Wasabi (2001) Script

This is the story of a man named Hubert.

Hubert Fiorentini.

47 years old.

202 pounds.

6 foot 4.

He's someone who doesn't hurt a fly.

The thing is, this woman is no fly.

Hubert, you are exaggerating. You could have waited.

I can't hear you.

I'll bring you to a quiet place to talk.

I have to report to Squale. Interrogate him and don't let him cheat you.

Hello, Hubert.

Mr. Fiorentini. Van Eyck here.

I know you are busy all day.

That's why I forgive you all the unanswered messages.

Mr. Van Eyck, I don't have time. Come to business.

You are in debt. For the third time this month.

Clear the bills or your account will be removed.

Understood? I'm coming.


I had to come?

Hubert, what's the problem? Are you nervous?

No, not more than usual. I'm quite calm.

You can't just beat up people.

If it's about the woman, or rather guy...

Forget the transvestite.

I'm talking about the others. Others? Which ones?

Hubert, think very good.

Yes there was a young man disturbing me.

Good. Go on...

It's coming back. There was a fight. Yes, anything else?

At the stairs there was a guy who wanted to tell me something... but I didn't understand him.

He said... My dad is the chief of police.

Ah, it slipped my mind. He remembered.

His dad is out of town. You apologize to the kid.

What should I say? Say whatever you want...

That you thought he was a gangster.

But the transvestite is waiting...

Ok, where do I find him? What do you think?

Hello there. It's me. You remember me, right?

I ran into you last night.

Oh, don't worry. I'm not here to arrest you.

I'm here to...

I came to apologize.

I didn't recognize you in the dark. I didn't know you were the son of...


I thought you were a bad guy.

A gangster. Wears the same black suit.

I'm really sorry. I'll be going now, bye.

Sounds like you are in a good mood today. Can't you talk?

Listen, Sofia. I'm really busy with a case right now.

Sure, you're always busy with work. Not on sundays.

True, but then you play a round of golf. I have to relax sometime, right?

That's why I'm calling. After golf we are going out for dinner.

I'm not hungry. See you later.

He's not hungry.

First time I've heard that one.

Nothing. We tried everything. Even the worst. He likes everything.

May I? Sure, go ahead.

If you got time to kill.


You really have a way with women.

Comes naturally. Men and women are meant to get along.

I'm listening. Where are your girlfriends?

Wow, an impressive looking pen.

It was a gift. Only for special occations. Now go ahead.

Who did you get it from, a woman?

The only one for me. She just left one day.

This is all she left behind.

Come on. Give me the name of the bank.

Banque de I'Etoile.

The whole gang will be there.

It was our last job. Our grand finale.

When is it?

It's today. What time?

You're already 30 minutes too late.

Put it out on the wire.

Everything under control? They're all inside? Did you check the place?

Oh fuck, not him.

Everything is going alright. No panic. They are inside and we have contact now and then.

Tell them we are sending someone.

Why? I didn't ask for anyone.

What is this ladies? Why not just work like everyone else.

Go home. I'm working here.

Go ahead.

What are you doing? I'm in charge here. Stay where you are or I'll make a hole in this man's head.

No, you're not shooting anyone. I'm the only one here who's allowed to do such a thing.

This is all that's left of your girlfriend. Now give up and surrender.

Irene, my head is spinning. He's going to hurt us.

Honey, he's not going to do anything.

We have all the dynamite and guns. What can he do? He's bullshitting.

Oh you have a gun? From here it looks more like a piercingmachine.

Shut up. Very funny. Now show yours.

Oh my, look at that. Wow, that's big enough for a horse.

Gonna hurt really bad. Give it up guy.

I'd rather not. You could break your nails.

Don't fool with me. Push it gently my way.

Okay, but I warned you.

Haha, you saw that girls? How do I look? Okay, game's over.

I'll count to ten. Very slow. We'll keep it at your level.

What are you going to do, I got your piece right here.

1, 2...

Stop fucking around. I'll blow us all up. -3... and 10.

Why did I expect to be left alone today.

Hubert, Hubert... It's sunday.

Sure, but for us every day is monday. I just saw the police chief.

Why did you rub salt in the wounds instead of apologizing?

All I did was pour him a glass of water.

Thanks to you he has to stay at the hospital. His old man questioned your methods.

I don't know what you are talking about.

Thanks to you the kid is in suspended position for 2 months.

The chief wants the same for you.

