Watch Your Back (2015) Script


It's Mathieu.

Perfect charm as always.

And it's already achieved the desired results.

Now listen.

We're both going to have to lay low for a while.

The police are really out for blood on this one.

That's no surprise.

I suggest you disappear for the time being.

I'm going off the radar myself.

You won't be able to reach me, so don't try.

I'll reach out to you when another assignment comes along that requires your special skills.

What are you now, eight for eight?

You deserve a break.

Breakfast is ready!

Be right there!

Sweetie, what are you doing?

Looking for a blanket for Cheryl.

She's cold.

Well, your food is getting cold.

Come on.



I caught a real doll.

I didn't mean to scare you, sweetie.

But you've got to stay out of my closet, ok?


What's on the menu?

Pancakes and toast.

No can do.

Diet, remember?

What, are you training for the Olympics?

You look fantastic.

Yeah, that's because of the diet.

I'll just have a piece of apple.

It's going to be amazing.

What do you say to your mother first thing in the morning?

I don't know, she's not here.

Teri, we talked about this.


It's only been six months.

These things take time.

Don't rush it.

What do you say to Sarah in the morning?

Good morning, Sarah.

How's my favorite chipmunk?

Ok, but Betty and Cheryl are starving.

Oh, that's not ok.

Here, you know what?

Feed them this.


You know what?

You're better than mommy.

Eskimo kiss?

Can I get one of those?

No. I've got something better for you.

Ok, early morning meeting, I've gotta go.

Not fair.

Someone's gotta work.

Hey, I work.

I'm just lacking the paycheque.

That will come as soon as you sell the novel.

Bye, little woman, see you tonight.


Bye, get some good writing done.

Love you!

Love you more!

Not possible!

There has been a significant drop in business.

Many of our clientele have been pulling back funding for the advertising of their products.

And yet, our competitors, like Dickson and Barryman, are seeing profits spike.

Can any of you explain that?

It comes down to trust.

We are losing our client's trust and we must win that back if we hope to stay afloat.

We have to be better and practise what we preach.

Yes. Absolutely, Mr. Solomon.

And this goes for everyone at this advertising agency.

I need role models.


If you want to hold onto your jobs, you have to deliver the goods.

Is that clear?


Uh, yes. Clear.

Good, good.

That's it.

Time to start looking for a new job.

You worry too much.

You don't worry enough.

You're supporting a husband and a kid.

How are you going to do that on an unemployment cheque?

Failure is not an option of mine.

It might be one of yours.

That's right, everything always works out for the great Sarah Goodall.

I mean Miller.

You know, I still can't believe that you got that promotion in less than a year.

Are you jealous?

No. I don't know the definition of that word.

Later Jackson, I got work to do!

Good morning, Mrs. Miller.

Is something wrong?

Uh, no.

I just thought I saw myself sitting there for a minute.

Oh. Just trying to take your advice.

You know, present the public with the role model I most admire.

And you choose me?

I hope you don't mind.

No, not at all.

I've always wanted a mirror of my brunette self.

I look good.

Thank you.

I put a few items on your desk for review, emailed over all of your messages, and then I just finished reorganizing that file cabinet.

And how's the construction on my penthouse apartment coming along?

Um, I'm sorry.


That was a joke.

Seriously, you're amazing.

Thank you, Julie.

Now get back to work.

Right away.

Oh, I mean me.

The Stoker account awaits.

I wonder who that could be?

Mrs. Punctual?

I wonder who forgot to bring the mail in again, Mr. Forgetful.

Well, when your hands are full of dolls and crayons, choices have to be made.

I'm sorry.


Oh... Teri, honey, what have I told you about hiding in my closet?


Betty and Cheryl are sleeping.

Ok, then why don't you take Betty and Cheryl up to your room?

I think they'll be more comfortable in your bed.

You think?

I know.


Kurt, you gotta talk to her.

I don't want to keep telling her to stay out of my closet.

These are my things, you know?

It's a bit of a pet peeve.

I get it.

Thank you.


How are you?


So how's novel writing going?

It was going fine until she called.


Teri's mother, the nut case with a dash of crazy.

Victoria again?

Does she not realize that divorce means "move on, honey"?

Not until she's dead and buried.

That can be arranged.

I mean, I know a guy.

That's tempting.

So she's still trying for custody?


She was in a mental facility.

The woman is unstable.

The court can't grant her...

She's out now and she's doing much better, so she says, and after her father died he left her everything.

So now Victoria is claiming that she could be a better childcare provider because of her new found wealth.

It takes more than money to raise a child.

She needs love and nurturing.

Victoria doesn't have a case.



What is it, honey?

I'm on a roll here and I'd like to keep going.

Is that ok?


Yeah, yeah.

Go ahead.


I just don't want to lose my train of thought, you know?

No, no, of course.


What is it?

There's a problem.

There was no note, no address or anything on the envelope, we have no idea who sent it so we thought it was best we contact the police.

You thought it was best.

Ok, yes.

I thought it was best that we contact the police.

And you say the photos on your cell disappeared?

