncle, I..

Are you all right? Yes Is Nisha there? She's expecting you Okay.

Parveen, a glass of water, please Sapna.

Some more time in that lift, and I would've died Were you in the lift when the lights went out?

Unfortunately yes.


A boy was there too. How romantic?

Boy and girl. Shut inside the lift How was it? Anything happened?

You have a one-track mind. Love, you're pale And the dishevelled hair, the smeared lipstick, the pounding heart...

Something surely happened...? Shut up, pal.

You're always looking for excuses Ma'am, please. Oh, thanks.

He was a scoundrel Guess what he said?

Said, now that we're stuck, how about doing something?

Did you do something? stop it, pal.

Big trouble in the market. What do we do?

How am I concerned? But the prices have shot up So what. The deal isn't off. I bought long from you How can I deliver at these prices? That's what the trouble is about Trouble? What do you mean trouble, you treacherous fellow?

Treacherous, you are You don't know how to talk?

Get out from here!

Next time I see you in this office, I'll break your legs Daddy, why do you have to do business with people like these?

Hot-headed, isn't he? I should be scared They take advances, then they don't deliver, and they use foul language That's wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Don't mind my son, please The salaries. Check it out Gujral, you asked for 200,000.

Count it. The balance is 2.5 million Give it to me.

Count it first. You must've counted it already Don't trust anyone in money matters. Not even your father In business, you have to trust As long as money isn't involved Son, put the money in the bank

Hi, John.

I'll send in the papers tomorrow. Okay, alright.

Give my regards to Lalaji

Get them And that one That one too. He's with them Don't let him get away Yes, that one too Take them all away Don't let anyone go.

He was there too. Get that guy.

That one. Get this one too. Yes, take everyone away. Take everyone.

Are you okay? Fine.

My name is Vikram You can call me Vicky.

I don't think you know me. But I'm a smart cat Till today, I was impressed only with myself For the first time, someone else has impressed me. You My name is Arjun. And I'm as impressed with you as you are with yourself Smart you really are. With you beside me... why just these clowns, I could take on the whole city Is that so? In that case, I'm with you, always Let's shake hands

Hi Ravi. Enjoying yourself? Good.

Have a bite, pal. Not hot, is it?

No fun having it cold Vicky!

Welcome, buddy, welcome.

Come. Welcome. Glad you made it.

What style!


Lots of colour. All for your sake My sister, Meena Hi.


Hi Meena. Come on, pal, come on.

May I...? Go on Okay.


Yes, my brother said it's a swimming party My girlfriend, Nisha And this is my friend, Arjun There are some who are talked about even before they arrive And some are talked about even after they have left Have you come alone? No girlfriends?

Actually, girls are allergic towards me And boys?

There are lots of girls here. If you want my help, I could In friendship and in love, one takes no favours What do you say, Vicky? Right.

Well said. what can I get you to drink?

Juice. Don't be such a bore, pal.

I'm so thirsty. I'll get you a cold drink

Hi beautiful. May I have a dance with you? - No, thanks.

Come on, be a sport. Don't try to get fresh with me.

What? Have you fallen down from the skies? Come on Shut up!

Didn't you hear what the lady said?

And who are you? Her bodyguard?

I am your dad!

Hi Arjun, Suresh! Arjun, Suresh.

Take it easy. Cool it.

The two of you don't know each other. This is Suresh Padampati And he is her brother. Arjun Gujral

Then you I owe to.

Your dad has done us quite a few favours Please excuse us I don't know you. You will, soon. We should meet It was very important. Bye.

Come on, Arjun, don't spoil your mood.

What was he threatening me about? Who was he?

Padampati, the bankers. His father is the one who committed suicide Quite a ruffian Vicky! Hi.

Hi, welcome, welcome, welcome.

This is Arjun. And this is Sapna Nice Hey, this is a lady I was talking about daydreaming Vicky! Hi. - Excuse me.

Boy meets girl. After first sight, surely there's a second meeting?

'I don't have any intention of meeting you again.

As luck would have it, the lift stays stuck for a year Nonsense! Can a lift stay stuck for a year?

Anything is possible! And if this lift stays stuck...

I'm afraid what happened there, might happen here too The girl must've died. No! After a year... when the lift started, she came out And there were three of them. Not two

Are you taking it out on the fish?

Should I rather take it out on you? I am at your disposal, sir Not you. I want Gujral The friend who betrayed.

It was because of his deposition... that my father committed suicide.

Today I met his son And the story came back I will avenge my father I will force him to commit suicide Morning, darling. Hi sweetie pie.

Couldn't you sleep without me?

Up so early? I am. Still riding the lady?

So, it's you? But what's wrong with riding ladies, my love?

My love? Who are you talking to?

Is there anyone else over there?

No one else. What are you doing?

Calisthenics. Heads down, legs up Heads down... legs up?

Heads down... legs up? Are you mad?

I'm in the whirlpool In the bathtub? Without me?

In he bathtub? Vicky, are you mad?

Just a bit romantic Vicky, who are you romancing?

Who's the girl over there?

Who can it be but you, Nisha darling?

After you, it's time to pack up What's wrong with you up in the morning?

Wait. I'll talk to you later. Hold on Whom are you asking to wait?

Nisha darling, some trouble with the lines I will call you. I will call you back.

Yes, go on. What should I say, pal?

I had called up to thank you. Great party And the people you invited were great!

Stay with me, and you'll enjoy life.

Come to the point. Who's she? Sapna?

She's hot I like your choice Can you believe this? I didn't talk to her...

I didn't ask for her address, I didn't ask her telephone number Now how am I going to see her? I'll fix you a meeting I'll make your life.

By the way, what's your programme this weekend?

How about going for a picnic?

Picnic? Me? All right I can't refuse you. For your sake, anything We'll take Nisha along And of course, your hot... Sapna too You bloody fool, donkey. I am going to kill you.

What happened? Tell me, where's that girl?

