Viva Las Vegas (1964) Script

-Hard way, eight! -Hard eight.

Here we go. Coming out.

-Shoot them. -Here they go.

Come on, roll.

Here they go. We gotta roll.

Coming on out. There they go.

Mr. Swanson! Mr. Swanson!

Mr. Swanson, Lucky's got the dough!

-He's got it! -Great. lt's like a miracle. A dream coming true.

Good. Lucky always wanted to race for himself.

He's supposed to meet me back here in Los Angeles. Let's get it crated.

Not so fast now. Lucky's your friend and partner...

. ..but l'm a plain, ordinary businessman.

Until he shows up with the dough that motor stays here.

But he's got the dough!

Look, Shorty. l can't deposit this in my bank. lt's the wrong color.

Hey, Swanny.

-That motor still for sale? -Yes, Mr. Olson. lt's the last one l've got.

But you can't. Lucky's gonna buy it. l told you, first guy walks in here with the dough buys the motor.

-Who's the wild-eyed one? -Lucky Jackson's mechanic. l may be interested in the motor as a spare. l'm entering two cars in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Operator. Operator! Get me Las Vegas. Quick!

-Hey, you got room for me? -Sure, drive right in.

Hey, boss. Here comes Lucky Jackson with his entry.

All right, back her right in here.

Here we go. Bring it around a little.

That's quite a rig.

-l never saw anything like it. -One of a kind. Built it myself.

-What'll she do? -l don't know yet. l'm on my way to Los Angeles to pick up my motor.

-Be back tomorrow. -Fine.

-l'd like to pay in advance. -All right.

Thank you.

Well, what do you think of it, Mr. Lucky Jackson?

Well, Elmo Mancini.

The ltalian racing count. How do you know me? l went three times to watch you drive at the Western Speedway.

-You're brilliant. -Thanks, coming from the champion. ln Europe. Now l would like to prove myself in your country.

Too bad you're going back to L.A. l had a proposition to make to you.

-To me? -Yes. l admire the bravado with which you drive. . .

. ..and l want you to drive for me.

-You're not driving in the Grand Prix? -No, no. l mean, l intend to win.

Now l get it.

You'll use my "bravado" to block for you so you can get through. l knew you were clever.

A couple things wrong with your proposition: l don't work for anybody. l never run second to anybody.

And one small thing: l intend to win.

You think you can beat both of us?

l'll try. l'd like to see what you got.

Be my guest.

-You have made some changes. -l got my little secrets.

Yeah, l can tell.

Can you help me, please?

Can we help you? Yes, ma'am. l'd like you to check my motor. lt whistles. l don't blame it.

-What did you say? -Forgive my friend. He's very young.

We'll be very happy to check your motor.

That's what l call a real sporty model. l agree. A beautiful line.

-Count? -Oh, yes.

That's how l started out, working on sports cars.

-Well, no wonder! -Well, is it serious?

She got a lucky break when she stopped in here.

Oh, yes.

-Start her up, champ. -Yeah.

Let her rip!

-l don't understand-- -l'll make it simple.

-Your motor's broken. -Broke? lt was running perfectly when l pulled up here, except for the whistle.

-Are you sure you're a mechanic? -Sure l am.

We're gonna have to dismantle this whole thing.


-Might take a whole day. -A day?

Maybe two.

Well, if you have to.

Can you lend me a car until you have mine running again?

We'll do better. l'll be happy to drive you wherever you want to go.

And why should you go to all that bother?

Because here l'm known as "your very bothering mechanic."

l'm sure you are.

Be right back.

l'm sorry.

You fixed it.

-You know what you've done? -What?

We don't even know the girl's name. Or do you?

-You could've seen her registration. -l had no eyes for her registration.

-My eyes were-- -l know what they were on.

She might not even live here. She could be a tourist.

Trust my instinct in these matters.

She could be in one of the shows.

But what difference does it make?

Unfortunately, you're on your way to L.A. and l have to work on my car.

Therefore, we have no time to search for a beautiful girl. l guess you're right.

-Good luck to you. -Good luck to you too.

l thought you were on your way to Los Angeles.

The same way you were gonna work on your motor. Remember?

Did you find her? l haven't checked them all yet.

We'll find her if it takes all night.

