Visible Scars (2012) Script


Do you want a smoke?

Yeah, no... those things'll kill you.

When you're old and gray, who cares by then?

So, you're gonna throw a tent on the little girls?

They'll be fine.

Oh yeah, you certainly can tell a lot about a man by the contents of his wallet, and I know that's what you want.

Yeah, you gotta pay to get all this!

I bet you do and I want all of it, too.

How old're the kids, girl? Huh?

9 months. Huh?


Makin' conversation.

Hey, no more games.

Well, what's the hurry. Come on...

I got things to do. Aw, like what?

Look after them two brats? Huh?

I know it must be hard, lookin' after both of them by yourself all the time.

Why do you keep asking about my babies, huh?

I'm just talkin'... I mean, I'm just talkin', all right?

Just talkin', trying to get to know you better. Shit!

Look, you fucked me, now pay me.

Whoa... not to me.

Easy with that language, not to me.

What's the goin' rate these days? Huh?

Two hundred.

How much is goin' in your arm, how much goin' to your kids, huh?

Just stay out of my fucking business and pay me!

I said to watch your goddamn language, you fuckin' bitch!

All right! It's... All right?

Just get out! It's on the house.

Well, mighty big of you.

All the stinky whores are meth addicts!

But you, but you're not a... you're not a stinkin' whore, are ya?

Please leave! You're not a stinky whore, no you're not.

I mean, you are a whore, but... you smell real good.

Please, I have to go see my girls.

Oh, really? So, uh... now you wanna play mommy? Huh?

Well, as fast as this cash gets paid, you didn't give a shit about them little ol' brats, did ya?

They need to be changed. Hey, I wanna play a game.

I wanna play a game. Do you like games, bitch? Let's make a deal?

You ever see that TV show? Huh?

No? Yeah? You were too young, huh.

Well anyway, great fuckin' TV show!

Will you please leave.

You hurt my feelin's.

You hurt me, but here I am trying to have fun... and trying to be a nice person and get to know you better, and you... and you... you go on and... kick me out of your room?

Your mother never told you nothin' about no good manners? Huh?

Get out of my house. Get the fuck out of my house!


Now you've been a good girl, okay? Now you take it like you mean it now.

Now, here I am, trying to be nice to you... and you, and you insult me? Huh?

You know you can't handle two baby girls!

I'm just tryin' to lighten the load, you dumb whore.

Now, my wife... wants a child.

But she's too ugly and disgustin' for me to fuck!

So... find one... is the only way.

So shut the fuck up, it's gonna be okay. Shh... shhh...

It's okay.

I don't want to hear... right...

Now just say okay, and it'll be okay.

Say, "Okay."

Say okay!

Say it! Okay, okay...


Son of a bitch, look what you made me go and do.

Get all sweaty and shit after a shower.

Hey, kinda cute, yeah. Except for the cryin' and the crack-addicted, cracked out hooker for a mother.

There you go, shh, okay..

Time to go.

Time to go... I said shhh... be quiet!

Come on now...

Well, look at that.

You missed your sister.

Oh hell... two for the price of one.

Let's go.

All right, I'm a daddy now, isn't that somethin'?

Hey... You're home.

You've been gone all day. I know.

Guess what I've got for you!



Where did you get them?

Never mind about that, now, no big deal.

Where, Mike?

They fell off a truck.


You can't smoke in front of babies.

Look, bitch, I'm a man. I can do whatever the fuck I want, all right?

What do we do with them?

Well, I figure we keep one and sell the other.


There's money in- in- in that shit.


You can't do that.

Why not?

You can't separate twins. It's bad luck.

Bullshit, I need the extra cash. Bullshit.

You have $500 in your wallet. With all that money... Shut the fuck up.

Shut up, the money is my business!

Damn it.

Look at me.

The things I do for you.

We don't need anyone else, now.

Just the four of us.

You must feel like a queen right about now, huh?

What do you say?

What do you say?

Thank you. You're welcome.

Do these babies belong to one of your sluts?

Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter?

Come on now, just shut up and enjoy these little brats.

When I said I wanted babies, I meant I wanted us to have them together.

Well, it got a little late in the game there, girl. Okay?

A little late, and my dick is for fuckin' not breedin'.

I always wanted a baby.

Never thought I'd get two at the same time.

Well, just think of it as a, you know...

Christmas bonus, or me bein' nice... twice.

I hope she don't come around and make trouble.

This is a small town, people talk.

You're right though, people will talk. Those fuckers!

Luckily, we got ways to make 'em shut the fuck up.

What are you gonna do, Mike?

The best thing to do is stay on the safe side.

That means, uh, these two will never leave the house, okay?

Best they stay in the basement. Got it?


Okay, I'm gonna get me some shut-eye now.


♪ Hush-a-bye baby, the angels are near, ♪

♪ Smiling upon us, there is nothing to fear. ♪

♪ Mommy's arms keep you, so don't shed a tear. ♪

I told you, those brats need to keep quiet.

Look at me.

I won't tolerate no cryin', Claudia, hurry up.

You don't need to spoil them.

Shhh... everything's gonna be fine.

Shh, okay... good girls.

What is he doin'?

Burning a bad man's again.

I'm hungry!

Good, huh?

Yes, Daddy.

Hey, what did I say?

Don't call me daddy, now, there is no daddy, right?

Where's Mommy? Haven't seen Mommy in a long time.

She had to go.

Didn't love us no more, didn't love me anymore, and uh...

