Weathering with You (2019) Script

This is a story only she and I know about.

The story of the secret of this world.

It was like a pool of light.

She ran out of the hospital.

Praying with all her heart, she crossed the torii gate.


Now I wonder if what I saw that day was just a dream.

But it wasn't a dream.

That summer day, up in the sky, we changed the shape of the world.

[I'm a 16-year-old high school student]

We're expecting very heavy rain shortly.

It's gonna rain again I thought it had finally cleared.

We ran into a typhoon on the island too.

Excuse me.


For your safety, please go back inside.

Here it comes!


Thank you very much.

What a storm it was.

[I'm looking for a well-paid part-time job]

This is delicious.

Boy, sure you don't want any?

Yeah, I'm not hungry.

Really? Thanks for treating me.

Don't mention it! You saved me.

Yeah. That was close.

Oh. Right.

It's the first time I saved someone's life.


By the way... do they sell beer here?

Shall I get you one?

So expensive...

A grown-up man scrounging on me...

Tokyo is scary.

[Where can I get one without Student ID?]

It's raining again.

Boy, why did you come to Tokyo?

Ehm... To visit a relative.

Ah, summer vacation starts early at my school.


If you ever need help, contact me.

See ya, boy.

[K&A Planning]

I won't.

Earn more with your phone! We love money the most!

[Manga cafe]

Shower's 280 yen for 20 minutes.


It suddenly started pouring down again...

Don't you ever learn? It's a pain to clean up.


Last year's instances of sudden torrential rain were largely exceeded this year...


[No such jobs]

[It's against labor laws]

[Sex club boys don't need ID.]


Huh, are you really in university?

Your ID?


Forget it It's not stuff for kids.

Sudden downpours expected...

Tokyo is scary.

[Living in Tokyo] [Expenses, job interviews]

I've got to start saving.

[Shinjuku Station]

Please, don't sit here.


All you can drink for 1800 Master!

Hey, wait a minute

Everything ticket touts say is a lie.

Don't hand them money in the street.

You'll never get it back.

Hey, you?

What are you doing here? Are you a minor?

Hey! Wait!

You jerk!

Tokyo is scary.


I don't want to go home.

Never again...

Well, who's this?

Is he sleeping?

On the floor?

Hey, are you a customer?


Hey... is he okay?

He's fine.

Get out of the way.


It has to be a toy weapon.


Uhm... This?

For you. Don't tell anyone.

Huh? But, why?

That's your only dinner in like three days, no?

In my 16 years, I think that one... was the most delicious dinner I have had.

Hey, when can we meet again?

How about the day after tomorrow?

Great! I found a nice cafe.

I'll book a table.

See you, Nagi-kun.

Bye, Ayane.

An elementary schooler?

How lucky! I was hoping to see you.

Hi, Kana Nagi-kun.

He's a ladies' man...

Did you curl your hair?

Yes! What do you think?

You look great! Very cute!

Tokyo is something else...

[K&A Planning - Downstairs]

It should be here.

It doesn't work...

Excuse me. I called you earlier, I'm Morishima.

Suga-San, are you in?

Ah, Suga-San?



Wait, this isn't right.

Hm, morning S... sorry, I'm...

Ah, the new assistant. Kei-Chan told me about you.

Huh? No, I haven't yet...

I'm Natsumi. Nice to meet you.

Finally someone else will do my routine work...

Hey, boy...


You looked at my boobs.

I didn't!

Boy, what's your name?

Morishima Hodaka.

Hodaka-kun... It's a beautiful name.

Are you employed here, Natsumi-San?

Huh? Wanna know about me and Kei-Chan?


Haha, funny It's like you think.


I've never seen a mistress before...

Long time no see, boy. Have you lost weight?

Hey, don't tell me that you went to play pachinko?

So, boy, you are looking for a job, right?

This is what we are doing in here now.

We write for time-honored and prestigious magazines.

[The man who came from 2062]

[Downpours and weather weapons]

[Human sacrifices protecting Tokyo]

Our next feature is "Urban Legends"

Go and interview people who witnessed or experienced some.

Huh, but I...

Any topic will do Like getting spirited away, prophecies, human trafficking, these You kids like that stuff, right?

How about this?

An internet rumour... the 100% Sunshine Girl

[100% Sunshine Girl] [Trump is an AI] [CD on Mars]

Sunshine Girl?

I'm a Sunshine Girl!

It's raining so much this year.

He ignored me?

There's a demand for that.


Come on, you've got zero initiative.

She's got an interview appointment. Go along and listen.

Huh? Me? Right now?

You're on probation!

An intern No, really. I can't...

Of course, sunshine girls do exist.

I knew it!

And also rain girls.

[Senpikan] (Psychic)

Sunshine girls are possessed by a fox god.

And rain girls are possessed by a dragon god.

Hm? Yes?

Dragon god individuals drink a lot. They yearn for water.

They're strong-willed and competitive, but a bit careless and unreliable.

Huh, maybe that's me.

Fox god individuals are hardworking, but too weak-hearted to be leaders.

Many are beautiful.

That's me.

The weather is off-balance now, so more sunshine and rain girls are born.

The Gaia homeostasis hypothesis I see~~

But, we must be careful.

Messing with nature always has a cost.

Whoever uses too much weather power, gets spirited away.


I will be careful.

So, how was it?

A so-called psychic talked at length about fantasy novel like stuff.

If you use too much power, you'll get spirited away.

I see. That kinda stuff.

Weather isn't some kind of power.

It's a natural phenomenon.

Look, I know but we're providing entertainment here.

Is that all you've written so far? Slow...


Aah, but it's not bad.

All right boy, you're hired!

Wait a minute! I didn't say I was...

It's a live-in job.

With meals.


I'll do it! Please hire me!

Good. What's your name again?

You're funny It's Hodaka-kun, right?


There Here I'm underage.

Let's celebrate Hodaka's hiring.


That was the first meal I shared with someone since I came to Tokyo.

This is when my new life started.

It was a small editorial company run only by Suga-San and Natsumi-San.

I did all the office chores.

Starting from Suga-san's personal care Answering the phone, filling receipts, transcribing interviews.

Is that all you've written so far?

This isn't mine.

Suga-San is out of office...

With Natsumi-san's bike, sometimes we rode around town.

[A middle schooler?]

They're looking for a sunshine girl.

Really? That's hilarious.

My sis' friend is a real sunshine girl. She calls her the day before a date...

[Weather Research Lab] We're not interested.

Then, the weather balloon's videosonde picked up something strange.

A swarm of moving objects among the cumulonimbi.

Is that all you've written?

Why didn't you get a discount?

He's out of office...

This paragraph is crap.


But this ain't bad.


[New Pachinko Machine]

Suga-San, come on, wake up.

My days were hectic.

But, for the first time, someone was relying on me.

And then, those rainy days in Tokyo, passed in a flash!

Rain (Ame)

Rain (Ame)

Rain (Ame)

Rain (Ame)

There you are.

How's it going, Ame?

Yeah? Good boy.

It's an easy job, you'll see, don't worry.


Just give it a try. You'll get paid right away.

Our club is right there.

That girl...

Give it a go, and earn yourself some bucks.

It's right there. Let's go!


Let's go!

Hey... Wait a minute!

Wait, you...

Just keep running!

Listen to me!

You brat!

Hey hey hey, you What do you think you're doing?

You were forcing her.


Are you dumb?

We've made a deal.

Don't tell me...

You're the brat that was squatting in front of our club?

What's this, a payback?

Please, stop it!


Get off me!

What's that? A toy gun?

You really are dumb.

Get up!


What was that for? To thank me that burger?

Where did you get that gun? Who are you?


I found it. I thought it was a toy.

It was like a lucky charm for me.


You pointed it at that guy!

You could have killed him!

I can't believe it! You make me sick! You are the worst!

I... got fired from my part-time job...

Was it my fault?

No, nothing to do with that burger.

But, that's why...

I need a well-paid job.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...

Hey, does it hurt?

Not really.

You're a runaway, aren't you? I can tell.

But, you can't enjoy Tokyo with this rain.

Huh? Yeah...

Come with me.

Hey, it will clear up now.


Hey, what do you mean...

A sunshine girl!?

I'm Hina. And you?


How old are you?


Younger than me.

I will be...


18, next month.

Huh? No way You should treat me with respect.

Nice to meet you, Hodaka.


Mom, there's a fish.

Really? That's nice.

Don't say bullshit.

I'm serious. This way.

Look, over there.

Can't see anything.

It's there. Look harder.

What is that?

The Kanto region is experiencing record-breaking rainfall this summer.

It has been raining countinuously for two months.

The 30 days forecast predicts more heavy rain for another month.

[Sunshine For You]

The Meteorological Agency said it's an extremely exceptional...

[5000 yen]

Too expensive?

Hey, hey! Look, it's amazing!


[Fell down with the rain... something?]

[Took it the Cosmo Hall parking lot. Something fell?]

[The fafrotskies!!]

[A mysterious object from the sky. Like a see-through jellyfish.]

They kind of look like fish.

They fell from the sky?

But, they left no trace...

They instantly disappear. Look at it!

Hey, do you remember what the guy we interviewed said?

The sky's a deeper unknown world than the sea.

A cumulonimbus can hold as much water as a whole lake.

So, it could as well harbor an uncharted ecosystem.

Like, these fish?

I guess. Amazing, isn't it?

That means... we can make good money from it!

Huh? What?

You are starting to sound exactly like Kei-Chan.

You'll be a boring grown-up.

Don't put off your sunshine girl.

You're going on a date, right?

It's not a date, I just...

I'm going to look for a job.

Job? Don't you work here?

I'm just hanging out.

But I'm telling you, it's not a date.

I understand how you feel, Keisuke-San.

But, she finally stopped talking about you.

It would be cruel to meet her now.

But... I have the right to see her.

Besides, you smoke, don't you?


She's got asthma.

You're too inconsiderate.

I... quit smoking... a little while ago.


You give a bad impression.

It's raining all the time this year.

She can't play outside, and it's bad for her asthma.

I feel sorry for children nowadays.

We used to have beautiful springs and summers.

They can't live together, just the two of them.

You're right...

Wait a second...

Can it be that... that I'm visiting a girl's home... for the first time!

Welcome, Hodaka. You got lost, didn't you?

No, uhm... It's not much, but...

Thank you for it. Come in.

Thank you.


[Potato chips]


Hodaka, did you have lunch?

Not yet... But, it's okay!

Just sit there, don't worry Can I use these?


Thank you.

Do you live alone, Hina-San?

With my younger brother. We had some problems.


And you, Hodaka? Why did you run away?

I found it suffocating...

That town and my parents...

I see.

Shouldn't you go back?

I don't want to.

I see.

Sorry I made you wait Woah!

Ah, chives, chives!


Hey, how's it living in Tokyo?

Eh? Oh...

Come to think of it, I don't feel suffocated anymore.

Really? Happy to hear that!

Let's eat.

What? An earthquake?

No, no...

It's the train.

Hodaka, are you serious?

[Sunshine For You]

Well, you are a real sunshine girl, right?


You can clear up the sky just by praying, right?


Don't you need a job?

I do. But I can't just charge people for that.

I don't think the nightlife business is for you, Hina-San.


What are you looking at!?

I'm not looking at anything!


Isn't 5000 yen too expensive?

Shall we do 3000 yen, then?

Considering living expenses, though...

Maybe we need some graphics.

Ah, I'll draw them!

What's that? A hippo?

It's a frog...


It's done!

[Sunshine For You]

Then, I'll upload it, okay?


I'm home.

Sis, I'd like some sardines...

Who are you?

You are the boy from the bus!


Do you know each other?

Hodaka, this is my brother Nagi.

Nagi, he is Hodaka, my business partner.

[New request]

We've got a request!

You've already uploaded it!?

It's "we want a good weather for a flea market."

It's tomorrow!

Wait a minute! Am I really going to do this!?

Widespread rain tomorrow...

It's gonna rain tomorrow!

That's the whole point!

Who the hell is that guy?

Don't worry, Hina-San! I'll help you!


Hina-San, please use this!

Sorry, I won't.

Heh, but I've got another secret weapon for you!

Sorry, I don't need it...

You have to be kidding me, Hodaka!

Who called those weirdos?

We thought they might bring good luck...

Don't push yourselves too hard!

We're almost there!

Hina-San, do you need water?

Sis, do you want a candy?

Tell them to go home Okay The sky's clearing up!

No way!

It cleared up!

It's been ages, huh?

Look, look! After so long!

So beautiful!


How was it?

You guys are awesome.

You're a real sunshine girl.

I'm so surprised.

You're great!

Even if it was a coincidence.

It wasn't!

How is 20000 yen?

It's too much!

You get a bonus, because you are cute.

Thank you so much! We'll sell a lot more now.


You're amazing, Sis!

I feel I can do this!

Cool! Let's make money with the weather!


[New request]

[I'm Negi, nice to meet you.] [I heard of the sunshine girl via SNS.] [My friend from France will come in 3 days...]

[Dear Sirs, nice to meet you-]

[Make sunny weather for our wedding, please]

[On the sports day!]

The human mind works in mysterious ways.

Like you just need to see the sun shining in the morning to feel energized.

A blue sky makes you feel happy you're alive.

It makes you feel more in love with that someone by your side.

It's once in a lifetime, you know!

I want to wear white under the blue sky...

To watch the meteor shower...

It never wins on rainy days...

I've worked hard in that sweatshop just for today!

I want to play outside...

Everyone had their own reason to pursue sunshine in rainy Tokyo.

[Asakusa Festival, Toro Nagashi]

Hina-San was only able to clear a small spot for a brief time.

But, the sky would always answer her prayers.

[It's a mystery!] [Sporadic spots of sunshine]

She was really the "100% Sunshine Girl"

It was like the whole town was dressing up.

What a wonderful world I was born into... I thought.

Smile, please!

Go! Go! Keep going!

Look, there's more!

Go! Go!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you so much!

We've could really influence people by the weather.

I realized how much the human heart is connected with the sky.

[There's miso in the pot. - H.]

I'm off.

To where?

[Terror alert]

Is it cancelled due to the rain?

It's already past noon.

When does it start?

I've changed clothes to come here.

[It's raining!!! Tell us what's going on!]

[Surely cancelled for this year]

Shall we go home?

[Everyone, make teru teru bouzu bolls!]

I'm tired.

I've read about how amazing the "100% Sunshine Girl" is on the internet.

But are you sure about that? To rely on a sunshine girl for such a big event..

It's going to rain all week. We won't be able to postpone it.

In this situation, we're even ready to rely on a charm.

The Jingu Gaien fireworks will start at 7pm as scheduled.

I... love this...

This job, the sunshine girl job.

I was able to find my role in life...

At least I feel like...

Or maybe... not not not not not not not!

Maybe not not not not not...

Yes or no?

You're too serious.

So, thank you, Hodaka.

Weather is a mystery.

The way the sky looks can move you so much.

My heart... is moved, because of Hina-San.

Yesterday's Jingu Gaien fireworks were blessed with miraculous sunshine

[Company type]

But, strong rain is back again today, just like a backlash.

[Your Strengths]

The temperature in the capital is now 21ºC, much lower than average.

It's unusually chilly for August.

Make sure you wear a light jacket-

You're my first company of choice.

You're my first company of choice!

[I admire skilled and charming people] [I'm looking forward to joining the company]

Be careful to not catch a cold.

Record rainfall and low temperatures are driving food prices up.

Lettuce is three times more expensive than last year

["Sky Fish" report]

Oh, that project? Right, we've put it on hold.

Sorry, we're not going ahead with it.

I see... Yeah, I'll do my best so please call us again.


Hello, Mamiya speaking.

Mamiya-San, It's Keisuke.

Sorry to rush you. Regarding out meeting...

You're late, Kei-Chan! It's an important interview.

Are we in a bad mood? No luck with work?

Where's Hodaka?

Busy with his other job?

He's neglecting work lately.

Just let him be. We're not that busy.

He took in that cat.

You did the same with him, Kei-Chan.


You helped him because he reminded you of yourself.

How much are you paying for Hodaka-kun?

Only 30.000 yen? That's so low.

Nope. It's 3.000.


Are you serious? 3.000 yen a month? That's exploitation!

Look ahead You're gonna get sued! Actually, I will report you to the Labor Standards Bureau!

He gets free food and accommodation, and the company pays his phone bills Ugh!

No wonder he's got an extra job.

I am surprised. It's really cleared up.

You kids are amazing. It's a shame you're quitting.

She was caught on camera. We got flooded with requests.

[The web famous Sunshine Girl!?]

We really can't do it anymore.

We'll do one more and then stop for a while...

She looks tired, too.

Got guests, Granny?

Oh, you're right here.

I came to help.

Very young guests. Are you Granny's friends?


I've asked for nice weather on my husband's first anniversary.

It stopped raining, in fact!

It'd be hard for him to come if it was raining.

"Come back"?

They say the dead come back from the sky around Obon, in August.

So that means, it's his first Obon after he died?


So that's my mom's first Obon too.

You've lost your mother last year?


Light a welcoming fire for her. She will protect you.


Riding the smoke, he will come back from the other side.

From where?

From heaven.

There's always been another world, up in the sky.

Apparently, this is what the Weather Maiden saw.

It's a mysterious painting.

Flying fish in the sky. And even a dragon.

It's beautiful.


And this "Weather Maiden"? They were like a shaman, right?

Huh? What?

Were they like a shaman?


Fixing the weather is the Maiden's job.

Fixing it?

Sounds fishy to me Like this year's abnormal weather?

There's nothing abnormal about that.

They keep saying the same thing. "First time in the recorded history"

But when did records begin? Maybe 100 years ago at best.

How old do you think this is?

800 years old!


Don't get too excited, Grandpa.

In the first place... the weather changes on a whim.

Regardless of human needs.

We can't even tell what's the norm and what isn't.

We are only allowed to stay temporarily in the space between the sky and earth, clinging hard not to be shaken off... You know, we used to know this in the past.

However, there's a thin thread linking us humans and the sky.

The Weather Maiden.

[I pray for good weather] [I pray for the rain to stop]

A special girl who can take in people's wishes and deliver them to the sky.

[I pray for good weather for Mom's birthday] [I pray for a blue sky for my Grandpa]

In ancient times, there used to be one in every village and every country.

Kei-Chan. It sounds like the sunshine girl.

Hey you... Are you sure you want to listen to my Grandpa?

It all sounds pretty far-fetched.


Really isn't far-fetched! Thank you for the interesting story.

But, everything comes at a price.

After all, tragic fate awaits the "Weather Maiden"


One, two, three.

Your turn Sis!

One, two, three.

Thanks for keeping Granny company.

We're actually here because of work.

Join us, Granny.

They're having fun. How old are you guys?

I'm 16 and she is...

She said it's her birthday next week.

Really? You've gotta buy her a present.

Come. Eat some watermelon.


Thank you.

Hey, wait a second!


Jeez... But why?

Wait a minute.

I didn't know she was a minor, I swear...

It's not about that?

I told you it was different!

You made us run for nothing.

That's you, right?

Can you tell us about this boy?

A high school boy?

Maybe he picked up Shibata's gun, that he threw away, by a chance.

In that case, he might have written about it.

On the internet?

Kids write all sorts of stuff on social networks nowadays

[I'm a 16 years high school boy]

[What's the best birthday present for an 18 year old girl?]


[4 answers]

[Bang her] [5+ digit cash]

[A house] [Don't ask online]

Go, Nagi!

You're amazing, Nagi! You're the best.

A ring, definitely.

Really? Isn't it too serious?

It's for my Sis's birthday, right?

I've asked another woman for reference, but...

What I'd like to get?

Hugs and kisses. Money. A decent boyfriend. And a job.

It wasn't helpful at all.

Bye bye, Nagi-kun!

See you later, Nagi-kun!

Hodaka, you're in love with Sis, aren't you?

What? It's not like that...

Or maybe it is...

Being ambivalent is the worst thing for a man.


It's the basics to be clear before you start dating, and be ambiguous later.

Can I call you Nagi-senpai?

Sis has been working all the time since Mom died.

She's been doing it for me, because I’m still a kid.

So, I want Sis to do more teenage-like stuff.

I don't know if you're the right guy, though.

Thank you very much.

Uhm, do you think she'll like it?


It took you three hours to choose it...

If it was for me, I'd be very happy to receive it.

I wish you the best of luck.

[Shinjuku Station]

[Longest rain spell record broken]

[Tokyo - Next week's weather]

Tomorrow's sunshine girl job will be our last.

A man requested good weather at the park for his daughter.

After that, I will give the ring to Hina-San.

Daddy, do it again! One more time!

All right! Are you ready?


Ouch. This is bad for my back.

Why you, Suga-San? Did you know this was my job?

You knew and said nothing? I mean, you have a daughter?

I'm stunned.

Today's forecast was 100% raining.

My daughter has asthma.

She lives with her Granny, but on rainy days she won't let me see her.

Nothing can beat a gorgeous blue sky.

So Suga-San, you're Hodaka's boss, right?

Right, I also saved his life Why does she address you like a little boy?

Hina-San is two years older than me.

Huh? 16, 17, 18... Same stuff.

-It is! -It isn't!

There you are!

Hey, everyone!

Huh, but Sensei, aren't you gonna be in trouble?

Does Natsumi-San know that you are married?

What's up with you guys?

Hodaka thought you were my...


You didn't tell me you were uncle and niece.

Hodaka-kun... That's a disgusting fantasy.

Hodaka, you are really a pervert...


You looked at my boobs just now!

I didn't!

Ah, Na-cchan!

Moka-Chan! Hallo!

Hey, Daddy! I made a flower crown for you!

Huh? Really?

Hodaka, come here!

Ah, my senpai is calling.

Hodaka's funny.

He's such a kid.

Hey, don't you think they look alike?

Hodaka and Suga-San?


Kei-Chan ran away from home and came to Tokyo when he was a teen.

He met his future wife and fell in love big time.

But, she died in an accident a few years ago...

He's still in love with her.

I’ve always wanted to meet you, Hina-Chan!

The 100% Sunshine Girl! You're amazing!

I wish I had a skill like that on my resume.

I hate looking for a job. Also I wish I was in high school...

I... just want to grown-up quickly.

Right. It's good to see you are fine.

I was actually a bit worried.

Moka, are you tired?

Here, take a breath.

One, two, three...

I'm fine! Let's play!

I don't think so...

I guess we'll leave now.

I want to spend more time with Nagi-kun!

Why don't we all go to dinner together?


I'll go eat with Moka-Chan. Is it okay?



Hodaka, take Sis home.


Hina-Chan! Thank you for today's sunny weather!

Likewise! I'm glad I could make you happy.

Oh god...

Oh god...

Oh god, oh god...

So, possible this will be...

...the first time I tell someone that I love her.



Ah, sorry.

It's okay.

What is it?

Ah, nothing in particular.

What's it, Hina-San?

Hodaka, you know...





I think I became a sunshine girl...

Maybe... last year, on that day.

I prayed for good weather all day long the day before.

I wanted to have one last walk under the sun with my mom.

It looked like a pool of light.

Praying with all my heart, I crossed the torii gate.

When I came around, I was lying on the roof floor.

And the sky was clear.

I think at that time... I got connected to the sky.

Connected... to the sky?

Hodaka, hide!

Sorry for the late visit, it's the police.

The police?

Are you sure you've never seen him?

He's been seen many times around here.

I don't know him. What has he done?

We want to ask him some questions.

He's a runaway and his parents filed a missing person's report.

Also, Amano-San, you're living alone with your little brother, right?

That's right That's a bit of a problem too.

Without a guardian, you...


We don't bother anyone.


She'll come back tomorrow with the social service.

What can I do? They'll separate us!


Hodaka! The police was...

I know. Go home, Senpai, I'll come later.

Temperatures have fallen sharply after sunset-


Surprised by my new look?

I'm in disguise The police came to my office.

They're treating it like a kidnapping case.

I denied any involvement but they suspect me.

Take it, it's your severance pay.

Don't come back to the office. Or they will arrest me...

I filed for custody of my daughter... It's a delicate time, sorry.

Go back home tomorrow.

Then everything will go back to normal.

It'll be best for everyone.

Hey boy, it's time to grow up.

We can't stay here anymore But, where are you...

I don't know, but...

Anywhere will do. As long as I'm with you, Sis Hodaka, you'd better go home before you get caught.

You've got a place to go back to.

Don't say that...

We'll be alright.

I'm not going back... Let's run away together!

A heavy rain special warning has just been issues in the Tokyo area.

It could be the heaviest rainfall in decades.

Watch out for floods in lowland areas...

A sudden typhoon strength low pressure system-

River floodings. Increasing danger.

Hey, it's overflowing!

Keep calm and walk slowly towards the exit.

Namboku Line Akabane - Iwasbuchi Station, Shibuya Metro Station...

[Heavy rain and flood warning]

Several flights canceled at Haneda Airport.

Over 6 inches of rain in an hour. Heavy flooding in many areas of Tokyo.

Are you okay?

Kita Ward, Arakawa Ward, Taito Ward, [EVACUATION ORDER]

Sumida Ward, Shibuya Ward.

You may get stranded.

Isn't it too cold?

[Rainfall range and intensity]

It's unusually cold for August.

The temperature in Tokyo has fallen below 10°C.

Cumulonimbi keep gathering above Tokyo...

In just and hour, it's like an entirely different season.

I repeat. A heavy rain special warning has been issued in the Tokyo area.

The low-pressure system over the Kanto region... because of a stream of cold air of Kanto, very unstable weather...

More heavy rain in central Japan even after dawn...

This abnormal weather will continue for a few weeks.

This abnormal weather is unprecedented and is extremely dangerous.

[Ikebukuro Train Delays]

Due to transportation delays, Yamanote Line trains are suspended.

What's going on?

Let's get off.

I'll ask Mom to pick us up.

It's freezing!

What should we do?

Let's look for a place to sleep tonight.

I'm sorry, we're fully booked.

Do you have a reservation?

We're full.

Only the 3 of you?

Do you have your IDs?

We can't accept unaccompanied minors.

It's not a matter of money.

It's no place for kids.

You guys... are you runaways?

Sis, Hodaka. Look!


[Midsummer Snow]

Hina-San... is connected with the sky...?

Grr, I'm freezing!

Hey Kei-Chan, how is it snowing in August...

Ah, the world has finally went crazy.


It's unbelievable, but it's snowing here in Tokyo.

Kei-Chan, wake up. You'll catch a cold.


Asuka-San! You too, Kei-Chan! Smile!



You look like an old man, Kei-Chan.

You know, once you grow old you can't switch your priorities anymore.

What are you saying? Where's Hodaka?

You kicked him out?! I can't believe it!

I told you, the police showed up. I have to to protect myself.

So, you smoked a pack of cigarettes and got drunk because you felt guilty.

That's so lame, meow~

See, even Ame is saying it.

Really lame. So last century. Can you stay away? You smell old.

Huuh, you're lame too... So... Hina-Chan, right?

If the story about the Weather Maiden being true If a sacrifice victim is real... then, one day she will...

But that's...

What should I have done, then?

Don't get so uptight. Its just a legend...

But, if it was really true...

If you could fix this crazy weather with only one human sacrifice.

I'd be okay with it...

Everyone would be okay with it...

A heavy rain and heavy snow warning has been issued.

Do not go out, unless it's strictly necessary.

[Heavy rain emergency warning]

Please follow local government evacuation instructions.

Hey, you there...

It's dangerous to walk around unsupervised.

Are you all siblings?


We're going home.

I'm a college student. They're my younger brothers.

So you're their older sister.

Can you show me your Student ID?

I don't have it on me.

Maybe it's him.

He may be carrying a gun. Be careful.

And you? Are you in high school? That's a big backpack.

Could you take off your hood?


Run away!

Hey wait!



Let me go!

Obstruction of justice!

Let me go!

Stop struggling!





It's dangerous!

Let's go, Hina-San!

Jeez. Let's go take a look.


It's 28.000 yen a night

28.000 yen. Can you pay?

Huh? Yes, I'll pay.

[If you wish to leave early call the reception.]

Seems like I'm a wanted man now...

That's so cool!

I was really worried...

Hodaka, you almost got arrested!

I totally panicked.

So hilarious There's nothing to laugh about.

The room is spacious! The bed is huge! The bath is huge!

Sis, Hodaka! Let's take a bath together!

Do it alone.

Hodaka, let's take a boys-only bath together.

It's so warm...

What's this?

Wow! Amazing!


There's a lot of stuff.

What do you want?

Let's try them all, Senpai.

Are you sure?

I got severance pay.

Sis, we're having a gorgeous dinner tonight!

I'm looking forward to it!

[Super Fried Chicken-kun]

Here I am.

Welcome back.

Let's eat.

Let me try some of that Hodaka.

The curry's yummy.

Yakisoba's delicious.

I want some too, Sis!

Isn't it too early, Hodaka?

Tastes better if you wait only two minutes.

Dear God, if you really exist, I beg you This is more than enough. We don't need anything more than this.

We'll manage somehow.

So please... don't give us anything more.... and don't take anything more from us.

Dear God... Please, I beg you.

Together... Forever... let us be like this...

Hina-San Wish you a happy 18th birthday!

It's cheap. But I've picked something that'd look good on you.

Thank you!

Tell me...

Hodaka, would you like this rain to stop?


I was chosen to be a human sacrifice.


Natsumi-San told me about the Sunshine Girl's fate.

She gets sacrificed and disappears, then the weather goes back to normal.

Come on. They're always telling weird stories. It's not like people disappear...

What are you looking at?

I'm not looking...

Hina-San, I'm looking at you.

Why are you crying?

The more I pray for sunshine, the more my body becomes transparent.

I'm sure that, if I die this way, the usual summer will come back Take care of Nagi.


No way! You're not going anywhere!

We will live together. The three of us.


Let's make a promise, Hina-San.

We'll always be together.

I'll work, I'll earn enough for all of us.

You quit the sunshine girl job. Your body will go back to normal.


I saw a dream.

I was still on the island.

I wanted to leave, I was rushing desperately, trying to reach the light.

When I thought I did.. I reached a dead end instead.

Then I decided, I wanted to enter that light And at the edge of it, I found you.

I had a dream... The day I met you.

You looked like a kitten who got lost.

But.. you've found a meaning for my existence.

I was happy to make people smile, so I kept working as the sunshine girl I'm really glad I've met you.

Therefore, don't cry, Hodaka.

Where am I?



Hina-San, where are you?



Hodaka, what's wrong?

I can't find Hina-San anywhere!

Huh, I just had a dream... Sis was disappearing in the sky.

Don't tell me...

Open the door!

Open up!


Morishima Hodaka-kun, correct?

You're a missing person.

And suspected of unlawful possession of a weapon.

Come to the police station.

Let me go!

It's okay-

I said let me go!



Don't struggle.

Keep going.

After months of rain, the Kanto plain is finally seeing some sunshine.

It seems unreal, like as if it was a lie.

In the last few hours, a sudden change in...

By 8am, the temperature was already more than 25°C...

[It's a miracle!!!! Sunshine]

Many areas around the Arakawa river are flooded.

[The town is flooded. But blue sky]

[A dream? Thank you sunshine girl!!]

The transportation is still suspended...

[I've seen that dream...] [#MaybeJustMyImagination]

The total damage is still unknown...

It will take at least a few days to recover...

Everyone looks happy under the clear blue sky.

Look at the sky!

Is this real?

It's sunny! It cleared up!

The sky is so clear!

I feel like crying.

Finally, the real summer has arrived.

What are you doing?

Hina-San... sacrificed herself?

Hina-San! It can't be real!




There's one more thing I would like to check.

She, who was with you and disappeared, was the 15 years old Amano Hina?

Do you know where she is?

Hina-san's, 15?

And not 18?

She faked her resume for her job. I guess she had to make a living.

But she's still in middle school. Compulsory education age.

Didn't you know?

What the heck?

I'm... the oldest one.

What a pain...

Don't you know where she may be?

The sky has cleared because she offered herself in exchange!

And nobody knows that... I can't take it....

This is a pain.

Will we need an expert medical witness?

The weather is clear.

Papa! Did you look outside?

Yeah, I did.

I dreamt of Hina-Chan.

I'm sure it was Hina-Chan who brought the sunshine again.


Maybe you're right.

[Ikebukuro Police Station]

Excuse me... Detective, I've got a favor to ask you.


Let me go look for Hina-San! It's my turn to help her now.

I'll come back as soon as I find her.

I'll listen to you in here. Come on.

Tell Yasui-San we'll interrogate him now.

Yes, sir.

Hey! Wait!


Someone stop him!


That brat!

Don't let him get out of here.





Are you stupid?

Cheeky bastard.

Cross the street!


Damn it!



What are you doing?

I'm going to find Hina-San.

Get on!

That brat!

Nagi-kun called.

He said Hina-Chan has disappeared and you got arrested.

Where is he?

At the Child Consultation Center.

It's fun! We're outlaws now.

Where are we going then?

What? Another visit?

[Visitor: Ayane Hanazawa]

Oh, another girl.

He's popular.


Ayane! You're here too.

Kana, this is Ayane-San.

Please to meet you!

Ayane, this is Kana-Chan!

Nice to meet you!

And she's Officer Sasaki-San.

She'll be here with me all day.

You're like a VIP, Nagi!

Pleased to meet you.

[Nagi Amano visitors]

[Girl, The second girl]

Thank you so much for coming.

Sorry for the sudden news.

Really! When I heard they took you in custody, my heart almost stopped.

Same for me! My heart's still pounding.

Feel it, Nagi.

Oh, you're right.

Excuse me.


It's my first visit and I'm a bit nervous.


I need to use the restroom.

Ah, okay, okay

Thanks, I owe you one.

Jeez. You even call your ex when you need something.

Here. Look the other way. I'll take my clothes off.

Keisuke Suga-San.

Thanks for yesterday.

You again?

Summer's finally back the way it should be, huh?

I told you I know nothing about that runaway boy.

Can we check out your office for a minute?

Hey, wait a minute!

What's that for?

It's flooded/

There's no one in there.

Well, it's a little bit embarrassing, but...

Huh? He ran away? From the police station?

A derelict building in Yoyogi? That's where she became a sunshine girl.


Hina-San said she got connected to the sky on the roof of that building So, if I go there, I'm sure...

Oh, no!

You, on that bike! Stop now!

Hold tight!



Am I awesome or what? I think I was born for this.


...I should become a speed cop!

They won't hire you now.

As for the reason for his escape...

I think he may be searching for the girl who was with him.

[Dear Papa, I'm going shopping - Asuka)

It's a strange story.

He said she's disappeared in exchange for this good weather.

What? