Warsaw '44 (2014) Script

Open up.

Hold on.

Stop it, we'll get this over with faster.

Give him a break, please. I have to do this.

Leave him alone. Stefan!

At three.

One, two... three. You're stupid!

Madam, it's over.

My dearest Lady Macbeth, this show is really poor...

In fact it's mediocre.


What are you doing up so early?

Take this to 'The Actresses' in Mazowiecka Street.

Tell them it's for Ariadna... Please...

Don't stop, get moving!

Morning, boss! Boss!

Women! Devils incarnate! Right!

Will you spare a fiver, boss...? I have nothing, chief.

Leave him alone. We'll lose her.

Citizens of Warsaw!

All acts of disobedience against the German authorities will be punished.

That's why today we will execute another 40 people who were recently pardoned.

Get moving!

Which crates stay, which ones go? Get to work, Stefan!

Watch what you're doing! These go, those stay.

So you want to be the chairman? That's right, your deputy!

He wants to be the chairman! Girls!

Young man! Come here! Put these in the car.

In the car. I don't understand.

I'm sorry, sir! The boy probably didn't understand you.

Get this out of here.

Your men aren't overexerting themselves. He's new.

What a great day today! Great days are long gone.

Don't you dare scratch anything!


Is he legally employed?

They're all legal at my factory.

You hire some pretty defiant characters.

Your papers.

Just look at that expression on his face!

Where do you pigs get all that hostility?

You understand every single word I say, don't you?

Is this how much you want us to leave your city?

No problem.

It's just that when we go, we'll be replaced by communists from Russia.

And then you'll beg us to come back.

You can always count on me, miss. Goodbye!

Dad! When are you finishing?

I'm coming! We're waiting and waiting.

I don't know where you got it and what it's for.

I'm not going to inform on you but I don't want to see you again.

Take your rubbish and get out.

We'll take care of it. Don't try to play hero.

We'll get you new papers and a job. We'll help you out.

I'll manage, thanks.

How exactly will you do that? Don't worry.

Without papers they'll send you to a labour camp in Germany.

Maybe. I know it's my fault.

Ha, I've seen everything!

There's nothing to see... We were just...

'We were just'! And then suddenly there's kids.

Have you seen them? Keep on playing!

Jasio! Don't tell your mum anything.

Leave for work as usual.


Thank you.

So I'm walking and a few thugs come up to steal my wallet.

And one of them had a knife. Hence the cut.

Can I have a cut like that? Please!

Really? Like this? Yes!

Here you go. The other cheek.

How do I look? Like me.

-Cool... Get up.


Mum, thugs've cut Stefan's cheek!

Luckily just the cheek.

Mum, you've ruined my tower!

Put that on.

Don't come round here again, stop bothering people!

Why don't you cut that out or you'll lose face!

Spare a fiver, boss?


So, how's things? Here I am! Where are we going?

Wow, how direct! On a trip!

Look where you're going, you idiot! At one desk!

The wimp kept taking my stuff! I remember that!

He crapped in his pants and put the stuff in my satchel!

Don't tell her! His mum had to apologise to my parents.

She invited them to the theatre she was in and the play was awful, my parents left in the middle.

The director was an idiot. Turn here!

I'm sure your mum is a great person...

I'm so happy!

And I've been wondering what was going on with you.

Someone said you're working, or you'd left.

And here you are! The underground is so much fun!

We've got the best girls. Wladek!

What? You know what my nickname is? Crybaby! Cool, huh?

You idiot, he's not conspiring...

Oh! You're not? No, I'm not.

So what will you be doing? Well?

Depends. On what?

On chance! I won't take chances.

I need papers, a job - some peace and quiet.

Hi, this is your Coco Chanel outfit. Hi Crybaby!

You've met Rogal. I'll show you everything.

Instruct him. Yes, sir!

Well, well...

The bucket is under the sink, and there's water in the tap.

The brush!

Hello, gentlemen! Good morning!

Guys, let's unload the crates.

