War of the Dead (2011) Script

2 00:00:57,240 --> 00:00:59,037

4 00:01:14,520 --> 00:01:16,875

6 00:02:25,680 --> 00:02:27,591

8 00:02:43,760 --> 00:02:45,671

10 00:03:10,880 --> 00:03:11,835

12 00:03:48,720 --> 00:03:50,631

14 00:04:02,160 --> 00:04:04,355

16 00:04:20,720 --> 00:04:22,631

18 00:04:26,720 --> 00:04:28,631

20 00:06:14,880 --> 00:06:17,030

22 00:06:22,280 --> 00:06:25,397


25 00:06:35,720 --> 00:06:37,199 Yes?

I saw smoke from your chimney and, well...

28 00:06:42,080 --> 00:06:45,356 I would love to light one of these. Of course, young man.

30 00:07:08,120 --> 00:07:12,432 May I ask, why haven't you left? There's a war going on right outside your door.

This is my home. My life's work is here. Why should I leave?

Thank you.

Fucker!? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Remember to do that to Russians. Fucker. Thank you for your hospitality.

I'm really sorry about this.

I'm sure you are.


39 00:07:57,040 --> 00:07:58,837 Hey, Halonen.

It's too quiet here, right?

Does it trouble you, Captain?


Move out.

Come on, Jackson. Let's move out of here.

Film, goddammit.

Whose brilliant idea was it to bring him along?

Mine. He's doing a very important job here, Captain Stone.

Documenting our struggle against the Russian invaders.

You should know that. Yes, of course, sir.

Well, I think we're pretty close now.

The Soviet bunker should be no more than one or two kilometres from here.

I don't see any point in moving any further before nightfall.

You are right, Stone.

Something wrong, Captain? No, nothing.

Sir, is there something you're not telling me regarding this mission?

Don't worry, Stone. It'll all be over by dawn.

Laakso. Yes, sir.

The map, Captain.

The Soviet bunker is about two kilometres due west of here.

We attack before dawn. Inform the men.

They'll be ready, sir.

You do the same.

Gentlemen, we attack before dawn.

66 00:10:37,720 --> 00:10:39,631

Everybody take cover!?

Selzman, get the fuck down!

What the hell are you doing?

Get back! Laakso, what the hell are you doing?

Everybody get back!

The lieutenant's right! We can't hold this position!

All right! Move back!

Captain, we must inform headquarters. Not yet.

We've lost more than half the unit. It's over.

We are not turning back. We got this far.

The enemy will attack again. Then what?

I will not be humiliated.

What's going on? We are not going back.

We don't have enough men, Captain.

Can you fire a gun, Selzman? Yeah.

I killed a man, in the Spanish Civil War.

You may have to do that again.

Well, this is a war too.

86 00:14:04,920 --> 00:14:07,992 What the hell was that? Field glasses.

Captain, here.

What's going on? I don't know.

Are you sure this was the only attack planned for here?

Yes, I'm sure.

This country's got some serious problems.

You got that goddamn right.

Niemi, we need to talk.

Someone's coming.

Wait. He stopped.

Did we leave someone behind?


Give me the camera. Give me the goddamn camera!

Selzman, shut the fuck up.

Something's not right. What?

I think that's a Russian. He might be one of us.

It's... it's a trick, sir.

Sir, on your order, sir.


Niemi? Sir.


Open fire!

Laakso, go take a look.

Yes, sir.

Jesus. Halonen.

He's alive.


Laakso, incoming!

Fucking fantastic.

116 00:17:29,640 --> 00:17:33,076 Get out of here! Get out of here! Go, go, go, go! Run!

Come on, let's get out of here.

119 00:17:48,520 --> 00:17:50,317 Wait!




Drop your weapon! Drop it! Drop your weapon!

Shoot him! Don't shoot, please.

That's an order, Captain! No, Captain, please don't shoot!

Side arm. OK.

He's a fucking Russian. Captain Stone.

Kill him! No. I can help, please.

I'll get you court-martialled if you don't shoot.

No, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Help us how? What do you mean? I can show you house.

A house? What the hell would we do with a house?

He's right. We have to get out of here, Captain.

No, we stay and fight.

We take cover, yes?

Follow me, please.

Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.

[We must hurry. Those things will be following us for sure.

