Vincent N Roxxy (2016) Script

Don't you ever fucking run from me, bitch!

Where the fuck is my money? Where the fuck?! Back up!

Back the fuck up!

Back up! Back the fuck up!

Call the police!

Let's get the fuck out of here.

So who are you?


Have we met before?


So you stepped into that... And you've never met me before?


Why'd you help me?

I dunno.

Who wouldn't?

Is that what you do?

Drive around in your cool car trying to rescue girls gettin' beat on?

I dunno.

I'm roxxy.

Where are you headed?

Southwest, about...

700 miles.

You think you can...

...drop me off... a bus station or something?

I'll give you a ride there if you don't mind...

Drivin for a bit.

You got something to ask me?

I got nothing to hide in this world.

How'd you know that guy?

His name's Cordell.

My brother was killed three days ago.

He was into some bad shit.

I went to his place to get some things and...

Cordell was there.

He came after me.

I ran.

You know the rest.

You thinkin' about going to the police?

That's not really an option with guys like this

Roxxy! Yeah.

Where you gonna go?

Anywhere to get away.

You're a good guy, Vincent, but you don't wanna get mixed up with me.

Trust me.

My family, we have a farm... Just northeast of town.

It's a really nice place. Big property.

Just stay there until you figure out your next moves.

I can't do that.

I don't even know you I don't know you.


Hey, well, listen.

You change your mind, just ask around for Vincent or jc Stewart.

You'll find me and my brother.

No doubt.

I come out, there's this dude sitting in the backseat.

Now I'm, like: "What the fuck?" This dude looks homeless.

I'm about to whoop some ass when my auntie, she tell me to get in.

Says his name is Terry or Jerry, i don't know, but she wants to give him a ride.

I'm, like: "Julie..." My auntie name Julie.

"We ain't trying to pick up no hitchhikers on this trip.

You fucking crazy."

She insists, so I'm eyeballing this guy, right?

Right in the rearview.

Now I notice he's got this bag, and it's this crazy-looking bag:

All leather with these chrome rings on it.

I mean, it's just the kind of bag, it just exemplifies suspicion.

So I say to him: "Hey, man, what's in the bag?"

He responds: "None of your fucking business."

Cold as ice. I'm starting to get angry.

"Alright, look, man, i ain't trying to get in the middle of your deal, I ain't trying to fuck with your shit.

I'm just looking out for my auntie and myself.

I'm just asking: What's in the bag?"

He leans forward... Right up in my face, he says, "none of your fucking business.

And if you ask me again, I will fuck you up, motherfucker."

Lean back.

I look over at Julie, Julie freaking out.

We drive couple miles, tension... a motherfucker.

He says, "pull over." So we do.

We pull over the side of the road, and he gets out the car, he's in the weeds or something.

I think he's takin' a piss, doin' some kind of shit he doesn't want us to see.

You know what I mean? Ah...

I look in the backseat.

There's that bag, just sittin' there, lookin' right back at me I look over at the guy.

Guy about 20 feet from the car.

I turn to Julie. "Julie, drive, and fuck it."

And we do. We leave his ass on the side of the road, bag in the backseat.


Well... what was in the bag?

None of your fucking business.

Oh... that's what's in the bag, homie.

You fuckin' kiddin' me, man.

You guys fell for that stale-ass joke, huh?

Vinnie! Yeah, motherfucker!

Yeah, it's about time, homie! Come on in, come on in.

Yeah, ah... shit.

Damn, brother, look at you.


Look at you.

Intermission, fellas. Come on..

So how you been?


How's that city trim looking? You get a lot of pussy?

Shit, man, pussy good.

Been tough around here, bro.

Yeah, it's tough all over.

Yeah, it is.

Good you're back.

Hey, baby. Hey.

Kate... Mm?

This is my brother... Vinnie.

So fucking good to finally meet you!

Ah!! Fun!


Vincent. Nice to meet you, too.

So how long are you gonna stay for?

Um... still figuring that out.

It's your home too, Vinnie. You stay as long as you want.

I'm fucking excited.

