Virus (1996) Script


ALEX: Okay, I'm ready for transport.

WOMAN: Ready, Alex.

Coded alpha in storage.

Beta component ready for transport to storage.

ALEX: Now transporting component beta.

That test tube.



Natalie, your face plate.

Oh, God. No, it's all right.

The agent is not harmful by itself.

Oh, the test tube.

Damn! What? What is it?

The glass... And the glove's cut.

Oh, God.

Alert Major Skanz that we have a condition red at the lab.

ALEX: I don't know what's happening.

The agent can't activate itself.


Oh, my God, Kim.

COMPUTER: A system incursion has been detected.


A system incursion has been detected.

A system incursion has been detected.

Oh, no! No!

ALEX: Natalie, calm down. Calm down. They're gonna take care of it.

They're on top of the situation. Just relax, okay?

Open! Alex!


The override isn't working. Come on!

COMPUTER: The research area is now armed.

Fifteen seconds...

What... What is it? What is happening?

It's a mistake. It's gotta be a mistake. They told me it was safe.


Ten seconds. Nine seconds...

What is happening to me?

Seven seconds, six seconds.

Get me outta here!

Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds...


Two seconds, one second.



COMPUTER: Research area now cleansed.

BURNS: Do whatever you like.


I am available for instruction.

Wait a second, wait a second.

New York Tribune, National Desk.

Yeah. Hold on.

Leo, it's for you.

Burns here.

Is this the Leo Burns who exposed that toxic spill cover-up on the Hudson River last month?

In the flesh.

Well, Mr. Burns, I've got a bigger story involving a much larger cover-up.

Oh, yeah? And who are you?

My name is Captain Alex Bur.

I was working on a secret germ warfare project for the military.

Last night, we had a terrible accident at the lab.

Everyone's dead but me.

The project must be stopped.

Who sanctioned this project?

Oh, it goes right up to the top.

The top? That, eh... That would be the President, would it?

It's possible, but I'm not sure.

Meet me tomorrow night at Quatro's about 10:00.

I have to go. They're everywhere.


On your marks, people.

Welcome to Camp David. I'm Eric Black, Special Advisor to the President.

You have been invited here today because the President has decided to take time out from his vacation to make a very important announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, John Lawrence Wheeler.

(CROWD APPLAUDING) Heads up, now.

The ball is in play.

Thank you.

Feels like the winds of change, doesn't it?

I'd like to thank you all for joining me on this beautiful day.

Let's look alive, people.

This administration will not shirk its duty to make this planet a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment.

The responsibility we have strived to accomplish...

KEN: We do have a possible bogey at one o'clock.

One o'clock, gentlemen. Heads up.

Let's do a Reagan rotation on three, gentlemen. On three.

One, two, three.

...every issue of substance affecting the ecology of this planet.

This is our covenant with our children.

Stay alert, people. Go status one, status one.

Bogey in sight.

Complete the rotation.

Bogey in sight. Excuse me, ma'am. Thank you.

I am behind bogey. Go alert status two. Alert status two.

I'm out of the game, people, out of the game. Bobby, take over.

Come on. Heading to home base.

Thank you, very much.


Let it go.

An egg?

What are you... Some kind of wisenheimer?

Guys, I'm totally justified in shooting him here, don't you think?

What? Oh, yeah. Without question.


Grab him.

ALEX ON PHONE: You bastards, you know what you've done?

SKANZ: You're military just like me, Alex.

You knew what you were getting into.

We all have a job to do. What happened was no one's fault.

You know that. So do I.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Come back to us, Alex. We'll make arrangements.

We can make it up to you. You have my word on it.

ALEX: You hypocrites. You, that Marlboro president, all of you.

You lied to me. You told me those viruses were harmless unless combined.

You're worse than war criminals, much worse.


I'm gonna make you pay. Hold on now.


He's somewhere in sector two, sir.

Transfer operations to mobile.

Yes, sir.

In 90 seconds.

Okay, gentlemen, set a Nixon perimeter, please. I'm back in the game.

You're Ken Fairchild, right?

Excuse me, son. If you'd step back, please.

Thank you.

You stopped the rocket on the goal line.

(SOFTLY) Oh, God.

You won the national championship! Not now.

Come on, Mr. Fairchild. Sign my hat.

Look, son, let me tell you something.

I appreciate what you're trying to do.

But all I did was play a game. Okay, buddy?

Yes, sir.

Is it okay if I say one thing though?

Like I'm gonna stop you?

Go, big Red. All right!

(SIGHS) Oh, God.


SKANZ ON PHONE: We're still here, Alex.

I am a scientist. A very careful man.

And I can tell you every aspect of my plan is now in place.

And I tell you, there will be consequences at the summit and in the press.

Alex, what do you want us to do? Shut down operations?

We can't compromise national security for one unfortunate incident.

Now listen to me... No, you listen to me.

I will make a mockery of this ecology summit.