To the office.

That's the last shipment. What?

Let me go first.


Easy with that, please!

Ala! Come back!


Here! Ala, come back!

Come back! Ala!

Are we coming back? I'm staying. Forever.

Ala's staying forever.

My sister - we're teaching her to swim.

For now, we teach, you watch. Morning.


Someone has to get her back.

She won't do it on her own. Aleksander, go get your sister!

I can't, my arm hurts. Your arm?

Crybaby! I'm busy on holiday.

So we aren't coming back? Change of plans.

Rogal will get her. No, Stefan!

He's a better candidate. Stefan will!

That's right!

Raise your hand if you vote for Stefan.

Me too!

Hang on there!

The rescue's coming. The rescue's swimming.


Just trying.

Mum, please!

You look like dad!

Me too!

Madam, may I have this dance?

Swear you won't get mixed up in anything. Swear!

I swear that I will bear true faith to my Fatherland, that I will defend its honour and fight for its liberation, even if it means sacrificing my life.

I pledge obedience to the President of Poland and the Home Army Commander whom he has appointed.

I pledge to resolutely keep secret whatever may happen to me.

I accept you into the ranks of the Polish Army, waging a war with the enemy for the liberation of our Fatherland.

It will be your duty to engage in armed combat.

Victory will be your reward. Treason will be punished by death.

So help us God! Everything clear?


Not 'clear' but: 'Yes, sir!'

Yes, sir!

And put those shoes back in the wardrobe, you're not in the circus. Congrats!

These are lovely. His dad's. First class!


Two rounds per person, I said! No, you did not.

Easy, Goral! That's no playground!

You've got to listen to the commander.

The guy's new, but see how accurate he is.

So what? Your life may depend on obedience.

This is Stefan Zawadzki - son of Hanna Zawadzka - the actress.

Nice to meet you. Yes, we know her!

I admired your mother's acting in that comedy starring Bodo.

With Dymsza, her best role.

Great actress. A brunette, right? No, a blonde.

A Greta Garbo lookalike. That's half the battle.

You know Ala? Ala...

What's your...?

Stefan. But we have already met.

It doesn't matter, let's do it again. Nice to meet you.

Well, well!

Nalkowska visits us and she must've drummed all this emancipation into Ala's head.

Okay, who's drumming emancipation here in the first place?

That's just like Papa. Please join us for dinner!

He's not shy, he's just unrefined.

You know what his situation is at home. His mother is apparently not quite...

No. So you said.

We'll get back before curfew? Mum is probably worried.

We eat, then we go.

An uprising in these circumstances makes no sense.

The Russians will come. But they're bound to stay for good.

The West will help. We are part of Europe.

They don't give a damn about our country.

The Poles are counting on Russian help, but so far no-one's heard of any talks with Stalin, who doesn't give a damn about us, pardon my French.

I need to go. Who's got the keys?

Don't you like it here? I need to go.

Stefan wants to go home. No, we'll go in the morning.

We have to wait. The goods arrive in the morning.

As in the paintings of Delacroix. Dad, nobody's listening.

Stefan, what is it? You said fifteen minutes!

A hero! Alright!

How is it?

Here you are at last!

Quiet! Can you hear it?

The front line!

Things are going to happen!

How could you do this to me? You've been lying all this time!

I thought they've killed you!

You promised! You're a traitor!

Mum, please! You're a liar!

Mum, please! Everyone's lying.

You're all liars!

He also lied he'd return home! Can't you get it?

He also said he would return home!

I've got no one left, I'm all alone...

There's no one left, I'm all alone...

Sweetheart, get up. Get up!

Wake mum up, I don't have the guts to.

Don't sit there.

The Russians have reached Warsaw. Yeah, and...?

The uprising starts today, I've just found out.

The further away from the city, the better.

You're going to thank me for that!


What am I to do?

Tell me.

How's my horse? It's still not ready.


So, can I ride it now? No, you can't.

Please! Back to your friends.

It's gonna be fine soon! Great!

At the factory. Today?

How long can it take?

They say two or three days. The Soviets have taken Legionowo.


See you!


Let's go.


Come see! Mum's cooking.

Jasio! Have a try!

What are you doing?


Tell me.

I can't.


Oh, stop it.

Where are you going? Jasio!

Jasio, please! Don't leave me.

Please! I don't want to be alone.

You mustn't snivel. Take care of mum, the way I do, OK?

You can't tell mum, OK?

Please don't go. You won't leave me, right?

Don't tell mum...


Please don't go.

Gosh... this is beautiful...

Hi, guys! No respect for orders!

Rogal, here you are. Why didn't you come tomorrow?

Thanks, the right or the left arm? The left one.

Here you are. So...

It's going to be an interesting day.

Who's afraid? Admit it!

Me. Yeah, sure!

Where's Aleksander?

This VIS is rather for an officer. Perhaps you could use it.

You're right!

How many of you are there?

There were eight, but one didn't make it.

How many of you 'are' not 'were' there?


Take mine.

Thank you.


Listen, we're joining another detail. This is Cobra.

At ease.

Lieutenant Cobra. Greetings.

All men - weaklings, but the girls are gorgeous...

Now, together we're going to... eat, sleep... and maybe even...

... do a little singing. I've already got a partner for a duet.

Which one?

He's not here yet.

The absent have no say.

Let's shake hands. Thank you. The map.

There are Jewish prisoners in the building. We're covering an attack from the north.

This is a school. We're attacking from the front.

Where are the others? We had no way of letting them know.

So, we're missing half of our people too.

We'll get by.

Let it start!

What about... the weapons?

Don't you have your own?

Where from?

Spider, give a hand grenade each.

Excuse me. We're attacking with just two pieces?

Two days tops and it'll be over.


Soldiers of the Polish Underground State!

Soviet divisions are waiting on the outskirts of the capital.

We're counting on them to take advantage of our uprising and enter the city within days.

Remember who you pledged allegiance to.

You answer only to the Polish Commander-in-Chief and the command of the Home Army.

There is no fraternising with the Bolsheviks.

The Soviets are to be treated with reserve, as allies of our allies.


At ease!

To your positions.

Rogal! Spider!

Crybaby! Grenade!

Should I throw it? No, bloody eat it!

Stefan, stop...

Stefan, stop!

Get back!

That's an order!

Stefan, stop!


Turn round!

Hands up!

We've got a prisoner.

Don't be afraid. We're Polish soldiers.

There's an uprising. You are free.

Can I join you?

The uprising is almost over, mate... You're free.

I want to fight.

The school's taken.

I have no-one else left.


Come, mate, you can come in handy.


Give me the gun.

Playing a hero? Try it again and you'll be sorry.

Where are you heading, gentlemen? Paris, may I, madam.

What's your name? What business is it of yours?

Was I asking you? Want me to pick up your boy?

First day behind us! Hi, girls! Hi!

They're gorgeous with those uniforms on. Wonder what they look like with them off.

Please, leave this. It's army supplies.


This one or that one? This one.


You're on guard duty! Watching the food.

OK. We've got a piece for you.

Miki! Show him. OK.


It's an accurate gun, it's just that parts are worn out.

We've got the city centre.

But we failed to take the railway station and the bridges.

The boys are still fighting.

And the Russians?

No idea.

Goral, come! At least we've got the warehouse.

That's almost with no losses. Go get some sleep.


We're running out of wine. Poor guy...

Where was he from anyway?

That was Cobra's brother.

No way. His brother? I'd break down.

Why aren't you singing?

Why don't you have a drink! I'll go get something.

I'll go with you. Easy, I'll go.

No, you keep playing.

Where to? Just look around.

Bottles may be anywhere. Shall we?

Thank you. Thanks.

So where are we going?

Why don't we split up.

I'll go here, you go there.

Gentlemen, could you watch the food for a while, please?

No problem. Thank you.