Come on. We supposed to be celebrating, ain't we?

Drink this beer and smile, motherfucker. Stop being a bitch.

Missed the hell outta you.

To my brother Vinnie. Welcome home, homie.


Now let's do some fuckin' shots, huh?



Now, fuck, it's bright out here.

How you feelin', bro?

Okay. How you feel?

Overachieving, homie.

Overachieving. Hey, you got a smoke on you?


So what's the word?

The farm looks like shit.

Everything's all... Fucking torn up.

You let your crew ruin this place.

Last night was a rarity. A party. For you.

I didn't ask for a party.

Yeah, well, you've been gone.

And the farm's been fine. I've been taking care of shit.

It doesn't look like that.

Money's tight, bro. Put all my bread in the shop.

You get that up and going?

It's up, it's going.

Needs some work. You should come check it out.

Okay. Come by tomorrow, check it out, tell me what you think.

Alright, yeah, I'll do that. Cool.

In case you're wondering... Ma's buried under them trees down the east side of our property.

I know it's not much to look at, but it's got good bones... New electricity.

It's a good location in town and it was cheap.

All she needs now is she needs to get her nails done and her hair did.

Gonna need more than that. You gotta start somewhere.

Hard to be a professional doing repair work out of a barn so what do you think?

About what?

About helping me out. Being partners.

Partners? Mm-hmm.

I don't know about that.

Oh, what the fuck?

Alright, well...

How about you help me get it set up?

I mean, you're the best mechanic I know.

And you are my fucking brother, for chrissake.

Alright, I can do that...

For now.

For now!


Make me beg you.

Thank you.


What do you wanna do first?

Here's the problem with sports today.

Kids are literally never told no.

You are never told: "Go sit on the bench, Tommy."

And the reason why is because we think

we have to coddle children. They don't have to win anything.

It's strange, 'cause as an adult, I'm often told no.



- You get an absolute a-- hey. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Sorry to show up like this.

No, not at all. It's alright.

Look, I'm not the...

Type of person to ask for handouts, but...

...i have no money and no place to go, so...

If your offer still stands, i could really use some figuring-shit-out time.

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

How long have you lived out here?

My whole life.

Until I moved to the city.

It's pretty. Seems peaceful.

When we were younger and family used to come visit, they'd stay here.

There's a foldout bed...

Yeah, it could use a good cleaning, but... you got privacy.

It's great. Thank you.

I'm gonna pay you back once I get back on my feet.

No, no, no, that's not necessary.

Just take your time, y'know? You'll figure it out.

You okay?


Have you heard anything about the accident?

What do you mean?

Anyone looking for us?

Nah, I haven't heard anything.

You don't think the cops are looking for us, do you?

Not the cops I'm worried about.

How is it? It taste okay?

Oh, yeah, it's delicious. It does? Okay it's great. Thank you. Okay.


So what happened to your face?

I was in a car accident.

A bad one? Yeah, it was real bad.

Yeah, well... Glad you're okay.

When was the accident?

Um... day before last.

You go to the hospital?


Why not? What's with all the questions?

I'm just askin' roxxy here how she got them marks on her face.

Baby, babe... What?

So what are you gonna do while you're here?

I just need to find some work, so...

I can get you a couple nights at the bar I work at.

That would be great. Okay.

If you need anything, any clothes, whatever, talk to me, I'll hook you up.

Thank you.


This is fun I'm excited.


Nice night, ain't it, bro?


That's a pretty girl you brought to our home.

Yeah.. Mm-hmm.

So what's her deal?

What do you mean?

She shows up at the shop, no car, no bags, no money.

She sounds fucked up, homie.

She was in a bad accident, okay?

I saw it, I was there.

We had to leave immediately.

She just needs some help.

You in some kind of trouble? No.

You sure about that?

I said no.

Everything's cool.

Okay. Just wanna know what you're putting 100 feet away from us.

Just looking out. Yeah, well...

You don't need to worry about that, okay?

You worry about you.


This okay?

You look great.


Wow, you look fucking good.

Thanks. You, too.

Big Gary? Hey, big Gary.

