Walker (1987) Script

In 1853, a small group of Americans... journeyed to Sonora, Mexico.

Their mission was to free that country from a corrupt dictatorship.

Their leader's name was William Walker.

Walker's forces will never slip away to the rear.

His men would rather die first.

Turn and fight.! They're only men and scared.!

Be prepared to sacrifice yourself for freedom... for justice, for religious convictions!

Stand up and fight!

Fight, you pigheaded bastards! Fight!


What the hell are you doing? Get back in!

What are you- What are you doing?

Shit. Aw, fuck.

Brigade! Atten-hut!

Men of the 1st Independence Battalion.

We came to Sonora with the boldest hearts and the loftiest of intentions.

But I will not dissemble with you.

Reinforcements have failed to arrive.

We are without food or water.

We're trapped.

Only an act of God can save us now.

Crocker, prepare the men for departure. We're returning home.

Yes, sir! Mr. Fry, follow me.

This is a magnificent moment for me.

It is a privilege to be at your side at this great time.

Even if we are defeated, it doesn't matter.

We will live on in history.

Mon frère.

Don't be so silly, man.


Walker led his men to the American border.

Unjustly accused of violating the neutrality of Mexico...

Walker was put on trial.

Order! Order! Hold it down. Hold it down.


I demand quiet!

Does, uh- Mr. Walker wish to make a statement... before the jury decides on a verdict?

Yes, Your Honour.

Unless a man believes that there is something great for him to do... he can do nothing great.

A great idea... springs up from a man's soul... agitates his entire being... transports him from the ignorant present and makes him feel the future... in a moment.

It is the God-given right of the American people... to dominate the western hemisphere.

It is our moral duty to protect our neighbours from oppression and exploitation.

It is the fate of America... to go ahead.

- That is her manifest destiny. Hear.! Hear.!

Walker! Yeah!

Your Honour... we find the defendant, William Walker-

Not guilty.

Not guilty.

Hear.! Hear.!

Hey, where do we go next, Colonel?


We must move southward.

Only by expanding can we hope to avoid a civil war... and save those institutions we hold most dear.

I assume you're including slavery?

Are you not, Mr. Squire?

I most certainly am, sir.

We must not be sentimental... if we hope to preserve that which is most precious to us.

My sentiments entirely, Mr. Squire.

Why, thank you, Mr. Martin. How absolutely right we both are.

Pardon me?

Miss Martin says that perhaps not all of our institutions are worth saving.

Well, perhaps not.

However, I'm sure the little lady will agree... that we must preserve our way of life at any cost!

Otherwise, the barbarians will surely stone the gates...

- and then where will we be? Exactly. Well said.

Pardon me? I didn't get that.

Miss Martin has a rather different view.

She positions herself rather on the side of change... rather than cultural preservation.

Well, that is very interesting, my dear.

Ellen. Please, Ellen!


I'm afraid she's not herself.

The strain of my recent trial.

Plus our approaching marriage.

If you'll excuse me, gentlemen. Doctor, will you please take care of our guests?

Yes, William.

Gentlemen! The renowned Walker has prepared a statement... in the form of a quote from President Buchanan.

"Expansion is the future of our country... and only cowards fear and oppose it. "

Mr. Cole, will the colonel be returning to Mexico?

Mr. Walker has no plans for the moment... except to pursue his private affairs in peace.

Well -


Ellen. You know I despise - I despise slavery!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

In the flurry of excitement following his acquittal...

Walker received an invitation from that famous captain of industry...

Cornelius Vanderbilt- considered by some to be the richest and most powerful man in the world.

Colonel Walker, I'm so pleased to see you.

I can't tell you how happy this will make the commodore.

Give him some water, would you, please?

Every day he's been asking, "When will Colonel Walker arrive?"

Is my horse going to be safe with that man? Yes, he'll be fine.

You have been very much on his mind.

Central America, Colonel.

There's land, and all of it there for the taking.

Think of it, sir. From ocean to ocean.

This way.

And the women, Colonel.

My God, the women.

Bare-breasted beauties under trees... laden with fruit.

Think of it. Seven to every man.

If you please.

By the way, Colonel, have you had an opportunity to read my book... on the subject of Nicaragua?

No, I have not.

Well, then I will present you with a signed first edition when next we meet.

It's my understanding you were educated in Edinburgh, Scotland and Paris, France.

That is correct. Good. The commodore likes an educated man.