I see.

Hubert, no-one can question your results, but your methods...

What's wrong with my methods? They are illegal.

We're not in the far west. There are laws and codes to apply to.

And as a police officer you have to respect those 2 things.

Respecting those rules made me lose eight guys 2 years ago. I bring them flowers very often.

The dead don't live among us. Accept reality.

You don't have any friends, no wife, no kids.

Get a life. Go start a family.

It will do you good.

Try it. You got a problem with women?

Of course not, but...

Have you been dating with anybody?

I loved someone, but that was long ago...

Come on everybody has heard that story.

You met a woman while you were on a job in Japan. One day she just left.

But fifteen years have gone by.

Nineteen years. Okay, nineteen.

You should go try something new. You can't spend your whole life crying about her.

Do me a favour. Use these 2 months to relax.

Go shopping. I don't like shopping.

Force yourself. Buy yourself some new stuff for fun.

With a nice Armani-shirt you won't be single for long.

You're suspending me? No, I am saving you.

Go be a man a while and proof you're not just a cop.

Don't you want to come in? Of course.

I have never seen you wear something like that before.

All my T-shirts were dirty. Oh, I understand.

What's wrong? Nothing, I was going to take your coat.

What's that lovelly smell? The food.

No, I think it's you...

You're wearing cologne? Yes, I found an old bottle.

The bottle I gave you 2 years ago? Really?


So now you're hungy. Can't live on bread alone.

I'm out of champagne, but I have some Shochu. Is that alright?


Everything alright at work?

What's so funny? I don't work anymore.

I stopped when my husband passed away. 5 years ago.

How about a spring roll? That would be just great.


That was just perfect, Hubert.

Thanks. It was no big deal.

First dinner in 2 years.

Time sure flies, huh? Yeah.

Who taught you to cook like this, your ex? Right.

I thought you only spent eight months with her. Believe me, you can learn a lot in eight months.

I believe you.

Will you call me a taxi? Right now?

Why do you look so surprised? I thought...

Now that we know eachother a bit better, I thought you might want to stay here tonight.

I think I'll walk. It's nice weather.

A perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Sofia, I don't understand.

You're very cute when you try so hard. But you don't trust women.

It's not easy with women. They leave me or break my heart.

I don't want to do either, Hubert.

All I want is to spend some time together. That's love.

Not crying over someone who has been gone for over twenty years.

Nineteen years. Nineteen years if you prefer.

If she really loved you she would still be here. And you would have had beautiful children.

But she is gone and all she left were a few memories and recipies.

Call me when your heart is free again.

I don't know how to cook.

But I do know how to please a man. Our kids would be beautiful.

You really look burned out. You should take a vacation.

I think it's time we seperated.

Mr. Fiorentini? Paris police department?

Yes that's me.

Do you know a woman named Miko Kobayashi?

Yes I know her.

You know where she is? Yes, at the morgue.

Ms. Kobayashi passed away yesterday in Tokyo.

Sorry to give you such sad news.

I am Mr. Hishibashi, lawyer. Tomorrow I will read her last wishes and will.

You are the only one mentioned. I'd like you to be present.

She put me in her will? Yes she did.

Finding you wasn't easy.

Tomorrow at three ok? I'm in Paris.

There is a flight at 5 'clock and one at 8.30.

I made a reservation for both. There is a ticket waiting for you.

I can't just leave, I need to talk to my employer first. I already did. Mr. Squale, isn't it?

He said you could go. He told me you could stay as long as you want.

I'll think it over, alright? Ok, but you have to hurry.

What does it matter, why rush it?

She will be cremated tomorrow.

Don't you want to see her one last time?

I'll be there.

Business or pleasure? Neither one.

Where do you come from?

The airplane. Your humor tells me you are french.

Sorry? Where did your plane come from?

If you look up you will see only one plane arrived. From Paris.

And if you look down you will see a ticket with CDG on it. Charles de Gaulle, Paris.

See I'm not only funny, but also very observant.

You will see I'm also very observant. Open your luggage.

Make it quick. I'm late. Hey, why hurry...

Where is he? There, in room 17.

I hope he's still in one piece. We're not savages.

I haven't seen him in 15 years. Wouldn't recognize him.

Hang on one second.

I am nervous. Like a virgin. How do I look?

Do I look presentable?


You recognize me?

How wonderful, Hubert.

Let me look at you.

You look good man, just arrived and already in deep shit.