Now you deal five cards. Play!

Why did the French erect the Eiffel tower? So the Germans could see the white flag.

Gentlemen, have you seen the guy on duty here?

When a guy's gotta go, he's gotta go.

But we're not going anywhere.

Easy, when they start, we run.

You want to be treated like a soldier?

But, sir... Did you have a replacement on duty?

Then why was nobody watching it?

I thought you were grown up.


You want to play war?

Like we're pretend-dying?

Then let's play!

I'll go wake up those in coffins!

At ease!

Stefan, attention!

Your punishment...

You had it too easy, so now you'll wash dishes.

Goral, come on...

Grab him by the legs!

By the legs.


At ease.

Who thought the uprising would last three days...

...was wrong.

We're going to enjoy it a few days more.

The Germans got reinforcements.

We expect an assault at any point.

There's an order to move the arm band from left to right!

Everyone take your positions.

You'll finish your soup later, it's better not to eat now.

Sir, do we know what's happening on the other side of the wall?

Do we have any units there?

My mother lives there. Everyone's got someone.

You, focus on your dishes. We'll do the shooting.

Easy. I have no people and he's playing with pots and pans?

Give him some toy, he'll join us. What do I give him?

I don't have a gun. He'll take a gun from the Germans.




See the tree?


Then climb as high as you can and give us a shout when you see something.

Yes, sir.

What am I supposed to do? Nothing.

Watch the end of the uprising...

What do you mean the end? The Germans have got reinforcements.

The Russians have stopped their offensive and now they're just waiting for us to die.

You thought someone would help us? Everyone cares about themselves.

With the first chance...


Don't fire without an order!

Stop shooting!

Where are you going? Take positions, I said!

Now! Fire!

From left to right.

You motherfuckers!

What have you done to her?

It's me.

Look at me!

He doesn't recognise us.

Don't panic, he'll pull through.

Pull through? It's the end of the uprising for this guy.

Lucky they've found him.

Poor thing. How are you going to stay here now?

Get moving or the uprising will end.

You're on guard duty here, mate.

We're waiting.

Got it? Yeah.

It's just a scratch, it's a waste of a bandage.

Relax. How old are you? I'll be sixteen in December.

I think they're bombing the hospital.

I'll go!

Kama! We have to report this.

So I'll report it.

Excuse me.

No pass. There's a briefing.

I want to report something. You have to wait.

So there's only the sewers left.

Organise a sewers communication team. Yes, sir.

We have to recognise the passages to Zoliborz and the Centre.

You guard the Mostowski Palace. They'll attack you from Muranow.

Sir, lost connection with HQ.

Any good news? Two German tanks destroyed.

They're bombing the hospital, Stefan's there. But we're going in soon.

We must get him out.

Perhaps... Perhaps... we've got orders.

Yes, sir.


I have to go for him. Desertion is punishable by death!


Where's Ladybird?!

Madam, I'm ready. Can I get back there?

Don't go there, miss.



Let's get up together. Hear me?

Let's go.

Come on, get up! Hear me?

People, help! They're trapped in the basement!

Please help! Look, he hardly walks.

He has two hands, two legs! People, help!

I'll be back in a minute, stay put.

Come on everyone! We've captured a German tank!

A tank? But there's no turret. No idea what it is.

Excuse me, is there any vacancy?


Let's look at the tank they've won!

I'm scared. There's nothing to be scared of.

What is this flower? For me?

Just for one night! Our home's burnt down!

It's just my brother and I! We're not insurgents! I beg you!

Try the sisters, miss.

The convent is just over there.

But don't tell anyone else, please. Thank you.

The tank has exploded.

Excuse me.

Have you seen a boy with a bandaged chest?

Excuse me, I'm looking for a girl in a dress, I took her picture?

How could you!

You can't just leave like that! Understand?

Don't you ever do that to me!

How could you?!

Don't ever leave me!

These should fit.

Thank you, Sister.

God bless you.

That's the thing, Sister. Where is God?

