Vikramadithyan (2014) Script

Satya m Audios Must be way back home after duty, right?


Mom told me about seeking wedding proposals for you.

I'm also seriously finding a match for you.

Which type of a guy do you prefer?

Nothing in particular.

Feel at ease! Policeman will be fine, as he's likely to understand duty tensions.

What you said is right!

I'll soon find a Policeman for you, okay?

Police cut!!

It's an injection! Poke it

Were you also on duty here, Shenoy Sir'?

Yes, in Male ward!

Oh!!! This lady?!! Beware!!

Belongs to a family who are not in good books.

Her husband was freed from jail yesterday.

What did your mother say?

No change. She's too adamant.

Despite telling her your Nair caste Isn't even a wee bit inferior to our Shenoy caste, she doesn't seem to get convinced.

Doesn't matter.

What is destined will only happen!

But no...l haven't given up still.

Let me get mother's consent... nothing else bothers me!

See you then.

You've become so thin being in jail!

You also don't lose your energy. Have this.

For me? - Yes.

Who are you? Her husband! Who else?

No permission to meet a person under custody.

Wait outside! Let's discuss our family matters.

Get off right now..Clear all this.

Or I would report against you.

Don't threaten me!! Hell with her report!

Clear the place right away.

What will you do if I don't?

What's happening here?

Sir, he's not leaving the place.

My heart doesn't permit me to go!

Playing pranks with Cops?

Heck with your pranks'). Move...

Oh my hubby!! Heck with your hubby.

Don't hit me!

Lakshmi, you got scared?

I don't recognize you. how do you know my name?

Though you don't know me, Ex-constable Sivadasa Menon's daughter Lakshmi is known to me.

I'm Kunjunni Menon, son of retired Head-constable Ravunni Menon.

My father Ravunni Menon was an old friend of Sivadasa Menon.

Which Station?

Not in Station but in Camp.

I'm trying for a deputation in CBI.

I came to meet DMO in order to get a fitness certificate.

Good you came.

Else I would've had a tough time to chase him off.

He is yet to see the Police Department's men!

Anyway it was nice meeting you, Lakshmi.

See you then,

All my father's friends called him as Unni.

No way that you wouldn't have heard of Unni Menon!

By always referring me as Unni's son Kunji (little) Unni...

I soon came to be known as Kunjunni Menon!

Anyhow you're also a Menon, right?

As things have matched well, don't delay this further.

Moreover he has nobody as his own.

In one way it's good!

As there's no question of fighting with sister-in-law or mother-in-law!

Only after her marriage, I can go to pilgrimage places like Kasi and Rameshwaram, then spend the rest of my life there.

House is already willed on her name.

She also has a dignified job!

Only that much I could manage.

Rest depends upon their destiny.

Uncle, please come.

Two more pancakes would be fine!

Do you plant roses in your garden?

Satya m Audios

I'm afraid we're pretty late.

Yes coming!

Mom agreed!

Had the right thought come at the right time, there won't be suffering any time..

...there won't be suffering any time on this earth.

A crescent moon in the sky, most beautiful of all.

She's the moon ofAthira, protected by thousands of Stars.

Satya m Audios

When a girl dares, she's much fervent than men.

The one who was leaning on the ridgestole away that girl.

She is a cunning and selfish, and have the characteristic of pandunus tree thorns.

The one who was leaning on the stone, stole away that girl.

A crescent moon in the sky, most beautiful of all.

She's the moon ofAthira, protected by thousands of Stars.

Who's Kunjunni Menon? It's me Baby boy!!

Who's Vasudeva Shennoy?

Here I'm.

Baby boy for you. Carefully.

Adithya!!! Yourfathefs Adithya!!!


Adithya!!! Vikramal!


Vikraml! Star Pooram! Where's he?

Satya m Audios

What's this?


Dad, get going! I'll come later.

Don't be late.

You have to report in the SP office.

We'll take leave.

Taking charge as Town S.l on 1st of next month, and Dad also retire on the same day.

Congrats You accomplished what Adithyan couldn't.

Till now, other than my career, I've not thought of anything else.

But now, it's time to think of my life.

Are you still waiting for Adi?

If you've decided to destroy your life waiting for him, then it's your wish.

As I shouldn't repent later, I ask this.

After a long wait, if you either come to know that Adithyan will surely not turn up, Or he moved along with another life, you'll need to take a decision about your life.

Being childhood friends, moreover we know each other well, why can't we move on with our lives together?

This is just an option.

You don't have to reply immediately.

Till 30th you've time.

I don't mind even if it's 'No'

Must be a well thought out answer.

It's too late today, isn't it?

Yes Yes! It was an interesting case.

When reproduced in computer, I could correctly identify the guy.

It's a case of Lycopodium..

An Intellectual Hypocrite!

If medicines are proper, then cure is definite.

Didn't understand anything, right?

What's the use telling all this to you?

Don't shut down. I've some work.

Don't stay late and spoil your eyesight.

Satya m Audios

I met Vikraman today.

He attained the goal you relinquished.

On 1st of next month, when his dad retires as C.l, on that same day, he takes charge as S.l.

When I met him today,

whatever I wished to hear from you these many days, ...he asked that to me.

Being concerned I'm not left in Solitude, Vikraman invited me into his life.

On next Sunday, I'll have to reply him.

What do I've to tell him?