Well, my wife accidentally deletes things all the time.

I didn't accidentally delete anything.

They were sent to me from that new program, Flash Chat.

They're sent to you and within seconds they disappear, untraceable.

And all the pictures were of you outside the office, outside of this house?


Well, unfortunately there is no law in this state against taking pictures in a public place.

They were all of my wife, officer.

Which I understand is disturbing, but it's not illegal.

Have you received any letters or threats?


Love letters?

What the hell are you implying, officer?

My wife has not done anything wrong.

My mistake, I misspoke.

But the truth be told, this leaves us with very little to work with.

I mean, no crime has been committed, not even the threat of a crime.

I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do at this point.

Morning, Sarah.

How's the family?

Terry's great, Kurt's great.

Oh, don't I know.

He's a catch.

Hooked a good one.

Well, give him my best.

See ya!


Hey, it's just me.

It's crossing guard day at school, remember?


Don't mess with the law.

I wouldn't dream of it.

I try to avoid getting arrested.

Why don't you let me give you a ride to the station?

No thanks, babe.

I want to.

I want to make sure those admirers know that you're taken.

Ah, speaking of admirers, you just missed Louise.

She gives you her best.

Well, she wants to give you her best.

Louise and I are just neighbors.

Yeah, well I think she moves in circles.

You said she was divorced twice, I think she's coming back around.

Teri, come on.

We're taking Sarah to the station.

You're almost late.

Almost late is the same thing as saying "on time".

I showed up a half hour early.

I'm not taking any chances this week.

Jackson, I was wondering... did you have anything to do with this?

No, I only shoot nudes.

I'm being serious.

So am I.

You want to set up for a shoot sometime?

That's never gonna happen.

Can't blame a guy for trying.

Yes, I can.

Morning, Julie.

Oh good, you're here.

I've been trying to reach you.

God, that is a great dress.


Yeah, I got a new cell, new number, so...

Oh, what happened to your old one?

I just thought it was time for an upgrade, you know?

Actually, can you put my business contacts in there?

I think you have more of a complete list than I do.

Sure, yeah.

Easier done than said.

Is your new number listed in here?

Yeah, it should be.


Oh, and Mr. Solomon stopped by.

He wants to talk to you about the Stoker account.

Tell him I will be in in a minute.



Oh, Mr. Solomon, I was just heading over to your office.

Well, I saved you a trip.

Your phone is all done.

I don't have to tell you, Sarah, but I'm going to anyway.

A lot is riding on this campaign.

Stoker is a big account and possibly all our jobs are on the line, including mine.

And if the boss is worried about losing his job, you know things are serious.

I completely understand, Mr. Solomon.

There's no need to worry, I have everything under control.

You know there's a $200,000 cash bonus for whoever pulls off this campaign?

I did not know that.

Is that what you were discussing with Jackson in the hall?

That's strange.

Your phone doesn't usually ring like that?

It's not that, I just got this cell.

No one has the number.

Something important?

No, it's nothing.

So, you know how important the stoker account is now and we need to pull this off with flying colors.


No distractions, giving your full attention to every last detail.

And if this one works...


Are you listening to me?

Yes. Yes.

Rest assured the Stoker account has my full attention.


Is the sun here in your eyes?

I just feel like it's a bit distracting.

I'm fine, Sarah. Are you ok?

Yes, I'm fine.

Never better.

I'll leave you to it then.

Just give me greatness, that's all I ask for.

Will do.


Did you give my number to anyone?



Well, your husband called just as Mr. Solomon came in and I didn't want to disrupt your meeting.

And then he mentioned that he couldn't reach you on your cell and I realized he didn't have the new number so I gave it to him.

I hope that's ok.

Yeah, no that's fine.

Just nobody else.


What is that?

Uh, my lipstick?

Is that Red Passion by Louelle?

It is.

Do you like it?

Yeah, no I use it on my date nights with Kurt.

Lucky guess, I guess.

So do you um... do you talk to Kurt a lot?

No, not that often.

But every time that I do, he is so nice.

You're so lucky.

Yes, he's very nice.

What are you doing for lunch?

I've been working for you for over five months now and this is the first time that you've asked me for lunch.

I've heard the rumors like everyone else about possible layoffs coming...

No, no, no. It's nothing like that.

It's nothing like that.

I just wanted to see what's going on from your perspective, you know?

I mean, between you and me you're the eyes and ears of the office, so...

Thank you, Mrs. Miller.

I didn't know you considered me your...

I didn't know you considered me.

Come on, Julie, you have all my numbers, you pick up my morning mail and my messages.

I mean, what would I do without you, really?

Actually, have you received any unusual phone calls or emails, anything I should be aware of?


No, not that I can think of.

Do you know what this is?

It looks like you coming into work.

Who took this?

That's what I was wondering.

Is someone watching you?

Like a secret admirer?

You have the secret part correct, I don't know about the admirer part.

Have you talked to Jackson?

Why would you ask that?

Well, I know he's interested in you.


He comes by my desk and asks about you all the time.

What do you tell him?

That you are happily married and that you love your husband very, very much.

