War (2007) Script

What is that?

It's nothing.

Does Jenny know?

I'm the man of my house, Tom.

I don't have to hide things from my wife.

I won't tell on you.

I appreciate it.

Try this.

Nicotine's not your problem.

It's your oral fixation.

You just need something else to suck on.

I read it in some magazine.

What kind of magazines you been reading?


A man's gotta be able to have something of his own.

How many shooters you count?

Five, six.

Somebody tipped 'em off.

All I know is, we just lost two whole fucking years of work.

Wanna take a look?

As long as it's just a look.

On three.


Son of a bitch.

Wait. Tom, backup's on its way.

FBI! Freeze!

Tom! Jesus Ch...



John! You all right? Yeah.

Come on. Let's get you...

Did you get him?

I got him. You sure?

Took one in the face.

He's dead. Relax.

Hey, the morgue's full of people who thought they got that son of a bitch.

What are you talking about, John?

You sound like you know this guy.

Yeah. There's talk the Yakuza hired a rogue independent contractor to deal with the Triads.

He's supposed to be the best.

Same guy the CIA used in Jakarta that time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same guy that turned on his handlers and then killed three agents.

I heard it was five.

It's a bullshit story, John. You know that. All right?

Rogue's a phantom. He's a myth.

Somebody at the agency's yanking your chain.

Titanium shells, depleted uranium bullets.

It's his signature.

Do you really think Rogue was working for Yakuza?

That's the trouble with this business.

You never know who's working for who.

This is the San Francisco police.

Remain where you are with your hands in the air.

Yep. He's right here.

He's right here, John.

Hey. Yeah. See you soon. Okay. Bye-bye.

Hao. Okay.


I thought he was quitting, anyway.

I thought he was, too.

Yo, Tom.

Gotcha! Daniel. Please.

Honey. Darling, I'm on the phone. Daniel, come on.

Better be on the road. Game starts in 30.

I'm running a little behind.

Figure if we don't hit traffic, we'll make it up there by halftime.


It's an oral fixation.

Hey, go on. Get your coat.

So how's the case going?

Look, forget about the case.

Enjoy your sick leave.

Any ideas who blew the op?

No. Investigation's underway.

So far, zip.

Somebody talked.

Somebody inside... close to us.

Any word on what happened to Rogue?

No. We never found a body.

They dragged that bay for three days, and nothing.

And he's fish food by now.

Okay. Well, it's game day, right?

Yeah, I know it's game day.

Just tell me you haven't forgot the steaks, okay?

No, asshole, I didn't forget the steaks.

Christ, when are you gonna let that go?

Diane asked me to check. Yo, she also asked me to...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I heard. No smoking in front of the kids.

Honey, we gotta stop off and get some steaks.

Diane, they here yet?


Diane. What was that?






John. John.


Honey. Honey.

What the...

Oh, my God.

Stay with Daniel, honey.

Hey, where do you think you're going?

What the hell happened? I'm gonna have...

We got three fatalities.


One male, one female, and one child.

Hey, wait a minute, pal. FBI or not...


CSI needs to finish.

We gotta let 'em do their thing.


You gotta clear out of here now.

Yes! Yeah!

Right on!

Hey, baby. How you doing?



Wow. These Japs sure know how to party, huh?


Smells like a deli in here. Oh, shut up, Gleason.

See all this ink?

Japanese Yakuza.

Each one of those rings is supposed to represent some poor bastard they've killed.

These are some bad-ass characters here.

Yeah? What's that make the people who did this, then?

Make a hole.

Get these people out of here.

And just who the hell are you?

Asian Organized Crime Unit. We'll be taking over from here.

On whose authority?

Mayor, President. Take your pick.

You don't look very Asian to me.

You know, I'm amazed you two don't have this whole case wrapped up by now.

Check these yet, Einstein?

Yeah. Someone cut the feeds.

There's nothing on there.

Agent Crawford.

I found these in the back room.

We found him hiding underneath one of the dead bodies.

He's in pretty bad shape.

Yeah? What's he been saying?

You're kidding me, right?

Who can understand that shit?

These people come into this country, you'd think they'd at least learn to speak American.