'Where were you for these many days, And the reason for leaving me, your family and friends...'

I don't wish to ask any of these.

Just a word from you saying 'Wait for me'

I'm ready to wait for my entire life.

Satya m Audios

I'm studying in your school Deepika, my dad got me admitted there..

Very good! My school is very good school.

I shall introduce one of my friends also when you come to school.

Who's that friend?

Vikraman! He's my best friend.

Best friend means Best, Best friend.

My Boyfriend!

Get down.

Well Lakshmi, you joined him here, right?

Good, they'll get going together.

You come, I'll drop you

Aunty you carry on, I'll look after him.


Lakshmi, get in.

Your name? -Adithyan!

My name is Vikraman Shennoy. Vikramanl!

Are you a Robber or Police?


I'm Police. And You?

I'm also Police.

Let's do one thing.

We shall run up to that class.

If I win, you salute me.

And if you win, I'll salute you.

Then ready" One... Two...Three..Go

Come on get up.

Salute me.

You know what he said.


'You can never beat me you donkey' he said.

Come, let's go

Hello Macho buddy!

Heard you're taking charge as an Inspector?

Only Adhityan isn't here but all of us are still here.

If you try to avenge us in the pretext of old grudges, you'll surely repent for it.

Are you going to temple? Yes

Satya m Audios

It was something which both of us have never thought of..

...Life of living together.

Even after seeing the worries of my parents on thinking of me, I waited for him.

But he never understood me.

I cannot wait for him anymore and live in solitude.

Despite knowing everything, you invited me into your life.

Henceforth, everything as per your wish!

Satya m Audios

Hey Run...Run...

Satya m Audios

Mom, I'll be back collecting notes from Christy's house.

Don't be late. Hmm.

Hasn't Sruthi turned up? Yes she's inside.

She was sitting in front of the T.V for so long.

Only on hearing yourjeep sound, she took the book out!

Satya m Audios Oh Mom!! Reached?!!!

I'll get you a cup of tea No thanksl!

An excuse to close your books, eh?

No, you study, I'll go and see!

Ah! Please come.

Sit down..


Aunty, didn't you know?

Ad ityan is back.

This morning.

Did you see him?

What did he say? Where's he?

I saw but couldn't speak anything.

I thought he must've come here.

Although he's back, he'll not come home.

His mom committed a mistake that cannot be forgiven by him!

I'll come later, Aunty Okay.

Satya m Audios

Has it come out well?, Really splendid!

Satya m Audios

Hiding craves of stars 'm the fight, Who is this playing Hide and seek?

Measuring the earth, and knowing that it is round Who is this walking westwards?

Though heart is burning always, acting like a laughing deity, Who's this playful one?

Hiding crores of dreams in laughter, who has gone away after making them play?

Including my son, all are...

None of them come to me... You better lie down there.

Oh Mom!! You had a pleasant journey, is it?

Seeing the sheen of Peacock feathers, when the young mind is longing, the rainbow made magic.

Seeing the sheen of Peacock feathers, when the young mind is longing, the rainbow made magic.

Adorning with colors, touching the forehead.

This companion lights up the way, A friend always playing hide and seek.

Hiding craves of stars 'm the fight, Who is this playing Hide and seek?

Satya m Audios

Hearing the tinkling sound of rain, When yearning for warmth, the heart which yielded, throbbed.

Hearing the tinkling sound of rain, when yearning for warmth The heart which yielded throbbed.

The sound of water in one ear, Drumbeats in the other.

A refuge even in darkness, This merciful warmth of love.

Hiding craves of stars 'm the fight, who is this playing Hide and seek?

Measuring the earth, And knowing that it is round, Who is this walking westwards?

Though heart is burning always, acting like a laughing deity, who's this playful one?

My dad caught a big thief yesterday.

When the thiefjumped over the compound wall, my dad chased him, tied his hands and legs, and put him in thejeep.

And then into the jail.

Only your dad is a Police... But both my dad and mom are Police.

Are they? Can your mom chase the thief?

If your dad was a Police, why is he not wearing the Police uniform?

Answer me.

Dad, are you a real Police?

Why this doubt?

In that case, can you come to my school in Police dress tomorrow?

Yes I'll come that way tomorrow to pick you up from school.

Satya m Audios

My dad...Dad...Dad...

Are they your friends?

This is my Dad. Police!!

This is Vikraman!

His dad is also a Police.

Oh -Yes She's Deepika. My friend!


What if I show a magic to your friends?

Do you like flowers?

Clap all of you.

Clap children...Clap soundly..

Don't you like flowers?

Dear, did you like this flower?

Yes liked it.

Let's continue the magic tomorrow.


Shall we move dear? Come.

Take this Okay sir.

Hey stop there!

Don't run..

In the broad daylight...

Look there.

Hey move quickly.


Get in.

One drop of it every hour.

He'll get better by morning.

Prawns pickle!! Homemade!

I bailed you out with great difficulty, and why is your face so grim?

They dragged me in front of my son...

If thieves become too sentimental, then it'll affect the survival of lawyers.

Kunjunni, aren't you struggling for your son's future too?

Therefore think of his future, plan more meticulously and try to make some quick money You can later show your repentance.

You may not always find me to rescue and advise you.

Dr. Bahuleyan told the other day that my liver also grows fatter like me.

