Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019) Script

The World!

This world is necessary for all.

But, few are unnecessary for this world.

Those not useful for that world are required for these few.

To the orphans having none around, that is the necessity, base and food.

What is that?

Book Sir.

Give it.

I’ll study Sir.

Study or my foot! Come on, throw.

Here... Take...

This is their life.

There is no goal for these and no destination There are no one to question about whatever happens to these.

Fight with hunger whole day and a war with darkness in the nights.

Anything may happen by the time they wake up in the morning.

Recently many thieves are roaming around the platforms... so we can't believe anyone.

Hey, get up... you... -Do you think is this your home to sleep.

Hey, come on... run...

If you come again near by these places we will arrest you... and you guys won't come out in life.

Hey, come on... run.

Come on, we shall hide here.

Hey, who are you coming into our area?

Hey, who are you...?

Why did you come here?

Brother, please don’t hit.

Brother, please don’t hit.

Brother, please don’t hit. We are not thieves.

Brother, please don’t hit.

Hey, come on bring them.

Contractor has asked for six more Didn’t you get?

Take these rascals and throw them in the drug factory.

Push them inside, come on.

None has seen, right? No boss.

They are orphans boss, who cares even if they’re killed?

Hey, somebody has seen us.

Come on catch them.

Hey, come on run away . Hey, stop idiots.

Hey, stop.

Come on run guys. -Hey, stop Run, they are coming.

Where did you go...

Hey, surround them.

Come on, run guys. -Hey stop.

Hey, stop there.

Hey! -Boss...

Hey, come on search. Search for those guys Hey, look over there.

They wouldn’t have been far away.

They’ve seen everything we do and they shouldn’t be left alive.

Tomorrow if not today, if not this they would sleep in the next station.

We shall search and kill them.

Ok boss.

Come on, guys

Why are you crying?

They’ll kill us.

We will die by ourselves.

Ok, we will die.

I’m frightened.

When train is coming, we should close our ears not eyes.

Hey, someone is crying there.

Hey, who’s that?

A small kid. -Small kid?

Give if there’s any rope. -Ok, I’m giving Give it fast...

Come on give.

Here is the rope.

Oh no, ants. Hey, ants.

Hey, they’re biting the kid Looks like they bit badly.

Hey, wipe faster. Hey, the kid is crying.

Hey, come on take it out.

Hey, wipe faster.

Hey, he is crying. Hey, wipe faster.

Hey, blood!

Immediately we shall take him to the hospital.

Doctor! Doctor Sir Doctor! Doctor Sir He’s inside.

Doctor Sir... -Doctor Sir.

Doctor, please have a look.

Who are you? Who is this kid?

Our brother sir.

What happened?

Ants bites him Sir.

Nurse, take the kid.

Doctor Sir...

Doctor Sir, our brother...

Doctor, how is our brother?

You brought him in the right time.

No problem, but there isn’t even a drop of milk in his stomach.

He’s too weak.

Where’s your mom?

We said you a lie, Sir A lie?

We’re orphans Sir.

We live by collecting scrap.

We found this brother, Sir.

Go and get milk. Ok, Doctor.

Then, what will you do to him.

He made us live when we wished to die, Sir.

We will save him even by putting our lives sir.

We’ll make him study Sir .

We’ll show him a way ahead, Sir.

By collecting scrap?

We’ll work hard from today Sir.


You’re saying to be orphans, right? Be in that shed from today.

Their life was a question till date.

His entry into their lives is an answer.

The kids with no parents, but still they have everything.

The land and the sky are their relatives.

The branch and the twigs are their friends.

These enjoying Pandavas are the Kings with pure souls.

These relatives with no bonding will be together forever.

He’s the one Sir.

You rascal, you take away kids? Come on, move.

You make me be in jail for five years?

Who’ll save you now, rascals?


No sir, please sir he’s just a small kid sir. -Brother run away.

Please don’t harm him sir.

Hey brother, run away.

Sir, it seems Rama stabbed that goon.


What is this dear?

From today, brothers will study and I’ll work.

In this age?

From today, brothers will study and I’ll work.

Not that dear...

From today, brothers will study and I’ll work.

Who are these kids to you...?

They had no one till yesterday Sir. These five are my kids from now

Those four will study at you.

K. Subramanyam.

What is K for?


My Lord...!

Whatever may be the Century, time or place... you said that the justice will win.

There’s been a danger to that justice now.

A guy ready to clash with that danger as an answer.

Wherever he is, whoever maybe opposing him, justice should live and he should win


You’ve come in search of your death on the name of answer.

Here and today, If I don’t send you into your grave, I’m not a man.

Every hunter is a warrior until he faces the perfect lion.

I don’t have an army like you, no fear in my body and no fear at all about the death.

I came winning over the death by birth.

Come on.

Oh no, uncle.

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?

Uncle fell down.



Why uncle?

Got a dream guys It seems he dreamt.

What dream? What dream?

I killed someone.

It seems he killed someone.

You killed someone?

Yes, in the dream.

You promissed to your brother that not to get into fights and kill someone?

What word have you given to him? What value did you give him?

Oh God! Word and values even for the dreams?

This has broken like this means, imagine how would that guy’s condition be He said in dream, right?

A crime is a crime even in dream.

Hello! It was you who offered a coconut and prayed for this crime to take place.

Oh no!

Is it us offering coconuts and doing opening ceremonies for your fights?

He did the crime and is applying cream to us, sister.

Wait, I’ll call your brother . Yes Here, he called himself.

No, sister in law no. you wait...

Hi... -Please...please...please Hello... Hello.

Sister in law, please, please...

Yes, how are you? Are you fine?

Yes, I’m good and how are you? -Please don’t say anything about this.

When are you coming?

I came to Delhi on the counting work.

I’ll finish the work and come.

I sent Brothers to be helpful for you. Have they come?

No, they haven’t come Didn’t they come?

What’s that? Wait, I’ll check once. Daddy...