You'd think a couple of cops working a district that's crawling with Yakuza might learn to speak a little Japanese.

Give me a minute here, would you?

Hey! You can't do that!


I can see it's gonna be a real picnic working with you.

You aren't working with me.

This is the FBI's case now.

You wanna help, you can take my shirts to the cleaners.

So, what'd he say?

A bunch of Japanese mumbo-jumbo.

Vengeful spirits.

Ghost stories.


Yeah. Did I wake you?

It's almost 9.

Oh, no. I was working late last night, that's all.

Well, I just called to remind you that it's Daniel's first basketball game this Friday.

You forgot, didn't you?


I've just been tied up with work. See ya.

I got a lot on my mind right now.

Yeah? So what's it this time?

I've found him, Jen.

Found who?

The guy who killed Tom.

He's back. I can feel it.

This time, I'm taking him down.

John, it's been three years.

Look, your obsession with this man has cost you our marriage.

Don't lose your son.

Tell Daniel I'll be there.

No, you tell him.

And if you say you're gonna be there, then be there.


For those of you who didn't get to meet last night, this is Agent Goi.

Just graduated quantico.

What's his specs?


What's so funny?

In other words, you're a spectator.

What about you?


Defensive Tactics.

That's right.

I like to get up close and personal.

Yeah, well, my gun's bigger than yours.

Pick a desk.

We're still getting set up here ourselves.

Back of the bus.

These are all the photos anybody has of Rogue.

Bastard re-cuts his face every six months.

Come on, John, anybody can use titanium shells and D.U. Bullets.

The ones we found... The ones we found last night match the ones we found three years ago.

Rogue's back.

Okay, but if he works for the Yakuza, why would he kill Yakuza?

Maybe he's switched sides. Wouldn't be the first time.

What sides are we talking about?

Shiro Yanagawa.

Runs all Yakuza activity from Japan.

Probably the most powerful man in San Francisco, and yet he's never even set foot on American soil.

He's half the reason this task force was put together.

Li Chang is the other half.

Unlike Shiro, Chang lives here.

Nice big mansion in Marin.

Thinks he's J.D. Rockefeller or something.

He's a 4-89.

A Triad boss.

Into everything: Bribery, extortion, murder, you name it.

Thirty years ago, Shiro butchered Chang's family.

Actually had the balls to fly over to Hong Kong and wipe out the whole fucking clan.

He spent the next 30 years selling every heirloom in the Chang Dynasty to collectors and museums.

All that's left now is a couple of horses.

Statuettes. Two of 'em. About this big.

Word on the street is that Shiro's looking for a buyer as we speak.

Chang's loss of honor means more than his financial loss.

I don't care about the horses.

I don't care about bloodlines or ancient family feuds.

For the first time in three years, we got a real shot at getting Rogue.

All we have to do, ladies and gentlemen, is pull the fucking trigger.

She's a very rare breed.


That's my wife Maria.

In my father's day, such a union would not have been possible.

But times change.

Those of us who change with it... survive.


I am really impressed, Mr. Shaw.

Now that you have spilled the blood of my enemies...

let's drink to our new partnership.

I have to admit...

I was somewhat skeptical when you first came to me with your proposal.

But leaving Shiro's service, that was a wise move on your part.

But it makes me wonder.

How could one truly trust a man who has betrayed his master?

I have no master, so I have betrayed no one.

So, tell me.

My horses, they arrive tonight?

It's been 30 years.

All this time, my family has lived in shame and dishonor, all because of Shiro's treachery.

Tonight I will take back what was stolen from my family, and everything will change from here on.

Shiro's men will protect his treasure with their lives.

Are you certain you can deliver them?

I said I would.

These two are the Ti brothers.

They will give you everything you need.

I'll be in touch.

Watch him closely.

Hey, what's up, dude?

I need to see Benny.

No Bennys here.


Yeah, hit him!

Hey, what are you doing?



Come on.

Hey, baby, someone's here to see you.

We need to talk.

Cabron, I don't talk to the Feds.

Come on!

Somewhere private.



My guy's losing anyway, so...

Come on, come on, come on!

Frankie, I ain't paying for this shit! Come on!