I thought you two could make her stay, but... she said she was gonna leave, and I... see, I couldn't let that happen, and this way, we can have all have a piece of her.

I mean... I didn't say to stop eatin'.

I want Mommy...

Too late, eat up.

Oh, come on...


You two sit down and finish your food.

We're not hungry.

Sit down.

And you, young lady, you need to think about your nourishment now.

Think about them poor starvin' kids over there in, uh...

Africa... Africa, huh?

Think about them.

And it's not like you've never not eaten somebody before.


Now, there is no mommy!

Sit down and finish your meal.

Listen to me, young lady, I'm bein' serious now.

Do you want me... to beat you?

Because I will beat you and then I will sell you.

Sorry, Mike.

Well, you know what would happen if people could see you?

They would kill you and eat you, because you're bad little girls!

All right?

Now, I'm the best friend you will ever have... and I would hate to see anything... anything bad happen to either one of you... but if you're against me, I can't protect you.


It's okay.

Now, you be good girls and finish your meal, okay?

Or you're gonna end up like your mommy.

Hello Mike!

I never thought I'd run into you.

How in the hell are things?

So, uh... this is where you live, huh?

Home sweet home.

You got a reason for bein' here, Bill?

Well, I'm afraid I'm a little lost.

I was huntin' and took a wrong turn.

There's some meat on the grill, are you hungry?

No, I'm good. Got it covered.

Are you alone?

Just me, myself and I.

I see.

How's Claudia?

She's fine.

I haven't seen you two around the store in a while.

Murray says he hasn't seen Claudia for years, was just askin' about her the other day.

Murray ought to mind his own fuckin' business.

Nah, don't take it like that.

He was just curious why he never sees you in the store anymore.

Well, don't need the store no more. Everything we need is right here, in nature.

I see.

But if Murray needs to know my business... who am I to say he can't?

She left me.


Claudia, she ran off with my best friend.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Ain't that a kick in the teeth? Bitch broke my heart...

broke my heart...

What can you exp-- whores will be whores, what can you expect? Y' know?

I never known a woman treat a man right. Right?

Sure, that's right...

What can you expect, I mean...

Broads have been... treating me like shit my whole life, even my own mother!

My own mother!

Leave me alone... with a stranger so she could go off and get high.

I'm sorry about that too... Cunt!

Fuckin' cunt! Wow.

I- I'm really sorry to hear about that, Mike.

Thanks. But, hey... when life gives you lemons, you make... Lemonade.

That's right. That's what I did.

I own this... whole thing.

It's got everything I need.

You know, Bill?

I don't need no one.

Except your kids, right?

My kids?


Yeah, your kids. Murray said that Claudia used to come in to the store and buy kid's clothes.

Two of everything, girls to be exact.

You got daughters, right?

Why... you know, you should bring 'em over to my house.

We've got a swimmin' pool, I betcha the girls would love that.

They were her kids, Bill, from a previous marriage.

I never did get close to them, so when she left me, they were all gone.

Oh, well, that answers why we haven't seen Claudia around, then. Right?

Hey, stay for dinner.

Nah, I really better get back into town.

If I don't get back into town soon, my missus'll call out a search party for me.

You take care.

See you around, Mike.



You girls are no good!

Do you know what people will do if they see you?

They will kill you and then they will eat you, 'cause you're bad little girls.

I'm the best friend you have.

Do you girls want another beating?

What is... oh no!



No, no, no, no! No!

Take the keys! Open the door!

Hey! Come here, honey!

Girls? Hey!

I hit my head when I...


It's hot in here!

Hey, Daddy needs help!

It's hot!

Girls, help me!

Hey, darlin', what can I get ya'?

Uh, tea.

Sure thing, what kind?

Earl Grey, thanks.


Just the tea.

Honey, you sure you don't want somethin' to eat?

We got a special today on Chicken Ala King.

Just the tea, thanks.

Y' know, he's not worth it.

I'll be back with your tea.

Here you go, dear.

Thanks. No problem.

Oh, no, that's okay... Oh, come on, it's on me.

That's very sweet, but...

Don't worry about it, I been there too. We girls gotta stick together.


Thank you.

You're such a cutie.

I bet you have a smile somewhere in there.

That's more like it.

Um, do you happen to know how to get to Mount Falls?

My GPS hasn't worked, so...

Mount Falls, I'm not sure...

Herbert, do you know where Mount Falls is?

Uh, yeah... you, uh, take 67...

No wait, 68 north...

'til you get to Alverado.

And then you just keep goin', it's way up in the mountains.

Yeah, Mount Falls. It sounds familiar.

I think I heard somethin' about it on the news.

Murder suicide, years ago, whatever.

Um, you need anything else, honey?

No, thank you. You're welcome.

Hello? Kell.


Stace, where are you?

No, I can't tell you.

Don't trust me? So, where did you go?

Okay, you are not just a rent check, you are also a friend.

Look, I'm gonna be a few days, just... maybe a week, I'm not sure.

Can you just feed Misty for me?

Don't worry, I'll feed your dog, but... what is going on?

No questions, please. Okay, I just need a few days to think... and I'll call you, I promise.

I am worried about you, Stacy. Okay? And so is your boyfriend, who has been calling non-stop, by the way.

He has no idea where you are either. You should really give him a call.

Don't talk to Brad!

What? Why? He's your boyfriend.

Just please don't, okay?

I just need a few days to myself. Just me time.

Okay, just... will you tell me where you're going at least? So I'm not worried.

A cabin in the mountains.

It's my uncle's old place.

Oh, up in at Big Bear?

Well, at least it's pretty.

No, not Big Bear, this place called Mount Falls.

Where the fuck is that?

San Bernadino.

Oh, in the sticks?

Look, I gotta go. Can you just feed Misty?

Wait, wait! What am I supposed to tell Brad?


There you are, Detective Black.

Thank you. Hey, man, what's up?

Hey, you need to watch those calories... old man.

Well, you need to watch your mouth... young 'un!

Respect your elders!

Uh, I'm sorry sir... I...

I'm just messin' with you, kid.


Yeah? Can I see you when you got a minute?

Sure, Cap'.


Detective Black? Yes.

Yeah, this is Peter Richards.

The one who lives in the trailer home outside of town.


You gave me your business card?

Could I ask you what this is in reference to?

Listen, the trailer home I live in is the same one that girl and her babies went missin'.

You were here 5 years ago askin' questions, I kept your card.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I remember you.

How are you? Good.

Listen, I was replacin' the wirin' underneath my porch yesterday... and I think I may have found something.

Something? Yeah, something.

Items, belonged to that girl.

Has to be, 'cause it ain't mine.

You wanna come see 'em?

Listen, can I talk to you tomorrow?

I'm kinda in the middle of something right now, let me get your number.

Hey Cap'.

Hey. Have a seat.


What? 25-27 years?

35 years.

35 fuckin' years...

So, now that you've got all this freedom, what are you gonna do?

I dunno, fishing? I haven't figured it out yet.

I love to fish.

All that fresh air... don't have to deal with the daily bullshit, y' know.

Here we go.

Here's to you, my friend.

To a new life.

You know, Cap'... I was thinking that... maybe I should come back and work with the old retired detectives on those cold cases.


I mean, Jeez, you haven't even enjoyed your retirement yet, you're already talkin' about coming back to work?

Listen, take my advice, all right?

I'd forget about bein' a detective.

You're a civilian now, do what civilians do. You work in the yard...

Okay? You go to the movies...

Golf... Do some golfing...

But, leave this crazy life behind.

All right, I know that look.

What's the case, Black?

The Becky Comfort case.

Y' know, missing mother and her children?

Yeah, I know the case, Black.

And you know, that there's no evidence in that case.

Well that's true.


Y' know, Becky Comfort's sister, Mrs. Meeker, came to see me last month.

Yeah, not that crazy bitch again.

Listen, what did her psychic have to tell here this time?

Now granted, she's persistent but... y' know, I've got to admit, that we didn't give it the attention it deserved.

What are you tryin' to say, Black?

Wait a minute, you wanna- you wanna continue to work on that case?

Well you can't. You're retired.

Okay, come on.

All right, look, we're friends...

I'm not trying to be an asshole, but what is the point?

There were no bodies in that case.

You need a body to make a case.

Jesus Christ, Black.

I have a whole stack of cases that have actual bodies.

Why don't we try to just solve those first, then we can come back to the imaginary ones.

How's that sound?

I don't want to talk about it.

You're the boss.

I envy you, Black.

Wish I could retire.

Take a vacation, Black.

You know I don't do vacations.

I don't want to see you snooping around this office looking for detective work.

I'll have you shot on the spot... hell, I'll do it myself.

Listen, you need to turn in your badge and your gun to personnel.

Good luck, Black.

Same to you, kid.

What is this shit we are listening to?

I had the worst day.

My boss is such a bitch.

Chris! Are you listening to me?

Kell, you gotta read this. This is something special, this is...

Babe, you know I hate books.

No, I think that you would learn a lot about yourself. This is like...

...there's this whole system, y' know... for, for stimulation and, and... you need more stimulation. I gotta be honest.

Because the reality TV, I think it's rotting your brain a little bit.

I'm worried about Stacy.

Y' know, she didn't sound like herself at all.

Why doesn't anyone open up to me?

Well, maybe because you're a drama queen, baby, and you kinda blow little things out of proportion.

You know what? Fuck you.

I love you too, sweetie.

Oh, no. By all means, let me get it.

What? Nothing, just read your fuckin' book.

Hi. Hi.

Brad! Hey!

Is, uh...

Is Stacy here? No.

Come on in. Hey man, what up?

What's up, bro? Wow, I haven't seen you in a while.

Where is she?

She is on vacation.

Vacation? Yep.

She went on vacation and left this dog?

She wouldn't go anywhere without this dog.

She told me to take care of her.

I gotta find her.

Where'd she go?

I promised I wouldn't tell.



I see...

Dude, are you crying? 'Cause... y' know you're not supposed to puss out in front of a chick.

Chris, shut up! Well, he's crying...

Come here, come here...

It's okay.

Okay. Hey man, don't get too comfortable. That's my girlfriend that you're hugging.

I'm sorry, it's just... we had a little disagreement last night and I...

I wanted to come over and smooth things out.

Guess she doesn't want to see me.


Sorry to ruin your afternoon, I'll go now.

See ya'.


I know where she is.

Really, you do?

Yeah, well, I know the area.

Where? I'll go and surprise her.

She is in a small town called Mount Falls, somewhere in San Bernadino?

Thank you. Wait, Brad! I want to come with you.

Why? Yeah, why?

Because... uh, she's a friend and I'm worried about her.

Plus, I am gonna get in so much trouble for telling you, so I'm gonna have to defuse that bomb before she gets back to the apartment, so...

I think we need some time alone.

Oh, I'll give you guys your space, I just... I wanna be there, yeah, for the most part.

Bullshit. You just wanna be nosy.

