Vishwatma (1992) Script

This planet earth is a part of the Universe.

The Creator, is called... the God, the Almighty, the Omnipotent One!

But our story is not based on God... it's the story of those people who have come in this world... and who are a part of the Almighty!

And that part, procures life and comes on this earth... and is called a human being.

The man who is not aware of his objective and goal... and cannot manage to reach it... lives like an ordinary human being.

But the man who is aware of his objective and goal of life... and to achieve it, he doesn't give importance to life or death...

That man rises above all the ordinary human beings... and is called the infinite power!

I am honored with your arrival! Oh! So you recognize me?

Haven't you called the police to protect you?

We are safe now that you are here!

Then why didn't you invite me?

Who will give me money, you or this boy's father?

You have insulted me by not inviting me, take the girl along!

She's my wife, you have no right to take her away!

In that case, I have all the right to kill you!

Leave me! - Ple3S€ leave her!

The man who is aware of his objective and goal... who is 3W3l'€... and to achieve it, he doesn't give any importance to life or death... doesn't give any importance to life or death... that man rises above all the other ordinary human beings...

and becomes the infinite power!

Come quickly brother and save them!

Help me!

Hit him!

Wonder where he has gone leaving the door open and the lights on.

Such a crazy boy he is!

There is no place in this country I haven't searched in the last 6 months.

When I heard that 3 COUFBQEOUS man... beat up a deadly dacoit, Manohar Dev from Thambore, along with his gang...

I was sure it could be only you, that is why I came here.

You confidence and information were absolutely right.

I always had faith in you, now even they have started believing in you.

I have come to take you, Prabhat. I am happy here, I feel at peace!

I don't want to leave this place. You can run away from yourself... but not from your deeds.God has sent all of us to perform certain duties... if we fail to do that then neither will we ever be happy... nor can we ever obtain peace!

You've said what you wanted to and I've announced my decision.

Its not a decision, its a blind beliefl... obsession of 3 wounded man!

There are ups and downs in life but how can you turn your back to life?

I will not let you stay here and will not listen to any explanations!

If you don't relent and come with me then I'll have to forcibly take you.

COITIE with me!

I have shot many a times with these hands.

But on those people whom I hate.

IIKl'llhlilll$$I H1llilH'.

That is why, you go away from here.

I don't Want to I'€fUl'n back to the world of blind men.

Living among these stones, hasn't yet made you like a stone... that will make you forget the people you love.

On your insistence I am leaving today but remember one thing...

I'll surely take you from here. I'll certainly accomplish my mission!

I fail to understand which mission you want to accomplish!

Why don't you understand that I have lost everything.

Go away from here and leave me alone!

Go away from my life!

This is how I shoot!

Munna, stop this noise, your elder brother shoots in the whole city... at least let peace prevail in this house!

You are angry with the elder son and are reprimanding the younger one?

Prabhat has given this gift to Niunha for his birthday.

Sure! What else can he give besides a gun?

Violence is his way of life!

He beats up the criminals so much that they eventually die.

BI'Oth€I' is back home! Happy birthday, brother!

How are you? - Since morning, he has been decorating the house.

Your birthday is like a festival for him. Munna, leave your brother now.

Son, you must be tired. Go and freshen up.

Its quite late and you know your father... -I know it.

I know how much my peace loving father detests my uniform!

Yes, I detest your activities and...

Your father forgot to say that he has invited his friend home for dinner.

They have come from Lucknow. Son, go get dressed quickly.

AINlnlillll¢lh hillplqll.

May God give you along life and may the Goddess always bless you!

HIIHHIDI Kl'lllli$$.

Brother, sing a song today. song?: - why not?

Nobody could beat you in playing the mouth organ in your college days.

Please sing! - And these days, nobody can beat him in shooting.

Pray that he pleads to God to show him the right path!

People who walk on the path of peace are considered great in this world!

Anurag, you are aware that we are a very small family.

We always go out together.


And on the other hand is my wife's brother, Mr. Sharma.

LSn't it, Mr. Sharma? Yes, Mr. Verma.

His niece should not lack any love that is why, he did not get married.

LSn't it, Mr. Sharma. Yes, Mr. Verma.

But its known in entire Lucknow that even you did not remarry.

So that you don't have to share your food with anybody.

Don't feel shy, lets start eating. Mr. Sharma, let us attack the food!

Father, control yourself!

Tell me, brother! - Yes, Munna!

What do you think of sister in law, I liked her a lot, she's like mother!

Which sister in law, whom are you talking about?

I heard our parent's conversation, your marriage is fixed with her.

Why did they do this?

I am already married but with death!

I am married to my uniform!

By marrying me, your daughter could get widowed anytime!

Balbir, did you find out anything?

Sir, I am sure that those two dead bodies belong to Blue Panther gang.

Our informer told us of the rivalry between them and Bhardhwaj brothers.

There is 3 fear of I'iOtS breaking in the airy... dU€ to which the innocent Will also be victimized.

LSn't Nladan the chief of the Bhardhwaj gang?

But till date, we haven't found out about the chief of Blue Panther gang.

Mr Ajghar, the consignment that you've sent is rotting in the godown.

Because our dealers have joined hands with Bhardhwaj brothers.

They have stopped buying from us. You've been abroad for years... llhhllllli, HIHUHHHI l_.

Nladan Bhardhwaj is becoming more powerful and has openly challenged us.

Vhllvlh¢$qd'll'$I llilhll.

You come here & handle the situation or you'll lose control in India.

Yllillii Klillllhllhllhl.

I'll COITIE to lndi3 and I'€SolV€ this issue forever!


As per your wishes, we have arranged for a meeting tonight.

Today if these dealers don't listen to us then they'll pay a heavy price.

Before that we will have to show the Bhardhwaj brothers their position.

Lipilii ma Son, you are new to this country's police and the enemies.

Since its your first visit to India, you don't attend the meeting... and keep a close watch on the activities of the Bhardhwaj brothers.

So that we can give them a befitting reply.

The rest of you come with me.

He is Gafforbhai, the king of illicit liquor in Mumbai.

He is Nanvalli, the wholesaler of opium and brown sugar.

He is the supplier of illegal weapons.

You'll know Mr. Madan and Mr. Ajghar very well.

We have [10 differences with either of you'Il.

Ns true that till yesterday, we bought foreign goods from you.

But now, we all have decided that...