What? This is roxxy.

Nice to meet you, sir.

Nice to meet you, too. No, remember?

I was talking about her earlier this morning, how we should hire her to work a couple shifts?

It's funny how you were thinking we should hire her.

Last time I checked, i do the hiring.

Come on, seriously, she would be amazing for this place.

You ever bartend before? Last four years.

I'm always on time, don't take any shit, and work my ass off.

Mm-hmm. Sounds like my kind of girl.

Alright, you can work Thursday and Saturday nights. Do a good job.

Katie here will fill you in on the routine.

Thank you, big Gary. Alright, alright, alright! Thank you!

Okay, alright, c'mere. Thank you.

'Sup, baby? Fuck off.

How come you don't bring that ass around no more?

Ah, shut the fuck up, Daryl. Come on.

It's just... that ass brings back memories...

Of when you were my slam piece.

Okay, you don't fucking talk to me like that, okay? You hear me?

Don't ever touch me like that!

Fuck off!


We got a problem here?

No, no, but you might.

Why don't you limp away before you get smacked, boy?

Hey, hey. Hey, just relax.

We can take this shit outside, bitch.

We ain't here to fight. Uh-huh.

Why don't you mind your fucking business?

This is my brother, okay?

Yo, fuck you and your brother.

Alright, fellas, that's it. Y'all gotta go.

You kickin' us out, hmm?

Well, fuck you and your shitty fucking bar, Gary!

Move, move. Come on, go, go. Go on.

Move, move. Now, let's go.

Fuck you, asshole!

Move! Suck dicks, motherfuckers!

Fuck off!

He was fucking asking for it.

Such a fucking asshole.

What's his problem?

Look, we got beef.

This knuckle-dragger, he plays in a fuckin' rap-metal band.

Man, that shit wasn't cool 10 years ago - he still got a hard-on for it.

Him and his boys, they like to smoke meth, jerk each other off. Na-na-na-na-na-na.

What's his problem with you?

I was with Daryl before jc. Yeah, so he's got a problem 'cause Kate upgraded.


Last thing we need is trouble from this guy.

Don't provoke him anymore.

Fuck him.

Easy for you to say.

Hi, baby! Hey.

What you doin'? D'you bring me a ham-and-cheese?

Shut the fuck up. Don't touch me with that!

I swear to god, baby!

Hi. Hey.

How's your day?

Ah, well, good.

How's yours? Good.


Do you wanna maybe grab a bite with me?

Grab a bite with you? Yeah, with me.

Do you think we could do that?

I don't know, we could try. You cool with that?

Yeah, yeah, we could do that.


Let me go change.


Why you knocking moonshine? It's disgusting! I can't believe you drink that.

Everybody drinks moonshine in these parts.

White lightning will mess you up.

It's like drinking pure gasoline.

We did actually start a lawnmower with some firewater we once made.

See, that's not good. Yeah.

Anything good?

Mm... mostly older stuff.

You wanna pick something?



It's a great song.


Vincent, you're a romantic.

it's sweet.


Jc and Kate are gonna go to the carnival tonight. You wanna go?

Yeah, that'd be fun.

Thank you. Thanks.

Don't even think about it! I'm paying.

Come on, let me pay. No way.

I'm not letting you pay for anything ever.


Thank you. You're welcome.

I'm excited about this carnival.

I was thinking about...

...wearing my moustache to the carnival tonight.

Oh... What do you think?

Look pretty?

That's not... the first... Adjective I'd describe-- gorgeous? More like-- stunning. Very fried.

I wish we had one, like, in our backyard...


Alright. Well, it's beer-thirty.

I'm gonna go hit the booze tent. You guys wanna come?

I'm okay. We'll walk around for a little bit.

We'll meet up in a few, alright? Cool. Okay. Bye, you guys.

I should've been a carnie. Yeah?

Mm-hmm. Would you work rides or games?

Freak show.

Bearded lady, two-headed dogs, sword swallowers, that sorta thing.

Well, I think you'd fit right in.

I'm sure you do.

How much you think these places pull in a night?

That's hard to say.

