Village Rockstars (2017) Script

How much do you need?

Keep the coin inside.

Stop eating it yourself.

What will people say?

They'll stop buying from us.

How much did we make Mother?

About 25 rupees.

Just 25 rupees?

I want to attend the concert.

Please let me go. I'm bored.

Just stay for a while.

No, please!

Hey Dhunu! Come help me harvest the betel nuts.

Here, throw it to me!

Where were you?

Your sister is doing your job!

Go away.


Get lost! Go!

Don't you get it! Leave!


Here comes Mr. Show-off.

Hit him.

Bogi, these stories are interesting.

May I please borrow this comic book?

Okay, but return it soon.

Return it once you're done, I need to read it as well.

Okay, let me see that one.

-A for Apple. -A for Apple.

-B for Ball. -B for Ball.

-C for Cat. -C for Cat.

-D for Dog. -D for Dog.

-E for Elephant. -E for Elephant.

-F for Fish. -F for Fish.

-G for Grapes. -G for Grapes.

-H for Hen. -H for Hen.

-I for Ice-cream. -I for Ice-cream.

-J for Jug. -J for Jug.

What are you reading?

You shouldn't read comics in the classroom.

Bolo, stop doing that.

This is turning out to be pretty good.

Stop disturbing us!


Go and sit there.

You are here to watch, so just keep quiet.

I am being polite.

It will be beautiful once I complete it.

Shut your mouth.

Go away!

We don't need Mr. Show-off here!

-Go! Go! -Go! Go!

There's Mr. Show-off again.

Look at him.

Catch him!

How dare he slap Dhunu!

-Catch him! Catch him! -Catch him! Catch him!

Catch him!

I can't run anymore. He's gone.

Don't cry Dhunu.

We will find a way to punish him.

Here, take your books.

Let's go. We are late.

Don't cry.

We will beat him up if we see him.

Stop it, that's enough.


You keep playing with those boys.

You even go to school with the boys.

Why don't you go with the girls?

Are you enjoying your meal, sweetheart?

Let's go get some water.

Wait! I'm getting you some fresh leaves.

You should have done better.

You should have thrown his cycle in the lake!

You weren't there.

The cops would have arrested us.

You're a coward.

She's your sister. Had he hit my sister, I would've done it.

My father would have kicked me out of the house!

No, he wouldn't.

What kind of father would kick his own son out.

What do you know?

Bhebelu knows everything.

Do you remember how you slapped me that day?

Do you think I've forgotten it?

My cheek had turned red.

I couldn't sleep that night.

Even my mother and brother don't hit me like that.

Am I right?


You must apologize to be a part of our band.

Am I right?

-Yes. -Yes.

Do you agree Bolo?


Are you willing to apologize?

You must let us ride your bike as well.

Wait! Wait!

Go... Go... Let's go!

Hey Bolo!

Have you finished reading the story book?


The girl has been asking for it.

I need to return it.

Give me the utensils.

I have got something interesting to show you today.

-See this. -What is it?

Wait, let me show you.

Look these kids have formed a rock band!

Oh! Nice!

Yeah, that's nice!

Look! They get an award at the end.

Wow! It's a gold medal!

Let's form a rock band ourselves.

A band costs a lot of money.

How much will a real guitar cost?

500 rupees, I guess.

No one's selling you a guitar for 500 rupees.

There are no fish.

Damn it!

Did you catch anything?


Bolo! I almost got one.


One large prawn.

Stop lying!

Why would I lie? Come see for yourself.

Be careful, Dhunu! You will fall.

Come back!

Yes! I've got you!

I won't let you go!

Come out, come on!

Why do you keep blabbering?

We should not let him fish with us!

He keeps talking like a mad man!

Oh God! I broke my rod!

Try talking to it.

-Wow! -That's big!

-Great catch! -I will have to get a new one now.

-Look, I caught a big one! -Damn it!

Let's go, I have had enough!

It will cost you 150 rupees.

150 rupees for this?

For the little one?

It's so small.

It's tiny.

Hey, stop touching the guitar.

It belongs to someone else.

Who would have thought one guitar is worth five or six thousand rupees?

Oh, my God! They are so expensive.

We will only be rock stars in our dreams.

We can't get it here either. We'll have to go to the city.

A single guitar costs five thousand rupees.