I will bring the whole house of cards down.

I will expose you, your boss and the whole group of toy soldiers at the Pentagon.

You got that?

Hold on now.

Got him. Where?

BURNS: Mr. President.

What's the US' involvement in biological weapons research, sir?

The President has already dealt with that issue, Mr. Burns.

There is no biological weapons research program. Case closed.

Perhaps the President would like to answer that personally and reassure the American people, sir?

You're a cagey one, Leo.

Let's fall out, gentlemen.


MAN: Watch out! Watch it!




Make way. Clear.


Give it up, Alex.

Tell me what you've done.

Somebody call 911.

Jarrett, let's get a new team out to section three.

And Scotty, why don't you feed me the coordinates in section 12.

I want to do a post-op report.


Well done. Excuse me, sir?

The way you handled that man at the press conference today.


You didn't miss a beat. No, sir.

That's something we can't afford to do.

I do appreciate you looking out for the team.

Well, you keep up that good work, son.

When we're back in the capital, let's have lunch.

Thank you, sir. I'm looking forward to it.

What's this man doing here?

Aren't you supposed to be heading back to Washington with the other journalists?

Hello to you, too, Mr. Black.

Tell me, don't you ever give it a rest?


I'll make sure Mr. Burns is on the next flight, sir.

Way to go, Columbo. You just blew my lunch.

You know something, Leo. You better ease up on him.

He's gonna tear you an even bigger asshole.

Hey, listen, I've got my job to do. You've got your job to do.

He's a dick. Let's move on to more important matters.

Poker, my place, Saturday night.

Bring the money that I lost last time with you, because I swear, when you leave my place, you are going to be humiliated and totally broke.

You know something. I don't think I have much of that money left, Leo.

Besides, I'm headed up to Thermal Wells tonight.

No problem. I'm covering that flesh-pressing summit.

It'll give me a chance to get my money back up there.

No problem. Look me up. I'll be in the lodge.

Yeah, okay.

Ken. Take care of yourself.

An honest man around here is a candidate for the endangered species list.


GUARD: Here you go, chief. Come on.



Oh, what the hell, Ripley?

Hey, you're just a chicken shit boy.

Hey, let go of my hair. Hey!

Hey, that's our route.

Yeah, we got us a different route this trip.

What are you talking about?

This guy comes to me last night with a proposition.

We're gonna make some serious money on this. Serious money!

Listen, Rip... Shut up!

All we gotta do is deliver this truck and cash in.

Yeah? I don't want any part of this.

Hey, whatever you say.




JOHN: Eric, we've been over this again and again.


Can't we just put this thing to bed?

But John, we have to be ready.

Not only when matching in superior bio-weaponry, but more vitally, we need the antidotes to these lethal viruses.

You can't develop one without the other.

We need a sword and a shield to protect this country.

Stop speechifying, Eric.

What's the bottom line?

Let me initiate a bio-warfare program.

God forbid, should the need ever arise, we'll be ready.

And you'll go down in history as the man...

The patriot who took the personal risk and initiative to protect and save the country he loved.



KEN: The eco conference, I'm concerned about it not being in Washington.

Why Thermal Wells?

Thermals Wells was created under my administration.

Yes, sir.

In fact, it was one of my campaign promises to save a natural wonder from being strip mined.


So I'd like the people to remember me and my world leaders shaking hands while one of those geysers blows.

It's worth thousands of votes for my reelection campaign.


Now, I'm counting on you, Ken.

Just like I counted on you down home.

That's why I want you out there in Thermal preparing things.

I mean, it's unspoiled wilderness.

It's the world's largest collection of geysers, boiling mud pits, steam fissures.

It's like looking right down inside mother earth.

Isn't that a geologist's dream?

Yeah, I guess so.

And you were a geology major in college, weren't you?

(SCOFFS) Different kind.

I mean, if it wasn't bubbling crude, we didn't look at it.

Well, sir, you can count on me. I'll make sure that things run smoothly.

I'm sure you will.

KEN: Howdy. How you doing?

Welcome to Thermal Wells.

Thank you.

What happened?

An hour ago, it was picture perfect.

You stick around here, the weather changes by the minute.

Really? Yep.

Well, we should get started.

You wanna help?

(LAUGHING) I don't think so.

Surely they told you I was coming, though.

Ken Fairchild, Secret Service, Washington.

You're Ken Fairchild?

(COUGHING) Yes, sir.


Isaac Smith.

Nice to meet you, Isaac.

I'm sorry about that, buddy.

What's a few germs, huh?

Anyway, the super had to go up to west Thermal.

He'll be back this afternoon.

Tells me that you want to take a look at that old mill geyser near Elk Meadow Lake.

That's right.

What we're looking for is a place as close to that that we can render secure.

That's the old mill, all right.

It's the closest thing we got to a fort.

Now we're getting somewhere, buddy.

