Violent Summer (1959) Script

Guys, Carlo is here! Yeah! Daniele! Giulio, how are you?

How's it going? I'll introduce you to the others.

Carlo Caremoli. Lieutenant Peturlon, known as Vojussa.

Please, don't get up. Nice to meet you.

Pleased to meet you. May I? Rommel.

Come with me. The pasta is coming up!

Mario, he is Carlo. Pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Carlo Caremoli. Pleased to meet you.

The others are out there.

Members, dying of hunger! Here's the lions' meal.


Carlo! It can't be.

I don't believe it.

Who are you? I've changed, huh?

Carlo, Rossana, hurry. These are wild animals.


Vojussa is alone. We must serve him.

I'll take care of him.

Who wants fish? Me!

Alright? Yes, thank you.

The wine! Giorgio, wine for Vojussa!

There's some over there. Let's go get it. Come.

Here I am. Operation bottles!

Let's go!


Guys, look.

Look! May we?

Sir, Mom doesn't want that. Mom will calm down.

Alright. Serena, help us.

Give me. Red wine.

We'll leave one. Alright. Let's go.

I'll aim at the chandelier! Bravo!

Here are the glasses.

There. Now we'll serve our friend Vojussa.

This is good stuff.


Marina, this one is for you! There's more here.

Who wants more?

Guys, shall we dance? Without making too much noise.


The new defense line on State Road 14.

In the Plain of Catania. Italian and German troops successfully fought all day yesterday the repeated offensive of the XXIV Canadian Division.

Darn! Airplanes of the Axis...

Change! Try Switzerland.


Come on!

Let's finish the bottle.

Forget it.

Sabrina, go for it.

Here. I don't smoke.

Try once.


Do you know what it means when two people smoke the same cigarette?

Yes, I think so.

And you know what it means to do this?

Hey, wake up!

You're sleeping, huh?

Serena, have you finished?

Hi. Hi!

No mothers? Is the coast clear? The coast is clear!

Match. Ready!

Tell me why you smoke.

What's the point if you don't inhale it?

Colomba, love!

Calm down, honey.

She's not sick. She was just afraid.

Colomba, I'll take you home. Don't do this.

Wait. I'll take her. No, thank you. There's no need.

Colomba, let's go home.

If I take you. Will you come?

You live in Villa Parmesan. It's my home.

My name is Parmesan. I don't remember you.

And yet I've been coming here for 10 years. I live in Viale Trento.

My name is Caremoli.

Why aren't you in the army at your age?

I've always managed to dodge it.

Exams, extensions, postponements...

Want to get down? No! Run!

It's hard with wooden shoes. Colomba, enough.

Emma! Yes, madam?

If extensions and postponements end, what will you do?

The war will end before that, or I'll think of something else.

Naturally. Roberta, come!

Yes, right away.

Emma, get Colomba. Certainly. Come!

Leave her. I'll take her.

Come to your nanny.

Come on! Here she is!

Now let's go change.


I was an officer with your husband.

Yes. You wrote me a letter two years ago.

Yes, madam, from Taranto.

Right after our destroyer sunk.

I was on the deck with the commander until the last moment.

Your letter touched me deeply.

I thank you.

I've always wanted to come for a debt of gratitude I have with your husband.

I'm alive because he didn't want me near him and pushed me in the sea.

Then the hospital, new ships...

I want to tell you that your husband was a great commander and a just man.

I know I haven't told you anything new.

But I hope it pleases you.

You are very kind.

Alright. I'm already a late.

Will you stay much longer in Rimini?

I hope not. I asked to be transferred to a fighter unit.

But the war is over, and we lost it.

What matters now, is coming out of it alive.

I don't know. Your husband taught me to do my duty and keep my word of honor.

Anyway, I don't think Rimini is my place.

No! Stop!

You can't. There's the Coast Guard. You want to ruin me?

Sirio, we'll take a few dives and come back.

They'll confiscate the boat! We'll take care of the Coast Guard.

Raise the jib. I hurt myself.

I want to make it clear that I won't do anything.

