We All Loved Each Other So Much (1974) Script

Via Campo Verdi, this is the number. This must be the place.

According to you, he lives here? How can that be?

That's what's written on his license.

Via Campo Verdi, this is the number; it matches.

According to you, he lives here.

That's what's written on his license. He's probably the guard, gardener, chauffeur; I don't know.

But..., it's Gianni.

Attention: Gianni will finish his dive at the end of this story that had its beginning thirty years ago.

"We marched with our souls and our might in the northern shadows but the battle for our liberty..."

Italy was liberated; the war ended; the postwar period exploded into being.

Peace divided us.

In forty-six, Gianni, Antonio, and I, each in his own city, participated in the heated days of the referendum: Monarchy or Republic?

Nicola went to Nocera lnferiore where he married and taught at the local high school: "Giambattista Vico."

I went to Pavia where I finally obtained my law degree;

And Antonio went to Rome where he was reinstated in the job he had before the war.

An orderly at Saint Camillo's Hospital.

Oh, for the story, I must remind you that in 1947, De Gasperi, having received from the United States a loan of $100,000,000, casually kicked the communists and socialists out of the government.

Following this, the Christian Democrat orderlies, protected by the nuns, were promoted to nurses while I, since I had different political beliefs, remained a simple auxiliary.

Here I am. Does this seem right to you? I don't know; I'm just asking.

But it was a marvelous year because I made the greatest encounter of my life.

Frankly, we always tried flirting with the cute patients, but that time...

I was struck by that delicate, angelic face and... and... and I immediately asked, "Miss, is it the intestines or the heart?

I don't know.

What? Oh... I got dizzy and fainted right there.

It sounds like vitamin deficiency: First worms, then you're prone to fainting or extreme hunger. Pasta.

What are you doing? Diagnosing her?!

I want pasta too.

No, you've got hepatitis.

Mind your own business.

You have to stay on a light diet...

I want pasta: Cannolicchi.

Right..., she wants Cannolicchi. What are we going to do sister? One, she's only got one tooth.

Hi Michael.


Michael has osteo-rhuematitis. This guy has lethargic encephalitis, a sickness with a short duration.

Heavens, you're good. You sound like a doctor.

Yeah... right.

Ciao cotiche Oh! And you, where are you from?

From Trasaghis.

Nice place, where is it?

Trasaghis? It's close to Peonis.


Udine. You don't hear my Frulian accent because I studied diction in school.

I had difficulty with double letters: "Donna," "mamma"...

They should send people from Rome to the school. They say "bore," "war."

I went in orderto be an actress.

An actress?

Oh... and who is she?

She's a friend of mine.

Sleep Torquato, sleep. His lethargic encephalitis causes strong intellectual degradation.

Yeah right, you leave us alone and I'll show you the... the degradation.

Have you acted in public?

In Udine I worked with the Modern Dramatic Society where I played Kathy in Our Town.


Then we had to stop everything because the Germans came and...

Ah look, if we start talking about Germans... when I was in the mountains with Gianni and Nicola... Do you go to the theater often?

Often..., actually never.

Oh look, I would rather go to the theater than eat.

Eh, that way you faint and they bring you to the hospital. Come on, get in.


But I don't pay. I go with the claque.

With who?

Let's go.

What's that?

There are ten.

Ten? I thought there were more.

Husband, father, lover.

Ted, Charles, Yves on tiptoes, the baby is sleeping.

My wife is nervous today, strange. I must make absolutely sure that she doesn't excite herself.

He's sleeping, hush.

Our baby. What did she mean by that?

Are they doing all ten tonight?

It's beautiful.

This O'Neil...

That's probably so Peppino, but I...

...of the interior monologue of Joyce's Ulysses.

I'm really sleepy.

When at the particular scene... I'm not sure but I have a feeling that you didn't like the play.

No, it was nice.

I've seen it two times. I really think I'll make it three.

Ah, the script is incredible and the actors are sensational. Don't you think so?

But why do they freeze like that? Halt!


Don't move and I'll explain it to you.


No, don't move.


I'm hungry and I'd like to offer a pizza to Antonio, who is the first likeable Roman that I've met.

Thanks, but I'll treat.

No, you shouldn't hear me. These are only thoughts.

What are you doing there?

May I?

When someone is thinking no one else can hear, like the actors in the comedy, don't you understand?

But why couldn't they hear?

We could and we were in one of the last rows.

They could hear but they pretended not to. It's convention.

I don't think I understand.

But why not? It's so easy.

Well, it's not that easy. You try; express a thought.

Okay, But what should I say?

...that I'm not supposed to hear, a secret thought.

Ah, a secret thought. Well..., I have a thought like that.

Okay, let's hear it.

Can you hear me?


I'm in love with this girl named Luciana.

I came to Rome in 1948 for the national election.

A cousin, the socialist assessor in Pavia, had written me a letter of recommendation to a famous lawyer who was running for the Parliament.

I was hired but my remuneration was so symbolic that I couldn't afford to eat in a restaurant, even the cheapest, without first making an accurate estimate of the cost.



Gianni Perego. What are you doing in Rome? I'm so happy.


Yeah, sure you did.

This is Luciana Zanon. This is Gianni Perego.

It's a pleasure.

The pleasure's mine.

It's a pleasure for both of you. Do you like her Gianni?

Yes, she's very cute.

Pasta and Garbanzo beans? King, a half-portion... abundant!

Never a full portion, eh.

Here we are.

How are you?

Hi Antonio.

Right, I wish. Right now I'm only the eighth assistant of an attorney. Once the other seven die...

It's clone then. He's a card. Didn't I tell you?

Why, what did you tell her?

He talks a lot about you and Nicola, but more about you.

Ah, did I ever tell you about the time that some Germans with machine guns blocked us?

I thought, "It's all over." Well, he talked to them for more than an hour in German.

At the end they let us go. If you could only hear how well he speaks. Say something Gianni.

You really want me to talk in German? Are you ashamed? Come on.

Okay, I don't know. Be still please, I've had enough. Satisfied?

Yeah. What did you say?

I said, "Cut it out!"

It's due to him that we're here and laughing.

Because as you can see, Luciana...

Pax et bonum.

Peace and good will.

Peace and good will but this time you're not going to win.

Why, who is he?

A friar.

I know that, but what is he doing?

Ah he does the game of "Three Saints."

Here... I want to bet 10 liras. St. John wins.

I'll play too, half and half, but I don't understand the game

Where is St. John now?

Well that seems evident.

He's here, he's there.

This time you've really screwed up.

No, that's wrong.

St. Francis.

St. John doesn't delude or deceive you.

Oh well, that's the way it goes.

See you tomorrow.

You're wasting your time.

Peace and good will.

I was telling you about that time when Gianni saved us from the Germans...

Ah... Don't believe a word.

No. Look Luciana. When you've risked your life with someone you remain attached to that person, as if time never passed and that person still would save it for you, Because the danger has remained imminent. Well...

I really messed that up, but I think that you both understand what I mean.

I was just saying that, well, that it will be the people like the Gianni Perego's who will change this society and make it better.

Yeah right.

This is a great day! Drink up Gianni! Drink up Luciana! Drink up everybody!

I really like you Gianni.

I've only known you a few minutes and I've already fallen in love with you.

It's like the theater in some romantic play.

Can something like this happen in real life?

It can happen Luciana, seeing that the same thing is happening to me.

But it shouldn't because Antonio is my best friend.

Will friendship win or love?

Will we choose to be honest or happy?

Drink up everybody! King of the Half-Portion, offer some wine.

Offer?! What is this, my birthday?

I don't drink. You know that Antonio.

Drink anyway. It's a toast to friendship, to a new world!

Tomorrow vote for who you want, but vote for the "Popular Democratic Front."

Just a little propaganda, right, because everyone is free to vote according to his conscience.

But tomorrow vote for Garibaldi; let's all vote for the Popular Democratic Front.

Not drinking Doctor?

To be honest, I'm a "Liberal."

Who cares. Drink up anyway and let the half-portions become full for everyone. Hurray!

To happiness!

I told him. He said he would be right down.

Who's looking for me?

He's coming.

