We Still Steal the Old Way (2016) Script

I said, no phone calls. Is this sir Edward?

Who is this? Someone you really do not want to ignore.

Excuse me? You made the people formerly difficult.

I also, you know. But I knew the names of the people I hurt.

And I believe it was what they deserved.

But you knew the names of your victims do not, right?

And they were not sure they deserved.

I do not know who you are or what you want to achieve this...

I want you to give back every penny you stole.

Excuse me? I thought you said...

Mark twain said something nice.

He said, "do the right. Some will be grateful, others astonished."

Mark twain also said:

"To be successful, you need two things."

"Ignorance and self-confidence." What a smart guy it was.

And that's not you clearly.

You're obviously ignorant and apparently confident...

But you will not be successful in what you want to achieve this.

Unlike banking, it runs in my profession to results.

In my profession put, we address issues in two ways.

If you're an investor, you are a bull or a bear.

What's your point? There is a 16thcentury proverb.

"Sell the skin before the bear was shot."

Maybe you should better watch who you threaten.

That was enough for quotes today. Give it just fucking back.

My bank will not become successful by giving money away.

I am successful because I assume money.

I assume that this 'no' means.

He seemed indeed not very keen.

Sounds like it's time for plan b.

Tin man, over.

Damn, what button do I press?

Those on the side. Come on, I'm just kidding.

Very jolly. Is there something to see?

Just me and the moonlight. How's the old ladies?

Roy always whines about his shoulders, but otherwise doing well.

I'll go take a look. I will see you soon.

Make sure you do not get caught.

I said we had previously but so had one.

To get through concrete? No, the shins.

Because the damn augers now I have some problems with my shoulder.

Remember that we do not have all the time.

Ten minutes, 15 at most. You said half an hour ago too.

This is a precise job. Stop it.

Do not.

That was a matter of luck. It's all in the shoulders.

I'm kidding. Men...

Come on, help briefly.

Let's see if I still have magic fingers.

Is that a good "hmm" or a bad one?

Bet he does not succeed?

Look at that. What did I say?

Your back and my shoulder.

Why butch has no side of his career?

I still always say, I am the Benjamin team.


You got those Benjamins, only brute force, no brains.

What color is this?

Looks like purple. It's magenta.

What is the difference? Whether the alarm to sound or not.

Right, that's magenta.

So I have this cut?

"Everything has its limits."

"Iron ore can not grow into gold." What?

Mark twain.

Mark who?

Everything has its limitations. Let's get started.

Look at me.

Who is in charge?

No me.

What is going on?

You'll be robbed.

That is not so nice. Armed police, do not move.

You caught us in the act. Put it down, Roy.

Come on.

To walk.

Alpha Romeo.

Say it.

Armed robbery in progress at e2. Understood, we are on the way.

Damn, we gotta go.

What's your name? Dave.

Dave, you can these men?

Those old guys? Yes.

Well, we are on the way. Just tell them you're caught.

That saves me paperwork.

And maybe you'll get a raise.

And let those images disappear security in which we see.

Pretend they sabotaged the cameras.

Well done.

Lizzie Davis.

Hello, Anne-Marie.

You look good. You too.

I understand why Richie again has fallen for you.

So there I was asked, no, commanded by your males to come here.

You've become evident harder.

Not the girl I knew. I'm not a girl, do you.

What do you want? Do you remember my parents?

Anne-Marie, everyone knew your father.

Next Tuesday he is fixed for 30 years.

My mother is dying.


Terrible disease that I would not wish my worst enemy.

I'm sorry for you. We have found a clinic in Europe.

They keep her alive, hoping that my father would be allowed to leave.

So he can say goodbye to her. And they have refused?

They played with us.

Promised to look at his case, but it's all nonsense.

The former director took our money and kept himself did not keep his promise.

You said former o...

Right, of course. It was a terrible accident.

I feel that you want something from me, but I have no idea what.

What do you think about Richie was arrested?

A few months had me totally broke anything back.

But now? Since he threw his charm into battle and you're back together?

I had to tell you to wait for him.

Have you spoken to him? We know each other a long time.

Since the girl I knew.

They climb onto the balcony, go through the windows in, steal the money.

And he climbs all the way back down.

Then the other leans over to him and says:

"Come back here." "Why? I just came down."

'Come upstairs.' So he climbs all the way up...

Climbs the balcony and says: 'What?' and the other guy says, "listen how this guy is snoring."

George Briggs, apparently a legend.

Is the boss in jail. It has advised me to be friends with him.

But the thing.

And your boss never seemed to understand this.

You think you're invincible. And as a free man...

You may have lived a life that you got protection.

The kind of protection that normal people do not understand.

But now you're here...

In jail...

Not the ones you pay for protection, you're like the rest.

And you're old. No one is more pressure to you.