-Shall we go in? -Might as well.

"Welcome Sons of the Lone Star State."

Looks like they're having a good time.

What happened here?

-Boss, l've done the best-- -l know!

Go get yourself a drink! Or 1 0!

-Do you have a girl about so high? -With legs incomparable? l don't know what kind of girls l got, but troubles, l got plenty!

When is the next show?

There isn't gonna be any show until l get these crazy Sons--

Until l get them out of here!

You get the girls ready to go on in 5 minutes. Count.

Fellow Texans!

Sons of the glorious Lone Star State.

Let's pay tribute to those who've made Texas.. .

. ..the most glorious and proud state of the union.

To the memory of noble Sam Houston!

To the one and only Davy Crockett!

John Wayne.

Bring out the girls.

Come to think of it, we never had a girl that high, legs incomparable...

. ..but we got a gorgeous line of Korean cuties.

"Trust my instincts in these matters." l trusted your instinct. Where did it get me? Nowhere.

To Texas. lt's not the end of the world.

Tonight is another night.

Tonight l'll be on my way back to Los Angeles.

All right. Now, everybody line up.

Watch me. Be sure you pay strict attention.

Watch me very closely.

Now, watch me.


. ..step, step. . .

. ..swan...

. ..and push.

Count. . .

. .. l'm going to L.A. right now. Can l borrow this?

You're going to take the guitar all the way back to Los Angeles?

What for?

All right, let's try it. Get ready.

All right.

Come on. Don't be afraid.

Come on. Right out there.

Go! Go! Good.

Arms spread. Go ahead.

Very good!

There you go. All the way back. That's right.

Good. Here come the winners.

Good for you.

Good morning. l've been looking for you all night.

Really? You must be desperate to find a motor that needs fixing.

What l really need is a swimming lesson. l'm through with lessons today.

-Great. Why don't we go out? -l have other duties.

She loves me She loves not She loves me, she loves me She loves me The lady loves me And it shows ln spite of the way She turns up her nose l'm her ideal Her heart's desire Under that ice She's burning like fire She'd like to cuddle up to me She's playing hard to get The lady loves me But she doesn't know it yet

The gentlemen has savoir faire As much as an elephant Or a bear l'd like to take him for a spin Back to the zoo To visit his kin He's got about as much appeal As a soggy cigarette The lady loathes him But he doesn't know it yet

The lady's got a crush on me The gentlemen's crazy Obviously The lady's dying to be kissed The gentlemen needs a psychiatrist l'd rather kiss a rattlesnake Or play Russian roulette The lady loves me But she doesn't know it yet

She's falling fast She's on the skids Both of his heads Are flipping their lids Tonight she'll hold me in her arms I'd rather be holding hydrogen bombs Will someone tell this Romeo l'm not his Juliet The lady loves me But she doesn't know it yet

-She wants me -Like poison ivy

-Needs me -Like a hole in the head

-Anyone can see she's got it bad -He's mad

-The gentleman is an egotist -l'm simply aware l'm hard to resist

-He's one man l could learn to hate -How's about having dinner at 8? l'd rather dine with a Frankenstein ln a moonlight tete-a-tete The lady loves me But she doesn't know it yet Oh, yes, she loves me Dig that shrinking violet

-Oh, she really loves me -Here's one gal you'll never get She love, love, loves me Would you like to make a bet?

I said the lady loves me

The gentleman's all wet

-You're using the wrong technique. -No kidding.

Mr. Jackson?

-May l have a word with you, please? -Sure.

What's the word?

The word, Mr. Jackson, is money.

You arrived with no luggage and you charged--

-Hey, Lucky! Hey, partner! -What're you doing here?

Didn't you get my message?

Swanson will sell the motor unless we get him the money.

We're leaving now. Give me the bill.

-You fall in the pool or something? -Long story.

Maybe you got it stashed in the room?

Some dame roll you?

Don't ponic pan-- panic, partner. l'll help you.

-lt's no use. The money's gone. -lt is?

That's very good.

Good, Jimmy. Good, good, good.

Good. All right, that's enough. You can join the others.

Very good.

-l was watching you teach. Very good. -Thank you. l've ordered lunch for us. Will you join me?

Thank you so much, but l'm on duty right now.

Too bad.