Hi dear, did you miss me? -Come, come...

Hi daddy.

Hi brother, they’ve come They just arrived Hi...

House is simply super.

What else is going on?

All the furniture has come.

Rama is taking care of everything.

He’s on the word given, right?

On the word given... Please, please sister in law.

He’s your brother.

My dearest sister in law...

Ok, I’ll talk later. Okay.

Enough Thank you Sister in law, for saving me today from brother if you cook well today, I’ll eat for you.

Is it...!

Hello, you’ll cut the vegetables ... cook the food and serve us all.

If not, call will go to brother.

What, vegetables?



No way!


They shouldn’t be chopped so. They should be cut -Who said..?

I’ll cut like this...

Hey, don’t laugh Excuse me.


Please come Who is that girl?

Hi Please come.

My name is Sharanya. All will call me Pinky.

Daddy is Doctor and mom is house wife.

We stay in your opposite house.

I see.

Actually today is my birthday.

Oh, happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Thank you.

I planned at the pub.

But as it’s a drunk and drive problem, I shifted it to the club house.

Evening is the party and there’s my dance performance.

It’s a little modern.

I think, people of your age may not have seen, right...?

But, come and enjoy Okay.

Hey, cook You too come and have food.


Don’t just eat and leave.

Clap and whistle at the dance floor and give some encouragement.

We too need energy, right?

Yes, you need more energy.

Hey man, come in some better dress.


Yes, don’t miss the party. It’s sharp at 7:30.


Does she say cook to our Sir worth a Crore rupees cheque?

How could she say cook seeing your face Sir?

To hell with her... She... -Hey stop.

She’s a new girl right, maybe she doesn’t know What new Rama? You get ready, let’s go to the party.

Leave it, sister in law?

Rama, she should know that you aren’t a cook but the kick of the public.

I’ve got so much work and more over I have to prepare food.

Rama, it isn’t you to clap but make her clap.

Not you to whistle but you should make the public whistle.

You say so? Yes Let's move.

Hey baby, you are beautiful... Full Life is just chill if you say ok... Chill.

Toddy is hidden in your eyes... Toddy Your body is a bow with great turns... A bow Hey baby, you are beautiful... Full Life is just chill if you say ok... Chill.

Toddy is hidden in your eyes... Toddy Your body is a bow with great turns... A bow Come on my beautiful, will show you the fun There would be a kick always in me.

Artiste in me and the decoration in you When they fix up, disco bar will be in full josh For once, beat the band and do a dance step

For once, shake up the dance floor

For once, beat the band and do a dance step

For once, shake up the dance floor

Hey baby, you are beautiful... Full Life is just chill if you say ok... Chill.

Toddy is hidden in your eyes... Toddy Your body is a bow with great turns... A bow

For once, beat the band and do a dance step

For once, shake up the dance floor

Takeoff of my cute heart was a bang at once like a flight seeing your walk.

My heart beat is flying like a kite forgetting the heights with your entry.

Hey dear, my beautiful baby I’ll give you a feast and show my world.

Hey honey, you are my story now No idea what you do with treasures of my beauty.

For once, beat the band and do a dance step

For once, shake up the dance floor

Hey, got to know the value of zero after seeing your slim waist.

After getting the shock of your naughty look, came to know about the current without rent.

Hey my queen, let me come along with you. Let me take away all your solo charms in a flow Come on my dear, let me be your life Let this supersonic tune be a super hit.

For once, beat the band and do a dance step

For once, shake up the dance floor

Alert... Alert.

CM convoy has started.


Alert sir, line is clear

Hey, new school.

Come, come... Let’s go... Let’s go...

Hey, stop...

What happened?

Uncle, I’ll stay back at home with you. I won’t study.

Hey, why two to cut the vegetables? I’m there, right? Come.

You should think, you should fight and you should capture.


Sir, the guy we’re searching for is in Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad, why he's there?

No idea sir, but he’s in 500 meters range for me.

Shall I finish him?


I need him along with his family.

Track him down.

Uncle, I want water. Shh... Silence Very good!

Everything seems to be nice.

Okay, Thank you.

Previous school records are also nice.

They can join the school from tomorrow onwards. -Okay.

By the way, their father is said to be an IAS officer.

Which department?

He’s posted as Chief Election Commissioner.

Right now he’s in Bihar. -Okay.


This is the maximum information we got to know about that Election officer, Sir Cancel all the appointments.

No one shouldn't disturb me for an hour.



This peaceful city got heated up due to by-election.

Ruling party as a memorandum for their ruling... and the opposition party as a memorandum for their power to fight each other have put in all their powers.

Hello, hope you all are fine.

Yes, he’s our party candidate.

You should all come together and make him win.

We don't need any issues.

He’s my brother in law...

He is your candidate and he should win.


But the Central authority has given them a mind blowing shock right here.

They appointed Bhuvan Kumar as the Special Election Officer.

This dynamic officer winning President Award having made peaceful elections possible already at problematic locations like Kashmir, Chattisgadh and Nagaland... being a native of this Visakhapatnam is making these both parties go sleepless.

Giri reporting... sir come in... come in. yeah.

A container is coming this side suspiciously from Chattisgarh border Sir

Once that enters our zone, pin them down. Ok Sir.

Sir, we found it.

Seize it!

My father always used to say one thing.

We shall enter into a new city either with a knife or a bundle of notes.

We’ve brought them both.

You decide what you want...

Sir, they catched our container

Sir, sir is busy.

Hello Sir...

My name is Ballem Balaram I’m the brother in law of opposition leader Pandem Parushuram.

I’m the party candidate There is exactly 175 Crores in the container you caught. That is ours.


There’s a Land Rover outside with 25 Crores cash in that.

That’s yours.

That container is ours.

What you caught aren’t the notes, Officer.

They’re our Party votes, leave that


Sir... -Seize the vehicle.

Thanks for the evidence, for confessing that they’re yours.

Prepare the papers and disqualify him. Ok Sir.