And there he is, the most powerful man on earth.

Don't be nervous, Colonel. Just remember three things:

Do not sit unless he invites you to, always address him as "commodore"... and, under no circumstances, ask for any personal favours.

Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, may I present Colonel William Walker?

Colonel of what? The American phalange in northern Mexico.

You caused quite a commotion down there.

We had a shortage of supplies, no help from our government. Otherwise we would have succeeded.

You fucked up, Walker. Next time pick on a country your own size.

Are you entitled to wear that uniform?

I'm entitled to do anything I want.

Mr. Vanderbilt, I came down here on your invitation.

I did not come here to be insulted. If you'll excuse me.

Sit down!

Please. Colonel, please.

Sit down.

Does Nicaragua mean anything to you, Walker? Nothing at all.

Nicaragua's a fucked-up little country somewhere south of here.

This worthless piece of real estate controls the overland route to the Pacific.

I now control all transportation in Nicaragua.

But in order to continue to do so...

I need stability.

What's this got to do with me?

Nicaragua's a divided country, sir.

It is in the midst of a terrible civil war. It is imperative -

What I need is for some man to go down there and take over.

I want that country stable.

I want it done now.

They, uh -They tell me you're a clever man, Walker.

Doctor, lawyer, surgeon.

All that Renaissance rubbish they talk about these days.

Well? Can you handle the job?

That's not the issue.

I plan to get married... start a newspaper.

Then you would be wasting one of life's golden moments, sir.

It is not every man who is offered the chance to have a country of his own.

Walker's goals involve a higher purpose than the vulgar pursuit of personal power.


Do you prize democracy, Walker?

Universal suffrage?

The principles of our founding fathers?


More than my own life.

Nicaragua needs democracy, Walker.

They need a canal as well.

I'm interested in Nicaragua, Walker, and so are you... whether you know it now or not.

Well, I'm sorry, but I cannot oblige you.

Good day. Now, Walker.

- Please.! I like him.

Get him a new hat.

- It was the cholera. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.


Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

She's with God now, my son.

Don't talk to me about God!

What do you know about God?

Get out!

All of you, out! Get out!


How? How?

Oh, God!

I can't.

I don't - God, you bitch!

Walker determined not to look back- but to face only the future.

- He accepted Vanderbilt's proposal and set sail for Nicaragua. Prepare to cast off!.

With him were 58 men... whom the popular press saw fit to term "Walker's Immortals. "

Walker, I am Captain Siegfried Henningson... late of the Corsican campaign and the Balkan fiasco!

I am well-schooled in military matters, sir... having studied with Josef Penn, Lubitsch and von Koch.!

I would be honoured, sir, if you would accept my services.

I will, of course, provide for my own needs and will require no financial assistance.

What is your name again, sir?

Lieutenant - Uh, Captain Siegfried Henningson at your command, sir!

- You are now Major Henningson. Sir.!

Cast off then!

Never have I seen a collection of such brave men assembled under one banner.

God bless them all.

The American phalange landed at Realejo, Nicaragua... where we were met by distinguished representatives of the Nicaraguan Liberal Party.

My brother, William Walker. How do you do, sir?

These natives were to be our guides.

Aw, come on! Ow! My hair!

Join the crowd. Jesus, stand up straight.

Start drumming, Mr. Turley.

# Oh, my darling Clementine #

#You are lost and gone forever #

# Dreadful sorry, Clementine ##

From the day the Americans landed at Realejo dates a new era... not only for Nicaragua, but for all Central America.

♪ Oh, I went down South for to see my Sal singing Polly wolly doodle all day ♪

♪ Because my Sal is a spunky gal ♪

♪ Singing Polly wolly doodle all day ♪

♪ Fare thee well, fare thee well ♪

♪ Singing Polly wolly doodle all day ♪

♪ Oh, I'm going to Louisiana for to see my Susanna ♪

- ♪ Singing Polly wolly doodle all day ♪ What are you doing?

Move it! # Fare thee well, fare thee well ##

You're on my shit list, Washburn.

Get up there.

Get over here, goddamn it! Vámonos.!

We paused at the small, unregenerated hamlet of Realejo... to await the arrival of the leaders of the Liberal Party-

- Listen up here! Generals Munoz and Castellon.

Proverbs, chapter 11, verse three.

"The integrity of the upright shall guide them...