What's this? Some kind of American joke?

No, it's not. He lost all our money.

That's not a tragedy, my friend. Now you can drive for me.

Looks like we got a job here for a long, long time, Count.

Serve him, Shorty.

Ma'am, would you like a lemonade on the house? l heard about your money. l'm so sorry.

-lt's only money. -Only money?

Do you know how hard it is to earn money?

-But l won it. -Not win it, but make it.

Well, now that you've got me told, how would you like to go out with me?

l'm a working girl.

Not tomorrow. l checked already. l'm on the shift that gets off too.

And l got a whole day to spend with you. So?

So all right.

-Meet me at the University of Nevada. -You must be kidding.

What're they teaching you? How to stack cards and deal from the bottom?

Rusty, l thought maybe we could go dancing or something.

-Oh, you want to go dancing? -Or something.

-Are you a good dancer? -Try me.

That l will.

Meet me at the university gymnasium tomorrow morning at 9:00. ..

. ..and we'll dance.

Or something.

Okay, kids, relax.

-Hi. -Hi.

Do you want to join us? lf l'm caught, they'll take my license.

-You wanted to dance. -Not here.

-Are you gonna chicken out? -Yeah.

-Let's cut out of here. -On one condition.

The kids are expecting you to do something.

So if you don't want to dance, sing. l know you can do that.

-Okay, but then we cut out, right? -Right.

-This is fun. -lt's the only way to travel.

That's Hoover Dam.

One of the seven modern civil engineering wonders of this century. lt's over 700 feet from the Colorado River below to the top of the dam.

The dam helps make enough electricity to light up homes 300 miles away.

Fly with Rusty Martin and complete your education. l do sound like a guide.

Where are we going?

That way.

That's Lake Mead behind the dam. Do you see it?

Continue, professor.

All right. The lake has 550 miles of shoreline. . .

. ..and that's the marina there ahead of us.

And there you can go sailing, boating, fishing. . .

. ..swimming, water-skiing--

You said the magic word.

-l did? -Yeah. Hang on, here we go.

-Where are you from, Rusty? -Dubuque. l've never been, but it's interesting that you're from there.

Before you get too attached to Dubuque, we moved there from Chillicothe, Ohio.

How about that. l've never been there either.

Don't fall in love with Chillicothe.

Before that we lived in Helena, Arkansas. On the Mississippi.

The Mississippi. A great place to be born. l wasn't. l was born here in Las Vegas.

-You're putting me on? -No.

-That's a coincidence. -What?

You were born here, and after all that traveling l met you here. lt must mean something.

All it means is my father came here to work on the dam. . .

. ..and he liked it and he stayed.

We live right over here.

l sort of remember Las Vegas was nothing much then.

A place where people came to get married.

Came to get married. Still do l guess. l suppose. lt's a thing l'm not very much interested in.

Me neither. l guess you got big plans for your future, haven't you?

You'll probably find it very dull and commonplace...

. ..but l want to earn enough to help my father buy a boat.

-A boat? -Yes.

He runs a sightseeing boat on the lake now.

My father's the kind of a man who doesn't like to work for other people.

He wants to work for himself.

He's never had a chance to because of taking care of me.

For a long time it's been my father and me.

He's the kind of man who likes to work for himself.

Sort of like me.

He's entirely different. He's actually more like me...

-. . .not crazy at all. -Thank you.

-Honey? -Dad.

-Can't l be a little bit crazy? -Hi, Dad.

-Lucky, this is my father. -Mr. Martin.

-Rusty's talked a lot about you. -She has?

-l didn't think she'd mention me. -l mentioned your losing your money.

Had a good day?

-Great. We-- -We went sightseeing.

-The usual things, you know. -Yeah, sure.

You kids remember to eat lunch?

You didn't.

Come inside the apartment. We'll throw something together.

Thanks, but l better get the copter back.

You kids come in a copter? Don't they cost 1 0 dollars a minute?

The guy running the field is an Air Force buddy.

He still lets me order him around.

Well, l'd like to hear what you have to say about race driving.

Come to think of it, if l were younger, l'd take it up myself.


Take it up with your daughter. She don't think it's safe.

Well, honey, l'll run along. l promised old Jake Stiles l'd go bowling.

Father, stop torturing me. l couldn't eat a thing.

