Waqt (1965) Script

Whoa... Get down everyone.

"Hurry, we may miss" the auspicious hour.

How come?

I've toiled to my bones for this. My stars won't ever let me down.

Now even their stars have mingled with mine.

All share the same date of the same month!

They've proved to be very lucky for you.

Your business has increased by leaps and bounds.

Your business increased by 4 folds.

"Thus, I'm opening this new shop" on their birthday.

Very nice. Congratulations!


You've put up a new board?

"Since I bought the shop next door," thought I'd put up one long board.

I've added my son's names too.

Coming to the party "in the evening, I hope."

But of course.

Have some. Don't be so formal. "- Okay, but what about singing?"

We'll have that too. You'll have to sing however.

That's all behind me. I'm old now. "- You maybe, but we' re not. Sing..."

Don't fuss now.


Your husband is old now. But we'll make him young again.

"Is that so? With her before me," I'll be youngest among the young!

"O my beautiful beloved, you don't" "know it, but you're still so lovely"

"And I'm still so young, that," "I'd lay down my life for you!"

"This coyness and smartness" "that you have in you, is unique"

"The art of winning hearts" "that's in you, is also unique"

"l found my heaven and earth" "in your eyes"

"O my beloved beauty, you don't" "know it, but you're still so lovely"

"And I'm still so very young" "that I'd die for you"

"When you smile and" "say something sweet to me..."

"it sends my blood racing" "even today! My darling..."

"My dear darling," "I'm still in love with you"

"O my beloved beauty you don't" "know it, but you're still so lovely"

"And I'm still so young," "that I'd die for you most gladly"

"Congrats, dear friend!" Welcome!

You are most unlucky! Why?

"Towards the end of the party," he sang a lovely love-song!

"But you got to enjoy it," didn't you?

"Sorry, but he was to come..."

So I went to pick him up. "Sir, this is Lala Kedarnath..."

"the pride of our city, and this" is Pandit Uday Shankar...

A great astrologer. He wasn't "coming, but I dragged him here."

But of course. Thank you for coming. Please be seated.

Where are your sons? Must be around here.

"Come here, princes."

"Come, my dear children" Sit down here.

Oh! I nearly forgot.

"The funniest thing is, that these" boys share the same birth date!

Foretell their future. Go on!

You knowl don't believe in it.

Today I'll convince you! Show your hand to him. Go on!

You've led a very hard life before. So what's new? Everyone knows it.

I used to carry flour-sacks on my back as a youngster. Right friends?

"And it's not written on my hand," but etched on my back! See this.


There must've been other men with you too.

"Fortune is not in one's palms," but in one's biceps!

Man can make not just his own "future, but of others too! Anyway."

What my sons will become I'll "tell you today. Come on, boys."

"This, my eldest son, Raju." I'll make him a barrister!

"Babloo here, being a bit duffer" "like me, will run my shop."

"And my darling Munnu, will be" an engineer and go abroad.

And even if they don't achieve "all this, never mind."

"A long as I'm around," they need not worry about anything!

One can't really say what "Time"" will force a man to do."

"At times, there's money to burn," yet a man begs for his next meal.

"Who has seen Mr.Time, Sir?" "I've seen Man, and believe in him!"

"Man is great, no doubt." But he's helpless at times.

One lifts a cup to drink tea. The cup and the lip are quite near.

But there's many a slip between. "- Come on, sir!"

I drank the tea. Now where's the "so-called 'slip'? Right, friends?"

"When God created this world," He couldn't have been as happy...

As I am in this house.

See what I do next year. I'll build a palatial house for you.

"And buy a sleek, grand car!" "When you, I and our princes go out..."

"for a ride in it,... people will say" "There goes Kedarnath!"

Laxmi! What happened?

Hey! What are you doing there? "Get down, I say!"

Enough! Take them away. Bloody bastards! Come on ....

Have you seen my husband? I didn't find him anywhere.

You've been asking me for days now. "if he was here, you'd have found him."

I'm looking for my husband. Seen him anywhere?

Yes. I have. Where? Take me to him.

I'll be very grateful. Take you where?

We won't meet him now! What!

I saw an iron beam fall on him.

He may not be alive even. Oh God!

Mummy! "- Go to sleep, son."

He woke up from his sleep. He must've wandered for days.

Seems from a good home. He's so sweet. I really think...

God sent him to me to make me a mother.

How you pined for a child! But the one who lost him ....

Imagine her torment!

Stop it! "Quiet, I say!"

Rascal! What are you staring at? Start eating!

I don't like this food.

Then what shall I order for you? "Some delicious, yummy snacks?"

Whoever comes here thinks himself to be a damn prince!

"Now that you get a full meal," "you fuss, eh?"

"We get all the stuff," and you eat good food.

You are Wag your tongue at me?

You swine! Your father must've fed you dry gram!

Don't take his name!

He had servants like you at home! Blast you! You dare do this?

Catches me by the throat! "Answers me back, eh?"

You impertinent good for nothing!

"He'll not get food for 2 days, and" "swab this floor at night, alone."

"Once, where there was happiness," "now resides woe and sadness"

"Time which had brought spring," "has now brought drought"

"Day-night. Yesterday and today..." "Every man, is a slave to time"

"Every man is bound to it"

"Even the sun and the moon move" "according to the Time"

"It all depends on time, who" "governs and who forms the society"

""Day-night. Yesterday-today..." "Every man is a slave to time"

"There's time limit" "even on good times"

"Time is a bed of roses, or" "it's a crown of thorns..."

"Time is a crown of thorns"

"Day-night, yesterday-today." "Every man is slave to Time"

"Every man is bound to it"

"Man should respect" "and fear Time"

"For who knows when," "Time will change its mood?"

"Day-night; yesterday-today;" "Every man is a slave to time"

"Every one is bound to it"

"Bastard! Are you massaging, or" boot polishing? Puny hands.

"Eats like a goat, this as a rake!" Crack those toe-joints. Go on!

I want to see the manager. "- That's me. Get lost, bastard!"

You all go now. Yes?

This unfortunate man is Kedarnath. The earthquake literally uprooted me.

It ruined me. "l lost my wife, children. Everyone."

God knows I've gone everywhere. "Thought, in your..."

"The photos of the kids here," are all in this register.

This is my son! Tell him his papa is here. Else I'll go myself.

Show me his room. "- Go, boy."

But he's not here! Have you seen Raju?