Business is good, I see.

Yeah. So much for Homeland Security, right?

So how's the family?

Daniel's fine.

But Jen... that's another story.

You know, I really like her.

I mean, how could you fuck that up?

It wasn't hard.

By the way, thanks for that out there.

Made me look good.

Yeah, I hope it helps.

Yeah, well, the people I'm tracking, they expect the FBI to pay me some visits like this.

Makes me look legit.

Was that in the Interpol handbook?

Come on, John, there's no science to catching crooks.

You know that.

Well, you said you had something for me.


Our friend over in Brussels?

The guy that make those titanium bullets?

Found him two days ago.

Then I ran a check.

It seems everyone ever associated with Rogue is having some bad luck.

Just last week, a plastic surgeon down in Panama accidentally impaled himself with a kitchen knife making a turkey sandwich.

Week before that, another one of our scalpel friends down in Florida went skinny-dipping... with some gators.

Guess he didn't read the signs.

Anyway. These guys, they both specialized in facial reconstruction.

Both of 'em.

So the man's tying up loose ends.

Yeah, well, there's another surgeon unaccounted for.

Think he might be still alive, maybe hiding out.

You let me know the second he surfaces.

Thanks, Benny.

Get rid of him.

He's my brother. He's with me.

Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Go back to your car.

Wu. Please. He's an outsider.

Go. Don't make me say it again.

I need you out of the car, both of you.

Put your hands where I can see them.

Officer, we're with Shiro Yanagawa Enterprises.

You're making a huge mistake. We made arrangements.

Out of the car!

Come on. Turn around.

We work security.

We are licensed to carry firearms.

Call your captain. Shut up.

He'll vouch for us. Shut up.

I said shut up!

Evening. Captain Andrews?

What the fuck is going on?

What about our arrangement?

Just a little change in plan.

I need my money... now.

So, we are good to go?

Oh, yeah. You're good to go.

Just wait here for a sec.

Let me and the boys clear out.

Let's go.

Oy. Mr. Chang sends his regards.


Compliments of Mr. Chang.

Some serious shit here, brother.

Yakuzas. All of 'em.

All lined up, shot through the back.

Execution style. Excuse me.

Forensics wants to know if you're ready for 'em to come in yet.

It was a heist.


Check the space between these sedans.

These guys were escorting something big.

Whatever it was, it must've been important.

These guys were the guard dogs, but they left their guns in the cars.

There's only one thing that would have stopped these guys from throwing down.


At least they thought they were cops.

Hold on just a damn minute.

Are you trying to say that cops did this?

If they didn't, they were involved.

No fucking way!

For all we know, it could've been one of you guys.

I'm assuming... that you know who the fuck I am.

You're a bitch for Shiro Yanagawa, aren't you, Captain?

You're the one who gives his boys free passes to smuggle in shit.

And you're the one who sold them out last night.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I've never met Yana...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

This is a Federal matter.

Look at it.

Look down the barrel.

Tell me if you see the bullet.

Can you see it? I see it!

He said he'll kill me.

He said he'll kill my family.


Who said that?

I don't know who!

I don't know who!

He's with the Triads.

He works for the Changs! He knows where I live.

He knows where my kids go to school!

You stupid bastard.

What do you think Shiro Yanagawa's gonna do when he finds out you fucked him?

Get a statement. Call the marshals.

Put his family under protective custody.

Down! Down! Down! Everyone, down!

There's a shooter on the roof! It's him.

Got it!

Will, it's Agent Wick. I need Chase Squad backup and an ambulance to Sloan's Steakhouse now.

Hang on, motherfucker.


This motherfucker's out.






Special Agent Crawford.

Who is this?

A messenger.

Messenger, huh?

The police captain in the restaurant, was he part of your message?

He was a crooked cop.

I just did what you wanted to do.

What the hell do you know about what I want, you fuck?

I saw it in your eyes, John.

Yeah? What did you see?




I'll tell you what.

Why don't we meet in my shrink's office and discuss it?

You want the stolen shipment?

Warehouse 16.

One hour.


Remain where you are and keep your hands above your heads.

What? Not happy to see us?

This is private property.