141 00:19:13,560 --> 00:19:15,471 Come on.

This is it.

Move. Barricade the door!

Get in. Come on. Take the windows.


You, what are those things out there? I don't know.

Don't lie. That's really helpful, Captain.

I am not lying. Your soldier attack our men, we shoot, he was not dying.

I think he's talking about Halonen. Bullshit.

I think you know what those things are.

Fuck you.

What is he talking about, Captain?

Nothing. What the hell does he know? He's not even Finnish.

What's that stuff on you?

I don't know. It came from Halonen.

He's biting me!

Use the grenades!


Make sure they're nice and close before you let 'em have it.

Shoot 'em in the head.

Sir, I'm running out of ammo here!


164 00:22:11,560 --> 00:22:13,437 Captain.

Stone, keep an eye on that Soviet fucker. Can you do that?

Yes, I can do that.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

You sure?

Well, considering the circumstances, yes, sir.

Hey, kid, take this and go earn yourself a Purple Heart.

Laakso, let's take upstairs.

What's your name, kid?


Where'd you learn to speak English?

My mother, she teach in school.

Why American soldier here?

You tell me.

180 00:24:03,240 --> 00:24:05,151 What is it, Captain?

Shh. Come.

We have automobile here.

A car? Where?


186 00:25:49,960 --> 00:25:51,871 You OK, kid?

Oh, shit.

Where are the others? Where's Stone?

They went outside.

Outside? Why?

Kolya said there was a car.


Those fuckers.

Captain, I don't think Stone and Kolya are trying anything.

Shut up, Laakso. It's all your fault.

You've been protecting them from the very beginning.

Captain, are you all right? I'm in charge here.

What's wrong? Captain?

I'm in charge.

Help! I need help over here!

Hurry up, you fucker!

I can't hold it much longer! Come on!

You gotta help me out!


Come on!

Fucking help me!

I... I can't.


210 00:28:52,880 --> 00:28:54,871 Car work better with gasoline.


That's your Purple Heart.

Hey, kid.

Listen, Kolya, I really need to trust you on this one.

How did you end up here?

I came with my father.

He thought it would be a good idea for me to get some hands-on experience.

Selzman was your father?


I'm sorry.

At least he died doing what he loved.

Get ready. We're going out.

With a bang? You betcha.

Captain? Can you hear me?

Don't make me do this.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's me. I saw what happened. We need to go.

Follow me.

Let's go, kid.

They're here!

Let's go! Come on, Kolya!

Come on, work, you peace of shit. Go, go, go, go.

Anybody need a ride?

235 00:31:35,000 --> 00:31:36,558 Come on, we need to move.

My grandmother walks faster than this car.


What is that?

What's going on?

What are you doing?

What the hell is going on here?

Son of a bitch.

244 00:32:20,600 --> 00:32:22,397

He's on the roof! Come on, shoot him!

Shit! I'm out of bullets! I have to reload.

Come on! Where is he? He's coming back!

Shoot him! Come on! Take him out!

Kill him! Take him down! Shoot him!

Come on!

OK. Come on, Mary!

Go, go, go! What are you waiting for? Drive! Come on!

254 00:33:37,400 --> 00:33:39,595 Come on, Mary. Don't die on me.

Who's Mary, Captain?

Hey, look. Light.

I know this spot. It's OK.

No, kid, it's not OK.

260 00:34:23,080 --> 00:34:25,594

How'd you know about this village, kid?

I have been here.

Really? Yes.

As a soldier?

No. Long time ago.

You keep an eye on him.

Come on.

Everybody grab some food.

After we have finished, Captain Stone and I are going home.

What about me? You are home.

You can go back to your unit. No, no, unit gone.

We must warn people. And your soldiers, they will die too, you know.

I'm in charge now.

And you will do nothing? You must tell people.

And then what?

Maybe American army help.

I'm sorry, kid. I'm all you got.

You leave me to die? I thought we were friend.

This is war, kid.

And besides, the lieutenant's in charge now.

And why you are here? Is not your war.

That's right. It's not my war.

Captain, do you have any idea what's happening here?

No. I've never seen or heard anything like this before.

They're undead. How can that be?

God only knows.

I don't believe in God.

It's fine by me.

Do you miss your family back home?

My wife is dead.

Do you miss her?