I'll come with you.

No, no, no, no, I'll talk to him.

Who is it?

Oh hi Gianni.

I was going to call you. Nice weather, huh?

Spring isn't very promising, is it?

They got forty-eight percent of the votes, those sons of...

Come in. We'll sit here where we have more privacy.

They got 306 seats. Who would have imagined that?

I have to tell you something.

What's there to say? We've underestimated all kinds of things.

Sit down Gianni.

American money, the fear of Stalin, the priests. The nuns...

Listen to me. Luciana and I like each other. ...the crying Virgins...

Got it?

This is what I wanted to tell you.

We like each other... in what sense?

Well... we're in love.

Oh, what's wrong? Antonio.

My heart.

Holy Cow! Give me some oxygen. Give me oxygen. - This?

Put, put the pressure gauge on 3.

That's too much. You put it on 10. You'll make me fly. What are you trying to do? Lower it.


Good, like that. Don't touch anything else.

Like that? Yes, it's fine. Close it.

There you go.

What are you doing?

Is that better?

Yeah, I'm better now. So...

This is the last thing I would have wanted to do to you. You understand, don't you?

You... lose her but I... I lose a friend.

You lose only one thing. I lose two.


Luciana baby, you were here too?

Be quiet; lay down there.

What did you do to him?

Me? Nothing.

The day I met you in the ward I immediately thought how much I would have liked to introduce you to my friend Gianni to know what he thought about you.

Well, now I know.

But, why are you laughing?

Who, me?

Why not? Who wants to laugh?

Maybe it is better this way. Little Luc? You'll be happier with Gianni. He's got a future.

I... l..., if I had a daughter I would give her to Gianni, not to me.

Really? You would be wrong; you are better than me.

Instead, I would give her to you. You are better than me.


But, what are you saying? You sound like two idiots. You are better. No, you are better.

The fault is all mine. Don't blame yourself.

However, I want you to remain friends.

Isn't this possible?

Antonio, I love you.

I love you more than Gianni.

Well, it happens!

But you see, with him it's different. I should have told you right away.

Well, I wish you had.

It's my fault. I'm sorry.

Aren't you going to say anything? Gianni, aren't you going to say anything?

Aren't you going to say anything, Antonio?

What should I say? I'm happy for you. Just go away.

Come, come here Luciana.

No hard feelings. Bye, Gianni. Bye, Luciana. Bye, Antonio.

Bye. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Bye, Antonio.


I'm sorry.

He's sorry. She's sorry.

And, me, here I am.

But they felt sorry.

Felt sorry... or feel sorry?

Fallen sorry.

Gianni would know. Gianni knows everything. He's different.


Antonio! Ah! Antonio! Stop it! Stop it! Gianni!

Have you gone crazy? What's wrong?

No, no! Antonio! Ah, Gianni!


What happened? Oh... 0h...!


I'm ashamed of you.

I thought you were good and generous.

Well, we are fed up with being good and generous!

The truth is that you are viciously full of malice. Come on, let's go!

You are better than me only because those like you have been exploiting us to the bone for centuries.


Nice stuff that you are teaching to your son. You are not even ashamed.

If it was for me, I would have taken you...

It was the golden age of Italian cinema when films were the only innovative cultural force thanks to Rossellini, Zavattini, Amidei, De Sica.

Even the symposium in Nocera lnferiore knew its season of fire with projections and debates.

The last one in which I participated was by far the most memorable one.

Today I can well say that it was The Bicycle Thief that determined the course of the rest of my life.


Gentlemen, please don't leave! The debate will now begin.

Professor Caprina.

Films of this type offend taste, poetry, beauty.

Such garbage, such crap slanders us throughout the world.

Reviewing these films a young Catholic, of promising future, protege of De Gasperi, ably remarked, "Dirty laundry should be washed at home."

That's right! Well said! Well said!

Professor Palumbo.

Mr. Superintendent, the film we saw tonight was... stupendous!


Through this crap and this garbage, yes, Sir, we recognize the true enemies of the proletariat:

Namely, the false defenders of grace, of poetry, of beauty, and of all the other hypocritical values of your bourgeois culture.

Professor Palumbo also preaches these same sermons of anarchy to the students of my school. Nicola!

Students you would rather stifle in the brine of Bourbonic ignorance.

Nico', all for a film? Nicola!

A petition for your dismissal has already been mailed to the superintendent of Salerno.

Order! Order! Professor Caprina, let us stick to the film please.

Let's hear the pharmacist.

Well said! Professor Palumbo is fomenting class warfare.

That's the word: Fomenting!

And above all he offends the moral traditions of Lower Nocera.

Nocera became "Lower" the day it gave birth to such ignorant and reactionary individuals as you three.

Quiet please! Nicola! Nicola!

Enough! The cup is filled.

We haven't even talked about the film.

Palumbo! You are suspended from teaching No! Mr. Superintendent, no!

You want to humiliate yourself before these people?

Nico', what a crappy symposium!

You must apologize to him!


You must apologize!

No! Never!

Sure, this way you save your pride in front of others.

But what about your wife? And your son? How'll we survive?

Who will take care of all three of us?

My father, naturally! I don't mind Nico, but don't you?

No, mom's here! You must choose. Nico, ideals or your family!

But, Why?

Because, that's how the world is.

And, if it's like that, it should be changed, shouldn't it? Or is it alright the way it is?

Is it okay this way? Do you like it this way? It's okay with you, isn't it? Really?

Times were hard and we were poor but happy as rich people say.

We had many plans:

Get married, buy a Lambretta, have children But not necessarily in that order.

Stagnant water into which you sink little by little, day by day.

That is the country Antonio!

In Nocera the Italic chill of cultural death has petrified everything and so I left everything and everyone.

Even your wife and son?


But what did you bring with you, rocks?

Books, books!

But, weren't Gabriella and you in love?

Yes, but that's not enough.

You are right! I loved a woman too, but we broke up.

Nicola, you will never guess who took her away from me.


Far away from that puddle of stagnant water!

It is here in this stimulating city atmosphere that the cultural impetus finds its wider and more congenial destiny.

Hail, oh goddess Rome! He who disregards you is wise.

I beg you humbly to pardon me.

Pardon me too.

Cantankerous city, but because it's aware of it's role...

No, the fact is that we are really ignorant. Not that you outsiders are any better.

When we bark, you bite.

Take Gianni for instance. What? Is that the way to do things?

Shouldn't friendship be above everything else?

Nothing is above anything else! What's more, I'm against friendship.

It's a conspiracy among few. It's an anti-social complicity.

Well, put like that, I could almost agree with you.

No, you cannot agree with me. It's not enough to be proletarian.

The intellectual is ahead. He's higher. He's lower. He's unreachable. He is above everything.

Hey, Mr. Above Everything! What did you come to Rome for, to pick fights?

Pity the man... Hey, the suitcase!

It's over there.

Pity the man who agrees with me, do you understand?

But who agrees with you? Pity the fool, I say!

Rome! I think the big city is driving you... Wait, you can't do it by yourself.

Look at that car! 6000 CCs with two carburetors.

This car goes 160 and we only go twenty... downhill!



They just had a baby boy!

Save your emotions! He's a future fat cat!

I am the baby boy!

Every year on my birthday I put up a blue ribbon on the highest point of the gate.

It's a custom that helps keep me alive and vigorous, that's all!

Now, tell me! You are, let's say, the first flunky of the Right Honorable La Rosa!

I am Gianni Perego, Attorney.

Well, right on my birthday you come to stab me in the back!

The great defender at the Supreme Court was elected Congressman and, to avoid criticism, he dumped me with the weak excuse that I've committed the following crimes:

...corruption of public officials, various frauds, building without a permit, taking advantage of other's incredulity, forged city permits, speculation, fraudulent bankruptcy...

...seven charges of embezzlement and... What else? Eleven government kickbacks...

also, five counts of perjury...

...removal of fifteen public danger signs, and two workers killed on your construction sites for wanton lack of safety!


Right! It may seem incredible to someone like you, that someone would refuse to defend you; that some poor lawyer would refuse your wages.

Well, there is one!