What, you disqualify me?

You make me not be there in the elections?

First you move from here.

I haven’t just come like that from hundreds of Kilometers.

I’ve selected and got expert hunters ready for guys like you.

If I say them to have a look, there’d be a dead body in every lane including your family.

Are you scared?

Listen, I’m saying what finally will happen.

Election will take place in this city, my party will win and my flag will be flying high.

Stop if you have the guts.

Stop if you have guts?

Vizag isn’t a peppermint for any Tom, Dick and Harry to chew it.

It’s the temperament.

If, we the public like we will fly any flag.

If something goes wrong, we reverse the same and pierce it in.

Hey, hey Rama...

Hey, you shall come with respect and go with respect.

Come on, let’s go.

Rama, please Come Come on, you move first Come, come on let’s leave What’s this Sir?

He’s the candidate Sir, brother in law of Mr. Parsuram.

He may be the opposition leader today but he’s the CM aspirant.

As per rule, your brother should immediately be arrested for hitting the candidate.

He’s saying no.

I think...

They’ve got something else in their mind.

They won’t let this go so easily.

This is the elections time.

It isn’t good for us.

It is no way good for your brother, Sir.

What to do?

I’ve got some plan for you.


Will he say sorry?

Breaking News!

(We’re seeing Pandem Parasuram’s nephew Ballem Balram...)

(contesting as MLA candidate from the opposition party...)

It seems a lady hit her husband and felt bad later, it seems

Not all these, just forget about him and his family.

Sir, please sir...

He’s the election officer and it’d be a problem for us.

Please forgive just for this one time for my sake. Please...

(Investigation department enquiring the reasons behind this attack...)


Go and tell him to come Thank you Sir... Thank you.

It seems, that guy will come and say sorry for me.

Not for you...

Hey... fix the peg.

Sir, they’re coming.

I brought him to say sorry Sir.

Ram... Yes Say Sorry What?

Say sorry, man Sorry!

Say, you won’t mess with them again.

Ok, I won’t.

Bhuvan Kumar!

There is no fear in the sorry said by your Brother.

There’s the sound, right?

You heard it, right?

Sir, he doesn’t know how to talk I’ll make him to write the apology letter.

Apology letter... Ok, go on

Write it, man...

Ram, write it...


I don’t know Telugu Write down in English You know? -Yes.

I don’t know.

Sir, leave him I’ll write.

Matter in that letter should be like... Not like saying sorry...

It should be like bending down and licking my sandal.

It’s gone too much, right? This apology letter and my foot!

Come on, move You asked me to say him sorry and I said. That’s more than enough for him, move on Hey, do you know who Sir is?

Hey Ram...

He too is born like all the others, right?

He isn’t specially born from the skies, right?

Hey... You know who I am?

Who are you, man?

Hey, who is this fellow?

What’s his name?

Pandem Parasuram is here...

Hey, who cares if you’re Pandem Parasuram?

Ram here... Ram Konidela...

Ram, no Rama, no Come on, no... Move Hey... I’ll make you pee in pants from today.

Will you?

Come on, come on make me pee. Hey Ram...

Can’t we pee ourselves?

He says to make me pee in pants!

Hey Ram... -Rama, what’s this?

Stop brother, why do you fear?

It’s like rat showing something when cat is blind...

Whatever... -why all these now? Move now...

All the best officer.

No, Rama... No fights please. Wait brother, he said some thing All the best?

Are you threatening? Is this a warning?

Hey Pandem, my world isn’t the four directions but four people.

I’ll come down as many steps needed for them.

But if they’re touched by mistake, there won’t be a second thought, second of delay or a second word On the spot, if I hit...background will blown away.

Hey Ram!

Making him saying sorry is like taking a selfie standing in front of the running train Picture will come but body won’t.

True Sir, It’d be like a Lorry dashing even when Rama Sir says sorry Rama, did you say sorry?

What just sorry sister in law?

I was about to catch the feet but he put them high and thus I wrote sorry and returned.

He says many versions well.

It is very habitual him and he would change the matter as he likes, what can we do?

When they did a mistake, instead of hitting why did you say sorry?

We didn’t like this.

What to do sister in law?

Just by seeing them, my legs were shaking, tears were rolling from the eyes and heart was banging.

It was like a tired chicken went to sleep in the boiling oil and getting roasted.

My feeling is been like that.

Was that feeling is yours or theirs?

Actually you know, sister in law...

Stop this discussion first and eat this. Thank you.

You went without eating anything even in the morning, have it.

This is called as a food policy for a tiger.

Feed him, feed well.

Why are you like that?

I’m frightened seeing him, Gayatri.

When there is a courageous guy with us, we too get the courage.

But I’m frightened seeing his courage.

Whatever Rama do, he will do it correctly and you too aware of that.

His last thought before he sleeps is about us. and even the first thought after waking up is about us, right?


He gave up studies from childhood for us to study.

He stood behind for us to grow in life.

Every time we got a problem, He stood in front and faced death also.

What if something happens to him in the future....

When there isn’t a lid on soda and weight on a paper, they keep jumping high like this

Why marriage for me, sister in law?

What’s this in-shirt, this floral shirt and this procedure?

Put on the button I won’t I’m saying you to put I won’t.

What is this? You know how are the girls these days?

I’m saying and you come.

Sister in law I'm saying you to come Hello Sir...

Gayatri, he is Mr. Dharmendra and is the President of our walking club President.

He is very close to us Hello Sir. -Hello.

Puppy is waiting.


What SP, should we leave the guy who raped?

You said some stories yesterday when asked to catch.

We’ll catch, bash him up and then send him.

Then you can write the FIR.

Dear... did I say correct?

Puppy is always great.

The groom’s family is here.

Hello ...

Hello madam...


She’s Madhavi, President of women’s organization right?

She participate in TV programmes and keeps bashing up the men.

Her daughter is the bride?

Who’s the groom in these?


Oh, is it him?

