Violent Cop (1989) Script


Hey, mister, what are you doing? Good evening.

Let's score a goal! Nice kick.

Get up and come here!

Hey, where are you going?

Come back here!

Scumbag! Don't let him get away.

Throw him over the fence. Do it!

Damn son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

Get up already.

Come on, man. Take this.

This way, this way. Get up and come to me.

That's right. Come this way.

Cool, man. I'm outta here.

See you.

Let me go. Shut up, man.

Later. Later.


Good evening. May I ask who you are?

Your son just came home? Yes.


He upstairs?

Excuse me.

What is it? Just leave us alone. Don't worry.

Now what?

Fuckin' hell.

You better come to the police station with your buddies tomorrow.

What did I do?

I didn't do nothing.



Then I'm doing nothing too.

Hey! Dumb-ass!

As new chief of this precinct, I'd like to say one thing:

Being a policeman is a sacred job. Always remember that.

Take pride in your work.

Have self-respect...

Hey, Azuma. That kid turned himself in.

But you should've arrested him on the spot last night.

Not a good idea going to his house and doing God knows what.


The new boss wants a word with you.

Hey, Azuma. The new boss wants to see you.

Hello, I'm Kikuchi. I'm the rookie.

You were at the scene, weren't you?

Just a coincidence.

Why didn't you arrest him there?

What could I do on my own?

So you barged into his house and forced him to confess?

The police can't do that.

Off the record, I like your style.

But can't you restrain yourself for the year that I'm here?

I'm no fool.

I know what kind of people live here.

And I know what kind of cops we need.

I'm asking you to be smart. That's all.

Another new chief. How exhausting.

You're the reason they're always sending new ones.

Was he mad? It was nothing.

So I'm going to the hospital tomorrow.

Is that so?

Akari will be released? Yeah.

That's good news. Yes, thanks.

If there's anything I can do...

Come over for dinner sometime. My wife would love to see you.


Allow me.

I caught you at a bad moment earlier. I'm Kikuchi, a rookie at Criminal Affairs.

Nice to meet you.

I want that document later.

Thank you. You're welcome.

A festival.

Let's go.

Did she actually say that?

She's a liar.

She's pregnant. You have to take care of her.

That's why I told her not to go dancing. For the baby.

You told me to get an abortion because we can't afford to have it.

Who said that?

Who's the kid's father, anyway?

You. Who else?

This concerns you both. Work it out like a normal married couple.

We're not married.

I live with her because she begged me to.

You're only after my money.

Bitch, why else would I be with you?

Enough. No need to be cruel.

Why did you send for me, anyway?

Why don't you go stick it to some crook instead?

What was that?

What was what?

Hey, a pimp is supposed to take care of his girl.

Or go to work yourself.

Let her go, but lock him up. Yes, sir.

Want something to drink? No.

Is Akari feeling better? Yeah.

It's almost like you have a daughter of your own.

Mine is due in the fall.

Where are you off to? Home.

I'll walk you there.

Care for a drink? Yeah.

Good evening.

So what are you having? Anything.

How about bourbon?

Two Wild Turkeys.

You come here often? Sometimes.

How's work? So-so.

Is this your colleague? This is Mr. Azuma.

Mr. Kikuchi, remind me what line you're in.

Mail-order guns. Guns?

The forecast for tomorrow is cloudy with a slight chance of showers.

This week we will— They got to Atago Shita, went through Tentokuji Temple, past Kamiyacho Town to Iigura 6-Cho, up there to Iigura Katamachi, went straight past Okame Dango, a sweet shop, then to Azabu Nagasaka, to 10-Ban, up Daikoku Slope, past Ippon Matsu, finally to Mokuren Temple in Azabu Zekko Kamanashi Village, by which time they were all exhausted.

Sorry for the late notice.

The dope? Money first.

Speaking of which, why don't you give me a little discount?

Why are you asking?

We can't stay in this business forever.

After all, we're the ones taking all the risk.

Then go to someone else.

That would be nice, but...

Mr. Kiyohiro.

I need to make a little profit too.

I know where you get your stuff.

Safe and sound, right?

From the police?


Then I guess I've got no choice.

Don't ask for too much, punk.

You have to know your place.

Kikuchi, can you lend me some money?

I only have 5,000 yen. Good.

Are you placing a bet? That's right.

No! Gambling is a crime.


I just can't get a break on this machine.

How are you doing?

Your machines never let me win.

Yes, they do.

No, they don't. That's why nobody's in here.

The place is usually full.

Then where is everybody?

What are you doing?

No betting. Okay.

Don't you know how to play? Sorry.

Mr. Azuma, thank you for playing with us. Allow me to make up for today's loss.

No. That could put me in jail. Give it to him.

No! I can't take it!

I don't see dangerous types in here these days. You clean up your act?

What do you mean? Your other business.

No more gun-smuggling.

This is illegal too.

Mr. Azuma.

Never mind.

We've reached the south wharf.

Where are we going? I don't know.

Follow that patrol car. Okay.

Mr. Azuma. Here already?

I'm the one who did it.

Mr. Azuma, the cab fare.

I'm broke.

Would you pay him off?