I'd be happy to take you there, but they got me on buildings and grounds duty around here today.

No problem.

If you just tell me how to get there.

Take the main road until you hit Snake River, and then follow it down to the mill.

Let's get two teams in a boat to secure the southwest corner of the geyser.


LARRAINE: Easy there, fella.

Whoa. Whoa, ah.

Would you like some help there?


I said would you like some help?

Uh, no. I got it.

You sure now?


Yeah. One more step, I'm out.

Okay. If you say so.

Okay. All right. All right, wait.

Maybe I can use your help.

Whoa. Whoa.

You're really lucky I came along.

Is there any way I can get my shoes out of there?



No, they're gone.

What do you mean, "they're gone"?

I mean they're gone. What?

I just bought those things.

Who are you anyway?

It's funny. I was about to ask you the same question.

My name's Larraine Keller. I'm the local vet.


Still haven't told me who you are.


Secret Service.

Ken Fairchild?


The guy the President sent out?

Yeah. Oh, God help us.

Am I the butt of everyone's joke around here?


You coming?


My shoes.

It's expensive.


♪ Got my truck and the road


5:00 a.m.

This had better be good.

The A4 shipment, sir. It's way off course here.

What's this?

I don't know. What do you think he's doing there, sir?

♪ Got my truck and the road ♪ SKANZ: Well, I don't think he's there to see the geysers.



Yes, he is here. It's for you, sir.

Go ahead.

What? When? Where was he found?

How long before we can contain this guy?

Well, it would have to be out of Lost Lake, sir.

We're talking, two, three hours maybe.

Get on it right now, and get me a secure line.



We have a problem.

One of our shipments has gone off course.

Do you think this has anything to do with Alex Bur?

Could be.

We just got a report that the driver of the A4 shipment threw his partner out of the truck.

Said he'd been paid by a man to hijack it.

When did this occur?

Sometime last night.

Our man regained consciousness in hospital about one hour ago.

All right. Keep in close contact.




Come on, come on!

Come on, baby!

KEN: Is that snow?

ISAAC: Sure is.

At this altitude, there's patches of snow that never melts.

Come on, boy. Let's get you some water.




Not the money! The money!




What the...

Come on, Jesse. Get away from there.

Base, this is 31. You're breaking up there.

If you can read me, I'm taking this here location scout for a look at Green Valley...




Oh, Isaac, I'm sorry about giving you my cold, man.

I guess you're just a giving kind of guy, huh?

Misery loves company.

And you're some miserable company, that's for sure.

Jesse, what's wrong?

Jesse! Jesse... Whoa!

Stop it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

KEN: What?

Nobody's supposed to be down here.

Could be poachers.


You go sneaking up on them, you're gonna get a gun pulled on us.

Hey. Come on, boy. Put the gun down. We're not gonna hurt you.

Looks like somebody beat him.

No one's gonna hurt you. I work for...


Are you all right? I'm okay.

Not hit? I'm okay.

He's not breathing, Isaac.

You know CPR?

Give him to me. I'll revive him.


Got him? I got him.

All right, tough guy.

You wanna hit somebody?

Hey, Ken.


How is he? Come on.

Call an ambulance. I'll be right back. I wanna check the tent.



Oh, my God!


There's something terribly wrong here.



What's the matter, man?


Base, where's that ambulance?

I got two down. Repeat, two down in Green Valley Canyon.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Medical team is on the way.

Hey, bonehead, we're dropping like flies out here.

I'll meet you at the top of the main road.


Jesse. Jesse, stop.




I got you.

I got you.

We're almost there.

Oh, God!

Here we are.

Oh, God.

Come on.

Quickly, sit down.

We'll be all right.

(GROANING) Oh, man.




Stop! Get away.

There's something wrong with us.

Oh, no.

No, no, no!


Are you okay?


Come on, honey. There you go.


You know him? Yes!

Is he okay?

Where's your horse? We gotta get them out of here.

My horse is dead. What is happening to us?

What is happening to us? I don't know.


What? What?





We've located the crash scene, sir.

Our Level Four containment team is on site.

Ancillary response has been deployed.

We've intervened with the state authorities.

We've got all our men in patrol cars.

What about all of the park rangers?

Not a problem, sir.

All park rangers have been transferred out of the park and our men have replaced them.


We've put our men in ranger uniforms.

The park is completely under our control.

But we'll need backup as soon as possible.

What about the media?

We've supplied appropriate disinformation to the press.

We're now awaiting Alpha Unit's arrival.

I've alerted General Waverly.

He's assigned Alpha Unit to be onsite.

They're cleared...

To do whatever it takes.

This must be contained.

And more importantly, no one must ever know what's happened.


Base, this looks like the end of it.

The stream is all dried up.

MAN OVER RADIO: Roger. Draw your final water sample and report back.

Yes, sir. Over and out.

Take me to your leader.

BURNS: There was supposed to be Alex Bur, but he never showed.