The world does not care to know about the 'old way'.

To how things used to be, how it should be.

The world has moved on.

But you hold on to the good old days when respect still meant something.

A loss is a terrible thing. Are you talking about...

I'm talking about losing ways, because you wanted to interrupt me.

I'm talking about the lack of respect for intelligence, old or young.

We had confidence. But the only thing I see in your generation...

Is arrogance.

They were not 'good old days'...

But it was a lot better. There was order.

And respect was earned.

You did not become a director because you were the best candidate.

But because your predecessor died and you happen to be available.

I was appointed director...

Well done, director pryce, done well.

They are stepped in, but I do not.

I know people like you.

Under your tough image...

Are you afraid.

I see in your file that you applied for leave.

I already see your face that I do not get a leave.

Your attitude towards me has not really helped.

I'm no longer trusted in the system.

I lost my sense of humor since I'm here.

And now you've lost your chance to see your wife before she dies.

Do you ever think of suicide? No.

Do you use drugs or prescribed medicines?

I do not approve drugs. Yes or no?

Experiencing your feelings of anger or violence?

Of course not, damn it.

Are you in bed?

Did you ask the other question?

Is that a no?

Richie Archer, I heard a lot about you.

All good things, I hope? No Archer, not good at all.

Robbery, extortion, abduction, fire foundation. There is no end to it.

The fire foundation was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

The newspapers have blown it up, so I would ignore that.


You will appeal to me as a director.

And you will speak with the guards, sir.

I expect that you show respect, is that clear?

Violence and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, is that clear?

You will comply with the rules.

Transgressions will not be tolerated.

What does that mean? Not what he thinks.

You find yourself special, right? Not at all.

Not at all, sir.

Not at all, sir.

Think you can you behave like some king with a big dick?

What? King with a big dick.

Do not you dare.

Do not illusions.

I may be new here, but that means that there are new rules.

Do not behave properly...

And I will destroy you without a doubt.

Previously, you could have such a good punch.

Earlier I had seen it coming.

To the left.

Here. Oh, this way.

This way.

Here's your new cellmate.

Hello David. I have a new playmate for you.

I know you do not like being alone.

You okay, man?

Take the time to get to know each other.

Well, here we are. East west home is best.

I assume you still do room service?

I had you.

That's a pity, we had plenty of time made a difference.

It's good to see you, Richie Archer.

You look good. Do not lie, I'm tired.

That's why I'm here to redeem my fault.

Why are butch and Roy here? You'd just come.

You know how they are. Loyal to death.

More people means more risk. No worries.

It'll be fine. She has little time.

I know that.

You'll see Alice again, I give you my word.

I know I can count on you, as always.

Let's have a drink and socialize.

Jimmy Harper.

You I have not seen a long time. I am now living in Spain.

Have a nice cottage near Richie.

All right, Liz?

Everything is quiet and it's nice to have Richie back.

But you're okay?

Were you aware of this plan, Jimmy? The robbery?

Of course, I was there.

I brought the gold.

Very funny.

Why he did it, Jimmy?

For money? Or was it the adrenaline, the thrill?

Fancy a pint?

Louis, we do not know each other.

I'm Vic, how are you?

I stay here too.

I've been watching.

You ensure that you do not notice, I like that.

You do what you have to do without attracting attention.

In fact, you know what? The whole prison is fond of you.

If you think I did something, then you are wrong.

You are getting me wrong.

I do not think you've done something wrong.

It's just the opposite. Let me go, please.

Let me go. You must do me a favor.

Whatever, you need only ask.

Louis, I do here nowhere to ask.

I take what I want.

Say... You know Richie Archer?

The Archie gang. Yes, everyone knows them.

Should I murder him for you?

Murder him?

Tell me, have you ever killed anyone before?

But you want me to do that?

Once should be the first time, I think.

And you'll never forget the first.

The fear in their eyes when their lives from them decreased.

That's probably why I'd take what I want.

What are you doing?

You're right, Louis.

I would indeed die Archer.

But he is in another prison.

So I have a dilemma. Getting to hell in his neighborhood?

I said I would do what you want.

You already.

Why did you do it?

You were good here. You will love this luxurious get anywhere else.

Three hundred and 75.

What do you say?

Three hundred and 75, damn it.

So many months now I already fixed.

That's 10,873 days.

Maybe I will later calculate even the hours and minutes.

If you think so, you're crazy. I've been mad, damn.

Vic, hell...

Have you heard the news? About Archer? Yeah, you're probably happy.


Richie Archer is stuck in another prison...

More than 300 kilometers away.

So it's hard to grab him by the throat and rip his heart out.

They will die in prison, do not worry.

A natural death is not good enough, Donald.

You want me to rule anything?

No, but do not.

I want to be there when it happens.