"but the perverseness of transgressors... shall destroy them. "

Soldiers, we are now embarked on a glorious destiny: nothing short of the entire regeneration of this republic.

Ours is a sacred trust... and any man who betrays that trust... by creating an act of transgression against the hospitality of the Nicaraguan people... will be judged and dealt with accordingly.

There will be no excessive drinking... no seducing and no swearing in public places.

What's that? That mean we can swear in private?

Quiet! The colonel's talking!

Gentlemen... we are honoured guests here... and we will act that way according to the moral dictates of God... science and hygiene.

- Hear. Hear. That is all, Captain.


What's the idea?

Hey, stop! Stop, stop. Stop, stop!

Sanders, I know what you're thinking, but believe me, even you can do better than that!

Achilles, you just stay out of this! The colonel says this is a democracy.

Walker realized that he would need to keep a firm hand... on the moral conduct of the men.




Men... as of this moment... we do hereby, under God... become citizens of Nicaragua.

If there is any man who would say no to this great privilege... let him step forward.

It is our mission to introduce into the family of enlightened and civilized nations... a new sister.

To help us in our just cause... are two of Nicaragua's Liberal Party... and defenders of democracy-

Generals -


Damn it. Castellon and Munoz.

Castellon and Munoz.

Three cheers for the generals.!

Three cheers for democracy!

Hip, hip! Hooray.

Hip, hip! Hooray.

- Hip, hip.! Hear! Hear!

We march for Rivas.

As God is on our side... victory will be ours.

- Hurrah! Rivas.!


It's a parrot, sir.

Watch your step.! Look out.!

Don't do that!

Aw, shit!

What the hell? You chaps do crash about a bit.

Lost your way, have you? We're marching to Rivas.

Really? What on earth for?

We're liberating' the country for democracy.

How very peculiar. You must be American.

Not no more. We're Nicaraguans now.

You draw that? Yes.


What do you think, Captain? I think we ought to -

What do you think of these new guns?

I like them.

Six shots, and good-looking' too.

I wish we had them for that firing squad. We wait until nightfall.

Then we attack from the south and from behind the church.

We will go straight in. That's right, Colonel. I'm with you all the way.

Just jump right in and grab them by the throat. Don't give them a chance to get set now.

Excuse me, but haven't we just been assured by Generals Castellon and Munoz... that we're to be met with no resistance?

Castellon is an indecisive old man.

Munoz is a conceited troublemaker.

William, forgive me, but these men are our allies.

At any rate, we will go in hard with our eyes open.

First impression in a country is very important.

Forgive me, but this is idiotic.

I prefer the last impression.

First and last are often the same.

I didn't know you were a pedant, Henningson.

History never smiles on pedants.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Lieutenant, may I have a word with you, please?

I, who have studied military strategy with Lubitsch -

Colonel, sir, could I have a word with you one moment, uh, alone, sir?

- Certainly. Shut up, Henningson.!

What seems to be the problem? Well, there's no problem, sir.

I was just wondering' though perhaps maybe if, uh - if I could be excused tomorrow from being the drum major.

It's just that every time I've seen pictures of battlefield scenes... and, uh, I always see the drummer boy lying dead next to his drum... and, uh, if it's all the same to you, sir...

I'd like to trade my rifle in for a drum.

I mean, I'd like to trade my drum in for a rifle.

As long as you are under my command, no harm will come to you.


Straighten up.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Some men abandon all reason before going into battle.

They become so seized with fear that - that often the battle is lost before it's begun.

I know this will not happen with you, Timothy.

Thank you for your confidence, sir.

Sir, uh, I feel I have to tell you -

The men are awfully confused about just what exactly we're fighting' for here.

I mean - I mean, I know, and they know, that the liberals are our friends... and the conservatives are our enemies, but... well, to tell you the truth, sir, I can't tell them apart.

They all seem the same to me.

That is no concern of yours, Timothy, nor of the men either.

All you have to remember... is that our cause is a righteous one.

I know that, sir.

I hope you do, Timothy.

I sincerely hope you do.

Get some sleep.

Yes, sir.

- Come on.! Turley, move them out.!


Come on!

Let's go, boys.! They won't know what to do without us.! We need to split.! Let's go.! Move it.!


Colonel, what are you doing?

I'm doing the only thing I know how to do - advance!

You dumb shit!

There's no reason for you to talk to me that way, Timothy.

Sorry, sir.