I get this instead.

Uh, it's amazing. There's names, dates, the whole nine yards.

He claims he's gonna present substantive proof at the one world conference in Thermal Wells of a very high-level cover-up, so...

What kind of proof?

Well, that's what I would have asked him if I ever had a chance to meet him, but...

I've got Matty out trying to track him down.

See, without evidence, (PHONE RINGS) he could just be a disgruntled employee. It's useless.

Burns here.

Yeah, Matty.



Yeah, yeah.

What was that?

Alex Bur is dead.

Car accident.

I guess I'm going to Thermal Wells before I expected to.

You know, Leo, maybe you should make a few copies of Bur's documents and distribute them among people you can trust.

That's a good idea, Jo.

That's a damn good idea. I'll make a copy for you, a copy for my lawyer, and a copy for the only guy up there I can trust in case the shit hits the fan.

Who's that?

Ken Fairchild.

SKANZ: Status report.

MAN: We erected the isolation units at 0600 hours and the incineration units at 0700, sir.

SKANZ: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

You from General Waverly?

Yes, sir. If you'd come this way, please.

I'm Captain Birk, Chief Medical Officer, Bio-Warfare Alpha Unit.

You'll have to put these on before we go into the field hospital, sir.

SKANZ: Give it to me straight.

Are we looking at the potential for a plague?

BIRK: It's a definite possibility.

Quantity of spill?

Enough to potentially eradicate the entire population of the East Coast, if we didn't control it at its source.

SKANZ: And you've quarantined every infected host?

BIRK: We've sealed off the whole area.

We fogged the canyon with Gen-8 to eradicate the wildlife.

What about those people in the isolation unit?

Yes, well, they won't be here long.


Potential carriers.

Bur was claiming 100% mortality with this thing.

So our only problem is how to deal with their deaths.

We want complete containment.

We don't want the press getting curious.

There are many ways for people to die out in the wilderness, sir.

We're clear.

Not to mention car accidents before they ever get here.

Give me a hand here, would you? (MUFFLED SCREAMING)

Keep it down. Okay. What are you...

Would you stop just looking and do something?

All right.


10, 20, 30, 40.

All right.


(SIGHS) Oh, God.



What... What is this place?

Well, it's not the Mayo Clinic.


Yeah, I know. It feels like a horse kicked you.

It goes away in a couple of minutes.



Oh, my God.

KEN: Doc, I need your help.

Where are we?

I need some help, doc. What?

Oh, God!

He's not taking in any air. Doc!

Oh, my God!

His breathing's irregular.

Keep his head back.

It's back.

Here, sweetheart. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Doc. Isaac.

I don't know what they've done to us, but this boy is not gonna make it.

He needs help. Why isn't he breathing?

His throat's swollen so badly he can't breathe.

Well, do something! I need a pen.

I got a knife here.

Okay. What are you doing?

Hold his shoulders down, okay?

Keep his head back.

Keep him still, Isaac.



There we go. There you go.


KEN: He's breathing.

We gotta get him out of here.


I'll see who's in charge.


What's this?

He's not infected.

Hold him. I'll give him a shot of Demerol.

No more. Shit!

Okay, okay, okay.

I got a little boy who needs some help.


What you doing?

You! Hey, I'm on your side.

(YELLS) Fairchild.


Hey, what's the matter with y'all?

Oh, man.


Let him go!

I don't know who you are, but I'm Ken Fairchild, Presidential Security Chief.

Presidential Security Chief?


All right.

Let's set the weapons down on three. Okay?

Let's be cool.




I'm sorry, sir.

I didn't know.

No. Isaac!


Who are you people?

Who do you work for?

Talk to me, you son-of-a-bitch.

Don't you pass out on me.





The boy!

Presidential Security? I'm going with you.


Hey! Hold on a second.

How's he doing?

He's dead.

If the mother had told me what was in the truck, I never would've made this deal.

What'd you say?

I said if the mother had told me what was in the truck, I never would've made this deal.

What are you talking about? Huh?

I said what are you talking about?

Get me out of here and I'll tell you more than you wanna know.

This had better be good.


Larraine, we gotta go.

GUARD: Back off! Put your hands up.

Who are you guys?

What are y'all looking at? Come on.

Somebody tell me I'm dreaming.

RIPLEY: You're not dreaming.

Let's get out of here.


Sir, are you all right?

Get your men out of here!

Come on!

All right, we're clear. Now who are you?

Who are you? Ripley!


There he is. We got him!


Get down!







Everybody all right? LARRAINE: Yeah.

RIPLEY: Come on, hurry up... Grab what you can. Let's move.

Make it into the woods. LARRAINE: Let's go!

I got the survival pack. All right.

Let's go this way.

SKANZ: Yes, sir, the line is now secure.

ERIC: Well, you've involved Ken Fairchild, the President's bodyguard.

What the hell are you doing out there?

SKANZ: They know their stuff.