Honestly, Mrs. Miller, I wish I was so lucky.

Oh, don't worry Julie, I'm sure you will be one day too.

Well, here's hoping.

Shoot, it's getting late.

I have a little errand to run before I go back to the office, is that ok?

Yeah, of course. What is it?

I have to go to Block, grab a dress for a friend's wedding next weekend.

Why don't I come with you?

I could use a new outfit myself.

Oh, ok.


Take care.

Hey, kiddo.

Where do you wanna go?


Aren't you hungry?

Betty and Cheryl will miss me.

Ok, well we could go by the house, pick up Betty and Cheryl and all four of us could go eat?



Can you help me?

Oh, I never realized we're the same size.

We could wear each others clothes.

How does it look?

It's lovely.

I'm going to have to borrow this for a date with Kurt.

Do you think he'd like it?

Oh, hold on.

Is something the matter?


You know what?

I'm going to be right there, ok?

Two hours.

Long lunch.

Flirting with the danger zone.

You know, because I'm just worried about getting laid off.

Solomon's on the warpath.

He's just looking for reasons to fire people, and I'd just be careful with these long lunches.

What are friends for?

We've got to stick together.

Look out for one another.


Catch you later.

Hey, are you ok?

Are you still freaked by seeing that guy get hit?

Yeah, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Can you just get my husband on the line?

Put him through to my office.

Mrs. Miller, your husband isn't answering his cell.

Do you want me to try your home number?

No thanks, Julie.

I can manage.

It wasn't him.

The Miller's aren't home, please leave a message.

Kurt, hey, it's me.

Something happened today, something...

I'll tell you about it later.

I'm coming in on the 5:06.

Since you drove me I'm gonna need a ride home if that's ok.

I love you.

Ok, bye.

Where's Teri?

She's at home.

She was watching her favorite show so I had Louise come watch her while I came to get you.

Oh. That was so nice of Louise.

It was.

I got your message.

What happened?

I thought I saw the guy who was taking pictures of me.

You saw him?

No, I didn't see him.

It wasn't him.

I still don't know who's behind this or what he or she wants.

Did you remember the mail?

Yes. Just bills.

No more manilla envelopes.

Oh, welcome home love birds.

Hi, Louise.

Thank you for watching her.

No problem.

Teri is an angel.

If I ever have kids I'd want them to be just like yours.

Would you like to stay for dinner?

No thank you, maybe some other time.

I did check on the roast, though.

It smells wonderful.

Well, I'm off.

Thanks again.


I know what you're thinking.

Don't say it.

Then don't think it.

My thoughts are pure.

I can change that.


Did you change the photos?


The photos, they're not in the right order.

This one was here, that one was there.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.

Did Louise do this?

Why would Louise...

Someone's been in the house.

Honey, I think you're being a little paranoid.

I've been home for hours with Teri, I didn't notice anything missing.

Kurt, someone's been here.

Who would break into our home to rearrange photos?

Whoever has been stalking me!

I got more photos on my new phone today.

Let me see them.

They're gone, same as before!

No note, no threat, nothing illegal.

The police can't do anything.

Well, maybe they can.

It wouldn't hurt to call.

Daddy, when are we going to eat?

Let's eat.

We don't want Teri worried about this.


We'll figure it out after dinner.

It'll be ready soon, sweetie.

So I was about to go up to the black board when the big stupid kid, Elmer, who thinks apples are green...

Some apples are green.

It's not nice to call people stupid.

He says I have big ears.

Well, that's not nice either because you don't.

You have beautiful ears.

So Elmer went up to the black board and he didn't know the answer 'cause he's so smart so I lifted my hand up to answer and then he leans against the bookshelf and the whole thing breaks.

So Elmer falls down and all the books fall on top of him.

Everyone was laughing.

It was so funny.

It doesn't sound very funny.

It was.

Teri, stop kicking the table and think about this for a second.

If you were the one that broke the shelf and it fell down on you, would you think it was funny?


My point is you don't want to be laughed at, so do you think it's fair to laugh at other people as well?

Hey. What did I just say?

It wasn't me, it was Betty.

I'm not going to warn you again.


It was Cheryl.

Hey. Ok, that's enough.

Daddy, Cheryl, stop it.

Both of you, stop it.

Right now.


I've had it for a while.

Before we met I was mugged and it was the scariest night of my life and I swore it was never going to happen again.

So I started working out, taking self-defense courses and I got a gun.

It's licensed, registered, I know how to use it.

You know I told you before...

I don't like guns, Sarah.

I know, that's why I didn't tell you about it.

But I'm a pretty good shot.

Yeah, I remember because we threw darts on our first date.

Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit?

When did you get this?

Just before when we were up here.

Ok, we have to report this to the police.

This is a threat.

Is it?

Not really.

"It's not the final outcome, but the waiting that gets to you"?

That could mean anything.

You know how that police officer treated us today.

I know, but this person has been in our house.

What about Teri?

What if she's hurt?

Maybe we should send her to your parent's house.

In Chicago?

This guy destroy our family.