We came to party, baby.

Li Chang.

You still pretending to be legit?

Watch your mouth.

You forget who you're talking to here.

Open it.

I said... open it.

Open it!

Put your hands on the back of your head!

Now, you motherfucker!

Get your fucking hands up.

No weapons. He's clean.

"Victor Shaw."

So that's what you call yourself now, huh?

Hong Kong passport and a security license out of Tokyo.

Run it.

Check the warehouse. Make sure nothing's hidden.

It's you, isn't it?

I remember your eyes.

There's something real familiar about 'em.

It's the one thing the surgeons can't change, can they?

The eyes.

They did a hell of a job on the rest of you, though.

Wouldn't even know you're the same man.

But you are, aren't you?

I know you are.

So, what's a Yakuza hit man doing working for the Triads?

I know you understand me.

It was you on the phone, wasn't it?

What? Don't remember?

Maybe you remember my partner.

You do, don't you?

Remember his name?

Tom Lone.

Remember his wife, Diane?

His four-year-old daughter Amy?

Remember a cabin in the woods?

A cabin that you burned to the ground, their bodies still inside?

Remember that?

Do you remember that?

Say it.

Say it.

Say you remember.

Say you fucking remember blowing my partner's goddamn head off!

You will find only pain living in the past.

Crawford, there's nothing here. He checks out.

It's him, Terry.

I fucking know it.

So what if it is?

Look, right now we got nothing.

Come on, man. It'll be another day.

All right?

Right now, we wait.

We play it smart.

And we do it right.

Another day.

And on that day, you and I are gonna finish this.

Count on that.

Everyone, move out.

How in the world did you know the FBI were coming?


You have impressed me once again, my friend.

As you see, the FBI has declared war on us.

Well, fuck them.

I trust you have secured my horses?

They're safe.

I still have a lot of work for you to do, my friend.

I think you'd better stay in my house for a while... keep an eye on things.


Oh, Victor.

This FBI guy, Crawford.

He is trouble.

He's chasing ghosts.


Gimme a new one.

I said put up a new one now!

Did I scare you?

Where's your mother?

Do you want to play? We can play tag.

Go find your mother. I have things to do.

What's that?

Wow. Do it again.


He's showing me a magic trick.

Why don't you go downstairs and play for Mommy?

But we were playing.

I know, but I'll be downstairs in just a minute, okay?


I understand you have business here, but I am warning you to stay away from Ana.

My husband's work and our family are two separate things.

Do we understand each other?

Yes, Mrs. Chang.


Don't think I don't know what you are doing.

Mr. Chang might think you're his man right now.

But I am still the one who looks after things around here.

At every moment in the world, things change.

"Don't make me say it again," he fucking tells me.

Do you know how much... Relax.

What the fuck?


Fucking Yakuza! Let's go!


Fucking Yakuza!

You fucking bastard!

I knew I should never have trusted you.

Subtle, ain't it?

It's got Shiro's trademark.

So what now?

Get ready for a war.

Joey Ti, got your ass.

Park, I want you outside Chang's place in Marin.

Daniels, you get Yanagawa Motors.

Kinler, you get Warehouse 16.

Wick, take Goi. Keep an eye on the Sayu Tea House.

I get the new guy, huh?

I think I know how to look through a night scope.

Eyes open, everybody. This shit's going to go down somewhere.

Be ready to move when you get the call.

Binoculars. No night scope.

The authorities are expecting us to retaliate.

We strike now, we risk everything.

What if it was your family?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You forgot?

Once it was my family!

Joey was like a son to me.

Revenge is a must.

But you've got to learn to be patient.

I will allow nothing to put our family at risk.

I want you to do nothing.

Is that clear?

Shiro knows his days are coming to an end.

One thing's for sure:

More blood will be spilled before this is over.

Mr. Shaw, I want your word that my wife and daughter will be safe.

No harm will come to them.

A man should never give up his honor.

Or the honor of his family.

Keep them.

I don't smoke.

Oh, man.

I didn't know your mom was working tonight.

Keep your eye on the mark, Goi.

Yo, heads up.

Looks like Takada's having a little tea party, huh?