Move left.

The new ones could have been more friendly.

Who? The beach tent neighbor.

A Golden Medal widow. How old can she be?

I don't know. Ask Carlo. He talked to her.

Carlo, how old is the widow?

I don't know...

The girl must be four. 35!

What are you saying? More?

No, less. She's a child.

What do you think? This is nonsense.

You're getting upset.

Stop it.

Anyone can do that.

I'll show you. Go on!

What about you?

Go on. Dive! Splendid!

You'll pay for this.

No, let me go!

Let me go!

The water is clear. Come see the bottom.

The widow is coming! Enough, Rossana.

It's not funny to take it out on someone who has problems.

Guys, don't act like idiots. We won't say anything.

Good morning. Good morning.

Wow! You went this far! You swim very well.

I used to!

May I rest a bit? Sure. Want to come up?

Yes, just a moment.

Give me your hand.

That's it. Thank you.

Shall we go up, too? The water is cold.

You want to dry yourself? Thank you.

After swimming, you need a cigarette.

I only have two. Who will help me climb up?

Madam, may I offer one? No, thank you.

Guys, we'll smoke these together.

I must return to San Marino. Do they sell them without cards?

Two packs a head, and on the Black Market. Want some?

No, thanks. I smoke very little.

I'd like to return to San Marino.

The last time I was there was long ago.

Darn. The cigarette is clogged. You don't inhale.

What are we doing here? We either swim, or go back.

What's with you?

I'm swimming back. Goodbye, and thank you.

The boat is big. Stay with us.

No... Why?

Madam, we are very far away. And it could rain.

The wind pushes out to sea.

It's not far away. Stay. We are lots of fun.

Goodbye. Goodbye!

Have a good swim! Thank you.

If you need help, call us. Alright.

Why don't you go with her?

There is a gentleman who asks for Mrs. Roberta.

Let him in.

Good morning. Good morning. What do you want?

Sorry. I don't want to disturb. I'd like to talk to...

Come. Good morning. No, thank you.

I'm here because you said you wanted to go to San Marino and since it's raining today...

I understand.

Mom, this is Mr. Caremoli.

Carlo Caremoli. Caremoli?

You have a villa here in Riccione, right?

Yes, my father and my aunt, Mrs. Pandolfini.

If you want to come to San Marino or if I can do something for you there, just ask.

Thanks for your thought.

One of these days I'll take that trip, too.

Yes, some other time.

Excuse me.

Goodbye. Goodbye and thank you.

How do you know that boy? By chance.

He's the beach tent neighbor and was nice to Colomba.

I wouldn't associate with him if I were you.

I don't associate with him. But why?

I don't like those people much.

His father is violent. He surely has a lot of people on his conscience.

He was a leader of the Ferrara Fascism during 1922.

He's a ring leader, too. Sleazy people!

What's he have to do with his father? He seems like a kind and well-mannered young man.

Yes... Maybe!

With that mother...

She was nicknamed Pompadour.

Weren't you going to San Marino?

To do what? It would have been pleasant if you had come.

But alone...

Go with your friends. At this hour?

They are sleeping like logs.

Being together from morning till evening is tiring.

I've known them for years. I know what they say by heart.

This is really lousy luck. It's even clearing up.

What is there in San Marino? Absolutely nothing.

A false neutral appearance in a false medieval age.

With a little luck, you can find some coffee.

Real coffee? Yes.

And oil!

I'm a Black Market expert.

I am often a guest and have learned the importance of not showing up empty-handed.

So we have to go to San Marino.

Are you kidding?

The coffee tempts me.

My mother would love a good cup of coffee.

Are three hours enough?


I remembered it as very big.

I came the last year of high school with friends.

It's sad!

Who will I write to?

If I send it to my cousin, she'll pluck my eyes out.

I dared come here without her!

Send it to your father.

It's useless.

He wouldn't even see it.

He doesn't care about these things.

Do you know my father? No. I've heard of him.

Terrible things, I imagine.

Maybe it's not true.

My father is a sort of romantic who is always late.