Maybe we can all take a vacation.

Running away never solves anything.

Besides, if I leave now I can kiss my job goodbye.

They're doing cut-backs at work and looking for any reason to lay people off and we can't afford that right now.

Not with your ex-wife breathing down your neck.

We should change the locks to be safe.

We have to stick together, Kurt.

I'll keep an eye on Julie and Jackson at work.

Your secretary, Julie?

She worships you, though.

Yeah, maybe a little too much.

And Jackson would do anything to keep his job at the firm.

I mean, if I'm let go, he's in a stronger position.

And we can't forget your lover Louise across the street.

Louise isn't going to be a...

Kurt, give me a break.

She's in love with you, it's obvious.

She was the one who was here, she had access.

I'm sorry, I really don't know why this is happening but I'm gonna find out.

No, we'll find out.


I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

Ctures can't hurt us, right?

Pictures can't hurt us.

That's yesterday.

Who are you?!!

Hey Teri, come on.

Time for school.


Hey, George!

What gives?

I'm sorry, can I help you?

I thought you were George, our regular mail man.

Oh, no, I'm filling in for him this week.

I'm Harold.

What happened to George?

Uh, some sort of family thing I heard.


I don't know much about it.

Hey Teri, wait in the car.

I'll be right there.

Cute kid.

Yeah, yeah she is.



Harold Martin.

You can call me Harold, that's what I'm telling all the folks up and down the block.

You got a real friendly neighborhood here, Mr. Miller.

It makes me happy that I transferred.

Dad, let's go!

Oh, listen to me, I'm standing here babbling and you're in a hurry to get some place.

I'll leave you to it.

Thanks, Harold.

Oh, by the way, George usually leaves the mail in the uh... mailbox.

Yeah, that was my intention too, but you've got no room in there.

You've got a package or something.

It was there when I arrived.

It's really nice to meet you, Mr. Miller.

Teri! Put on your seatbelt!

What's wrong?

Nothing, just do what I told you!

We're not that late.

911, what's your emergency?

I'm just saying that I think Sarah's been a little out of sorts the last few days.


Julie, do you have any messages for me?

Yes. Your husband has been calling.

He sounds really upset.

He said that you're not answering your cell?

Yeah, I lost it.

Can you get me a new one, please?

Ok, yep.

He wants you to call him back right away.

And Mr. Solomon stopped by, he wants to see you and Jackson at 10:30 this morning to discuss the Stoker account.

I've been recruited too, it's mandatory.

He's expecting results, it's getting down to the wire.

So, how's it going?

It's going.

And so am I.

Work to do.

Talk soon.

Talk soon.


Mrs. Miller, you have a call on line one.

Is it my husband again?

Lieutenant James Stern of the 28th division police department.


Good morning, Mrs. Miller.

My name is Lieutenant James Stern.

I was wondering if I may ask you some questions.


The photographs, text messages, notes you've been receiving the last few days.

I received a call this morning about your case.

Um, well I really appreciate your concern Lieutenant, but I'm sure it's just someone playing a game with me.

I wouldn't take things like this so lightly, Mrs. Miller.

There are a lot of sick individuals out there.

Well, we'll be alright.

You see, I lost my cell phone, that's why my husband couldn't reach me.

He really shouldn't have bothered you but with the kid, you know, he's a little overprotective.

It wasn't your husband who called.

Um... it wasn't?

Who was it that contacted your precinct?

An anonymous caller.

A concerned friend I believe they said.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Don't worry, Mrs. Miller.

We'll be keeping an eye on you.

No, no, no.

That's really not necessary.

It's part of the job.

Good bye.

Sarah Miller's desk.

Oh, hi Mr. Miller.

Mrs. Miller, I have...

Can she call you back?

Look, I gotta go.

Ok. Talk to you later.

What's up?

Who you talking to?

Oh, that was Andrew in accounting to send over some numbers for the Stoker account.

You wanna take a look?

What if for some reason I wasn't able to finish the Stoker job?

Who do you think Solomon would put on the account?

It's you, isn't it?

Um, I don't know.

I don't know, I've never really thought about it.

Of course you haven't.

Ok, cut the crap Jackson.

We both know you're scared to death of losing your job and I'm secure because I'm on the Stoker account.

What are you trying to say, Sarah?

You've been getting pretty friendly with Julie.

Hanging around her desk, looking over her shoulder at my schedule and cell phone numbers.

What? No. No.

I mean, yes, I mean Julie, she's a smoke show.

Oh my god. You know what?

Do not change the subject.

You're the one who's been taking pictures of me, admit it.

Um, you're barking up the wrong tree here, Sarah, ok?

Yeah? Really?

Is that why you contacted Lieutenant Stern?


I didn't even tell you about the notes.

How did you know about them?

I don't. I didn't.

I mean, until just now.

Wait, somebody's stalking you?

Oh, ok, now you're going to play innocent?

Right. Ok.

He said someone contacted him and it was a concerned friend.

You and my husband and Julie are the only ones who even know about this, Jackson.

Ok, look.

Um, I didn't call anybody about this problem of yours.

