Wanda (1970) Script

Come on, honey, have some coffee.

Come on, you better get up.

He's mad cause I'm here.

Steve! Tell the boss I gotta go to court, I'll be back in a couple of hours.

Tell him I gotta go to court!

I'll be back in a couple of hours. See ya!


Hello, Wanda. I'm coming!

Picking coal again?

Yes, picking coal again, Wanda.

There ain't much left.

Could you loan me a little bit of money?

Well I don't have too much money.

Well that's okay. But if I had more, I would give you more.

I just need a little bit.

Here it is, Wanda.

I hope that you'll get some more money out of somebody else.

That's the best that I can do.

Gonna pick some coal today?

Yes, I pick a little coal.

I ain't gonna do much now, all I'm going to do is just pick this one more pail.

And then I'm going to take it easy for the day.

This afternoon I will go fishing for a few hours.

And that will take up my time and I will enjoy myself for a while.

Wanda Goronski.

Do you know where she is?

I dunno, she wouldn't even care enough to come to court.

Well go look in the hall.

Are those your children, over there?

Those are my kids.

And who is that young lady?

That's Miss Godek. She's been helping to take care of the kids.

We kinda wanna get married, cause the kids need a mother.

She isn't in the hallway.

Christ, that's just like her.

She don't care about anything.

She's a lousy wife, she's always bumming around, drinking.

Never took care of us, never took care of the kids.

I used to get up for work, make my own breakfast, change the kids.

Come home from work, she's lying around on the couch.

Kids are dirty, there's diapers on the floor.

Sometimes the kids is outside, running around, nobody watching them.

Wanda Goronski? Step up here, please.

No smoking.

Mrs. Goronski, your husband told me you deserted him and the children.

What do you have to say?


Did you desert them?

Listen, judge, if he wants a divorce, just give it to him.

Now Mrs. Goronski, you have two young children here.

They'd be o... better off with him.

What? They'd be better off with him.

You have no objections to this divorce?

No, I don't have any objection to it.

Milt, there's someone here to see you.

Hey, if you think I can make this lot next week, you're crazy.

What do you think, we can make instant dresses around here?

What can I do for you, lover?

Um, I wanted to see about getting my pay for last week.

Remember, I worked two days last week and I was supposed to get $12 a day for it.

As I remember, you were paid for two days.

Well I didn't get $24.

Well, you were paid gross $24, less the taxes, and your pay came out to $9.87.

You mean you take out that much? Out of...

Yes, they do.

They take out of mine, and yours, and everybody else's.

And that's all I get?

Sorry, that's the score.

Um, you said that you might be taking on some more... Some more people this week.

Do you think you might be able to use me?

Well, we are taking on more people.

But you're just too slow in our operations.

And we can't use you.

Well I could learn... I could...

I'm sorry, my dear. That's just the best I can do for you.

You have to take it as it stands.

You're just too slow for sewing operations and that's it.

Any questions?

No... Okay, thank you.

You want something, blondie?

Yeah, I'll have a... uh... a Rolling Rock.

Where's your car parked?

That green Olds out there.

That green station wagon? That's the one.

I'll take care of that.

Where are you going?

Well just a minute. [...]

Just a minute, I'll just be a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait just a minute!

Hey, did you see a purse here?

My wallet...

Hey! I thought that door was locked! We're closed!

I just wanna... Look, we're closed.

I just wanna... I'll be back in just one minute...

What the hell are you doing, taking a bath?

Hey! Come out!

Hey, you got a towel or something? There's no paper back there.

Well could I have uh... something to drink...

Beer... Something like that... Anything...

You know what happened to me?

Somebody stole all my money.

Sitting in the movie... And he stole all my money...

Hey, have you got a comb or something I could borrow?

Took my comb too.

Can I borrow a comb or something?

Let's go.

I'm good. Thank you.

Wipe your mouth, will ya?

Want some more spaghetti?

No, uh... No, I had enough, thank you.

Did you want that piece of bread?

Can I have it?

That's the best part I like. Don't you like that? That part?

Soak it up... Huh?

You don't like it?

I do.

What's the matter? You got a headache?

Mr. Dennis, don't you want to know what my name is? No.

Are you married?

You're wearing a wedding ring...

I don't like nosey people.

I was just trying to be...

Hey! Look, don't touch my head!

I was just trying to be friendly...

I don't like friendly people.

Get up and get dressed and go on, get me something to eat.

It's night time... Middle... Middle of the night...

Won't be anything open now, would there?

Go outside and turn left, two doors down. It's open all night.

Well come on!