Like I said, my wife is dead.

I miss my dog, Sergei, very strong Siberian husky.

Who's Mary? Your wife?

For your information, Lieutenant, she was everything I lived for.

So you're looking for death, then? Aren't we all?

And that's the reason you came here?

Do you believe in the devil, Captain?

I do now.

301 00:38:15,160 --> 00:38:17,071 OK, better we go now. Shut up.

Stay here. Don't let anything through that door.

Maybe I should go and you stay here, Captain.

I can handle this.

All right, then. It's your funeral.

307 00:38:50,160 --> 00:38:52,037 No, no! Shh, shh!

Please, I'm not gonna hurt you. Let me help you.

Dasha? Kolya.

Ex-girlfriend. That's all we need.

She might be infected, Captain.

What happened here?

What difference does it make? We should go.

We need to find out what happened.

If there was another attack, there might be more survivors.

And then what? We can't save everybody.

What is your problem? Niemi's dead. Get over it.

What? Nothing.

What happened, sweetheart?

They came.

They raped the women and then killed all the children.

Who did this? Our soldiers.

Russian? No, Finns.

Impossible. She's telling a lie.

In Karelia, there is a lot of Finns.

And there was also a lot of Russians leaving.

That's why they destroy everything.

And then they came.

They were here?

That's why should get the hell out of here before it's too late.

We gotta take her with us.

Captain, you know just as well as I do, we can't take her along.

It's hard enough time to get by ourselves.

The last thing we need is another burden.

I hate to leave her, but we have no choice, Captain.

We are not leaving her here. It's not your wife, Stone.

Please. I know place where you can make radio call. Please.


Yes. I lived near here before war.

Tell me something, Kolya, how come she's your ex?

What kind of a question is that?

Because now she live on wrong side of border.

Where's this place, kid?

It is very near. I will show you, OK?

We have to hurry. Get in the car.

Hey, kid. You sure this place has a radio?

Yes. It's big special bunker. Radio, mast, everything.

Wait a minute. Special bunker?

That was our mission. So Captain Niemi knew.

Knew what? About all this.

About these things?

Bullshit. If he knew, why wouldn't he let me know?

Because of Selzman. What?

Don't you get it? That's why he brought him along.

It was gonna be Selzman's big exclusive to show everyone.

Show what? About all these supercreeps.

I don't believe this.

Selzman was here because the headquarters told him to come, right?


What you're telling me is that whatever it was, he knew and we didn't?

Yeah. It's crazy.

Niemi was my friend. He was my mentor.

Are you saying he lied to me?

He was just following orders, Lieutenant.

Kolya, what's so special about this bunker?

I heard story they make test there, but...

The undead, right?

So how many men they got stationed there?

Not worry. Should not be many.

We're at war, kid. I'm worried. How many men?

I'm not sure.

We need to get to a radio and fast. I think it's worth the risk.

We all came here to die anyway, right?

Hey, kid. What you doing?

It's vodka. Please, a shot of vodka never killed anyone.

Get in! Get in, Captain! Get in!


Where are they all coming from?

Get away from that horse, motherfucker!

Kolya, get in the car!

Gee up! Come on, giddy up!

Hurry, Captain! Go, boy!

Move over!

Come on, hurry! Get the hell out of here!

Abandoned German trucks. You sure this is the right place, kid?

You need to trust me.

All right. Take us to the radio.

What are we gonna do about the girl?

I look after Dasha.

Let's go.

392 00:46:36,200 --> 00:46:38,270 I am sorry, my friend.

394 00:46:50,440 --> 00:46:52,351 Let's get out of here.

396 00:47:00,400 --> 00:47:02,311 Go, go, go!

How did they get here so quickly? We drove as fast as we could.

Who said they weren't here anyway? Come on.

What just happened?


You stay put.


What the...?

This is...

What are they doing here?


Shoot 'em in the head.


To make sure.

411 00:49:14,360 --> 00:49:16,271 Maybe I get weapon too.


414 00:49:23,200 --> 00:49:26,636 Remember to aim for the heads! Communications room, where is it?

It's down there on the left.

Dasha, come on. It's not far.

418 00:49:43,840 --> 00:49:46,434

What are you doing?

It's a key. All right. How did you get that?

This is what the kid left in the house.

It's warm.