Sit down, I’ll call baby.

Hi mom.

Yes baby, what’re you doing?

Just finishing my workout mom.

That groom and family are here, come for once.

Ok, 10 minutes... I’ll just change and come down.

No need, come as you are.

Ok mom...

Look... Putting on makeup, applying lip stick, wearing jewellery, going to a side and having dirty meets and to say you call later after seeing doesn’t exist in our families.

Here is my baby...

Baby, he’s the boy. Both of you see each other.

Come on, see each other.


Enough of seeing, what do you do?

Nothing much, I’m almost free.


Ok, how much can you give?

Sister in law... -Giving..?

I mean, how much dowry would you pay?


Look dear, I’ll tell a fact if you say not to feel.

There are just 6 girls for every 10 boys in the market.


Why am I stuck so, my God?

Didn’t they take dowry in their time?

We too will take the dowry in our time.

Keeping this aside for some time...

Look boy, there’re a few conditions for this marriage to take place.

First, my daughter will not give birth to more than two.

Second, she will sleep by 9 in the night and I won’t agree if you wake her up.

Third... She wakes up by six in the morning and asks for Coffee. Can you make it?

I don’t know.

Learn it.

She goes to gym by 9 in the morning.

She’ll drink a bottle of lemon juice. Can you prepare?

I don’t know Learn it.

She often requires pampering also can you pamper?

No, I don’t know Learn it.

Sister in law...

Suppose after the marriage, thinking the future is boring and if you press the calling bell of another lady, your bell will be broken.

Be prepared.

By mistake, if you mess with some lady over WhatsApp, you won’t have a face to put in facebook.

Be prepared.

My baby often feels bad and comes to my place. What’ll you do?

I’ll come and say sorry.

Do you know?

I know and have recently said to someone. -Whom?

I should say sorry to her... Hey...

You like the boy, right?

How, the main matter should be finalized right?

What’s the main matter?

Here are the Medical reports of my daughter. -Where are the reports of your boy?

Medical reports.

It’s the horoscope which should be correct, right?

What’s there in the horoscope, they will be set right by doing some rituals.

What we need is the health. Do you have your boy’s reports or not?

You don’t have them? No problem!

Dr. Sarasam! Come here once, dear

What’s she so huge, man?

No problem...

Why are they pulling out the blood in the marriage looks?

Madam, are you taking the blood for a test or for some trust?

Why you need this much of blood?

You’re retired and be calm.

Ok boy, you say you don't have any income then how will you feed her?



I mean, I... That is...

Stop nonsense, say how will you take care of my daughter?

I’ll take care of her like this

Yes, I’ll take care even like this.

Hey, Ram Rama, cool.

Rama... Stop.

Leave me, sister in law.

How do I feed her, it seems.

Rama, cool! -Cool!


Anyone would do these. I’m asking what you will do.

You...what’s this sister in law?


(Indistinct Voices...)


He’s the guy who raped the girl on the beach road.


You rascal, enough that you get a girl?

Oh God!

If he does this marriage, it’ll be like doing Arya film with R Narayana Murthy.

Maybe mother in law would recite the story and make our guy to play the harmonium Should even our guy keep always saying, Papa is always right like his father in law?

Stop joking... everyone think what to do.

Leave all these.

What do you say, dear?

May this marriage isn’t correct.

Yes Why is this not correct?

In between us...

When a guy comes and sits before us saying to marry our girl, we won’t know about his habits...

We don’t about health and the character of him.

When some third party comes and certifies saying a good family and good boy and says to marry, we believe and get the marriage done.

Will know the truth after that only, right?

How many marriages of the present days are continuing long?

As I feel, she isn’t wrong in her daughter’s marriage... it's practical.

Why I am saying this is because, who’s there to fight other than to see in the TV and feel bad when something goes wrong?

She’s doing that Instead of feeling bad after something goes wrong later, her trial to avoid it is very good and is needful in these days.

She isn’t fighting for her daughter to be good but for all the children to be good in the future.

She’s right.

Leave all these, it’s you to marry.

Rama, you like this marriage or not?

That is... No, I don’t like.

Think again and tell...

I like that girl but I don’t want this marriage.

Say that to that girl, herself which girl?

Oh no! When did she come down?

It seems she wants to speak to you. Take her inside and talk.

Days aren’t going good at all and I won’t go.

Even if the whole city comes on to you, can’t do anything to you.

What would a girl do? Come on go Goons there and ladies here... It’s a risk and I won’t go.

Go Sister in law...

You take him dear Ok madam.

Hey, why are you pushing me?

Why are you pushing me?


Didn’t you feel when you hugged like this?

Didn’t you feel when you kissed like this?

Hey, what are you doing? -Didn’t you feel when you make me fell down like this?

You press the number and why do you say wrong number after it rang?

Tell me, why don’t you like the marriage?

Look, I didn’t like the conditions kept by your mom.

What are those? The same...

She said no touch after 9 in the night and how’s that possible?

What’ll you do the whole day? You’re free, right?

Oh! valid point...

Look, I can’t make coffee.

Learn it.

What, learnt it?

I can’t make even the juice.

Learn it.

You’ll learn it...

You’ll learn... -Should I learn even this?

Look, I can’t pamper at all.

No... learn it.


Look! Everything I have to learn..? won’t you compromise at all?

Oh no! That’s why this marriage is cancel for me.

Oh no...

Rama... Rama, hey Rama, what happened?

Do as I say.

It goes good... What shall I do?

What an acting ?

Playing dramas here...

They’ve conditions, right? She’s into proper way.

This marriage is ok for me now, sister in law.

Oh no! This thin girl hit hardly.

If she’s like this even before the marriage, Then how she will be after the marriage...

Did Rama hit?

We know about Rama.

We’ve the birthday party tomorrow and you should come for sure.

Whose? Ram...

All of the five brothers.

What’s that?

These brothers are orphans.

It’s birthday for all on the day they got Ram.