Which girl? What girl? Careful!

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"In my breath, in my arms I hold you"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"In my breath, in my arms I hold you"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"The greens have touched the boughs"

"The clouds rain down the silver"

"The greens have touched the boughs"

"The clouds rain down the silver"

"It's a wet wet season"

"Careful when you traipse into my heart"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"I am the earth You are the skies"

"You I desire You are the one I love"

"Like the bow the body bends when I stretch"

"For you to gather in your arms"

"I am the earth You are the skies"

"You I desire You are the one I love"

"When the turbulence hits the veil"

"Like a poem, come to my lips"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"Like beads of water on fragile glass"

"The nights when hesitant eyebrows are downcast"

"The nights when hesitant eyebrows are downcast"

"Like beads of water on fragile glass"

"Like dark clouds my tresses"

"Come to me, like the spirits that intoxicate"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"In my breath, in my arms I hold you"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"Walk over the clouds"

"Traipse down the raindrops"

"Telephone call for Miss Neena Gujral."


How do you do, Miss Gujral?

Get out of my way.

Suresh Padampati never stops anyone For myself, I make way Darling, youth is blind, I know But not blind enough... not to notice a six foot tall man standing right in front of you Let go! I don't like this hooliganism a bit Not hooliganism, darling.

Sheer impulse After that hot steam bath

... this mad fever And the season... it's hot too!

I hope we don't end up burnt out without any action


The next time you tease my sister

... I'll kill you!

Son of a bitch!

This is a dangerous game you've started. I'll play the endgame

Enjoying themselves... and in a pretty romantic mood

They look elated.

Not for long now

Biloo, careful.

Don't worry On jobs like these, being careful is my forte One minute!

Maybe you needn't take the trouble at all Looks like he has struck up a feud with someone else too

One large whisky Are you kidding?

Boss has warned me against giving you even a glass of plain water on credit What's my balance?

Only 3500

Keep that Settle all his accounts Get two bottles of whisky.

Black Label Who are you?

Suresh Padampati Your motive behind this favour?

Arjun Gujral Our mutual enemy

You missed your target, but I didn't miss you You're a useful fellow.

What's your name?

Ujagar Singh I can give my life for you If the need arises, I'll take it I'm the best of friends As long as the glass is on this table, and as long as we are sitting here the whisky will keep coming. Okay?

When two friends shake hands... the days are numbered for the enemy Gorgeous! Whose office is this, Grandpa?

The new managing director's New managing director...?

But Mummy is the managing director I was. But, not anymore Then, who is it?

You Me...?

Yes. From this day, you're the managing director

Do you have faith in me?

My decisions are never wrong, Vicky Daddy has waited for this day.

Now, you have to prove your caliber Grandpa!

One who has Grandpa's blessings is bound to succeed Bravo! Just what I had wanted to hear from you Thank you.

I want to make you a gift.

Make a wish Really? Will you grant me whatever I wish for?

Sure. Go ahead.

Ask for the most priceless I want a private, personal, airplane


No, Vicky! Not a private aircraft And I hope you understand.


No way!

Son, not appealing enough.

A hotel should be designed... to set imaginations on fire Daddy, what do you have in mind?

That's the hitch. How do I spell it out? I'm not educated like you But if I see what I imagine, I'd tell you that's it!

I can't read your mind, can I?

True, too There's one man... but I don't know whether he will agree If we pay him for it, why won't he?

He's moody If he wilts, he'd do it for free.

If not, he won't. Not at any cost Who is he?

Ajit Bhardwaj.

People say you're a genius

They are right

I have business with you

Will you work for me?

No Because, what can you offer me but money?

Gentleman, 25 years ago...

I gave up more money than you can ever imagine Money bites. Money destroys the bond of love I hate money. With money, I've had this long-standing feud


Among friends, one raises cheer With friends, one shares a drink May I consider you a friend?

Come on, give him a drink.

I will have one more. On the rocks, pal.


A friend's enemy can never be your friend Whom do you consider an enemy?

The one who might intrude upon our relationship in the future Who might intrude upon our friendship?

The one who must not stand between us Who is this man?

Ajit Bharadwaj.

Some people loathe my very name.

In this city, they are the big shots Before you take a decision, think Mr Ajit, I am a humble man... but, I take my own decisions In that case, bye.

Arjun, I think you don't want to maintain our friendship Finding a friend was very tough.

How can I forsake a friend?

Then why do you do what I dislike?

I told you about Ajit Bhardwaj...?

Why do you hate Ajit Bhardwaj?

Forget him. I care for you You are my friend.

I don't want you to lose money How come you've entrusted a drunkard with such a big project?

Whether he boozes or does whatever else... that is his personal affair He has other personal affairs too.

Are you aware of that?

Was his wife to blame because she loved him?

She was someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's mother... but he abandoned her. Is his son to blame because he had a right... to his father's love... that, which he was deprived of Is his father-in-law to blame because... he regarded him as his son, after his son died?

He even wanted to give him all his wealth But in his arrogance, his egotism, he spurned everything And today... he blames everyone, but himself And he drowns himself day and night in liquor How do you know all this?

Because... he is my father

Oh, shit!

Look at that!

I am sorry, pal.

Can't you even reverse a car?

You crash my car, and you laugh?

There was someone else on my mind.

In that case, don't drive Look what you did.. Look at this. I am sorry, pal.

Sorry won't repair my car, will it?

I said, I'm sorry Drive carefully!

I am sorry, pal, I lost my temper.

My mistake too. I crashed into you too I am sorry. Sorry ma'am. Its okay.

Its okay, Vicky. Good night.

Good night. Good night.

Good night.

What does Arjun think of himself?

He doesn't even talk properly Why did you have to apologise?

Nisha, even I was at fault I was very upset.

I shouldn't have involved business with friendship

It's not right to mix business with friendship Vicky shouldn't have flared up over something so trivial It happens sometimes. Sometimes you vent your ire on someone else You might not feel it.

But I felt very bad

So tell me, what would you like?


Is there anything likable?

Don't ask me.

I like so many things I'm asking you.

I'll tell you later First, you tell me

If I did, you'd feel bad about it Out with it. I'll face it

I'd like to make love to you

Who's stopping you?

You are so hot!

You are sensuous!

You're so brazen!

Don't hold back, Sapna!

Leave me, please!

You are choking me... spare me a breath!


Arjun, I won't spare you!

I'll kill you!



Arjun! Arjun..

..who was that?

When hero romances heroine, who pops up?

Villain Careful with that!

You are right. He is the villain Poor boy! My hero is injured!


A few more punches, and he would've made my day!

Shall I make your day?

Who's stopping you?

Plane! Plane!

I think we have a full quorum.

Shall we proceed with the meeting?

A few more moments, sir.

We are expecting Mr Gujral

I apologise for being late I'm Ajit Bhardwaj.

I'm representing Gujral Enterprises Hello.

Had I wished to shake hands with you, I would've done it 25 years ago

I can't stay here any longer.

Please forgive me

Audacity! How can Ajit stand up to you?

Uncle, this is a conspiracy against you Ajit has been appointed to humiliate you What makes them, father and son, so proud? Just a strip of land?

Uncle, time was when you ruled the roost Your enemies would opt out of projects that you took up But times have changed.

People have started challenging you

Vultures fly closer as the lion ages

And there's an adage you haven't heard of The tiger becomes ferocious once it is wounded

When you were a nobody, you used to beg Yodhraj for favours You think you've become big enough to throw your weight around?

Have you forgotten how much you are obliged to him?

There are no obligations In today's times, one who isn't profitable is kicked out Besides, my father has done enough for Mr Yodhraj He has taken more than he has given.

And he is still offering more He's offering a hundred times the price you paid for that plot And he is doing no favours.

This is the value of real estate If we sell, we ought to get more Son, Mr Yodhraj has done a lot for me. We have to give an answer The answer is, sell the land There's more profit in building the hotel Just book profits. There offer is for 5 million. Just pick it up Are you trying to lure us?

Am I luring?

Have you ever seen 5 million in cash?

Even if you and your Dad sit counting, you won't be through in a day's time Then we must show you how to count You expect us to bow under pressure?

The hotel is our dream.

Our dreams we will never sell Welcome Mr Gujral.

I have been expecting you Long live the Emperor!

How come the Emperor steps down from his throne to welcome a pauper?

It's my duty to welcome a guest.

Your wish is my command Business goes on, Mr Gujral But I'd rather we shared the bonhomie of yore I'd like that too. But what can I do?

Arjun is adamant about the hotel Why break his heart? You take a step forward, and I take a step too Besides, Vicky and Arjun have been friends for years It'd be difficult to compromise about the hotel How about me financing the project?

You keep owning the land How about a partnership?

You and I would both own the hotel What little I have learnt, I have learnt from you I do not give partnerships to outsiders

If this is your principle too, then very well


Not to worry

It will not go waste

Why isn't Mr Mehra here?

I don't know. I haven't seen him in sometime

What's this about?

Mr Indersen Gujral...?

I am. Yes, what is it?

You may not carry out any construction on this plot. Court's orders Who has brought this injunction?

Lala Yodhraj Bhalla Lala Yodhraj Come on, son What do you want?

What can you give anyone?

All you know is how to snatch!

From friends and family And I addressed you as the Emperor!

What a waste! I regret it Hold your tongue, Gujral We are from the times when etiquette mattered more I saw you build your empire brick by brick. And I rejoiced Now you won't even let me lay my first brick! You send me an injunction?

This allegation you should level against Mehra. Not against me Why are you venting the ire on me?

Am I not entitled to my money?

I have never taken money from you But you have taken from Mehra.

Yes, I have taken And you signed promissory notes?

Yes, I did Mehra needed the money.

He couldn't recover from you So he sold me the promissory notes.

Now I have to recover from you Excuse me, Mehra never needed the money. You needed that land Mehra hasn't sold you the promissory notes. You bought him out Mind your manners, young man Daddy, he's the Emperor who feels slighted at being refused what he asks He asks for land, and we refuse.

And he feels slighted Unless you pander to the whims of these, the high and mighty... they will send you notices, they will drag you to court they will send you to jail!

My boy...! - Not land, this is battle is about principles We retain Ajit, he became jealous.

We refuse him, and he loses his head Not the land, he wants to buy us out!


God has given you everything Vicky.

Everything, but principles How could you play so dirty for a piece of land?

You're asked to pay back what you owe, and you take to the streets?

Not what I owe... what I owe to the traitor Shut up.

So the truth is bitter?

Hurts, does it?

Another word, and I'll break your face High and mighty you might be.

But you are such lowly creatures Will you start a war over something as trivial?

If you consider this a war, then war it is On the battlefield, neither would I turn my back But on condition that I get to fight someone who is man enough Arjun, you are crossing your limits.

Your limits I know very well!

You are even ashamed to accept your own father Arjun!


"Your eyes are mine"

"Your eyes are mine"

"Make me weep if you want"

"My heart is yours to keep"

"My heart is yours to keep"

"Share your sorrows with me"

"Your eyes are mine"

"If you are morose, I shall find no happiness"

"Why are you looking so lost?"

"If you are morose, I shall find no happiness"

"Why are you looking so lost?"

"Let my lips smile for you"

"Your eyes are mine"

"So what if the path is dark?"

"I am holding your hands"

"So what if the path is dark?"

"I am holding your hands"

"I will be your lamp Light me"

"Your eyes are mine"

Were you sleeping?

No, I was awake Are you coming today? Yes At what time?

Eleven Okay, bye.

We used to go hang out together.

It was so much fun For nothing, Vicky and Arjun have picked up this fight Arjun is taking this too far.

He shouldn't have insulted Grandpa Look, don't you take sides with your boyfriend Vicky is as much at fault. Why can't he be annoyed... if Arjun insults his grandpa?

And what a friend has Vicky been!

They were performing the inaugural rites when Vicky sent that notice Should he rather have used those promissory notes to impound the land?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Your father is in league with Lalaji!

He sold the promissory notes Don't you drag my Daddy into this.

Why not? He's the root cause Shut up! You shut up!

If you utter another word against my Daddy...

I won't see your face ever again!

Who wants to look at your face?

Go to hell! I care a damn!

You go to hell!

Hello, Mr. Kujral.

Yes Khatri, what is the matter?

I have bad news. What happened?

Lala Yodhraj's lawyer has sent this notice Unless his client is repaid in three months... they will seek to liquidate us. I knew!

Someday Lala Yodhraj would do just this

Wasn't stalling the hotel enough?

Now you send me a liquidation notice?

What else am I to do, if you refuse to pay me?

I'm not talking money, Emperor!

You want to strip me naked!

In market parlance, one who cannot repay his debts is called naked You insult me, and you expect me to take care of your clothes?


There's an old saying, Lalaji Rouse the cat, and it will scratch out a tiger's eyes Do not trespass your limits, Gujral!

If you try to strip me, you will not wear clothes either For you, I have done a thousand sins.

The skeletons in your closet... the dead over whom you have erected your palaces... I know it all!


That story about the hotel in Goa.

I know! The old woman you bought out... died begging on the streets!

The loads of forged documents... the officials involved... the ones who were bribed... I know all about it!

I belong to your past If mine is a glass house ... then yours is too The shards from my broken house will surely fall upon yours Shut up!

Lala, I even know your family.

Your father was a corrupt official He'd even pick up coins from shit!

I even know all your ancestors Thieves! Traitors! Opportunists!

You may have raised yourself to a position from where... all you survey looks insignificant.

But I am not as insignificant... as you presume! Scoundrel! I'm going to kill you!

You think you stand so tall?

Have you forgotten that your father was a clerk serving me?

He'd cringe before me!

He'd say, please do something for my son! I promoted you!

From clerk to commission agent!

When you started out in business...

I was the one who invested!

When you were building your house... it was I, who gave you money!

I even paid for your wedding!

On my handouts, you have prospered!

And today, you are a man of esteem?

You dare scratch out my eyes?

You dare stone my house?

It takes a man of steel to abuse Yodhraj!

You have insulted me!

You have arraigned my legacy I'm going to make sure you don't have enough to pay for your funeral!

You are a rogue! A cur!

You are an ingrate!

Get out of here!

You have not known what my anger is!

I'll show you what I am!

I'll show you what Yodhraj is!

Gujral, get out!

Arjun! My son! The war has begun!

Yodhraj has gone mad!

Says, he is going to starve me! Says, I won't get a penny even if I beg!

Not even enough to pay for my funeral!

Nothing of the sort will happen His success has gone to his head!

He thinks he is God!

He thinks he rules the world!

If I want, I can ruin him right now!

But no! I was born of decent parents.

I'll never harm one who has favoured me We must pay him back immediately!

How, Daddy?

Right now!

And Rani, give me all your jewellery. Spare Nina's This is the day it was all made for. Think of it that way Go to the factory.

Start double shifts Sell all you can to put the money together Take loans from the banks.

I'm going to Hyderabad I'll sell the harvest of grapes for all I can get And I'll throw the money on Yodhraj's face!

Daddy, would that be enough?

Son, we are he ones who have carved our own destinies!

God stands by those who are clean at heart

Down with Mr Gujral!

Down with Mr Gujral!

Down with Mr Gujral!

Down with Mr Gujral!

Down with Mr Gujral!

Your reward Now you're in line Keep playing your cards Some day, we will surely have our revenges

Who is it?

Don't you see? I'm busy What's the matter?

Yes, people might come here.

But she isn't that type Who are you talking to? The water, the flowers What about...?

They are discussing you Discussing me...? What?

What? Do I tell her?

Why, are you scared now? Then why talk about it?

Come on, tell me They say that folks come here to take advantage of females You have come with a beautiful damsel. Go ahead, go ahead. Have a good time.

You stupid idiot.

They say, you've brought one great piece! Keep it up! Enjoy!

"Life is all about love"

"Life is all about love"

"What of the earth, what of the skies...?"

"Tell me, I'll change the world"

"Life is all about love"

"New colours will light up our dreams"

"The song will be the same Sung on other lips"

"New colours will light up our dreams"

"The song will be the same Sung on other lips"

"Let's live like this as long as we live"

"Let's break all the rules"

"Life is all about love"

"What of the earth, what of the skies...?"

"Tell me, I'll change the world"

"Life is all about love"

"Life is all about love"

I have weathered many storms.

But this has blown me off my feet Rani, I need your help I'd give my life for you But, I find no hope How I wish, you'd understand what a woman has in her heart. You're a man Is that my fault? How can I tell Arjun that he is...

What is it? You were discussing something about me Why are you silent?

Daddy, you look troubled

Mummy, tell me. Have I done something wrong?

I am your son. I want to share your joys and your sorrows

Let me share your sorrows.

I'd be happy to... Daddy...?

Who is this Rita?

Rita is your mother!

Rita used to work in my office When she married, whom she married, I do not know One day she said that she has a son.

But for some reason... she could not give him his father's name She wanted me to adopt the baby.

I adopted you Afterwards, she disappeared After all these years, here comes this telegram, from a convent in Darjeeling


My son.





My son.


God bless you, son.

God bless you, son.

God rest her soul She was a good soul, my son.

She stayed alive, just to meet me Those few moments matter more than a lifetime for me My son.

This is all your mother had.

Accept these as her blessings

Which means that Lala Yodhraj is your grandfather

Forgive me son, I was about to set a family at war But now I have decided.

I will fight it out alone Your fight is mine, Daddy.

I am your son No son. Blood is thicker than water Why make war within the family?

What if it makes a man feeble?