And now, what are you doing? Are you leaving? Hey, Perego, are you democratic?

Hey, I'm saying, are you democratic? Are you Democratic?

So... son, let me talk!

My young attorney, you can refuse to defend me, but you can't defend yourself against me.

One question: According to you, who are the loneliest creatures in the world: The poor?

No, you're wrong. The rich are, understand? The rich man is lonelier, because he is more rare.

There are lots of poor people, all friends, always together. Scoundrels, who don't let you live in peace!

Just like our Lord Jesus said, he said: "Blessed are the poor, because they will be seated on my right hand."

Now, if it weren't for the rich fooling the poor, the poor would not exist, and Jesus, in other words, would be the one to go there... to sit alone Like a lost lamb? Did I make my point?




Mom said, it's time to go. They are expecting us at Bonfermito.

Okay, but first bring some refreshment to the attorney.


With home-made bread?

What homemade bread? No, sweety, not the salami from the delicatessen!

Bring a champagne glass to drink to my health.

Oh, champagne!



Thank you.

This is Elide, my second born. She is pretty...


...A little scatterbrain, though! Well, anyway...

Damn! I must ask who made these armchairs; he must be shot!

As I was saying, she is devoted to me, you see; she is still single! - Listen, I don't think...

In short, she is still half in the cradle domestic, that's it!

Then, when she sees a stranger, you know, someone tall and sturdy, she starts to stutter.

Who is it?

Fire him!

Who cares! I've got a family, too. Nothing! Good Heavens, no!

Calculate all that we owe him, and give him half. That's it!

Well, I'm on my way if you don't mind.

Then, there is Amedeo, my second born. But I can't stand him!

He's a boob, a cabbage head! Got it?

Well, not everybody can...

It's no use telling him to busy himself, so others will say:"I wish I were like him!"

He who admires doesn't judge, right? But, look at him. There's nothing we can do.

He's a case of twisted noodles. That's the way it is!

If it's not cold enough I can get you some homemade ice from the fridge.

No, no, no, no! It's refreshing and effervescent... like you!

And it bubbles!


I never leave without the rosary. It's like an insurance!

To your health!

Good health to your grandpa! When we Romans hear: "Good Health" Grandpa pops in out of the blue!

All in all, I like you, be... because first, you are cultivated.

Then, you are also incorruptible and brave.

I like honest people, because in their purity, given a good chance, they get so crooked that they can put Roman crooks to shame.

Did you get it Amedeo?

I got it! I got it!

What did you get? This is Assunta Amedeo's wife.

She is dumber than he is!

The pleasure is mine! Well, you people get in the car.

It will surely take my wife half an hour!

And now, "to business" as they used to say! How about it?

How about what? I don't understand you!

Get in. I'll explain everything in private.

No, I can't! They're waiting for me! I'm busy.

Who isn't busy nowadays? I am busy, son!

Hop in, it's important.

Afterward I'll have someone drive you home, come on!


So Baron, what is so important that you have to tell me?

First of all I'm not a Baron!

Marquis, if you please, by appointment of his majesty Mussolini.

Baron, Marquis, whatever, what's the problem?

Give me your hand.


Give me your hand.

Feel that.

No, no. Be patient.

Come on, can you fell it beating?

Yes, I feel it. - I only allow it to be felt by those who deserve it.

Thank you! Much obliged.

Will we save this Roman heart from all those false accusations that they have made?

Counsel, I entrust it to you instead of to your big-time boss, who pays you peanuts.

You defend it, and I'll give you more.


Who, otherwise?

No, look...

I brought you here for this. With you working above the table and me below, we'll send them all to jail until justice will win again!

I knew from the start that this is what you wanted to ask me.

Now, you listen to me...

No, no. What should I listen to? You wouldn't tell the truth, because you see, now you're fighting with your conscience.

Fight, but don't give in. Listen to me.

Remember! The man who wins the battle with his conscience has won the war of life. Now let's stop, we have arrived.

Hello Marquesa!

Hi there! Hello, hello everybody!

But, what are you doing? Keep your hat on.

So, we agree. Tonight you'll sleep on it.

Quiet everybody! I'm conferring with my attorney.

Tomorrow, Your Honor! Think about it.

Tomorrow and I'll fill up your empty wallet! That way you can think about it better.

Oh! The tram stop is down the block.

I'm sorry but I need the car.

Are you coming?

Yes s yes

Aren't you coming?

My respects!


Oh, thank you!

Watch out!

Again. I tripped.

La Porcareccia: Romolo Catenacci's Company.

Cut it!

Saturday 12. "Today I met the attorn..."

Dearest Gabriella,

My weekly magazine "Cinecultura" is now a concrete reality.

I'm writing you from the editorial office, amidst resounding proposals, blazing ideas and tapping typewriters.

Truly, this time, as soon as possible, I'll bring you and my beloved Tomassino here, to this spacious apartment overlooking the red roofs of Rome. I love you very much...

Dear Nicola, I received your letter dated the 24th.

I love you too, but should I really believe all you tell me?

Good evening!

Look who is here! Hi, baby! Sit down at that big table!

Dear sir, We are sorry to inform you that we have no plans to publish any journals of cinematic criticism...

They don't understand! Wait!

We have no plans to publish any journals of cinematic criticism at this time.

Sincerely Yours, Antonio Di Roma.

"At least for the time being" it's a little promising, right?

Yeah, a little!

Oh, hi Antonio!

Oh, hi Luciana! How... Margherita, you look great!

Well, I'm about the same!

And, how is Michele?

I haven't seen him for a while. Maybe I'll call him!

Is that "the" Luciana?

Yeah, that's her!

Gosh! Wow! Will you introduce me?

No, let's drop it! I don't think... I don't feel like...

Luciana, excuse me! This is Nicola the Professor! This is Miss Zanon!

Oh, it's a pleasure! How are you? Staying in Rome?

Yes... Oh, excuse me! I transferred for job reasons.

Here is your hash packer!

Hashpacker, hash packer, what is this?

Meat with tomatoes and onions!

I see the tomatoes and onions, but I cannot see much meat!

Look! There are 5, 830 restaurants in Rome.

You have a wide choice! Hey, baby, what are you going to eat?

A half-portion of Broccoli and...

Okay, think about it. I am busy!

Pay for me, please! I'll explain to you why, later!

Who needs explanations? I've got it!

Is this the Luciana who had such a beautiful relationship with you?


Uh... how's Gianni?

But... have you seen him?

Who, us?

Are you interested in this object?


Me neither... for ages!

What about this other model?

Well, then,

if it's all over with Gianni, we can start all over.

I just need a word: Just a yes or a no!

Huh, Luciana?

You don't want it, then?

No, I don't! But, you didn't use to drink!

Ah, really?

"Without Ceres and Bacchus, even Venus turns frigid!" Terence.

We missed your little sayings!

The crowd runs down the steps of Odessa, chased by a line of soldiers.

A low-angle tracking shot follows the feet of the soldiers who then open fire. Rat, tat, tat!

The battleship Potemkin responds with its cannon.

The blasts make the stone lion leap from its foundation.

It rests! It lifts up its head! It rests! It roars!

Thanks to the quick editing, the three lions used only seem like one to us.

In the crowd there is a mother with a carriage trying to protect her baby.

A platoon of Cossacks arrive.

A woman wearing a monocle is hit.

Close-up of her eye falling out.

Even the mother with the carriage is hit. She falls!

She loses her grip on the carriage with the baby in it.

It falls; no it doesn't fall. It falls! The carriage... watch out!

What's happening? Are you drunk?

Maybe we are!

Well, I'm not!

But, what's wrong? I don't understand you!

I can see that you don't understand me, playing with that clown!

Clown? We were talking about cinema... to prepare her for when she undertakes her career as an actress I know what career she wants to undertake! A word to the wise is enough!

Listen, I'll undertake anything I like!

I don't have any bond and I don't want any; and there is even less chance... less chance with you. If... if you had any ideas...

Well Antonio, the young lady is right!

After your heavy insinuation you should apologize.

No, no, no, never mind Nicola. It doesn't affect me! I couldn't care less!

Oh, four minutes, four pictures! Excuse me, Nicola!