Have you seen so much of joy anywhere?

Has anyone witnessed a festival every day?

No idea which sweetness heartily wrote these fates so beautiful.

No idea which smile drew these characters as its replica.

Have you seen so much of joy anywhere?

Has anyone witnessed a festival every day?

Even the lines in a palm are never together as one.

No similarities are seen between impressions of fingers in a hand.

No idea where they are born and where they started from...

They became beat for a single heart.

No idea kites of which sky and flowers of which garden.

They are together under one roof.

Has anyone witnessed a festival every day?

There isn’t narrowness in this house... Every heart has a place in it.

This walk would never gets tired... The foot to give a victory is along with.

They are words alone but as a sentence together gave a sweet message They are notes individually but together as a tune stood as sweet song.

Have you seen so much of joy anywhere?

There is a library of bonding in this house.

There is just one dream always from all here These are the forms of heart confusing the joy.

These flowery arrows piercing in the hearts.

Are the childish hearts playing in the moonlight.

I lost prestige in Delhi, status in the state and value in the party.

He stripped him and hit.

I to win and make the party win have come into a stage to cut my head...

and came to you.


I won’t let the guy and his family being a part of this play, be alive.

Some combing operation at that time and I was in AOB.

Ok, what was his name?

Excuse me Sir We brought them Sir.

Get them down.

Okay Sir.

Hey, come Walk idiot.


Get up Come on move.

Get up.

Come on move Yes, now fun starts.

What recovery weapons do we have?

Tapanchas (Gun) Sir -Get them Show your face a bit, man...

Hey, it’s the Central Committee here.

Bring AK Ok sir.


Subbaraju 25 meters...

Rajesh 50 meters...

Ashok 100 meters.


Attack on the opposition leader and four Naxalites dead in the Police firing. and the opposition leader admitted in the hospital...

Give a press note like this.

You get a sympathy and I get a publicity.

I’m saying again...


You keeping me in this position Who ever touches you...

Came to know that you’re going as the Special officer for Bihar elections.

And that's why I called to meet you once Very tough state!

But I know, you’re a tough man.

Thank you Sir.

By-elections went on very perfectly here as you were here.

Newly formed state.

Officers like you are very much required for this state in the future.

Finish it quick and come back soon.

Sure Sir, I’ll definitely come back All the very best Thank you Sir.

What’s this?

You know, we visit Dwaraka every year on our marriage day, right? and journey at this time...

I’m going to the North and you too are coming right there.

I’ll come and join there, keep this inside.


You bring down that drinking first.

You’re growing old and take the medicine on time. Ok!

Brother, luggage is ready Uncle Rama!

Come here. -Wait...


Will you do me a favor?

Tell me brother.

We too aren’t being the city.

Please don’t get into any fights. Ok, I won’t.

Hey, whatever maybe the reason promise me not to get into any fights.

What, a promise for just this? Come on, move brother Hey, it’s a promise on me if you get into any fights Brother...

What is a promise for all small things? Ok, I did. Promise, happy?

This is too much brother. Yes, you’re my brother.

These promises for everything...


It’s getting late.

Bye dear Bye brother, bye.

Bye daddy Sorry All the best dear, bye.

Safe journey, brother Bye.

Bye Bye.

Let’s go.


Hey, you wait.

Is this officer, an orphan?

Where’s his family?

By the time when that report was done, they were in Vizag Sir.

There is no information about where they shifted now.

I think they’re hiding Sir.

We need them Find them Oh! They’ve come.

Oh you, please come Are you fine? I’ll go and get coffee It was a bit tough to find the address but you shifted into a nice house.

Locality also too good.

We enquired deep about your guy.

Everyone said he will hit the bad guys but none complained that he messes with girls.

Still, being ladies we ourselves are hitting if someone says anything and what’s wrong in a man hitting?

What do you say, dear? Puppy is always right Please come and have breakfast.

What to eat dear?

A girl from our village was married to a guy who was a great business man, He started a second family in Hyderabad and thrashed her out.

I’ll go to his house, bash him up and then will come back to eat.

What do you say?

Puppy is always right.

She first hits and then eats Where is son in law?

He is in up stairs.

Baby, all the reports have come correct.

Go and chat for a while with son in law, dear.


I’m here right?

Sister, knowing that we came that guy has arranged for Police around his house.

Are Police and the idiots any new to us?

Let’s beat him up If needed, let’s be in the Police station for two days.

What do you say? Puppy is always right.

I’ll sit or stand as she says.

Understood Ok dear, we’ll come for dinner if not arrested. Ok bye Come on move... Let’s bash him up Come on sister, let’s bash him up She’s fire brand and you’re dumb.

How did it match for you both? -How?

Come on, let’s sit and talk Move

On a rainy day, I was standing at the bus stop with an umbrella.

She too was in the same bus stop getting drenched.

I felt pity that she was getting drenched and shared the umbrella.

There was a sudden lightening and she screamed.

By then, all those nearby surrounded me, bashed up and got us married.

Sir, marriage is fine but what about the family?

I’ll tell even that.

Thinking she’s my wife now, I went and put hand on her on the first night.

Oh no!

What, is it enough that you feel? Shouldn’t I get the feeling?

I will wake you up when I feel and you get up then.

When I’m in deep sleep, she wakes me up and ask to come.

Hey Yes Come...

Come on...

Why do you look around, come?

Will a wet match stick light up immediately?

You tell, please Then... Oh, that one?

She woke me up when I was awake and she’s born.

But she asks your permission for everything, right?

She’s like America.

She asks everything but continues what she does.

She never follows me.

But, you too are praising her so much saying Puppy always right.

Look my boy, say yes for whatever the wife says and the house will be a Paradise Say no and it is a hell That's why, the elders said an enemy should be stabbed and killed but a lady should be praised and killed.

Thus, when I say Puppy is always right, she is full happy and my life will be a celebration Well said.

Won’t you say anything to her at all?

Will news come in a radio without batteries?