We will also need a drum set, a keyboard and pads.

Your Father has money. He can help us!

No, he won't. He doesn't like music.

Munu, it's raining.

Let's go home.

Where do these kids disappear?

Where were you?

The firewood is ruined. The clothes are ruined.

I was looking for Munu.

You should be helping me out.

Where is your brother?

Look at her. She's a spoilt brat.

I have never seen a girl like her.

Hey girl! Come here!

Come here!

Why are you climbing trees with those boys?

Aren't you ashamed?

You will be a woman soon.

Why do you need to climb trees?

The society will abandon you if you roam around with boys.

Go play with some girls.

Why do you need boys?

Your mother should stop you.

If you were my daughter I would punish you.

They want to punish my daughter climbing a tree!

I do everything myself.


Try doing it!

How dare they gang up on my daughter!

-What? -What happened?

Look! They are punishing my daughter for climbing a tree!

They scolded her.

I am suffering after her father's death.

I do everything myself.

I am in trouble.

I don't want my girl to suffer like me.

Have I bothered anyone? Why are they harassing my daughter?

After my husband's death I do everything myself.

People always do that.

Especially, when there is no man in the house.


Keep it there.

Is this enough?

Take some more.

How about this?

Keep swimming. Keep swimming.

Go on

Keep swimming.

Keep swimming.

How did you learn to swim?

We were fishing on the other side of the riverbank.

I couldn't swim back then. I didn't know what to do.

My friends encouraged me to swim back and kept telling me I could do it.

So, I swam, but they were far away.

I swam and swam, but sank three times before reaching the bank.

That's how I learnt.

You learnt just like that?

You can also swim if you show courage.

Why Father could not swim?

He was terrified of the water.

That is why he drowned in the flood.

Take the goat back there.

There is grass there.

Not now, it might rain.

No, it won't!


Do we have some money in the bank?

Mom, do we have money?

No, we don't.

Mom, can you buy me a real guitar?

Please Mom, get one for me.

Please Mom.

Okay, we will sell the goat and buy it.

Why will we sell Munu?

How much are you selling it for?

Not much. I buy from others as well.

Mostly five rupees!

We only repair guitars. We don't sell them.

Hey ma'am! ma'am!

Come back.

Someone left this here six months ago.

If he doesn't come back soon I might sell this.

How much will it cost?

I can give you a discount.

How many times have you failed the same class?

Three times.

How many more times do you wish to fail?

You roam around but you don't study!

Show me your hand!

Why is your hair so long?

Do you want me to cut it for you?

If all this isn't gone tomorrow, I will teach you a lesson.

Hey! What do you want?

-Loser! Loser! -Loser! Loser!

-Loser! Loser! -Loser! Loser!

Loser! Loser!

Loser! Loser!

I will kill you!


Say it again?


Stop it. Let's go.

Stop it.

Brother, please stop it!

Is there no curry?






There he is!

-Brother! -Here you are!

Dharma, the creator of this universe told Prince Yudhishthira.

I will ask five questions.

If you answer them properly you can have water.

And you will be able to save one of your five brothers.

Just one?

Yes, only one.

The creator asked, "Who is bigger than the world?"

Yudhishthira said, "Father."


Then, he asked "Who is larger than the sky?"

-Yudhishthira answered, "Mother." -Mother.


Then he asked, "What is the fastest thing in the world?"

Yudhishthira answered, "The mind."

There is nothing faster than the mind.

Why is mind the fastest?

If you think you are here and then you imagine yourself at the school, you are immediately there.

You are not actually at school, you are in your bed.

That is how your mind works.

Without taking a step you are there.

That is the mind.

Dharma then asked, "Who is the richest?"

Yudhishthira answered, "The one who is not greedy.

The one who has no greed.

Whose only desire is to serve God.

He is the richest."


My sweet baby.

Stop it!

Mother tell me, who is the richest?


The one who has no greed.

And who lives to serve God is the richest.

Who told you this?

The grandfather who tells stories.

And, what is larger than the sky?

It's you. Just you, Mother!

Whatever is in our thoughts, can be materialized.

All thoughts eventually manifest into reality.

That's how our minds work.

Your negative thoughts will create negative actions.

However... if you focus on positive thoughts the results will be positive.