His gaze never disappears from my sight.

How could I stand before him now?

Stand this way.

Get lost you...

Satya m Audios

Son.. Mom.

No, I don't wish to see dad.

Mom, I'm scared.

Lakshmi l.. No...No explanations.

It was too late for me to realize I was cheated If the children had asked me why I had left you... lwould've been in a situation of explaining who you really were.

Now they understood everything!

I don't need such a person anymore.

My children also don't need you.

Get away.

Rob...Kill...Live however you wish.

We don't wish to see you anymore.

Come out.

Lakshmi, come, let's go to your house.

I'll come along.

Is anything wrong madam?

Were there any tiff between you and Kunjunni?

Don't you know madam? I lost my control yesterday.

I was a bit rude yesterday.

Seems a body was recovered under the bridge.

And was identified as Kunjunni's Satya m Audios

Adi Ustaad!!! It's not like olden days.

New opportunities are coming up here. Golden opportunities!

Take off this black attire!!! Let's have a bash.

Let me take this off and start up fresh You just have to lead. Then we will rock this Kochi.



Muthu, you begin.

Don't be in a haste, I'm just opening my dam.

Vikraman has become Moothraman(Piss)!!

What did you do?

Hey move...Move away.

Take the bicycle and get going.

Why are you not eating anything?

I don't need anything. Take this also.

Dude!!! A bag full of money of Rs.5 and 10.

Tonight he will give this money to the money lender.

To repay his debt ...that's what he told his mom.

Why are you so bothered?

We'll have to snatch it.

When he goes back alone in the night, let's carefully plan and snatch it.

Gosh!!! Pai doctor is my Family Doctor.

I'm not in this game.

My mother will kill me if she comes to know.

Only if she knows, right?

Nobody will know... I've a trick.

What is that? Yes, you'll soon know!


Cover the face.

Hey stop...l say...stop..

What's wrong with him?

He is down with fever!!

It's no wonder he got fever!

Always goofing around with some street boys bunking classes.

I'm tired of hitting and shouting at him.

Adi, what's your mother complaining of?

Up to what time is his school? Till 4'0 clock.

Send him here at 4.30 to assist me.

I'll train him to take medicines.

He has a small 'pocket money' problem!

I'll provide him.

Thank you very much Doctor.

Doctor, reform him please.

What is the need to reform him? He's a very good boy.

Aren't you, Adi?

Satya m Audios

My son passed outwith Distinction.

Dad, I passed outwith Distinction.

Keep this. Distribute sweets to everybody.

As the night and day join in the crimson dusk Vikramadithyan...Vikramadithyan..

Even as the golden sun in the sky of dawn, glistens on the dew drops fanning its feathers, fighting and making up again..


Nowadays you don't seem to care me mom!

Satya m Audios

By some way side... They got together in a nest.

But still together, the hot wetness of tears is also gone.

We'll spread the wings of heart high, hide behind the rainbow.

The dark cloud covers the moon blooming with love, then as the rain falls, doesn't the white crescent appear again?


Even as the golden sun in the sky of dawn, glistens on the dew drops fanning its feathers, fighting and making up again..


To reach shores one by one, you strike hard and row with vigour.

And the other sat in the breeze, and enjoyed the chillness.

In the cooing koel in-between, who will weave sweet dreams?

In the eyes, in the speech, someone slowly spins the threads of dreams.

And when tired of fighting in vain, gives shoulder to sleep".


As the night and day, join in the crimson dusk..


Hello sir, you've dollars!

I'll give you rupee at best rate.


Thank you dad!

As the night and day join in the crimson dusk, "Nikramadithyan"Nikramadithyan...

Even as the golden sun in the sky of dawn, glistens on the dew drops fanning its feathers, fighting and making up again, Vikramadithyan...Vikramadithyan..

Samir, catch him.

Shame on you!

You skinny!!

Satya m Audios

I invite Adityan, captain of Challengefs Team to collect the Runners up Trophy.

Congratsl- Thanks!

I invite Vikraman, captain of Sizzlers Team to collect the Winnefs Trophy.

Take it.

Well, failure isn't new to you.

Then, why a sudden walk out?

Move from my way you skinny!

I guessed the reason.


This jealously for... my hugging him?

I don't care if you hug anybody.

I won't hug anybody.

I might hug a friend who achieved something enviously.

May also kiss him sometimes.

Oh that's what you mean?

Eventually after being exploited by macho buddy, and don't dare come to me sobbing seeking my help.

He's not a cunning rascal like you.

Who am Ito you then?

You're my..

You're my worst friend.

Anyhow a friend, right?

Hug me also.

Let me solve your problem of enviousness.

Adi...leave me.

It's a road! Leave me.

Leave me I say... people are watching.

Leave me I say.

Vikram, no.

Satya m Audios

Adi, leave him.

No Vikram!

Earlier, I stripped off your dad's clothes and pulled him to the streets

If you dare assault my son anymore, you'll also learn whatever your father learnt.

Heard me?

Satya m Audios

Don't think you can charge a case against him because of your enmity towards his father.

This is just a fight between boys.

Who told you it's a case of fight against him?

Attempt to molest a girl in day broad light is the case.

And you'll surely sweat profusely in the Court.

Don't do this!! Nothing like that had happened.

Better get going and find out points to defense.

I very well know how to handle this.

When the girl has no complaints, will the case hold good?