Try to be a little more discreet untill we get out of here.

You're right, we're gone. It's ok, he's one of ours.

When I was a rookie, he was already a lieutenant.

We were here in the 80's to watch the russians.

I can't tell you the trouble we made.

That's right you can't, now try to keep your mouth shut for 5 minutes.

I'm sorry for this. But your employee didn't show me any respect.

I taught him a lesson and I was a bit out of line. Please except my apologies.

You do have a reputation, Mr. Fiorentini. Why are you here in Tokyo?

Working? Vacation. But don't worry, I won't be long.

That's right. With him nothing takes long.


Fifteen years...

You're still driving the same car.

I love this car. Never change a winning team.

So what are you up to? Nothing really. I'm all done with the commando's.

I'm just your average neighbourhood cop.

I finish my shift and go home. Quit fucking me around.

Tell me you are knitting while you're at it. I play golf. And I love it.

You poor thing. It's a good thing you came back.

So what do we blow up? Gonna sink a bot? Sabotage a power plant?

Do you remember that one time?

We blew up the wrong building. It was totally great.

I'm here for a personal matter.

You haven't heard of that little Japanese lately? What was her name?


Miko. She had you on a leesh like a dog.

She passed away yesterday.

I'm here for her cremation. I had no idea, sorry.

I know. How did you know I was coming?

Well I still work with the intelligence. Can I drop you off?

Here's the address.

Shinjuku. The red light district. They got the best looking hookers in town.

Of course that's not why you're here.

Over there.

Mister Hishibashi?

Mr. Fiorentini, I assume. That's right.

You look just like on the picture Miko made 20 years ago.

Nineteen. That's absolutely right. Sit down please.

Miss Kobayashi named you as her sole legaty.

For practical reasons everything is in this box.

If you'd be so kind to sign for acceptance.

You were quite poetic.

Personally I prefer the picture of you in your uniform.

Where it all began and all shall end.

Did she express any last wishes she wanted me to carry out.

Only one.

That you will be the guardian of her daughter untill she becomes of age.

Her daughter? Yes, that's right.

How old is she? Nineteen and about 11 months.

So her mother...

So I... So her mother...

But how... what... what...

You mean what's her name? Yes.

Her name is Yumi. You will like her.

Hang on. Where are you going?

I was going to introduce her.

You mean the daughter is here...

Yes, in the other room. I got her out of prison this morning.

Prison? Don't worry. Nothing big.

She was upset because of the death of her mother.

She drank too much and then punched down a few police men.

Police men? Yes, but I'll let her tell you about it.

No, wait a second.

You tell me I have a daughter of 19 that just got out of prison.

I adapt to new situations pretty fast, but I need some time here.

How do you know she's my daugher? Because on the birth certificate... it says your name at 'father'.

It says the same in the will... and it also says you were the only man in her life.

Why did she leave me then? She said nothing about that.

Does she know I'm her father? No, I assumed you wanted the pleasure to tell her.

Pleasure. I come back from Paris, after 19 years. Hello, I'm your father.

She just lost her mother. Now she'll have a father.

Maybe there was another man after me, and is he the father.

Who could remember?

You could do a DNA-test. that way you'll be sure.

But from what I've seen, I'm sure she's your daughter.

She's right behind the door? Yes.

Let's keep this for ourselves.


Because I don't want to traumatize her.

They are fragile at that age. I agree.

Even if they pretend they're not. Very true.

So, are you going to open the door?

What did she say? She asked you who you are.

Just tell her I'm a good friend of her mother.

So what's the name of this goofball. Just call me: Hubert from France.

Mr. Fiorentini, she speaks French.

Hallo, I am Hubert.

Yumi. Be polite or you'll go back to the police.

They can go to hell. I hate them.

Do you have something to drink?

Sake? Yeah great.

Thanks, I feel better.

Why didn't my mother tell me about you?

You speak French. Maybe she had French friends.

She worked at the French ambasade. Me too. That's where I met her.

Why are you here?

Because your mother wanted him... to take care of you untill you are of age.

Which is in... Two days. I won't make it much longer.

Yumi, that's not the way to speak to your... your guardian.

It is your mothers last request.

The fact that she chose him... means that she must have thought very highly of him.

If your mother trusted him, you can do the same.

For at least two days.

Come on, let's go see her.

We can walk there. It's only a few blocks. Don't you want to take a taxi?