-Did the kids go to school? -Dhunu did.

But I am worried about my son.

He has been avoiding school since the day his teacher beat him.

I don't know what to do.

Fix this part.

Where is my share?

Leave it, I don't want to eat it.

My father would have been alive, had they built this embankment earlier.

If I tell you something, can you promise me that you won't tell anyone?

I will have a real guitar soon.


I will get it, I know.

I have read that if you want something, you will get it.

I have kept the paper. I will give it to you.

If I tell the others, will they laugh at me?

I don't know, they might laugh at you.

I will...

have my own...



I think it will rain.

It won't rain. We've sunshine right behind us!

Manabendra loves one of them!

Bye sunshine! See you tomorrow.

Such a brat!

The girls look good in pink dresses.

I will tell your parents. They will punish you!

And Brother, Mom will teach you a lesson.

I will beat you, if you tell on us.

You wanna try it now?

Come on! Beat me!

Dhunu is a good girl. She won't tell on us.

Manabendra is in love with one of the girls.

Wait until we get home. I'll teach you a lesson!

The others aren't interested in a rock band.

They are just interested in girls.

My brother is the biggest culprit.

This road is bad. Take the other side.

I will manage. You don't have to get down.

Grandpa, if I want something, will I get it?

If your will power is strong, if you are determined to achieve it... and if you keep working towards it, you will definitely get it. Why won't you?

But what do you want?

I want a guitar.

Oh, my God! Guitars are very expensive!

Although, you might be able to make do with a cheap one... as you will be learning!

Remember I told you, you should study hard and get a scholarship.

The scholarship will get you money.

You could also sell goat milk.

You can sell vegetables from your garden.

Hide all your money in a bamboo trunk.

Come dear! Help me collect the betel nuts.

Be careful.

Auntie, please call me whenever you need help with harvesting the betel nuts.

Sure, sweetheart.

Twenty rupees.

Thirty rupees.


-The big one is mine! -I called it first!

-The big one is mine! -I got it!

I'm wet! I'm wet!

Will there be floods?

The floods are already here!

-Everything is submerged. -Look at that!

Look we used to climb that tree!

It's under water now.

What are we going to do?

This road will be submerged soon.

You are right. Look the water level!

We need to ban the flood!

Ban the flood! Ban the flood!

We need to ban the rain!

Ban the rain! Ban the rain!

We need to ban the flood!

-Ban the flood! -Ban the flood!

We need to ban the rain!

-Ban the rain! -Ban the rain!

Our demand must be fulfilled!

-Must be fulfilled! -Must be fulfilled!

Our demand must be fulfilled!

-Must be fulfilled! -Must be fulfilled!

Mom, will there be floods?


-The flood has already taken the bridge. -I know.

How will we go to school?

You will have to take the other route.

That's too far!

But you must go to school.

Brother will use that as an excuse to avoid school.

What are you doing in the water?

Hold on. I am just checking the water level.

Bolo, get the goats.

Yes, I'm getting them.

Give me the box.

Careful you'll drop it.

Come. Come. Come out of there Let's go my dear.

Come. Come.

Come out here.

Come. Come.

-Bolo, can you do it yourself? -I think so.

Wait, let me help you.

Come, come dear.

Slowly... the goat will jump off.

Hold on.

Stop worrying!


The boat is sinking.

Don't worry.

Scoop the water out. Get it out of the boat.

Row slowly.

Be careful.

The farm's completely destroyed.

Mom, we lose our farm in the flood every year.

Why do you still farm?

It happened last time too.

Our work is our religion.

Working hard is all we know.

The floods have taken the bridge with it.

The current is too strong.

We can't go ahead.

Let's not try, it's dangerous.

I can see a pillar there.

I can see one more pillar!

The water will take a few more days to recede.

If the embankment breaks our house will be completely flooded.

Cut these ones.

Cut them at the bottom Dhunu.

But I can't reach the roots!

I'll cut the sides.

Get the boat here!

Wait! We are on our way!


-Stack these with the rest. -Okay.

-I could have brought my hat. -Yeah.

You should have. Why didn't you get it?

It's cold.

They didn't tie the ropes properly.

That's the reason.

They didn't do a good job.

People are useless!

Leave your shoes back there.

Leave your shoes.

Be careful.


-Is this fine? -Come around.