You mean the one the manager thrashed?

He ran away! Rascals!

What nonsense! Go find him. Must be here somewhere.

"Honestly, sir." He ran away.

Ask Ratan. Yes. Last night.

"Said, ""l refuse to stay here." "The manager's always beating me"

You beat him? You hit my son?

Bloody creep! Mind your tongue!

Why did you hit my son? You'll have to get him back for me.

Tell me where he is. Why don't you say something?

Surround the house.

"You inspector? Here, at this time?" Anything the matter?

Mr. Mittal's house was burgled.

You mean that judge? Yes.

He had bought a diamond necklace for his daughter.

Has he a daughter?

An only daughter. She had won "the "Miss Bombay" title last year."

Is she so beautiful? Yes.

"Her necklace was stolen, and" the thief ran towards here.

Very smart to have stolen. a necklace of a lovely girl.

And that too before a special event.

It's her birthday tomorrow.

Really? Yes.

"Your necklace, Happy Birthday."

This necklace... And you are.. "- I'm Raja. I never met you, but..."

your father knows me very well.

"I'm an uninvited guest," "but still, Happy Birthday."

This necklace...

How did you get it? He gave it to me.

It's a present from a thief. Last night your house was burgled.

"The thief ran in my house," "and while climbing,..." dropped this necklace.

"When the servant brought it to me," thought I'd give it to the police.

"But then, why should" I deprive you of your joy?

I' m very thankful.

You've doubled our joy today. "You haven't met Meena, have you?"

Not officially. I'll do it.

This is my daughter Meena.

"it's her, 19th birthday today." And he is Mr.Raja(King).

"And as his name suggests," he's a king at heart too!

Let me put it on for you.

It's Meena's birthday today. Thank you.

If Ravi has done his L.L.B. Send him to me.

Mr.Patel is a renowned lawyer here and a very good friend of mine.

I'll keep Ravi with him. What? At Mr.Patel's? Okay.

I'm thinking the same thing. And listen...

"That bungalow on Malabar Hill," have it cleaned by someone.

"Okay, but listen Ravi will stay" "with me, not there! Yes!"

"And Mr. Scrooge, when will you" give a party because Ravi passed?

I'm giving a party for that right now. We' re having fun.

"Had you been here, it would have" been even better. I'll hang up now.

Why phone him? You talk so loudly he'd have heard you there anyway!

Has Ravi come? "- No, not yet."

An odd kid. Where does he go?

Just see whether we've hooked anything.

This fish is also a headache. "it's so near, yet so far!"

I think it's having a go at my hook!

"Friend .... if it's a big one," we'll have a party!

Party! I've had it! Hey!... Listen...

"There's a party on," and he's missing.

Let him come and see howl fire him!

"Uncle, you're not" eating anything.

"Since you've given it," I'll eat it.

Why are you just sitting? "Come on, start eating."

"You've left your plate untouched," and you're chain-smoking.

"if you won't eat, I'll fight you." "- I'll eat it up, don't worry."

If you eat this because live "given it to you, you'll go mad!"

"Dad! If you don't eat anything, how" will the guests eat? Have something.

"Where were you, sir?" Here only.

I was looking after the guests. You're doing pretty well too. Re...

Did she say anything? I'll call her.

Did you do it again? I...

I've told you not to lie. But I...

If you lie again I'll...

Listen to me... Never mind.

I forgive you. See Dad? Mr.Khan. Are you coming now?

I got held up.

"Sir, no mangoes this year?" We didn't have any.

Never mind. Next year. Please be comfortable.

What's this? Where were you?

Your Dad was getting angry.

"But you weren't angry, were you?" How can I be?

You're our sunshine. This has been "a happy home, since you've come."

My birthday has been inauspicious. "Don't celebrate it, Mom."

"Whenever this day comes, you cry." Not really son.

The tears come automatically.

"What didn't we have? Servants," "money, estate. Hundreds were fed."

We celebrated this day in style. Cooked a royal feast.

How can a house in which an unlucky "boy was born, even have a feast?"

"No, son. Your father always said" "Our youngest has brought us luck"

"And love falls like rain" And it flowed away like water too!

But how brave you were! You toiled 24 hours. Sewed clothes.

And educated me. I'll be a graduate this year.

"Mom, you were on your own." Yet you didn't give up.

But God gave up and didn't help. Why could fate see me happy?

Your father said "My sons will be like kings"

No Mom. Don't cry.

"Here you are, sir."

You always distribute sweetmeats on this date. Why so?

Why do you want to know? Just like that.

You spend your year's earnings on this day. What for?

Today was the day I lost everything. Whatever I had saved by toiling...

Was all ruined as we all slept in the night.

Fate snatched those sons from me. "Today I distribute these, and pray."

"May they be alive, wherever" "they may be, let them be happy."

Let them live long and may all their woes come to me.

"Your coat, Daddy."

Ravi has sent a wire from Delhi. What does it say?

Ravi's coming tomorrow. Really?

"Who brought a twinkle in my eyes" "and strummed the strings of my heart?"

"Who has come?"

"The wind brought the news" "of his coming"

"And the hint to put flowers"

"The soul was stirred and" "breath smelt very sweet"

"And the strings of my sleepy" "heart strummed joyously"

"Who brought this twinkle in my eyes" "and strum the strings of my heart"

"Who has come?"

"His hands have asked something" "from my hands"

"His dreams have asked something" "from my nights!"

"Music is playing, and, there's" "bounce in my step..."

"The strings of my sleepy heart" "strummed joyously"

"Who brought twinkle in my eyes," "strummed the strings of my heart?"

"Who has come?"

Mr Raja! When did you come? Can't recall. I was totally lost.

As though the time stopped and the ground stood still.

Only your song echoed in the air.

Your laughter is so appealing.

Every bit of you is beautiful.

Lucky will be the man who Weds you.

The same can be said about you too. Do you really think so?

You didn't answer me.

Better if some questions are left unanswered.

"Yes, buy it. it's not a bad land." it'll be good for a factory.

Did you buy the diamonds?

"No, no! Don't sell them."

"Well, here I am."

You really are King Indra. Just Indra. You are the king.

"Your name meant that, and now," you're one professionally too.

What proof do you have of me becoming a 'King'? Who told you?

Mr. Mittal. I hear you're eying his daughter most favourably.

You returned the necklace? That's my private matter.

You have no private matter. Whatever you bring belongs to me.