I too am similar.

Then, won’t you ever try to stop when men are being hit like that?

We shall pull the chain to stop the train but shouldn’t pull the train.

It would push us along What if someone raise the hand by any chance?

No chance at all Why?

When Puppy hits, his care of address is Himalayas.

Why is that so?

He’d feel better to bear with that cold than to face this tigress and leave.

Puppy’s style is different and her hitting is unique.

Uncle, that is...

You know why do I still like Puppy so much, even after so much is happening?

In these days where none cares even about problems in their house, she feels the problems of public as her own problems.

That’s why I like her.

That’s why Puppy is always right.


Hello Sir Hey come, we shall play You’re managing very well. Thank you Keep managing the same for few more days Hi Ram...

I’ll call you again.


I’m going to Europe for one month trip.

Will you too join?

No thanks! I mean, I don’t have a passport.

Oh...! I am gonna miss you so much. I too.


When did you come?

You disappear without informing, you change places without informing.

Why’s she asking you to come to Europe?

Is she so close?! We stay in the opposite houses and thus a bit...

But you said like no passport and would’ve come if you had one I should be clear from my side, right?

Then you’re reacting so much when she said I miss you?

Responding to a wish is manners, baby I see!

You’re into a chilling mood when she gave a flying kiss?

Baby, I’m like a traffic Police.

Either I whistle or wave the hands it’s just the duty but no wrong intentions.

Then, what’s this? Who is this?

Is it the drunk and drive test? -Baby, they call it socializing out here.

Hey, I should get a blood test again for you Blood test?

Baby, you know there isn’t any link to what you saw and what you are discussing.

Still, when Draupadi was stripped we shall feel bad that she got an injustice... but none would get into a discussion whether the sari pulled by Dussasan was a silk sari from Kanchi or Gadwal.

Baby, please believe me. I’m like a swing ride.

Can I cross this city or even this gate whatever force I swing with?

I will be right there?



Here Where else?


Where else?

Listen to me my dear, my dear...

I got to be with you and live with you Listen to me my dear, my dear...

I got to be with you and live with you

Our couple is like Romeo and Juliet born again.

Our love story is a hit like their story climax is written positively.

I promise, we are like Shajahan and Mumtaj are reborn.

Preplan and build Tajmahal in advance at least this time.

You are my girl... you are my girl...

It is you if Monalisa’s smile and a jasmine become as one.

You are my world... you are my world...

It is you if the hot Lava and sweet cova become as one.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Listen to me my dear, my dear...

I got to be with you and live with you

Opening up eyes like the doughnut.. Opening both the chocolaty lips.

Saying words like ice fruit You made me go crazy With a smile like the red bull... Showing the muscle like a dumbbell.

You gave an entry into the heart like a love symbol.

Let’s become one like the cream stone.

You’re the bread and I’m the jam.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Like Armstrong felt great stepping on the moon.

Shall I too feel great kissing on your cheeks?

Like that apple felt happy pulling Newton’s mind.

Shall I too feel happy pulling you into my hug?

Won’t my little life shine like the video gone viral when with you?

Won’t our love of 100 years get a name like a teaser setting a trend?

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Come on baby, let’s rock it up.

Listen to me my dear, my dear...

I got to be with you and live with you.

Listen to me my dear, my dear...

I got to be with you and live with you.

Raja bhai got up.

What, did Raja Sir wake up?

Where’s that officer’s family?

We almost cracked it Not almost but I want that family immediately.

Go.. -Sir.


The mirror.

Raja Brother!

Raja Brother!

Raja Brother!

Ranjit Singh Brother.

When the public shiver with fear by seeing a guy and close the doors getting inside their homes, what’s he called?

The devil...

Then, what if the same public salutes with fear by seeing him?

What’s he called?

The God.

Then, who am I? The God Then, what shall we do when that guy touches the God?

We shall kill him.

Then why didn’t you kill him?

I’ll kill him Where?

Right here.

Bring him.


Go... Go Where are the kids going?

I asked them to go to the Ice cream shop.

What Ice cream shop, baby?

Hey... You always say family when I come home.

When you come out, you always move around with the kids like a mother hen.

Then, when is the privacy for us?

Privacy... Now...

Ice cream... Hey, we need ice cream.

Hey, kids are crossing the road. Get up...

It looks very natural, let that be so...

Give that Tapancha (Gun) here

Harsha, move a bit back...

Towards your right...

Get into position Sir?

In position!

Fire... Sir.

Fire Sir, I think it’s a risk Fire...

Wipe that and keep it in his hands, Harsha.

Clean the gun and the work is done.

Not just with the gun but we shall often do with camera. Shoot!

Where is the guy giving the shelter to a Naxalite holding 25 Lakhs head reward in his house?

Hey, are you gone mad?

You brought someone, shot him yourself and asking you gave shelter? he’s a Naxalite?

We’ve seen many like you...

Hey, get up. Come on get up.

This isn’t a ladies problem madam, but the law and order problem Shift them.

Sir, I said I'll give the family as a package right?


Daddy! Hey Akki, stop.











Parasuram Sir, what did he say?

My world isn’t the four directions but four people and if any one touches them I am gonna kill them.


Ask him to kill now...

Sir, please Sir... I’ll say sorry

Parasuram Sir, sorry.

Khaki (Police) has done the job which the Khaddar (politics) couldn’t do.

I said it.

I’ll be right here, pleas tell them to leave my family Sir.

Are you happy sir?

You go and I’ll come finishing this.

Boys, take the position


Sir please, Sir. Please listen to me.

Leave Sir, please don’t harm them.

Sir, ask them to put the guns down.

Sorry my boy... Your time is up.

Sir, please! Please listen to me Sir Target.

Sir, please! Please listen to me Sir.

No, please listen to me No, please listen to me Sir.

Fire... -Please, Sir please.


Buddha arrived once when the justice has gone out of hands in our land.

And when the same justice went out of hands again, you came.