I want to see it with my own eyes.

I want him to know that I am responsible.

But I want to do something else.

Before detachable Richie archers life.

What do you want me to do?

They are in custody in belkinwood.

Belkinwood has a new director.

A friend of ours.

She has everything a price.

Harry lets go have a chat with her and see if she can arrange...

That there will be a reunion. But, Vic...

Put the damn common.

You gotta do it, you know.

So I'm just not.

I do not belong to your world. Exactly so.

Whether you like it or not, you belong to Richie's world...

Which means you belong to my world.

The Archie gang was a group that commanded respect.

And Richie was...

Richie was many things.

But you know how it works.

There is always someone with more power.

Richie, my father, god.

My father took the blame for Richie's crimes.

He went all to jail, so he confessed.

So Richie was not too packed.

What should I do?

Talking to an old friend.

Convince him that we need their help.

Richie needs their help. Who then?

What the hell is going on?

You know the phrase: If I have to tell you, I have to murder you?

I will fulfill that threat if you are talking with someone.

Men. What is this about, Mr. Briggs?

I have my friend Richie told about your business out here.

What do you need? Cigarettes, chocolate, magazines?

These are not exactly everyday items here.

Do you know what I mean? Yes I know.

This is going to cost a lot.

He has the money.

Give me a few days, I'll see what I can do.

Well done. The faster the better.

Nervous male, right?

Look who's here.

Richie Archer. You do not look familiar to me, boy.

The name is razor.

And do not call me boy.

What happened? Did you have a senior-moment?

I mean, gold bars?

These are not the 80 old fools.

You should learn manners, friend.

You go make a crossword puzzle, grandpa.

Watch your words.


So you know west end Jon also? What do you say?

The world is small.

I had hoped that razor would ever learn that he should respect the elderly.

Come on, razor. Apologize.

I offer my apologies to anyone. I said, you apologize to.

I just make a little fun.

I call no excuses.

Say you're sorry.

Rot now.

What you stand staring hell?

Seems like a nice guy. Cute.

What is their story?

They have been arguing for years.

A family feud, long before they came here.

Spider is a great guy, but razor...

I have his gang threaten a few times.

He again need a refresher.

Vic farrow will soon be transferred.

And you, madam maestro, will ensure that he ends up in your prison.

Are you deaf?

I have never killed a woman.

But considering your job description, I am prepared to make an exception.

I can not do that, that's impossible.

Let's hope it's not impossible.

Because if you do not handle this, I will make big holes in you.

Do you want that?

I thought so.

You really remind me of a very good friend of mine.

Hands up.

Chas, you hopefully have something for me? Yes maybe.

Listen, you know what to say.

Just show it first.

Very nice. Is not it?

Demolished in South Africa, carved in Tel Aviv...

And a trader hired in antwerp.

Here you go.

That's how it goes.

You may want to rinse for a second.

Wait a second.

I feel that there is no keycard here.

But to be honest, that was a lot of demand.

But you have swallowed my payment. I know, I only have...

Some more time. I have run out of time.

I'm really sorry. Sorry.

But I will not let you down. You better.

Because if you do, butch will get that diamond out of your stomach again.

A process where you will not both enjoy the fun.

Thank you very much. Not meant to be wrong.

But when people approach me, they usually want something from me.

I am not in a shopping fundraiser.

Are you here to see someone?

Or is this about Richie?

How often do you come here? Almost every day.

That is the least they deserve. I did not know, but...

'M so sorry, Jack. Well...

She always said she would be a widow since I picked criminals.

So she did not know? I worked with the criminals?

Well, I think they had a suspect, but she never said anything.

Anyway, she could always play dumb.

How fascinating it all sounds...

We have to discuss pressing issues.

Damn Riley, you've changed a bit over the years.

I see that as a compliment. What you want.

So, what is this all about? And do not forget...

I have fulfilled my task. Your job?

Your job? You're not even started, houghton.

Richie stuck. I know that.

Silly old fool. What was he thinking?

At our age. Caught are intended.

Why would he...

It is a prison break. He needs you.

Lizzie, this is my world anymore. You know someone in prison.

Former member of the fraternity. I want to have nothing to do with this.

Should I remind you how much my father knows about you?

Richie has already done it. You're as free as a bird...

Because my father kept his mouth.

You have to go a long way before you is redeemed debt.

I'm asking your help because we really need you.

This is funny, you two conspirators.

Please, Richie and I... I do not...

Miss Richie and certainly not for her.

But I do it for myself.

I now still nothing better to do.

Our old friend Jack houghton has a friend in here.

Surely not that strange brotherhood? The freemasons?

I am also not happy with himself, but will not succeed without him.

There certainly are four doors between us and freedom.

Previously, you found a nice challenge.

To break open locks, I bend down, which is bad for my back and knees.