Even you belong to me! Everything belongs to me!

"Not everything, sir."

I picked you off the streets!

You used to beg! "- Not beg, sir."

I used to pick pockets! You know I don't like such talk.

Do you know the penalty for going against me?

"Don't be a fool, Balbir."

This is not for kids to play with! Your hand can bleed if this cuts it.

"You, and here?"

I went to your place and learnt you had come here.

These are the first flowers of this season.

Must be someone special for you to come personally.

For me every one is special.

Nobody's common. Even I?

Why do you rate yourself 'common'?

Is it in my hand to rate myself so? Then whose?

Have you brought these for me?

"You wonderful," "lovely girl, hats off!"

They have the scent of your hair. I said what I wanted to say.

One who hides it here is a coward.

Pin this on my lapel with your delicate fingers.

My life's journey will be Iovelier! Who is he?

Oh! I forgot. This is Mr. Raja. Think of me as one of your subjects!

As I sat in the plane I wondered what would happen if I died?

"l would disappear from this world," and hearing this news...

Tears would fall as pearls from somebody's big soulful eyes!

You talk too much! Give me your luggage ticket.

"My dear wonderful girl, I forget" everything when I see you. Here!

"Very glad to meet you, sir." "- Possible, but we haven't met as yet."

How you hidden the best part?

"No, but for that," one needs good eyes.

"if your desires are like these gems," I've seen it all.

"I'm impressed, all right." Wonderful diamonds!

I'm as good. But you won't understand it as yet.

"So many veils, eh? Never mind." "They'll be removed too, as we meet."

I've kept our luggage in the car. "- Okay then, we'll take your leave."

Here! A symbol of our first meeting.

" Hello, Mr. Serious."

My name is Vijay. Really?

Listen... " Listen, will you?"

You're very strange. A girl is talking and you ignore her?

Going to college then? I'll take you.

"Thanks, but I'll go on my own."

Why the frown? I didn't make the car. "if you refuse, I'll walk with you!"

"To understand today's poem, one must" know its atmosphere and background.

"I'll read it out first," then I'll explain and discuss it.

"Bells ring very softly in my ears" "from very far away"

"Remembering our pranks" "and complaints of long ago,.."

"you must be laughing""."

A group from the Cultural Society is going on a trip.

"Those who want to join in," please raise your hand.

"it's spring, and time for us" "to fall in love"

"When love has enemies in form of" "many woes, how can we love?"

"Lighten your heart of those burdens;" "it's a short life, so be merry"

"I've led a very suppressed life," "so how can I love you?"

"it's spring and it's time" "for us to say yes to love"

"it's not good to toy with dreams;" "it's difficult to face realities"

"Leave your realities to my dreams." "And let's just fall in love"

"When love has enemies in form of" "many woes .... how can I love you?"

"Remove such cobwebs from your mind," "if you wish to live, then set sail"

"There are currents in the water," "so how can I love you?"

"it's spring, and time for us" "to say yes to love"

it's Raja. "- Well Mr.Raja,..." how come you remembered me?

"l always remember you," but today I wished for something.

Wished for what? A cup of tea. With you.

Sure. Why the formality? Then I'll come over right now.

I'll wait for you.

Come down quickly. What's the matter?

Why don't you come up? "- Are you coming down, or not?"

My wonderful darling girl you're so nice! Come.

Mr. Raja's coming. Don't fret over him.

Worry about the one who's here!

"Listen, let's just sit here." Oh please come.

"When you take me in your arms" "and hold me close to you..."

"many beautiful dreams" "appear before my eyes"

"When you take me in your arms" "and hold me close"

"The scent of the flowers left the" "garden and lingered on my breath"

"When the tresses on the waves" "opened on their own"

"l walked into the shelter" "l like most of all"

"When you hugged me" "close to you"

"Many beautiful dreams passed" "before my eyes"

"Under the shadows" "of the dark erotic clouds"

"When we hold hands" "and walk together"

"The road was littered with" "flowers fallen from the branches"

"When you hold me in your arms" "very close to you"

"l see a million beautiful dreams"

"When you take me in your arms" "and hold me close to you"

Now put it in the neutral.

"Hello! I came many times," but didn't meet you.

"Let alone you, even I don't" get to meet her these days.

I don't seem to see you either. Am I something worthy of being seen?

"Well dear chap, how about a picnic?" it'll be nice. We'll have a race.

And the winner will get a prize.

"As per the winner's wishes," or yours?

As per the winner's wishes! Right then!

The race is between you and me. Why involve her in it?


"Sweetheart, we'll meet" at Khandala Ghat.

"Hello, sweetheart." What's wrong? How can I help?

"Sorry, but I can't do" anything for you.

How wonderful! "Mr Raja, hats off to you."

"How well you drove, overtook, and" won the race. I'm your slave now!

You're a magician! Your blessings.

I'm very hungry. Let's eat.

Let's go. I'll treat you. "Come, Meena will also come by then."

Who won? "- Who else, my dear? Mr. Raja."

"My dear girl, the way he drives..."

Give him the prize of his choice and give me what you wish.

"Go and ask her, Mr. Raja." "- Yes, go on. what do you want?"

"Go on, sir." This is between just the 2 of us.

What will ask now? Maybe some "other day, when the time is right."

Let's have tea now.

What happened to Mom? She was in pain. I called the doc.

Pain? She never had it before. "- She did, but didn't tell you."

I've given her an injection now. Her pain will lessen. Get this.

I suggest you take her to Mumbai in the Tata Hospital.

Is it serious? "- No, not really."

The disease shouldn't be neglected.

I'll give you a letter to a doctor there. Collect it from my dispensary.

What's on your mind?

"I'm thinking, when I was" "inside, I was helpless."

I had left my kids to their fate. "Now that I'm out, I'm that same man."

"A father, head of the family." I must find them. But...

"in this vast world, where" will I find them?

Don't worry. You will.

Easier said than done. I wanted to pen my son's future myself.

But fate slapped me so hard... we got scattered like grass-blades.

Today I'm setting out again to gather the scattered blades together.

"it's been so long, that even if" "my sons stand before me,..."

I won't know them.

Destiny is sneering at me once more.

What is it? Why are you so quiet?

I think the time has come for us to separate.


Fate can't see me happy for long. What are you saying?

Mom's seriously ill. I've to take her to Mumbai.

I can help you. Meaning?

I mean it's a very big city.