Busy with something else? Why involve God in all of this?

The Old Town will fall anyway.

We need to run.

Sure, but where?

To the centre. Why are you laughing?

They say the centre is like in Paris. Press, cinema...

Yes, sir!

At ease.

We're retreating through the sewers.

Only army.

You'll have more strength, lieutenant.


Do I really look that bad?

Thank you.

I'll take it with me.

And where are you headed?

You have a lovely smile, miss.

You should smile more often.

What about these people here? The captain says they're staying?

We can't fit all in the sewers.

No pass to anyone.

Step back!

Excuse me. No pass.

Excuse me. That's an order.

Please don't touch me.

Lady, what are you pushing for? Goddamn it!

We're all waiting.

Let us through, we're from the detail!

Everyone says that! My son was from the detail, too!

Don't touch me.

Captain, it's me!

From the detail in the convent!

Easy now!

With my brother.

With whom? With my brother. Can we go in?

Let them pass. He's wounded.

Be careful. They're shooting from above.

It's quiet down there.

You get out at Warecka street.




Absolutely quiet. Or I won't see you again.

Thank you!

Ask for Karol from Barry's group. But you'll forget anyway.

Do you intend to stay here, miss?

Anyone else?

Move on!

Where are we? Hush!



It's not here.

Where are we?

I don't know. The Centre?

Grenade! Run!

Great victory!

The insurgents have taken the Saint Cross church, the Nazi Gendarmerie and Foreign Affairs HQ.

We've released several dozen civilian hostages...

Some water, please.

From which detachment?

Your quarters are very near.

Ewa! Yes?

And them? Where to? To the bank.

Unfortunately, German artillery was shelling the Old Town all night.

There are no untouched buildings left there.

Civilian traffic has died out.

City centre citizens are asked to offer all help to those evacuating from the Old Town.

Great victory!

The insurgents have taken the Saint Cross church...

Look at them! Master race!

Look at you now, murderers!

Dad, water! You, upstairs!

More towels! No, there! Wiktor, show them!

Guys, this way.

Stas, help them.

You have to find yourselves some place. Hear me?

Move it, to the basement!

Stop! You're defending the motherfucker?!

Let me in!

I'm gonna kill the German rat!

Press it here. Stay with him, I'll get some help.


Come on, run up the stairs!

What are you doing?!

Press it!

They murdered my wife! My life!

A doctor!

Praised be the lord, Father! Here comes the youth!

We're Cobra's detail! You're the guys from the Old Town!

Stuff of legends now! We gave the Germans a rough ride!

Father, could you?

Can you get them married, please? -You guys?

No, not them! To the altar!

Let's go then!

What are your names?

Franciszek. Beata.

Give each other your right hands.

May I have this dance, miss?

As soon as it's possible, we'll get out of the city.

I've been asking around.

We'll run as far away as we can and nothing will split us up.

Just you and me.

That's the most important thing, for the two of us to survive, isn't it?

I want to continue living for you.

Ladybird! Come on, you gotta help me.

Where's Stefan? No idea!

They're attacking now the city centre!

You haven't seen Stefan?

Have you seen Stefan? The wounded one?

I saw him talk to the insurgents who got married yesterday.

Nah, he wasn't there.

I saw him carrying the wounded.

He carried nobody, he wasn't here at all.

What? Just kidding. I don't know him.

He was with the Group "Radoslaw". I think they went to Czerniakow.

You won't get there without a pass.

So why do want to get there?

To your brother? Can't he manage on his own?

Get undressed.

Excuse me!

Back to your mummy! Stop!

I have a pass... Me too!

Stand back, now! The line is closed.

Stop! I told you, kid! Are you deaf?!

But I've got letters to deliver! No way!

Get out of here! No pass!

Tanks! Russians!


The Germans have blown up the bridge!

They've cut us off.

No passage!

What are you doing here?

To the basement! The line's closed.

I don't care about your pass! To the basement!

Where are the guys from the centre? I'm looking for my brother.