It's just you're going to get yourself and everyone else killed.

Then we'll be together again, won't we?

What the hell? Come on, go.!

We must get into a house, Colonel!

For God's sake, why? What?

For our own protection.

Yes. Yes.

Good idea, Major. Come, please! Come!

So, Dr. Jones, how is your day going? Just fine, William.

We have 11 dead, several wounded.

How 'bout yourself? Well, thank you.

Now that we have a plan, I feel sure there will be a successful outcome.

Splendid, William.

After you. No, no, no. I insist. After you.

No, please. Well, let's go in together.

Very well.

Colonel.! There's a room back here.!

- Is there a piano? Yes, sir.

Take care of the window.!

Get your fat ass out of here! But I'm hungry!

Why don't you serve him if you admire him? Follow him.!

God! I'm hungry!

You heathen! # Darling, I'm growing old #

I'll shoot your eyes out!

Goddamn music. # Silver threads ##

Get him out of here.!

Move it! Get him out! Get him to a doctor!

We need somebody to dig through the walls. It's our only way!

We don't have time. We have to charge them bastards.

Rout them out like we did before. Dear God!

We have repeating rifles!

They have muskets! We shouldn't stand a chance!

We're soldiers! We kill people for a living!

Yes, sir! Shit!

The colonel's leaving'!

- Move out! Come on.!

Men, we must leave immediately!

What about the wounded?

The wounded will have to take their chances.

Go out the back when the charge goes off!. You are not in command here!

You're right, Colonel.! Forget about the wounded. Damn them.!

We need another diversion. The men'll charge through the hole after the blast.

Nay, the powder will be enough of a diversion!

That is not my considered opinion, Major!

You men! You, you, you, you, you!

After the blast, charge through the hole! I'll go when you go!

Everyone else, out the back! We'll meet outside the town!

Damn it! Fuck you, Colonel! Benito's not going' through no goddamn wall!


- Major? What?

No way. Oh, wait, wait, wait.! Wait.!

Open the door! The fuse is burning!

Oh, shit.!

Suffering a temporary setback and wishing to protect his men at all costs...

Walker decided to make a strategic withdrawal... to the seaport of San Juan del Sur.

As always, his men's spirits remained high.

Dr. Jones.

When you were a little boy... did you ever have a moment when you were sitting outside on the lawn... and you picked up a blade of grass or a beetle... and you just looked at it?

And it was whole and perfect and totally outside of time.


Uh, Colonel, sir.

You're late, Cole! You were supposed to come by sea.

But, Colonel, I brought new recruits.

Prussian troops from Ecuador.

Magnificent tactics.

I commend you, General.

What do you mean, "tactics"? Who is this man?

Victoire, mon général.

I'm Bruno von Namzer. À votre service.

Je vous salue.

Now, I take it, you will invade Granada.

- You mean you don't know? Know what?

You have inflicted such heavy casualties on the enemy that he has abandoned Rivas.

His troops are racked with dysentery and cholera.

You broke their spirit, William.

You are victorious. You have won.

We won!

We have won!

We racked them with cholera and dysentery! Now is the hour of my destiny arrived.

We've won! I cannot lose.

Determined to end the civil war and reconcile the divided nation... we marched upon Granada, a bastion of conservative power.

The American phalange entered the capital at dawn... where we were welcomed as liberators.

Captain Hornsby?

Immortals, charge.! Charge.!

Watch it! Come on, Hornsby.

Here -You must - Goddamn it! My arm!

Captain Hornsby.

Get out of the house.!

- Captain Hornsby, I must object - Take them, boys.! Tag them and bag them.!

Quiet, you ammo firers!

Listen up! Colonel's about to speak!

Dismount the prisoners.!

Citizens of Nicaragua!

Today the city of Granada... and the entire country of Nicaragua have been liberated.


It is our sacred duty to join together and unify this great nation.

Today, however, is a day of celebration.

Tomorrow we must -



Shoot the prisoners.! Kill them.! Kill them.!

It is not my time to die!

It is not his time to die!

The assassin's bullet has struck correspondence... from that great Nicaraguan patriot General Castellon!

It is he who has saved my life... as it is I who shall save the life of this country!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

We want Walker.! We want Walker.!

We want Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Colonel Walker, we are here to thank you... from the deepest of our hearts -

for the ending of our civil war-

and bringing us the precious gift... of freedom.

Hear. Hear. Hear. Hear.