424 00:52:24,120 --> 00:52:28,193 Captain, you OK? Yeah. What were they doing here?

I don't know, but this explains those things.

That stuff is what brings them back to life.

You think? The devil has many disguises.

The SS soldiers.

Come on, let's check this room out.



Hey, Laakso, you read German, right?

Yes, sir.

What does leicht entzundbarmean?

Leicht entzundbar. Means very flammable, I think. Why?

I got an idea.

Dasha is gone. I go look. You're not going after her.

If she ran away, it's her problem, not ours.

We should go find her. It's wasting time.

I'm not gonna get us killed because of a woman I don't know or give a damn about.

How can you not care? Are you sure about this?


The lieutenant's right. We can't waste any more time.

You're on your own on this one, kid.

Go find her.

447 00:54:32,200 --> 00:54:33,235 Dasha?

449 00:54:36,640 --> 00:54:38,551 Dasha?

451 00:55:13,840 --> 00:55:16,957 Stop and identify yourself.

Private Nikolay Dolgov.

Stay back.

I am not one of them. I have light. I give you, OK?

All right.

Don't worry, OK?

When you begin to feel it...

...you... you pull pin, all right?

How will I know?

You will know. I'm sorry.


463 00:59:43,520 --> 00:59:45,431

Shh, shh, shh.

Feuer! Feuer!

467 01:01:06,120 --> 01:01:09,237 Goddammit! We should be fighting these things together!

469 01:01:24,160 --> 01:01:26,196 Capitan.

Hey, Capitan!

Holy shit! Get down!

Captain? What?

I think this is the room. I'm right in front of it.

475 01:02:06,600 --> 01:02:10,388 Just go and find the communications room. Go!

Lock the door!

What? Lock the door and keep it shut down!

I need help!


Open this door! It's Kolya!

Let me in!

483 01:03:05,560 --> 01:03:06,515 Captain!


You fucks. Captain!

I'm coming out!

The door stays shut, Lieutenant. That's a direct order.

Just find that communications room and radio for help.

Save it for later, kid. Right now I gotta go. Company's coming.

I ain't dead yet.

Stupid American.

Communication room is through here.

Get him out of here.

495 01:04:44,920 --> 01:04:47,036 Shut the door!

Red Snow for Command, respond. Over.

Task force Red Snow for Command, respond. Over.

Red Snow, this is Command. What is your location? Over.

Hold on.

The map is not... The bunker's not showed on the map.

Now, the location is approximately 30 kilometres behind enemy lines.

Respond. Over.

This is Command. What is your status? Over.

Mission failed due to strong enemy resistance.

Request for immediate air support.

This is Command. Code F97B2. Requesting response code. Over.

Map coordinates 5G, sector 7.

Confirming 5G sector 7. Over.

I'm sorry, Kolya. We have to ensure this place is being destroyed.

These things can't be allowed to survive.

ETA 15 minutes. Over.

Command requesting signal for flyby. Over.


Some kind of signal.

A signal.

Red Snow for Command, respond. Over.

Red Snow for Command, respond. Over.

Red Snow. Over.

Request for a flyover.

Map coordinates 5G, sector 7.

Check for red smoke. I repeat, check for red smoke. Over.

5G, sector 7. Over. OK, let's get out of here.

They will bomb the place at 0900.

That gives us 40 minutes.

40 minutes is plenty of time. Maybe we have time to get out.

I hope so, my friend.

528 01:06:50,640 --> 01:06:52,949 Goddammit. I thought they would have given up by now.

I thought never possible to be in German bunker fighting side by side with a... Finnish soldier.

But go figure.

You want?

So how is war going on your side?

535 01:07:32,960 --> 01:07:34,996 It's in Russian. What's he saying?

They are sending battalion here. What? When?

0900 hours.

We must warn them.

540 01:08:14,760 --> 01:08:16,876 Goddamn peace of shit radio.

Let's dance.

Hurry up!

This way!

There is no escape through those windows.

We don't have much time before they bomb this place. Let's go.

Just no more tunnels, OK?

Kolya, help me!

Kolya, when the door opens, be ready for it! Come on!

No, no, no, no. This way.

Go up the ladders. Go, go, go, go, go!

Help me.

Grab my hand. I can't.

On your feet, soldier. It ain't over yet.