Mind your business!!!

Who told you victim has no complaints?

She HAS!!

How do you do?


Are you fine?

Are you busy doctor'? Have I disturbed you?

Doesn't matter.

Anything serious? Yes bit serious.

You were also present on the incident spot yesterday.

If we spare that fatherless brat now, he'll do even more harm.

I'm planning to lock him up.

I don't get you.

Case will become strong if I receive a formal complaint from Deepika.

I never knew Police department is so responsible.

However, let me ask for her opinion too, isn't that better?

I think it's better for elders to decide such cases.

Yet let me ask her.

We can ask.

Satya m Audios

This is the victim.

You can ask her directly what you wish to.

Are you okay?

I know you're mentally shattered.

It's unfair to disturb you in such a situation.

But Justice should be served.

So give me a formal complaint.

Complaint of what?

I've no complaint.

Aren't you aware, Vikram and Adi are my childhood friends?

If any problem arises amongst us, we ourselves will solve it...

Being friend, why did he brutally assault Vikram and make him bleed?

We can't leave him just like that.

In that case, your son Vikram should also be charged.

It was he who over reacted and hit Adi first.

Please have a cup of tea.

You shouldn't have given such a curt reply.

Suddenly l...sorry.

Don't say sorry to me... Go and say sorry immediately.

Mom, my first step towards my career..

Iwas in that Doctor's house,,,,

God bless you!

What happened? Your face looks so tensed!

I had been to Deepika's house to get her formal complaint.

But she wants me to charge a case against him for over reacting.

Great lover!!

Lover!? She's my best friend.

Not only she but Adithyan too.

Then the fights... it was there since our childhood days.

Yesterday's incident was just like an extension of it.

Such a police intrusion by you will make, others think we misused this issue because of the wrath on him.

May be that was the reason for Deepika to react so...

Dad, these aren't in my head now..

Once my application for S.l selection is enrolled, I'll be onto that preparation.

Meanwhile don't try to distract me please.

Leave it!

Satya m Audios

What was the deal which happened now?


Shit!!! Narcotics is a dirty business.

'I will never do it', said our Guru Sagar Alias Jacky long time ago.

Few original currencies printed by Reserve Bank of India.

Rivals call them as Black Money etc.

Wheneverl need money, who's there to give?

Don't you know I'm fatherless unlike you guys?

Has the Bridge work on Macho dude's nose over'?

Has the vehicles started to ply again?

His Bridge is completely fine.

He's going to give application for S.l selection.

Means, he's going to become a Policeman like his dad And you, a robber like your dad.

Hasn't Uncle Shenoy reminded you of the sight we witnessed during our childhood?

When history repeats, Vikraman would lash you with cane and pull you down to the streets.

One more sight, that remains to be seen by your mother.

Dear Adi! I had too much of expectation on you.

I was dreaming you would become a bigger rogue than your dad, and become a Don ruling this city.

Even I was in confusion at your age about which profession to choose.

Criminal possibility is there in any Profession.

If you become a Doctor, then you can be a cut-throat Doctor.

If you become an Engineer, then you can be a Corrupt Engineer.

One has to find out by himself the criminal possibility in his own profession!

DearAdi, what's your confusion now?

To become a Thief or Police, right?

If you become a Police, you can simultaneously become both.

Just like I became Devil's Advocate for poor, rich, thieves and immoral people, you try to become a Good Criminal Police.

Satya m Audios

Shenoy sir, not only your son, our dude will also become a Police.

In lieu of one Police for 400 people, currently we are working in the ratio of one Police for 800 or 1000 people During conflictual circumstances, untiring and hardworking Policeman's, mental tension is neither considered by people, nor the Government which rules one after another.

It's enough if you do as I said!

Why you here?

When I went to the station, they said you're here.

What happened? Got into any trouble again?

I gave application for SI selection Ahh!!

It's not easy for a sluggard like you.

Must be dedicated enough!

Let's give a try.

There are two types of Written Tests.

First is objective and then Descriptive.

Followed by Physical Fitness test then Physical Efficiency Test.

Interview, training...

At different stages, tough com petition to be confronted.

At home, when I heard Mom's advise, I was terrified, and came rushing to you.

I never told this to horrify you.

I know there is a real fighter in you... but the blood in you, will tempt you to derail from the tracks...

...your Dad's blood.

You can thrive only if you cleanse it.

Do you think I'm not aware of your illegal side business?

Not only me, Shenoy Sir also got some hint about it.

Be careful, otherwise you'll be in trouble.

Even othenlvise, Shenoy Sir can't stand you!

If he knows, you too are going to compete against his son to become SI, then...

Definitely he'll grow wild.

You better be careful!

I know.

The moment I gave the application, I stopped everything.

What can he do, if I don't create any problem?

But if he tries to harass me intentionally, For my defense, I've unearthed some of his corrupt activities.

He'll be in for trouble!

How will you make pocket money if you stop such activities?

Does your mom provide you?

Shucks! To play with mom's hard earned money is not a gentlemanly job.

For money, I'll take up good quotation works for a change.

In that case, shall I give one quotation?

What? Has fun turned serious? What is it?

Police station painting contract!

Never let me go astray, right?

Let me see ifl can reform you.

Here goes your sweet candy!

Has he peeked her?

Get lost!

No use white washing the Police Station...

What is needed is, cleansing the heart of the staff here.

Ah h!!! You guys try to cleanse them.

Doesn't smoking ban apply to Police also?

Anyhow don't stub it out.

Gosh!! Burnt my fingers...

This system is a big bore!

Which one? This salutel!

In olden days, the Britishers made the Indian slaves to do this...

This superior inferior mind...

Can't we quit this even after getting independence?

Who the hell he is?

Is it possible to be devoid of discipline in Police Station orArmy?

Heck with his advise!

Contrary to right of Equality as said in our Indian Constitution, You call this servile gesture as Discipline?

Officials who work in similar force anywhere in the world, are considered as co-workers.

And there's no question of Superior or Subordinate.

This was a result of Colonialism and Casteism, This salute, which you guys always mistake it as Discipline..

This humility...

Did you hear the painter's revolutionary speech?

Finish off your work and go.

Some words which existed in Police Department earlier were

'Humble, Master, Yes your Honor etc'

As they changed, at certain period of time these may also.

Who allocated him this work?

It was our Building Owner.

Like his dad, he's also destined to enter a Police Station!

Lucky that it came in this form!

Yes very true, sir!! You really said the truth!

The bike you gifted your son, was delivered here by me.

A guy delivered the bike and asked to handover this to you.

How you got it and who offered you, And in return how you helped them, I know everything in detail.

And many more such things.

When your son comes to know, bike he drives with pride is the bribe which his dad got, that poor one's heart will choke!

Years ago, when I learnt that my dad was a thief, like how my heart choked!

So let this good image of yours shimmer like the Moon for time being.

Satya m Audios


Who!!! Vincent van Gogh!!!?

Decided to toil hard and survive.

And it's really cool!

Where are you going?

To the Bookshop in the Town. You?

Honestly speaking, I was on a ride to California Sea Shore.

I can go via Dubai Sea shore if you desire.

Come along.

That'll not work out.


Pillion ride with you won't work out.

Why so?

When riding in pillion, you'll give a sudden jerk here...and there, ...with sudden brakes... and never miss any chance of rubbing against my body.

Very sorry.

What can I do if the road is full of gutters?

But you are so confident of riding pillion with Macho buddy.

Yes, very true.

Because he's a good boy.

Didn't you know that muscle has become outdated-Eh!

All chicks are now behind Size-Zero folks like me.

When I see the ignorant girls going behind men with muscle all over...

Shucks! What a pity!

Does that mean you'll never ride pillion with me?.

I never meant so.

When will you come along?

To accomplish something...

With beats, drums, dance and music didn't you post an application?

If that happens, then I shall Ithink of it.

Assume I've achieved that goal, what will you do?

Look at my face you skinny!

What will you do?

Will you...marry me?

Stand before me in Police Uniform.

At that time, I'll sit behind this boat, and we'll set out to California via Dubai Sea Shore.

Satya m Audios

Planning to get killed? -Get lost!

Is the cloud standing holding up the rainbow umbrella?

Come down, come down, come with me, come with me, give chillness along this sandy path.

Dispelling the darkness Decorating with the spike of dawn, The day lamps bloomed in this celestial path

Ask mom to get me horlicks and double bull's eye.

Only Egg white! No yellows (Yolk)!

Mom, brother wants horlicks and Egg white.

Horlicks?!!! Okay!

Eww!!! Gruel!!

Yes good for health!

Horlicks is the secret of my energy!

Isn't this muscle out of fashion?

This is called fitness. Exercise not to build muscles.

To become a Policeman, not only fitness There must be something in your head too.

Give work to your brain also Take.

Oh General Knowledge!

Don't I know all these?

Please don't go. Let her 90...

What's this brother?

Get inside

As it was lying down there, Ijust...

Thank you..

In the heart of hearts, again, the flowing light, coming through window glass Come near wearing anklets.

Foot prints seen in the path, show that someone is waiting Did a single face, Did a single face, A single voice, A single color, linger in you?

Did a single face, A single voice, A single color, linger in you?

Is the cloud standing holding up the rainbow umbrella?

Dude Ad“!

What the heck is he studying seriously?

Lalettan's movie...Superb movie!

Hey guys! Get away all of you.


That's what I'm doing is it?

Why are you here?

Vikram is infected with Chicken Pox.

He can't attend his exam.

I'm free of the major hindrance now.

What a hullabaloo!!!

Horlicks, Gym, Badam, pista, CashewmSuresh Gopi's film!

Ultimately now only muscles remain in Macho buddy. Had enough!

If you make a goal in a goal-less post and win, there'll be none to applaud you.

He's infected with Chicken pox! Don't go near him. It's contagious Get me his hall ticket and ID quickly.

Don't worry I won't be infected.

Why are you here? -Adi you get up It's contagious Adi.

That's only for cowards like you. Don't be so frightened!

Adi put me down man.

Dude!! I'm really sick.

Put me down I say.

I realized only when she told me.

What exams for me without you!!

Satya m Audios

The scorching heat of summer slowly intoxicates the mango grove With garlands of mango flowers wafted by tender coconut leaves, the fans of cold breeze wake up In the temple towers where doves fly, some warbling of love brings sweet sounds to the ear.

With the same heart beat, with the same sweet dream, under this same shady tree, will you be there tomorrow?

With the same heart beat, with the same sweet dream, under this same shady tree, Will you be there tomorrow?