Hear. Hear. Hear. Hear.

What are we doing here?

What are your intentions... toward the office of the presidency?

Turn it down and offer it to Corral.

You'll own him, and everyone will be happy.

Tell them you'll take commander in chief of the armed forces.

I am deeply grateful for the extraordinary privilege... of being offered such an exalted position.

However, I must regretfully decline.

It would be more beneficial to the country... if Walker were to protect the democratic process... as commander in chief of the armed forces.

Yeah! The army. Now we're talking'.

I would therefore like to nominate as president... a great hero and patriot.

General Ponciano Corral.

Walker! Walker!

Colonel Walker.!

Your country is primitive, but it's full of possibilities... for democratic advancement.

We must first establish agrarian reforms before we proceed... to equalize the social classes, and above all-

We must separate church and state. Don't you think?

Yes. We must make English the official language... so as to end discrimination against Americans.

We will end conscription.

Release the natives from the army so that they may resupply the labour force.

The Amer-

The American phalange will - be responsible for national security.

And I do think we should provide for free elections within the next six months.

If you think that's possible.

You must be patient with me, Doña Yrena.

I'm a shy man in these matters.

What are you guys doing?

Look at that!

Walker's Immortals initiated various cultural and civic reforms... including the construction of a theatre in the traditional European style.

I went to that shanty you calling a house.

I went to give the girls a bath. There was no water.

No water on Tuesday?

There was also no toilet paper, no beer.

This is Managua? No, this is Granada.

Look at them flogging those kids! Come on!

Walker, seeking literacy above all other gods save hygiene... started a newspaper, El Nicaraguense.

I know that guy. He owes me seven bucks.

Next thing you know, they'll be instituting' slavery.

It's the same racist, macho, sexist shit we turned our backs on.

It doesn't have the feel of victory in it.

It should be glorious and proud, like the French revolution.

Yeah, I think so too. But that's the way it was.

- That's beside the point, Mr. Doubleday. Well, what do you think?

- Shall I send a copy to the commodore? Yes, absolutely, Byron.

- And ask him for more money, if you would. James, come on.

Come on, come on. Hey, Billy, my man.!

Top gringo and heavyweight generalissimo!

We're his brothers.

Really? I didn't know he had any brothers. Well, he does, okay?

William, we came down as soon as we heard.

Everybody's talking about you in the States. You're famous, man!

Yes, James. Well, that's all relative, of course.

If you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Well, wait just a minute.

You know, we've been on the road for months here coming' down here to help you out.


And all you can say is you have a lot of work to do?

Yes. That's all I can say.

If you will excuse me.

Come on, come on, come on.

Maybe when you get some time, huh?

It's good to see you, James.

You too.


Oh, Ellie.

Oh, Ellie.

Oh, Ellie.


One must act with severity... or perish.

What are you - Hey! Put that - Put that down!

What are you, some kind of hick?

And don't give me that look!

I bring you down here to the Paris, France of Central America... and you're behaving like you're still in some hamlet in the woods some -

There's power for you, huh? Man doesn't even recognize his own brother.

What about Honduras and Costa Rica, Byron?

- Hey. Don't you think they need democracy too?

- Hey. Try to pay attention to the matter at hand.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Vanderbilt's plans are with Nicaragua -

Who the hell do you think you are, Willie?

I'm your goddamn brother!

You throw me a bone, for Christ's sake!

Don't you ever talk to me that way in public again.

You are welcome here only if you contribute.

I have many brothers here, and they're all equal in my eyes -

Don't give me that bullshit! I don't believe in equality and neither do you!

You make me an officer and give me some money... or, by God, I'll stink up the place.

Yeah! Yeah.

You and James will be lieutenants. Nothing more until you earn it.

What about the money, Willie? Put me in charge of the treasury.!

Get out of my way!

Boys, he made me a general. You're a corporal.

Walker realized that he could no longer trust his former allies.

In particular, he determined to keep a sharp watch on so-called President Corral.

I have an interesting letter here, sir.

"Lost is Nicaragua.

"Lost Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala too... unless we all unite against the gringo. "

I want you to arrest Corral.

Of course, sir.

Assure him he will receive a fair trial.

Don't worry, Colonel. We'll take care of him.

William, want me to join them?

You'd better hurry, James.

Execution souvenirs, medallions.

Corral was found guilty of treason and sentenced to die.

The entire country rejoiced at this news.