You should bring your own pocket money. Thank you.

Kikuchi, it's 1,760 yen.

Mr. Azuma, it's 1,760 yen.

Hello. What happened?

Stabbed with a knife.

He has a record. Arrested for dope.

A dealer? It appears so.

I'm going to talk to the man who found his body.

Mori. Yes, sir.

Kikuchi. Go help them. Yes, sir.

Honma. Yeah?

Lend me 10,000 yen.


Welcome home.

Do we have a guest? A friend stayed over last night.


Have some coffee. No, I should go.

Akari, which way to the nearest station?

Taking the bus? Don't trouble yourself.

I'll show you the way. No, thanks.

To the bus station? No. I'll get a cab.

You should take the bus.

No, I'll take a cab. Don't waste your money.

Don't worry about me.

What are you doing?


My name?

Say your name. Yamada.


Where you from? Chiba.

You came all the way from Chiba to fool around with my sister?

No. I work around here.


Where do you work? Well— Shinagawa Machinery.

How long have you been dating? Since yesterday.

Son of a bitch.

Where did you pick her up?

She picked me up at a nightclub.

Damn punk.

You better marry her.

You need a matchmaker. A matchmaker?

Announce the engagement and make it official.

Not gonna run away, are you? No, I won't.

Sorry I'm late.

We won't be needing that.


Maybe we'll have a shootout.

Remember last time, Mr. Azuma?

It was a round-up.

Your bullet hit a neighbor's kid. You had to submit a written apology.

'Cause I aimed at him.

I've been wanting to ask you.

How did you become a cop, Mr. Azuma?

Through a friend.

Come on!



A cop and a greenhorn.

A cop and a what?

A greenhorn.

Who you calling greenhorn?

A greenhorn is a greenhorn. What, asshole?

He meant me.

Of course. Who else?

Cut it out.

Look over there.

His old lady ratted him out.

It's about the murdered dope dealer. He's a regular customer.

Let's go.

Come on.

Mr. Azuma, I'll stay out here.

Be careful.

Be careful of what? It's dangerous.

Put it out.

Is he here?

Who is it?

There goes the greenhorn.


You asshole.

Mr. Azuma! He got away!

Officer down!

Send an ambulance!

Officer down! It's an emergency!

Go get him!

Shut that thing off.

Want him to know where we are?


He's gone.

He's not on the main streets.

Turn somewhere. Yes, sir.

Would he run through a shopping area? Sorry.

Think of something. Find an alley and go in.

Turn right. It's one-way.

Doesn't matter. Just turn right!

What the hell? Stop the car!

Forget that sign! It's an emergency!

Just do what I say.

Why the hell did you stop here?

He's gone by now.

There he goes!

After him!

That way. That way.

I can't go through there.

Let me drive.

Move over!

Where did he go?

Damn it.

It's a one-way street. Who cares?

It's a one-way— What the hell is this?

Where's the switch?

Got it.

Hey! Over there!

There! Yeah, I know.

Here we come.

You're going to hit him.

Why did you hit him? He might be dead.

Does he look dead to you, idiot? Put it in reverse!

Mr. Azuma!

Mr. Azuma, that's enough!

Stop it!

Stop it.

Did you have to run him over twice just to get an arrest?

I want a written apology.

What should I write?

You write them all the time.

Mr. Azuma, did you write an apology?

Yes, in your name.


Alone tonight?

Want some dope?

What kind?

The kind everybody wants.

I'll give you a good price.

How much?

Let's talk in the bathroom. Come on.

Mr. Azuma, I hear you have a sister.

I do.

She was in the hospital.

What was wrong with her? Her head.

You're kidding!

Hold it right there!

You stay put.



What is it? You tell me. What's this?

What's that?


You're dealing, aren't you? No, I'm not.

He had it.

You're still pushing dope? I told you not to.

Cut the act, punk.

You know Emoto died. I don't know.

I don't know anything. Where are you getting the stuff?

Tell me where you get it. I don't know.



Where does it come from? I don't know.

I don't know. Where?

I don't know.

Who and where? I don't know!



I'm asking where you get the stuff!

Where does it come from?

Tell me where.

Tell me where. I don't know.

You know where!

From Iwaki, your pal!

What does he have to do with it? He sells the stuff.

Aren't you in on it?

What do we do with him? Leave him there.

He meant Iwaki of the vice squad?

He mentioned Iwaki?


Thanks for the tip.

Got the dope?

What are you talking about? Cut the act.

We have to sell it off and disappear.

I don't get it.

What are you saying?

Don't give me that. Why are you here?


What can punks like you do?

Go ahead. Try.

Nito will have you killed.

A cop named Azuma is checking up on you.


Got a minute?

You can fish here.

Did you go out?

No. I stayed home.

Feeling better?

This is not the sea.

You wanted to see me?

Iwaki's an old friend of yours?

You can say that.

Notice anything strange about him lately?


The press is nosing around about him.

I have to contain it before it gets too big.

Why not ask him?

I can't get ahold of him.

He's not at home. He's missing.

Did he tell you anything?

No, nothing.

Nothing's definite.

Don't worry. I'm all right.