Rama, Bihar salutes you.

What is this?

Who are all these?

Those who came to kill... Who are they and who is he came to save?

What happened?

I’m asking you Rama, what exactly has happened?

I’ll tell you madam.

My name is Prabhu Naded I’m Bihar CM.

38 districts with 12 Crores of the population .

A state with a fertile land, abundant water resources and great mines available.

It’s the land preaching peace to the world saying to seek the blessings of Buddha.

But one region in the state was a continuous war zone and was because of just one guy.

Private army built once to safeguard their villages from the Terrorists and the bandits.

It turned into private army of a family as the days changed.

Leader of that army is Raja Bhai Munna

People have no power to oppose him.

There wasn’t a chance to live if opposed

Government had no grip over that region.

To stand in support of that public and to change their lives, we stepped in there making elections as the platform.

My dear brothers and sisters, you all are aware about who the reason is and why for just our region to be so backward in this entire Bihar state.

That's why, CM himself has come to fill you up with the courage.

He made us stand in these elections as his representatives.

Make us win and our victory will be the end of Rana’s Army.

Brother please forgive.

Brother please forgive.

Please forgive me.

Brother, please forgive me.

Brother, it was a mistake.


What will you change, the public or the fear I filled in those?

Or the truth that I’d kill anybody does anything without my knowledge?

Either the vote, word or the bullet in this region is mine.

No third party!

There’d be elections in your areas.

But in my area, it’s only the selection.

No second option and no third party

Bring the candidates.


Wear it.

Hey, well done!

I’m giving you respect and leaving as you are the CM If this repeats next time, consequences will be very bad.

As we had no other option to stop him, when we approached the Central Government they appointed your husband Bhuvan Kumar as the Election Officer.

My dear officers and friends, whatever may be the state or the place everything falls under one flag in one country.

Whatever happens should go on within the system and as designed in the system.

Because the breathe of our nation is the democracy.

There is no respiration for that breathe here and no hope even that it’d live...

Because of fear...

The fear...

For that fear to be gone, elections should go on perfectly.

No one is above the law...

No one is above the flag...

Anybody should bow his head before that flag.

If not we shall bend their head by force.

The ballot is powerful than the bullet Let’s prove it.

Crush them down!

Yes Sir.

Come on, come on don’t leave any one.

Hands up... don't move.

Drop the weapons.

Here comes the Army in support for you and even the system has come.

Believe me no army can stand before this army.

Sir, please Sir

Hello Sir.

We are with you.

You don't get frightened.

I’ll talk you later.

Did you pray to the God?

Listen Madam, today being the wedding celebration of the Lord and the same day being your marriage day. and you coming down regularly makes me feel very happy.

You should bless one more couple with your hands.

Hail the Lord.

Come, there’s a speciality for the day.

Today is an auspicious day.

This day arrives once in 12 years, If the boy make his fiance to ring the temple bell, that bonding stands for the coming seven lives.

What, seven lives and with the same girl?

You idiot, you need 10 instead of one? Move, I’ll see your end.

Dear, if you lift me I’ll ring the temple bell.

What to lift? I’ll die if I lift you What to die, come on lift.

Come on lift No, I won’t lift.

He won’t lift it seems. -Hey God!

He won’t lift it seems. -Hey God!

He won’t lift it seems, but eats heavily. Hey God!

No problem, go and ring the temple bell.

No problem.

No problem. please go.



My heart said God made our couple after seeing you.

Pack your heart in a wrapper tied by a ribbon and give me today.

The society should meet in groups and say.

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

The process of kites flying and drums banging in heart is on...

Couple of dancing star and sweet honey bee is great.

The whole public screamed about our love.

Seetha loves Rama... Rama loves Seetha...

Seetha loves Rama... Rama loves Seetha...

Rama loves... Seetha loves... Seetha loves... Rama loves...

Rama loves... Seetha loves, Rama...

Seetha loves... Rama loves... Rama loves... Seetha loves...

Seetha loves... Rama loves, Seetha...

Watching our lunch and dinner together as a couple, you know what is the statement made?

Enquiring about the film we watch together, you know what the world said in jealousy?

News channels are behind us not having any breaking news.

You know what the sate said being idle with no hot topic?

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

You know what the shy feel on my cheeks said seeing the selfie sent by you every morning after waking up?

You know what my little heart said in beating after seeing the red velvet cake you ordered for me?

The parrot saying horoscope after seeing us both You know what it said strong asking why is the delay still?

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

Rama loves Seetha... Seetha loves Rama...

Hey get up, it is five now. Get up

What’s your name?

Bhuvan Kumar The alphabets beside your name, what are they?



Indian Administrative Service.

If your system comes on to me, I won’t get frightened but will get strengthened

No, don’t shoot No ... Please.

No... Please.

Stop. Stop please.



Come on tie it


Sir... -Hey Hari.

No, no Subbaraju Sir.

I’ll tie. No brother.

I’ll tie Brother What’s you tying that brother?

Please, no brother What’s you tying that brother?

Please Sir, no.

Subbaraju Sir, nothing will happen to you Please brother, no.


Please brother, no. No brother Brother, please no Please...

Brother, please no... -Brother....

No brother.


Brother, please no

Brother, please no




Hey, this is too much with an IAS officer...


Come on...Dance you...


Ok! Ok!

I’ll do, I’ll.

Play the drums.

Real show wasn’t what was seen there.

But one to be seen here.

Journalist who wrote the news, Police who spoke the rules, Judge who punished and the Collector who said I'll finish you...

Every story messing with my brother will end right here and in the same way.

Enjoy the death.

It’s over Sir, Everything is over.

No system will come to stop our death Sir.

There aren’t even signals in the phone to share our pain.

I’ve a kid aged 3 months Sir, a premature baby and is in the incubator.

I don’t have the worry to die without seeing her, Sir.

But how many before us and how many more coming up tomorrow like us should still die Sir?

Sir, you always said one thing.