There was no doubt in anybody's mind that justice had been served.


Yrena, por favor.

General Walker, Corral is like a father to his people.

Then he is a tyrannical father who would betray his children.

He was calling on foreign troops to start an insurrection.

Treason must be punished. I have no choice.

Doña Yrena says that it's - it's a terrible mistake to kill Corral.

A mistake, General. In this case, I entirely agree with her.

Morally, as well as politically.

You will lose everything you have gained... up to now.

She said something else.

She called me a name. What did she call me?

She called you a dog's asshole.

You know they are right, William.

If you persist in this, everyone will hate you.

I cannot help that.

Sometimes a leader must listen to a higher law.

What you say may be true, but it is not, in the final view, important.

Listen to reason. I ask you never to speak of this matter again!

- If you want my opinion - Enough.!

General Corral shall not be executed today at noon.

He shall be executed this afternoon at 2:00.

Muy bien.



- That son of a bitch has taken off. Probably Costa Rica.

- We need to find him and bring him back. A few rides after his funeral -

Do you know what it's like out there in that damn country?

I may not, but I know what it's like here... and I know we're in trouble without a president.

Gentlemen, if you want my view - I don't, actually. And neither does anyone else.

No need to get a wild hair up your ass, Mr. Cole.

I was only making a suggestion.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Perhaps the time has come for an election.

There has already been an election.

I won.

Gentlemen, the morning paper.

- Thank you, Mr. Rudler. Yes, sir.

Congratulations, Mr. President.


What has this man done to my newspaper?

You're quite a hero back in the United States, General.

Do you have any plans to go back?

Nicaragua is my country. As long as I am needed here, I will never leave.

Your country is in a state of chaos.

Guerrilla wars are taking place.

And yet, you refuse to engage the enemy. Why?

A protracted war against scattered guerrilla groups... would not only be disheartening and dissatisfying... but it would be too exhausting for our American troops.

Have you anything to say to the American people?

I certainly do.

Climb on board one of Commodore Vanderbilt's steamships and come on down and see us.

The truth is, President Walker, that Cornelius Vanderbilt is taking advantage of you.

His transit company, which guarantees overland passage... from the Atlantic to the Pacific... is not paying you what they should.

He is, to put it bluntly, exploiting you and the entire country.

Shame, shame.

Why are you telling me this?

Simply put, we propose to start a new company and make you an even better offer.

But to do this, you must revoke Vanderbilt's license... and grant our company one instead - on most favourable terms, of course.

You're telling me that Vanderbilt has not been paying me what he owes me?

There's no question about that.

- That is inexcusable. No doubt.

But we mustn't forget that without Cornelius Vanderbilt... we wouldn't be here today.

That's true. Whatever good fortune we have, we owe it to him.

Not only that, but he would be a terrible man to cross.

I hardly think, gentlemen...

that Commodore Vanderbilt... is responsible for my great - our great victories in the field.

May I have a word with you, please, William? I mean, Mr. President.

Certainly, Byron. Anything you wish to say, you may say here.

Walker does not resort to whispers and subterfuge.

Our great victories notwithstanding, William... we are utterly dependent upon Cornelius Vanderbilt.

His ships are our lifeline to the United States.

They provide us with money, munitions, medicine and men.

We cannot risk incurring his displeasure.

Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!

Gentlemen... it was granted to me in our recent constitution... that I have the authority and the autonomy to do whatever I want.

Don't I?

- Don't I? Absolutely, Mr. President. Absolutely.

- Don't I? Ja. Yes, sir.

Don't I?

Yes, you do.

I will not be betrayed by a man as vulgar and insidious as Cornelius Vanderbilt.

I will, therefore, revoke his permit.

I will also commandeer his vessels.

From this day on, they will be the property of the Republic of Nicaragua.

You cannot be serious.

Want to bet? Surely, President Walker, it might be more advantageous... to be a little more diplomatic.

Not to use force, but rather diplomacy.

For you, perhaps, but not for me.

Excuse me, gentlemen. I have work to do.

Forgive me, sir, but I must contradict you. Your work is here! Sir! Come back here!

I've had it with you, foreign weasel!

You have the nerve to come over here barely speaking the language.

Taking our jobs! Pole axing our women! Take that!

And that! And that! You bastard!

I cannot help noticing, sir, during the time I've spent with you... that you've betrayed every principle you've had... all the men who supported you.