Home is where the heart is, Daddy

Maybe for this day, my mother had named me Arjun When I go into battle, I must forget what is family, what isn't The only thing I should remember is the truth, and righteousness This is Arjun's religion This is my duty

Can't you drive?

Someone is standing in the middle of the road

Have you gone mad?

Yes. I have gone mad

Chauffeur, move

Uncle, did you ask for me?

Gujral is resorting to arm twisting He has let loose his dog after me He has bitten off more than he can chew. Tell me, what is to be done?

I want Gujral to be driven into auctioning off all he possesses Friends, now that the house has been auctioned off... it's the turn for the furnitures.

This dining table is worth 50,000 The bidding begins

8,000 10,000

12,000 16,000 Going for 16,000... one... two...

Sold for 16,000

Now this sofa set This is an expensive sofa set.

Please give your bids

6,000 7,000

14,000 18,000 Going for 18,000... one... two...

Sold for 16,000

Everything has been auctioned off But the amount under croke has not yet been raised Now Indersen Gujral now goes under the hammer No! I'm not going to let this auction happen!

What happened to you?

Who's auctioning... what?

It's nothing What is the matter, Mummy?

Your father cried out in his sleep.

Nowadays, he's so disturbed I don't know what's wrong with him I know You're worried about the debts, isn't it?

We were pitted against men. Now it's like being pitted even against God This bad patch will blow over, Daddy.

I know son. This kind of a thing... has happened several times in my life.

I have never been afraid Then what is it today?

Then I was young.

I could put up a fight Today I am young. I can fight You were alone.

Now there are the two of us Together, we can weather the worst of storms

As long as I am alive, nothing will happen to you May you live a thousand years!

You are my right hand, son I'm not going to run scared

What is the matter, doctor? Is everything all right?

Lalaji is in poor health.

His blood pressure has increased again Looks like he is in some tensions.

He should rest for a few days I'm leaving. I'll be back for a check-up tomorrow morning Thank you, doctor.

Vicky my child, come


What is the matter, Grandpa?

How are you?

It's nothing. I was just a bit worried.

So I called the doctor over

You seem disturbed of late.

What is it?

Nothing important, son Maybe not important, but it surely is something

Tell me. If not me, whom are you going to tell?

You are right, son. If not you, who?

I'm tired of the antics of this Gujral's son

I am not of the age when one ignores taunts

Don't worry. Everything will be all right

I want to tell you my story It's the story of my life.

It doesn't involve you Nevertheless, listen I was very young then Too young even to know that my father had deserted me Why?

He never tried to tell me the reasons.

And I never felt the need... to ask of a father like him.

Do you know why?

Because my aged yet able grandfather had already taken up my responsibility Never would he allow me to feel the need for anything I am what I am today, all because of him If anyone tries to hassle him, or makes him unhappy...

I'm going to kill him.


This is what I came to tell you


I too want to tell you something The one who did all this for you, the one you're threatening me about... is your grandfather, your own blood.

But the man who has done for me... is no one to me, nor am I related to him

If anything happens to him, I won't spare you

I'm going to kill you


For the last time, let's shake hands over this

I will not ask you where you are going The murderous vengeance in your eyes tells me that... you are going to kill Lala Yodhraj And the outcome... the outcome is just what Yodhraj wants A life sentence for you And for Mr Gujral's widow and daughter, destitution

Let them burn in this fire But to do that, you will have to put your head over your heart

Lalaji, this is Arjun I have good news for you Your old friend Mr Gujral has just committed suicide

But this is the last piece of good news From now on, every news will be bad news I'll keep you updated

By this fire I swear... your dream hotel will come true All your life, you have walked with your head held high I will not let your head hang in shame With every drop of my blood, I shall repay every penny you owe

"In faith you shall find power"

"In confrontation you shall earn your confidence"

"In faith you shall find power"

"In confrontation you shall earn your confidence"

"In your deeds"

"You shall find victory"

"You shall find victory"

"Ever since this world was created"

"Says the Gita"

"Ever since this world was created"

"Says the Gita"

"In your deeds"

"You shall find victory"

"You shall find victory"

"Victory! You shall find victory"

"You shall find victory"

Every wall in the city will carry this poster I assure you, victory will be ours The first installment Sons have avenged their fathers But no son has ever paid the price for his father's murder This is just what I am doing What nonsense?

Not nonsense. It's the truth.

My father was a proud man You cornered him over a false claim, you strangled him He did not commit suicide. He was killed. And you are his murderer Shut up!

Do you know who you are talking to? One more word... and I'll rip your tongue out!

What else can you do?

But after I've turned on the heat, you will find it hard to breathe Get out of here! Get out of here!

Absolutely sure.

What's this?


Yes, sir.

Who put up these posters?

I don't know, sir.

You don't know?

Were you sleeping?

Rip those off! Yes, sir.

Is my name written on it?

Why raise your voice? You're drawing attention

Come on

Did you put up all the posters? Yes And what happened? They are very disturbed Disturbed they will be, once the hotel is built

Magic can be a novel method of occupational therapy by extending its..

Good morning. Morning.

Morning. Good morning.

Come, sit down. How about breakfast?

I've had breakfast Come on have something. Have a papaya, it id delicious. Ramji!

What brings you so early?

I'm here to meet Uncle What am I being glad about?

Anything special?

I'm organising a show I want you to be the chief guest.

You should've tried a film star Is your value any less than a film star's?

You're running for the elections.

You need all the exposure you can get That's true. When is this show?

Next Sunday please.

Was that a show or an advertisement for murder?

You called us in to show us that? Is this the exposure you planned?

For which you had come to give an invitation?

I don't know who did this. Who was she?

Who was that girl? Where is that girl? Who was that? You ask her!

Quiz her! I've tried to locate her But she vanished. I don't know a thing, Vicky I don't know anything.

I know who's behind this I know who is behind this. I know who is behind this.