No idea, really.

When Russians see a woman...

No place in here.

This is great. Straight from my uncle in Karczew.

Coffee from Kama!


You stupid Poles!

God damn Poles!

We don't kill prisoners, Mister German!


It's because of you guys that I can't stroke my sweetheart.

You can stroke all right, you just can't strangle.

Haven't you seen a German?

We'll exterminate you.

Every single one of you. No one will help you.

Stupid Poles, no one gives a damn!

Such a good looking guy with a foul tongue.


My men are at your service.

These children?

It's good they're not retired, right?

These are Berling's men. They're going with us to take No 1 Wilanowska Street, reach the river.

No one's gonna help you, no one will miss you.

Follow them, dismissed!

Don't let yourselves get killed!

Leave this scrap here.

Take this.

They say the Russians have crossed the river!

What Russians! It's Poles. General Berling's people.

Berling is a traitor. A deserter who joined the Russians.

Who knows what he's actually done. So cut that crap!

How could they help? A bunch of country boys!

Can't you calm your kid down, lady?

God almighty! May these be Russians.

Let's just get out and surrender.

We'll walk out with the little one...

It's the Russians, I think.

We've made it!

God, save me!

Next basement!

What are you doing?

The child!

A small baby!

Something's wrong with it.

To the hospital! It's over there!

Can anyone come here?

Can you please have a look? Can't you see I'm busy?


Doctor! You need to wait.

Look at this kid, this instant! Sister!

You think you're the priority?

It's only me here, I haven't slept in a week, I have some students to assist me, all of them passing out all the time.

Lusia! This kid is dead!

Your daughter?


Some water?


Please help him! He's just a kid!

Excuse me!

Pass it, please?

They're hiding in the upstairs windows.

At your orders.

The bastards are playing tango!

Get ready to move!

Patrol, follow me!

It's such a pity - such a beautiful town.

Your first time in Warsaw?

First time in any city.

But wherever you are you fight the same way.

And how is that? The Polish way.

No wonder your uprising is going nowhere.

Go back, guys, you don't know the area. You've never seen a real battle.

Detail! It's different fighting in a city!

Stay there! Stay! Don't lean out!

Stay there!

I said stay!

I got hit!

Mum! Help me! Don't leave me, guys!

Don't leave me!

Stop! Cover him!

Let's regroup! To the gate!


Give me a hand! Let's take him.

Shit, thank you very much for such help!

He got shot in the heart.

We're pretty good at getting killed ourselves!

Goral, the scouts!

Be prepared! We can't pass. We'll wait till night in this house.

Gentlemen, get back! At dawn we'll go through the basements.

Take him!

What are you doing?

The VIS is mine.

I'm not armed.

A long time ago over a hill and far away there was a town.

In this town there lived a boy.

He had a family, he had many friends.


They played together.

They danced, went for walks, they learned together.

One day a bad king who wanted to rule the whole world invaded their country

and said:

"I forbid you everything!

I forbid you to play, I forbid you to learn, You're not allowed to do anything!"

But he couldn't forbid them to do one thing.

To dream about the day when they will regain their freedom.

Get packed.

Get the boys. Now?

What's happening? So much for our help!

They said they'd prepare 100 dinghies, twenty people each.

But only for the soldiers.

You help me get there.

Don't be sad. It breaks my heart.

Ladybird, run to the HQ, there must be some wounded there.

I'll stay with this man.


The Russians and the Allies have deserted you.

You have proven your valour!

End this futile uprising and surrender.

Following General von dem Bach's order, nobody who surrenders will be harmed in any way.

This applies both to your soldiers and civilians.

We promise this to you.

The German troops in Czerniakow from noon until 1 will cease fire so that those not fighting and the wounded in hospitals have a chance to safely leave the town.

It is up to you, members of the Home Army, whether you choose to cease fire to save your own Polish blood.

If you put down your arms we guarantee you your life, work and bread.

Citizens presenting white scarves, I repeat, white scarves, may leave the endangered areas and head for safety with German troops.

