Waikiki beuladeoseu (2001) Script

Presented by CJ Entertainment A Myung Film Production

Starring Lee Uhl

Park Wonsang

Hwang Jungmin

Thank you for coming to see Waikiki Brothers Due to unexpected circumstances, this will be our last song

Oh Kwangrok

Oh Jeehye

Ryu Seungbum

Written and Directed by Yim Soonrye

Ulung Island?

Is that all?

No, it's just far Yes



No, besides there...

Yes Anyway, Suanbo will be hard


I'm finally sober now


How about going to Ulung Island?

Is there a job for us there?

And the pay?

You know they're in a slump lately

I'm not going I'm tired of getting seasick And the girls there are so plain Is that all you think about? Have some sense Hey, except during vacation no one even goes there That's nonsense I'm not going

Isn't there another place?

For the Sixth Miss Pepper Contest, let me introduce the six beautiful girls for the final round Give them a warm round of applause!

In the first round contestant number six showed us a really hot dance Now for the final round, can you show it again?

Let's give her another round of applause!

What deep sorrow Makes you weep on every leaf On the day I got married On the ridge of Chilgab Mountain Only a bird's song Broke my weeping heart You did a wonderful job

Thank you Yes. Thank you Please help yourselves

What is this!

If we divide it three ways, it's nothing Three? There's four of us That's okay I didn't play today anyway Three, four... what matters is that after expenses, there's nothing left!

Being a day laborer pays better!

Don't be such a loser Come on, have a drink Hey, stop drinking I'm not drunk. I'm okay

Kangsoo, that's enough You had a lot to drink I said I'm all right!

Sungwoo, what happened to us?

For the love of music, we put up with a lot of shit up to now But we lost three out of seven of us

Why the hell do we have to be here in this shit hole?

Damn it!

Every time he's drunk he loses it!

Wake up! Kangsoo!

Bands have it hard these days, huh?

We've all hit bottom A long time ago, bands did all right But ever since karaoke came out, bands became history You played in a band before?

I played with Sungwoo in Taejon for a year I knew you were different from other drivers You seem like a guy who knows about art

How much do you make a month doing this?

You want to be a driver?

Don't even think about it!

Most of us can't make enough even for gas

Hey, do you remember this singer?

She performed before us at the Emperor Club in Chunju The Emperor...

Song Jaehee That's right!

Do you remember that big pimp who played with her?

I got this scar because of him I might have died if Kangsoo wasn't there

She must've swindled a rich man since then How much is it?

Damn expensive for a bootleg What are you saying!

Of course it's real!

What are you doing?

I've given it a lot of thought You guys go without me What?

I'm going to Pusan

If half the clubs in Seoul are closed, then it's worse in Pusan

I need to think about my kids...

So what's there to do in Pusan?

All you know is how to be a musician so stay with us

Don't let us down too!

Okay then If you change your mind, call me Let's go! The sun's setting!

The unemployment situation in Korea is still not improving...

Wow, the air's really fresh You can't beat this place Hey, what are you looking for?

I know music Just carry the bags in, idiot Is that an amusement park?

Yes, it's a park The view is amazing It is really cool

Let's give the almost famous Nu Hoonah a round of applause!

Next is a great band born right in this town Let me introduce the Waikiki Brothers The 'Beatles' of night clubs... and the best band south of the Han River They even have the same name as this club Waikiki Brothers!

I bet five

Call Fold Show


Damn it Hey, take a look

Full house suckers You're broke. You're out Why am I out?

I'll be back This isn't the last day Don't bet your life away I said I'll be right back!

Go ahead

Hey, lend me some money I don't have any Come on, I'll pay it back on the next payday Did you play poker with the manager again?

That guy's a shark He always empties musicians' pockets on payday You talk too much Lend it to me!

I don't have any Come here I don't...

Lend it to me Okay, okay I'll lend it to you But with one condition Okay, what?

Sorry, but do you live near here?

No, I came to see my mother You're married?

But you look like a college student I already have a five-year old son You have a child too?

Wow! But you look so young

Oh, he's so cute You little devil My son's probably the same age You have a son too?

Of course I'll show you a picture

He still looks like a baby Isn't he handsome?