I swear I'm not going to let him live! - You will do nothing Don't you forget that we live in glass houses For the media, we are news. Our every act is monitored If we do anything, it can only go against us No Grandpa, no! You will do nothing, Vicky For my sake, please.

Did the fashion show go well? Yes

Now Yodhraj is running for office. Let me brief you what has to be done.

Politics has become a business The sacrifices of our forefathers are mere stories Their photographs are used merely to decorate In a situation like this, asking for votes and making promises... is like spinning a yarn. It's ridiculous But I shall try to...

But I shall try to...

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Arjun! Arjun!


What do you want?

Where's Arjun? Arjun isn't here You tell him if I see him I will kill him.

Tell him

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral?

Who killed Gujral? Shut up!, you bastard!

What happened, Daddy?

You are okay?


Everything is all right.

Go to sleep I'm all right


Yes Mr Sharma, where are you speaking from?

Ward 9...? What's the position over there?

17,000 votes?

Grandpa, we are leading by 17,000 votes What? We are in a strong position?

Hello brother Kishore.

Listen to me. Go for a recounting. Something might go wrong over there Till the last update, the trend is in our favour Counting has started in Ward 20. But no reports have come out yet Grandpa.

The trend is favouring us. Barring mishaps, you will win Trailing? How can that be?

Lalaji, Arjun speaking I warned you that I'd have bad news for you You have lost Badly. You have lost your deposit

Now wait for the next piece of bad news You will have it soon Greetings. This is a special bulletin about the by-elections The counting of votes in all wards in the South constituency... has been completed. The result have been declared Noted industrialist Yodhraj Bhalla who was contesting... as an independent candidate, has lost by a margin of 57,703 votes

He has lost!

"They're thieves... they're amazing"

"They're thieves... they're amazing"

"They're into thievery; it's difficult to escape them"

"They're into thievery; it's difficult to escape them"

"Watch your pennies... they're simply amazing"

"Watch your pennies... they're simply amazing"

"Where will you take that slender waist?"

"Where will you take that slender waist?"

"Your youth causes you danger"

"Your youth causes you danger"

"They're into thievery, it's difficult to escape them"

"They're into thievery, it's difficult to escape them"

"Put away your money... they're amazing thieves"

"Put away your money... they're amazing thieves"

"Those boys are thieves... they're amazing"

"Your gait causes many hearts to skip a beat"

"Your gait causes many hearts to skip a beat"

"The Chaudhary rubs his hands in desire..."

"The Chaudhary rubs his hands in desire..."

"Watch your money... they're thieves"

"Watch your money... they're thieves"

"Watch your pennies... they're simply amazing"

"Watch your pennies... they're simply amazing"

"Those boys are thieves... they're amazing"

"Those boys are thieves... they're amazing"


Don't spare anyone!


Bash them up! Each and every one of them!

Hit them!

Spare no one! Bash them up!

Bash them up! They want to take our livelihood away You ought to dress up like women!

You guys think you are too smart! You can't do something so simple?

Come with me. I'll avenge my grandfather's defeat Bring the car around

Hit him!

I told you Arjun, my grandfather is very dear to me And I told you too, that someday, I'd get even

Get out of here



Is everything all right? Nothing is all right

Arjun has been beaten up badly. I'm calling you from the hospital

Is Vicky at home?


How is Vicky involved?

Would I wake you up so late at night, had Vicky not been involved?

Vicky isn't at home

Arjun, this police officer has come to record your statement

Inspector, please.


How did this happen? Who were they? Why did they attack you?

It's nothing like that Don't be silly, Arjun.

This is not the time to cover up for crimes. Tell the truth Who were the ones who were trying to kill you?

I didn't recognise anyone. It was dark It's dark in here! You've been brainwashed!

I know who is forcing you to keep mum.

You aren't doing the right thing Take it easy, Mr. Bharadwaj.

So, yes, Mr. Arjun Gujral.

D'you remember the registration number of the car they used?

I am sorry. I didn't notice anything. Never mind In time, you might remember. Excuse me, Mr Bhardwaj

Not the right thing to do, Arjun. I called in the police... and you say you have seen no one

... the ones who tried to kill you!

You know fully well. But you want to save him... because he happens to be my son.

And I happen to be ashamed to call him my son He would've been put paid. But Ajit came by He, that root cause. I don't know what to do Why do you bother me with such trivia?

Some decisions, even you can take

Suman, 25 years go, I swore not to enter this house Today, for Vicky's sake, I have broken my promise I didn't want Vicky to become someone like Yodhraj.

Which he has become Like Yodhraj, he's trying to buy the law Like Yodhraj, he thinks of life as a game of chess, people are his pawns Remember one thing, Suman In these murderous games, not only the loser loses Even the winner loses. Stop lecturing No one here needs lectures. A lecture you need It's my duty to stop you from self-destruction Because... you are my son, an I am your father Get this clear, Mr Ajit Bhardwaj. I am not your son And you are not my father You should've slapped him like that a long time ago You are too late This situation need never have arisen.

Today, it's Arjun who's in the hospital Tomorrow, something might happen to Vicky Remember this. Come what may, Vicky is our son, born of our love If anything happens to him, I will never forgive you Never will I forgive you

Vicky! Bastard!



The spawn of a snake can only be a snake Now I know what you are! Just wait and see

What's wrong with you? Are you mad?

You could get hurt That bastard Suresh... shot at him

... he might have been hurt And then I lost my mind

... something happened I pounced on him... but why...?

I don't know...

Why... how did this happen?

And I did it for that man...?

Son, when someone related to you is attacked, you react naturally

Had I known that my wounds would bring you back to me...

I would've cut myself open long, long ago

So these photographs are a substitute for your son?

Not mere photographs.

For me, this is life

I ask you, as you needed your son, did your son not need his father?

Not love, this is being self-centered

Not being self-centered.

It's self-respect Respect of the self meant more to you than your son's happiness?