Again, shut the fuck up, Chris.

I'm just saying.

I mean, is there any reason why you wouldn't want me to be there?

Grab your coat.

Okay! I'll go pack my things.

Um, excuse me, sorry. What about the, the... dog?

I will... take her down the street to Mrs. Dover's.

She's got, like, 10 dogs, shouldn't be a problem.


You get packed, I'll wait for you in the car. Okay.

Okay, come on Chris, help me pack some things.

Haha! Help you pack? Help me pack, 'cause I'm comin' too.

Why? 'Cause I'm not leaving you in a car with Brad Pitt there.

Are you serious? I'm just going to help a friend.

Yeah, I don't care, okay?

Look at him! Left alone, long enough, I'd probably try to fuck him, Kell!

Fine. Hurry up.

Hi. Hi.

So, where you headed to, young lady?

Um, my uncle's cabin.

Why? Did- did I break the law?

Oh no. No, not exactly.

All right, then...

Which cabin?

It's none of your business.

Can I see your license, please?

I can't believe this.

Y' know, no one should be alone in these parts.

Really? I'm just going to my uncle's cabin.

What's your uncle's name?

Stanley Dovic.


Why do you wanna go there?

Call it a vacation.

You know we've had some issues with people disappearing in these parts.

That sucks.

Hikers and such, just lost, people in the woods.

Well, some people... say these parts may be haunted.

Thanks for the warning.

I'll be okay.

You goin' alone?

I think so.

I mean, are you meeting anybody at the cabin? A boyfriend?

Yeah, meeting my boyfriend.

I just want to make sure... pretty girl like you is protected.



You be careful up there, little girl.

I will...

old man.

There it is.

Now, I didn't touch anything.

I know, I watch all those crime-drama, investigative shows.

You know, they normally finish up those shows in about an hour?

How long you been working on this?

And why you suppose she hid it in there?

Probably didn't want her mother to see it.

Her mother?

Yeah, she was comin' over at 3 o'clock to babysit the twins while Becky went shopping.

What happened? She's a no-show?


By the time she got here, Becky had already gone missing.

You mind if I keep this box for evidence?

Oh hell, I don't care. I'm cleaning out down there anyway.

Great. You sure that's all you need?

Well if you find anything else, give me a call, you got my number.

All right, if you need any extra help, I'm always here.

Nah, that's all right.

Thanks very much. All right, take care. Keep me in mind!

Running away...

I feel that here is hope for the first time in a long while.

I feel like I can think for the first time, without people telling me what to think.

Thoughts are constantly coming to my mind.

It all seems so far away, yet still somewhat present.

Should I go back? Or stay away?

Away from everyone and everything.

I can't believe I'm writing this.

Being back in my uncle's cabin takes me back to when I was a kid.

Away from my father.

Here's where I used to think about the mother I never knew.

Momma? Where did she go?


Who is that?

How are you, Mrs. Meeker?

All right.

I've got three names here, let's see if they mean anything to you.

Matt Warren.

Mike Gillis...

Ken Bruce.


Is that all you got? Three names?

For now, yeah.

It's hard at first when you have nothing, but as I investigate, I hope to... find more that'll lead us down the right path.

"Nothing" is the appropriate word here.

That's all you and the cops have done for years.


Well, I think we did the best we could, based on the circumstances. Bullshit.

So you and your fellow officers still think I'm crazy?

Nobody said you were crazy.

You didn't have to...

I saw how you looked at me when I brought my friend in to help.

She's a gifted psychic. She knows things.

I have a missing, probably dead, sister.

Well, your sister probably skipped town, because of her... well, profession.

She was a known prostitute and it's hard to keep tabs on those kind of people.

So whores and children of whores aren't worth finding?

I didn't mean it that way.

I know what you meant.

Now look, I'm the only one that thinks there's any more to this case.

Everyone at the precinct gave up on it years ago.

Now, if you want my help, I'll help you, but I would appreciate not being treated like your enemy.

So what's it gonna be?

Find my sister and my nieces.

Hello? Hey, John!

How the hell are you, you old goat?

So, you're finally one of us now.

So how do you like retirement?

I can take it or leave it.

Hey, bud, I got a favor to ask you. Could you look up a few guys for me?

People of interest?

People of interest?

You mean like a real case?

Man, I haven't done that in years. Why don't you call your old precinct?

Eh, let's say I wanna be discreet.


I don't think you completely grasp the concept of retirement, Black.

Okay, I, uh...

I still know some people still on the force over there that owe me a ton of favors.

Okay, what's the names?

Matt Warren.

Mike Gillis...

Ken Bruce.

All right.

I'll see what I can find.

Thanks, buddy, I owe you.

Yeah, okay. Take care.

What was it that I saw last night?

Must be my nerves.

Park ranger warned me about this place being haunted.

Was it a ghost or just my imagination?

Has to be my nerves.

I need to deal with Brad when I get back.

I wish I didn't love him so much.

Love... if that's what you call it.

Then when you cover your bruises with make-up and wear a scarf around your neck, everything looks all too normal...

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and that was all I saw, was just bruises.

This time I didn't want to cover 'em up.

Taking a really good look at myself.

How could he?

I wanted to keep it.

Brad called it an accident, I can never forgive him for that.

Come on!

Move it!

Wow. This is a tiny town.

Fuckin' Mayberry.

I like small towns.

Heart of America.

You've never been outside of the city.

I read about them, Kell. Books?

And they seem nice.

Okay, I have questions.

How long have you guys actually been dating, and why don't you ever come to the house?