He's always believed in the wrong things.

He's naive.

And so he was deceived many times.

Poor soul!

Excuse me.

You've never seen my mother?

No, I don't think so.

Not even on the screen?

I don't think so.

She was one of the most beautiful women I remember.

Why "was"?

She left when I was four.

She's in Argentina now.

It's a good idea!

Excuse me a moment, or I'll forget.

It was a different period.

Until my second year of university I was always accompanied by an Austrian nanny.

I went to my first dance when I was 19.

I can still remember my mother's eyes staring at me all evening like two pins.

And then...

And then...

That's it.

When did you get married?

Four years later.

My father thought that no man was good enough for me.

His judgement was old-fashioned.

"He's a gentleman", "Not a gentleman" "He's serious", "He's not serious"...

But he liked my husband right away.

Maybe because he felt he could rely on him.

When he was to tell me that Adalberto had asked for my hand, he seemed ashamed of dealing with this sort of thing.

It didn't seem suited to a young lady...

A young lady...

How many times I heard him say it!

"A young lady doesn't do this", "She is not a proper young lady", "You must remember that you're a young lady", "Tell the young lady that her fiancé is here".

Goodbye. The camera.

Are you satisfied with the trip? Yes.

One of these days we can go back if you want.

Maybe we could see another place.

Yes. There's the Gradara Castle, the Paolo and Francesca one.

Will you come? Yes. Goodbye.


Mrs. Roberta!


God bless you. Why are you here?

We arrived an hour ago from Catanzaro.

"We"? Roberta!

From Catanzaro? Yes.

You and who? The lady and I.

Maddalena? Yes.

Where is she?

Mom, what happened? Nothing. Your mother-in-law decided to send Maddalena to us. The situation is critical down there.

Where is she? Just a moment!

She's in her room.

Don't assault her with questions. She is lost.

And my mother-in-law? Maddalena gave me a letter.

Maddalena, what is it?

What's the matter, dear? Why are you crying?

Aren't you happy to be here?

Colomba, come.

Come, dear. Why are you doing this?

Don't you like being with us? Tell me what's wrong.

Your mother-in-law is stubborn, proud and obstinate.

That's the matter. She could have come, too.

Come on, Maddalena.

You're at home here.

You will be a second daughter.

Read out loud.

"Sorry if I don't write a long letter, but just the thought that soon my littlest one will be away from me for who knows how long, gives me an unbearable pain."

"I entrust her to you, as one entrusts something precious."

"I am staying here because my loved ones are buried here, and my memories are here."

"I will wait with a serene heart when God decides my destiny, but she must be saved."

"Please, take care of her."

"Give her your affection, because I can read in her eyes, and know how much God is satisfied with my creature."

She always went to the refuge with Adalberto's picture.

And that's all. No money, no jewels...

She always kept it like this.

She doesn't know what fear is.

In the end, even the farmers had become brave.

When the alarm rang, they huddled around her and she said the rosary.

The raids lasted up to 4 hours.

During the last weeks, every night there was an alarm.

Then they began to bomb even during the day and she had me leave.

Mrs. Roberta, there's a gentleman who wants you.

Excuse me.

It was a tough trip. We managed to arrive by train.

Didn't you notice you'd forgotten something?

You took the whole trip to get coffee.

Thank you for your kindness.

How much do I owe you? Nothing.

Then I can't accept it.

26 Lira. Yes.

I only have 25.

I thank you again.

You still want to go to Gradara? Yes, we'll go.

How about tomorrow? No, a little later.

You are a perfect gentleman, but your friends are surely more pleasant and better suited to you.

I'm sorry if I was a little vague today.

Maybe it's the wine!

Good evening.

Excuse me. Forget it.

Good evening. Good evening.

On the sea, towards Sicily, there were lights all the time.

In the clear nights you could see it very well.

Martino says it was sea bombing.

What if it were... a book?

It would be a porno novel.

You know what? I'm bored.

You always get bored, Rossana.

Serena! Yes, I'll continue.

What are you thinking? Nothing.