Let's go




Watch this kid for me Who is he?

Not important Thirty minutes... no, one hour okay?

See you

What the fu...

Play over there

Hey! Stop!

Catch me!

I'm sorry sir Are you okay?


Choongju High School?

Yes What grade are you in?

Second Is bald Professor Cho still teaching history class?

No I'm sorry sir


Kang Sungwoo

I heard you studied pharmacy Right I was on my way to see your father and ask about you It's so nice to see you again You should've kept in touch Nobody around here knew what you were up to

I've been back for 15 years Wow, has it been that long?

So what are you up to?


Not leaving soon, right?

It sure has been a long time It has Just like the good old days I'm so glad to see you Me too How come you never kept in touch?

What were you doing?

You haven't changed at all Sure I have Remember, he's an artist Oh, right!

You said you can't care for me You said you can't love me Gazing sadly out the window Drop by drop Raindrops fall all night long

Raindrops fall all night long

Hey, Sungwoo! Kang Sungwoo!

It's your turn Stand up

Let's hear a real singer!

A round of applause!

Everything in the world Has its up and downs After you grieve and laugh Roll around and look to the sky Your life depends on what you think You shouldn't feel so miserable

Even if everything doesn't go as you want Just live your life as you please

Even if everything doesn't go as you want Just live your life as you please

Thank you!

That was 'Everything in the World' by the Choongju High School Boys Next is 'I Love Rock 'n Roll' by the Choongju High School Girls Give them a big round of applause!

Soochul, weren't you a little loud at the concert?

The girls did it to him You seemed really nervous I never played before girls My hands were shaking on the strings I played too hard and pressed the wrong keys on the keyboard too

Excuse me


I'm Kang Sungwoo from Choongju High School

We were in the same concert yesterday...

I know I have tickets to the concert next week at Citizen's Hall Do you wanna go?

Sorry, but I already have someone to go with I can go right?

So what did she say?

That's the girl from yesterday, right?

Man, those guys were cool They were awesome!

You see the bass player?

He looked like a real artist The drummer was cooler!

The keyboardist was the cool one But that one drum beat...

Get real!

Let's go!

Sungwoo, hurry up!

Wasn't it too loud?

No way!

Teacher, do you want to go again at six?

Let's see something quieter No way!

Aren't you hungry?


Is this a friend of yours?

Not that well He goes to Choongju High School Say hello He's our music teacher

Let's go teacher What do you wanna eat?


I open my heart's window And stretch my arms to say...

The fire is dancing!

It's fireworks!

A little fire flower

Spins around biting its tail

Hello... hello sir

How come you guys go wild every time you see a concert?

You crazy fools

We were on a roll

Sungwoo, come here and sit down


It's a miracle drug for heartaches

How's your girl problems?

You know women, the more you chase them, the more they'll run away

While walking to Chungmuro Street

Under the spring rain

I like Oxen '80 much more Their music is too loud I really don't wanna go to school tomorrow Don't forget our class tomorrow You know I'll never skip your class What period is it?

Fifth, I think What are you doing?

Why are you so drunk and crazy?

Teacher, please go I'll take care of it. I'm sorry

Are you out of your mind?

What's this?

A song I wrote You think you know how to compose?

I just wrote what I felt Okay, give it

I have to go in

Oh, hello!

How's it going?

Hello... hello

That guy on drums is awesome

You think we can be like those guys?

Hey stupid!

The Rolling Stones or Queen,

but be a lame band like them?

Let's play Okay

Bring the bucket!

Damn it...

Hey, I told you to be careful Why is it my fault?

The bass amp caught on fire If you had hurried, it would've burned less

Excuse me Come see our group play tonight A band?

Yeah That's not you That band just plays dance music Come late tonight We'll show you some real music What's the name of your band?

Waikiki Brothers

Come see us late tonight

Why did you call us a dumb name like Waikiki?

It's better than Choongju High School Boys

Waikiki Brothers Doesn't it sound cool?

When you think of Waikiki, you see a beach... a white yacht sailing by And beautiful women in bikinis walking under coconut trees


Come on...

You're no help While you smile

and close your eyes

After you left me...

Those guys are coming

Let's go somewhere else Hello Where you going?

Sit down

What a pretty lady...