Couldn't have chosen a more rugged section of the park.

Not a road, not a fire trail, not a level spot to stand on.

We'll have to go in on foot.

ERIC: What about aerial pursuit?

We've got helicopters up, sir.

But it's all heavy bush.

We'll find them, but it's gonna take a while.

Are they contagious?

We don't know, sir. It's doubtful.

Not if they're well enough to be up and running.

Taken care of.

They're being informed of the unfortunate news.

Car accidents, rock slides, drownings.

Yes, sir.

KEN: Incoming, 12 o'clock...

Go right, go right.

Duck in behind this blind.

Get down, get down.

(WHISPERING) What are we hiding for? Just shoot them.

I'm not gonna shoot them unless I have to.

Shoot them! Shut up, Ripley.

Okay, they've passed.


Where did you get this? Give me that!

Come on, come on.

I'll take you down to the Little Murky River.

What does that mean, Eric?

Fairchild's missing?

The car that he was driving in went off a cliff.

We haven't been able to recover his body yet.

Then you don't know what's happened to him.

Man, get a search team in there.

It's Ken Fairchild for Christ's sake.

John, we've got people combing the area.

If he's alive, we'll find him.

Tick fever, landslides.

What the hell's going on out there, Eric?

We're doing everything we can.

Fairchild's alive!

He's gotta be alive.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) This is Alpha Three, Major Skanz.

We've spotted some movement at coordinate 3-7-2-2-3-6.

SKANZ: Roger, Alpha Three.

Send a tactical team to investigate. Report back to base.

KEN: Okay, hotshot. We got you out.

What's the story?

I work for Prodichem.

They make industrial chemicals, fertilizers, pool additives.

You spill pool chemicals in Little Murky, all these people swell up and die?

It's a job.

KEN: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

We can't stay here.

They're gonna come looking for us.

Can you get us out of here?

Yeah. We're gonna have to go around Spruce Lake.

KEN: Okay.

We can walk and talk.

Let's go.

I mean all of us. I'm staying here.

Come on, Ripley.

Get your hands off me, tough guy.

I'm just itching to pull this trigger.


So what were you hauling?

It wasn't pool additives, pretty boy.

What the hell was it?

Germ warfare, sweetheart. You son of a bitch.

They do the regular stuff, but that's just a cover-up.

Move. Come on. Keep your eyes open.

They've got contracts with the military for the real moneymakers.

Stuff that turns you every which color.

Gives you two or three assholes.

That's what they make.

That's what I'm hauling.

So how'd you end up here?

That's a long story.

Give me the short version.

Forget about it.

Ripley, cut the bullshit, man. We're dying.

All right, get off!

One of the workers, a research scientist.

He came to me with some serious money.

I mean serious money.

All I had to do was drive my truck to a certain place in the woods and leave it there.

I think this guy was gonna drive my tanker right into the middle of the conference and expose the whole thing.

He was really wacko.

You're a greedy bastard, you know that?

So what happened?

I got lost.

You got lost?

I got lost.

Man, we were all in that canyon yesterday.


What is it, though?

I mean, what have they given us?

I don't know.

Ripley, where did your truck go down?

I think it was called Lone Pine Road.

You know it? Yeah.

It's on our route out of the park.

Okay. That's our first stop.

Let's get out of here. We gotta get under cover.

Stop pushing.

Hold it right there, buddy.

I got 50.

It only takes one, sucker.


Let's have the gun.

Damn you!

You're right. It does only take one.

Get Ripley. Let's go.

Come on, Ripley. We saved your ass.


Talk about totally carrying somebody.

Get up. Come on. You all right?

Here, I'll carry you.

Move. Come on. Let's go.

ERIC: We've got a problem, John.

I've just gotten word that there's been a spill of a highly infectious bio-warfare material in a remote area of Thermal Wells.

How could such a thing happen? Who's responsible?

I'm not gonna beat around the bush.

It was a bio-weaponry program sponsored by us that spilled the material.


I never sanctioned any such program. I told you explicitly...

The White House sanctioned it.

Not the President.


His special advisor did.

The man who's been at his side through thick and thin.

Eric, you're gonna go down over this.

It's not me they'll go after. It's you.

You son of a bitch.

You're not gonna get any help from me.

John. John!

Helping me is helping yourself.

We must protect the Presidency.

KEN: What's up with the snow?

LARRAINE: We're at higher elevations. It happens.

Wait a minute. He's up.

Gotta set this dumb shit down.


You should call the President to get a flu shot before he heads this way.

Cool it, Ripley. I don't want to hear it until we hit the crash site.

Wait. No, no. That's it.

What? That's what saved us.

You, me and Isaac, we all had colds before we were exposed to whatever was in that water.

KEN: So what?

So I think it might have prompted an immune system response.

Sweetie, you think just because you're catching a cold you're not gonna get this thing?


Ripley, we'll get an antidote, okay?

We're not gonna die.