You don't know anybody there. You'll need money for treatment too.

I'll manage something. My brother lives there.

We'll be going to him.

You're going to be there! What more do I want?

That's enough for me.

Who are you? Time has changed my face too!

My dear friend! Where were you? We were told you were dead.

Do I look as though I'm living? I'm just waiting for my time.

But where were you? Why didn't you contact us?

I'll tell you later.

"First tell me, any news about" my wife and sons?

"Not about your sons, but long" "time ago, Aziz did say..."

"that he saw your wife in Delhi," in Banswali Lane.

Laxmi is alive! My wife is alive!

"Hey, wait!" "Listen, will you?"

Whom do you want? Does Laxmi live here?

"She did, but she went to Mumbai." Do you have her address?

No. I don't.

Does anybody else know it? No.

"Very sorry. Walk carefully," and slowly.

"Bless you, son."

I think he's got away. Nobody escapes Raja. Come on!

"What did the doctor say, son?" That you're not to worry.

I'm to bring you again after 15 days and you're to stay happy.

Happiness is not in my lot. "I've nobody but you now, son."

Hey! Your house has a new look. "- This is just a house, sweetheart."

"I'll get myself a new look too," if you say so!

"Bless you, dear." Where had you too gone?

I had taken her out for tea.

Where's Renu? At the back.

What delicious sweetmeat!

"I'm at a place where, even l," don't get any news about myself.

I used to laugh being Iovelorn. "But now, nothing makes me laugh."

In whose thoughts are you lost? Are you still in Delhi?

When did you become a poet? I read your thoughts correctly!

"So, tell us who he is." Whose absence is seen in...

"this untidy hair, this pale face" and the lost look in your eyes.

What will you do asking about it? I'll amuse you. Console you.

"And if it's possible, help you too!" "- Forget it! Come on, let's have tea."

"Tea, my foot!" This disease demands blood!

But do you really love somebody? it's an old story now.

"l was in love, and now it's over." So he came and went even.

Please tell me who he is.

Who's he? We studied together.

So I was right in saying that your thoughts were in Delhi.

He's in Mumbai. Really?

Then why think? Go and meet him.

"But where, in Bombay?"

Is this your application? Yes.

Any experience? "- No, sir."

You're a graduate. Yes.

Okay. I'll employ you.

But I want no complaints. Okay.

Whether day or night duty...

You can't refuse to do it. No sir.

One more thing...

Hard work and honesty is my policy. Don't ever forget it.

I won't sir.

"I'll work faithfully, sir." You may go.

Has Raja come? He's not home.

I know where he is!

You had promised to give something to poor me.

Me? Yes.


A reward. What for?

You've forgotten. Absolutely.

And look at my madness. All my hopes depend on this reward.

That's sounds serious!

"if you think so," "else, it's nothing."

"Then tell me, what reward?"

The one you had promised at the race.

Oh that! I thought it was over with the fun. What do you want?

"Give me your hand, please." "- Meena... Renu's here, dear."

It's play a game of billiards.

"Sir, I think I'll get married." Good. Why delay a good decision?

But I want to leave the decision to you.

Why? You've getting married. You decide.

I already have. But I'll need your help.

What's the problem?

Do they have any objection? Who are they?

"They are pretty close, and" the girl too hasn't declined.

Then why let anyone interfere? Fix the date and get married.

I'll attend the wedding too! Hello. How did you lose your way?

I hear that one who loses his way "comes to you. So, I came too!"

I hear nowadays.

I'll take your leave now. Hold on. Let's have some tea.

"Right, sir?" Good idea. Come long then.

"Arrange for some tea, my dear." I better go too.

Have some tea.

Let the car come. Take my car.

"I'll go with Raja. Right, Raja?"

"it's your car, sir." I won't be a moment.

"Come, let's sit down" and chat a bit.

You will come tomorrow? Sure I will.

"Where shall I drop you, Ma'am?"

Napean Sea Road. Fine.

Can't 2 strangers talk? You're still lost in the past.

Face the facts. We' re what we are this moment. I'm a driver.

"You're sitting behind, as a boss." We' re far apart in status.

There! I've lessened the distance a bit.

Why did you stop the car? The distance between us cannot be...

Lessened by you coming in front. We' re not Vijay and Renu now.

But master and driver. Okay.

Tell me. Why didn't you meet me?

Why should I? To show what a great progress I made here?

That I'm a driver now.

I'm not worthy of you now. Don't say such things. Please.

You went away and I lost heart. Thought I'd never find you.

But we did meet. Why? What does destiny have in mind?

Why does it make us meet? To make fun of us. To tell us...

"that those who meet at stations," "are travellers, not friends."

"Their paths, their destinations" are different.

No! No!

Our destination is the same. I love you.

I love you too. But my love is foolishness. I'm a man...

"who doesn't have a lovely house," "posh clothes, and no great identity." who was born to be an animal and die as one!

From where will I get those comforts you're used to?

Where will keep a millionaire's daughter? In a servant-quarter?

I've seen a sort of a dream. Tell me about it.

"Won't feel shy, will you?" "- Not with you, I won't."

"l saw that from among the branches" "laden with flowers, you came near me"

"As though we've been together" "since time began..."

"As if we have longed" "for this moment for ever"

Even I've seen a dream. "- Go on, you tell me about it too."

Won't be angry with yourself? "- No, not with myself."

"l saw that near the singing waters" "you told me your tormenting feelings"

"Your voice quivering with emotion," "you told me what was in my heart"

"The ice felt hot under the feet" "and I realised love is so warm"

"That your hard marble-like body" "turns soft and supple at my touch"

"I've seen that in a foggy valley, l" "tell you 'let's get lost somewhere' "

"l say where's the need to do that?"

"Just pull a sheet" "of passion and doze"

Do you realise how different you and Meena are?


You break the law. "Her father, a keeper of the law."

"You're an unknown, destitute, and" "she, rich in money and lineage!"

"You, a thief. He, a judge! If he" comes to know your true identity...

Guess what will happen?

But who will expose me? Your actions.

That's why I've given up doing all this.

But suppose your past catches up "with you and reveals itself, then?"

You mean my life is in your hands? "- No, it's other way round, in fact."

You know my mania for diamonds.

And Her Majesty will be in town tomorrow.

She's a diamond-mine! Only you can do this.

And if I don't? Then Raja ....

I can hate as much as I can love!

"Love and hate, eh? Sir, those" who live in glass-houses...