Sil"lCe Vve lDC)Llgl"'lt the lC)Cal tl"'lil"lgS fl"C)I'Tl I"llfll"- I"lu\"laClal"I--- we will buy the foreign goods also from him.

W-HH, Afterall, we are dealers, Mr. Nladan will offer us the goods & protection.

Be it related to the police or to the rival gangs.

You live in Kenya and when we have someone of our own country... then why should we depend on a foreigner?

YIIIIUIIII lllliliiliil.

Now gather your belongings and go away in search of some other place!

Whom are you talking to? You still are a child in front of us!

Once you'll see us in action, you will take back your words!

XHIIIKSIII. -Iii The path of peace will be appropriate for you, Ajghar!

Because I don't value you more than... a beggar begging for alms on the roads!

You scoundrell I will kill you.

Iiiyl hlllvlllllyll.

Peace! Often a weak man screams and tries to prove himself powerful.

And you are not weak!

This man Will not leave like this, we'll have to thl'OW him out!

This is the only way to Shoo away stray dogs like him!

What are you'll watching? Shoot all of them! Finish them Off!

Peace Nagdank! Violence is no solution to any problem.

When the dealers have accepted Madan as their associate... then it is not right for them to depend on us foreigners.

So why should we have enmity towards Ivladan?

Madan, you can prosper. We will return back to our country.

I give you 48 hours to leave this country.

Brother, why did you give up so soon? Why did you let them go?

Nagdank, he has slapped you but its imprint is on my cheek!

I am feeling sorry for that poor Nladan... that he has yet not learnt the law ofjunglel

When and where a python swallows someone... even the person who is dying does not realize it!

What, you will marry me today evening? I don't believe it!

This is the truth, I had promised you... the day I will defeat Ajghar Jorhat and become the don of this city... that day, I will marry you!

I will leave now. I've to make arrangements for the evening.

Sister! - Take care of yourself.

How I wish our younger brother Aakash, was with us on this occasion.

Iiihillllil lllhilll But unfortunately, to pursue his principles, he lives in his own world!


Madan Bhardhwaj is convinced that by defeating us, he can rule this city!

And today is his first night after marriage.

If you permit us, we can turn this night into his last night!

Brother, I am waiting anxiously to finish him Off!

You stopped me or... - There was a reason for my stopping you.

Inspite of living abroad for last 20 years, we are ruling this city.

And inspite of trying hard, the police here...

I138 I"le\/el" been abl€ to find any clue about LIS.

At that moment, if you would kill him in anger... then the police, not only in this country... but in other country also will pursue and find out about us.

Tillilylili h'Iill.

And I'll not tell you to keep peace, I'll tell you to spread violence!

We shall spell such a doom on Nladan Bhardhwaj... that for ages nobody will ever know that a man by this name ever existed!

You will not harm Madan Bhardhwaj!

You Will be the one who Will be doomed and that too, by me!

Who is Nladan Bhardhwaj's younger brother?

Don't move till the police arrives or you'll be responsible for their death.

Inspector, you've misunderstood me.

I had phoned you and asked you to come there.

Ajghar Jorhat and Blue Panther gang are enemies with my brothers.

I went to stop them and they attacked me also.

Inspector, let me go or my brothers Will be killed.

You don't know how dangerous they are. I'll come and surrender myself.

Just I€t me out fol' few hoUl'S.

You will not go anywhere! Its the duty of the police to stop this fight.

Besides, your brothers are criminals too, they'll be caught by the police.

Tiyliihilyik XIKIIIIUI.

Why didn't you make them understand that they'll face death in their work?

I tried to make them Und€I'St3nd 3 lot.



Madan, no!

Leave me, I say!

Madan Bhardhwaj is dead!

We should leave this place before someone comes here.

Finish them too!


Nagdank, what happened to you?

What is the name of that inspector? - His name is Prabhat.

He is very headstrong. - We'll get his corpse in front of you!

NO! I Will not kill my enemy that easily.

My name is Ajghar!

And with my venom, I will spread such a poison in his life... that he Will be tortured for all his life!

Just tell me what he is fond of the most!

Munna, come here quickly!

Look, your brother's friends have come to meet you.

YOUI' bl'oth€I' I138 sent US here.

Every member of the Bhardhwaj gang was killed.

And that too, in front of you and yet, you could not do anything!

If you Can't handle it then I'll hand over this charge to some other officer.

Sir, give me some more time, very soon I will nab them.

Because I have come to know about the head of the Blue Panther gang.

He is called Ajghar Jorhar. But the strange thing is... that he lives 3bl'03d and not here.

Nobody knows when he comes here and strikes his enemies.

But he cannot escape any more.

I have identified him.

Great! When you weren't successful, you could not prevent destruction... you start blaming the foreign hand!

And which Ajghar Jorhat are you talking about?

If there is a criminal by that name then he has no police records.

Then has he appeared from the thin air?

You have been staying in a dream world these days.

I will hear no further and take the charge from you today itself!

And hand it over to inspector Balbir.

Alright sir, you will get my resignation tomorrow morning.

Ivlr. Ajghar, the situation is not in your favour.

IIM PI§d illlll.

Hearing Prabhat, DCP Gupta has started doubting you.

And he is Prabhat's guardian.

After reaching home, when Prabhat sees his brother's state... he will explode like a volcano!

Leave this country as soon as possible.

Welcome, my son!

See, what a great gift your well wishers have sent for us.

See who this iS!

Don't touch him with your blood stained hands!

Lillllllbllib Hyllili You are his murderer. I was fed up explaining it to you...

$I'llH1lllHlll, dpylllll But nothing could workin front of your pride. Now see the result!

If you look up and walk, you are bound to fall down!

Now get out from here!

What are you saying, Anurag? HOW is he to be blamed for this?

It is because of him that my son is dead.

I don't need him any more. I'll think that both my sons are dead!

Will you kill me with your blood stained hands HOW?

You will kill me showing me by showing your face! Get out from here!

Get out from our lives! We aren't connected to you any more!

Get out from here!

Go away, get out! You have killed your brother!

Get out and never show your face ever again!

Brother, I have never seen brave men crying.

When my father was killed by Manohar Dev... even I cried a lot. My mother also died with the grief.

Now I have stopped crying. There aren't any more tears left.

My tears were also dead... someone reminded me, that is why my memories were refreshed.