Is the cloud standing holding up the rainbow umbrella?

Come down, come down, come with me, come with me, give chillness along this sandy path.

Dispelling the darkness, decorating with the spike of dawn, the day lamps bloomed in this celestial path.

Here it is!! where!

Great buddy! You owe us a treat.

Satya m Audios

Just because you were 5-6 ranks below him in the Shortlist, are you hanging down like a drenched hen?

And you also scored low marks of Chicken Pox.

I never got the result as I expected.

Adi getting a better rank is not a problem for me.

The Marks I scored after studying hard without missing even a single class, even without attending classes, going for part-time job, and roaming around, he will score the same!

More than me in some subjects.

Dad he's such a brilliant guy, don't underestimate him.

His dad was also very brilliant, but was crooked minded.

Anyhow, only if the interview's 20 marks come, it will be a final list, right?

Let's wait and see what's happening in the interview.

Many wonders can take place during interview.

One at the bottom may come up, and vice versa...

Sometimes, one may not appear in the list at all.

Mom always says guys who dance aren't trust worthy.

Yes she's right!! They're too flexible like this in their lives too.

But I don't believe in that.

Why the hell you guys come here at this moment?

We are running marathon to lead a life, and you guys do a group dance here!

Sam ir will leave for Trivandrum by 12 'clock train.

He'll come to your house to collect this scooter.

There is nothing to think much.

We'll bring it back to your house tomorrow morning from the railway station.

Then, why don't you guys keep it with you?

No buddy, we've a Chertala trip as an Escort for spirit lorry.

Haven't you stopped everything and become a saint now?

Yes true! Better you guy quit this!

I'll surely not turn up if you get into any trouble, I warn you.

Come on dude!! We also wish to stop this.

But need some time.

Satya m Audios

Search him. What's it, Sir? Move...

Stand aside.

Check it.

What's this man?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I really don't know.

It was found in your scooter, still don't you know?

I swear I don't know.

Scooter was with my friend.

Oh I seel! Take the scooter to the station.

Better get into the jeep without creating a scene.

We'll discuss it in the station.


What's going on sir?

I don't understand what's happening.

Sir, please don't do this to me to vent your anger.

Adi, don't think ljust came out of hallucination while sitting at home.

Based on the clear information, I came here.

It's also been proved, right?

Narcotics department will handle this case.

My duty is to handover this to them.

In case if you've anything to say, tell them directly tomorrow Take him -Come Dad, Adi will not do this, he was with us till now.

You should not interfere in this, I'm bound to do my duty.

Do you know Narcotics George's phone number?

No. Ravi sir might know..

I too don't have.

I am well aware you'll not know.

Don't you know Adithyan wouldn't indulge in such an activity?

Yes, but I never expected he'd grow this worse!

Bu': when he was caught red-handed“), you ought to believe it like me!

It's so transparent and evident.

So, for the time being, don't come to side him.

Else, not necessary!

If it's kept here, and by night if anybody grows more sympathetic, True, sir! it's safe for you to have it in your custody.


Sir I am really not aware of this.

Don't do this.

Get him whatever he wants to eat!

In its name, let not anyone complain tomorrow.

Satya m Audios

Sir, it's a trap! He'll never indulge in such things.

Please save him.

Don't we've certain limitations to interfere with Narcotics?

But if trapped in such a case, his future will be shattered.

He's also short listed for S.l selection.

Don't get disheartened if I say something.

He really takes after his dad!

No matter how hard you try, he can't be your son.


Let me talk to them tomorrow.

You go home.

Dude, I told you to handover the scooter directly to me.

Why unnecessarily drag that poor fellow in this?

Did you inform that you kept the stuff inside?

I hid this even from you guys as he shouldn't know it.

What shall we do now?

You can never expect any mercy from that Shenoy.

What shall we do now?

There's an only option left.

Shenoy took the stuff to his house.

Before it reaches Narcotics tomorrow, we'll have to rob it from him.

Whatever it may be -At any cost, we'll have to rescue him.

Oh no!! Shenoy!!!! Run away dude!!

I see!! Where's he? Waiting outside.

Call him. -Okay sir

Sir called you in.

Take your seat Shenoy.

It was a prank! This is Lactose powder!

Sugar of milk used as a base for Homeo medicines.

Good you thought of testing it before producing that guy here.

Othewvise, it would've been an utter shame if media had known.

Sorry sir.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It's okay man.

Sometimes we too make such mistakes.

Anyhow release the guy at the earliest.

Satya m Audios

What happened sir?

Drop me home and go back to station.

Don't release the guy without my order.

Please wait. Okay

Sir, Why you wanted to meet me urgently?

Yesterday I spoke bit harsh, sorry.

Even othenlvise, I am always a bit late in realizing.

Sir, did you meet the Narcotics?

I hope you understand the seriousness of this case.

Not for his sake, but because you can't bear this also...

So... a malpractice, that I've never ever done in my career, was committed by me today.

Before I handed it over to the Narcotics...

I replaced that stuff.

Because of that ... only because of that, he will be saved.

But, when I'm doing so much for you, ifl request something in return, you'll have to agree.

Please tell me sir.

What he did was a crime... but the only thing is, the department doesn't know...

But crime is always a crime.

Being aware of it, I won't support to Oh no sir!! My son struggled so hard to reach this selection stage.