Some live for wealth Some live for fame Some live for love But I had nothing to live by but my self-respect Did you not look beyond that wall of self-respect?

Over on the other side, there was a whole new world The world your only son was born into And he needed a finger to hold on to, while he learnt how to walk Did you not even feel the need to know how he was growing up, step by step?

He needed something more than food and clothing That something was a father's love. Before the father's love... there stood another barrier.

Maybe you have not noticed it It was a wall of hatred. Lala Yodhraj's hatred Was that hatred stronger than our love?

Do not think that I did not challenge that wall of hatred

But wall would not give in.

It was I who crumbled And having said that, you absolve yourself of all responsibility?

You crumbled; I was denied a father's love I have only half an identity Who will make good my loss?

Time Vijay, time heals all wounds Whether what happened was good or whether it was bad... leave that decision to time What nonsense!

Yodhraj enterprises hasn't enough in the bank to pay the staff?

Are you out of your mind?

Do you realise what you are saying?

Sir, the cashier has just returned empty-handed from the bank The month's salary cheques to the tune of 900,000 could not be encashed Nonsense!

Who are these people? Who are these people?

They are our suppliers.

Their cheques have bounced too No, never! - The bank has refused to renew our letters of credit The earnest monies to be deposited for government contracts have bounced The bank has failed to encash the cheque for 600,000... relating to the real estate business. What is all this going on?

Call the bank immediately!



Yodhraj speaking Why are my cheques bouncing?

What's the balance on my account?

Just a minute, sir.

1,200 Its impossible!

Only a few days ago, the balance exceeded 5.6 million You are right, sir.

You drew 5.6 million in cash yesterday.

Wrong! I signed no cheque for 5.6 million!

I'll send them all to jail!

Check it again! Was that my signature?

We're being subjected to a big fraud!

But arrange to pay off everyone But... No buts!

Mortgage a hotel, or sell a factory!

But by this evening, the payments have to be made!

Okay, sir.

Hello. Yes.

The cheque bears your signature What? I am coming there right now.

This is a leaf from one of your old chequebooks But the signature is yours. And it's dated yesterday

Old chequebook...!

Once signed, it's no less than legal tender Maybe you cannot even imagine what it's worth, if it's a blank cheque

I am sorry, Mr. Shetty.

The signature is mine. And I have issued this cheque


At last, after 25 years, you have taken your price Not 5.6 million, not all the wealth in this world... can compensate for the way you were insulted

I just want to see him suffer

Bless me mother, that I may be able to repay your debt


Arjun speaking, Mr Yodhraj The markets are hot with news about you I hear you don't even have money to pay your staff...?


Not to get worked up, Lalaji Losing money is perhaps the biggest blow to you Life and death is trivial by your standards But for me, keeping the enemy alive, not letting him die, is more fun Shut up! - Tell me, how much money would you need?

I could have it sent over Say 2 million, 3 million, 5 million? just shut up!

Alcohol is no solution to any problem Were it not for this mistake I committed 25 years ago... you would be known today as Vikram Bhardwaj, not Vicky But who gives me my identity? You. Only you, my son I am the one who is responsible for the state you are in I got carried away by emotions. Everyone gets carried away But you sold out to the man for whom people are no more than pawns You, me, Rita, Shashi, Vicky ... we were all pawns My brother's death obfuscated my reasoning I saw my father lonely and helpless.

A daughter's heart was stirred I could not become a good wife, a good mother But today Vicky, you must make a good son Whom shall I ask for those lost days and nights?

Man he is, who rises from the ashes Vicky, problems come in every man's life.

In life, every man will have to fight his war And every mother wishes that her son will stand up like Arjun


Why are you sitting here in the dark?

For 25 years, I have lived in this darkness

I held on to your finger when I learnt how to walk

And till today, it is your finger that guides me

I do not accuse you

I was the one who was blinded by love, and consigned to this darkness

I think you have had too much to drink

Yes I... am drunk So drunk, that I am not afraid to speak the truth... nor afraid to hear the truth... nor afraid to know the truth...

And the truth is Grandpa, you are hiding behind lies And I... I am with you

I'm just one of your lieutenants And the war I'm fighting, is meaningless, purposeless All I can do, is keep fighting, or just lose out Because in the end, it's truth that triumphs Enough of rhetoric, Vicky. Now stop drinking

If I stop drinking, I'll come to my senses And the lies will start looking like the truth I'm only your shadow Your loves are my loves Your hatred is mine And by and by, I have lost myself, my identity I have even lost my father

To meet your selfish ends, you have denied me my father's love You've made an orphan out of me In you, as in me, only one man lived. Lala Yodhraj Bhalla Now there's no place for Lala Yodhraj Bhalla in this house Because, this house is mine! I want to live in this house!

I have arrived!

From now on, I am the son of Ajit Bhardwaj...

Vikram Bhardwaj

Vikram Bhardwaj

Alone I am all alone, Shashi

You left in such a huff, son Not even in my dreams did you come back to me

Suman is gone

And now the one in whom I saw my future, has gone away too

Yes son Now...

Vicky has left too

I am broken... tired


Lalaji, Arjun speaking I just received some bad news Your daughter and your grandson have deserted you

So I decided, why not talk to you for a while... to console you The house must be as lonely as a graveyard

You should expect another piece of bad news, Lalaji I will come myself to give you the news

Suresh here.

I remember telling you that a tiger comes to his element..

..when he's wounded

Arjun has wounded me Only his death can salve my wounds For which I'm willing to pay any price You needn't pay any price, Uncle. Your work will be done Arjun's hotel is being inaugurated today I will give you the good news today itself Bye.

I was coming to meet you, Arjun Me...?

I want to tell you that if we couldn't stay friends for long... would it not be better if we didn't stay enemies for long...?

What do you say?

You have taken a weight off my chest


My son!


Am I dreaming?

A dream shattered You've shattered a thousand dreams too You...?

How dare you come here?

And what have you come to take?