Don't throw stones at others!

"How are you, sir?" Fine.

Where are all the others?

Meena has gone swimming with Ravi. Swimming?

Not this one. So sorry.

Don't do this Ravi.

I'm feeling scared. Even when you're near me?

That's why I'm scared. Why?

Put the light on first.

Now tell me.

I like you very much! Really?

Come closer. Okay?

A bit more.

Can you hear my heart beating?

And can you hear mine? "- Yes, very much so."

I feel like breaking all barriers. So what are you waiting for?

A signal from you. There! I gave it to you. Happy?

Let' s get married.

Why don't you talk to Daddy? You do it.

I feel shy.

What anger are you venting on them?

I'm invited to the engagement of Mr. Mittal's daughter.

"You're one of the family," you must be invited too.

But of course!

"But my mistake, there's" Ravi's name as the fiance.

You must have felt happy since you've come to congratulate me!

I thought you'd need someone at "this hour of sadness, so I came."

My sorrow won't need hired mourners.

"But now, even the real sufferers" can't do a thing!

Anyway... what you saw was a dream.

"What you heard, was a tale." Come back to your own world.

"Raja never looks back, sir!"

Babloo? My brother?

My dear brother! "My brother, Babloo."

No! No!

I've been looking for you.

What happened? Come on.

A song.

"My face reflects happiness," "and there's pride in my eyes"

"When you call me your own," "l feel so proud of myself"

"My face reflects joy"

"You're very handsome yourself." "May be you don't know it"

"Maybe you don't even know this"

"That when you enter a party," "everything seems brighter"

"When you call me your own," "l feel so proud of myself"

"My face radiates with joy"

"When I fell in love with you," "then the secret unfolded"

"Like death being at hand..."

"for someone to realise" "life's worth"

"When you call me your own" "l feel so proud of myself"

"My face reflects with happiness" "and there's pride in my eyes"

"My face radiates with joy"

Congratulations. You look very happy today.

"Yes, I'm very, very happy."

Then I can ask for my reward. Yes.

I ask that don't ever trouble Ravi. Give him that joy...

Which no woman has given to a man till now.

"Mr. Raja, I was looking for you." Where were you last night?

Last night was nightmarish. I saw such a bad dream...

That its memory unnerves me. What was the dream?

I saw you sleeping in your bed. "I'm holding a dagger, and slowly..."

I'm approaching you. Then?

Then you suddenly turned into a tot.

And you called out 'brother' and hugged me.

That was a dream.

Let's hug each other like real brothers.

You looked like a heavenly nymph last night.

Really? Yes.

Meena said when I get married she'll give a grander party!

Your marriage? Yes. With you.

When will you stop dreaming? When will you start dreaming!

"Okay, here I go." What did you see?

You took me to meet your parents.

"They very sweetly asked me," "Son, what do you do?"


I said, "I'm Mr. Chennoy's driver". They we shocked hearing this.

And said "What do you want?"

"l reply, I want" to be your son-in-law.

I want to marry Renu. And what did they say?

They hugged me and said you've made my dream come true.

I too wanted her to marry some a pauper. You're so very nice.

You made my dream a reality.

"After that, my eyes opened." No!

You don't know my parents. They are liberal minded.

And my brother loves me so much. He'll do anything for my happiness.

Come with me. No.

Why not? Meet my brother.

No. Don't be so adamant. Get in. You're a coward.

Brother... Meet... I know him.

He's Mr. Chinoy's driver.

But he's my friend. What!

Yes. So what? You better go in.

I said go in!

You seemed to have forgotten who you are. You're a driver...

And you don't even know that there are 2 sets of seats.

"The one who sits in the front is," "the driver. One behind, the master."

You dare come here again. "- Very well, sir."

What right do you have to behave like this? I praise you sky-high.

And you insult my friend?

Is it a sin or a crime to be a driver? You judge a person...

According to his work? Shame! But who is he? From where?

What's his family name? Do you know yours?

"Did they ask your background," when they picked you off a street?

And what are you today? Can't stand on your own feet!

What are you blabbering? She's right. I had forgotten.

She woke me up!

"Sorry, I can't let Mina wed Ravi." I've to be one with the fish.

"if I wed her to an orphan," what will people say?

Let them talk! You see to yourself. Forget such petty things.

It was a kids spat. True.

"But he isn't your son, is he?"

Then whose? I've brought him up. "- Reared him, not a blood relation."

"God knows whether he's a Hindu," "a Moslem, a Christian or what else!"

Why are you stuck on this caste issue? You're educated people.

"I've tried to convince her," but she refuses to listen.

I've no objection. But I have!

Education has its own place. It can't go against faith.

"Main point is, she's my only child." I won't wed her to a street monger.

You're right.

Why are you fighting over me? I'm going away.


Where nobody will ask my parents name. Where my name will be enough!

Tears don't suit your eyes.

You had sought worldly joys for Ravi. And today...

Today I still ask for the same joys.

I've blessed you as an elder. Today I'll live up to it.

"Welcome, Raja." How did you remember me?

"Goods go to a buyer usually, sir." And no bigger buyer than you.

What are your goods?

I've come to sell myself again. The price?

You mustn't have seen various forms of love.

The love for which I wanted to go "straight, is leading me astray again."

Meaning? "- I've blessed Mina,..." as somebody elder. I've asked all the joys for Ravi from her.


Ravi's my brother. What?

Real brother?

When did you come to know this secret?

"The night before the betrothal," when I had gone to kill Ravi.

And today everything's ruined. Their engagement is broken.

Ravi has left home. They want Ravi's father's name And only I know it. Then why don't you tell them?

Cos I have a past which is known to just one man.

You mean me.

The price is that I'll sell my soul. I'll be your obedient slave forever.

"In return, you'll hold your tongue." So that my ill-reputation...

Doesn't effect Ravi's future.

I agree to the deal.

I want to declare Ravi's true identity proudly.

And I'll throw a grand party for this announcement.

"This is Mr.Raja, and" she is Her Majesty.

I told you she was a diamond-mine. The job has to be done tonight.

You seem to have invited the whole town! What's it in aid of?

"Ask him that, and dine with me!"

What special announcement are you going go make so grandly?

It is very special And time will tell.

"Look, somebody's waiting for you." "There, near the fountain."

You look very happy. "- Yes, I'm very happy today."

Feel like revealing everything!

"Do, but my job first." Your job...