-l never had a better day. -Me too.

Let's don't let it end. l'll go change.

l give Give you my heart

Today, tomorrow and forever

You'll always be my love

l give Give you my heart Today, tomorrow and forever

You'll always be my love You'll always be My love

-Hello, Rusty. -Pretty car. l love the color.

Thank you.

-You enjoy racing? -l don't really know.

-l suppose you're very good. -Well, l hope l am. ls Lucky good?

He's the best since Cal Howard.

Cal Howard? ls he the champion?

He would have been, but he had bad luck.

-What do you mean? -His car crashed over a wall.

So, as you see, the good thing to do is to avoid bad luck. l guess so.

-What are you talking about? -Rusty was asking--

We were just discussing cars and drivers.

-Let's go for a ride. -You got the motor?

You better believe it.

You do?

This way.

Okay, now l'm gonna downshift and bring her up 5700 revs.

-What does that mean? -We're going into a turn.

Hey, okay.

Here's my shift point. Watch me burn up the guy ahead.

-Why? -Because we gotta win, that's why.

Just a few more hundred of these and l'll be racing again.


Someday you'll get smashed up just like Cal Howard.

How did you know about that?

Oh, look. He was just unlucky, that's all.

-lt's just one of those things. -Unlucky. That's what everybody says.

Honey, l just don't understand this part of you. l really don't.

What do you mean "this part of me"? lt is me.

Try to understand, it is me.

Then you've got to understand me.

When l get married. . .

. .. l want a little white house...

. ..with a tree in the front yard.

A real kind of tree. . .

. ..with green leaves--

Oh, that.

When l get the money, we can have 1 00 trees. . .

. ..a big white house with a four-car garage and everything.

-By then l'll be the champ. -l don't want you to be champ. l know that every cent you get your hands on.. .

.'ll gamble away, because it's that motor you want.

The Grand Prix. Any race.

Any fool would know. ..

. won't change.

Not for anybody.

Well, what are you doing home this time of day, honey?

-You feel all right? -l never felt better in my life.

Oh, sure. Of course. l can see that. ls it so unusual for a girl to come home...

. ..because she's sick of the hotel and all the people in it? ls it so unusual for a girl to want a little peace and quiet?

You answer it and if it's anybody, l won't speak to him.

-Yeah? -For Miss Rusty Martin.

-A tree? -Yeah, a tree.

-You want that l put it inside? -No, you better not. lt's pretty outdoorsy.


-Come here. -l'm not interested. lt's not that anybody you didn't want to see. lt's something he sent you. A little posy. lt should be obvious l'm completely indifferent. . .

. anything he might give-- lt's a tree. Daddy, it's a tree! lt sure is.

Oh, l've wronged him.

-l've wronged him terribly. -Sure you have.

The things l said, what l did. l'm so sorry.

All l could do is say so. From the bottom of my heart.

You know, Mr. Tree.. .

. ..we may have a big celebration come Christmas.

You and l can both get lit up.

Lucky! Lucky!

Oh, l'm sorry. lt's not you.


-Oh, hi. -Hi, Rusty. lf you're free, why don't we have a quiet dinner in my suite?

No, l couldn't. Not after the tree.


-What are you doing? -Hi, Lucky, baby.

You're supposed to be working. l'm not a waiter anymore, and neither are you.

The ltalian champ couldn't stand us being waiters. . .

. he paid off our debt to this joint. We're free.

You must be out of your mind. We don't want to--

Help yourself, ladies.

Lucky, l've got to talk to you.

Stop helping. Mind your own business.

What are you talking about?

l know. Even if you win, it won't be enough for a motor.

With a cash prize, l could win enough for it.

You can take your darn tree back!

Tree again? What's this tree?

-l need a tree like a-- -Hold on!

You can't do that!

Look, Rusty, l could use the money l'm going to win.

Win? What makes you so sure you're going to win?

-l'm in the contest too. -Go ahead. Try to win. l don't care.

-That's exactly what l'm going to do. -That's fine.

-l hope you lose! -Thanks!

See what you started?

-Didn't you ask me to dinner? -Yes, of course.

All right!

-Francois! -Yes, maitre.

You'll serve Count Mancini in his suite, as you know.

And discreetly.


When you have finished serving, vanish.

Because at this moment, musicians take their places behind the screen. . .

. ..and romantic ltalian melodies provide an atmosphere of--

You see, the count is dining a deux with the beautiful. . .

. ..manager of our pool.

Hey, Frankie. Frankie.

Can you be bought?

You look lovely tonight.

Thank you.

They're beautiful.

Just beautiful. l've never had a whole spray before.

Thank you.

l've always seen your hair in bright sunlight. l thought it was the loveliest thing l'd seen.

But by candlelight it's softer. Even more beautiful.

-Yes, now back to our conversation. -Conversation?

That we had today. About the racing and drivers?

Yes, our conversation, Let's talk about you first.

-Good evening, folks. -Oh, no.

Thought you'd like something to gnaw.

Potato chips and champagne don't go together.

Count, they're my favorite.

These candles smell funny.

You don't need them. lt's bright outside.

Yes, now, what we were talking about.

-Why do you drive in the Grand Prix? -l want to win.

-lt's my first U.S. race. -l don't understand--

Don't try to explain to her because she won't understand.

You won't understand, will you, baby?

-Don't call me baby. -Okay, baby.

Should l open the count, pop? Pop, count?

-lf you know how. -There's a first for everything.

You had champagne?

Certainly, hundreds of times.

When my friend Pauline got married.. .

. ..and when l was 1 8 my father and l split a split.

You were asking why l race? lt is because racing cars have always been my hobby. l'm a wealthy man and have nothing to spend my money on that matters.

Oh, that's sad.

But if l met a girl l could love, l'd gladly give up my hobby.

Keep my cars as toys.

Let Lucky drive them. He's a very fine driver.

But a miserable waiter.


You'd give up racing?

For the girl l love? Oh, yes.

We haven't finished. lt was cold when it spilled on my hand. lt's bad.

Somebody l know wouldn't give up racing. For a girl or for anything.

-l like how you think. -Thank you. lt sounds very attractive and so reasonable.

This catfish don't look too healthy. lt's furry around the edges.

Bring us another order then.

lf you're gonna get her primed, l better open this.

-How dare you! -l gotta open it. l feel it in my heart, Rusty.

There's a time in life when a man must put away his toys...

. ..and get on to the serious business of living.

Definitely. l agree with you thoroughly. lt's a pleasure to hear a man's opinion. ..

. ..and not have to listen to a stubborn boy who won't grow up--

That's too much. Where's my regular waiter?

You don't want me?

No. Anybody but you.

Okay. Take it easy with the pop because l want you in top shape.. .

. ..when you lose that talent contest.

Leave it alone. Just get out.

Okay, l'm going. l'm going.


Oh, no. Get out.

Just get out. Leave it.

-Get out. -Come on. He wants to be alone. l'm sorry. l didn't expect our dinner to turn into a farce.

That's all right.

-Music for you. -lt's beautiful.

Just beautiful.

Now l feel at home again.

l can almost believe we are in my villa...

. ..outside of Naples.

lt lies up in the hills.

The air is so soft.

-lt warms a man's blood. -lt's air-conditioned here.

Flowers tumble over the wall.

Everything's in bloom.

You mustn't judge all America by Las Vegas. . .

. ..because Las Vegas is in the desert and it's the summertime now. lf you think I don't need you Take a look at my eyes Baby, these ain't raindrops Falling out of the sky Since you've been gone l've been so alone lf you think I don't need you Then, baby, you're wrong lf you think I don't love you What could l do To prove to you, baby My love is true l sing the same old song Since you've been gone Since you've been gone l've been so alone lf you think I don't need you Baby you're wrong l hate to break this up, but we'll be late for the contest, baby.

-Don't call me-- -Baby.

Do you understand what l tried to say?

What you tried to say sounds attractive.

Thank you. Good luck in the contest. l think l need it. l was just-- Yeah.


You know our chef, Karl, and his lovely wife...

. ..who will be appearing in the kitchen to pay for the broken dishes.

Here's a real treat, fellow employees.

A lady who comes to us direct from a sensational run. . .

. ..around our swimming pool. Our very clever pool manager.. .

. ..let's make her welcome. Lovely Rusty Martin.

Let's bring Rusty out.

We're really way up there!