I am very fragile right now. You have to be nice.


Oh man, he doesn't waste any minute.

Can I ask you a question?

No, I'll ask the questions. For two days.

Oh. Ok.

You still have it. Five minutes and you got yourself a girl.

That's Miko's daughter. So mine too apparently.

She's sexy What?

I just didn't know you had such a sexy daughter.

Me neither. Follow from a distance and shut up.

Damn, this is about to get messy.


Your friend from Paris is here.

Hello Miko. It's good to see you again.

Even in the worst cases she still smiles.

You have the same smile as your mother.

Has it been long since you last saw her? Nineteen years.

I'll leave you alone.

It's been long, so you must have a lot to say.

Why did you keep it secret? Why?

You wanted me to take care of her, and I will.

Because she's all that remains of you.


What are you doing? Nothing. Just a professional habit.

Are you a doctor? Yes that's right, a doctor.

Do you know how she died? Yes, cancer.

Do you have her medical file? Yes, at home.

What's your specialisation? Plastical surgery.

Ah that's great. You can give me advice.

I want a better nose. Look. I have a very big nose.

It's not good for a young girl like me. I think your nose is very pretty.

It's horrible. I bet I got it from my father, the bastard.

A bastard? I mean... Do you know him?

No. Lucky for him, otherwise he'd be dead.

What did he do wrong? He seduced my mother and raped her.

No? Yes.

It's true. Tomorrow I will become of age and do whatever I want.

I will get the whole country to pay him back.

I think I better sit down.

You want some more sake? No, the chair is fine.

Yumi, this is Maurice, or Momo. A friend from Tokyo.

The resemblance is amazing.

With your mother. Do you know her?

Never met her, no. Let's go.

Does she know you are a cop? No, if I tell her she will run away.

I already lost her mother, I would like to keep the daughter.

She will understand. Whatever you do, she will accept it because you're her father.

She doesn't know I'm her father.

Otherwise I'd be dead already. Nice.

Does she know Miko is her mother?

Sometimes you really are an idiot. Of course she knows.

Your story is so complicated. No wonder I mix it all up.

This is my mothers big sister. Oh my God.

What did she say?

She said she saw your ugly face before, but doesn't know where.

Good. I mean, that's ok.

Her medical file? It's somewhere over there.

Momo, wait for me in the car. Are you sure?

Can I take a piss? No.

I don't think I can hold it in.

Nice room. I want something else on the wall.

Sure why not? Something with animals.

Sure, why not rabits?

No, no. I was thinking about a picture of a nuclear cloud.

With people around it, dancing on techno.

Sure, why not? What's your mothers bedroom like?

She lived in the city. She came here in the weekends.

Do you like music? Yes, absolutely.

Well, maybe later...

The file? Yeah.

Ok, here it is. Right, thanks.

What was her profession?

I don't know. Mama always was sort of misterious.

You can say that.

What are you looking for? Nothing. Just routine.

If you want these two days to go right... you will have to quit treating me like an idiot.

You found a sample of crystal at her nose and dirt onder her nails.

Look, there are strange things in here.

And as a doctor, you need evidence.

You mean like the police. Exactly.

I will let them do some tests and when I get the results, you will be the first to know.

Agreed? Agreed.

You are pretty clever, huh? Yes I try.

Would you like to help me track down my father?

You just lost your mother. Don't you want to wait before you kill your father?

What's the difference, he must be far away from here.

Who said he raped your mother?

My mother. She's got a lot of nerve... I mean, that's serious.

Do you really think your mother would just let someone rape her?

Why would she lie?

To protect you, or to protect him.

Why would she protect such a mean guy?

Maybe he's not that bad.

Let's buy your ugly wallpaper. Right now.

Give me your phone number and have this analyzed.

What is it? The analyse will say that.

Ok, you will have it tomorrow, You have an hour.

Good to have him back.

I will transfer some money to your account.

Are you rich? No, but the bank loves me.

I will transfer money every week.

That's funny, my mother did the same. Yes, funny.

Every friday she would give me 200 dollars, and in two days I spent it all.

Judging by the will, there can't be much on the account.

Hello, lady Yoshimido.

Would you tell him I need a balance and then I will say how much to transfer.

I speak French. Good.

What's that?

An electronic signature.

Here you are. Thank you.

How much is the yen worth? It's a dollar amount.

Could you check it again? There must be a mistake.

Of course, I understand your surprise.