I'm sorry you've had to bother with this, Azuma.

Any messages?

I don't know what to think.

I can't bear to read the papers.

What can he be doing?

He could at least give me a call.

Help yourself.

Mr. Azuma, may I ask you a question?

Do you think it was really suicide?

You were his best friend, weren't you?

I'm leaving.


Going home?

Let's take a shortcut.

Such a long time ago...

Anything? No.

Maybe over there.

Up there. That one.


Here's something.

Let's go talk to them.

Just a moment.

Yuji, come here.

You know him?

He was with that guy who got beat up in the bathroom.

Know where he lives? I'm afraid not.

Has he been here recently? Haven't seen him.



I haven't seen him lately.

Do you know where he lives?

I don't know. Somewhere around here.

If he comes again, give us a call at the station.


I think I've seen him. You have?

What did he do? Nothing serious.

Hey. Hey.

This is a detective. Wants to know if we've seen this guy.


I've seen him around.

I see. If you see him, give us a call.

Please do.

Okay, good afternoon.

He's here.


I only told you to kill Emoto and Iwaki.

Didn't I?

Yes, sir.

Then why did you kill Hashizume?

Don't act unless I order it.

Yes, sir.

You may go.

Shinkai, do we have anyone who can bump him off?

Has he been here?

I don't know. I'm new here.

Very well.

You asked for it, Sakai.

Hashizume has been killed.

Who did it?


Kiyohiro, who else?

Kiyohiro? Who's he?

He works for Nito.

Did he kill Iwaki, too?

He's crazy.

He'll do anything for Nito.

Kiyohiro's doing all of this on Nito's orders?

Not only on his orders.

He likes killing.

You're next.

Only after you, idiot.

Express train to Shinsushi, arriving soon at platform number two.

This train consists of eight cars and uses the full platform.

If your destination is...

I'm Nito.

Won't you come in?

You run a restaurant as a front for dope pushers and killers?

Pardon me? You know what I mean.

Is that Kiyohiro?

Kiyohiro? Who is that?

Your assassin.

Detective, if you want to question me, you're going to need a warrant.

Our compliments, for our opening.

I'm afraid it doesn't match your tie.

Don't worry, I'll return the favor.

Detective, why not stay for dinner next time?

Use the back door.

A search warrant?

So you tailed me?

Get inside.

Good taste.


Do I have dope?



Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Get dressed.

What are you doing?


Anybody in there? No.

That's a dirty trick.

It won't work on me.

You the one who killed Iwaki?

Iwaki killed himself.

Then kill yourself.

If you want to kill me, go ahead.

Take better aim.

You're just as crazy as your sister.

Mr. Azuma!

Mr. Azuma!

Stop it right now! You're in for it now.

Let go. Drop it, Azuma.

Take it easy. Stop it, Azuma!

I want your resignation.

Planting evidence, false arrest and torture.

That's more than enough.

Hand in your resignation.

You even shot at him.

You're completely out of control.

I want your resignation.

Right here, right now.


Any more trouble from you and I'd be done for.

You deserve a disciplinary dismissal.

But I'll do my best to make it amicable.

Try to think of the police force as a whole.

Your investigation is pointless.

Iwaki killed himself after all.

Give her a thrill. You're not screwing a corpse.

It's her fault. She's just lying there.

This girl is weird.

Where did the boss find her?

A bakery.

Who knows?

Susumu, honey, want me to give you a hand?

You? I thought you weren't into girls.

You're so cruel.

Susumu, I think she needs a shot.

No way. Don't waste that stuff on her, honey.

Give it to me.

You already took too much junk. That's how you ended up so queer.


How cruel!

Bitch, I gave you some expensive junk— Hooray, I win! What the fuck!

Little punk-ass bitch.

No! Susumu, honey!

Don't you "Susumu, honey" me!

Here we go. No! Let go of me!

Hold him tight. Hurry up.

We'll give you something good. That's just water.

Water's good enough for you.

I won't waste junk on you. Where do you want it?

I'm not your bitch. What are you doing?

Raise your leg. Stop it! What are you doing?

That hurts!


She's nuts. We wasted good junk on her.

You attacked the detective and gang-raped his sister?

What the hell are you up to?

If you let him be, someday he'll do you in.

You're the one who's doing me in.

How can I save your ass?

How can you?

I could kill you.

I don't want to see your face around here ever again.

It's funny that an ex-cop wants to buy an illegal gun.

I've arranged one anyway.

What's it for?

Never mind.

Let's be friends from now on.

Mr. Azuma, I know you find me suspect, but you're mistaken.

I really don't know anything.

He's totally insane. Excuse me.

Hey, I need some of that stuff.

Go away. Somebody do something about this girl.

Get your hands off me. Shut up!

We don't have any for you.

You've had too much already.

You're out of control. Go away.

Please, give me a fix.

Beat it!

Her brother's coming.

He'll kill you.

You raped her. Don't run.

If you do, I'll kill you.

Either way, you're going to die.

No kidding.

I won't—

Dope. Dope.

Dope. Dope.


Everyone's gone crazy.

Can you do what Iwaki used to do?

I'm no fool.