When my father used to teach the Bhagvad Gita, he used to say that... the people who fight for justice should have weapons in their hands... and no tears in their eyes!

The Pandavas had Lord Krishna with them and the Kauravas had their father, Dhridhrashtra.

But who is with me? I am with you, my son.

The injustice that I mete out on you had stopped me from coming to you.

I could not overcome my shameful behavior...

IIIHIH.III§UIII lllilliyl.

1l!IIIIH#liillUl hiyli.

HSI-YDZLIISQ Kllililldililiil.

And even I injured you!

I, the believer of non-violence, resorted to violence!

My son's death had made me selfish.

I am not the only father who had lost his son.

Many people have made such sacrifices in fact, even bigger than this!

Today, I have come to take my son back.

For me, for my country and for this Whole World!

You have come to reside in this unknown surroundings... and there, the devastation by the Blue Panther gang has increased.

There are bomb blasts & killings raking place in the broad daylight!

And when the police could not do anything to these criminals... then Commissioner Pandey decided to get you back.

I promise that hereafter, I will never impose my principles on you.

The answer to an attack should be given by an attack!

Go and fight this battle the way you want!

God forbid but even if you lose in this battle... then my head will always be raised with pride.

Instead of being called a coward's father,...

I would rather be called a martyr's father!

Father, until yesterday, there was no hope in my life.

But now I can see a ray of hope, I will surely come with you, father.

We take pride in informing that a brave and honest inspector like you... is being sent for a very difficult and a dangerous mission to Kenya.

To accomplish this mission you will have to be very smart and alert.

“Hull- iii; the economic or the political relations with the Kenya Government.

We have appointed an Indian from the Kenya police to help you.

But that inspector or any other officer should not ever learn that... you have gone there to arrest Ajghar Jorhat.

Liilhill ll ¢1lilldl.

Keeping this in mind, you have to accomplish your mission.

Prabhat, you have to gather evidence against him.

So that we can prove that he is a very dangerous criminal.

You will have to arrest him alive at any cost and get him to India.

I promise that I will not put our Government to shame in a foreign land.

I will expose him in Kenya and arrest him there.

But you will have to comply to my wish before I leave.

What is mar? - When you know the reality about Ajghar... then you must be also aware that Aakash is innocent.

YOU will have to I'ele3S€ him.

His 3l'I'eSf is 3 bUl'd€n on my conscience.

The police department has already made an appeal for his release.

It has been accepted. - But even you'll have to listen to one thing.


You'll have to take Aakash along, he can do something for his country.

And he also gets the chance to prove himself as a good citizen.

Besides, Aakash knows Ajghar Jorhat's family very well.

But Sir... - Tl"liS is I'I"'ly Ol"d€I"!

Jailor, have I heard it right that my sentence has waived?

I always said that my character was not bad as inspector Prabhat thinks.

Your sentence is not waived, you have been released on bail.

That too, because of inspector Prabhat's attempts.

Ill$1l $IIHI iiplii.

Our Government is sending him to Kenya on a special mission... and you will have to accompany him.

This is a very good opportunity to prove to everyone... that you have the desire to do something for your country.

If you are successful in this then you can even be released.

Oh! So he can help me to get released?

I don't want to know on which mission he is going.

Bur I will surely go with him.

So that I can avenge my brother's death!

I am waiting for you outside, Aakash.

She cannot 0Vel'Com€ the shock that she I138 I'€CeiV€d.

Only time can heal her wounds.

You can take her home if you wish.

Sister, I will not spare the person who has ruined your life!

No matter if I have to lose my life for it.

Your death is a wound on my heart which Will help me to find the killers.

You have a life ahead of you, try to lead it in a better way.

Don't ruin it for my sake. May my son return victorious!

I pray to God only for this. He'll definitely be victorious!

LSn't it Mr. Sharma? Yes, Mr. Verma.

And son, may God fulfill your wish too!

Ivly?I That will surely be fulfilled with your blessings.

It Will surely be fulfilled if your intentions are clear.

LSn't it, Mr. Sharma? Yes, Mr. Verma.

Like this country, even I need you!

Take care and don't forget that you have to get them back alive.

11l$llll'I,KIID1D Hlhhill.

Don't worry, our Prabhat will not disappoint you.

LSn't it, Mr. Sharma? Yes, Mr. Verma.

Shall we leave, Aakash? Yes! Shall I go! - Yes!

I have rested enough, now let's do some work!

We have finally reached Kenya!

But nobody seems to be around to welcome us.

And yes, your foreigner officer is not to be seen!

He may be living here but he is an Indian. He Will find US.

I have found you'll and even recognized you'll!

I am Aakash Bhardhwaj from the Indian thief force. - Excuse me!

You are joking! It feels really good to meet your fellow countrymen.

Look at me, although I was raised up and now even work here... ll!!!- lHlilHiH-I.

Once you go there, your desire will be satisfied forever!

Don't mind his words, he's not learned that'S Why he talks like that!

What?...he is praising me!

Mr. Ajghar, I was pressurized by the Minister and DCP Gupta...

I had to Call for Prabhat Singh.

And I had to send him to Kenya due to my legal duties... to arrest you!

And yes, Aakash Bhardhwaj, who could be a problem after being released... even he is accompanying Prabhat to find you.

I am sure that they will return back to India... but not alive, their corpses will come back in coffins!

If you permit me then I can finish them and throw them into the sea.

No, don't do any such thing due to which the police notices us.

You don't worry, I will kill them in such a way that... their death Will look like an accident.

The weather is also very pleasant, you will enjoy it here.

And please give me the pistols that you have.

This is a peace loving country, you will not need these guns here.

But this is for our protection besides, we have a permission.

I am not denying that. You can take it when you go back.

BUf the GOVel'nm€nt here does not allow if.

Besides, why do you need weapons?

YOU COl"lCel"ltl"ate Ol"I the I'T'liSSiOl"I that you afe here Ol"I.

And if you need any help, I am always there.

I have been specially appointed to help you.

Don't do any such thing that will cause inconvenience... to the Government, the citizens or to you.

Hhlllllihilld ilihkdl.

L\'lql¢I\ilqlll$ Hill!!!

Its the question of diplomatic relations between two countries.

And since you are an Indian, its your duty to take care of them.

Remember one more thing, our police department or our Government... should not be defamed due to their activities.

I have to take care of them and keep a vigilance on them... without their knowledge and after few days, send them back to India.