When are we going? As chas can deliver the latest item...

What did you think of tomorrow? I'll get my things.

That guy is a fucking legend.

The neighborhood is deteriorating.

So what does farrow here?

Such a thing does not happen.

He is here for us. I'll rip his head off.

That is not possible.

I do not want anyone gets into trouble.

We should avoid doing solitary.

Farrow is a sneaky dick.

Whatever he intends, he will act as quickly as possible.

Therefore I settled men.

But there is nothing changed. We still leave tomorrow.

Sly Vic, it's an honor.

I've never been a fan of that nickname...

But thanks anyway.

We need someone like you needed that here the rules.

I thought the venerable Mr. Briggs for certain rules.

That old bag is no longer the years.

You can not even get a little drugs.

Do you mean that there is no one bringing in?

He insisted that it was all shut down.

He always says that drugs are bad for you.

Well, maybe we can do business together.

The new director is difficult. Leave that to me.

I'll take.

You know you should concentrate on finding the suitable men.

You can count on me and my boys. And how are you?

Twenty-five guaranteed.

Maybe more, if they hear that we work together.

Ask around and find out who's missing a bit of that.

And this, right?

Tell him I can arrange anything they want.

Then the number of men doubled now.

You know what, buddy?

I think the mighty Richie Archer finally moving towards its doom.

Apparently you wanted to see me.

I do not like when people force me to do anything, certainly not with a gun.

And I do not like being interrupted.

I wondered why you wanted so badly here.

I just need to get something straight, nothing more.

Here is someone else better?

So these nocturnal secret meeting takes only about...

So you can tell me that you want a drug-free prison.


It is a part of the profit, am I right?

I have no idea what you mean.


I'm flattered that you think I'm so young.

Thirty? I take care of myself, eat healthy.

Maybe you are mislead.


I will stand in the light.

Perhaps the darkness hid my smile lines.

Now I see it clearly.

You're obviously 50.

Vol vitamin d. Good for your bones and teeth.

But you have your own teeth anymore, do you?

If you continue, you lose your teeth as well.

Mr. farrow want you to come sit with him.

Well you heard something, Roy?

And you, butch? Nothing, man.

I said, Mr. farrow want you to come sit with him.

You know how much this costs? Less than a canned dog food, incredible, right?

Dogs eat better than we do.

I love dogs and they certainly deserve a nice luxury meal...

I'm talking to you, geriatric dick.

You tell Mr. farrow I'll talk to him when I'm ready.

Until then he will just have to wait quietly.

Think you can remember that all?

Or should I put it on your forehead with my plastic knife?

What is going on here?

I asked what was going on here. My friend orders the veal.

That is apparently very delicious.

I'll tell you something. The frog who shares a cell tonight with butch...

Could better wear a gas mask.

Nice to see you, it's been a long time.

Not long enough.

Come on, friend.

Do not do that, you do not mean that.

We are just two boys from the old neighborhood who are finally together again.

Why are you here, Vic?

You know, I've been through this for almost 30 years now.

And now the moment has come I'm actually wearing my mouth full of teeth.

I do not know.


Karma, that's a good word. Let's use that.

That's very zen of you.

I've never seen as an enlightened person.

Lighting is a good word.

Like the day I heard who had tricked me, which was very enlightening.

You do not still says you're innocent?

Innocent? No.

I never said that I am innocent, surely not, I'm not a Saint.

Like you.

But we know that I never should be blamed for the murders.

Not in a million years.

Unfortunately, nobody is listening to you.

At this moment, but soon that will happen.

Soon everyone knows what you and conniving houghton did.

Well, you put your cards on the table.

A map.

Your lady.


It would be tragic if something would happen to her, right?

Whatever you are planning, Vic, I would strongly discourage you.

Just stop with that tough talk.

That does not work for me, I've known you too long.

Anyway, if your lady is indeed something might happen...

Then that is entirely your fault.

Now her safety is in your hands, Richie.

Carmen, I am. Dad, where are you?

It's a bit complicated. Complicated? What happened?

Where are you? That does not matter.

I just want you to listen very carefully to me.

Grab your gear and go spend a few weeks with friends.

Dad, what's going on? I love you, Carmen.

Just do not ask questions, pack your things and leave the house now.

Yes, Chinese restaurant. Jimmy, it's me.

Sorry, friend. Simply the loose ends to each other at the nodes.

We have a problem. Carmen is potentially at risk.

What do you want me to do? Go as fast as possible back to Spain.

Call Carmen and protect her. I'm on my way.

I might get changed me first. You can not be serious?

You were lucky this time.

Well, those are the photos of the boys.

He still has it, right?

Should I know about you two anything?

Lizzie... Are you okay?

Not really. I have no time to explain.

You have to do something for me. Go to Jack houghton...