What school are you from?

Kangneung Trade School Kangneung?

Kangneung has nice beaches so why come all the way here?

We're bored with that place Are you the band on that poster?

You have good eyes Hey, give me your guitar Soochul!

Go get something to eat

Where are your manners in front of these pretty girls?

Hurry up and come back

What should I do

On a night like this?

I'm not sleepy and you're not by my side

The night is deep and it's raining

I miss you I miss you too much

What should I do

On a night like this?

I get lonely without you

What should I do...


What's wrong?

This really pisses me off!

Where are you going?

Isn't this too much?


Why do you have to crash our party?

Be cool Let go of me!

I don't care if he's your older cousin This is too much!

We treat you boys well, and now you pissing us?

It's not disrespect...

You talk a lot for a little shit Please don't fight Why did you hit me, why?

Rude little shit!

Minsoo Why are they so serious?

Those two?

Ever since Ingi came here to fight for some environment cause, they haven't gotten along

Because Soochul works for the city's construction department It's not right If they're friends, they should help each other But instead they fight each other Stupid idiots


Can't you cancel the demonstration?

You know that's impossible People above keep pressuring me

It's impossible so let's not talk about it any more Then how about the route?

Lead them to the intersection, but not to city hall

If it's a golf field or love motel, of course I'm against it too But hot springs are helpful for this city's economy Soochul, I'm tired I only slept for three hours last night

I'm going

Stand up for your rights!

Revise the law for hot springs!

Reckless development destroys our beautiful land!

Destroys the land!

All citizens unite and prevent the springs!

Prevent the springs!

Don't leave me and go away I love Saturday nights When I see you and love you I love Saturday nights

What are you doing here?

Let go of me! Get out of here!

Hurry and let's go!

Go where?

Get off I said get off!

Hurry up!

Pigheaded idiot?

Why don't you just kill me instead?

We made a promise, remember?

I said get off

You stubborn shit

Step on the bass

Got it?

Why do you want to learn this?

You'll starve later if you start this now How do you expect to beat the drum machine on the keyboard?

To be a musician I'll have to learn that too But I always wanted to play the drums

Listen to me carefully Since I hated to read music, I learned to play the drums

But you know how much I'm regretting it now?

Anyway, I think the drummer is the coolest on stage You know, when they do this...

Gentle! They break

I should learn this

How do you make a drum sound?

Hey! You'll get Jungsuk pissed off!

Starting today, I'll set you up for sure Just tell me which girl, okay?

Like a fool I didn't say a word

I regretted it after turning away

When I stepped into the alley

My heart was beating

Your curtain-covered window

I looked at it in silence

Don't do that again It gets on my nerves What did I do?

When you turn up your drum machine my drums are drowned out Nobody can hear my drumming because of you If that's what you want, leave and be a one man Karaoke band Come on Do customers come to dance or to appreciate music?

Don't overdo it!

All you think about are girls Come on!

Then what about you?

Why did you sing that awful chorus?

Why was it awful?

I used to be a singer too once!


If you're a singer, I'm fucking Elvis You shit...

How can you be so strong for a woman You think I'll ever be as strong as you?

What do you need tomorrow?

Do you have scallions?

Don't need any Just some green onions... and fresh cucumbers How much for the potatoes?

Forget it How about a drink instead?

Give us two beers

Wait, who's this?


Yes, it's me... Cho Inhee It's been too long

How many years has it been?

You know him?

Of course He liked me so much he used to chase me around He seemed like a shy guy, but I knew he really wasn't The quiet ones are the wildest It's true, I tell you

Happy birthday to Jin Hyunsook who turned twenty-four today

But are you really twenty-four?

I thought you were eighteen Didn't we go to school together?

It's me Hyunsook, the class clown

The next group on stage is our house band...

Waikiki Brothers!

Everybody cries for love at least once Everybody laughs for love at least once That's surely love, love, love

When we're young, we don't know about love But as time passes, we realize what love is That's surely love, love, love




You know...

Spit it out. I'm busy

What do women like?

Necklaces, rings...

Do you have money?

Then some cheap make-up or perfume will do That's killer Good going Kangsoo...

Please have some more No thanks. I had a lot

Is drinking your only idea of fun?