Otherwise our troops will be forced to destroy you, which will lead to a large number of casualties.

Have mercy on the city's inhabitants. You have mercy, bastards!

They're sending envoys.

But now?! Wonder what for?

I solemnly swear I solemnly swear to you

that I'll kill anyone who mentions the word "surrender".

Got it?

Let us evacuate the hospital. We have no personnel, nor space.

Go back to the hospital, miss... There are children dying of thirst!

Evacuate where?

They're going to kill us all, can't you get it?

To the other side. How, on a bicycle?


Please. Please leave!


Nobody here wants to surrender.

Let the hospital evacuate. We're staying here to the end.

The cease-fire ends in two minutes!

Hurry up, people!

There's no more time.

Let the wounded through.

I feel sorry for you boys.

They've knocked down the whole city.

Stop pushing.

Hurry up, people! Cease-fire's about to end.

Our people, back to the quarters!


Take her, I'll be back in a sec.

Ladybird, the cease-fire ends in a moment!

Back together, like sisters, eh?

It will all go back to normal soon?

And the likes of you will end up with the likes of him... and the likes of me will serve you coffee in cafГ©s.

You're a nobody, a common whore who left her detail behind to protect your pretty ass.

I hate you.

Everyone to the house. The firing starts in a minute!


What are you asking about, exactly? Got some water?

Black, the evacuation of the hospital is complete.

The personnel and the patients are now by the river.

Good. And now we need the bloody dinghies to show up.

The red armada!

The others are by the river! Come!

Get out of here!

Get up!


I'm staying!

Take off that armband of his at least, miss.

When they find us, they'll kill us. Leave me alone. Please.


Leave me alone!

I'm telling ya!


Don't leave me alone! Go.

I love you!

Don't hide, you're all gonna die. I'll tell them who you are anyway.

Is it over? All clear.

No, it's just begun! Gentlemen, let's go!

Move it! Go, go!

Some candy, here! What about the dinghies?

What dinghies!? We're staying here anyway.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot, I'm German.

Johann Krauss, the 2nd unit of the Wachtregiment.

The Poles have looked after me well, they didn't harm me in any way.

Am I hurting any of them?

All I'm asking is whether there are any bandits here.

You? You're a bandit?

I am an old bandit!

I've been married twice!

Shut your mug and get the hell out!

A goliath!

Shoot at the cable, guys! Get the PIAT ready.

Miki, no way! Spider, the PIAT!

The Warsaw men are nice guys!


They're coming!








Man, what's the matter?!

On the right!

Ammo! There's none left.

Give me some weapon!

We've none left! Damn it!


There's none left!

Everyone to the right! Ewa, grenades!

A cannon! Everybody get down!


We have to retreat! A Panther...


The last one.

What are you wearing? Take that off!

You wanna surrender? Why did you put it on?

Go on! Shoot!

What was all this for?

Huh? I don't want to die! Understand?!

What's going on here?

Give the VIS back! Calm down, man! The VIS!

There are two rounds left. Pull yourself together!

Don't you lose it, miss!

Move it, move it!

We've got to get through to the river!

I'll lead you out, I swear.

I'll lead you out, I swear, get up!

Miki, get up!

Get up! I'll lead you out!



I've left the helmet.

Let's go.

Move forward. Go on!


Now just to reach the river!

Let's get to the river, please.

Get up.

Come on, get up!

I'm sorry.

For what?

Sorry! Stop it!

I'm sorry.

Get up!

She stayed at the hospital.

Stefan, run!

Hey, gentlemen!

I'm here!

You're all invited to my birthday!

I turned 19 a few hours ago, seriously!

I never thought this would be how I spend it!

You're such idiots!

You can't kill everybody, suckers, it's just impossible.

I feel sorry for you!

The world will remember you for it, forever!

Stefan, run!

Why aren't you hitting harder?!

Long live freedom, you motherfuckers!

Hush, hush...

What have we got here?

All clear!