What if it was a flower?

An artichoke.

What if it was a home?

Good morning. Good morning, madam.

Good morning, madam. Good morning.

How are you? Fine, thank you.

Come. No, thank you.

I want to introduce my sister-in-law, Maddalena.

She is your age, pleasant and intelligent.

You are a friendly crowd. She's been alone a long time.

So today we said enough.

It's right that she has fun and be with pleasant people of her age.

Hi. Hi.

My pleasure.

Be patient if sometimes she closes up like a porcupine.

Come with us, porcupine.

My pleasure. I am Giulio, the most handsome.

You know Carlo, Serena and...

That's Daniele. He doesn't count.

Yes, I don't. Pleased to meet you.

He is Giorgio. A foreign capitalist.

His mother is Swiss. My pleasure.

Let's all go on the boat. What do you say, Maddalena?

But I... I'll ask Roberta.

Madam, may Maddalena come on the boat?

Of course.

You don't want to come?

No. I'm going home soon.

Will you tell Maddalena?

I'll take my daughter.

Carlo, you're not coming?

I'm sorry to leave you here alone.


Don't you recognize me?

And yet we were good friends.

Come on, Colomba.

What is it?

Where are you going? You mean where are "we" going.

We're going to the circus, to see the animals.

Lions, monkeys, tigers...

We'll have fun.

There is a hypnotizer.

I can't come tonight. We had dinner late and I can't always leave my sister-in-law by herself.

The circus is only here tonight. Too bad!

Maddalena doesn't want to come. Try to convince her.

There's the circus. Certainly. Maddalena will come.

I don't want to go. I want to stay with you.

You come, too. Madam, you must come.

The circus, at this hour...

Decide to come!

Please, be kind.

Otherwise, we'll be late.

If you don't come, we don't go either, right?

Right. We're blackmailing you. Did you decide?

Excuse me. Please.

Serena, keep the seat next to you.

Excuse me. It doesn't matter.

What did you do? Nothing. Why?

Roberta, why are you there alone? Come with us.

I am fine, thank you. It is a privileged place.

Excuse me.

Could you move a bit over?

Serena, sit down.

Sit here with us.

Thanks, but I am fine here. Please!

And now...


Your attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the great triumphs in Berlin, Paris and Bremen, I have the great...

Be quiet.

It's not a drill. They are bombing.

My God! I wonder where they are.

I'd like to see an air bombing.

Roberta, don't you have a flashlight?


Calm down!

Come on in.

Excuse me.

I am afraid.

Isn't there electricity?

I am not responsible for the monstrosities you see here.

I stay away as much as possible. Don't exaggerate!

Maybe it's ugly, but it's the only comfortable sofa that I've ever seen.

This painting is lovely.

Carlo! Yes.

Your father?

During the war in Spain.

Let's wake up. We look like a lot of Indians.

The wall is painted here!

There are wonderful records here. How did you get them?

They come from Switzerland.

"In the Mood" "Begin the Beguine" played by Artie Shaw!

And "Temptation"! Beautiful. Play it.

This house is disgusting, huh?

No. It's not bad at all.

You think we can dance? Dance!

I find it terribly hot.

Turn everything off, except for the light in the studio.

Kids, hurry. Come and see!

What is it? Look.

My God!

Must be a reconnaissance plane.

Maybe it's in Cesena.

You want to dance?

I am not very good at it.

I haven't danced in over two years.

Let's try.

Let me dance.

Shall we dance?


May I have this dance, madam?


Thank you. You're welcome.

May I offer you? I want to get drunk tonight.

Here. No, thank you.

Here, young man. Yes, thank you.

Here, miss. No, thank you.

Here. Thank you.

One, two... The lady!

Here is your whiskey, madam.

And you, young man?

Do you want to dance?

Yes, thank you.

What is it? Daniele touches me in the dark.

Rossana, your...

Two to zero!

Forty-Fifteen. Come on!

Why didn't you tell me last night?

How could I? Carlo was there.

Do you think Maddalena knows?

Maybe she understood.