And whether he wants to visit Vic farrow.

Vic farrow? He's here.

I do not know, but he's here.

Are you safe?

Depends how safe prison, according to you.

Listen, Vic has threatened to go after Carmen.

Ask Jack if he wants to take the farrow recording.

He knows what that means. What does Richie mean?

You do not need to know, Lizzie.

Just ask if he wants to take me for farrow.

I really worry, Richie.

Do not. Day.

You're gonna get me out of here, Richie?

I'm a man of my word. Farrow is just a complication.

But your mate did not succeed.

You should have dropped farrow with a concrete block in the thames when it was possible.

I've said to you yet.

I thought I had solved it.

And I do not like to kill people unless they want to kill me.

I've always found a peculiar trait.

I know you're there, Harry.

Keep that damn anyway it on.

This is what I do.

What do you want from me?

I have a job for you.

I do not do chores. Kidnapping, bring him here.

Vic wants to have fun when he is released.

I do not do chores.

Put the damn common.

I'm not one of your cronies that you can recommend.

You're Mr. farrow's payroll, so you do what I say.

So I can say to you what I want.

Do what you're told, old man.

The details are in the envelope.

Your girlfriend, Jenny.

Do you remember your hair yet? Of course, her soul can rest.

Her death... Murder.

You know what happened.

She was forced to take drugs and that makes the murder.

We all know who then acted in drugs.

Farrow. Indeed.


Richie wanted me to laced farrow so he entered prison.

Scotland yard had many unresolved issues and I chose a good one.

A massacre between gangs, so the press called it.

So I provided enough evidence to get farrow at the scene of the murder.

It used to be so much easier. What is the recording?

Some geordie rig. Fenwick was his name, I believe.

He was somewhere else for fixed and known suddenly.

If we had him indicted, the case collapsed.

So you hid the picture with the confession?

True-ie? Safety.

It's very simple.

You meet farrow and gives him the shot.

He calls his men back and Richie escape.

That recording can exonerate farrow.

And with a golden handshake on top.

Are you satisfied with that?

I just want my father, my mother could see again.

Well detective, here we are.

I'm not a detective anymore.

You know what?

I expected you'd be dead by now.

Why that?

Agents like you have nothing but their job, right?

Most end up in a room with a bottle of whiskey and a noose for company.

Let's just get this over with.

I could murder him with my bare hands, really.

Lizzie, look at me.

It's all good, believe me.

But do you really think you can...


Is everything settled?

Vic is a problem and I love control and order.

And Vic is not to control.

If you are calling him something, you'll never be free.

I'll be honest with you.

We chose this yourself. Maybe it should be.

We have all done enough to earn it.

What about me?

Did you even a second thought to how I would feel?

Well, you just go on with your life.

You really are an idiot.

And I thought that we took a chance.

Sorry. But I have nothing to.

Do not touch.

Sorry, Mr. Riley. The rules are clear.

You know what? Like you...

Tonight would be so happy to die from a massive stroke...

At least you have done something good in your miserable, pathetic life.

You know what, farrow?

I think I'll stay a few more years of life to make you angry.

You have had bad luck with your application for a single cell, I heard.

Two rejections in three years?

Three in four.

Well, for information...

The new director is forced to give your own cell...

If you are found to be dangerous, you know?

You mean you want me to kill someone?

This new cellmate of yours, that big jerk...

I'd like to get out of the way.

And if that were to happen...

Then you go two weeks in solitary...

And then you immediately get a private cell.

All alone.

"May your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night."

"And if you act, strike like lightning."

Take your fuck with me? It's a quote.


I know when someone takes me the piss.

You should better watch your words.

Otherwise, are you lost your tongue before you can say psychopathic madman.

Do you understand me? Yes, Mr. farrow.

Good, David.

I know you're there, so come on out.

I knew it. Mr. farrow doing greetings.

Am I missing something? Yes, a few brain cells.

What did you say?

Let's get this. Where's Lizzie Davis, damn it?

Safe. You had to bring her here.

There are rules. Do not start the good old days.

This is the 21st century, the krays his death.

The old rules no longer apply.

No women or children. A job is a job.

Money is money. Go get it now.

You know who she is? I do not care fuck me.

Mr. farrow wants you to kidnap her, so... Where the hell are you?

Mr. Archer says goodbye.

Stupid jerk.

I let my victims disappear by means of potassium hydroxide.

It is a very effective way.

Have you ever tried it?

Unfortunately, no. I would think so.

Given your background. What do you know about my background?

You know what to do with a corpse.

You will be seen as a kind of artist.

Who have you been talking? I hear things.

Yeah, right.

Come on, what's going on?

You say nothing against me all day and now you're talking about acid baths.

Potassium hydroxide is an alkaline.

Well, excuse me. I just wanted to socialize.