You think, like...

25 a night?

I'd say closer to 100 a night.

That's a lot for cheap prizes and funnel cakes.

So crazy, all this here for a week, then it's gone.

That's the allure.

Something that doesn't come along every day.

So how would you do it?

Do what? Rob the carnival.

I don't know. How would you do it?

I'd probably, you know, scout it out first, then hit the highest-paying rides and games.

Well, rides are ticket-based. You gotta go games.

Or ticket booths.

That's gotta be the highest... payout.

And the most watched by security.

So... if we're going to scout this place out...

...what do you think is the best vantage point?


So you afraid of heights?

Uh... no, no. Are you?

Yeah. Oh, no!

Oh, now you tell me. Oh.

This makes the way we're gonna die way worse now.

Why would you say that?! This is horrible.


I can't stop laughing. Okay, no, I'm fine.

It's cool. I'm getting it together.

Man, look at this place.

We could take this thing down before they even knew what hit them.

I think we just go after the boss.

Bigger score... Bite the head off the snake.

That's not nearly as much fun, though.

So how many people do you think it would take to pull this off?



Sorry. No.

Red or white?


How 'bout white?

White's alright.

It's all we got.

thanks. You're welcome.

Cheers. Cheers.

So did you fuck her?


Did you fuck roxxy?

Why would you say that? Chemistry, bro, I can see it. So you guys didn't fuck around?

No. Damn.

When shit goes off, whew...

It's gonna be explosive.

You better watch out, homie, you gonna fall in love whatever, bro.

I'm not in any position to be involved with a woman right now.

Yeah, bro, but you are involved.

So hopefully she'll put you in several different positions.

Fuck off. She's a good girl. Hey.

She's a great girl. One of a kind.

That's why you're in trouble, homie.

Thanks. Mm-hmm.

So, uh...

...what are you doing after you get off?

No plans. Hmm.

You, uh... You wanna go for a ride?

With you?


Where to?


I'll think of something


What the fuck happened?


They shot up my truck...

With a fucking pellet gun.

You saw Daryl do this?

I-i didn't see who did it, but I did see a truck that could've been Daryl's driving off.

This motherfucker's asking for it.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

You sure it was Daryl's truck?

Pretty sure, yeah.

Go, go, go!

How long has this place been shut down?

Like 20 years or something.

I used to see a couple movies here when I was a kid.

Mostly second-run stuff, but it was pretty cool.

I'd love to see a movie at a drive-in.

You never have? No, never have.

So what's your sign?


What do you mean?

You know what I mean. Your sign. What's your sign?

I'm a Leo. A Leo!

That makes sense.

I'm a gemini.

And just so you know...

Leos and geminis get along splendidly.

Oh, is that so? Do they? Yeah, it's true.

Mm-hmm, that is correct.

How was the rest of your night?

It was okay.

Kate's pretty pissed about the whole truck thing.

I spent the rest of the night trying to chill her out.


How's jc?

Uh... he's not really one to let things go.

Yeah, I see that.

What were you like when you were a kid?

I don't know. What were you like?

I bet you were really rebellious, huh?

Shit. Still am.

Tell me, though. Seriously, I wanna know. What were you like?

Mm... I can see you, like, in fifth grade with one of those bad spiked-on-top mullets.

Yeah, had the lines shaved down the sides and everything. That was the style.

Yeah, that was the style right there.

Yeah. Well, bad haircut aside, i was pretty normal, I guess.

Played a lot of sports, wrenched on cars.

But I was always...

I always felt trapped in this town.

For a while, i was scared to even leave.

Scared of what?

Being disappointed, you know?

That in this whole world outside this town, there was... nothing better.

Nothing special.

You still feel that way?

There's definitely something special.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Like what?

Look at me.

Roxxy. Who are you?

I don't know what's going on...

But please put the gun down.

Who are you?

Please calm down.

What do you mean?

Where did you get this address?

This is my brother's address!

Your brother?

Answer me!! It's not what it looks like.

It's not.

Did you kill my brother?

No, absolutely not. Don't fucking lie to me!