Go ahead!

Good, director Zampa asked me for some pictures.

Why did you insult her so bitterly?

We were joking, laughing...

Exactly! What's so funny?

At your age, without a family, a house, or money! You laugh!

I'm laughing!

You're wrong! If I were you I'd cry!

I'm laughing instead.

Sure, you're above it all!

"He laughs well who knows the reason why!" Martial.

"Laugh cause mama made dumplings." Dante Alighieri Antonio, when you want to be funny...

He said it! He said it! You think you know everything?

Just a minute. Where are you going? Let's wait for her!

Why me? Didn't you hear? "Excuse me Nicola!" You wait for her.

Antonio, are you jealous?

Who, me? Of whom? Now we have something to laugh about!

Where are you going? You're not even going to say goodbye?

I have to get up early in the morning. Good night!

Miss Luciana, forgive him. He's...

Here you are madam!


The great healer of all pain; better than love,

especially when there isn't any!

Well, I guess we are trying to forget another love,

both of us.

You're right! To each his own!

I'll tell you what: Instead of chasing some elusive happiness, perhaps it's better to prepare pleasant memories for the future,

...like those of tonight.

Yeah, Nicola, you're right!

Did you like that? I did it on purpose to cheer you up!

Caprera Square. The Friuli Pension.

Luciana's tried to commit a desperate act. Come right away. Nicola.

What does Nicola have to do with it?

I'm sorry for the lady but she'll have to go. I'm sorry for the lady...

Listen, I'm sorry for the lady but she really has to go.

More coffee, please!

Don't you know that they can take away my permit?

As soon as she feels better she will leave.

It seems to me that she already feels very well. Hurry up mom!

What? This is a pension for artists.

The lady told me that she worked in the theater, that she was an actress too.

Why? Can't actresses commit suicide too?

0h yes!


They certainly can, Mr. Gianni!

My name is Antonio.

Why? Wasn't the lady calling for you before?

Teresa, the coffee is ready.

No? Oh well! Yes! It's really true; in our world hunger can cause great pain but love can cause a greater one.


Mrs... I was just a little girl.

Little girl! Forget about the De Vicos!

You must stay with Luciana! I was in love with one of the brothers.

That's just what she shouldn't be doing. She mustn't sleep!

The others should!

Where's the cup?

It's on the chair. The lady put it there.

Luciana, Lucianella, get up! There! I knew it!

Wake up Luciana! Wake up baby! Get up; get up!

Oh damn you and the day I met you!

Luciana, wake up! Luciana, wake up! Wake up! Who am I?


That's what I was about to say! Look, I brought you some more coffee. Wait, where are you going? Wait!

How am I?

Fine, fine, really fine. Antonio. - Like a flower.

Don't ask me why I did it! No, I won't ask. What should I ask?

You have to stay awake though! Come on! Drink a little more coffee.

Come on, I'll help you! Lean on me! Open up, come on! No, this way we'll have a shampoo.

Yeah, good girl! Come on babe, drink the coffee! Smell how good it is.

Look, I'll drink it if you don't! Open up! Come on! Luciana!

Luciana, the coffee!

Mr. Gianni, I need the bed today!

My name is Nicola.

You mustn't sleep! Luciana, Luciana!

Antonio, Antonio, how is she?

She's on her fourth pot of coffee! Luciana, look who is here! Look who's back, look!

What? I didn't understand a thing! Luciana, wake up! Come on, Luciana!

Gianni doesn't live there anymore but he comes by every day to pick up his mail; so I left him a message.


You see, she can recognize you!

Didn't you tell Antonio...?

What? Tell me baby, what?

...about us!

What did she say Nicola?

I wouldn't know!

You wouldn't, huh?

This way, please! I'll show you! Luciana! Now you must talk!

This is your room!

Private atmosphere. You must stay awake and talk!

You can put your things here!

This is Ms. Zanon with her friends... Yes, yes, it's a real pleasure!

So, what is it that Antonio does not know? Come! I'll show you the bathroom.

What did Nicola need to tell Antonio? Tell me! What were you saying?

What did you want to say? Speak freely. Say it! Say it, honey!


It's the rerun of a scene we already went through... me, you and the other!

Only the other has changed and the play is less successful. In fact, it only lasted 2 nights.

Right Nicola?

Suffering... upsets; it elicits imagination and exhibitionism.

Who said that? Cicero? Garibaldi? Sister Cavana? Who said it?

What are you doing? Are you being sarcastic?

In other words, I don't care about her, but you are a pig!

You took advantage of her because she was desperate.

So what? I was desperate too, OK!

About what? Come on! You only care about what is convenient to you!

Otherwise, you wouldn't have left your wife and son.

I had to leave them. I did it for a cause.

Always the excuse of a cause. It's too convenient! Oh!

Nicola! Excuse us!

Please, please!


Great comrade you are!

I always have to be the comrade. Why not you two?

Oh, she fell asleep!


Luciana, what are you doing? Starting again? How is the young lady?

Much better, it seems to me!

More coffee!

Years of prosperity and tranquility followed for all of us, for practically all of us, but especially for me.

My new life was happy with no problems.

I had married Elide, the daughter of Romolo Catenacci, Marquis of Cazzuola, and we had had two children: Fabrizio e Donatella.

Cut it!



Quiet! Quiet please! Elide! Elide, come here!

And now my daughter is going to recite a beautiful poem.

She wrote it herself. She dedicated it to her father, the husband of yours truly.

Elide, stand on the crate, like when you were little.

On this day of happiness, we are gathered here today with great joy... in expressing our congratulations to you on the 69th year, and wish all the happiness to you who has a short and enchanting name, that of daddy.

Bravo, bravo!

My compliments, Marquis.

She's so cute! - She's phenomenal. She writes one for me every year.

Excuse me madam. Elide.

Was it really bad?


Not like this goon who signed a batch of IOU's without counting the zeroes.

But dad, the loan sharks screwed me.

If it wasn't for my son-in-law's intelligence, who masterfully succeeded, let's say... to clear him with a few magic words on grounds of insanity.

He proved him incapable of judicious thought, a kind of half fault. You know what I mean?

This way we didn't have to pay back the IOU anymore.

I'd better be going. If not, I may get carried away and say something I would regret.

Excuse me, you Honor.

Certainly, Marquis.

The sewers? What's the Tiber for?

I was telling about the state money for low-rent housing?

What low-rent housing? We'll make luxury housing.

Can we do that?

What do you mean, can we do that? What's the City Hall for?

When we receive the approval from the mayor in Rome, everything is set. Right, Mr. Lawyer?

Well, I don't know. I didn't hear very well. Excuse me.

He's being diplomatic. He's a left-winger but he's a nice kid.

Thanks Your Honor.

Thanks Your Honor.

I'm not "Your Honor". ...I'm going to kick him out, it doesn't matter to me...

Romolo, the kids are here!

It doesn't matter to me, and the union can stuff it.

Ah! no: no; no, I10, n0!

My pastry! Why are you taking it away from me? Am I too fat?

No, but that's exactly what you shouldn't eat: Fats and carbohydrates.

You eat it instead, you need to grow.

You know so many things Gianni. Will you teach them all to me?

I'm reading that book that you gave me. Hard stuff!

Dumas is hard?


The Three Musketeers?

Elide, aren't you eating?

No thanks. I can't eat hydrocarbons.

What a mistake!

Gianni, I often wonder:

"What would I be like if Gianni had married another woman?"

When I think about this woman, even if she doesn't exist, it seems to me that, that she's an enemy between us.

Hi sweetheart!

You waited for me!


But, but are you crazy? What did I do to you? Why?

Leave me alone! I saw you with that girl at the Brothel Vallepie!

At least pick girls who aren't so fat!

What fat girl! She is the daughter of a client! Anyway, what are you doing?

Are you spying on me? Now, listen to me!

Look! Look, what you did to me! Bully!


Gianni... Gianni...


Listen, what does "orgasm" mean?

Well, it's... it's the apex of sexual pleasure.

Ah... well... orgasm to me... well, I thought it meant "urry."

Which is pronounced "hurry", isn't it?

Well, of course.