Then what should we do?

Do you want to go somewhere else?

Do I have to spell everything out?

Just give me a drink so I can get lost

Excuse me

I'd like a body scrub


Yes... then...

Isn't Jungsuk back yet?

He doesn't ever come in this early Fucking jerk!

What's going on?

This is the last straw!

I'm gonna kill him!


That feels so good How can you be so smooth?

Is your hand really human?

Come on...

Who the hell is this?

That tickles Come on, stop it...

Oh no. I'm dead!

What's wrong?

Put your clothes on Why?


Kangsoo's looking for us

I'm not his wife so why do I have to run away?

You don't know him When he gets angry he loses his mind Hurry And we never met today, okay?

You fucking jerk!

What's with you?

Today is your last day!

Kangsoo, what's with you?

What's wrong?

You don't know, you son of a bitch?

Come here asshole!

Stop asshole!

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Kangsoo, cool it Kangsoo!

What's going on this late at night?

What's wrong with you two?

You bastard

Whenever I try to get a girl, you fuck it up every time!

That girl from Sokcho, that other girl from Daegu...

You think you're a friend, you fucking shit?

I really don't know what the fuck you're talking about

Come here, you shit!

You fucker!

Excuse me, sir...

Do I know you?

It's Mr. Woo Byungjoo, yes?

Yes, I am I'm Sungwoo Kang Sungwoo I studied guitar with you Oh, yes...

How have you been?

Where are you coming from?

Just some work I didn't know you were here this whole time

Why are you going through my wallet?

Give me the rest What?

What did you promise me before?

I only smoked one Really?


I'm this high just because it's been a while You're telling the truth, right?

Why can't you trust me?

You can have that girl

I don't need anyone

Don't need women Don't need money And I'm tired of music

Take everything you want

He's digging his own grave Digging enough for two

Hey, get in!

Where you going?

If you have time, let's go for a drive Sounds good I was thinking about giving you a call

Don't you have to work?

Prices are up today so nothing to buy or sell

Now that you're a man, you're not bad for a date Where should we go?

I don't know...

But is this okay with your husband?

Hey, I know a good place for trout Let's go there

These bastards are always so sneaky

Excuse me You violated the speed limit Your driver's license please

Wait, is this Officer Kim?


It's been too long How's your baby Mansoon?

Haven't seen her since her first birthday She's running around now Your sister calls often, right?


But Auntie, you were speeding Who you kidding?

You think I'm rich selling vegetables?

Bye-bye Wait, you can't...

Of course I can Say hi to your sister for me!

Wow, you haven't changed at all This is the best thing about living in a small town

When I heard you were married, I thought it was that music teacher

No way I just had a crush on him

But back then was the best time of my life!

So who did you marry?

You don't know him Someone from my neighborhood I see...

What's he doing now?

My husband?

He passed away How?

Car accident

Do you have a kid?

I have a boy, but he's with my mother-in-law

She won't let me see him

She said she'll raise him so I can get married again

Hey, give me a cigarette

Hey shithead!

What's wrong with you?

So what did the manager say?

What happened?

Let's just sleep

Tomorrow is tomorrow

Go to sleep

They're so pathetic Is that a band?


I knew that band would end up this way Manager, sir...

Actually I can play the drums Should I go up there?

You good-for-nothing shit!

Did you fix the bathroom yet?

Fasten your tie right And get some new glasses

That's the stage And over there...

Who's this?

He's the new member I told you about The new member is this old man?

I can't believe this We're better off with Kangsoo My teacher is fully capable Who cares about your...

I can't believe this is happening

There's no time so can he start without practice?

He has a lot of experience so there's no need to worry I never have any luck Take the old man to get a haircut

After time has passed

When those days come to mind

I can't forget them

I feel rather sad

If I ever had to love

It would be only you

His music is a work of art

We're the same age Except he died when he was only twenty-eight And I'm still going on like this

Isn't it absurd?

You know what I was doing when I was twenty-eight?

Those dance-loving housewives whose husbands left for Vietnam...

I played with them all day long in the music bars Never mind...

Under the spring rain

Hey kid Don't fight with the drums Use your wrists and hit it softly

I'm okay What do you mean you're okay?