Stacy doesn't tell me anything.

I like to remain mysterious.

I like that.

You know, you two didn't have to come with.

I can handle my girlfriend.

"Handle" her?

Okay. The only one who can handle Stacy is Stacy.

Babe, let it go.

No! I'm sorry Brad, but Stacy is a grown woman. You don't "handle" shit.

You're fightin' a losing battle on this one, dude.

Yeah, just tune her out, sometimes it goes away.

"It... goes away?"

I'm gonna be going away for you, buddy! You are not getting any tonight.

Stacy and I have been going out for 6 years now.

We've had our ups and downs like every couple.

I am the luckiest guy to have a girl like her.

She should be lucky to have you.

Must be nice to have a true friend like you to stick up for her.

I'm thirsty.

Oh wait, Brad, stop over here.

Sure, just wait a minute.

Hey, excuse me.

Yeah? Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you, um...

I'm kinda lost, I'm looking for someone.

She might have stopped here yesterday?

She? Yeah, uh...

You probably haven't seen her, but... long dark hair, 25 years old... driving a gray sedan?

Yeah, there was a girl.

Yeah, she, uh, said she was heading up to her uncle's cabin.

Yeah, that's her.


You must be the boyfriend.

Yeah. Yeah, I am the boyfriend.

Yeah, I remember.

I'm great with dates.

Steel trap, Black.

Steel trap.

Y' know, I talked to Maggie Meeker the other day.

Maggie Meeker? Yeah.

That old bitch still around?

Yeah, I gotta admit, she is persistent.

Persistent? Try obsessed.

There's a thin line between that and persistent.

Look, what if it was my family member?

Lost for years without a trace, wouldn't you want to know the truth?

Yeah, but this is not your story, Black.

What happened to us, Burke?

We became cops to help people.

To right the wrongs in the world, huh?

When did we become so jaded?

The day I finally realized that the system is crooked.

And good guys always end up last.

Yeah, well, I don't wanna be the bad guy, I wanna see what I can find.

What's that?

That info you wanted.

Shit, if the captain finds out I been sniffing around the Becky Comfort case, he'll have a shit hemorrhage!

Where did you find this?

I got a friend still on the force over in Hander County there, he checks criminal records.

Well, what do you got?

Ken Bruce, 39 years old, five prior drug convictions, married with 5 children.

Mike Gillis... assault and battery in '79, domestic abuse in '85.

Hmm! Model citizen.

According to our records, never had children, never married.

Matt Warren, 44 years old, no criminal record, no prior arrests, married, two kids, both boys.

Choir boy.

Do you know where I found that photo?


Uh... a WWW dot... face... tweety, uh, dot com or something.

Times sure have changed. Yeah, they have.

Thank you, honey.

That was a long time ago.

We were married at the time.

I was young, stupid, I'm not proud of what I did.

My wife doesn't need to know about this.



Sorry, I didn't know anyone was living up in these parts.

Well, we're not really here.

Wink, wink.

Here, but not there.

We don't get many visitors around here.

Oh, well, I just got here actually. I'm staying a few miles north, my uncle has a cabin.

Don't you just love being with nature?

I do.

You should come chill with us for a bit.

Have a drink of water.

Come, come...

Take your bag off... y' know, chill for a while.

Here you go. Thanks.

Ever go to Burning Man?

No, can't say that I have.

Oh, we're going in August. This'll be our... sixth time?

You should totally go, you'd love it.

Oh, no thanks.

That's cool.

Do you guys, uh, notice anything strange about the... the forest at all?

What? What's so funny?

Nothing, no...

Well... the park ranger said they were haunted.

I don't know.

That they say.

Some people say they hear the voice of a little girl.

But, God bless her... we wouldn't have this operation here if it wasn't for the ghost.


The whole town is just scared shitless.

So, the park ranger's telling the truth?

Old Phil? Man, he's more chicken-shit than the rest of 'em.

Well, I heard this little girl, like screaming...

"Where is my Mommy?" I swear...

No shit?


Yeah, some people say that some weird shit did happen back in the day.

Who says that, and what happened?

They say a guy living in the woods... kept his daughter locked up in the house.

Never let her leave.

He ​​shot his wife and daughter.

Blah, blah. Blah blah blah...

Then he set the house on fire, murder suicide.

Some people say the wife killed the family, it just depends on which story you hear.

How long ago was this? Ten years...

And the little girl's spirit still roams the woods! Woooo!

Up until 10 years ago, the area was a popular camping and hunting area, and it's the kind of tall tale that keeps people from poking around.

That's why we're here! Oh...

Don't want nobody stumbling upon our magic garden.


Does this scare you?

No, it's a toy doll.

Yeah, we have her just in case, uh... we run into unwelcome visitors.

Her name's Britney.


Well, what I saw was real.

And it scared the shit out of me.

I guess... a lot of people feel the same way.

You guys don't believe me.

Well, we've never seen or heard a ghost-girl, and we've been up here a while.

It's gettin' late, I gotta go.

But thank you so much for... Oh...

You should spend the night! No, I've already put you guys out too much.

We have an extra sleeping bag.

Yes, it's totally cool.

No! It's no bother.

We like nice people.

Who wants to spend the evening alone?

Well, I wouldn't recommend it.

I mean, you lose the sunlight and get lost, there's no telling where you'll end up.

See, just spend the night here with us, and we'll help you get back in the morning.

Yeah... Hmm?

Okay, sure.

Mm, all rightie... All right...

We need to, uh... we need to, uh... Food! Make food!