I didn't even know you had a problem until just now.

Secondly, I don't know Lieutenant Stern, let alone have had conversations with him, and third, I don't know anything about any notes, ok?

Until you just told me just now.

Don't try and tell me...

The truth?

The truth.

You want me to lie?

You want me to tell you lies?

Well if it wasn't you and Kurt...


Ah, Julie.

You know what though?

If she did it I'm sure she was just looking out for your safety.

I mean, Julie is loyal.

Yeah, you'd like to think.

Um... so I'm off the...

I'm not the suspect anymore?


Sarah, look.

We've got to talk about something.

You really just kinda need to relax, let these walls come down and trust people.

Maybe your life would get a bit happier.

Oh, and don't miss our 10:30 with Solomon, we can't have this campaign explode in our faces.

We can't have this campaign explode in our faces.

Sarah Miller's desk...

Julie, it's Kurt again.

Where the hell is my wife?

I really don't know.

She just ran off but I'm sure she's ok.

Do you want me to go look for her?

Just... hold on a second.

It's mail. Nothing.

Hello again, Mr. Miller.

You called this in?


I don't know if you're aware of this but it's a federal crime to report a fake bomb.

What was in the box?

Your mail.

No ticking packages.

It was there this morning.

Did anyone else see the package?

The mailman saw it, that's why he couldn't put my mail in the box.

Look, my wife and I are not making this up.

Louise, did you see anybody tampering in there?

Maybe somebody took it away when I left.

No, it was just the mailman.

Ok, let's wrap it up!

Hey, Kurt?


Are you still there?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry, Julie.

Just let me know as soon as my wife gets back.

Yeah, of course.

I will do.

And don't worry, everything is gonna be fine.

If you need anything at all just let me know, ok?

Thanks, Julie.


Who was that, Julie?

Oh good, Mrs. Miller, you're here.

Who was on the phone?

That was your husband.

You need to call him back right now.

You've been getting pretty friendly with Kurt, haven't you?

Yeah, I guess.

I'm just trying to be...


Yes, Mrs. Miller.


I don't know what I'd do without you.

I mean, you practically know what I'm gonna do before I even do it.

You have access to my emails, my phone numbers, my whole life.

If I've overstepped my boundaries, I...

I'd say calling the police is a little bit of an overstep, Julie.

I didn't call the police, they called you.

Yeah, and who told them to call me?

I don't know, probably your husband because of the bomb scare.


At your house.

What are you talking about?

Is everybody ok?

Yes, everyone is fine, and from what I gathered it was a false alarm, but Mr. Miller sounded really, really shaken up.

You need to call him back.

Yeah, yeah.

Get Kurt on the line.


Wait, Julie, get Lieutenant Stern on the line first.




I gotta see him in person, it's the 28th division, right?

Yeah, I believe so.

Ok, that's downtown.

Wait, what about your meeting with Solomon?

Cover it for me.

I'll call Kurt from the road.

How are you going to call Kurt without a cell phone?

I haven't had a chance to go buy you a new one.

Well, give me yours.


Yeah, Julie, you're my assistant.


What's the matter?

Is there something you don't want me to see?


Thank you.

Where's she going in such a hurry?


With my phone.

It was there, I saw it, our family is in danger, Sarah!

Yeah, okay.

We can't do nothing about this anymore!

I know.

I'm freaking out, okay.


Get back here soon!

Well, ok.


Thank god nobody was hurt!

As long as everyone's safe.

Define safe.

Teri is safe, you're ok.

I'm fine and Teri doesn't even know.

Ok, um... well, I'm going to be home early, I just have to check on something.

Be careful! Extra careful!!

I love you.

I love you too.


I mean it, I love you!

Ok, bye.


Hi. I need to speak with Lieutenant Stern.

Are you Lieutenant Stern?

No, Captain Tanner.

And you are?

I'm Sarah Miller.

Lieutenant Stern knows who I am.

It's very important I speak with him.

I'm afraid that's impossible.

Officer Stern died five years ago.


It's him.

Excuse me?

What did you say?

Excuse me?

It's nothing.

Um, nothing, sorry.

Would you care to step into my office to discuss?

No, thank you.

I must have made a mistake with the name.

I'm sorry to have bothered you.

Look who's home early.

Look what I drew at school today.

There's me, daddy, and there's you.

Oh, that's beautiful.

Thank you, honey.

This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day.

We'll have to get it framed.

Ok, well, to celebrate this beautiful picture you drew me, who wants to go get ice cream?



Go grab your jacket upstairs, ok?


What's wrong?

A lot of things.

But first thing's first.

You said it was just you and George who saw the package in the mail box?

No, it was some new guy.

Harold. Harold Martin.

What happened to George?

I don't know, family emergency.

All ready?


Ok. Let's go.

Let's go, come on.

You could describe him, right?

The new postman.

Yes, but he said he didn't deliver the package.

It was already there when he arrived.

Well maybe he can tell us a little more.

Right over here.

Um, I'm going to need to talk to your manager.

I'm the manager, how can I help you?