Looks like you're the winner so far.

And now, fellow employees. . .

. is America's foremost waiter, but he may be tomorrow's maitre d'.

Let's welcome from amongst you...

. ..Lucky Jackson.

Bright-light city gonna set my soul Gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money That's ready to burn So get those stakes up higher There's a thousand pretty women Waiting out there And they're all living Devil-may-care And l'm just a devil With love to spare So viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas How l wish that there were more Than the 24 hours in the day Even if there were 40 more I wouldn't sleep a minute away Oh, there's blackjack and poker And the roulette wheel A fortune won and lost on every deal All you need's a strong heart And a nerve of steel Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashing And your one-arm bandits crashing All those hopes down the drain Viva Las Vegas turning day lnto nighttime Turning night into daytime lf you see it once You'll never be the same again

l'm gonna keep on the run l'm gonna have me some fun lf it costs me my very last dime lf I wind up broke up Well, l'll always remember That l had a swinging time l'm gonna give it Everything l've got Lady Luck, please let the dice stay hot Let me shout a seven with every shot Viva Las Vegas Viva, viva Las Vegas

That was wonderful, wasn't it? Let's see what the meter says. lt's right up there!

Looks like we got ourselves a tie.

Rusty, come on out, honey.

And Lucky. Lucky Jackson.

You kids were wonderful. You were dynamite.

Let's decide who the winner is Las Vegas-style. l'll flip a silver dollar.

Ladies first. Would you pick a toss, Rusty?

-Heads. -Heads. Okay, here we go.


He didn't toss it high enough.

Looks like the winner is Lucky Jackson!

We did it! We got the motor! We did it, baby!

Of course, we do have a second prize for Miss Martin.

Take a look here.

How about that? Not the girls, they go with me.

But here, for you, is a genuine, regulation-size. . .

. ..beautiful pool table.

Here's a wonderful evening of fun for the family.

Mom, Pop and the kiddies. How about that? l never expected anything so beautiful or so big. l'm very happy. Thank you. Thank you so much.

And now, the first prize.

First prize. Here we go.

Lucky, this is yours.

This beautiful silver trophy is all yours.

You hold it for one year and next year you hand it to next year's winner.

Wait a minute. That's not all. That's not all.

You also receive. ..

Money. Money.

. all-expense paid. . .

. ..two weeks' honeymoon! Right here in fabulous Las Vegas!

How about that?

Oh, no.

-Just one more. -Just one more.

Very good. That's all, kids, thanks very much.

-Congratulations. -Nice going, Lucky.

-Thank you. -Ask her, Lucky. Go ahead, ask her.

Rusty? l'll trade you this honeymoon for your pool table because you don't need it. l don't need a honeymoon.

Besides, l love it. lt's got a lot of practical uses.

She won't loosen up with it. She can sell it, same as you.

There's no sense in trying.

We lost our motor. l think l'll go jump over the dam and take this with me.

Excuse me, folks. lt's rescue time.

I need somebody Won't that somebody Please, please listen to my plea?

Need that somebody Won't that somebody Come running to me?

I need somebody to lean on

l'm tired of being unhappy And so blue lf she came, l would hold her Because l need that shoulder To lean on Yes, l really do

I need somebody And, baby, that somebody is you

-Hey, buddy. You seen Shorty? -Nope. l can't find him. Looks like he ran out. Took my car too.

No, that's not the way l want it.

Okay, Mancini. You win.

-You'll drive for me? -No, l'll work on your car.

Okay. You work on my car, l'll work on your girl.

You mind if l watch? l always wanted to take a look at one, see how they've changed.

But of course, Mr. Martin.

-Lucky will explain everything to you. -Well, thanks.

Sure. lf it's all right with your daughter.

What has she got to say about it? What are these?

That's a carburetor.

There are three here. The only change--


Well, Father. l thought you were going fishing. l'm practically on my way.

Then you can take me with you.

Anybody who would marry this girl is a fool.

Hey, Lucky! Lucky!

Everybody! Look! l got the motor! Wait'll you see her! She's a beauty!

-We got it? -Yes! She's ours!

We got it!

-Did you do this? -Save your gratitude.

Why should l do it?

-Did you do it, Rusty? -Me?

You think l'd have any part of this thing?