Yeah, we're gonna make some food in a bit and, um...


Where's Mommy?

They're coming to get me!

I see the mean mans, they will hurt me.

I- I'm scared.

Judy? Judy...

Did you hear that?

Wha- what is it?

I heard the voices.


Stop with the practical jokes!

Don't scare our guest!

You're all right, it was just a bad dream.

...and I'm gaining experience, and soon, level 38 here I come.

The whole, you know...


What the hell are you doing here?

We're having breakfast, silly! You want some?

You got Brad?

Hi Stacy.

Kell, I told you I wanted to be alone.

Hi babe.

Why are you all here?

We were worried about you.


I couldn't sleep until I knew you were okay.

Okay, no offense, um... I'd like you all to leave, please.

Come on, you don't mean that.

Come on, we came all the way up here to see you.

I wouldn't be here if I... didn't care about you.

Chris! Shit! I'm sorry.

Let me help you with that. Thank you, Brad.

Stacy, are you okay?


Oh my God, what happened?


There you go, detective. Thank you.

That was some fire.

Hey Sheriff, how are you?

Hey, look at this.

There's a tricycle in the rubble. I have two detectives from Beaumont.

Well, they're lookin' at the photos from the Gillis burn site. I don't believe this.


Okay. Yeah.

Yes, Sheriff.

Sorry detectives, I'm gonna have to take these photos back.

Why? Sheriff's orders.

You would think they'd have cleaned this place up by now.

Police has covered this area many times, Black. What do you expect to find now?

I'm not sure.

Then why are we here?

Just thirty-five years of experience.

Find anything?


That's odd.

Somewhat fresh.

Oh Christ!

What'd you find?

We gotta get the sheriff up here.

Trace, are you all right?

I'm fine.

It's over, Brad, okay? Leave.


I know you don't mean it.

No, there's nothing you can say, nothing... that you can do.

Just please leave me alone.

Just listen to me, Stacy. Okay?

To what? More of your bullshit lies?

Your promises?

Come on, don't... don't do this to me, okay?

Don't... don't do this to us.

There is no more us, okay?

Just... please...

Just move on, okay?

Let's just... talk when you... you've settled down, okay?

You know we're meant to be.


Okay... I'll leave.

You win.

But before I go, just answer this question honestly. Okay?

Do you still love me?

I do... and I can't love you anymore.

Because love is not about feeling worthless.

That's how you make me feel.

No, no... it's not gonna work.

Why do you have to be so difficult?

It's over, Brad.

After everything I've done for you?


You just wanted a free ride, didn't you, huh?


Why do you hurt me so?

Leave me alone, please.

I know you still love me. No!

No Brad!

You're mine, you always will be mine.

I found you, Mommy.

Please, leave me alone.

I know you still love me.

Kill him, Mommy.

Wait... my head...

I heard voices.


Kill him, Mommy.

Do you hear that? What's the matter with you, huh?

The place is haunted...

Haunted? Huh? Don't be fuckin' stupid!


What is going on? Stacy?

Oh my god! Stacy, wake up! Wake up!


Stacy, wake up, wake up, wake up. Oh my god...


You're not going to hurt Mommy, any more.

Quit fuckin' around, guys!

Why do you hurt Mommy?

You're not going to hurt Mommy, any more.

You are a bad Dad.


I'm going out of my mind.

That bastard's gonna pay for what he did.

The fucker's dead.

I just keep hearing noises, it's like I'm going insane.

What is it? What kind of noises are you hearing?

I just keep hearing this... this little girl calling out to me, like... like I'm her mother.

I'm sorry, you were being serious.

What's happening?

It's just stress, baby, okay?

With Brad and all the other crazy stuff that's going on... well, stress can drive you crazy.

You were right to come up here. You just... need a little peace and quiet.

How am I supposed to get peace and quiet when I just keep hearing this crazy kid every two seconds?

Okay, you know what? Mama Kelly is on the job.


Yep! You need to get some sleep. Come on, get under.

Now, just sleep.


Kill him, Mommy.

He has been bad!

It's okay...

It's okay, calm down.

Calm down, it's not your fault. You were just dreaming. You were just dreaming.


Lay back down.

You're just dreaming.


Just calm down.

I can't believe we didn't find this before.

I want you two to be quiet about this.

But Sheriff... We are gonna do this my way, and I don't want a panic on our hands.

Now, you two do your normal rounds tonight, but if you see any more of this crazy shit, you call me.

All right, sure thing Sheriff.

I saw you!

Come back here!

What's wrong?

I saw... I saw the little girl.

We gotta, we gotta go... Wait! Where are you going?

What are you guys... what are you doing?

Stacy, hold on!

Come on, she went over here, I think.


Sure, we'll follow her this way.

Stacy, I thought you told Brad to leave.

I did.

Okay, well that explains it. He was the one that knocked on the... on the window.

So, can we please go inside now?

It wasn't him.

It was a girl.


Come on, let's...

I mean, I know she's here.

Can we just look a little further, please?

Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's just go deeper in the woods, Kell.

Oh Chris, come on.


This is a good idea. This is a really good idea.


Where were you?

Oh, just messing around.

It still looks fake.


Some people don't think so.

I happen to think it looks pretty fuckin' good.

The doll's fine, just don't mess around with it.

Hey, I need a break.

Can you take over?


Now you stay here... while I do this! Huh!

Why are we the only ones out here now?

You got me.

What is all this stuff?

Looks like some sort of campsite.



Aw, man, there's some weird stuff here, Kent.

Jim, careful!