Talk to me. What shall I say?

Anything. I'm very scared.

I wonder what will happen to us.

You love me? Need you ask?

"You love me, and I love you." Leave the rest to destiny.

"The future is uncertain," "the past, unknown"

"What we do have however" "is this moment"

"The future is uncertain," "the past, unknown"

"What we do have however" "is this moment"

"Don't know what the future" "holds for us..."

"Unknown shadows litter the path;" "Unknown arms surround us all"

"This moment is bright," "all the rest is darkness..."

"Don't lose this moment," "it's yours, and yours alone"

"Those who' re living, just think"

"This is the time" "so fulfill your wish"

"For, the future is uncertain," "and the past, unknown"

"What we do have however," "is this moment"

Where's Vijay?

Vijay your mother's serious.

What happened? A heart attack I suppose. Hurry!

"Where were you, dear?"

"This part is held together" "by this moment's beauty"

"The heart's hammering with" "this moment's passion"

"Because of this moment," "the world is ours"

"But I see this moment has" "been there for ages"

"So stop and think," "those who live"

"This is the time," "make the most of it"

"For the future is uncertain" "and the past is unknown"

"What we do have, however," "is this moment"

"Don't know what the future" "holds for us"

May I go now? "- Wait, I'll get us some food."

We'll sit and eat.

"Sir, my mother is very ill." May I take her in the car?

But of course. Go right ahead.

"Our place is right here," "in the shadow of this moment"

"Every event after this moment" "will seem a dream"

"Who has seen tomorrow?" "Who knows what'll happen then?"

"Take what you want to take" "from this moment"

"Those who are living," "just think"

"This is the time," "so do what you will"

"My darling, why are you alone?" "Waiting for me, eh? Come then..."

"Where are you going, darling?" Come near me...

You scum! Don't you know how to talk to decent ladies?

You hit me?

Rascal! I'll kill you!

You worm! I'll kill you!

"Raja, stop it! He's drunk."

Lucky people have friends like you. Today you've proved your friendship.

How shall I tell you what I was going to do today.

I didn't get a chance to talk. God decided to be merciless.

It's an old habit with him! Today he was really angry with me.

"Anyway, some other time."

"Come, I'll drop you home."

What is it?

"it's very serious, but treatable." But what's wrong?

She has cancer.

"Yes, in the stomach." Must be operated at once.


"Listen, don't tell your mother." Right. Your fees?

Rs.40/-. I've just Rs.30/- on me.

Never mind. I'll pay you later.

"Come, Mom." What did he say?

"it's a minor thing," but needs surgery.

Operation? That costs a lot.

So? I'll borrow. My boss is nice.

"You called me, sir?" Yes.

Didn't you know who was hosting it?

You embarrassed me in front of elite company.

Rascal! Fiend!

Did you have to choose that night to attack one of our own?

Why did you attack Meena? She is a judge's daughter.

"l, your boss, had invited them."

You're getting angry over .... Quiet!

You hit me? You dare do this?

You hit me? You strike me?

What did you see? Everything.

You saw nothing. Your mom's ill.

What did the doctor say? She needs an operation.

You'll need money for it. I'll give it to you.

He has escaped!

Let me go!

"Let me go, I say!" For God's sake.

Why are you silent?

Do you also think I killed him? No.

Have you decided on a lawyer? "- No, but I've selected one."

Who? Ravi.

But he's a greenhorn.

He hasn't fought a case as yet. it's a question of life and death.

You should employ a top lawyer. "- Top lawyer, eh?"

"if Ravi wins this case, he'll too" "become a top lawyer,..."

"Yes, but you can't gamble with life."

Is it? I've always gambled with it.

Let me try this last time.

Did you call me? "- You'll fight my case, Ravi."

What! You're my lawyer.

If anything goes wrong I'll never forgive myself.

I respect you like an elder brother.

"For the sake of that brotherly love," you'll have to fight my case.

"You'll have to fight, Ravi" Give me your hand.

Come on...

Unbelievable! Setting aside all the "top lawyers, Raja chose a lawyer..."

"who hasn't seen a court, yet!" Let alone fighting a case...

He can't address the judge. Poor Raja! God have mercy on him.

We've considered the facts. This case for which we stand before you.

"To prove that it's a murder case," we've to prove 3 things.

That this murder was done with "motive, intention and intentions."

"One, that this murder was done with" "specific motive, intention, and plan."

"Two, the killer waited for the" right opportunity to strike.

"Three, when he got the proper" "chance, he went ahead and did it."

To prove that the accused was the "killer, I will call some witnesses."

Who saw everything with his own eyes and also heard everything.

"My first witness is,..."

Were you present at that party where this fight took place?


Can you tell us what you saw and heard there?

I saw the deceased and Raja fighting. Raja threatened to kill the deceased.

I saw the deceased and Raja fighting and heard Raja threaten the man.

What do you do for a living? I'm a college principal.

What do you know about this case? I was present at the part too.

The accused had threatened to kill the deceased.

"We were having dinner, when there" was chaos. I went to see.

We were having food when I heard a commotion. I went to check...

And saw people running towards the garden. I too went along.

"When you went, what did you see?" They were fighting.

This man was bashing the deceased "and saying ""I'll chop you to pieces""."

Your Highness what do you know of this?

I saw that the deceased "was bleeding, and..."

Mr. Chinnoy was trying to separate them.

Did you hear what Raja said then? "- He said ""I'll have your blood"

Did you hear exactly those words? Yes!

Sure? Yes.

But the first witness said "I'll kill you"

"The second said," "chop you up and now..."

"you're saying have your blood""." "So, who's telling the whole truth?"

I am! That means the others were lying.

Could be.

The statements made by the three "witnesses presented, do not tally."

"One said "I'll kill you", second said," "l chop you and the third says..."

"I'll have your blood""."

"l wonder, by presenting" these 3 witnesses...

"who say 3 different things," what is my learned friend saying?

I want to say that witnesses can't always say the exact words.

I'm saying that witness don't say the exact words spoken or heard.

Every person uses different words to say something.

I want to give stress on the true meaning of these words.

"And the meaning is, the accused" threatened to kill the deceased.

Why was the threat made? Why was the man murdered?

To know all this I'd like to call Miss. Meena.

"Miss. Meena, please be present."

"I'll tell the truth and" "nothing but the truth"

Do you know the accused? Yes.

For how long? Many days now.