Discuss shared interests.

And that's the only reason?



What's wrong with him? He wants me to kill you.

Why did it not done? If I killed someone...

I do so because I have fun at myself.

Not because some guy raised it recommends me.

I do not like you really.

You're loud, rude...

And your personal hygiene leaves much to be desired, but still...

I do not need to murder you.

Thanks for the love. I believe...

Your friends are in trouble.

Carmen, my beloved daughter... First I hear nothing from you...

Then I must leave and now I hear Jimmy you stuck.

What is going on? Sorry, friend.

I'm sorry, but I just want you safe.

Do not worry? Did you tell anyone?

No, I did not tell anyone where I was going.

I know.


I have to call you back, something intervened.

What the hell is going on?

Is everything alright? I enjoy to the fullest.

Vic has clearly worked out his plan.

Really? It was not noticed.

Let him go.

Stay where you are, that's enough.

Georgie boy, come out and play.

Come on, where are you? It is the postman.

Come on, George. You do not go with old friends.

Have you guys learned anything? Turn around and flicker on.

I'm invincible.

Come in, Victor.

Hello, George. How are you friend?

Sorry I did not come past.

But I was busy.

What do you want, damn?

It is like this...

I've tried to figure out how long it's been...

That we had that bad guy. I do not have a precise date.

But I thought you were taken away.

But things change, George.

I mean while you've surrounded yourself with muscle bundles...

And used your reputation...

I built a reputation with my own hands.

You have always been a nasty mormon.

Somebody had to finish you years ago.

Unfortunately, no one had the guts to do so.

Is that what you think?

Nobody gave enough.

Nobody thought of you.

There was always something more important work than to clean you out of the way.

I see you know I'm right.

You are a plague.

An annoying fly that nobody could kill.


That Anne-Marie?

My daughter, yes.

You have a little too much shade used on the edges...

But it's not bad.

And how is Alice?

Do not talk about her. I heard it was bad.

Alzheimer's, right?

That is a terrible disease, George.

It lets you forget everything.

And everyone.

It's funny that you say...

She's your daughter.

Alice has never said anything to you? She never mentioned it?

That would not do.

But she was beautiful before.

A striking appearance.

She now looks certainly not anymore.

Age is cruel. Forget one, just like me.

Get in there. But given the Alzheimer...

They will probably not remember what a real man could do with her body...

With her mouth with her damn k...

I used her, George.

If a piece of meat.

And when we were finished, she could barely walk.

I was surprised that she kept the baby.

Do you honestly never looked at Anne-Marie and thought...

She looks a bit like Vic?

You are lying.

Precisely, even now you can not admit it.

You can not avoid death, George.

And I'm dead.

It was July 23, 1973.

That was the last time we have fought together.

I'm away, I dragged myself out.

But this time I walk away.

Get this clown away. George Briggs is in danger.

Send someone over there, now.

Go look at Briggs.

He is dead. How do you mean?

He's dead, he was stabbed.

I pull your head off. Stop him.

Why not you fagot, cripple dick.

Dirty bastard.

Very tragic George. Look out, old man.

Get your hands. I see you're upset.

Let me know if I can help with anything.

It would be nice if you could slow and painful death.

I plan to start enjoying the good life.

Somewhere outside the slum shit.

And thanks for that recording.

My legal team this afternoon comes along.

We're going to listen to it.

And then we decide how much compensation I will ask the authorities.

Oh, and that whole thing... Carmen magicians call it deception.

You send Jimmy to Spain to watch your beautiful daughter.

He should have been here to save Lizzie.

You have a blunt smile.

Smile but because here comes a lot of shit.

Your partner is dead and Lizzie is safe and alive.

Nonsense, you're lying.

He is not lying.

I do not know what you think, but for me the fun is down here.

I think we are no longer welcome.

Sir, you have to see this.

Still ticking up, that's not mine.

Maybe, but this is not really yours.

Put him in the insulating cell. Hurry up.

Close them all up.

Everyone immediately returned to his cell. Immediately.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I was wondering if you received my application.

Stay away from me. Keep away captive.

I was wondering if you received my application.

I said, go back.


Anne-Marie, I'm so sorry about your father.

Please, I really do not need your sympathy.

You really like him, right?

Yes that's right.

And I'm very proud.

My mother is the deceased night.

I wanted to tell my father until he was free.

I thought he would give it differently and would remain in jail.

At least they are together now.

Do you think that it works?

I do not know.

I just think it's better to give up hope.

If heaven and hell do exist...

My father Richie would need again to escape.

They give the body only released after the investigation.

That could take weeks.

They say they have the man responsible for it...

But we all know who really did it.

He's the devil.

If he is not the devil, he comes in a close second place.

I will leave you alone.

I help them still escape.

That would have liked my father.