Wait. You'll fall if you come that way!

First step on the raft.

Are you hurt?

No, but I'm all wet.

That was funny!

Bhaskar, stop fooling around.

If you fall your mother will beat me.

She won't.

Just watch out!

-Let me do it. -You don't know how to row.

I can manage.

You don't need to.


Do you know how deep the water is if you fall in?

You won't be able to do this.

Do you know who lived here?

No idea.

A tribal family, Rabha.

They were new here.

Have you seen the embankment on the other side?

No, I haven't.

There was no embankment earlier.

This whole place used to be like a sea during the flood.

My father died because there was no embankment.

And because he couldn't swim.

How old were you?

I was... I don't remember.

Did it flood this often in your village?


Will there be more water here if the embankment breaks?

Yes, if it breaks there will be water everywhere.

Everything will drown.

Why did you take Bhaskar with you?

Do you even know how to row?

Do you?

Do you know how to row in a flood?

Why did you take someone else's child?

His mother was worried sick.

One man is already dead. Do you wish to die?

Mother, will the crops survive the floods?

No, they won't.

Mother, are you coming to bed?


Go to sleep.

I will sleep soon.

Dhunu, what are you doing?

What's that noise, Dhunu?

Dhunu, what are you up to?






Seventy... eighty... ninety.

Mom, please close your eyes.


Just close them.

-First tell me why. -Please do it, Mom.

Show me your hands.


Where did you get this money from?

By harvesting the betel nuts.

Who told you to do that?

Am I not feeding you?

Don't work for other people.

Okay, dear?

Where is my goat!

Brother! Have you seen my goat?

I've looked everywhere, but couldn't find him.

Hey, Munu!

Come here! Come here!

Munu, come! Come!

-You are useless. -This way.

Munu! Where are you?

Munu! Where are you?

Hey, Munu!

Come my dear!

Where are you?

Rascal fox!

Where is he?

Look there!

Munu my dear.

-I think a jackal might have eaten him. -Let's go to the other side.

Come here, please.

We're running out of oil.

Come! Come!

Munu my dear.

We're out of oil.

Come! Come!

Munu! Come here! Come!

Hey Munu!

Hey Basanti!

Your daughter just hit puberty! Hey Basanti!

-Your daughter just hit puberty! -Careful, be careful.

-Hold her. -Be careful.

What happened to Dhunu?

You boys go away! You are not allowed to watch!

Come my dear! Come in.

She can't see a boy and is not allowed to eat rice.

Just give her fruits.

Keep her away from boys.

Oh, God! Why are you making me wear this?

What next?

Sprinkle some water.

-Okay, what next? -That's it.

Avoid climbing trees now, get it?

Behave yourself. Don't run around with boys.

That's it. Get up.

What now?

Bring everything with you.

Let's go inside dear.

Push the lamp with your feet.

Sprinkle some water on her.

Done? Let's go.

Bring Dhunu out... quick.

Let's start the prayers.

Hurry up!

Okay, let's start.

Hail Lord Krishna.

Hail Lord Hari.

Hail Lord Ram.

Hail Lord Krishna.

I have ten rupees for you.

Just ten?

We haven't got anything for you.

What would you get me?

I didn't expect much either.

Your earrings look really good. Is it gold?

No, I got it for ten rupees.

It looks like real gold.

Wear it for the festival.

And this dress too.

-Have you eaten? -Not yet.

Please eat.

Don't leaving without eating.

Hey Dhunu, I'm here to celebrate as well.

You have betel. Give me one.

I don't have a gift for you.

You are looking very pretty today.

You are pretty but you are looking even more beautiful today.

Is that so?

Did you eat?

Yes. The food was real tasty.

Hey Bolo!

Did you eat? Stay back once you're done eating.


Help me with the guests.

Stay till evening.

Don't go anywhere.

I will be right here.

Dhunu is looking really pretty today.

How many times will repeat it?


Did you catch anything Grandpa?

Yes, dear.

The water is quite deep here.

Yes, you're right.

Hey, monkeys! Get down!

Bloody monkeys!

Go... Go.

Where are you going?

Get back here.

Be careful, Dhunu.

Watch your step.

Stop fooling around.

Wash it well.

Give me that.

Stop being such a brat.

Yes, you are learning.

You are doing well.