Beyond the give and the take, you still cannot think, Mr Yodhraj But today, I come not to take. I have come to give I have come to return what a woman entrusted unto me Woman... who? The woman you tried to buy out The one whose love you took for a commodity The price for which, was no more than a blank cheque Writing cheques out of millions stashed in the bank, that you know But you have not learnt how to appreciate human beings

This coat... do you recognise it?

Maybe this pen?

A copy of that blank cheque might remind you of something?

Blank cheque?

Which blank cheque?

The cheque that lay under the pillow..

..of that unfortunate woman for 25 years But when presented to your account, it shook you to the very foundations All these things... did you get these?

Who are you?

This is what I have come to ask you. Who am I?

I do not know. But give that coat and that pen to me They carry memories of my son Not so easily. They will have to be a transaction Keep this. A cheque for 5.6 million.

The money I drew from your account In return, you will have to give me back my mother and my father But I do not know who your parents are You know! You know everything!

This pen and this coat you had given to my father Shashiraj Bhalla And the cheque you gave to my mother Rita And I am the son of your unfortunate son, Mr Yodhraj!

You are Shashi's son?

My Shashi's son?

It's my blood that runs in your veins!

Arjun, I am Shashi's father!

You are my grandson!

You are my future, son!

Stay away Stay away from me In grief, sorrow and misery you and I are related to each other There is no other relationship I refuse to accept you as my grandfather To me you are no one

What hurts a man most is the victory of his enemy. Not his own loss

My hotel is being inaugurated.

This is the invitation.

Make sure you come I will be glad to see you unhappy

Ujagar, the time has come to settle all the scores Don't worry. Everything is in place What is the plan?

See this bomb?

The blue wire activates it When one goes off, a series of blasts will follow Any chances of a mishap?

Only one chance What? - If this blue wire is severed, or somehow disconnected...

..not one bomb will go off What if someone cuts it off? Then I shall kill him!

Then I will kill him.

What time do you want it set for?

The inauguration is at midnight..

It's supposed to be auspicious.

Then it'll be very auspicious for us If the inauguration and the closure happens simultaneously... it's going to be fun!

That's what will happen. Don't worry All set.

Show me a sample

"In your deeds will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"In your deeds..

..will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"Every moment is a moment of test"

"This is the law of life"

"Every moment is a moment of test"

"This is the law of life"

"In your deeds..

..will you find your victory" will you find your victory"

"Strange is the journey"

"At every breath, the unknown"

"Every man seeks himself"

"Strange is the journey"

"At every breath, the unknown"

"Every man seeks himself"

"False are all the relationships"

"False is our relationship"

"It is all a game of the time"

"In your deeds..."

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"Every moment is a moment of test"

"This is the law of life"

"In your deeds..."

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"The terrain is rocky"

"Every goal is distant"

"Yet we have to live our lives here"

"The terrain is rocky"

"Every goal is distant"

"Yet we have to live our lives here"

"What fate has destined"

"No one has known"

"Who knows what the future holds?"

"In your deeds..."

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"Every moment is a moment of test"

"This is the law of life"

"Every moment is a moment of test"

"This is the law of life"

"In your deeds will you find your victory" will you find your victory"

Someone has wired the hotel with bombs Bomb!

The hotel is wired with bombs! Get out! Fast!

Come on, get out.

Please, come on, come on. Move it. Move, move!


What's going on over here?

Someone has wired the hotel with bombs Bomb? Yes. - No! This can't be!

Where's Arjun? Arjun?

Grandpa, get out of here! Please I can't go anywhere! It has taken me

25 years to get here!

What are you saying? I want to rejoice with Arjun!

I cannot leave this place.

He is my flesh and blood! He is Shashi's son!

He's your cousin, Vicky!


There's no one over there Arjun, my son...


I just came to know you are my cousin!

Come! Embrace me!

Please get out of here Don't risk your lives You must come with us too..

For you, I'll give up a thousand hotels like this.

I cannot go anywhere I have to repay my mother's debt I have to make Mr Gujral's dream come true I have to pay back the debt of my life For me, this is the moment of reckoning Live and die I will, with this hotel If that is the case Arjun, you aren't alone We are with you But where are those bastards?

Won't make a difference even if they come to know Death stalks them at every turn It's 11:30 now. At the strike of 12 this will turn into rubble Come, let's watch the fireworks from Juhu Beach

Just a few minutes to go before the bombs go off

Bash up the guy!

Where are the bombs? Tell me! I won't!

Tell me! Where are the bombs?

Tell me! Where are the bombs?

Tell me! Where are the bombs?

Where are the bombs? Tell me!


That day, you managed to save your son Let's see who saves you today

Oh, God!

Tell me you bastard! Where are the bombs?


Leave me!

Stop it! Help!

Tell me!

Are you all right, Grandpa?

Don't bother about me. Find the bombs!


Say it! I won't! - Where are the bombs?

Throw him down

Get away!

Are you trying to save him?

Get him

Tell me! Where are the bombs?

In the ballroom Tell me! Where are the bombs?

Tell me! Where are the bombs?

Tell me! Else, I'll kill you!

Vicky! Stop!

The bomb can explode any moment!

Don't touch it!

This hotel I've built with my blood!

Tell me, which wire is it?

Suresh! Don't you tell him!

We'll die, and we'll take them along Rascal!

Tell me! Else, I'll kill you!

A dying man never lies The blue wire Cut it, the bomb won't explode.

No Arjun! What if Suresh is lying?

I'm dead!

Stop! Cut the yellow wire

Today I have learnt

..Man is now known by his name.

Man is known by his deeds Forgive me, my sons Forgive me

Hey pal.

Forgive me, Grandpa Vicky, I am of you my son.

Please forget whatever has happened

Young man, all the best.

"In your deeds..."

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"Geeta has been telling everyone since the time the world was made"

"Your action itself is your victory. Is your victory"

"Victory, victory, its your victory" its your victory

"In your deeds..."

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"

"will you find your victory"