We have a question for one of your mail carriers.

Harold Martin?

He said he was replacing our original mail man.

George Reiner?

About five foot nine, glasses, talked a lot.

It's not ringing any bells.

You say he's replacing George Reiner?


George Reiner is on vacation but his replacement is Nancy Johnson.

Are you sure?

Well then who the hell is Harold Martin and why did he have access to our mail?

I have no idea, but he doesn't work for us.

If you want to file a formal complaint...

No, that won't be necessary.

Thank you.

He's toying with us.


Where's Teri?


There, there!

Come on, come on!!!!

That's him!

That's the post man from this morning.

KPJ I271.


KPJ I271.

Oh my god, please never wander off like that again, ok?

You scared us half to death.

But I just wanted to pick out what kind of ice cream I wanted to have.

Uh, three large cones please.

Sure. What flavor you folks like?

Take Teri to Louise's now!

What is it?

Just go.

Come on, let's go visit Aunt Louise right now.

Pictures can't hurt you, but people can.



Hey, it's me. It's Julie.

Where did you disappear to?

I did my best to cover but Mr. Solomon is really upset that you missed the meeting.

There's talk of firing you.

Who's saying that?

Mr. Solomon.

Well, you know what?

Let him say it.

I can't worry about that right now.

Who else knows I have your cell, Julie?

Besides me?

Yes, besides you.

I may have mentioned it in passing to Jackson.

Anyone else?

Like who?

Like the person trying to destroy my life.

Ok, now you're starting to scare me, Mrs. Miller.

Yeah, you and me both.


Sarah Miller.

Who is this?

It's Lieutenant Stern calling again.

Lieutenant Stern is dead.

Oh, I mean it's Harold Martin from the post office.

I was just calling to see if you received my package.

There is no Harold Martin who works at the post office.

Who the hell is this?

Well now that's the million dollar question, isn't it, Sarah?

What do you want from me?

Maybe I don't want anything.

Maybe someone else wants a job done and I'm just the guy they hired to do it.

Situations like this, they do arise from time to time.

Who hired you?

Now, now.

Wouldn't be much of a game if I told you all the answers.

That's a real nice family you've got there, Sarah.

You think you can hold on to them?

I personally know some families who weren't so lucky.

Is that another threat?

Things happen for a reason, Sarah.

It might not be obvious at first, but everything has a cause and effect.

A beginning and an end.

A sender and a receiver.

It just takes a while to figure it all out.

And the clock is ticking, Sarah.

Or wasn't my package clear enough?

That's the thing about your package.

I didn't receive it.

Because you took it away before the police arrived.

Well, it wasn't meant for them.

You have to open it, Sarah.

Ok, well tell me where you are and I'll be right over.

No need, look under the bed.

Don't worry, it's not the kind of gift that goes "boom".

That's not my style.

Open it.

Look inside.

There's a special little something in there just for you.

Do you want money or something?

Is that what this is about?

Because I'm pretty sure I just lost my job.


It's not about money, Sarah.

It's about family.

Family is everything.

Can you protect those nearest and dearest to your heart?

Because you never know when it could all just slip away.

Tick tock, Sarah.

Tick tock.

I'll see you soon.


When and where are you gonna see me?

'Cause I'm ready, you bastard.

I'll chime back in around nine tonight.

If you're at home.




Where did that come from?

He's been in our house.

He's been in our house again.

We have to go.

We have to pack and we have to get Teri and we have to get out of here.



Thanks again, Louise.

Oh, it's no problem at all.

I just hope everything's ok.

I mean, you're welcome to stay.

You guys are like family to me.

They are not your family, Louise.

I am well aware of that, Sarah.

I just thought that after the bomb scare today...

How do you know about that?

Everybody knows about it.

They closed down the whole block.

Louise was there when they...

Found nothing?

Oh, that's convenient.

Are you implying...

No, no, no.

Absolutely not.

Thanks again, Louise.

We're gonna get away for a little while, but you've been a great friend.

Look, you take care of yourself and Teri.

If you need anything, you call me.

I will.

Thank you.

Hey, it's me.

I've just discovered that my office has been bugged.

The boys in blue are watching me now so all assignments are on permanent hold.

It isn't safe anymore.

You're on your own.

Room 129 around back.

Just follow me, ok?

Make sure to wash behind your ears.


What is this?

Who are all these people?

They look like dead people to me.

I think the message is petty obvious, don't you?

Well, this definitely looks like a threat now.

Something we can go to the police with.

That's not the only threat I received today, Kurt.

I was able to take a screen grab of the photo this time.

Silence is golden.

Look at the picture that came with it.


We can't go to the police.

I can't chance it, not with you and Teri.

Who is this guy?

I don't know, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

Who's behind him pulling the strings?

Oh, great.

It's Victoria.

Answer it.

What is it, Vicki?

We need to talk.

It's not a good time.

Where are you?

I'm out.

Out where?

It doesn't matter where, I'm out.

Is my daughter with you?

Teri is fine, she's with me, yes.

Well, is she ok?

Yes, she's fine.