There was a moment in which...

Only Rossana and I know, we saw them.

It seems incredible to me. Carlo didn't say anything?

Nothing! You don't speak either.

Come on, Rossana!

Giulio, you play. Alright.

I quit, you won, Serena.

I am tired. Why?

Who serves?

Serena, hurry! Where're you going?

Daniele, take my place. I'm coming!

Give me the racket.

Go on, serve!

Go on, serve!

Hi, Serena. Hi. I'll be right back.

Good morning. Hi.

What have you got against Maddalena?

I've nothing against her.

Come on. Even now... She arrived and you left.

I have something to do.

What's wrong with all of you today?

He's got such a long face, and the other is being mysterious.

Carlo disappeared, and you...

I don't understand all of you.

It's best if you don't.

I'll explain it when you are older.

I'll explain what "slut" means.

Alright? What?

I've nothing against Maddalena.

But I don't like her relatives.

I know myself. I can't control what I say.

So I prefer leaving.

Understand now? Bye.

Then I'll come pick you up.

Rossana, listen! Bye.

Good morning! Good morning!

Was I wrong in looking for you? Yes.

We shouldn't see each other anymore, at least not like this.

I don't regret it. I'm happy that you're here.

Maybe it's a good thing, so we can speak clearly.

Not seeing each other is impossible, I fear.

Riccione is small.

And Maddalena is your friend.

Only this? Absolutely.

And you must not speak to me like this.

Last night someone suffered because of me. It won't happen again.

You have no blame. I'm unforgiveable.

But please...

Delete last night from your memory.

But I want to remember. You've nothing to remember.

I don't know what happened to me.

I understand very well. The sea, the merriment...

Such things can play tricks on everyone.

No, it's not true.

You don't think that.

Whatever I think, our relationship...

Hi, Maddalena. Good evening.

Want to go to the movies?

If you want... Of course I want. Let's go.

It's always like this here. Movies are seen in bits and pieces.

All those belonging to the Armed Forces, go back to their stations!

Nedo, come out. Hurry!

What is going on? I don't know. Come on.


Radio news. His Majesty the king and emperor accepted the resignation of head of the government...

What happened? Mussolini resigned.

...Presented by His Excellency cavalier Benito Mussolini.

He nominated as head of the government, prime minister, secretary of State, His Excellency cavalier marshal of Italy, Pietro Badoglio.

What does "the war continues" mean? No halfways!

Enough massacres, enough bombings!

We must delete the memory of these 20 years of infamy!

Come on! Let's destroy everything!


Come on! Bring the ladders!

We are free!

Grab it!

What are you doing, Dad?

If someone tries to enter, I'll shoot him.

Holy Mary! Be quiet, idiot.

Not these, you moron!

Put them away, with the others.

It's hot!

Give me something to drink. There's cognac.

Later, with Rosa, put the silverware in the suitcase along with valuable objects, and the small painting in the bedroom.

How long does it take? For a car... Someone is arriving.

Who is it? I don't know. I can't see from here.

Isn't anyone here?

She is a friend of Auntie. Who?

Should I open? Wait.

Don't you open.

What does she want?

Nice hips!

Yesterday in Bologna...

That idiot Romolo certainly didn't do anything.

I should have gone.

The war continues.

Italy, that was harshly hit in its invaded provinces, in its destroyed cities...

The cavaliere is resigning!


He was screwed by his men, as according to rules.

You didn't know anything? And the others?

The other imbecile! Everyone knew there'd been the Grand Council.

And they don't communicate. Something was surely up.

But that idiot denied.

Nothing important, he says.

But if they want to arrest me, they must come to get me.


Close it.

Look at them now. The war continues!

They can't even take advantage of the surprise.

They are cowards besides being clowns.

I want to see them in a month, with the Germans in bed.

They don't even know that if the Germans didn't crush us... it's for the respect of Hitler, that schizophrenic.

Excellency, Romolo is here.

Carlo, I must tell you something.

But I can't if you look at me.

I was married for many years.

But I didn't realize that a person could love so much, in this way.