The one whom you are looking for, its first step is Bubble Discothequel There is a celebration going on there for a girl called Sonia.

She will be the second step to your destination.

By now you must have understood. Keep this, you'll need ir!

Yesterday I had requested you'll not to go anywhere without my knowledge.

Then where are you'll going now?

We have heard that the youth of this place are fond of Bubbles Discotheque.

We thought that you would get bored there, we'll come back after dinner.

You need not take the trouble. Its my duty to serve you.

Besides, I won't get the opportunity to go to Bubbles Discotheque again.

Oln,rlu»lulllnn. Lap.

Wow! This is a great place. Will we get country liquor in this place?

No, you will get imported scotch here which is very expensive.

You have come here but do you have money for the liquor?

He is my responsibility. So I have to fulfill all his legal demands.

And it is absolutely legal to drink in this country!

Yes bUf BS far BS he is in his SEHSES.

And if he gets drunk then as per the law, he Will be behind bars.

Shall we go?

Imported whiskey!

This will not quench my thirst but beggars cannot be choosers!

\I\'"'lufl"'lC) are YOU al"lCl 'V'Iufl"'lat do YOU V'Iufal"lt'? Ivly I"lal'T'le is Rel"ILII(a-

Like you, even I am an Indian and have been compelled to come here.

Our deStin3fi0nS are the Same.


Unknowingly, inspector Surya Pratap can create an obstacle in your way.

I win try my best to keep him away from you.

My fellow Indian brothers, ladies and my special guests...

I, Tapaswi Gunjal, welcomes you all to my Disco Bubbles.

I am very delighted to inform you all guests present here that... its my friend, Miss Sonia's 18th birthday today.

My Sonia:

Very beautiful!


This applause should be for you!

Who are you and how do you know me?

The stories of your bravery is printed even in Indian newspapers.

You entered the Omani drug dealers gang and arrested them alone.

You even entered the Kenya Airways plane & made the kidnapers surrender.

You are a pride of we Indians in Kenya!

On this special occasion, for your entertainment...

I have arranged for an exclusive dance and song programme.

And have called a young beauty across the seven seas, especially from India!

If you are tired then you can proceed home with your friends.

What do you intend doing by sending Sonia back?

This girl will please you and also add to the honor of this discotheque.

You keep the vehicle ready, I will go and get that beautiful girl.

I Will entertain that girl until morning.

They were looting the bank and running away and as soon as I reached there...

Its there. - Even I am feeling uncomfortable.

Illldililhllill dill!-LII#

Why don't you tell me more stories until they both return back?

The image of our disco has been enhanced due to your voice and dance.

That is why, it is our duty to take care of your needs.

I have made special arrangements for your stay. - Thank you.

And I will personally drop you there by my car.

He's f3l(€n her!

And when I put my hand in the pocket, I found that my revolver is missing.

Then? - Even I fought back and they fell like a pack of cards!

And...where have these two gone?

They must be on their way, what happened further? - Then...

What are you doing? Very beautiful!

Everything is insignificant as compared to your beauty!

Even a sage may get lured looking at you.

Hill ll§ll“'llUlu'

Leave me, you rogue!

Leave me, I say!


Don't Call him out! Fulfill my desire!


Today these people will kill you!

And if you are saved then I will not spare you!

Please be gentle or else you will break my hands.

What is this happening? I was protecting my friend.

Oh, I see! - I Will...

I will get exposed!

When you'll did not come back, I was sure you'll were up to something.

Illli UUVIIQIIIHHT No, but taking the law in your hands is definitely a crime.

You could have told me, for what purpose is the police available?

Anyway, come let me drop you to your hotel.

Try to understand, Kusum.

The task that I have undertaken is very dangerous.

Any mishap may occur at any time.

I have decided that either I Will marry you or I will die here itself!

You have won, Kusum!

This house is more safe than staying alone outside at this hour.

And you have seen what happens outside.

And only two of us stay in this huge house.

My daughter and me. Your daughter?!

There she is! Her name is Sunaina.

I'll introduce you to her in the morning. - And where is your wife?

She is not there. She isn't alive?

Yes, she died in an accident.

Ple3S€ tell me about if.

Sometimes, fate plays a cruel joke on us.

God's mercy was on me, I had a very good life... respect in the police force, a very happy family.

One day suddenly, there was such a tempest... that left me completely bereft and snatched away my wife from me!

My daughter suffered such a shock of her mother's death... that she just turned into a living corpse.

She WHS with her moth€I' on that fateful night.

Whenever I ask her about that incident... she becomes quiet and subdued and keeps on looking at me.

All she does is keep crying.

She wakes up in the night screaming with fright.

She's scared of the outside world and starts crying at the mention of school.

Inspite of my unending efforts, I didn't find any Clue of those killers.

How I wish thatjust once my daughter identifies them...

I'll teach them such a lesson that they'll never repeat it again!

But Sunaina doesn't talk, she has buried this incident deep in her mind.

Leave me! - Don't be foolish, what do you get after toiling so much?

I'll give you all the luxuries of the world.

Just come to me once! - Leave me, you don't know my husband.

Damned be your husband!

Mr. Tapaswi, please save me!

You have to fulfill the wishes of my friend's brother.

You will not get me even after my death! - Nobody can save you here.

They killed my mother! Now they will kill me too!

What happened, child? Why are you crying? - They killed my mother!

Now they Will kill me too! Don't cry, I am with you, child.

'~'~'1Fll -vu.¢I¢.""""

-lll#,I$I'lKUl$ IIQ.-Ihlild.

My mermaid! I wish even I knew to swim.

Why are you ogling at her? I wish I was as lucky as you!

Then She would be with me!

LHlil.IIHHII iilhillll

My dear, my inspiration, how are you?

How did you get a black eye? I Will tell you in details.

Now this weakling will spin some tale!

Our dancer, the one who was dancing at the discotheque the other day... after you left, an anti-social element kidnaped her... and tried to molest her!

She called for help and Iwent to I'€SCU€ her.

And I started battling With that goon.

And in such acts of heroism, brave men do get injured!

Just hear him talk! HOW I wish she WHS with me.

Okay, I will go and change and meet you in the lobby.

This creep is always latched on to her!

Are you jealous? You always talk big things... but let me make things easy for you. - How?

I understood. -I didn't Und€I'St3nd. - BUt she did.