Well, I want to see her.

Well, you can't.

If I can't see her I'm calling child services.

Go ahead. Do it.

I don't care.

What'd she say?

Same thing she tells me all the time.

That she's going to take Teri away from me.

She's going to ruin my life.

She's got to wait in line, now.

If she's behind this I bet she's jumping for joy.

Do you really think she's in on this?

She has a good enough motive.

She wants Teri.

Of course, Louise wants Teri and you all to herself.

I just have to worry about Jackson, who wants my job.

Well, probably has it by now.

And Julie...

What about Julie?

That's her cell phone.

The threat came to me on that phone.

No one knew I borrowed it except for her.

Wait, give me your cell phone.

What're you looking for?

To see if you've been tapped.

Once they get into someone's system they can triangulate where you are, access your address books, your contacts, everything.

It's scary how easy it is.

They can get to anyone calling you, anyone you call.

This is like a nightmare.

Yeah, except that it's real.

Just to be safe.


Betty and Cheryl are hungry.

Me too.

You want to find out what Teri wants to eat and I'll call take out?


Hello, Harrison Car Rentals, how can I help you?

Oh, great.

You're still open.

Well, yeah.

We shouldn't be, though.

The owner's making me re-file everything.

It totally sucks.

I'm sorry to hear that.

This is a little bit awkward.

I had a bit of a fender bender with one of your rental cars today.

Oh great, more paperwork.

Well, maybe I can help out with that.

The man that I hit was very nice about it and we're fixing the damages ourselves so that you won't be burdened by more paperwork.

I just...

I misplaced the address that he gave me and I don't know where to send the cheque.

Would you be a dear and look it up for me?

I'm sure you have his license on file, right?

I have the license plate number.

Are you ready?

It's KPJI271.

I think it was a gold Hyundai.

Well, I'm really not supposed to do this but it makes my life easier, so just give me a second.

Thank you.

And in other news, police located international assassin Mathieu Diamond, possibly finally solving a string of unsolved homicides including the two year old murder case of Jennifer Serols.

It's registered to a Vincent Sturup at 23330 McIntosh Plaza.


Thank you so much.

Ok, bye.

Under surveillance the last two weeks.

When police tried to bring him in he shot at the officers who returned fire.

Mr. Diamond was killed during the gun play.

Mr. Mathieu Diamond was...

She says she wants burgers.

Was in actuality a contact person for an organization of hired assassins resulting in the deaths of at least two dozen people over the last few years.

You idiots.

Now they're gonna run.

This ends tonight.

Do you think that our guy is involved in this?

Is this what we're mixed up in?

It's ok, Kurt.

No, no, no.

It is definitely not ok.

If this guy is a trained assassin, a trained killer it is not ok.

The police are on the case now.

So it's going to be ok.


We're fine here, we just have to relax.

We're safe.




Hey, hey.


We've gotta eat, right?


I think I saw a burger place on the way here.

You stay with Teri, I'll run and grab something really quick, ok?

I'll be right back.

But you saw the report, it's too dangerous.

Ok, well I have this, remember?

Make you feel better?

And that guy, whoever it is, he's on the run right now.

No hamburger ever killed anyone.

At least not when eaten in moderation.

Aw, come here.

That was supposed to make you laugh.

We're ok.

It's about family.

Family is everything.

I'll chime back in around 9:00 tonight if you're at home.

Oh, I'll be there.

Mrs. Miller?


I needed to speak with you about something.

You're three minutes early.

You were expecting me?

I was expecting someone.

I was really concerned after I spoke with you today.

Well, you should have called me.

You of all people know how to reach me.

Yeah, but it's not the kind of thing you tell someone over the phone.

Or with a gun pointed at them.

I'll decide that.


You were fired today.

Me too.

They let you go?

Well yeah, there's no point in having an assistant if there's no one there to assist.

How did you get in here, and when?

The door was wide open just a minute ago.

I knocked but no one answered.

I was really worried, Mrs. Miller.

That's it?

And I kinda needed my phone back.

Ok, I believe you.

What's with the gun?

When you show up to your house and find someone uninvited walking around you take certain precautions.

No, but there's something else going on.

The way you've been acting this week.

It's nine o'clock.


Pictures can't hurt us, right?

Pictures can't hurt us.

I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

Pictures can't hurt us, right?

Pictures can't hurt us.

I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

Pictures can't hurt us, right?

Pictures can't hurt us.

I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

Pictures can't hurt us, right?

Pictures can't hurt us.

I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

Pictures can't hurt us, right?

Mrs. Miller, what is going on?!

You drove here, right?

Yeah, I just parked across the street.

I have one last favor to ask you.

I need to borrow your car.

Good evening.

What the hell?

You son of a bitch.

That's how you could get to all my phones.

It's in Kurt's cell, I knew it.

Oh my...

Oh my...

Oh my...

Stupid cops.


Kurt, it's me.

Thank god.

Sarah, where are you?

I was going to call the police.

No, don't call the police.

The guy who's after us used to be a cop.


I'm at his place right now, he might still have friends in the force.