It's marvelous.

It's marvelous!

Sand will get in your hair.

I don't care.

It will become clear, then the day will dawn.

It seems like everything is unreal.

Tell me that tomorrow won't be different.

You will be different.

Why? You'll get tired.

I am much older than you.

You'll make me suffer. That's how it is.

Don't talk like that. I don't want that.

Don't say that.

Hold me tight. Keep me with you.

There are people here.

I don't care.

They'll see you. I don't care.

Yes, you're right.

What are you thinking? Nothing.

It's late. Let's go.

I must look like a monster. Don't look at me.

I'll go by myself. No.

It's only a few steps away.

Stay here only five minutes.

When will I see you?


You'll come to me?

Is she ill? No, nothing is wrong.

What was wrong with Colomba?

I heard her crying, but it was nothing.

She fell back to sleep. Come inside.

What's the matter, Maddalena?


What's wrong?

There's something wrong in not being able to fall asleep?

I didn't say anything to you.

Look into my eyes.

Don't be a liar.

Above all, don't be a hypocrite.

I want to leave.

I want to leave. I want to leave!

Maddalena, stop! What's wrong?

Excuse me, but I want to leave.

I want to leave!

What did you do? Why is she crying? I don't know. Ask her.

She's had been rude for the last few days.

Maddalena, rude? Roberta, think of what you're doing.

Mom, I'm 30 and have a daughter.

Then behave like a 30 year old woman who has a daughter.

Try to understand, and don't make me say more.

Behave like a 30 year old woman who has a daughter.

Whose name is this house in?

My father, Ettore Caremoli.

We know that. Where will you go now?

The law says you can have a room, and use bathroom and kitchen.

Very kind of you.

I wouldn't have left you even those.

I am sure of that.

The refugees can occupy the villa today.

As long as they come to sign.

Bye, Roberta, good night.

You're not returning home?

I don't feel like it. It's no longer my home.

Where will you go?

I don't know. To my aunt's. To the hell. I don't know!

I don't know! Please, don't do this.

What cowards! Only now they raise their heads.

My father is right.

Excuse me.

I'll get over it, but not now.

Certainly, dear.

I understand.

See you tomorrow.

Roberta, what's wrong?

Nothing, dear.

Nothing. Good night.

Roberta, tell me what's wrong!

Speak softly. What's the matter?

You're crying! Please, don't do this.

Excuse me.

I don't know what's happening to me.

I am tired. Excuse me. It's not true. Don't do this.

Tell me why you're crying. I'm afraid.

Of what? That it will end.

No. I am afraid.

No, it won't end. I love you.

Maybe I don't know how to say it but I love you.

Hold me like this. Yes, love.

I love you... I love you!

I love you.

Don't leave.

Stay with me.


You can't.

Come. Everyone is sleeping.

They won't hear.



Roberta, come here.

Yes, Mom.

Close the door.

I never thought I'd find myself in such a situation.

Mom, let's avoid it.

We have nothing to say to each other.

Or if you prefer, it's better if we don't.

Do you realize what you are saying?

What you are doing?

You have a name, an education. You...

You should at least respect your daughter, the memory of your husband!

It's a scandal.

With a boy! Mom, you are exaggerating.

Adalberto wasn't too old to be my husband?

What's this? You never complained about your husband.

How was it possible with you?

What could I complain about? What could I say?

I didn't live for 10 years, in a home where everyone loved me, everyone was respectful, so kind that they made me ashamed of being unhappy.

You weren't worthy of that home.

Just as I am not worthy of you.

If you wanted a daughter like Maddalena, sorry to disappoint you.

I am different, mediocre, but I feel fine like this.

For 30 years I always obeyed.

"It's what they say, so it must be so."

But enough now. It's over.

I'm not making any scandal.

I just have a man I'm in love with, and I won't give him up.

I don't want to force you. You must decide yourself.

If your mother were here, she'd have no doubts.

Think it over, Maddalena.

I've already decided. I want to leave.


May God protect you, my child. Thank you.

Bye, love.