You're not gonna die. You're not gonna die.

You're gonna die, pal! Believe it!

You know what I see?

I see a dead, muscle-bound, CIA, secret agent, dead, federal government bouncer with his save-the-world, dead, forest ranger chick.

You're two walking corpses with a cold.

Don't listen to him. He's just babbling.

We're not gonna die.

Of course not.

If we're not gonna die, why do I feel like shit?

Come on. We gotta make time. Let me help you.

Get off of me.

Fine. Walk.

Come on, Ripley.

Help him.

RANGER 1: Up ahead. RANGER 2: Coming over to the right.


Ripley, are you okay?

What's happening to me? Shut up, Ripley.

The woods are full of rangers.

Are you okay? I don't give a shit!

I need help. It hurts.


I said shut up!

You might not give a shit if you end up in a body bag, but we do.

Look, I'll get you up as soon as we get out of the park, all right?

Now just chill.


You're not sick, you're crazy.

Look, I'm sorry, man.

Are you all right?

I'll take that as a yes.


Our only chance is below a gorge.

It's about three miles from here. Terrain is really difficult.

I think I know the best way to get us through there, though.


Come on.


Help! Help!



Help! Help! Help!

Drop the money.

The money! Not the money.

You took my money.

Hang on.


Climb up.

Look at me. You did this to me.


(GRUNTING) I'm trying to save you.

You'll go down with me. LARRAINE: Stop it! Ken!



Oh, God!


LARRAINE: Did you get a good look at Ripley? KEN: Yeah, why?

He had it.

We gave it to him.

I mean, we're so hell-bent on trying to get out of here, I mean, we could be carrying a plague.

No, we're not. Hey.

I promise you, we're gonna get out of here alive.

Just feels like the whole world's turned against us, that's all.

But it hasn't.

Don't give up on us.

You find a way out. I'll take care of us.

Everything's fine in room 115.

That's good. Thank you.

My name's Leo Burns, New York Tribune.

I think you have a reservation for me.

Oh, yes, Mr. Burns. Welcome. We've been expecting you.

Thank you. Has anyone named George Skanz been asking about me?

Yes, yes. As a matter of fact, he just went into the bar, right through there.

Good. I'll check in in a minute.

That'll be fine.

We've got company. What are we gonna do?

Hide. Get out of sight. Come on. Cave.


Go, go, go.

This shit just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?


I gotta take these guys out.


I'm gonna improvise.




Mr. Skanz. Sir.

Leo Burns, New York Tribune. Sir.

Could I talk to you for a moment?

My time is your time.

Good. Thank you.

What can you tell me about the spotted fever epidemic?

We've got it in check.

Really? I heard that there's a possibility that the Eco-Conference might have to be moved.

That's not the case.

Well, I have reports of over two dozen people being admitted to hospitals, sir.

I don't know where you get your information, Mr. Burns.

Wait, wait. Are you saying that there has been no outbreak?

We had seven or eight cases come into the park clinic.

All of them had been camping at the Green Valley Canyon.

They were treated and released. Camp ground closed.

No further cases have been reported.

So there was only seven or eight people?

Could I get the names and addresses of those seven or eight people if you don't mind, sir?


You guys.

That information is confidential.

How about if I just took a little look around the camp ground?

It's been saturated with extremely potent insecticide. No one's going in there now.

And if I asked you for a tour of the hospital facilities?

You're late, Mr. Burns. There's nothing left to see.

"Nothing left to see." I should have guessed this.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few things I've got to do.

Well, you're a busy man. Uh, Mr. Skanz, if there is anything that comes to mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a call.


KEN: No.

I thought you knew where you were going, Larraine.

Look, I mean, we can't be far off, right?

All right. What, we go down this side and up the other, right?


Turn around, there. You got that rope.

What are you doing?

The first thing an Oklahoma boy learns is how to use a rope.

Watch me, all right? It's real simple.

Kick off the side and slide down.

It's easy.

Don't be scared, all right?

Okay, girl. I got you.

(WHOOPS) I got you.

That was fun.

I bet all the boys in school hated you, didn't they? What do you mean?

You were probably one of those kids who just had to be in the front row of the roller coaster, huh?

And standing.


I am impressed, Larraine Keller.

This is Ash River. It'll lead us out of the park.

Okay, let's go. Hurry.

Yeah, if this was a football game, I just might be impressed.

Wait a minute. What did you just say?

Say that again.

Fairchild, before I went to vet school, I went to the University of Nebraska, okay?

I hated you for what you did.

So wait a minute. You're a fan.

Never one of yours.

Really? You're a fan, aren't you?

No, I'm not.

You're a little Husker. Go figure.


(LAUGHS) Strong one, too.

LARRAINE: Can I ask you a personal question?

KEN: Sure.

Why did you quit football?

Remember that play everyone likes to talk about?

No. Yeah, you do.

Stopped the Rocket on the goal line.