We can't trust the police.

But I might have found proof that can take this guy down and put us in the clear.

I have to run back to the house for a minute.

I need you to stay with Teri and I will be there very soon.

You can't go back to the house, it isn't safe.

I'm going to be fine.

Everything is going to be fine now, trust me.

I love you, Kurt.


Louise? It's Kurt.

I need another favor.

I need another favor.



Hello, Mr. Miller.

Remember me?

It looks like we're out of time.

When did you get here?

I had to stop off and get gas.

So here we are.

Where's Teri?

She's safe.

A friend is watching her.

Safe. For how long?

What's in the bag, Sarah?

You know who I am?

Well, I know who you are, too, Mr. Sturup.

That surveillance system, pretty good set-up.

State of the art.

Open the bag.

Ah, my past life.

It feels good to come clean.

You should try it.

Why are you doing this to us?

Did Victoria hire you?

The ex-wife?

No, Mr. Miller.

She doesn't have anything to do with it.

Where's Julie?

What did you do with her?



Oh, thank god!

There you are!

Jennifer Serols.

Your daughter, I know.

You killed her like you killed all the others you monster!

Get off my wife!

Wait, let me explain.

Let me explain.

You don't know...

You did it, you stopped him!

Yes, with your help.

There's another gun over there under the couch.

Go, I'll watch him.


Oh my god!


What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I think now we call the cops!

Not quite yet.

Watch out!




Well, this was going to happen inevitably.

However unfortunate the covers are always discovered.

I told you to stay away, honey.

I don't understand.

Your wife is a killer.

She murdered my daughter.

That was your fault, not mine.

You were getting too close with your investigation.

Why her?

Why not me?

Because killing a cop makes matters worse.

Killing his daughter makes it personal, therefore removing you from the case.

It's police procedure, Vincent, you know that!


Sit down!

Sit down!

You killed everyone in those photographs?

They were assignments.

It wasn't personal.

I'm a pro.

Your job in the city, our family.

That was my cover.

One's got to keep a low profile in this business.

Who's going to suspect a married woman with a child?

You certainly didn't.

Put that on.

Who are you?

Ah, ah, ah Mr. Officer.

How did you find me?

Mathieu, I imagine.

You're right.

After Jenny's death they took me off the case.

I quit the force.

I've been looking for you ever since.

You okay?

Hey! Don't move!


You know, Mathieu called me a few days ago.

Hired me to take you out.

Of course I know.

I ordered the hit.

On yourself?

After I tapped his phones I knew he'd reach out to his number one employee.

That's how I located this house.

I just didn't know which one of you was the killer.

You triangulated my location using my private cell?

That's smart.

You didn't come for me.

Well, you kept me pretty busy the last few days, didn't you, honey?

Wait, what private cell?

There was a reason I didn't want your little brat in my closet.

What is that?

What I was coming to get when I found Julie snooping around here tonight.

Yeah, it's her private line to Mathieu Diamond.

No, it's a secure line to me.

Calls come in, they don't go out.

It's a safety precaution Mathieu made in case I was tracked down and it couldn't get back to him.

But then I saw the news tonight, apparently your boys found another way.

Hey, it's me.

I've just discovered that my office has been bugged.

The boys in blue are watching me now so all assignments are on permanent hold.

It's not safe anymore.

You're on your own.

That I am.

Nice working with you, Mathieu.

What are you planning to do?

Time to move on.

Cover's been blown, police are moving in, escape plan is now in effect.

I was planning to not survive the night.

Now I'm afraid neither of us can.

I mentioned I had to stop off for gas.

I imagine tomorrow's headline will read something like

"poor, aspiring novelist Kurt Miller and his wife Sarah" were found murdered in their suburban home late last night, victims of ex-police officer Vincent Sturup who, in a psychotic fit of rage, decided to take the law into his own hands.

Then, in an attempt to conceal his actions, "he started a fire that consumed himself as well."

I think it's brilliant.

I mean, really, it's pretty close to the truth.

Except Sarah Miller the deceased will be played by the newcomer, Julie Kriegel.


By the time they discover they're your burned remains, I'll be far away from here, a new car, a new life, a new identity.

Nice try, honey.

I understand, I know you're upset ok?

I promise to kill you last, alright?


Time to finish this.

Honey, what're you doing?

You're not going to kill me.

Kurt, you love me, right?


Past tense.

You know it's not so easy to murder someone.

It takes a certain type of person to be a killer.

And you, sweetie, you aren't that person.

Like I said, Mrs. Miller.

You're fired.

I feel like I should thank you and apologize.

I don't really want to do either.

I feel the same way, so why don't we just leave it at that?

Take care of that little girl.

How are you?

I'll be fine.

I don't know what to say.

You saved my life.

You saved mine, first.

I guess that makes us even.

Although I am still out of a job.

Well, all of this does give me an idea for a new novel, and I could use an assistant.


Someone with intimate knowledge of the material.

How's your health plan?

It's improving by the minute.


Come here, come here, come here, come here!!!!

Oh, ho, ho...

My one and only love.

Hi, baby.