How are you Tapaswi Chandal? Not Chandal, I am Gunjal.

You? I mean, its you, sister?!

Shall I tell her who tried to molest and who was beaten up?

I plead to you! You are like my sister.

I promise that hereafter, I will consider all women as my sisters.

You please don't say anything to Sonia. - Do you promise me?

Then lets shake hands. - Okay.

My sister is very nice, everyone must have a sister like you!

Ajghar Jorhat, Aakash will reach SOME... and Sonia will help me to reach you!

That wicked woman I138 made me wet! Wonder Where Sonia is now?

Where is he going?

Where are you taking me?

Have you gone mad? Who are you?

I say stop the car!

What an impudent man you are!


Respected father, this is the crook who tried to abduct Sonia.

It was an insult to me that is why I captured him and got him here!

Now you give him a befitting punishment.

He has cast an evil eye on my girlfriend!

So the prey has come himself to me!

Fdillllli yllllvlhllllllilnha.

Now we shall send him tojoin his brothers.

So this is where you've come?


You have understood but your stupid friend did not.

YGI§lll§ijl'I 'b'lll .

Look how he is hanging like a monkey.

Stop him!

Respected father, he's gone like a hurricane. What will we do know?

Lets follow them? - NO! A python doesn't sting his victim.

He coils 3ll OVEI' them and bl'€3l(S their bones!

And he chokes them to death!

Today, I have fallen in my own eyes.

I always hated you and tried to kill you.

But today, you did not care about your own life?

The death of your brothers was like a burden that's why, I got you here.

So that you can avenge their death.

I was aware that you hated me and I would also do what you did.

Can you do one more favour? None of my family members are alive today.

§IKIIII$DKl'llHl, DKIIIIUQ When two brothers meet, there is no place for a favour.

I don't know Why Aakash & Prabhat have come & why are you helping them?

But you please be wary of them

“III”--ICQ” ill.

And the other is a professional criminal.

They tried to misbehave with my girlfriend, Sonia.

Luckily I had seen you with them at Disco Bubbles.

Or else I would have... Calm down, Tapaswi!

We should not interfere in the police matters.

Whose picture is this?

This is my daughter and that is my deceased wife.

Your daughter looks cute!

Anyway, I will file your report and henceforth, you'll have no problems.

Thank you!

This inspector Surya Pratap can be more harmful than those two! A lady had jumped from Tapaswi's office and committed suicide due to me.

And the police had made an extensive inquiry of that case.

Yes, that news had made the headlines, which we had later buried.

That lady was none other than inspector Surya Pratap's wife!

O God! He is the most toughest police officer in Kenya.

If he learns the reality, he will make life miserable for us.

Now I understand! Why are you worried?

Yullqnln. 1ilDHilldQ.

First, With the help of that honest inspector, we Will kill both of them.

And then, we Shall give him salvation!

After that, only we shall rule this World!

And we shall become the ultimate power!

Friends, our associates are getting us a special thing from India.

Respected father, what is this special thing that they are getting?

That we'll know after they come. Father, think about them later.

First think of a way we have to win inspector Surya Pratap's trust.

What is there to think. We have to be like him.

We will pretend to be honest like him, isn't it?

That's perfect, respected father!

The Blue Panther gang has arrived in time!

What is the special thing that you've got?

This is the original cast and a real dye, Mr. Ajghar.

For all your life, you can print hundred rupee notes.

We have gone through a lot of danger to steal this.

So that you can start a factory of printing Indian notes here.

And with the Same shrewdness we shall Cil'CUl3t€ if in the lndi3n m3l'I(€f!

Father, then we can control the Indian economy sitting here.

Respected father, this cast will get us lot of money... if you permit me then I will keep it safely.

I am very happy with your plan.

From now, you will work as my partners.

Tonight, before the party, we shall print its sample.

You have already met Mr. Ajghar Jorhat, he is a known exporter.

He has come to invite you.

After I left India, I have been living here since past 20 years.

But I could not forget my nation even for a moment.

That is why, I am planning to give a party to the Indians here!

Wherein, all the Indians Will get together and enjoy themselves.

I have come here to specially invite you'll.

Please do COl'T'le! ThiS Will be like Visiting India!

We will surely be there, isn't sir?

We'll surely come!

Lets go quickly, Renuka must be waiting for us.

Greetings! - Greetings!

Where are you'll going?

Don't you know that there is a party for the Indians today?

We are going there. I think even you are going to the same place.

Yes. - lSn't it nice that all the Indians are gathering abroad?

And since we are Indians, its our duty to go there, isn't it?

No, you'll can't go there.

Seeing your acts, the Commissioner has ordered you'll won't go anywhere.

And to stop you'll, he has assigned special guards all around.

Were they dogs or lions? What do we do now?

Wow! Even on a close look, one cannot tell the difference.

Aftertonight's party, I will be called a true Indian patriot... and there, I Will corrupt my own country!

Sir, Mr. Ajghar has such noble thoughts. Hello, lvlr. Ajghar.

Welcome, Commissioner and inspector.

You presence has got life in this party.

11_IKI,1lhl Kl'lll,H.lhld'.

That inspite of being away, you yet love your country so much.

Renuka, you? - Greetings!

My friends have come from India.

This is King Bhukam Singh, she is queen Kali... llllllill'H!I ll$§§1I.

In India, nobody is richer than them.

Respected father, they look rich. They can be of use in my Casino.


I am Ajghar Jorhat, I have organized this party for all the Indians here.

I am very pleased with your presence!

Even I am very pleased to see your crowning glory! - Excuse me!

He is happy because his father's fourth wife also had hair like you.

You afe lOOKil"lg Vefy beaLItifLIl in tl"liS attire.

Sir, its a turban.

They are royal people.

I can see the brilliance of the sun on your face!

And that too, the SUD of the east!

Have you ever visited India?

No yet your majesty, but its my desire to visit India at least once.

Desire? Then what are you doing here with three medals on your uniform?

Take a vacation and visit India and satisfy your desire.

But how did you know that I have three med3lS?

From the left side of his palace, you can see Taj Mahal & Kutub Minar!

And from the right Side, Delhi's Red Fort & Calcutta's Howrah Bridge.

And the front Side, its Charminar & backside, the Imambada of Lucknow!

From the back, you can see the whole of India!

Then why won't I be able to see your three stars?

These UNO have started their Stol'I€S!