Listen, would you like me to take off my brace?

No, it's fine this way.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to "Double or Nothing."

As usual, we come to you live from the Milan Fair Theater.

Tonight we'll start with a newcomer.

The new contestant is Mr. Nicola Palumbo from Nocera...

Nocera lnferiore.

Exactly... who is here to be quizzed on the history of Italian cinema.

All of Italian cinema.

And I would say, Professor, that with this beard... Nicola!

...you prefer a particular period of cinema. You know him? - We were in the mountains together.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, the Italian Neorealistic cinema which, being good cinema, should be part of every school's curriculum according to me, Mr. Mike.

In fact I wrote a book about this idea

and I'm not ashamed to say it, in fact, I say it publicly that it has been turned down by no less than eight publishing companies; and if I'm here tonight... if I'm on TV, and I really need to say this, excuse me Mr. Mike.

I'm here to propose an alternative to... soccer and...

...to the spreading of popular song, a serious cultural speech not a boring one, - Professor Palumbo, please... in the context of a TV program that, as we know, manipulates public opinion...

Torqua'! That's Nicola! Do you see him?

A pleasure.

...only conformist information, always about the controlling power.

That's good, that's good Professor. Enough! First question. - Excuse me. It was...

He was Jean Renoir's assistant and he designed the costumes for “Une Fame de Campagne Yes, yes, yes, yes, Luchino Visconti, 1936.

The answer is correct.

Correct. The things he knows! Too bad he's a fool. Very good Professor. Listen carefully to 2nd question.

Roberto Rossellini shot a film in 1948.

What was the title and who was the actress who played in it? Start the clock.

"The Bad People Killing Machine." The actress was Marilyn Buferd, Miss America.

Very good Professor.

The next question is about one of your favorite directors.

Vittorio De Sica.


We want to know the title and in which... Pay attention! This is the last question.

If you answer correctly, you can come back next week.

Yes, yeS, Yes, yes-

Alright, tell us the title of this film released in 1946 and the year shooting began.

You have ten seconds. Start the clock.

Okay, can I answer now, Mr. Mike?

The name of the film then, is... released in 1946...


A film in which already appeared De Sica's thematic that would have then...

Go ahead, Professor. Don't deviate. Your answer is not complete.

You need to tell me also in what year shooting began.

In 1943.

The answer is correct!

"The Gate of Heaven", and the gate of heaven is also opening for our professor.

320,000 lire, quite a sum for a humble school teacher.

Ask daddy when he's coming back.

When are you coming, daddy? We are all waiting for you here.

Soon Tomassino! I'm coming soon! How are you? How's my big boy?

Is it true you are coming soon, Nicola? I want to see you!

Me too... but Thursday is my fourth program!

You've been the talk of the town for the last month!

I've been the talk of your mom and dad too, haven1l?

They have reconsidered, Nicola! Even the Superintendent, the Mayor, everybody has reconsidered!

Go, Palumbo!

Fight for Lower Nocera!

Hurray for Nicola, the Champion!

Don't trust any of them, Gabriella! Okay? Nothing, nothing!

Are you going to double on Thursday?

With the 1, 280,000 Lire that you've already won, you could reestablish our family and take us away from here, right?

Yes, but I didn't face this television challenge, just for economical reasons!

A publisher has already called me.

If I become a champion, he'll publish my book: Cinema as a School.

Don't be afraid Gabriel!

I'll come get Tomassino and you with a hand full of money!

Is he doubling?

Well Professor Palumbo, up to this point you've won 1, 280,000 lire.

Tonight if you double it you'll win 2, 560,000. If you lose, you'll win a Fiat 600.

We are all anxious to know your decision; will you quit or double?


No. No, I can't.

I can't what?

It's clear; I can't quit.


I'll double.

Professor Palumbo is going for double. Let's give him a big hand. Bring out the booth.

Well Professor, I wish you the best. You know that we're all cheering for you.

Eh, the Professor is a bit nervous tonight. Calm with cold blood, eh?

Let's hope you win. Iron nerves now!

Will you please show the slides for Professor Palumbo?

And let's turn off the lights please! Can you hear me Professor?

Yes, yeS, Yes, yes-

Slide No. 1.

Ah, that's "The Bicycle Thief" Mr. Mike. Stay calm Professor and let's see slide No. 2!

Are you interested in a lighter?

Can you hear me, Professor? Hey man! I haven't been interested for 20 years.

Never lose hope.

Ah, that's Enzo Staiola, the son of Alberto Maggiorani.

Professor, don't anticipate the answers!

This is a film... a milestone that opened new horizons... - Please Professor, Let me read the question!

So, what is the first name of the character played by the young Staiola?

What was his last name? Quiet! Don't get him confused!

What was his age? After which episode does he cry with such realism?

You have one minute. Start the clock!

His name is Bruno.



The last name is Ricci.


The boy was nine years old.

Good. And now...

After which episode... You know these things too?

...does he cry with such realism? No. - Then why are you nodding?

In the end, the boy starts crying thanks to an ingenious trick recounted by De Sica himself.

Unable to get the boy to cry, De Sica hid cigarette butts in the boy's pocket and accused him of being a tramp.

Professor, don't be too talkative. Give me the answer. Time is passing.

At this point, Staiola, offended, started to cry for real because...

Professor, give me the answer; time is passing.

Careful! Careful, Professor! I said that he started to cry because they hid cigarette butts in his pocket; at that point the boy offended...

Oh, oh Professor Palumbo! I've told you before.

You're too verbose! You add too many things.

That's not the correct answer.

The one written here says: "Because he saw his father being beaten for stealing a bicycle."

Everyone knows the thing about the bicycle.

That's not the answer to the... the, the question. Excuse me.

Right, this is not the exact answer. No, I mean the whole point was to highlight...

...was to highlight... the psychological insight of the director who, as a creator of the work, establishes with the actor a disciple-master, master-disciple relationship.

Excuse me Mr. Mike, read the question again, please.

After which episode, the question said, does the little Enzo Staiola cry with such touching realism?

Oh, no. You said Enzo Staiola, not Bruno Ricci.

That means the human being, not the fictitious character, to whom intimate things were added to reach the goal of the... the... the plan. That's how it is.

That's how it is Mr. Mike. No, no, for me the answer is incorrect, Professor.

Look, we can ask the... If it's not that way, the question is Judge, tell me; what should I do?

Let's hear the judge!

I'm sorry. It's incorrect. Even the judge said so. It's your fault. You wanted...

Nico, you're really a fool!

He wants to be a big shot. He doesn't think about his wife and son!

Now they only give him the FIAT 600 as consolation.

And who's going to buy gas for him?

We'll see Mr. Mike, I'll appeal the decision! I'll bring some documentation! I'll bring you...

De Sica himself and then, we'll see who is right! You'll hear about me again!

Remember this name: Nicola Palumbo!

Where is the way out?

Did daddy lose?

Hey, listen! We're shooting! You can't drive through!

Hey, move, will you?

Shut off that siren! We're shooting a film, here!

But we have to drive through! We must go to Humility Road!

What is it? Something serious?

Well, usually when they call the Red Cross they are not that well!

Go slower, slower! De Segni go slower! Okay, now take her hand!

Who is that half naked blond in the fountain?

That's Ercebe's double! It will take only 2 minutes! The cameraman is finishing up rehearsals!

Who is it, De Sica?

No, it's Fellini!

Ah, got it.

But who could that be over there?

Who is it?

It's Mastroianni, don't you see?

Excuse me, Mr. Marcello, take off your glasses. I want to see your eyes.

Luciana! Luciana!


How long has it been?

Five years, this October!

Hey dork, are we going?

Ah yes, you guys go on! Then, come back to pick me up!

As if we were a taxi!

Everybody, take a break!

Can I address you, since you promised you would work...

Pierluigi, stop it!

Sir, is the lady all right for the nightclub scene?

But, what are you doing? Don't uncover her! Cover her! Very good!

A few!

A few? Where are you from?

Then we dub her.

From Trasaghis, close to Peonis.

Where is Peonis?

Couldn't you tell him you were from somewhere else?

She's 0. K., I think she's OK! Perfect! Bye!