Stop being a detective. Get to work.

You think you can have it running by midnight? lt's noon.

-We can. -You bet.

-lf you need help, l'll-- -Father!

Honey, why don't you go fishing? The fishing is good.

We need a chain pull.

Mr. Martin, an N wrench. The torque wrench, Shorty.

On the double!

-We haven't got much time. -Here.

-N wrench. -Beautiful. lt's not an N wrench.

Does he love me most Or love my rival?

Does he love my rival More than me?

When the weekend comes He's with my rival Yes, he's with my rival constantly And all through the week My competition gets the praise That style, that pep, that body line There was a time when he praised mine He's not fooling me He's with my rival And l know right where they are He's carrying things too far My rival is a baby-blue racing car l could be the senorita Or a lady of fame A gold digger with a crazy figure Beat her at her own game I'll make you a bet l'd make him forget A hostess on jet A sexy brunette A model from Paris A wealthy heiress A chick who's a gas Or a graduate of Vassar A socialite who's out all night A famous movie star A debutante Or Charlie's aunt A golfer who shoots par Can't compare the female gender With a spare or with a fender Rev it up and listen to it roar While l watch the clock And walk the floor

He's not fooling me He's with my rival

And l know right where they are He's carrying things too far My rival is a baby-blue racing car

-Wheel's okay. -Right.

Father, l brought you some food. lf he'll allow you to eat it.

Sorry, Pop. Why don't you take five.

Five what? Five days?

Get this junk out of here.

This junk happens to be nourishment for my father.

Do you really think your junk will be ready for midnight? lf you came to talk, you're wasting everybody's time. lf you want to help, put these on and get to work.

All right. l will.

Hurry up and get me a wrench.

What wrench?

Over there in the tool case.

Yeah, sure.

Don't touch anything unless l tell you, please.

Where's the cord?

Put that plug back in!

Will you stop crossing the wires? You're liable to blow us up!

Let me put you where you won't bother us.

Mr. Martin, will you get the girl out before she louses up the race?

Honey, go fishing. Make him happy.

She's plain ignorant. Let her stick around. She'll learn something.

-Where's the gun? -What does he need a gun for?

-To shoot you if you don't move. -No, a grease gun, honey. Over there.

-ls this it? -Yeah! l'm sorry. lf we went fishing, none of this would have happened.

Give me the gun.

Oh, no.


Attention in the pit and garage area.

Let's get all the cars to the starting grid now.

A few are missing. Let's bring them up.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first Las Vegas Grand Prix.

We'll have TV cameras along the circuit to bring you this coverage.

Also, we'll be in communication by telephone.

Making his first appearance in this country is Count Mancini.

lt won't start!

-We did it! -We did it!

-Get them, Lucky! -That's the idea.

At this time, we have not seen Lucky Jackson.

We have gotten word that they're working frantically to get this car ready.

Come on, let's push it!

Come on, let's push it. Push!

-We got it. -l found the copter to fly the crew!

-What crew? -You, your dad and me.

-Yeah, me. -Come on, let's go!

-Come on, Lucky! -Get them!

Get them, Lucky! Good luck!

Here comes Lucky Jackson now.

This is a real thriller. We didn't think he'd make it. . .

. ..but they're bringing his car up now and he will be in the race.

This course will be around Hoover Dam, Mount Charleston...

. ..and various points throughout the desert.

Attention all drivers.

Will you go to your starting positions now, gentlemen?

We'll start our countdown as soon as the drivers take their positions.

-lt looks like they're there. -Ten, nine, eight... ...five...

...four, three...

...two, one.

Come on, let's go. Rusty, come on.

-Hurry! Come on! -Sit back! Put your seat belt on.

lt's 6:1 0 a.m.

Right now, they're approaching Hoover Dam.

Everybody coming through in apparently good order.

As the cars come over the dam, a beautiful sight to see.

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Come on, Lucky!

We did it! We did it!

You made a good investment when you brought the money for that motor--

-Good luck. -Thanks.

-Send me a card. l'll miss you. -Right, partner.

Take good care of her.

Bright-light city gonna set my soul Gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money That's ready to burn So get those stakes up higher There's a thousand pretty women Waiting out there And they're all living Devil-may-care And l'm just a devil with love to spare So viva Las Vegas