You take away the inspector, if he learns the truth, we'll be in trouble.

I've to tell you something important. Can you come here for a minute?

Sure, lets go.

Ihlivlyjhd Difl-

Rogue! Who are you?

I am not a rogue, my name is Tapaswi Gunjal, I have a business here.

Please come to my Casino and give me a chance to serve you.

I am not interested in gambling, this is his department.

All I am interested in is adding women in my harem.


Oh no! I thought she was your daughter. Forgive me!

You are looking absolutely Indian in this attire. - Really?

Ple3S€ find sometime fol' me also.

I am always free for you.


Sometimes a person should live for others too!

One should respect others sentiments too!

Drink this and start a new life today and forget your old sorrows.

I am with you. Please drink!

A beginning of a new life! I cannot disappoint you. - Thank you.

Are you alright? Yes, its nice!

What are you seeing? Very nice! - What?


Iiyili Ihillldqdallylllrhldli

The spot! - I think you are trying to say something but you can't convey.


T€II me Wh3t€V€I' is in your heart. - Shall I?

What happened?

This is what happened, understand?

You have put the entire police department to shame!

You danced in an obscene way in front of the respected people of this place.

But sir, I don't understand how I could drink so much.

This is 3 COUnt€I'f€it note.

That means they have started printing fake notes too?

We will have to seize that machine.

Can I come in? - Oh my! He is sober once again.

I'll pretend to sleep.

Oh! Its you inspector. Were you'll sleeping?

Y¢,lll KIKl'llHlllHll Yi-K, BKIUIHIIIIKH.

HOW did he know? What? - Nothing.

So you'll were here in the night? There was a strict guard outside... how could we go out? - Okay, don't leave without my permission.

What is the name of that Hindi dictionary?

Illdlliillilhil. -liiildlii YOU wait and watch!

He had invited me, what is his name?

He is not Bhandal, he is Gunjal. Whatever, I'll make him a pauper... and put his Casino for auction. Isn't it, my queen? - Yes.

Which number should I play now?

Now which nUmb€I'?

YllhllHlilhllhlH'. 'YUIFl'

My lord, if you lose like this then...

My queen, first I encourage my foes by losing.

Then I win everything and turn them into bankrupts.

Yllkflilii li\lll\lllvlllvl'lyll§.

I am looking for him.

I have become a bankrupt? My treasury is wiped out!

And you fools could not do anything about ir?

I have become a bankrupt!

See what state Chandal Will be in now!

Forgive me your majesty, I was delayed.

Actually, early in the morning, I stepped on a radish leaf... and I caught cold!

Never mind, your wishes and my queen's love helped me to win.

Isn't it? - Do that later, fil'St thinl( about these notes.

What Will you do with this money. Its foreign currency after all.

Why didn't I think of this before? I'll give it to my subjects.

What? Your majesty, will you give away this wealth to your subjects?

If you give me 24 hours, I can arrange Indian currency for you.

Our currency in this country? Do you have a printing machine here?

Yes! - What? -I mean, I have 3 business in lndi3.

LWill al"I"al"lge fOl" the CLII"I"el"lCy fl"Ol'T'I thefe.

Tomorrow, at 10 o'clock in the morning, come at my residence.

A bagful of currency will be kept ready for you.

We'll get the money! - Yes! Lets go, my queen.

Okay, Tapaswi Kangal. Nawab, my name is Gunjal.

We'll be there at 10 o'clock sharp.

Indian currency!

Greetings, your majesty! Hello, Nawabl

Will you'll yet say that you did not cheat me?

What do you'll want after all?

Why did you enter Ajghar Jorhat's house uninvited?


Inspector, you know that we went to that house in a disguise.

Do you think that we were interested in attending the party?

You don't know the truth why we duped you went there.

We are doing it for the motherland whose fragrance is in your breath too!

I love my motherlandl But if a decent man's reputation is damaged... then I Will be Compelled to do my duty.

We all are bound to our duties, inspector!

They may be civilized here but possibly they are traitors in India!

And I have also COITIE here in search of those tl'3it0l'S.

They widowed my sister on the first night of her marriage.

The way your daughter screams in the night remembering her mother... similarly, my sister's silence echoes into my ears!

Who are these b€3StS?

Tell me, lWill terminate their existence!

You will not do it because according to you they are respectable people.

And we have no proof.

I will get those criminals in front of you along with evidence.

This will be 3 f3VOUl' on US.

Alright, the people who have betrayed India...

the 0n€S who have I'Uin€d Renuka's SiSf€I"S lif€... to get evidence against them, I will give you 48 hours.

But if you are wrong... then the law of this country will not spare you!

Here come the great fools!

Okay, Tapaswi Jholjhal... I am Gunjal, your majesty. Your majesty, I have managed to gather 4 million... from the Indian Government to save my Casino!



That you have made these men stand here. Ask them to leave immediately!

Or else, we will leave.

Kplil Ylfllfi-

The first lesson our elders have taught us is that... when the matter is related to money then you shouldn't trust anybody.

Even though he is my father!

That is why, you will count the money in front of us.

I don't know to count. We will teach you.

I wouldn't face this problem if I had been to school.

HOW do I count now?

Shall we start? - One, two...

One, two, three, four, if you forget, don't feel shy, ask me.


Im- IDJIDIIIUI This is five...six... seven...eight...

This is nine... - Didn't you go to school? That's ten!

Whoever has made this, has created a wonderful thing!

A dye to print notes! - Yes, you can have as many as you want!

Now nobody can try to challenge the Blue Panther gang!

Friends, your smartness and courage is commendable!

In few days, we will be the richest men in this world!

This is 3.9 millions.


On€...f\N0...thl'€€... four...five...six... and this is 4 million!


HHIXIIIXHT -lil!!-“Dill What happened? Where is the dye?

Father, those royal men have duped us and taken my money.

I am finished! YOU 3ll are fools!

Those royal men were none other than Prabhat and Aakash.

They have fooled you! I want that dye.

Ilihihllh, IKHIIK

How does the pressure of my hand on your neck feel, Ajghar Jorhat?

I Want that dye back, I am willing to give whatever you ask for.

But I want back the dye at any cost!

Okay but we Will finalize the deal at your house.

11lqllaldllllhll& I¥illllU\-

Ylflhllil, lllllKl'I#illl¥.

Nobody will shoot.

We have COITIE!

You are an intelligent man.