All right, say good-bye! Good-night, Sir!

See you, Mr. Mastroianni! I'll call you, Miss Zanon!


Good night!

She's lovely!

He's one of the Mayor's friends! We could need him for some permits!

Good evening, my dear Colonel, how are you? At your service! - It's a pleasure!

It's an honor to shake hands with the great Rossellini!

I've seen all your films. I'm a big fan. Good, good!

Excuse me, I'm leaving! Good evening!

Let's go over to the Moro!

Take a break, take a break! Get in line and don't push!

The break is an hour. Don't wander too far.

How do you say "cestino"?

Lunch box.

How do you say "de munnezza"?

What luck! Some old lady broke her femur nearby.

So, you're an actress? Good, you made it!

Hah! Actress! Just an extra. Should we sit there?


What part do you play?

Well, I don't know. Rinaldo introduced me to Fellini for a part.


Want some?

No, I've already eaten, Go ahead.

No, I'm not hungry. You take it.

Thanks. Who's Rinaldo?

A hustler, someone who helps you. He gets you situated, gives you work.

Eh, you're not hungry but you're sure thirsty!

No, besides two brandies since this morning, nothing else.

Two brandies? What are you doing, practicing to be a St. Bernard?

This meat is good, better than the hospital's free food: Potatoes.

What about you? Nothing new?

There's not much to say. From auxiliary they demoted me to class B, stretcher bearer.


I punched a nun, political motives.

A nun!

She's the one who started it. I didn't know how to stop her so I popped her one.

And here I am. Out stretcher-bearing with 22,000 lire less a month.

That's you. Always causing trouble.

You'll never change.

The "King of the Half Portion" remodeled. Want to go tomorrow night?

Luciana. I was looking for you and you're hiding.

I was here.

Tomorrow night at nine, Tiberio will be there too with his Sicilian.

We'll go out and then we'll go to my place.

Well, tomorrow night I can't.

Who cares? I'm committed now. You need to come.

Who is this guy?


Who is he looking for?


Who is this guy, a barber? Sorry, but I had a haircut yesterday.

Come on, I'll take you home with the company car, and we'll see you tomorrow night at nine.

No, the young lady said no for tomorrow night.

Forget it Antonio.

Who's that?

Hey, Antonio, the old lady didn't want to come. We came all this way for nothing.

Who told you that? Wait! The lady says she doesn't feel like coming tomorrow night.

Excuse me Antonio. That's my business.

No, I want to explain to him. Or are you the one that doesn't hear well?

No, if there is someone here that doesn't hear, it's you!


What are you doing, you fool?

Stop Rinaldo!

Who are you trying to hurt?

Are you crazy? Who gives you the right?

Is it possible that everything always ends up bad with you?

What is this? Am I in the back?


Was Luciana mad? I remember up to a certain point, but then what did she say?

She said: "Don't ever come around here again!"


But how did she say it?

March 4, 1964. I saw"The Eclipse" by Antonioni and it left me stunned.

Several of the artists have fathomed the depths of the feminine soul, illuminating her solitude without any veil and in communicability with the rest of humankind.

Artists like Sagan, Volpini, and even I, for all my wealth, have great difficulty communicating.

So I speak to myself and confide only to myself!

Perhaps it's my alienation, but I feel more warmth in cold objects than in people!

I feel like lifeless matter speaks to me, but I don't understand its language yet.

I need to find a way of speaking to the dead,

who are everywhere, even in this room!

And lwonder: "Could I in some future existence speak in my turn to the living?

Will I be able to communicate with them?"

We should own and control town planning schemes, not the land!

We are still at the bribe to the Council Clerk!

Whereas big industry, real industry, is supported by political power.

Can't you see that we need to change methods?

We need to be quoted on the stock market!

You know how to do them! Go ahead, say that you want to do them!


Come on, say that you want to become the President and sole owner!

That you want to be the tycoon!

For 20 years you've been grubbing off me!

You sweet-talked my poor daughter to get into this family because you're a moocher!

Because of your cunning, your little brick-layer tricks, used to padding your pocket, it's a wonder you're not jailed. There's no room for old imbeciles!

You hit me!

Get up, don't make a scene! You hit me!

Get up, hold on!

Nobody has ever hit me, not even my clear father! But you...

Shut up!

You ugly scoundrel, you hit me!

And I can even do worse!


Remember that I had your son proved insane and that I could do the same to you, when you least expect it! Whenever I want!

Got it?

What's going on? I'm recording! Gianni, what's wrong?

Dad, why are you always upsetting Gianni?

What's wrong? Do you feel sick?

Take me!


To the john!

I've decided.

You will do what you said, there!

It will be the Gianni Peregos who will change this society

and make it more just!

Well, between political problems and health problems, even the sixties were not a good period for me.

Luckily I had met a nice girl, Valeria... a companion with whom I shared a passion both for militant politics and a more intimate one for each other. What's playing at the Brancaccio?

"Last Year at Marienbad."


What is it?

I didn't call you.

I thought I heard "Antonio".

You did! That girl called you.


Excuse me Valeria, she's an old friend.

Bye Valeria, see you. See you tomorrow, okay?


What are you going to do? Are you going with them?

Who else would I go with?

Okay, good, go with them.


Let me introduce you... She left.

Were you with your friends?

Yeah, but they are with... each other.

How are you?


And you?

Well, you know. Lately I had some cyclomythic disturbances.

It was so bad that I had to leave the hospital, but now I'm better and I'm back again.

How come?


You're going to the hospital now that you're all better?

He works at the hospital. He's a nurse.

Yeah, they rehired me.

And our old friends?

Ah, Gianni I haven't seen and... and... Nicola, do you remember after "Double or Nothing?"


He sued the television people 5 times. He lost every time.

When I get big I want to sue everybody too.

But... excuse me, eh. Eh? Really? My name is Antonio. What's yours?


You gave him the same name as my mother's uncle.

Open up!

What are you doing tonight Mildred?


You're wasting your time!

Excuse me, please!


Is this on the list?

There isn't any left, sir, but... it's silly to write to me that your friend wants to see me.

When one wants to invite a lady, he talks to her!

Don't worry, drink your tea!

Listen Mildred. It's funny Mildred! I'm serving you for once.

Don't forget to tip me!

You read, study and live here, Phillip?

Yes, and I think of you, Mildred. If you only knew how many times I have seen you here!

I see you've got a crush on me, Phil!



I still don't, don't understand very well..., anyway you didn't tell me how you're doing... from a romantic point of view.

You didn't ask me!

So, how is Rinaldo?

Who, Rinaldo? I don't know. I haven't seen him for a long time, since the day...

What day Luciana?

Since the day you hit him.

Actually, he hit me. Tell me about yourself.

What can I say Antonio? I'm a lonely woman!

Me too, Luciana!



You are the only man of my life!

Well, let's drop it!

Gaetano, have you seen mom?



Gaetano, have you seen Fabrizio?


Gianni! Gianni! Oh!

Gaetano, have you seen Gianni?



Have you seen Fabrizio?

Gianni! Gianni!

Have you seen Gianni?


Elide! Where is Elide?



Papa, have you seen mom?

No, do you want to tell me?


That figures!


Gianni. I need to talk to you.

Gianni, we never talk You tell me that every day. Okay, go ahead, talk.

You know, it's difficult for me. I don't have the courage to, to tell you what I need to tell you, so I recorded it.

"Dear Gianni, you are essential to me, but you elude me.

The door has been closed for the last twenty years and, in my desperate search for you, I inevitably met another man."

Hum! Continue!

"...another man. I know I make you suffer, but I must say everything, to be sincere to myself.

I didn't want to. I was incalcitrant."

Recalcitrant, it's better.

Yes, recalcitrant. "When I succumbed to his embrace I was thinking about you Gianni."


"You've probably read about that erotic illusion which induces women to visualize other people in the man who is with her..."


You understand that, right? Do you want to know who your rival is?"


"He's a young and trusting man. His name is..."

Don't you want to know?

I don't want to believe it because I have too much respect for you.

Okay. So, I invented everything to make myself important in your eyes?

You are the one who esteems himself too highly, Gianni.