Put him three rows up in the cheap seats, they said.

Won the National Championship.

Made me a hero. Made me famous.

Yeah, in some universities.

Yeah, well I felt something go in my neck.

Doctors said I had to hang it up.

They said if I had one more hit like that, I'd be in a chair for life.

So, they wouldn't pass me on the physical the following year.

That was it. It was over.

I mean, I stayed in school. I got a degree.

And because I was who I was, I got a chance to meet a lot of important people.

Like the Governor. Now he's the President.

Took me to Washington with him and made me Chief of Security.

Most people would be happy about that.

But I didn't make the choice.

I mean, the thing I loved more than anything in life was playing ball.

And it was just taken away from me.

In fact, every important decision in my life has been made for me, whether it be by my dad, or my coaches, doctors, even the President.

I don't wanna talk about this.

What did you get, like, a minor in animal psychology in vet school or something? God.

Trying to find a way to forgive you for what you did to dear old Nebraska.


KEN: Larraine? LARRAINE: Uh-huh?

I want you to know, whatever happens, I'm glad I met you.

Nebraska or not. Ditto.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

If we get out of this, I'm gonna find out who's responsible.

Promise? Yep.

What are you doing?

I'm hiding. Want to join me?

Come on. Come on.

Did you hear that? Yeah, let's check it out.


Sounded like it was over here. Yeah.


Must have been a bird. Let's go.

This is Alpha Six. Suspect has entered the prohibited zone, Major Skanz.

SKANZ: Specify. The isolation unit area where the bodies were incinerated. Should we intercept?

Negative. Continue surveillance and keep in contact.

What's this?


You're working on getting us lost again, aren't you?

No, we gotta go this way.

Hello, Thermal Wells Inn. Leo Burns? Yes, he's right here.

Mr. Burns. Oh, Mr. Burns? Phone for you.

Thank you.

Burns speaking. Yes. There is? Whereabouts?

You ever heard of a place called Deep Cove?


Who's speaking? How do you...


Mind if I use your phone? Please do.

New York Tribune, National Desk.

BURNS: Jo, how's things at the Tribune?

Hey, Burns. Same old, same old.

Listen, I just got a tip that there's another outbreak, in a place called Deep Cove.

It's a couple of hours from here.

I'll call you when I get details later.

Okay. I'll talk to you then. Yeah.

You take care of yourself.

Yeah, you, too. Ciao.

Is Ken Fairchild staying here?

Yes, he is.

Well, I'd like you to give him this envelope, and make sure that he gets it as soon as he comes in.

Ken Fairchild and only Ken Fairchild.

Understood. All right. Thank you.

I'll see you later. Bye-bye.

He just left, Major Skanz.


Mr. President.

I'm telling you, I'm not buying the President's involved in this.

You think a chemical company could come into a national park and take it over all by itself?

No, but why can't you buy there could be another agency involved?

That's all I'm saying.

Why can't you face it that the President probably sold you out?

No. Yes.

No, no, no. Look.

My God, it's spreading.

Uh-oh, tough luck, sucker.

All right, all right, all right.

What river is this? The Heart River. What's left of it.

Okay, so wait. The truck went down in the Little Murky, right?


Does the Little Murky and the Heart ever merge upstream somewhere?

Yeah, but the Little Murky's all dried up, and this stream is all dried up.

How did this stuff get all the way down here? No, no, no, no.

Streams don't dry up, Larraine.

I mean, they might on the surface, but they don't underneath.

They run all the time. We just can't see them.

Here's the million-dollar question: where does the Heart River end?

Elk Meadow Lake.

Elk Meadow Lake, like near the Old Mill Geyser?

Yeah, why?

'Cause the President's giving a speech there.

In exactly one hour and 17 minutes from now, that geyser goes off right over his head.

We gotta get out of here.

Hey, you got some trouble?

No, Mr. Burns, you do.


Is there a road near here?

Yeah, right up this way.

Okay, good.

Whoa, you see that?

If that's a thermal pool, then it must cool down up here.

Look at that. The fish. It's alive.

This water is warm. Feel it.

I'll take your word for it.

No, no, you don't follow. The thermal water heated the contaminated water.

We gotta mix the contaminated water with the superheated thermal water.

Wait. I don't understand.

We gotta basically boil an underground river.

We've gotta boil an underground river?

Where is this river that we're boiling up?

We're standing on it.

Can you get me to the thermal area that's close to the final drainage base?

Yeah, of course, I can, but, I mean, that's hours away from here.

Well, I'm sorry. Larraine, we only got an hour and 15 minutes.

We're not gonna make it.


You hear that? Are you afraid of motorcycles?

BIKER: Hey, you punk!

Guess no one's home.

Hey! What are you doing?

KEN: Huh?

Move away from the door.

Isaac told me Dan kept his dynamite in here.

Put the axe down. KEN: Well, actually, it's a pick.


Nice setup.