Don't act foolishly. Give back the dye.

And go away from this country.

You cannot harm me in Kenya. In fact you will lose your life.

JQ.l"lCl tl"'leSe 'll'V'IufC) vvill alSO be Killed vvith you-

Don't threaten me. If I had to kill you, I would have done it long back.

But I am police officer and my duty is my faith!

I Will take you to India alive!

Inspector, think about your life and leave this place quietly.

Hey you! Hasn't your boss taught you to speak to people superior than you?

I think you have forgotten how we had killed your brothers.

And if you have forgotten then take a look at your sister in law.

You'll remember everything.

You beasts! I am the younger sister of that unfortunate woman.

And I have also vowed that until I Will not kill you'll...

I Will not rest!

Shut up! When your sister could not do anything then what can you do?

Give back the dye or else the way your parents lost your brother... similarly, they Will not be able to see you alive too!

Ajghar, even we know to shoot.

But in this fight, if you both die then what Will you do with the dye?

Put down the guns.

We are unnecessarily fighting, why don't we make a deal for the dye?

Tell me what you want? - Before he asks, listen to my demands.

I$lMKl¢ldllHKlll lnlqallldillnlll I1311 §I§ll'lli,w lllHl' illlkihylh.

Don't exceed your limits, Aakash!

Father, by now I know your status!

YIIIIII, 1ll'llll*'.

And I hate you after knowing the truth about you!

Shut up! Even you are influenced by them?

Ajghar, stop this pretense. Don't you want this dye?

Take it!

You blew off my wealth!

Shoot the rogue!

NO, don't do that or I will shoot your daughter!

My girlfriend, Sonia:

Nobody Will shoot. Nothing should happen to her!

Illljlkliiplkl. Ill'-

I will take your leave. I am taking my would be bride along... lll“§“'Il'1l* hntylrllip.

My girlfriend!

I don't know whether I had the right to get you here this way!

Frankly speaking, I have done the mistake of abducting you.

But on the other hand, I've released my lover from the hands of a traitor!

Vvhethel' tl"liS is right Ol' 'VVl"Ol'lg, YOU I"la\/9 to d€Cid€.

I am ashamed that... my criminal father and brother poisoned your lives.

I have no regrets of being separated from such a father.

And if I ever miss him, I'll remember his atrocities and control myself.

'L'll“l_llHl'l_*, Idil.

Will you accept me?

I have given my heart to you since the day I saw you for the first time!

Mr. Ajghar, they may be in any corner of the world, I'll find them.

And I'll give them such a punishment that they'll never dare to repeat it.

Inspector, we are respectable people and this news should not spread... that's our only request to you.

We request you that we two will also come with you in search of Sonia.

Inspector, our dignity is in your hands!

It shouldn't be, here we are crying & there they are misbehaving with her!

Brother, you?!

Quiet or I Will kill you!

I made a very big mistake by giving you'll 48 hours.

Iiylihiid $11!

What is my crime? Don't act innocent!

You abducted Ajghar Jorhat's daughter and you are asking what your crime is?

Sir, take a look! - Inspector, this rogue has molested her.

Her this state is a proof enough!

This is utter nonsense! They are accusing me.

Sonia and I are in loV€.

Llhlllikihllldll h'dilKl

You will surely punished for this act. Come with me.

Shameless girl! You want to tarnish your father's reputation?

My daughter cannot be in love with that ruffian!

He has come here to challenge me and now is behind bars!

If you tell the police a word against me then... he Will surely die but I Will kill you too!

What evidence can we get here? Ajghar Jorhat smuggles from here.

In the 48 hours I gave you, the first crime you committed was... that you abducted a girl from a decent family.

Your next crime is that you entered this dock without permission.

Cl ljl, IdlMKlilHlh'I I have COITIE hereto find evidence.

And you don't understand the way you are being cheated.

I understand that I am being cheated by you both!

YOUI' gal'T'le is O\/el", Pfabhatl (3Ol'T'I€ With ITIS.

Iilhilllihl. Xl'I 1

Stop this fight!

You have made the lives miserable for the respectable people here.

Its really very shameful. You were fine amidst those rocks, Prabhat!

You aren't aware that the police here has been instigated against us.

I think you aren't abiding to your duty... in fact, you are avenging your personal enmity!

Now I understand your real intentions of coming here.

What are you saying? You'll were the one who sent me here and now...

I made a very big mistake, surrender yourself to this inspector.

Renuka, you have betrayed my love and sentiments by supporting them.

You supported such people who acted as friends and asked for a favour... to prove themselves innocent.

Forget doing that, they have also tarnished my image...

And have put our motherland's name to shame!

From today, we both part our ways!

Listen to me, Mr. Surya Pratap! I'll not plead for the sake of my relation.

All I Want to Say is that you have misunderstood us.

But when you'll learn the truth, you will repent a lot.

Our enemy has succeed in their mission.

They have sown the seeds of hatred and enmity against us in his heart.

We have lost, Renuka!

Inspite of this defeat, I cannot forget Sunaina.

I am sorry to say that inspite of our presence, this incident occurred.

Why are you apologizing? In fact, I am the one who is ashamed.

LSeht Prabhat here fol' some other work and look what he did.

Frankly speaking, none of you are at fault.

Just keep in mind that you have to send them back to India.

LWill arrange to send tl"lel"I"'I back Fight avhfay.

Come son, let us thank that inspector who saved my daughter's life.

Sure, father!

Mr Surya Pratap, I am very thankful to you... for saving my daughter from those hooligans.

Fllllllililll I'llilyll'llllllllll.

Inspector, its because of you that my sister is alive today.

Inspector, please give us also a chance to serve you.

“HIKI- Hiilliiqi#

It was a prestige issue for the Kenya police.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

What happened? He killed my mother.

He killed my mother! Who killed your mother?

That man who sat in the Car.

What happened, Child?...You?! You have made a big mistake.

-“Iii -'HIIQFI-_“UI-L you are joining hands with them!

And the ones you should support, you have arrested them.

And are sending them back to India. - What are you trying to say?

Sunaina has identified your wife's killer.

HHLHIIIIT HEKILZLQH He raped my sister and killed her husband.

Arrest them, father. They have killed my mother.

For Sunaina's sake, stop Aakash and Prabhat from leaving.

You'll Wait here.

As per the law of Kenya, I would definitely punish you'll... but as per him, only the Indian law can give you a suitable punishment.