Make it snappy, I'm hungry!

Can't find my wallet...

Oh, well. Nothing in it anyhow.

Now... Um...

What do you want to get?

I want you go get three hamburgers. Nothing on them.

No garbage. No onions, no butter on the bun.

I want the bun toasted.

Get me a newspaper.

Hey, are you listening?

Yeah. Is that all?

Where can I get this stuff?

You go out of the hotel and turn left. It's two doors down. The place is open all night.

I go out of the hotel... and turn left, right?

Three hamburgers.

And a newspaper.

What am I gonna get it with?

Ooh, wait a minute, I'm don't need this much.

I'm thinking you might need it.

That much?

Three hamburgers and uh...


Mr. Dennis!

Mr. Dennis, are you in there?

Hey! Hey, stupid!

I forgot which number it was... and the elevator man told me it was...

Hey, put that on the table!

Did you know that place you told me was open all night, it wasn't open.

I met a man that told me where there was another one, and I had to go there.

What's the matter, you crazy or something?

You talk to every bum on the street?

I didn't talk to anybody.

You just told me two you were gabbing with.

There's your change...

What'd you do that for? That hurt.

I thought I told you no onions. No garbage!

Take it off.

Where's the waste basket...

Hey, there's my wallet.

What's it doing in here?

How's that?

I took all the onions off!

I don't know why you don't like onions. I do...

What are you doing?

Get in!

Why don't you just use these?

Look, you wanna walk - get out. Go ahead!

Hurry up! Make up your mind!

Go ahead!


"Mr. Malucchi..."

"could only describe..."

"the man as being the kind..."

"you wouldn't notice..."

"He was just a customer..."

"sitting at the bar..."

"he waited"

"til everybody left."

"Although the robber came in alone,"

"he left..."


"to Mr. Malucchi..."

"with a female whom he wasn't able to see..."

"because he was lying behind the bar."

Go ahead!

That's all.

Hey, what are you trying to get me into?

Get out!

I didn't do anything.

Read it again.

"Police are on the lookout for the couple."

That's all it says.

Says police are on the lookout for the couple.

Go back to your comics.

You don't have to do anything... just drive.

I'm waiting for my kid to come home.

The little bit that I got, I don't wanna lose.

If I go with you, maybe... one out of a hundred, we get away. I'm not taking that chance now.

Sure? That's it.

I'm waiting for my kid... and...

I wanna straighten him out. Try my hardest.

I haven't got long to go.

So the little bit that I got... on the job that I have...

[...] I'm not taking any chances.

I've had enough.

Joe, won't be any chances. All you do is drive.

That's a big chance.

I can't do it...

I cannot do it...

I got my mind made up... Norman.

I won't do it.

Do you drive?

Yeah, I guess so, kind of.

Yeah, get over here.

Are we still on 81?

Yeah. Just keep going straight.

Have you still got... have you still got a headache?

Hey maybe I better pull over...

You want me to pull over or something?

Should I pull over or something?

Just keep quiet, will ya? That's all, just go straight ahead.

Let's go. Come on, let's go!

I feel so hungry, aren't you?

Hey, go away. Go away there. Go away.

The sun's going down.

Hey, let me see...

Why don't you do something about your hair?

Looks terrible. What can I do?

I lost all my [...].

Why don't you...

Why don't you cover it up?

Cover it up?

What would I cover it up with?

Why don't you get a hat and put it...

A hat?


A nice hat...

Well... cause I... uh... don't have anything to get a hat with.

I don't have anything...

Never did have anything, never will have anything.

You're stupid.

I'm stupid...

You don't want anything, you won't have anything.

You don't have anything, you're nothing. Might as well be dead.

You're not even a citizen of the United States.

I guess I'm dead then.

What do you mean? Is that what you wanna be?


Come back here!

Come back!


Come here!

Why don't you get a hat.

Mr. Dennis, wake up.

Mr. Dennis, come on, it's getting cold.

Mr. Dennis... Come on, Mr. Dennis, I'm getting cold.

I thought I told you to get a dress.

I did, I got one in here.

Get in the back and put it on.

No slacks!

When you're with me, no slacks!

No hair curlers.

Makes you look cheap.

Wanna look cheap?

Hey. Get up there.

Hey, they fit.

Where's your husband?

What husband?

Your husband.

I guess he got hisself a real good wife by now.

Got a real good wife.

What about the kids?


Yeah. I saw their picture in your wallet.

They're with him.

Better off with him.

I'm just no good.

Just no good!

Mr. Dennis...

Where are we going? Huh?

No questions!

When you're with me, no questions.

Move over here.

Hey, pop!

Oh, pop, it's good to see you again. It's been a long time.

If you'll follow me, please.

Now as we go down we will see nidges in the walls.

These nidges in the walls are the places where they buried their dead.

If you see one that's flat on top that shows a good christian that died and was buried in the catacombs.

But if you see one that has a [...] over it, sort of a hat... then that's a place where a martyr was buried.

And of course we all know that a martyr is a person who was killed for his or her faith.

Here on the side we have Saint Thecla who was a disciple of Saint Paul.

Are you looking for a job? Yeah... Yeah, pop.

Did you find one... Find a job?

Not yet, pop.

Good boy... Gotta be a good boy.

So you find a job, and you'll be alright.

You... working every day.

Lotsa... lotsa jobs in the store.

Here, pop, you take that.

Come on, pop, you take it.

No, no, I don't want your money.

Now look... I saw that... you need it. Come on now...

I don't want your money.

I got my own money.

Here, take it back. I don't want your money.

You was a bad boy, I don't want your money.

Hey, pop.

I'll be back in about a week.

And then I'll have a good job.

I'll like it then.

Come here.

Here. I wrote it all down, step by step.

Read it.

Memorize it, huh?


Get to the house.

Two: gain entrance.

Mr. Dennis, I can't do this.

Ah, come on!

No, Mr. Dennis. I really mean it.

I can't do it.

What do you mean, you can't do it?

Just what I've been trying to tell you, I can't do it.

You can do it!

I can't!

Now here. You take this and memorize it.

Come on. There, no go ahead.

I can't!

I can't do it... I can't do it...

I can't do it, Mr. Dennis...

I can't... I can't...

I can't do it.

Now you listen to me.

Wanda... Maybe you never did anything before...

Maybe you never did...

But you're gonna do this.

Number one: gain entrance...

Wait a minute!

Number one: get to the house.

Oh yeah. Number one: get to the house.

Number two: get entrance. Right? Right.

Hey, what if they won't let us in?

Look, would you stop raising problems. Just get the plan, come on.

Number three?

Number three...

Hey, are you alright?

What's the matter? Are you sick or something?

No, I'm alright.

So I guess it's time to go, isn't it?

Yeah. I guess we better go then.

Oh for Christ's sake! What the hell is wrong with you?!

I'm alright, Mr. Dennis, I really am... I'm alright now.

The telephone is over here.

Mr. Anderson?

What is this...?

Get over there. What's going on?

Get him loose! Get him loose!

You turn him loose! Stop it!

Stop it!

Get over there on that couch. Get over there!

You! Get over there!

You girls - sit down!

Turn your head around.

See this? Huh?

That's a real live bomb.

Set to go off in exactly one hour and 15 minutes.


You cooperate with us, and... we'll get back in time to disarm it.

Hold it in your lap.

Don't move.

I set the trigger.

Set for the proper time.

You hear that?

Be careful.


you're taking me to work with you.

Come on, put that coat on.

Hurry up.

Hey, wait! Wait! Wait!

You've got the key...

You did good.

You're really something.

Go ahead.

Let's go!

Come on, come on!

Straight ahead.

You're not gonna get away with it.

Let's go.

You're gonna get caught. Mr. Anderson, shut up!

When we get to the bank... you'll do exactly what I tell you.

Come on. Watch it.

Good morning, Jim, how are you... Would you step back with me, please.

And you folks, come down here. I'd like to speak with you for a minute.

It appears we have a hold-up on our hands.

Oh, I can't find it...

I don't, uh....

You bring those cars in as soon as possible, you understand?

Could you tell me how to get to the bank?

Cars 1, 2 and 6, and 67. Wyoming Avenue, Third National Bank.

Fill it up.

You! Get out there, stand over there.


Come on, put it down there.

Move over there.

Hold it! Drop your gun!

Drop it! Drop that gun!

Come, stay there. Okay, it's all over.

... we repeat our first bulletin [...] news pictures.

Norman Dennis, the bank bandit, finally died just moments ago at State General Hospital.

You are seeing Dennis as he was shot down in the Third National Bank this morning, by police.

Ah, you don't ever say nothing.

I'm talking and talking and talking and you're just sitting there.

I wanna get us some fresh beers.

Bartender, can we have a couple of fresh beers here?

... at this point, the bomb was inoperable.

We then turned around to examine what appeared to be dynamite.

And on dismantling the dynamite, it appears that this was strictly a dummy bomb,

used to scare these people.

This bomb, to the ordinary person...

Honey, you waiting for somebody?