So, I'm the one who has too much respect for us both, eh?

Now I've got to go. I have a thousand things to do.

When I come back we can talk about it more calmly. Okay? Eh?

Elide... Elide, wouldn't it be worse if I believed it?

Isn't it worse for me and for you? Come on Elide, don't!

Little Elide!

Another signature here, please!

There you are!

Thank you!

My condolences Attorney!


You received my message.

What message?

Then, why are you here?

For the insurance. All the red tape after an accident. Why else?

Not because I called you?

You know that I don't believe in these things. I've never believed in them.

Is that right? Who are you speaking to, then?

To myself! I'm talking to myself, like an idiot. In fact, I'm leaving.

No, wait! I need to ask you something.

Okay! Come on, go ahead!

Am I important for you, now?

Important, in what sense? Important because you are dead?

Well, I don't know. I don't think so. No, no!

Damn you! Why not?

Elide, because if someone hasn't been important in life, she can't be in death. That's why!

What an idiot!


Death is sublime!

Yes, it is, all right!

It's clear you didn't read Siddarta No, I haven't read Siddarta.

Sure, you always forced me to read, but you never read anything.

Elide, what garbage!

Don't be vulgar!

It's you who are not important Gianni... to anybody, not even to yourself!

Only to me you were, because I was stupid.

How are the kids?

Well, I don't know. Fine... I think.

Fabrizio moved out, and Donatella left too... for England.

I'm glad I saw you. Bye, my love.


With all your regrets...

No, look, no regrets at all!

Right, right!

Yeah, right, right!

And here we are today.

Even though the second referendum, the one for divorce, has been won, the national horizon continues to be clouded over with fascist terrorism, political cover-ups, economic crises, embezzlements, high corporate profits, or, if you will pardon a reference to my own case, no profits at all.

...of my protagonist, the worker who loses his bicycle.

In the end when the father steals the bicycle, the boy cries and cries.

Now he's going to tell us the story you told on TV. But that day, he didn't feel like crying.

So, one of the grips said to me, "Mr. De Sica, fill his pocket with 4 or 5 cigarette butts, then scold him, and he'll cry, you'll see."

So, he hid the cigarette butts without little Enzo Staiola catching on, and I came up to him and said, "Enzo, why won't you cry?

What have you got there? Cigarette butts? So you're a tramp!"

Just like you said!

Did you hear? You were right! You should have been able to take those television people for all they were worth!

Fourth prize in literature: The Lies in Books of Literature, to the young Andrea Marchi.

Go up and talk to him now!

Go up and talk to him now!

I don't know him. What would I say?

Just talk to him.


Why not?

"Excuse me, I'm Palumbo. I sent you essays, manuscripts, subjects...

...like a hundred thousand other Palumbos." No.

I'd have to talk to him about other things: Grand illusions, hopes, disappointments.

We thought we could change the world, but the world changed us.

Sad and depressing tales... for me and probably for him too.

Lady, is this your car?

Well then, move it! You've been blocking me for a half an hour!

Okay! I'm leaving immediately!

Hurry! I'll move this other one for you.

Thank you.

Come on, come on, lady!

Come towards me. Come straight, I told you! Hurry! Hurry, towards me! Like that.

Come on, come on still. Yes, that's good. Steer, steer! Come on.

Come back. Okay, that's enough. Go.

Gianni! Gianni Perego!

It's Antonio. Don't you recognize me?




But, how many years have passed?

From when we fought in the rain, do you remember?

Of course I do.

They say that the world is small. But is it small, Gianni?

25 years to see each other again!

Certainly the world is small!

No, I mean, it's big.

Uh, What has happened to you?

What do you mean, what has happened to me?

Eh. Gianni, what are you doing here? Tell me that it's not so.

Are you a parking lot attendant?

O0, are you a parking lot attendant?


No! What a sewer of a society! What did you do?

Well, you know...

No. Now I know what you did to yourself. Do you know what you are? An idealist!

No, look... Because you are too honest!

But I say, how can it be that an attorney must be a parking lot attendant.

Dirty pigs!

No, never mind. Its like this. I've had some problems, some difficult moments.

They can happen to anyone. Right?

And then this is only a temporary thing and I hope soon to change, to find...

Well that's a relief.

Already I have a half of a promise... at least I hope so.

But, I ask you, don't... don't say anything, okay? Excuse me.

No, excuse me, excuse me. Uh, do you have a family? Are you married?


Well, tell me.



Two children.

I have two also. Oh, did you know? Nicola is also here in Rome.

Nicola? And how is he? What does he do?

In the newspapers, he works little. Listen, do we want to see him again?


I'll look for him. But you always have beautiful teeth, huh? Look I'm starting to go bald!

Hey, Gianni. Darn it, it's noon. It's time for my shift. I have to run.

Go, go. You'll be late. But why didn't I meet you earlier?

There were openings for twelve stretcher bearers for the new ward. Imagine!

Eh, if I would have known.

I would recommend you to Sister Vincenza, a nun who helps when she can.

Oh, now even the nuns pass us over to the left.

Do you want to eat together tonight?

Well then, tomorrow, tomorrow Ni... Oh, eh, tomorrow night, agreed?

Ag reed.

I'll let Nicola know, too.


Hey, Gianni!


Take it.

Gianni, eh, we agreed what? We haven't said where.

Oh yeah. Where?

At the "King of the Half."

Where else?

Until tomorrow. At nine. Bye.

Come on, come on. Come on.

Thanks, huh. Bye, Gianni.

Bye, Antonio. We'll see each other in another 25 years; that is, never again.

Hey, you, feel a little lonely, don't you? I told you so.

"The loneliest creature in the world is a rich man."

But, what's brewing inside your head?

A rich man doesn't need to think.

He's rich. That's enough! In this house everybody has disappeared! Some ran away.

Some died. But you and I are still here!

And who can separate us? Nobody can! Cheer up Gianni!

We are all alone now. And we'll always be together, you and me, right?

Because you, you can't get away, right?

And I won't die, got it, I won't die! I won't die... I won't die!

It's over! It's over!

Here we are together.

What happened to you? Have you grown?

Yeah, in weight. You're the same. Well, time flies.

All for one, one for all.

Ah, sweet wine! Ah, King of the Half-Portion! Ah, to old times!

Misery reunites us with fraternal tentacles.

Eh, Gianni? Right!

"Reborn, reborn, reborn in 1950.", Gozzano.

There he is.

I wish.

King of the Half! I don't think we'll even pay you tonight.

What else is new?

You got rich on us.

He cleaned up the whole place.

If I had to wait for your money...

Ah, King of the Half! Did you know that in a progressive society food should be free for everybody?

Hey, Margherita's here too. There she is. Margherita! Still waiting for Michele's phone call.

Most of the old gang is missing. Where's the trumpet player?

Where's the unrelenting lighter salesman.


Lighters anybody?

The street artist doing Madonnas.

The guy selling melons.

The friendly whore with one leg at Largo Tritone. Do you remember her?

And the monk with the holy cards?

I still owe you five lire.

Everyone has disappeared!


Well, good girl. Give me four cartons.


Four cartons?

In installments Whatever you want.

Hey skinny, I'll take a carton of Marlboros. Right here.

What are you doing?

There's three of us. Let's split them.

Equal shares.

Here you go, and this is mine.

Oh, Antonio.

Listen, Nicola, Antonio. I need to confess something to you.

Is it something that will spoil our evening?

Well, I think so.

Well then, forget it. I've got a nice surprise for you guys instead.

Oh really?

Three Hashpackers.

And here they are.

I like to come to this place for its great variety.

Hey, we've been eating Hashpackers for twenty-five years.


You were lucky. I've been eating Hashpackers once a week.

Hashpackers, Hashpackers. Do you remember? Hashpackers, qwest-Ce Que (Test ca'?

Gianni! Gianni! Gianni.

He was the best of us all.

I wish things had gone that way.

Hey, do you remember? "Pay the bill, I'll explain why later. "You never explained why.

Our generation is really disgusting.


What? Well... Look at Nicola, for example.

What did Nicola do?

Well, what did Nicola do?