This is only the interests. The main account is a seperate account.

Should I get it for you?

Sure, why not?

Also in dollars?

Should I print out a total? No, that's ok. I get the picture.

Well? Is there enough?

Yeah you are doing ok. How much would you like to transfer?

What amount.

Two thousand. Dollars?


Thanks, Hubert. I will never forget this.

Oh it's nothing. It's great.

You are like a real father.

I think your father... Your real father would have done the same.

Yes, but he's not here. And I am lucky to have you around.


And now we are going shopping. Well be reasonable.

I never spend more than I have. That's a good principle.

200 million dollars.

Pretty, huh? Very pretty.

Could I use your phone for a second?

Momo, do you have the results yet?

For the crystals we know, but not for the dirt.

Iron, mercury, calcium... or rather...

Cyanide. Can you cure liver cancer with cyanide?

I don't think so. But you are the doctor. As a cop what's your opinion?

Cyanide under the nose, a fake medical file... traces that lead to a fight. What do you think?

That she was murdered and the killers didn't expect Hubert Fiorentini.

We'll go to alarm phase one.

Meet me at Hotel Imperial and reserve a suite there.

What equipment? Bring everything you can find.

Oh my God, it's like my birthday.

What's wrong? Nothing. But you've had enough fun now.

How about trying a few sweaters?

Here we go.

I'm warning you. We're going to do every floor.

Fiorentini, Hubert. We have a reservation. That's right. Welcome to the Imperial.


I'm sorry to be indelicate, but is the young woman of legal age?

She's my daughter.


My apologies..

Put all that in the other room.

Thank you.

Very good, about the daughter. I didn't have a choice.

Still not smart, because we don't even look like eachother.

Except for the nose, maybe a little.

You want orange juice? No, thank you.

How about sake?

Maybe later. Don't you want to try the new clothes?

Should I show them? Yeah, that's fine. guess who went shopping.

I got all your favourite stuff. You will like it.

Bazooka, with heat seeker. weighs only a pound. So I got two of them.

Pressed air, mini missiles.

Can destroy two city blocks, knock out an army. Very efficient.

You know for sure she's your daughter? Why?

She doesn't look like you. Momo.

Except for the nose. Let's go on.

Anti-personel bazooka, made in Korea. It can stop a tank.

You got something I can use in town? I have something small for that, very light.

This is a classic. A 357 Magnum.

The latest Uzi. 50 rounds per second.

And from Russia with love, you can use mustard gas with that.

From Argentina, something to use from a distance, and some grenades.

I'll take this one.

I knew it. You don't want some grenades?

No, maybe later. I have to stay discreet. I don't want to scare her.

Do you know what's going on? No I don't know much yet.

The woman I love disappears just like that... and about 19 years later she's dead. She leaves me a daughter and 200 million dollars.

200 million dollars? That's what's on the bank account.

But at the rate she spends it it won't last very long.

200 million dollars.

Yes and a bunch of idiots with sunglasses are following us since we left the bank.

I think they want the money. I get it. 200 million dollars.

And there where it all began it shall end.

I'm not in her will for nothing. I think she needed help.

Someone or something must have stopped her.

She left me certain clues. Yes and 200 million dollars.

Stop talking about that. It's not for you. Forget it.

Would you be able to get Miko's file?

Yes I think so. I know a guy for that.

We will have to look into her past to understand it.

I'm ready. Ready for what?

I'm going out tonight. Not like that. It's freezing at night.

You have to wear a jacket. Yes a yellow one.

I'm not going fishing. I'm going to dance.

And it's always hot when I dance, just like my mother.

That's right.

Aren't you affraid at night? The streets are dangerous.

No. A rape at every corner. What?

Not every night. If I have to die, I'll do it partying.

And if you are affraid, why not come with me.

You can play daddy.

I know you like that.

Bring the grenades.

Videogames in a nightclub?

This is uncle Hubert and uncle Maurice.

Come on everyone on the dance floor.

I'm too old for that. And my knees are hurting.

Come on. Do it for me please.

Cross your knees.

Very good for a beginner. I'm proud of you.

Hey Momo, it's your turn.

Everything hurts on me.

Oh okay, just one time.

What did he say? He wants to challenge you... in a game where you don't use your knees.

Where is it? Over there.

Ok let's go.

I was winning. What's going on?

I'll explain later.

No, go ahead. I'll watch how you do it first.

Don't panic. Don't move.