You know you made two mistakes earlier?

Don't you know the saying?

If you make one mistake, only you know Two mistakes, then your members know And three... the customers know So you know it Then why are you...

While I walk to Chungmuro Street Under the spring rain...

Is that the only song you know?

I'm sick of it


Why do you keep calling me?

I told you to wait until I called you!

In my broken dream, your eyes were unforgettable


What the hell is this?

Manager, everything's okay Nothing to worry folks Now let's all get down to some groovy disco!

Here we go!

Pump it up!

Make it hot!

I knew he would be a problem He's been drinking like a fish these days Hurry and bring Youngjah!

Why me?

Hurry up stupid!

Youngjah The manager needs you to fill in tonight Tell him no I'm done with the stage The club is in big trouble!

The old man in the band passed out You know the manager's temper Can't you see I'm busy?

If I go back alone, I'm dead!

What's wrong with you?

Put that down, hurry!

Now for a sudden surprise Don't be shocked, but from Seoul, a very special guest The best female comic in Korea, Lee Youngjah!

Good evening!

I'm one of Korea's national treasures, super fat woman Lee Youngjah Thank you Give her another round of applause What?



Yes, I'm fake Frankly, if the real Youngjah came here, you couldn't drink for only $25 It's better to see a cheaper show with me, right?

Give me some music!

Now everyone come out to the dance floor!

Let me see your face

It's been a long time Yes...

What are you doing here?

You don't know?

Didn't the manager tell you?

No That bastard...

Go out and see him He'll have something to tell you Now?


If I meet him again someday, I'll tell him I love you Although I forgot his name Although I forgot his face But I'll never forget When he said I love you


When did you get here?

Just now

I sometimes come here whenever I feel stuffy

Then afterwards, I feel better for a few months

You're still a good singer You must be kidding My voice is rusty now

Come on in Try our beef soup It's really delicious The more you eat kimchi, the better it is for you So I hope you'll buy as much as you can Up next was going to be your favorite singer, Na Hoonah But he couldn't make it, so instead...

Here's the almost as famous...

Nu Hoona!

That's not Nu Hoona Really?

There's more Na look-a-likes than I thought

He left you already So try not to hate him It's already too late So don't regret Hide your tears Save your tears Being alone hurts more Than being apart

Professor Professor!

Are you all right?

I'm okay You should see a doctor tomorrow

Sungwoo, do me a favor Get me just one more bottle Professor...

I need to kill the pain

I'll get better after a drink

My mother, aunt, and I, were waiting for the ship to go South It was cold and the ship didn't come

Suddenly, my mother went back home to get something

Please take it easy

And then, as suddenly, the ship arrived and I never saw her again

And then I got separated from my aunt

I've had a hard life

It's time for me to die What the hell am I talking about...

While I walk to Chungmuro street Under the spring rain

Tears fell on the shop windows

What are you doing here?

I heard the old man's sick so I brought some beef soup Did he go somewhere?

He's too sick to go out Come in Thanks

Besides the old man, I'm worried about you, too Why do you live alone like this?

Just how it is you know Are you eating right?

Your cheeks have sunken in

You sure have changed a lot What's changed?

You know...

Women change after they have children


Aren't you supposed to be at work?

I quit Why?

I fought with the manager If he wasn't my friend's uncle, I would've killed him already

By the way...

Can you teach me how to play the synthesizer?

Music isn't for everyone The old teacher said I was talented This job has no future You should learn something else like construction or car repair It's better for you Everybody has a talent for something

You think music is your talent?


...and I'm handsome to boot


Why did you sneak up on me like that?

You scared me How did you come in? I thought I locked the door What are you doing?

Everyone's promoting themselves So I'm making my own music video to submit it to agents You're really full of yourself These days, your looks are more important than your music Anyway, the synthesizer does all the work for you But why are you here this late?

Is Sungwoo still here?

He went home a while ago Should I call him?

Leave it He has no interest in women

What happened to you?

That bitch's pimp stabbed me That guy again?

No, another fucker That piece of shit Why didn't you go to the hospital?

What's wrong with my life?

Don't touch me!

It hurts too bad...

I knew this would happen I knew this day would come!

Fuck, don't lecture me! I feel like I'm going crazy!