It makes no sense if we both have a broken heart.

The plan still continues.

Jack, are you in?

You know why I'm here?


It must be done tonight. The food here is terrible.

And the view also is nothing. Stupid idiot.

You really do not know why I'm here.

You had only to say that you wanted to be with her.

I know it's not ideal...

Fucking shut up and listen to me.

This is a great woman, who for unknown reasons you really likes.

But you are a perfect fit.

And it happens not so often that you get such an opportunity.

But if it is so...

If it does, then you take your chance.

You will not let her.

And make sure you do not lose it.

Because you never know how long she's still there.

So, Richie Archer, listen carefully.

I let my friend take any risks because I help in a jailbreak.

But because Lizzie deserves a chance to be happy the rest of her life.


So, hurry up, flashy bag.

Let's quickly go have a beer. My treat.

No, I'm what you owe, friend.

Since you razor made angry, we are now friends.

I can not and are not too kind to him.

Drug dealers, right.

I take it you're not a fan of drugs?

Surprised you?

Many people think that if you are young and securely, using drugs, but no.

What exactly is your problem... Raisin.

What my problem is with him? Yes, it seems to be quite personal.

As between you and the new.

If you think about razor as if I shit on that bag...

I can help you to put some things right.

Razor killed my brother.

I find annoying to hear.

You do not say. Yes, because I know how you feel.

You do not quite know. Yes I know.

My brother was killed by a bunch of assholes...

So I know how you feel and I feel very sorry for you.

What happened?

My brother got the wrong friends...

I was here, so no one could protect him...

And then he gave him bad drugs.

He tied him up, injected the stuff and he was dead.

In two weeks farrow has its act together.

Dan will be here everywhere to find drugs. His drugs.

Therefore razor working with him. They are the same.

What should I do? I do not have enough people to compete against them.

During the day, no.

All guards to the control room.

Let him go.

Hope you do not mind that I'm here, I just wanted to talk to you.

You filthy piece of shit.

This chaos is your fault, right?

Much influence I have not, friend.

What have we here?

Knowing you is this bad cut.

Do you ever wonder why your brother did to me?

Do not talk about my brother.

I'm going to ask you a question.

And your answer will determine what will happen next.

Here is-ie.

You know her name?

Her name. I want to hear her name.

Whose name, damn it? I'll give you a hint.

She was 16 years old. Nice girl.

And a little rebellious. What was her name?

I do not know what you're talking about.

One night she did not come home. Friends, family, neighbors, everyone was looking for her.

What was her name?

It can finally clear. What was her name?

Jane. Vic no, it was not Jane.

Stop that.

She was found dead in a squat in lambeth.

She choked on her own vomit. What was her name?

Her name was Jenny, damn.

Jenny white.

I did not force her. I have warned you.

Time and time again, to keep your stuff out of my area.

But you listened? No, not fucking.

I know it again.

She had red hair.

Blue eyes and freckles.

And you're right.

She was really very beautiful.

And she could fucking well.

I've had it with you, Vic.

Everybody has had it with you.

George was right. This is what I should have done years ago.

Listen, you want revenge? Sure.

Well, that's my specialty. Here.

Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Take care of yourself.

Try to stay alive.

Are you leaving? It is just interesting.

I would be happy to help you, but it's time for me to go.

One of you is here, he's hurt.

Come on, you know you want it to say. Who are popping headache.

Luckily you're clever, because your jokes are terrible.

What would you have said? Get the uniforms.

And grab the flares, which may still be useful.

Do you think the prisoners can come here?

No idea, but all the doors are open. So it is possible.

Additional emergency services and agents are on their way.

Will the director? I'm just not that good.

Should I take it differently? Give me a moment.

I go to my office.

Let the cops out. They have no key?

Just let them through.

There's only one, I'll handle it.

Seven gate is open.

You want to join us.

Do not worry, he's a good guy.

He is a psychopath. Yes you're right about that.

The word psychopath is used too easily.

Shall we?

That's for my brother, damn.


The exit's this way. Pryce wants me all speak very long.

And I do not want to disappoint her.

Come on, man. Well, come on, man.

It is not necessary. Take it easy, butch.

Without him we would not be here.

He is friends with houghton.

The police have the situation under close control, so we have to hurry.

So I can not murder him? Keep your head still, butch.

Keep going, turn left at the next gate.

Where are you going? In the control room.

And how do we get out?

He will be in the control room, butch.

I gotta go back, otherwise it falls on.

I'm the last gate open and then you can go outside.

Sounds risky. That's the plan, butch.

There's one.

Please, David, we can solve this.

You want your own cell, right?

I can arrange that for you. I can arrange for you anything you want.


This begging is not very dignified.

And to be honest...

It has no utility.

I just pierced the left carotid artery.

Well, an educated lady will realize...