Oh my god!







Where are you?



Is that...

Is that you?

Oh, do you sm- What is that smell?

That's nasty.

Oh my god. What is this?

Chris, we don't have Stacy! What do you want me to do?

What do you mean? What do we... we're in the middle of the woods, we don't have...

Shh! Quiet down! We need to leave, okay?

We need to get out of here.

This... is not...

This is not... No, no. We need to go.



Now we can't fuckin' see, Chris!

I told you to...


Do you hear that?

Babe, is that...?

Stace? Would you stop dragging me, I can't see.

Stacy? I think I got... wait...

Babe... There we go.

Oh my god!

Oh god!

Oh my god.

Stacy, no. Don't look.

Ah, Wendy?

Well, what is it? Did you see something?


Are you okay? Yeah.

When are you leavin'?

Uh... soon.

I wanna go check on a girl and her boyfriend at the Dovic cabin.

Hold on, I got another call.

Hello? Hey girl.


Oh my God, whoa, whoa, whoa... what happened? Help! Please!

Someone killed my boyfriend!

W- Wendy! Wendy, we need help up here!

It's okay. Okay.

You know, I'm just waiting on Phil.



He's always looking for somethin'.

Mm-hmm, yeah...

What the hell... fuck!

I know...

Hold on a second.

Hey, did you leave yet? We're not going to wait forever.

Are you there?



Can we just... can we just stop for a second? Where the fuck are we going?

I don't know, okay?

I think we're lost.


Chris, run! No. We gotta analyze this, this is not gonna work!

Oh sweet J...



Chris, I don't care. Just go knock on the door and see if they can help us.

Hippies. The hippies live here.

The what?

Oh great, this is fantastic.

A buncha stoners are gonna help us out.

Now, what're we gonna do?

I don't know how to get back. We need to get the hell out of here, okay?

Your friend is just... losing it.


Hold me.


What has happened? What happened?

What did you see? Is anybody in there?

Babe, are you okay?

Okay. Chris, she is going into shock. We gotta get out of here.

I get it. Hello? Okay, take a deep breath...

Deep breath, okay?

Stacy, what did you see?

Little girl.

See who?

Little girl? I didn't see a little girl, it's an empty house!

Stacy, there's no little girl.

There's nobody in there Kell, there's nobody in there. She's flippin' out, look...

Okay. Stop yelling at us!

I'm sorry, I'm just... y' know, your friend has obviously checked out here.

Look, there's a... there's a phone at the house.

We're gonna call the police, all right? Let's get out of here, this is freaking me out.

Let's go, come on, come on. Do you think this is the right way?

We're closed.

I'm a detective, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

How can I help ya'?

Thanks for lettin' me in, I know it's after closin' time, but I won't take too much of your time.

I'm Detective Black from Beaumont, and I'm investigating the disappearance of a woman and her two daughters.

You wouldn't happen to know a Mike Gillis, would you?

Oh, Mike Gillis, that son of a bitch?

Well, I've asked around about him, and nobody seems to know about him.

Even the sheriff doesn't know about it.

Oh, he knows.

Everybody knows.

They just don't want to talk about it.

I knew his wife, too.

His wife?

Yeah, she used to come in here all the time.

Make those strange purchases...

I knew she wasn't pregnant.

What strange purchases?

Well, like two of everything!

Two bottles, two sets of clothes...

Like for twins.

I remember her distinctly.

She was a kind of a homely girl, but extremely polite.

And then she stopped coming in.

Soon after that, he was gone.

Can you tell me anything more about this Mike Gillis?

Well, not too much, he was kinda closed-mouthed and kept to himself.

Except when his house burnt down... then he was the talk of the town, but for all the wrong reasons.

When Claudia disappeared... he went up in the mountains and never came to town again.

Well, some people thought he might've murdered Claudia.

If you knew all of this... why didn't you call the authorities?

Well, I just didn't want to get too involved...

Murray, Murray! We got a problem! I need ammo.

What is it?

Hey Murray, we need ammo! What about the sheriff?

Screw the Sheriff! Who is that?

That's that Detective Black from Beaumont.

Murray, I'm in a hurry!

All right, all right!

Murray! We got a murder on our hands!

A murder? Who?

We don't know, it looks like a visitor.

Phil's dead, too.

Phil Brady?

Phil mentioned something about a girl and her boyfriend staying up at the Dovic house.

How far is this Dovic house?

They're miles up the Truancy's mountain.

But you say the police are on their way.

Yeah, but it's gonna take 'em a while, they're in another county.

Then the four of us will go to the Dovic house.

Murray, don't tell anybody!

I won't.

I mean it!

I swear!

Hello? Hello, Martha?

Is that you?


I told you this was a bad idea.

Wait for me! Jesus!

Okay, Chris. You need to lock all the doors and stuff. I'm taking Stacy into the bedroom, okay?

All right, yeah. I gotta call 911, we gotta get the fuck out of here!

Jeez, fuck!

Okay, all right... okay.

You fucking piece of shit, come on, come on.

There's no dial tone.

There's no dial tone!

You don't understand.

I didn't mean to kill her.

I didn't... Who?

I wanted children, but I...

I didn't mean any... he made me!

She woulda' been fine...

What are you talking about?

Kelly, where's Brad?

Okay. Everything's gonna be okay, okay?

We're gonna get you to the doctor, okay?

Stacy, did you leave the window open?

Who's there?


I'm not afraid of you!


Stop messing with my mind!


Show yourself...



I see you've got your rag-doll.