Stop drinking It's bad for your wound My arm's useless anyway

So what are you going to do?

Should I go back to my wife and help with her store?

That's not a bad idea But I'm not sure she'll take me

What happened to my life?

I ruined it just like that

Hey, Sungwoo Can you call Kangsoo for me?

Do it when you're sober I really need to talk to him

Only if I hadn't played with that girl from the sauna...

I have a conscience too!

Call him for me, okay?

All right


It's me

Stop crying and speak slowly


What did you say?

I said slow down!

Speak and don't cry stupid Seen a doctor?

Why do you live that way?

Just die and get it over with shithead

Yes What?

Right now?

Work is done, but...

Okay... bye

The Waikiki manager wants to see me Go ahead I wonder what he wants

See you later

What are you doing here?

Oh, nothing I just wanted to drink with you

What should I do now that I'm fired?

My wife doesn't have what it takes to earn money,

and you know my parents don't have any either

Some get rich just sitting on their land, while people like me...

What did Ingi say?

I didn't get fired because of him Then why?

After the demonstration, there was a bribery inspection...


I became the scapegoat for everyone because I have the least power...

Ever since I was a kid I've had no luck

Should I join your band and play the drums?

Forget it Everyone's leaving the band anyway I know I just had to ask


Are you happy?

You're the only one who does what he wants

Aren't you happy being a musician?

I'm sorry Let's just drink

Taking these lonely steps under the rain

Taking aimless steps for my past love

While walking in a cold alley While in a lonesome bar

To drink away my yearning love

First message It's me Can you come by my house after work?

It's no big deal I just want to have dinner with you Number 304, Dongshin Apartments See you

Second message It's Minsoo Soochul's dead!

Call me at the Pharmacy when you get this!

How's your business?

Sungwoo, over here Good to see you

Did you greet Soochul's wife?

Are you all right?

Hey, have a drink

Stop it What right do you have to cry?

What have I done so wrong?

Why don't you just shut up I'm sick of you

Sungwoo, do you think I'm guilty too?

Am I to blame for Soochul's death?

You have no shame You don't belong here

I didn't want to say this He wasn't fired because of me He was caught by the inspection Your demonstration made it worse!

If he wasn't fired, you think he'd get drunk and hit by a car?

What did you do for him?

I heard you refused to lend him some money I had it hard then because my stocks crashed Then how could you give so much money to a politician?

You even wanted a fake receipt for giving money to my organization You think you're making any sense?

Get off of me!

Go ahead and hit me I'd feel better if you beat me to death Fine with me!

Stop it!

Be calm Minsoo

What's wrong with him?

We're closed Why are you drinking so much?

Get up now I have to go home now Stop drinking Get up and go home

Drink it all and take it all off

Hey, you deaf?

Drink and strip

Good... all of it

Now strip!

Hey, all these important CEO's took their clothes off But a low-life musician like you can't?

Now strip fucker!

You wanna get me upset?

Good. Good You see, nothing to it Here's your tip fucker...

Let's party!

Like a flowing river

Like a floating cloud

You left me But I can't forget you

I'm regretting the fool I am

And I've come back again

But nobody's here But nobody's here At your deserted apartment

But nobody's here But nobody's here At your deserted apartment

You said you wanted to talk, but why are you so quiet?

I'm... leaving this town

Really? Where?

Yusoo An old band member called me


And I thought you were going to propose to me I guess I set my hopes to high

How can I propose to you?


It's been a long time since I saw the sea

I'm walking alone on the street we walked together

I hate what I am, but I can't deny it

When I'm lonely and longing I'm thinking of the days

When you stood by me then

I loved the sparkle in your eyes

I cried yesterday But because of you I'll be happy tomorrow

I don't need looks or fashion But only your tender love To forget those days in the past

I can't do anything without you I know nothing but love

Written and Directed by Yim Soonrae

Produced by Lee Eun

Associate Producer Lee Woojung

Executive Producer Suk Dong joon

Cinematography Choi Jeeyul

Lighting Director Im Jaeyoung

Music Choi Soonshik and Kim Minwoo

Editor Kim Sangbum

Sound Recordist Kim Sukwon (BLUECAP)

Location Sound Han Chulhee