If you don't mind, we will play the rematch another time.

Is there another exit? In the back.

I am sure glad he's back..

I'm sorry, I didn't want to ruin your evening.

Who are you? I'm not a doctor.

Thanks. I found that out myself.

Who are you to kill people like that?

Besides, who were those men? And why did they carry guns?

Do you understand? No, but it doesn't matter. Calm down.

I'll explain everything.

Dry your tears.

Now she reminds me of someone.

Go look for Miko's file... and call the lab for the dirt under her nails.

In an hour at the Hotel. Come on I spend my life in the car.

Your mother asked for me. She didn't trust anyone else.

Even after all these years, I think she trusted me.

She let me come here to tell me something. A secret.

But someone killed her before she could tell me.

Now the guys in the black suits are after you.

I didn't do anything. Why do they want me?

That's what I've been wondering.

You told me she lived in town during the week?

Two years ago she took me there.

She forgot something important.

We went there, but I stayed outside.

She wouldn't let me inside.

And when I said I wanted to see where she lived... she hit me in my face.

That's the only time she ever hit me.

Do you remember the address?

Has she always been like this?

She was pretty organized, but not like this. Then someone has been here already.

Why is all the furniture gone? They were looking for something... but they don't know your mother.

'Never place an object in another object you can move. '

What are you talking about. You will see.

I still don't get it. How did you know it was there?

We had the same education. Tell me, what is this?

Numbers and names. Now it's starting to become clear.

And less clear for me.

My mother sent some guy to look over me... that kills everyone and makes holes in the wall.

Yumi, look. Trust me.

The nightmare is almost over.

Alright, let's go home.

This time they left the furniture behind.

What were they looking for? Probably nothing. Just intimidation.

They will probably contact us soon. What will we do? Should we leave?

No, we sit down and wait.

Well they didn't make any 'holles'.


Holes. Holles No, with a short L.

Like in 'hold'.

And then 'es', like in 'blames'.

Very good.

Take a deep breath.

Welcome in Japan. Thanks.

My name is Kazuhiro Takanawa.

It will probably mean nothing to you. Nothing at all.

I would like to meet you, Mr. Fiorentini.

With pleasure.

I heard you like to play golf. I find it very relaxing.

So do I. Let's play a round together.

My men are waiting downstairs. That's fine.


That's better. What's going on?

I've been invited for a round of golf. You're going to play golf now?

Golfing helps with thinking. Besides, in golf you have... holes.

Forget it..

Could you have the room made up for us? Right away sir.

Clean out your ears. I got everything.

Momo, they are waiting for us at the door.

I saw it. I have the file and and all the results.

Here, and don't lose it.

Follow us from a distance. If there is any trouble, cover us.

Oh come on. Not now.

That position is totally wrong.

And those legs... Like a duck. We're not at the beach.

At least keep your eyes on the ball.

Go play with your PlayStation.

You won't lose any balls with that.

You play very well, I've heard. At least I don't miss.

So good that you're dangerous. Don't exaggerate.

Give me a demonstration.

Why come back to Japan after all these years.

Not enough bad memories? After a few years only the good remain.

Aren't you here to make trouble?

I don't know what you're talking about. About the 200 million dollars... on your daughters account.


Bastard, dirty liar. I hate you. Yumi, calm down.

I hate you. Calm down.

I tried to tell you, but you hated your father so much.

Bastard. You left us.

No. Your mother disappeared, without telling anything.

And no one ever told me, that you existed.

If I would have known that I had such a great daughter...

I would come back and looked for you everywhere.

And this would have never happened.

My beautiful daughter.

Very touching. But before you fall into eachothers arms...

I want my money back.

That won't happen. The account is blocked untill she is twenty.

Then we will have to wait nine hours.

At 10 o'clock the bank will be open and your daughter will be twenty. Congratulations.

Bring the girl away.

Kill him.



This one is tough, but if you do it right... it's lethal.

Don't move. French army!


Hubert, everything alright?

Forget it. They are already down. You're only a few seconds too late.

Oh man. What?

The grenade... What's with it?

I took the pin out.

Hell of a grenade. No, those were the grenades in the car.

What did you find out?

Miko left the department 19 years ago because she was pregnant.

Her file is missing.

At that moment the department of Defense opens a new file, top secret.

I couldn't get my hands on it, however...

I got pictures.

Didn't you take the wrong file? These are wedding pictures.