He got some dynamite.

Just point me toward the coverage area.



Now, Eric, what do you think about the timing of all this?

4:45 in the afternoon, 6:45 at night.

This one makes Old Faithful look forgettable.

Yeah, well, I might get a bit wet.

Time? Forty-six minutes.

Towards the lake? Go, move.

Okay, this is close enough.

The water's pooling and the steam is rising. We don't have much time.

All right. So which one is it?

It's down the vent on the other side of the drainage basin.

On the other side? Correct.

Okay, look, I'm gonna give you a thumbs up.

Okay? Okay.

When the dynamite's in place. I got it.


I'm gone.

Ken. What?

Be careful. I know it.

I don't think getting a bit wet is gonna cause us any problems.

Well, that was chilly, wasn't it?

Mr. President, maybe we can give the little girl back to her mother.

Oh, all right.

Come right up here. Here we go, Mama.

Ken, watch out!














The company stands clear.

(GROANING) Not bad for an old linebacker.

Yeah, well, explosions inspire me.

Heads up.


Yeah! That should do it.

One foot in the grave. Now the other's in hell.

All right, there's 13 minutes until the geyser blows.

So? So the water may or may not be contaminated.

What? Let's move. Come on.

MAN 1: He made it up on the podium. MAN 2: (CHUCKLES) No.


...join my colleagues in pledging to stand ever vigilant on behalf of our one world...

Today we are about to sign an agreement covering every issue of substance...

...ever vigilant on behalf of our one world.

Today, we are...

KEN: Get away from the geyser! The water is contaminated.




Don't shoot! Wait, wait, wait, don't shoot!

Okay. Put your guns down. Stand down.

The geyser, did it go? Did anyone get sprayed?

I don't think so, sir.

I think we're contagious.


Just get us to a medevac unit. I'll explain.

Yes, sir.



TECHNICIAN: Everything looks normal.

Yes! Oh, thank God.

TECHNICIAN: They're clean.

Now, sir, before you start in on me...

I can't believe you.

You disrupt a public ceremony of the utmost importance.

Yes, sir. You endanger lives, you desecrate a national monument. You're absolutely right.

And if you hadn't done that, we'd all be dead.


I thought I lost you, you son of a bitch.

You did a hell of a job for the country.

Thank you, sir, but... And a hell of a job for my reelection campaign.

Take a look at this. Isn't this the damnedest photograph you ever saw?

This is a good one. That's worth 20 million votes all by itself.

Yes, sir. Hell, I don't even have to run now.

You people did quite a service.

Now, detoxification teams are on their way in from Washington.

Not a drop of contaminated water moves past this point.

That's good. You have my word on that.

But I don't think you understand...

No, no, Ken, I do understand.

The thing is, Ken... There's still a real need...

Yes, I do, Ken, I do understand, and I wanna...

Mr. President, we'll be ready to reconvene in about an hour.

Ken, I'm relieved that you're all right.

Thank you, sir. Now, sir, about the spill...

The thing of it is, Ken, we just can't say a damn word about it.


The President is about to sign an historic treaty.

If word about what had happened were to leak out just now, well...


Sir, we cannot cover this up.

Of course not. There'll be a full investigation and all perpetrators brought to justice.

We'll nail the bastards, Ken. But in doing so, we could lose this treaty.

It's politics.

And if I were to say stuff your politics?

Well, I'd have to say I know exactly how you feel.


The choice is yours.

Mr. President.

The choice is yours, Ken.

CHET: Larraine. Dad.

Thank God you're all right.

Well, thanks to Ken here. Ken?

Ken, this is my Dad, Chet. This is Ken Fairchild.

Mr. Keller.

Fairchild? I've got something for you. Come on.

What does it say?

Looks like I'm gonna have a little chat with Mr. Black.

Don't you want me to go with you?

No, I got this one on my own.


JOHN: We are living together in one world.

We are living together in one world.

Dreams rarely come true.

Tonight, one has.

The dream of one world...

CROWD: One world!

...right and proper will be the norm, not the exception.

...we have honored that pledge.

I would like, on this momentous occasion, to ask each of my distinguished colleagues to share a few words with our world...

Would you like to explain this, Mr. Black?

What the hell is this?

You set me up, you son of a bitch.

Ken, we can talk about this.

As a matter of fact, you set this whole country up.

Prime Minister, the podium is yours.

One world! CROWD: One world!

Thank you, Mr. President.

You're not going anywhere.

All right.

This is the nail in your coffin.

He's what's wrong with this country, sir.

I know. He's as guilty as sin.

But I can't let you go through with that.

Excuse me?

Ken, you have to trust me.

No, sir.

I can't trust you. Not after this.

Don't you see? The fat lady's sung her song.

It's over.

She didn't sing it to me. It's not over, sir.

Not by a long shot.

ALL: (CHANTING) One world, one world, one world, one world, one world, one world, one world, one world, one world...