May I ask why?

No, you may not.

I'm still not clear on what exactly are your aims.

The ends justify the means.

What are the ends? I can't remember.

You two scumbags went behind my back and cut into my action.!

Nobody does that! Do you understand?

Nobody fucks with Vanderbilt!

We are both sure, Commodore Vanderbilt, that we can reach some sort of accommodation.

After all, we are all civilized men.

Civilized men?

From now on, you're going to be shovelling shit!

And if your mouths are not too full of it, you'll thank me for the privilege!

Thank you. Thank you, sir. That's how civilized I think you are!

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, Commodore.

You've not only betrayed the commodore... you've betrayed yourselves by putting faith in that lunatic extremist Walker.

Now look. You've upset the commodore.

What were you thinking of?. Did you seriously imagine... this pathetic madman was in charge down there?

No, of course not. We didn't - Get out of here!

Both of you!

What should we do about Walker?

No one will remember Walker.

No one will remember men who lose.

Look at that fat cat Walker.

Strutting' about as if he was a king.

One thing he didn't ken, it's Vanderbilt that's running' the show.

If he ever opposed the bloke... we'll be up to our necks in shit.

What have I got, Doctor?

It's cholera.

Hurrah! What means this shouting?

I fear the people choose Caesar as their king.

Hurrah! While men -

Ah! That's mine.

Another general shout!

I do believe that these are for some new honours heaped on Caesar.

Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus.

Hey, bring on the darky!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

And we petty men walk under his huge legs... and peep about to find ourselves-

Where are you going?

You bastard! We are in crisis on all fronts. We must have your attention.

Is there no way you could not have waited till at least intermission?

Shit! The men are going mad.

They're defacing the cathedral, pillaging the precious artefacts.

The priests must take their chances. This is war.

Mr. President, the men are on the point of mutiny.

- No, they are not. Are you all right, sir?

Vanderbilt has diverted his steamships to Panama, cut off our supplies!

We have no new recruits, no money, very little ammunition.

Very little ammunition.!

We have lost control of León, Masaya-

Chinandega, Matagalpa - and every major Nicaraguan town.

Rubbish. Defeatist nonsense.!

Pure unadulterated horseshit!

Food! Booze!

Money! Justice!

Food! Booze! Money! Justice!

Food! Booze! Money! Justice!

Food.! Booze.! Money.!Justice.!

You! What?

- Are a disgrace. I'm a disgrace?

This whole operation is a fucking disgrace, Your Worship.!

You are stripped of your rank. You can either stay here as a private or you can leave.

Hey, private this, Willie!


Holy shit! Hey, hey, hey!

Ah, shit! Give me his medals!

Give me his medals! I want his medals!

Mother never liked you anyway.

Let me have men about me that are fat.

Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.

He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.


I have found a solution to our problem.


What do you mean?

We don't need no slaves!

- We need money and weapons. Fuck you, Walker.

And medicine. Silence!

We will introduce slavery into Nicaragua.

The South will have no choice but to rally to our cause.

There were rumours that several neighbouring countries had invaded Nicaragua.

You can't do this to me. I'm an American citizen!

- Walker sent out agents to see if this was true. I have friends in high places!

None of the agents returned.

"The Indian of Nicaragua...

"in his fidelity and docility and in his capacity for labour...

"approaches nearly the Negroes of the United States.

"In fact, the manners of the Indian towards the ruling race...

"are now more submissive than those of the American Negro to his master.

"The advantage of Negro and Indian slavery in Nicaragua...

"will therefore be twofold.

"While it will furnish a certain labour for the use of agriculture...

"it will also tend to separate the races... and destroy the half-castes who cause the disorder. "

"The Battle of Rivas, June 29, 1855.

"Not more than a dozen went out to drive away upward a hundred.

"And their charge swept the enemy completely away.

"There was no thought of rank.

"But each one went forth with his revolver...

"ready to do the part of a true man in the fray.

"Never have I seen a collection of such brave men assembled under one banner.

God bless them all. "

I have studied with Josef Penn.

I have studied with Lubitsch and von Koch!

And you have the presumption to talk to me of military tactics.

Bruno... and the Germans- they have a vision.

Always be a straight shooter, James.

I like the sound of that.

I must speak with you.

- I don't understand. There is no time.

You speak-

I have spoken to you in many ways, but you have not heard me.

But now you must, Willians.

Everything depends on it.

Did you see this?