Our life should have a meaning when we live and there should be a purpose for our death.

But, we are dying without having these both Sir.

I’m feeling bad about that Sir.

Either for the justice, public or you to stay alive here...

For our system to live or the flag to be alive supporting that, he must die.

One person should come for him to be dead.

Yes, we’re getting into the flight One from us three should die for him to come.


Sir, you saying so about death...

He is the pest ruining this society He’s the scum of the society and the devil of the Democracy.

He shouldn’t be in the society but should be in the graveyard.

I’m ready to die even for hundred times for his death.

And believe I turn my death meaningful.

(Indistinct Voices...)

Sister in law... you go and sit in the lounge Brother, you take them.


Baby, enjoy.

Baby should enjoy and we shall sit in the lounge? Come on baby.




Hey Rama, lift the phone... Come on lift

Hey Rama, lift the phone.

Hey Rama, lift the phone.


Brother Come here Rama...




He called someone brother.

It’s human lifting on the other side when this phone rings, right?

It isn’t a God, right?

Hey Government...

Law will not come here...

No justice comes here...

God can’t come down at all.

Who else would come?


What, answer?

Check the history, Blood!

Hi brother, I’ve come.


He isn’t found to die but found to come here.

Maybe it’d get delayed for God to arrive if called, but he won’t delay to come.

Brother, this guy alone has killed 300 of our men.

100 to ask for the way, 100 after knowing the way and a hundred on the way... It’s 300 in total.

Still, I didn’t get any kick.

Not even a single idiot has the training and timing in sync.

I didn’t face even a single man born in the right way.

All are Junk...

Leave all this... Brother, shall I kill him or threaten him?


Hey, 10 minutes to threaten and 15 minutes to kill. Anything is ok for me, Choose one.

Chop down him.



Let's move, brother.

Hey... You’ve come in search of your death on the name of answer.

Here and today... if I don't kill you, I am not a man.

Every hunter is a man unless he faces the perfect lion.

I don’t have an army like you, no fear in my body and not at all frightened about the death.

I came winning over the death by birth, come on.


Rama... -Brother...

Sir... Sir...

Sir. -Brother... Brother...

Hey, why do you still stare? Let’s take him to the hospital Brother...

Brother, nothing will happen to you.

Officers, start the vehicle. We shall move to the hospital.

Okay sir.

Okay sir.

Start it, come on start

Hey Rama...


You cried on the first day I found you and crying now again.

Nothing will happen to you brother.

I’m here, I’ll take care

Brother, what happened? What happened?

It’s paining.

Drop him...

Brother, please don’t talk.

He laughed, he laughed saying none would come.

He doesn’t know that who I have is a God and not a brother.

I’m proud of you Rama.

Brother, please don’t talk. Please don’t talk brother I’m not sad as I’m dying.

But, to be going away from such a beautiful family... I feel sad.

You won’t go anywhere brother, you’ll be right with us.

Rama! If we have another birth, we shall be born to the same mother.


Rama... Rama...

Give me a word.

What’s that?

Forget my death

Take care of brothers.

Sister in law's are innocent, take care of them.

What’s all this, brother?

Kids... The kids... Orphans...

The kids... shouldn’t become orphans like us.

They shouldn’t become orphans.

What are you saying brother? Nothing will happen to you.


Brother... Hold me, hold brother Hold me brother.

I died, sister in law.

I died so many times.

I died every day with the fear that you may get to know about this truth, sister in law.

When the kids ask when their dad would come, I died every time they asked, sister in law.

To make you believe that brother who is no more is alive, I died every time when I made a phone call to you, sister in law

I saw brother for the first time when I opened my eyes.

It’s you who made me walk when I came into my senses.

You can’t bear even when he is just sick...

I didn’t say because of fear what would happen to you knowing that he’s no more.

Sorry, sister in law.

What would happen to us even if you aren’t with us, sister in law?

I should see him.

He is the pest ruining this society.

He shouldn’t be in the society but should be in the graveyard.

I’m ready to die even for hundred times for his death.

There’s a meaning for my death.

Rama, where is that fellow

You know, who I am? Don’t know You know who Raja Bhai is?

That fellow died long back, right?


Come here...

Sir ...

What’s there in this?

Snake A snake Take it out.

I’m just bringing it from the forest Sir, snake is hissing angrily with poison.

Even I can’t control that now.

Take it out

Raja Bhai, please forgive.

You know what happens if snake bites? -They will die.

Please forgive Raja Bhai.

Tell me now... Who am I?

Raja Bhai.

Raja Bhai isn’t any ordinary person to die for a snake bite or a hit from a human but an wild animal...

I don’t have a death.

It’s there.

Today, right here and right now, your death is written.

My name is Gayatri Devi and I’m wife of Officer Bhuvan Kumar.

I won’t ask why did you kill my husband.

But I need the reason why you should be alive.

My husband just had two dreams till his last breath.

One is a beautiful family and the second is a peaceful society.

You killed him and made the first dream die.

We won’t let the second die.

Now we will kill you and make his dream and the society stay alive.

That's why I’ve came along with my family.

Either family of these orphans should be alive or you should be alive today.

That day wind changed the direction of axe.

If not, all would have died badly just like your husband.

Brother’s scream had disturbed him.

If not, this head would’ve flown away right that day.

Hey... Hey.

I’m giving you just 10 minutes of time. If there are any things to be written or finalized, finish those.

If not, he will come and you will die.

The wait is over...

Ask him to come...

Not somewhere in the hills...

I will write his death to stay forever in their hearts Call him Ok, then be ready It’s a challenge of the disturbed mother and destroyed wife.

He’s coming...

Whatever may be the infantry, cavalry or the elephant army, he will come alone and hit.

If you’re born to single mother and father, try to stop him, rascal.

Ask him to come...


Your time starts now.

Try to Stop him.

There is no guy to stop when you got hit and lift when you fall down and what king are you... My foot!

You too are the junk!


Control your self, Sister in law.