Where are you going, Mommy?

Why are you trying to take Mommy away? Where are you taking Mommy?

Mommy, the bad man's gonna hurt you too?

We won't let him hurt you anymore.

No one will hurt you ever again.

911, what is your emergency?

Hello! Hi, yeah!

There's someone butchering people up here! Okay? So you...


What the fuck!

Kell, I don't have any service!

Fuckin' nonsense...

Hello, 911, what's your emergency? Kell?

Kell? Hello?

Can you hear me?

Ah! Fuck!!

Who the fuck are you?

No, no, no, no, you don't want to do that. Okay, just stay back.

There's two of you! You look g... What do you want?

I didn't do anything, okay? I don't know what the fuck's goin' on here.

I didn't do anything, all right? Just please, please. Hello, ma'am, are you all right?

Hello! Hello! I'm in the Dovic house, fuckin' Mount Falls, please...

These bitches are fuckin' me up!

Please! Send somebody, please! Just try to...

Please, just stop!

Wait, wait, wait, wait! You don't want to... Please just...

What's happening?

Are you there? Hello? Hello?



You guys check the cabin, we'll go around back.

Sheriff's Department!

Aww... Jesus!

Aw, Jeez...

Got another one.

Ken, we got a serious problem on our hands.

Oh my god!

The killer could still be here, let's go check out front.

Let's go!


You'll wake my dolly.

Don't move. Let me see your hands.


Are you alone... agh!


Hey, drop the gun!

Drop the gun!!



Wake up.

Wake up.


Sister? Sister?

Stacy, can you hear me?

Sister? Stacy!

Stacy, get me out of here! Don't leave me.

Stacy? Don't leave me. Sister?

Help! Somebody get me out of here! Get me out of here!


Sister? Get me out of here!


Stacy?! Sister?

Don't leave me.

Hello? Don't leave me.


The bad mans killed my sister. Let me out of here!!

Why, Mommy?


Come with me.


Get me out of here.


Stacy, I'm in here.

Get me out!

I'm in here, get me out!

Open the door! Police!

I'm in here!

Get me out!

Please let me out! Hello? She's still got a pulse.

I think she's in shock though, get an ambulance over here!

Bill, we need an ambulance over at the Dovic cabin.

I see two women running through the woods.

Help! Get me out of here!


Oh! Oh my god...

It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. What happened?

Oh my god, where's Stacy? I need to find Stacy!

It's okay, she's okay. It's all right.

Hey there.

Get a sedative!

All right, just calm down...

She's out.

Keep an eye on her.

This is my town... and I want this cleared up just as much as you do.

Suit yourself, just don't get in my way.

Sir, the aunt and uncle of Stacy Walker are here.

Press too. Christ, so soon?

Small town, doesn't take much.

So, we're looking for two women?

That's right, Sergeant, here they are.

Let's go find 'em.

Hey doc! Doc, I'm Detective Black, I'm here for the girl. How is she?

I think she'll be all right.

The bullet didn't pierce any vital organs.


The stress from the blast must've caused her to go into shock.

Can I have her now?

Where's she going? Jail.

I don't think jail is the best place for her.

Doc, she's under investigation for murder.

Detective Black, we've got another body up here.

Now, 17 years ago, Maggie's sister, Becky... and her sister's twin daughters were abducted.

Now, one of the girls has been found, but the question still looms... where is the other twin?

I'll have more, coming up.

...find her? Anything?

We have a lot of people looking for your niece, sir.

Oh god!

I can't believe this is happening to us.

We'll find her.

You have her in the jail?

We had a hard time controlling her, she's wild.

Well, we've got to get her to a better, more secure facility.

This is temporary.

She's gotta see the judge tomorrow.

You're talking about her like she's some sort of animal.

She's a little girl, she's a victim.

This girl killed four people that we know of.

Probably more.

She stabbed a nurse with a pen. In the eye, no less!

She's... she's just frightened, that's all... that's all it is.

Let me take her home, I can help her.

I can get her treatment.

She is not an innocent little girl anymore.

I believe the twins have been living in the woods all this time like wild animals.

They've become predators.

Killing out of necessity.

Now granted, she is the victim of abuse, but she's also a cold-hearted killer!

She's gonna be okay, because she has family now.


She's all I got left of my sister.

Could somebody get these cameras out of here! At least let me see her.

Sheriff, please.

I haven't seen my niece in 17 years.

She didn't ask for this. This isn't her fault.


Rest, Mommy, rest here.

What's your name?

What's your... what's your sister's name?

I love my sister always.

I know.

So you live here?

This is my home.

You live in the woods? Why?


Safe from who?


You mean men.

What men?

Bad mans.

They beat girls like me.

Who beat you?


Your father abused you?

My daddy did too.

And my boyfriend, he beats me.

Me kill boyfriend...

Kill who?

The bad mans that was mean to you.

You killed Brad?


No, no no no no... I killed Brad.

Do you hear me?

Don't blame yourself for that, okay?


It's funny...

You know... not all men are bad.

Just the ones you love.


Mm-hmm... yeah, love.

Mommy loved me.

Sister loved me.

There's no one left.

They left me.

I love you.


I like it when you call me mommy.

Come on.




Your name is Casey.





Aunt Maggie.

I'm your mommy's sister.

Everything's gonna be just fine.

No one's gonna hurt you.

No, it's okay.

It's okay.

You like that?

That's a perfume by a... beautiful movie star.

Oh, she was gorgeous.

Just like you.

It's okay.

It's okay!

Another 'Stickler' transcription.