He abandoned his family, his career, and to top it all off he ended up scratching out movie reviews signing them "Vice."

Oh, he's Vice? Well then, you write for a lot of newspapers.

And all this, for what? For a brighter future.

And so?

The future passed us by without us even realizing it.

What? Who says? Throwing away your life means to make the best use of it.

Or do you like this one better?

Living as you please is cheap because you pay for it with something that doesn't exist:

Happiness! To the Virgin Mary!

I'll buy that.

Really? I prefer this one, just for you buyers.

You're both egotistical intellectuals. How can I put this? You stink.

Better to be stinking intellectuals than bourgeois proletarians, like you.

Explain that to me!

Right away!


Your politics are modeled after the ostrich:

Head underground, ass in the air, waiting to get kicked by the first guy coming by! - There it is!

Clear! -And no it isn't clear. I still don't know to which parish you belong!

My political views are frightening, Antonio! But who do they frighten? You!

You're only a bother to the rest of us because the world does go on without you!

Go home! - It goes on only because you're happy with what little they give you and it ends Blessed to be servants!

Oh... still at it?

What are you babbling about, you drunk? You've always been a hypocrite. Admit it!

Listen to me, instead!

You may be higher, lower... you may be above all else, But I've got to tell you something; you're still a jerk!

I'm ashamed at giving you my friendship for so many years! Do you understand? Antonio! Nicola!

People like you never give anything to anyone.

I have got to tell you something Ah, no eh.

Don't, don't, don't make me talk. Our comrade only knows how to talk with his fists!

And look how often you use this word; as often as it's convenient. You're just a noisy minority.

If you're going to fight with someone, fight with me. I cheated you. I am rich; I am filthy rich!

All you expect is your daily bread; this is the truth. I am rich. I am very rich.

Can't you understand? I am your enemy. And from 1950 to today what have you done?

As if you've caused more damage than the hail.

Sonoio". Come here, Nicola Palumbo!

A beast, that's what you are. Go back home and be a part of the reformist herd.

I'll reform you, if you know what I mean! I say that! Go! You've ended up badly with me!

Stop it!

Very badly! He's always at the pulpit, just like all failures.

No, come on Antonio. No.

Where's my jacket. It's not this one.

Nicola, but... Don't be childish. Come on. Put on... put your glasses back on. Come on.

What happened? In the end... nothing really happened. Get up.

Here, your driver's license.

It was a stupid argument. We said a lot of things. Me too... Are you listening?

...I tried to tell you something.

What's that.


Gabriella wrote to me.

Is that right?

She says that Tomassino is getting married next month.

Ah, ah, ah, without a seat you can even go for a walk. - Don't mock!

It's still the car I got as a consolation prize from "Double or Nothing."

The windshield wipers work off the transmission; they always do that.

Turn right at the next corner.

Okay, but you'll see me steer left because the pinion is broken.

Everything in this car works backwards.

Then if everything is backwards, step on the gas since we need to stop. Here we are.

But, where did you bring us?

Let me get my bearings

What is this, a wake?

Yeah. Well sort of.

You three, what's your number? Keep in line!

Relax Mr. Arturo, my wife is here already.

Don't try to be cool!

Excuse me.


We have company.

Really? Who did you bring?

Gianni, Nicola.

My wife.

Ehm, how are you?

Hi Luciana.

Hi. You look wonderful Gianni.

You too. You look wonderful.

Really? Hi Nicola.

And you didn't tell us a thing.

Well then, what kind of surprise would it be?

But... what are you doing here?

I'm enrolling my youngest son in the 4th grade.

The youngest?

We have two kids.

We've been in line since yesterday.

School is obligatory but having a school is not a right.

It's a lottery. Look how many of us there are.

Knowing what they teach in school nowadays, it's better to lose the lottery, Luciana.

That's not true. I'm going to enroll him anyway.


You haven't changed Nicola, right? You're always criticizing and nothing else.

Isn't it true? If you argue with her, be on your toes.

Her husband was enough for tonight.

Your tie is all dirty. What did you do?

What, no... they splashed on me.

Sure! Look, you're always the same.

No, it's tomato sauce. Who splashed on me? You?

One zip and the stain goes away and my tummy too.


But this... Nicola, do you remember it?

But, how do they know it?

Hey you two, where are you going?

Again Mr. Cerio'! We are the same ones as before.

And don't be silly!

Listen, listen.

I'd forgotten it.

...that I could say your battle name was Benin and I was Sandokan...

Do you remember many years ago when, because of me, you took those pills?

Ahh, yes.

Well, see... I... the note, I received it.

What note?

Listen, you wanna sit down?

Thank you.

Nicola's note telling me about what you did at the Hotel Friuli.

Ah, the Hotel Friuli. Well, I... I didn't come. Do you understand?

Why should you have come? Hadn't we fought?

Well, I know but I loved you.

Really? I thought the opposite.

What? The opposite? And even afterwards. I... for all these years I...

I've only thought of you, always of you Luciana.

Well, I haven't.


I'm sorry Gianni. Ten years ago I married Antonio.

I had two children, a house, a job, never enough money.

You've had these problems too, right?

Yes, naturally. But I... I thought that true love was true love.

Well yes, certainly but it's over and past now.


And besides... from that time on I've loved Antonio.

"...We talked about the future; if destiny divides us, the memories of those days will always keep us united..."


This is the real surprise that he had for me.

Hey, Nicola!

Ask that man there.

Excuse me. Which school is your son from?

Sorry ma'am, I'm only visiting.

Hey, Luciana, puffing away, huh?

It's my second.

The second... of the third carton. Ah, really?

Me? One, this is my first. Gianni gave it to me.

Gianni? I gave it to you. It was even my last one.

Ah, your last one? Into the fire then; no wonder you gave it to me.

This is Gianni's license. Gianni!

It's Gianni's? I goofed.

Gianni! Gianni! He left.

Why did he leave?

He left?


What is the number of this Gianni?

I have his license. We mixed our licenses up!

Attention! Attention! The sun is coming up.

The fire's gone out and the coffee's finished.

My wife and I have number 139.

This lady here has...


My question is the following: What should we do?

Kill each other when the school opens?

It's not worth it! So, we'll go in all together!

We will organize a united front and take over the school!

Lenin has just spoken!

Yes sir, because school isn't only for those who arrive first, but it belongs to all!

Sure, maybe in China!

Even to those who are number 307, or 407, or 507! - Good, my compliments! Occupy the school! That's your revolution.

All right, Nicola! All right! All right! Okay, okay Antonio! No, it's not okay!

But why? I can't even say okay?

You can't say it!

Okay! This means I can't even say okay. Okay?

To get back to our story, tomorrow we'll deliver Gianni's license...

...and we'll discover him diving into his millionaire's swimming pool!

And we understand that he lied to us because...

...maybe because he was embarrassed at having become so impoverished, poor thing.

Poor thing, poor thing speaking figuratively.


"Boh?" But what does "boh" mean?

What's it mean? It means "boh," right? Surely, it's not the license plate for Bologna!

What? Oh, his license! I almost forgot about it! Here!

What can we say? Better just say "boh"!

So with the word "boh" we've reached this point.

But what kind of conclusion is "boh?" It's an ambiguous one.

Ambiguous but open!

Again? Opened to what? But what does "boh" mean? Ah...!

Well, it means "boh"! It's a simple word, maybe dialectical. Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but it could also be threatening.

Yeah, threatening! Yes, really threatening! Why not?

But do you threaten with "boh's?" Explain that one to me!

But, look, let's reason it out! What do you want to reason about?

But if I say let's reason, then let's reason!

All right, let's reason!

But not with that tone, otherwise I'll get mad right away!

All right, let's reason. I listen... No, that's enough! I won't reason this way!

See, how you all are? You want to reason by word, you're all sectarians.

Ah, let's not start with you all, 'cause I'll start with we all.

No way, that's the way it is! You all don't want to reason.

No wait. But where are you going?

OK, let's start again! What does "boh" mean?

What do you mean: "What is boh"? I've just told you!

No, not really! Because when it comes to reason, you give up...

You can reason in words, but when it comes to making a decision...

Hey, let's go! Come on!