And the punishment that will be conferred upon Aakash... you will not get less than that, ex inspector, Prabhat!

IlllllUKlllil$ ihli.

Inspite of knowing a lot, I could not understand it clearly.

But today I am very clear.

Then by now, you even know the reason for the failure of your mission.

Ikfllliil HdKl'llMllli

Thank you very much for your co-operation, Commissioner.

Sir, where are inspector Prabhat and Aakash Bhardhwaj?

11HIM1I$lhllli§I Kllllil.

Its very important to stop them. We have been cheated, sir!

The crooks are not Aakash and Prabhat, its someone else.

I'll come back and explain, at the moment I have to stop them.

Ylilliih llllilllll.

In haste, I hope he doesn't do something for which he'll repent.



I misunderstood you'll!

My friends, I cannot even apologize to you'll.

But I promise, I will complete your unfinished mission.

Hello, please pay attention.

Now you can unfasten your seat belts.

We welcome the passengers going to Mumbai on this plane.

And we hope that your flight Will be comfortable.

Captain Bakshi and inspector Balbir will be there to help you.

The distance from here to Mumbai is 5 hours and 30 minutes. Thank you!

But Captain Bakshi and inspector Balbir regret to announce...

that you won't reach Mumbai but Will die within half an hour!

This time bomb is being fit to help you in your final journey.

We will reach down through the parachute and inform your family...

Remove the keys, Aakash!

Here it is!

Now inspector Prabhat and Aakash regret to inform you that... in next five minutes, you will reach hell!

We'll go down through the parachute and inform your family of your death.

Here is your firecracker!

I will notjump! - What happened? I have not even jumped in a pool.

If you don'tjump, the bomb Will explode and we both Will die.

Save me!

Don't move, inspector!

I know your disgusting reality!

Your act of modesty is over!

If I was not a police officer, I would shoot you so many times... that you would never again dare to speak about patriotism or decency!

Don't you dare move ahead!

Inspector, you have misunderstood me.

Illhldlhiyllllvi YIIKHI liiyiifllili, #lil My innocent daughter lost her mental balance!

I had to lose good friends like Aakash and Prabhat!

Now you will be behind bars and will long to see the outside world!

I shall destroy your evil empire!

Inspector, before destroying me, take a look there too!

Throw your revolver!

Stop being a hero! You've lost your wife, now you'll lose your daughter!

And these UNO Wom€n will also lose their lives.

Our principle is that whenever we make a move... we make sure that all the pawns dance at our tune!

The way we controlled you and got those two killed.

What? - Now its your turn.

You betrayer!

You are also a part of his gang?

You rogue! You have tarnished the police image, people will berate you.

Take this brave man and chain him up!

Now you handle them, I Will return back to India.

Here I am abiding my friendship, let me handle my work there.

So that you work gets easier.

You have proven your friendship. Even I am a good friend... you don't worry, I'll give you enough money for the rest of your life.

#lil Hihhlilll llldlllllll$IIIK lillii.

And the Commissioner was covering up his activities.

We will attack Ajghar Jorhat's den. My police force will help you.

Sir, your police force will not go with us.

Till date, you have always misunderstood us.

But today, you will have to listen to us.

This battle is between Ajghar Jorhat and us.

Alright, lWill not disapprove what you say.

But even I am fond of Surya Pratap the way you'll are.

That is why, even I will come there but with my own style!

I118 I"leCeSSal'y he KNOWS that you bOtl“I are aliV€.

You don't worry, sir. We know of a way to give him that news.

Klhi 11hlPI§1illlll$I-

That means Pfabhaf and A3l(3Sh are alive!

What is the further news?

Nobody can now stop the storm that Will strike Ajghar'S life!


Brave, honest, fearless, patriot... dangerous, the pride of Kenya police, Inspector Surya Pratap!

POOI' man!

Wate r!

Now see what we do to your father!

Slowly, this water will rise and your death will be near!

Today my final enemy Will be perished!

And then I Will be called the infinite power of this World!

Don't move!

Throw your guns!

Don't move! Throw your guns.

Leave me! - Don't scream!

Where did they go?

Leave US!

Search them, they shouldn't escape!

Uncle, does he want to go to the IOO? - Yes, I Want to!

Tlilkllii -1,fl§ll'I.-illii

I Will kill you, inspector Prabhat!

I must escape or I'll be dead!

You always want to go there. Lets make you forget about it forever!

Son, get up quickly, let us run away!

Come on, run faster, they are following us!

Sit in the car!

Raj Nag, sir quickly!

Your death is only one bullet away!

NO, don't shoot!

I have promised my Government that lWill bring him back alive.


FLII"tl"I€I", the ll"ldial"I GOV€I"I'll'I"'I€I'lt Will take Cafe.

You have kept the honor of Kenya police!

I am very pleased with you!

Don't you want to see India. I grant your holiday!

Father! - I was confident that you would be victorious!

Commissioner, make your audacious inspector understand!

He has got a respectable man like me, handcuffed from Kenya!

How are you? Sister, he is Surya Pratap. - Hello!

What are you seeing? Get these handcuffs removed.

And punish that inspector.

Prabhat Will not be punished, you will be punished!

Mr. Gupta, arrest him!

What? - Commissioner Pandey, even you will be arrested.

I? Are you in your senses?

Yes, You took advantage of the situation with your clever moves..

And today, you have been trapped in your own moves!

You betrayed your country by supporting Ajghar.

Nllloanunu --"M-_rung Sir, please listen to me.

YOU cheat!

Beware! I Will shoot this child.

We understand your grief, Sonia.

But traitors always meet such a death!

You'll are a living example of the people who will die for their country!

The Indian Government is proud of you!

Aakash, seeing your noble deeds, your punishment is waived.

And Surya Pratap, you can live here as long as you want as our guest.

No sir, he will live with us, like our own son.

And along with him, Aakash will also stay.

You'll are back hail and hearty...

Mr. Sharma and Verma, did you see the end of evil deeds?

-IljlTQ§ 'I Then why are you sad? Plan out your daughter's marriage.

But not one. Now you'll will have to marry three daughters.

-11lll'll-hl'll'.llllPlil -'I'I¥llUll But you'll need not worry, we don't want a dowry.

We just need the girls!

Alright, before you'll take off Ol"I 3 new I'T'liSSiOl"I...