The groom is the son of one of the biggest gangsters in the north.

Takanawa, the Zebra, because... He has a scar all over his face.

Do you know him? I played golf with him.

Go on. Fifth on the left.

Miko? Amongst all the gangsters in town.

She was so honest, what is this... Wait, there is more.

Miko was with the maffia.

Still not two months ago she got a medal from the minister.

Working undercover.

She infiltrated the Yakuza to get them from the inside.

But to do that she had to break up with her past.

She left me to serve her country.

You would have done the same in her shoes.

Yes maybe.

The rest is simple. She did good work, untill they discovered.

So she transferred money from the Zebra to another account... and left me some clues.

Be careful. That's very spicy.

Still I think there is something missing.

What's that?

I don't know.

Why didn't she say I have a daughter?

I don't know. Maybe she didn't want to involve you.

And when she saw she couldn't protect her anymore, you had to do it.

Protect her? From herself. She knows her daughter.

If I wasn't there she would spend the 200 million dollar very fast.

Tell me, what's this? Wasabi.

Really good.

Really, delicious.

The dirt under her nails, where did it come from?


Of course. That's where I declared my love to Miko.

That's where it all began and all shall end. Let's go.

Hurry. We have to be back in Tokyo before 10.

My dear Hubert. I sacrificed myself for my country, and I regret it.

All these years I wanted to be with you, even though you weren't away.

Because you never left me. You remained in my heart and you always will.

Take good care of our daughter. She is great, but she spends too much money.

Here is the number so you can keep an eye on her account.

There should be enough money for you and our daughter.

It isn't much compensation of course... but I hope that our daughter will make all those bad memories go away.

Because only the good memories remain, right?

Yours forever, Miko.

Are there still any of the old guys?

There are still a few alive. We will need them.

Captain Yasumoto, please.

Oh hello. Deposit or withdrawal.

Withdrawal. Cash or transfer?


It's very simple.

Left the account where the money is and right where it has to go.

You can handle that?

Fill in... left.

Lausanne... That's swiss, isn't it? That's right.

Great. Hurry up, we don't have much time.

Of course sir, right away.

All done.

Now, how much do you want to transfer? Everything.

Both accounts? Right, both accounts.

You can buy a lot of hookers for that.

Buy what? I mean, you can have a lot of fun with that.

200 million dollars. It's a fair amount.


You are 20 I hope? Yes, since this morning.

Excellent. She may sign.


Sign it.

That's it. Finished.

Congratulations, Yumi. Enough.

Now give me my receit.

That's what I'm for.

Talk to him for a receit.

I'd think twice about that.

If your friend doesn't put down his gun, you won't get out here alive.

You are the one who won't get out alive.

You win, Mr. Fiorentini. Very good.

And to be a winner, you have to lose something. Name your prize.

I don't think you can't do anything right now.

The 200 million dollars are in my account.

Say good bye to your 200 million dollars.

Yumi, it's alright, come here.

You saw what I can do with golf. Think about what I can do with a. 45.

Tell your men to put down their weapons.

It's over.

Come on.

Wait for me.

I don't believe it.

Takanawa, the Zebra? Does that ring a bell? Of course.

He's inside on the floor. They wanted to rob the bank.

I sorted them.

When is your vacation over? Then we can clean up our country.

Go ahead, it's all messed up.

Mr. Fiorentini isn't in debt anymore. That's about time.

200 million euro's?

Thanks for the police escort. But we don't need protection.

Well it's not for your protection. It's for everyone around you.

Thanks for coming, it was nice to see you.

Now it's your turn to visit. If it will be as much fun, gladly.

What's that? Wasabi.

You said it tasted you good, so...

Maybe you'd like to try it for breakfast... Very nice of you, thanks.

Take good care of her. You can count on me.

I have to say good bye to the father I just met?

First you want me dead and now I have to stay.

That's how teenagers are.

Crying very often and changing their mind all the time.

I also have a present for you.

I didn't really go shopping, but...

It was your mothers. I kept it for 20 years. Now I want you to have it.

One month. Don't worry, just one month.

You will finish school and I will search that wallpaper for you and that's it.

It will be the longest month of my life.

For me too, Yumi.

No problem sir. Go ahead. Have a good trip. Thank you.

French newspaper sir? Champagne?

No, thank you. I'd like to relax untill I'm in Paris.

No problem, sir.

Attention everyone, please.

Who do these belong to?

Oh, no.