I swear.

I swear.

You need to start talking.

I was just paid by a guy i worked at a shop with to watch a house for a few nights.

I didn't know your brother. I didn't know anything about it are you involved with them?! No. I was just paid by the guy I worked with just to watch a house.



Stay away from me!

I didn't know about you, or your brother, or any of this.

I'm so stupid. Just calm down.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!!

I trusted you!

I know.

You're a fucking liar.


You don't even know me.

So who are you anyway?

Who are you, Vincent?

No one.

That's who.

You're no one.

It was a mistake ever coming here.

Good night, Kate. Bye!

See you tomorrow.


What's the matter?

You've hardly talked all night.

I'm fine.

Well, what's the problem?


Come on, talk to me.

I'm leaving town.


I thought you were happy here, right?

I was.


Things change, you know?


Things aren't always gonna be perfect, that's for sure.

I mean...

But you know that we care about you, right?

Yeah. Look, i appreciate you... much.

Everything you've done for me.

I just don't belong here.

You don't belong here? Before you got here, I didn't even have any girlfriends.

Roxx, it's been so nice to have you here.

Look, I'd be sad if you left, and I knew Vincent would be too.

It's complicated, but it's...

It's not gonna work out with Vincent.

I've been in this town a long time.

Vincent ain't like everybody else around here.

He's not happy or satisfied with just being here and belonging.

He's a searcher, like you.

Whatever the problem is...

Maybe just hear him out. Yeah?

I know he really cares about you.




I think we need something a little stronger than beer.

What do you think?

Yes, please. Okay.

Can we turn off the sports radio already?

We've been listening to the same shit all day.

Yeah, bro, you can turn it off and change it whenever you want.

How can you listen to that all the time?

Change it, bro! Change it to anything you want!

What's your problem?

This place is getting to me, that's my problem.

You need some time off? Why don't you head out for the rest of the day, then?

And leave you by yourself? Not a good idea.

Now what's that supposed to mean?

If I left you by yourself, you wouldn't have a business right now.

How you figure that?

'Cause that's what happens when you can't get your shit together ever.

I asked you to come into my business so we could share something together.

We've shared plenty.

Mostly messes that I have to clean up.

You got a chip on your shoulder. Who doesn't?

But you don't talk to me that way.

Talk to you like what?

Well, you're the king of shit talk. That's all you do.

Ever since I got back, you've been trying to guilt-trip me about leaving.

You left me to bury our mother alone!!

I needed you, bro!

Your family needed you!

Family?! What do you know about family?!

I took care of ma for three years while she was sick and fucking dying!!

Where were you?!

Y-y-you're just supposed to just show up to fucking bury her, and I'm supposed to feel sympathy for you?! No!

Burying ma was the easy part.

Fuck you.

Oh, fuck you!

Why do you think I left, huh?

It wasn't 'cause of mom dying. I was sick of you.

'Cause you're a fuck-up.

You're living in the past, bro.

That was a long time ago and that ain't me no more.

You guys okay?




What the fuck happened here?

Chicks dig scars.

Where the fuck are they? I don't fucking know.

Don't worry about Daryl and them. They gonna get theirs.

I'm gonna kill that motherfucker.


You want some too, motherfucker?

You fuck with my family again, I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

I need to hear you say it, alright?!

Say it, motherfucker, say it!

Say it, or I'm gonna fucking kill you! I will fucking kill you!

You'll fucking kill me!

Fucking kill me!

How bad d'you beat him?

Pretty bad.

He's gonna be looking for you.

Fuck him.

Ah, I thought we were supposed to be playing it cool.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm, uh...

I'm okay. I just, um...

...fucking hate that side of myself.

Them little boys, they think it's alright to piss all over everything.

Fuck them.


I'm sorry about what I said. Okay?

I didn't mean it.

You're my brother.

You meant it.

And you should be sorry.

I know... I fucked up for a long time, but I'm trying to do better, homie.

You know I walked by ma's grave today?

Man, you did a fucking great job.


You know I set her up on the east facing the west?

Watch the sunset every evening.

I just miss her so much, you know?