Now, that's some spicy tuna, huh?

Shit. Get Crawford and call for backup.

It's going down now.


We got trouble.

Wu just showed up, just like you said.

I'm on my way. Copy that.

Move! Move!

Yo, going in. Cover me.

He's dead! Come on!

On three. What?

Three. Oh, shit.

Freeze! Shit!

FBI! Drop your weapons.

Drop your weapons. Hands on the counter where I can see them!

Close in.

Get the fuck up.

Situation secure. All units stand down and cease fire.

Damn it, Goi, he said cease fucking fire!


Look. Goi's right there.

We got a shooter, guys.

I got him!

Don't fucking move.

Get the other one.

Fuck you!

In Japan... you'd be dead.

This isn't Japan.

I said no, no, no, no.


Wu and his boys shot up Takada's tea house last night.


Wu Ti?

Are you sure?

I tried to stop them.

God damn it. I told him not to do anything.

He leaves me with no choice.

You've done well.

My father is very pleased.

He now asks one more thing of you.

After I kill Chang, his operation will be destroyed.

What more could Shiro want?

The heads of the wife and child.


That's the order. There is no why.

You never had a problem killing women and children before.

Would you dare disobey your master?

I have no master.

These are my guards.

They will assist you in this task as you best decide.

If I refuse?

You dropped this.

What is happening, John?

There are men with guns in my front yard.

Just a precaution.

A precaution? For what?

What have you gotten us into?

Oh, my God.

It's him, isn't it?

He's coming after us.

It's not gonna happen.

Oh, I'm sorry, Jen, not just for this, for everything.

I tried to do the right thing, make a good life for you and Daniel, to give you the things you needed.

It never had anything to do with what we did or didn't have.

It was the job.

The job always came first.

Even now, even knowing you might be putting us in the same danger Tom and his family were in.

You know, I'm not even mad at you anymore.

Most days I just feel sorry for you for what you've become.

It's Benny.

Say hi to Benny for me.

What you got, Benny?

We found your plastic surgeon.

Welcome home, Dr. Sherman.

Hey, jefe, what's cooking?

Step in here.

Let's have a talk. Come on.

Agent Crawford? Is that...

I don't know anything, really.

I don't know anything.

Doc, come on. You kidding me?

Can you explain to me why one of the world's most brilliant nip-and-tuckers is hiding out in the slums of Mexico?

What are you, a fucking Nazi war criminal?

Look, I were you, I'd be lapping up that pussy on South Beach, stretching it out.

Come on now.

Look, I could give a shit about whatever laws you've broken.

That's not why we're here.

I need you to identify this man.

We know what happened to the other two doctors.

We know you could be next.

We can protect you.

You don't know him.

Protect me? You can't protect me.

You can't stop him.

You found me here, he can find me here.

I can stop him.

All I need from you is a yes or a no.

Is this Rogue?

Is this Rogue?

We used to get... commissioned... by the U.S. Government, and we all did a lot of surgeries on him when he was with the CIA.

We changed his face a lot of times.

He came to me three years ago.

His face was almost torn off. I just did what I could.

I repaired the muscle, the nerve tissue.

I reconstructed the facial bones.

I never saw him again.

This is what I made him look like.

Look, Doc, we're going to take you with us.

We're going to protect you, understand?

Why don't you go get some things together and we'll go?

Doc. What? Yeah.

Is it okay if l...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

You believe in fate, Benny?

Fate? Yeah.

You know, no matter what you do, your future's already decided.

I don't know about that.

I always thought your future depends on what choices you make.

I have made all the necessary arrangements.

I will join you as soon as I finish here, okay?

Don't worry.

Okay. I'll be back to walk you out.

I love you.

My crew's gone.

My brother is dead.

You brought it onto yourself.

And how did I do that?

I gave you my trust.

I gave you my loyalty.

I sacrificed everything for you, and this is how I'm treated?

You've got a lot of nerve to talk to me about loyalty.

You're a fucking traitor!


That piece of shit.

He tells me that he's loyal, that he's my friend.

I trusted him.

He's right.

He was loyal. He was your friend.


Holy shit.

AOC base from Clark.

We've got some major action at the Chang mansion.