That when I do this, which actually acts as a stop, pull back...

You still have about two minutes to handle your affairs.

Is your time...

Now in.

Which is supposed to be open. Can we trust him?

He houghtons friend. A corrupt cop?

That's not a good recommendation. Shall we go?

He closed the gate. We are stuck.

I'm sure that's a bad "hmm".

There have agents to the b-wing.

Stay down, do not move.

Shut up, butch.

I've worked with him enough to know that he needs silence.

Really great that masons.

Hello friend, where do you were?

The canteen and the a-wing are safe again.

What are you doing?

Where the additional agents go?

Who has applied for a helicopter?

Close the door and check again

well, you can relax.

Come on, hurry up. No time to lose.

Time for the flares, butch.

Why are we still here?

I did not know you were a pilot. I'm not.

I'm terribly sorry that George did not make it.

Richie, darling, you've tried.

And it was us almost succeeded. Yes that's right.

Time to say goodbye.

I would like to be at the funeral. I know that.

Do me a favour.

For this and this and the helicopter? Whatever you want.

Take good care of her.

Of course. Tell her how much you care about her.

There never was very good at it.

Well, who is looking forward to a trip to the promised land?

I thought we were going to America?

Are you sure you want it?

Are you sure you want me to go?

Are you sure you want to ask that question?

Wait a second.


Take somebody kidding me?

What is wrong with that? Do I look like a bagpipe?

I think, boyo.

Hamish is a Scottish name.

That was Scottish.


That is very useful.

This is how we steal in the new way.

But it's so much less fun. Yes, I do not think it's anything.

Give me a sloop room.

Good afternoon gentlemen.

Sir Edward, nice to meet you at last.

Take place.

Well, at work.

Before we start...

I wondered if you were not robbed a while ago.

That information is not correct. No, that was here.

In London, not long ago.

One was emptied your vaults?

Yes, there was an incident, but the perpetrators are caught.

I heard that there was a team.

That occurred when armed police...

And took the money.

But as you said, the thieves have been caught.

So no one checked whether the gold bars in the vault or were real gold.

And this is the best.

The real gold is melted down and sold back to your bank.

For a good price, though.

Can you believe how rude some people.

Why are you here? Why?

So you can prove to us that under the expensive suit...

A decent man is hidden.

I have here a list of charities that we go to the heart.

We want you to show how you're philanthropic...

By making a donation to these foundations.

Out of your own pocket, of course. I will certainly not do.

Yes, you do, unless you want your state tomorrow in the newspaper.

I've done my homework.

I know all about insider trading.

That's extortion. It's actually blackmail.

Do you really think you get away with this?

I do not see why not. You are doing it for years.

The only difference between our two worlds...

Is that bankers are not sent to prison.

Do not tell me that bankers have ruined the world.

Without the bank's common people could not buy bigger houses...

Or expensive cars.

You mean to borrow money to buy?

And do not believe you're talking about the common people.

Those people can not afford these things.

Maybe they have to work harder. May I address him?

Roy, calm down.

Show compassion, he's older than us.

Well sir Edward, if this offer is not attractive enough for you...

Let me give you one...

How do you call that? A stimulus.

No, that is not strong enough. More attractive.

What can you promise me to let me change my mind?

I see it as a threat, old boy.

The gold that was stolen. The gold that was sold to you.

Who was actually real?

I mean.

And one thing is for sure if you're talking about the Chinese...

They are incredibly driven businessmen.

And very protective of their affairs.

Do it right. It will please some people...

And the rest amaze.

You're right, that's magenta.

Do you think it is okay?

I hope so.

This work can be put on the tie.

He looks tired. He needs holiday.

The bad guys never rest. Who do you call bad?

Anyway, you need proper holiday.

Retirement, in fact. Remember, I'm the youngest.

Just stop, butch.

You've been saying for 30 years now.

I think nothing unless it hangs upside down.

No, I'm still nothing.

Worth three million.

Three million, I should be an artist.

We can always steal it.

We have principles. We do not steal art.

At least, not bad art. What now, Richie?

We are going to steal yet more gold? Maybe.

But first I need to talk to a guy over a female.

What lady? Black.

About as big.

She is beautiful.

I thought never to see again.

Thanks, Richie.

Thank you gave shelter. You'd come a long time.

I almost took it personally. I've had a busy life.

But it was to see such a good life.

Good to see you, buddy. You too.

Listen, we will not be too long to load.

Actually, I was hoping you would stay and could help me with something.

We have some problems with the taormina family.

We're a bit too old for that kind of work.

Age brings wisdom.

We have used violence, but the message does not come through.

What do you need? A subtle, smart approach.

Subtle and smart. Yes, we can.

Why does it feel like I can not refuse this offer?

You can refuse but I feel so you want to do it.