Can you tell us when you met him and under what circumstances?

He came with a necklace.

To sell? No.

Then why did he bring it? My necklace was a stolen.

My father had bought it as a birthday gift for me.

"At night, the thief dropped it" in his yard while running.

So he came to return it to you? Yes.

Must be an ordinary one.

"No, it was an expensive one." Made of diamonds.

It's his goodness that he returned it. Anybody else would've kept it.

"So, after this proof of his decency," you both must've met quite often.

He visited our house frequently. "- Of course, why not?"

"In this way, a friendship formed" between you both. it's obvious...

That when two people meet "on and off, they come close."

"And when friendship grows, one," tends to take care of each other.

Even gifts are exchanged. He never bought me a gift!

You've sworn to tell the truth. Did he never give you a gift?

He brought flowers sometimes. And this must've continued.

He must've brought variety of flowers again and again.

Such questions have nothing to do with this case.

Please ask questions concerning this case.

" All right, Sir."

The night of the fight. Were you present there?


Then did you see whatever happened there? -Yes How did the fight start. Please tell us in your own words.

I was standing near the fountain "when that rascal came, and..." and began to harrass me. Then what happened?

"Before I could react to it," Raja came and asked him to leave.

"No, he didn't just ask him." They fought. Exchanged blows.

There was pandemonium. "the party was cancelled, it ended..." with the accused threatening "the deceased. Yes, or no?"

Yes. Then can I come to this conclusion...

That you are the root of this? That the reason and the cause...

Of this murder is the closeness and relationship between you and Raja?

My friend is twisting her words and giving it an incorrect hue.

"I'm not doing that, sir." I want to prove it to the court...

"that the murders, riots and bloodshed" that have occurred till now...

"are all due to women, land or" alcohol. This court has also seen...

Thousands of such cases in which a woman was at the root of it all.

Today too there is a woman at the root of the murder committed.

I will ask you one final question. Did you and he ever... forget it!

I don't wish to upset you by asking anymore questions.

Why didn't Patel ask her the question? "- Without asking, he proved..." something which wouldn't have been proved by asking.


He hinted at a relationship between "them, which is better of unexposed."


"l didn't make a mistake, did l?" What mistake?

"it won't go against Raja, will it?" Til now everything is against him.

"Then, what now?" "- Can't say, Meena."

Who do you think is the killer? That only God knows. Or the killer.

It happened at a party attended by the elite. They all went away.

The dinner remained where it was. I was very sorry. Later I went too.

Then who informed you about the murder?

My driver.

I was sleeping and he woke me up. He then told me about it.

Then? -I didn't believe it first.

Raja is a good man. I know him well.

I've brought him up. No opinions.

Just say things concerning this case.

"When your driver woke you," what did you do?

I came out and went towards Raja's room with the driver?

And you saw?

Raja was holding Balbir's body and was trying to put it in the closet.

Can you recognise the closet? Yes. There it is.

Then what? -I did my duty.

I locked the door and phoned the police.

What happened then?

"l opened the door," but Raja was missing.

And the window was open? "- Yes, sir."

"l don't wish to question him now," but I'll request the court...

"that if I need to, I'll call" Mr Chinnoy again for question.

Please note it.

Had you seen the accused before anywhere?

Yes. Where?

He was running on the road and I caught him.


He was so petrified and had I not "caught him, he'd have been run over."

"When you caught him," what did he say?

He was trying to free himself.

"Said, ""Let me go"". Just then the" police came and took him away.

Thank you very much.

Now I'll present a witness who has seen many things with his own eyes.

"A final link, so to say." "Mr Vijay Kumar, please."

Mr Vijay Kumar...

"I'll tell the whole truth," "and nothing but the truth"

What do you do for a living? I'm Mr Chinnoy's driver.

Were you on duty at the party? No. My mother was seriously ill.

I had asked sir for the car and taken my mother to the doctor.

Later I brought back the car. I put on the headlights and saw...

A man dragging a body. Did you recognise the body?

Yes. It was Balbir.

Then you must've known the other man too.

Yes. Who is that man?


You're a driver? Do you mind?

Easy. I don't mind at all.

"What I meant was, you're a B.A." And you work as a driver.

I drive. Not beg around. Sorry. You seem offended.

I mean you must be in dire straits to accept this job.

I'm not brought here because of my personal problems!

Please answer him properly!

"l ask you, why you took up" this job as a driver.

My mother's sick and I didn't get any other job. So I took this one.

So you did all this for your mom?

Yes. What is she suffering from?

Then it's a question of her life and you'll do anything for her.

Yes. How fate plays with men!

Here is an unfortunate man who doesn't have a mother to cry for him.

I'm proud of my son. He'll never lie in a court. I know him well.

He's my flesh and blood. My son!

That man's also somebody's son.

One who's standing in the dock. I know him well too. He can't kill.

He's absolutely innocent. Then why is your son talking against him?

"l don't know, but I hope he won't" sacrifice another mother's son...

To save his own mother. That's all. I'll go now.

Mom... You're home?

Yes. How are you? "- All right, I suppose."

Don't worry. I spoke to the doctor. Said you should get operated soon.

"But one needs money, son." I've got the money. Here you are.

What's the matter? Where did you get this from?

I've borrowed it from my boss. He'll cut it from my pay.

He gave it in a Iumpsum? So what? He has loaned it to me!

I've not robbed anyone. If you're saving my life and...

"sacrificing someone else's," it's better that I die.

I hear you're standing as a witness against somebody. God forbid...

"but to save me, I hope you don't" deprive another mother of a son.

"He's also sombody's brother," and a son.

"Look, he's also a brother, son," a dear one to someone.

Your statement can hang him. You're the only eye-witness.

What did you see? Someone dragging a body? He must be covering the body.

"What did you see? His waist, neck," face? Why don't you tell us?

I say you saw nothing! You're lying! If you saw someone with a body...

"why didn't you shout, make noise?" And catch the killer?

"if what you saw is the truth, then" it'll be justice to hang him.

But if it's a lie and you don't admit it to it in the court now...

It'll be murder! And you'll be responsible for that murder!

Swear on this Holy Gita. Is this the man you saw that night?

This is God in form of a book. Hold it close to you and swear...

That this is the man you saw! Why are you not saying anything?

You lied! You lied under oath! If injustice is done to this man...

God will make you pay for it.

"Your mother is ill, very ill. She may" have to die for your crime!

No! No!

No! I had lied! I gave a false "statement! I lied, Iied...!"

Why? What was the temptation? I was given money.

By whom?

Mr Chinnoy!

You cannot believe this witness. Did he lie yesterday or today?

Was he given the money before or "today, one can't really prove."

"l agree with my friend, sir." it's obvious this man had lied.

Now that the eye-witness has been "proved a liar, the matter is closed."

Indeed it is! The fact that this man's footprints were found...

In the blood is useless. Someone saw him put the body...

"in the cupboard, is of no value." That police caught him running...

Is also to go unnoticed. It is strange that my friend here...

Is fighting a case and taking a decision too.

"Before I present anything more, I'd" like the court to grant me a break.


What farce is this? Sorry. But I'm trying my best...

To get my footprints on the path that I've dragged this sack on.

But I'm unsuccessful. If my learned friend is willing to try...

He may be successful.

I leave the decision about the footprints to the Court.

"Let me say, what my learned friend" is scared to say.

There won't be any footprints.

Take this sack to be the body and the red paint as the spilt blood.

I wanted to show that no matter how the body was dragged...

The footprints will not fall on the blood. This means...

My client couldn't have left his footprints in the blood...

When the body was being dragged. The prints came later. The body first.

The Court wants to know whether there was light at the scene?

"According to the police report," "it was dark, sir."

I'm not just thankful but also grateful to the court for clearing...

The fact that when my client came "on the scene, it was dark."

"This also proves that as he walked," he didn't know there was blood.

"To make all this clearer, I'll now" ask Mr Chinnoy to take the stand.

Sorry to have called you again. I just want to clear a few points.

But of course!

Your driver's statement has proved to be a lie.

"Tell me, how did you reach" the accused's room?

"You forget, but I've already stated" that my driver woke me up.

"Really? Ah yes, you were asleep."

Seeing the body in Raja's arms...

"which could've fallen from the closet," what did you do?

I locked the door from outside. Which was open from the inside!

When the driver woke you and told you about the murder...

Was there anybody else besides the two of you?

No. And when you went towards...

"the accused's room, that time..." Why is she stressing this...

Answer my question! When you saw Raja putting the corpse in...

Was the driver with you? Yes.

"This means, my dear sir, your" "statement, whether true or false,..." depends on the man who himself has been proved a liar in this court.

"Before I sound off, I want the jury" to consider just 3 things.

"One, my client didn't know there was" "blood, when he walked up the path."

"Two, when he opened the closet, he" didn't know there was a body in it.

"Three, when he got scared seeing the" "corpse, and finding the door locked..."

"he escaped from the window, not" knowing this act will go against him.

"With these facts, no court of law," "or society, can find my client guilty."

But there has been a murder; "and so, there must be a killer!"

Only two men can be the killer. Men who had the chance to do it.

My apologies. Now there can be "only one killer, not two."

And that man is Mr Chinnoy!

He cannot be the accused.

"He's in the witness box," not in the dock!

"it's not my fault, but he should be" in the dock! That's because...

I've got such proof that can turn all doubts into facts.

"The thing which was obscure," has suddenly come to light.

Every man in this court will be shocked to know that what I have...

Is the murder weapon. That knife which took Balbir Singh's life.

"And on which, Mr Chinnoy's" name is engraved!

That's a lie!

I say your name is on it! And I say it can't be!

Why not?

Why not? Balbir was killed with your knife...

"No! He wasn't killed by my knife," but his...

Say it!

Say he died with his own knife. Tell the court you know this!

You know this because you were not "asleep, and the driver never woke you."

You dragged the body. You kept it in the closet. The driver saw you!

You bought him. You killed Balbir. You are the murderer! You!

This is not the murder weapon. it's a toy knife.

I had no other choice to prove my point.

This Court orders Mr Chinnoy be tried for Balbir's murder.

And acquits Mr Raja as a free man.

"Excuse me. By saving him, you've" saved me from committing a sin too.

I nearly got him hanged. May God keep you. Good show.

"What happened, son?" God saved me from hell!

Thank God. He's a free man.

"Son, what he did was for me." I'm the guilty one. Forgive me.

What nonsense! You're like a mother to me.

"if that's true, then consider him your" younger brother and forgive him.

I've nothing against him. Come here.

"This is your youngest, Munna." Munna? My dear son!

"l had gone mad, I tell you." Why is destiny suddenly good to me?

"She gave me so much joy," I can even bear it!

"After being separated from you all," I went through such hard times.

No news about you and the boys. Life had become a burden.

I carried my own corpse on my shoulders.

"Do you know, once I nearly found" my Raju. Long ago now.

I heard he was in an orphanage. But he had gone before I got there.

I died that very moment. But I lived on this hope...

"that somewhere, sometime," I'll find you all.

And today I'm born again. "Laxmi, today's my re-birth."

"You're crying, Raja? Why?" You won't understand.

"What I'm seeing now, is very hard" to put in words. Too hard.

Look what a strapping young man my Munna's become. Son...

"if your brothers were here today," they'd have been like you too.

Suppose... I unite you with Babloo and Raju?

What! I'll shower you with pearls... I'll be your slave for life...

I'll die for you! Where are they? You won't believe me.

I will! I will believe you. You will?

"Then, this is Babloo" and I'm Raj...

He's Babloo... you're Raju?

"God, You gave me my world." Now I've no complaints...

Meena's mother has come to congratulate you.

No. I've come to apologise.

A promising son doesn't need his parents name.

In fact he makes them famous.

"Please, you're embarrassing me."


"Father, this is" my crazy sister Renu. And...

These are my parents who brought me up. And and...

This is my charming beautiful darling Meena.

Damn mischievous! "Meet your daughter-in-law, Mom."

"She's beautiful, isn't she Raju?" "- Yep, else hovv'd your son like her?" it's as though nothing happened.

"Before one passes it, Time seems" to drag. To go on forever.

"But once it passes, centuries seem" moments. Like seeing a dream.

Today it's the same me and the same business.

This is nothing.

See how we 3 brothers turn this into a grand thing. We'll be the best.

"No, son. Don't say that." I had once said that...

And Time slapped me hard. It scattered my entire family.

It has united us all again. Why? To show that Time is everything.

"Time makes, and Time breaks."

God has changed our days again. Whatever God took from us...

He returned with interest. "Sons, with daughters-in-law!"

Where are they? "- Let's start the rites, sir."

"Bless you, my dear."