Honestly speaking, it was me who yearned more for this than him.

Both of us earn our livelihood in Police Department.

I'll not let Police department to experiment him unnecessarily.

For an offence, that may get him a minimum of 10 years imprisonment, ifl had shielded him risking my job, you'll have to obey me.

Apart from that, not only that, apart from us, a third person shouldn't know this.

What should I do?

I'll tell you.

Satya m Audios

Drugs seized from your scooter...

Do you know how it turned into Lactose powder later?


It may be Sugar of milk powder which I bought for Clinic earlier, I m ust've forgotten to take it back from scooter.

The tortures I went through because of this, was really awfull!

Bloody fool!!! It was Cocaine!

I believe you're not aware of it.

If you still have doubts, ask your scoundrel friends.

I warned you several times to avoid that company.

You never listened How did it turn into Lactose powder?

Do you believe Uncle Shenoy must've rescued you?

It was Vikram.

Your enemy!

It was him who dodged his dad, and replaced drugs with Lactose powderl provided him.


I don't believe this.

Don't you believe me?

But he...

You scored again!

If you go to jail, with whom will I compete?

Don't mistake it as affection towards you.

Wait a minute.

This is Original.

Hand over this to your friends.

Hey Macho buddy!! Thanks da!

Satya m Audios

Horlicks drinker!!!

Poor chap!!! Rascal!

A Great compliment from a Great enemy!

Yes he's my enemy!

We've never spoken to each other personally...

Never set out for a journey together.

Never played as a single team.

Never even conveyed good words to each other.

Always opposite!

But I know him well, and he know me.

Knowing each other so closely, Your egos stop you from telling that you both are friends.

You are a reason for that... aren't you?

You're the common factor between us.

That day's brawl was also for you only.

Not even once, you understood how he considers me.

Have you ever tried to comprehend how I consider you?

Am I not tolerating you since my childhood?

What more do I've to understand?

Okay then sit alone and feel the cool breeze, I'm goir19-

Get lost. Get away you skinny!!

Satya m Audios

With the chillness of rain and moon, Summer fans its feathers.

Sweeter than speech, Silence tells a story.

Without the breeze blowing in the path, we know its chillness.

Some comfort fills the heart.

With the chillness of rain and moon..

Forgetting to vanish, dreams linger in the eyes in the daytime, Even if the eyes are closed, someone sings atune in the heart in the nights, without flowers blooming here, There are better blossoms.

The new soft scent of which the heart feels

With the chillness of rain and moon, Summer fans its feathers

Without wings, we reach the blue sky at some moments When looking at the mirror I see you in me at some moments Like the sea in a conch, the love in the heart, when the waves rise and caress the soul.

With the chillness of rain and moon, the summer is here Satya m Audios With the chillness of rain and moon, Summer fans its feathers.

Sweeter than speech, Silence tells a story.

Without the breeze blowing in the path, we know its chillness.

Some comfort fills the heart.

Where did this Samir go?

Here comes a white polecat! Let me pull a prank on him...

Where's your helmet man?

What man?

Where is your helmet?

I'm on way for a wedding.

My spike... Heck with your spike!!

Are you staring to scare us?

You know who this sir is? I don't know.

Will you recognize only if he's dressed in uniform?

If you break the law and order.. Sorry sir, I mistake.

Whether it's for wedding or mourning, wear helmet!

Get going! " My Spikel!

Wear your helmet man!


Hell with his spike...and bike..

What happened?

S.l selections rank list is published.

Macho buddy got selection.

But your name isn't in the list.

How can they publish final rank list without conducting interview?

Interview is already over.

It's only that you didn't know it...

Some game has been played in this...

In shortlist, candidates who scored ranks less than me were selected.

I didn't even get a call for interview I want to know what the hell is happening here!

Friend! Interview call memo, has been dispatched to you as a registered post from this office.

And it also shows as delivered in your post office.

Although we receive petty complaints, this is one among the trustworthy and liable organizations.

Therefore enquire in your post office for the facts.

What's the problem?

What did you do with the interview memo delivered by the PSC office?

I delivered it to your mom the moment I received Didn't you receive it?

But only in my absence, you could give it to my mom, right?

I was here only...

What sort of question is this!

Authorization for delivering yours to your mom and vice versa was there long before.

Your mom regularly visited office during that period.

I am sure the registration memo was delivered to your mom, and she never turned up after that.

Satya m Audios

Why are you late?

Adi what happened?

Did you sign and collect the PSC Memo?

When you were held up in that case, Mr.Shenoy requested me, thus I...

Have you collected it or not?

Yes I did.

Did you ever tell me that?


Son, didn't I tell you Mr.Shenoy requested...

No more explanations please.

Son I... Don't talkl!

I don't wish to hear anything.

Oh my God!!!

What happened mom?

Mom, had you tried to understand and reform my Dad, now Ifeel he wouldn't have killed himself.


Mom! Brother is back!

Anybody else waiting outside?

Yes Ahh!! Adi!! I heard you were back.

Come, Sit down.

Running away for not getting selection?

You may find 100 jobs if not one.

If you're really keen to become a S.l, write the test once again.

If you're still not selected, write Constable test.

At least by getting promotion, you can fulfill your wish, right?

Sim ply vanish one day suddenly and making others suffer?

Good that you came back!

You can assist me until you find a good job.

I can hike your pocket money.

I shall provide you a good Homeo medicine to cure your disappointment.

Can Homeopathic medicine cure anything?

Being with me for such a long time and still you never understood this?

Yes, it can cure whatever is possible!

Then, can you change the Governing body of our Government?

Yes of course.

But medicines to be taken regularly for 5 yrs,.

You're still the same old mischievous one!

Isn't Deepika at home?

Oh I see!!! You're not here to see me, right?

I'll call her.

More problems may trigger up in life.

Just swallow them up with ease...that's all.

Satya m Audios


How are you?

You got my last email?

Yes! That's why I came soon.

But...late is it?

It's okay. All the best!

Let me go.

Isn't Vikram taking charge tomorrow?

Yes. Good night!

Welcome viewers to Aluva Vision!

Son joins as Sub-inspector on the same day his Dad retires.

Though it's unusual in Police department, yet we are going to witness this rare moment.

It's an unforgettable day of my life.

And..l will do my best. Thank you.

Sir, what do you have to say?

It's a day I feel very honored!

I thank my superior officers who supported me for this rare moment.

And also congratulate Vikram Shenoy who takes charge as S.l today

Good morning sir! Is everything fine?

Sir, this is my son.

He's just getting to know people around here.

Let's sit inside...Tea...Tea..

Hello...tea please.

Okay you carry on. Bye.

Satya m Audios

Good to see you back!

I profoundly wished to see you here as a Spectator this day.

That's why I'm here.

Serve tea for them.

Are you back again?

Hereafter, it'll be good if you behave well.

Auto, mind your business.

Pleasant surprises

I was to attend a function nearby.

That's how I learnt of the unique celebration here.

Hence thought of wishing Dad and Son.

Sir, we'll sit inside.

Your dad? Just a month left for his retirement, he works in Rubber Board.

What do you want? Wait outside.

Can't you see me talking to him?

Okay then, carry on with your work.

I'm very glad sir.

Hey Adi!

Where were you dude?

No contacts for few days.

When were you back from pilgrimage?

Have you joined?

Yes, this morning.

Congrats dude!

This is Raviettan.

Yes yes...! Police Association, right?

I've heard from him.

He knows everything.

It was he who handled my verification here through his Association contact.

Does Shenoy Sir know? No Oh, This Shenoy is that Shenoy, right?

Yeah Oh I see!

Haven't you still disclosed it?

Then, Come let's disclose it.

No.. no it's okay Come buddy!

I'll call you back.

You know who's this?

Of course I know him.


Adithyan, son of late Kunjunni.

That's correct!

Only in the train Journey from Trivandrum to Delhi, I met this Adithyanmson of late Kunjunni, the first time.

Don't stand here.

This is how many accidents occur.

Come inside.

We got to know each other.

I understood Adithyan was depressed and was trying to run away secretly...

Okay then...

My address and phone number is on this.

Contact me if you ever require my help.

Hello stop...

My heart didn't permit me to leave him in the lurch.

I forcefully took him along with me.

Wheneverl attended my classes, Adithyan used to loiter for the entire day.

When he got fed up of it, may be not to trouble me, he took up some menial jobs!

Satya m Audios

As my dad was a Civil servant, naturally, Itoo made my way in it.

I tried to motivate Adi, whose mind was totally disturbed.

My attempt to create a sense of purpose in him, ultimately succeeded.

That day I realized, embers still flickered in him.

I made him join in my institute for Evening Class.

Apart from the time he spent for Evening Class, he worked hard for rest of the time.

When I studied in a serene peaceful atmosphere in my apartment, midst of work, I wondered when he studies.

The day when Civil Service exam results were published, Adi was too anxious to check my name in selection list.

But never showed any enthusiasm to check his name.

He seemed to be less confident.

Yes!! Adithya! Your namel!

Congrats dude!

You did it Ad“!

Satya m Audios

That's how certain things happen.

Although you fail to succeed in smaller goals, Bigger goals will be waiting, only to those, who keep on running.

It's like a resurrection!

New World! New Sights! New Lessons!

Training, Knowledge!

Actually I was purging my own self.

At the last stage of my training, as a part of field training, I had been to Kerala with my Cadre.

Without anybody's knowledge, in the boundary district.

Before returning to Delhi. I visited my home town, and seen my dear ones without their knowledge.

It's not that I forgot anyone.

Before reaching my goal, I was less confident to face anyone and that was the truth.

In this Journey of mine, the one to whom, I'm most grateful is... the one who touched my shoulder at the verge of my death, my dearest friend Lokesh... who urged zeal in me to succeed in my life overcoming grief.

Meet your new ASP'.!

Adithyan IPS!

Sir, welcome to Kerala Police!

Sir, he's your Superior Officer!

Only for today, you've the chance of saluting.

Give him a good salute.

Satya m Audios

Let Vikram not know this for the time being.

Today is his day.

Even otherwise, your sweet revenge was aver there'.!

Call me when you're free!

We'll meet in the evening. Thanks!

You're my buddy!

We were the runners in the same race.

If you're not there, then I'm not, if I'm not there, then you're not there.

Police blood runs through your veins.

...also in my blood buddy..

My mom!

Take one more person also along with you.

Her mind was always with you...


Competition never ends here.

I had just begun my race to reach along with you.

All the best!