I know it.

But what happens next?

Still trying to figure that one out.

Can I come in?

It's your place.

What are you doing?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Don't do this.

I need to leave.

I was gonna try and stick out the week to make some cash, but I've gotta get out of here. I know you're angry with me, but I didn't know that house i was watching was your brother's house.

The morning of the accident, i was leaving the city.

I wanted nothing more to do with any of that.

It doesn't matter.

This just isn't the place for me.

Just stay here.

Let me help you.

Why do you want to help me?!

Why do you have this desire to take care of me?!

I can take care of myself.

I just thought that you needed-- don't worry about what I need.

You don't know me like that, Vincent.

Worry about what you need.

I just wanna make this right. You can't make things right!

Don't you get that?!

Nothing will ever be right with you.

It's everywhere.

It's who you are.

It's in your blood.

And what's that?




Roxxy. No.


I want us to be together so bad.

We can be.

Please, no, no!


Fucking dammit!


Vincent!!! Oh, my god!


This our boy? Yeah, that's our boy.

String him up. No! Fuckin' shit!


Come on. Vinnie!

No, no, please, please! Yo! Let him go!

Let him the fuck go! Vinnie! Fuckin' shit!

No. No.


Vinnie! Ah!!

You fucked up, fam.

Fuck! Love this shit.

No! Fuck!

Yo, you put him the fuck down, homie!

Know who I am?


Yo, fuck you, motherfucker!

Come on. Bring that shit to me! Bring that shit to me, motherfucker!

Baby, baby, please! Yeah, you!

I'm fuckin' talking to you! Cut him up.

Fuck you, you fucking chump! Bring that shit to me!

No, no, no, no!!

No, no, no, no!!!

Oh, my god, no! Please stop!

Please stop! No! Stop!


Keep running your mouth, motherfucker.

Cry, cry, you lil' bitch, cry, cry.

We got everyone's attention?


I'm suga.

I'm the truth.

These two already know 'bout me. Or at least they should.

And you two are in the process of learning right now.

I'm the nigga that don't give a fuck about your life.

Your brother, he was always owing me money.

You owe, you pay.

So he got himself killed.

And you, you know where my money is, don't you?

I don't know anything.

I say you do. Speak up, or everyone dies.


I don't know anything!

So I'm-a count. One...

No, no, no, no... No, no, no!

Don't. Please. Wait. Wait.


Stop it!!

Two. Please!

I don't know anything!!

Do him.


Please. Please!

Please stop.


Do what you want with her, then burn the place down, alright?

No! No!



I'm sorry.

Don't be.

This is my... fault.

No, it's not.

Go to the drive-in...

To our spot.


There's a bag...


Find it.


Okay. Shhh...


No, please!

I love you.

Roxxy, I don't know where to start.

I was so wrong.

I told you I was paid to watch your brother's house

for three nights, which was true.

What I didn't tell you is on the third night

I saw an opportunity and took it.

That opportunity was $80,000.

A bad decision I was going to try and undo

the morning of your car accident.

I now know the truth.

It's blood money and I'm ashamed of it.

You were right. It's not safe here.

It won't be.

Take this money and go, start over.

I'm so sorry for all the pain I have caused you.

I hope someday... You can forgive me.

Love, Vincent

My house.

Suga shack!


Hi. I'm here for the party. Damn, girl, you about to got yourself shot rolling up like that with no lights on. What's wrong with you?

I was gonna park, but I wasn't sure if this was the right place.

Shit, the party rockin'.

What you doing out here all by yourself?

You fine as fuck!

Get the fuck out or die.


Do it, bitch!

Fuck, it's not gonna bring back your fuckin' brother, or your boyfriend!

You don't even have enough bullets in the fucking gun.

My shit?

You fuck with my shit?!

What's this? Hmm?

Came here to cut me up?

Come on.

Get up.

Come on.

Yeah. Come on.

Yeah. There.

I have your money.

No. No more talk.

I... have it.

Eighty... thousand.

The fuck did you just say?

Say it again.

You're never gonna see it.

You're never gonna see it.