I beg you. Please.

If we have a lot of death, we will have a revolution.

We must not have that if we are to survive.

We are both aristocrats.

I am not an aristocrat.

I'm a social democrat. What's the matter with you?

I only want what is best for the Nicaraguan people. I'm surprised at you.

Now leave me alone. I have important work to do.

Are you quite sure of that?

Absolutely! And shut the door on your way out.


Bruno.! Bruno.!

Mon général.!

Yrena, what are you doing? Bruno!


Instruct the men to burn the town.


What are you doing? Idiot!

You are an idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

What is this?

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

Walker.! Walker.! Walker.!

You men, get the colonel's brother's body out of here.

Mr. President.

It's been a long time, Doctor. It doesn't seem like it.

- Mr. President. Yes.

Granada has been put to the torch.

- How many have we lost? Nearly all, sir.

We must leave immediately.

I will speak to my men one last time. Immediately!

I insist, Major. Sir, I - My arm!

Immortals, attention!

Unless a man believes that there is something great for him to do... he can do nothing great.

A great idea springs up in a man's soul.

It agitates his entire being.

Transports him from the ignorant present... and makes him feel the future in a moment.

Reduced to our present position by the cowardice of some... the incapacity of others and the treachery of many... we are yet writing a page in history... that it will be impossible to forget or erase.

You all might think that there will be a day... when America will leave Nicaragua alone.

But I am here to tell you, flat out... that that day will never happen... because it is our destiny to be here.

It is our destiny to control you people.

So no matter how much you fight, no matter what you think... we'll be back... time and time again.

By the bones of our American dead in Rivas and Granada...

I swear that we will never abandon the cause of Nicaragua.

Let it occupy your every waking and sleeping thought.

From the future, if not the present... we may expect a just judgment.

# Onward Christian soldiers #

# Marching as to war #

#With the cross of Jesus #

What about the prisoners? Shoot them!

You heard the colonel. Shoot the prisoners!

# Christ the royal master #

# Leads against the foe #

# Forward into battle #

# See his banner go #

# Onward Christian soldiers #

# Marching as to war #

#With the cross of Jesus #

# Going on before ##

I have been instructed by the State Department... of the United States of America... to return all American citizens to their homeland.

Yes! Sorry, only U.S. citizens.

Only U.S. citizens.

That's it. U.S. citizens! U.S. citizens.

Get your hands off me! Goddamn it, get them off!.

Shoot him! Shoot him!

My arm.!

Please, listen to me.

What is your nationality, sir?

I'm William Walker, president of the Republic of Nicaragua!

I'm sorry, sir.

Move it out!


Let me say to those who invoke the memory of Vietnam... there is no thought... of sending American combat troops to Central America.

Manoeuvres designated Operation Big Pine... are being conducted less than 10 miles from Honduras's border with Nicaragua.

Nicaraguans consider the exercise a serious act of aggression.

The United States insists the manoeuvres are purely defensive.

This manoeuvre is designed to help the Hondurans to defend their own country.

And it doesn't - it doesn't envision any involvement of U.S. ground forces.

So far, 80,000 U.S. troops have participated in the manoeuvres.

Those leading the exercises say it's all being done... for the sake of peace and self-defend -

The political side of the U.S. presence here was not lost on some of the troops.

It's kind of a show to, like, Nicaragua.

Yeah, I think we're sending' a message to them.

♪ Did you see my ♪

♪ Family ♪

♪ We had a sweet ♪

♪ Simple glory ♪

♪ We had a gallant ♪

♪ Who works for me ♪

♪ For I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With General Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ Yeah, I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With William Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ Must be seven years ♪

♪ That I followed him ♪

♪ All across ♪

♪ The southern sea ♪

♪ And I never ♪

♪ Thought I'd hear the hammer ♪

♪ Beating on the iron ♪

♪ Of slavery ♪

♪ For I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With General Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ Yeah, I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With William Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ Yeah, I hear the order ♪

♪ Go to the barricade ♪

♪ You're going hungry ♪

♪ Without any guns ♪

♪ So, señorita ♪

♪ For the last time now ♪

♪ Share some love ♪

♪ With the unknown one ♪

♪ For I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With General Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ Yeah, I ♪

♪ Was once an Immortal ♪

♪ With William Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Yeah, I ♪

♪ Became an Immortal ♪

♪ In William Walker's ♪

♪ Gringo army ♪ ♪