Miss, we are leaving.

Bye, Maddalena.


Good luck. To you too, Martino.

Forgive me, Maddalena!

What did you do all day? You called me so late.

You told me not to call during the day.

You're right, but the hours never went by.

I was worried. I'm sorry.

Did you decide where to live?

I don't know, and I don't care.

Right now I'm in an inn. Then we'll see.

Giorgio and Daniele are leaving.

You are shivering and freezing. I'm cold.

But I have to go now.

We won't be together?

We'd better not.

Did something happen?

No, nothing.

I have the key to my beach hut.


It would be a solution to sleep here.

A little small home...

You are so beautiful!

I want you so much.

It's forbidden to go to the beach after sunset.

No, we didn't know.

Do you know that there's a war? Lower the light.

ID. Yes.

Right away.

Not this one. Military ID.

Oh, yes.

Light it up here.


Your military ID has expired.

What have you got to say? They renewed it in Rome.

We are experts in these tricks.

Are you trying to fool us? No, you're right.

I was to go to Bologna on the 30th.

But after what happened...

What happened? Is the war over?

Let's go to the police station.

You can go.

Can I escort the lady home?

Your ID card. Here.

And tomorrow morning go to Bologna.

Understand? Thank you.

Let's try to be precise.

There's nothing to joke about.

What will you do now that your extension has expired?

I'll find a way. I was expecting it sooner or later.

My father did this with all his connections.

What a character!

In his place, I would've wanted my son to be the first to go.


If tomorrow you don't go, what can happen?

They'll shoot me. Don't joke!

It's not a good time.

Excuse me.

I don't know what can happen. I'd be in trouble.

Carlo, you're not going.

Where shouldn't I go? You won't go there tomorrow.

I wish I could do that!

They don't ask you if you want to go to war. It's desertion.

You could go to a place where no one can find you.

I've a villa in Rovigo. You'll stay there. Then I'll join you.

You want that? It's not possible.

It would be wonderful, too easy.

I'm not doing it to tie you to me.

At times I tell myself it's just a mistake, and that one day you'll leave.


I have to believe you.

I want to believe you. I need it.

Otherwise, nothing has any meaning for me.

I have paid enough for this war.

Now I must protect my life.

You're protecting mine.

I'd like that, but I'll never have enough courage.

I know it would be right, coherent.

But I would need another temper.

I go where everybody else go.

I feel less lonely like that.

I am a poor... a poor deserter.

And I have crossed my border...

Carlo, don't hate me.

What are you saying?

Sorry. I'm nervous and I exaggerate.

What did you tell Colomba?

Nothing? Nothing.

I didn't tell anyone. I'd have had to explain too many things.

I'll call from Rovigo.

Sit down, my love.

Try to rest a bit.

You are pale.

Come on.

Thank you.

Carlo, I swear to you. I didn't think of myself.

I know.

It's true.

I can't imagine my existence without you.

I can't think about that.

But for you, for your life, to know that you're happy, I could give you up right away.

I could never see you again. I know.

I know, dear. Don't be afraid.

We'll rent a car in Bologna. It's safer.

Are you sure? Yes.

You'll see how lovely the Rovigo home is.

It has a park around it.

I never enjoyed it much.

I'm glad...

Come away.

Come away!

What could have happened at home?

Did they go there too? God, how horrible!

Nothing happened in Riccione.

Calm down. Come.

All the lines for Bologna and Venice have been interrupted!

Whoever wants can go back!

On track 6 a train is leaving for Rimini, Riccione, Ancona!

Go! Hurry!


No, Roberta. I won't come with you.

Leave me here. I must stay.

I am horrified by this massacre.

But I'm like all the others. I will never be able to rebel.

I beg you, don't say anything else.

Go back home. It's the only thing you really want.

You'd end up hating me.

Please, help me. Hurry. Close it!

Leave me alone.

Forgive me.

I beg you. Try to understand.

Soon this hell will be over and if God is just... You'll see!

No. It's over.

We won't see each other again.

You know it, as I do.

Never again.


Where are the others?