Mommy loves you, okay?


Chang is dead.

And the woman and child?

Take me to the bodies so I can take their heads.

No. I killed them.

I should have that honor.


Keep your eyes closed, okay?

Where's my husband?

Where's Clark? He's on his way back.

He send the photos?

Yes, sir.

What the fuck happened out there?

Looks like Rogue took out Chang and turned on Shiro's assassins.

He's using them, playing both sides against each other.

Why would he do that?

John, you're never going to believe who just flew in.

This country looks very beautiful.

Your English is improving.

I have been practicing.

This is my new home, after all.

Shiro Yanagawa.

FBI Special Agent John Crawford.

Welcome to America.

Don't unpack. You won't be staying long.

Agent Crawford, I'm a busy man.

We got a lot of business, you and me.

I think you know that.

Three years ago, Rogue killed my partner and his family.

And you know what?

Rogue was working for you.

Rogue is a myth, just a rumor.

You think so, huh?

Can't always trust rumors, can you?

Rogue turns around and fucking slices up the heavy hitters you sent with him.

Now, you got to ask yourself...

Now, why would he do something like that?

I've never seen this man before in my life.

Look, I don't care if you fucking slaughter each other till you're all dead and buried.

Truth is, it makes my job a lot easier.

If I find proof that ties any of this shit back to you, you ain't never going to see Japan again.

And neither will that pretty little daughter of yours.

Thanks for the tip, Agent Crawford.

Finally, my most loyal stranger, we meet face-to-face.

Yanagawa-san, I've waited a long time for this moment.

It's all because of you that we now have this opportunity.

Kira enjoyed working with you here.

One day she will make a fine leader of the Yanagawa clan.

Yeah. One day.

I am reminded of the Sengoku...

when the daimyo warriors fought each other to unite Japan, the one who finally succeeded was a man by the name of Oda Nobunaga.

And do you know how he did it?

He killed everyone who opposed him.

Thanks to you, all those who oppose me here are dead.

I exist but to serve you.

In Asia, these could never be sold.

But the fortune they will bring here in the West will be more than enough to continue our American expansion.

And now it is time for your reward.

Open it.

One must remove all future threats.

You allowed a threat to remain by not killing the woman and child.

You have disobeyed me and broken my most sacred code.

Your code, not mine.

Betrayal cannot be forgiven.

After all these years, why do you do this?

You ordered the hit.

I ordered many hits.

This one was different.

You should have left the wife and daughter alone.


I left none to seek revenge.

You left one.

Your assassin, Rogue, never made it out alive.

So... you're Tom Lone.

Changing your face, your voice... all so you could get to me.

Pain can be a weapon, if you so choose.

How do you think we found out you were FBI in the first place?

It was Crawford.

You killed my family.

It was Crawford.

He's the one who gave you up.

Crawford worked for me.

Because of him, your family's dead!

Somebody talked.

Someone inside, close to us.

You never know who's working for who.

Somebody talked.


Shiro's dead.

Get out of this business while you can, Goi.


Remember the night we met?

I remember my partner blowing your face off.

You live today only because of what he did.

I live today only to kill you, you miserable prick.

Meet me there.


Where are you?

Show yourself!

I got your surgeon.

He made a positive I.D.

Come on, Crawford, flush him out.

It's over, Rogue.

You hear me?

Why did you do it?

What did Shiro promise you that was worth my life or the lives of Diane and Amy?


You're not him.

It can't be.

You don't even sound like him.

Look at my eyes, John.

The one thing the surgeons can never change.

Jesus, Tom.

Is it really you?


Why didn't you tell me?

It was the only way I could get the man responsible.

But all along, I never thought it would bring me back to my best friend.

I didn't know they'd send Rogue.

For Christ's sakes, I thought he was dead.

They said they wanted to teach you a lesson for shooting Rogue:

Just rough you up a bit, that's all.

Is that what they told you?

Shiro ordered everything.

I tried to stop working for him... to get out so many times.

I thought if I could make that son of a bitch pay for what he did to you, somehow it would make things right again.

You think you can forgive me, Tom?

Tom Lone is dead.

My name is Rogue.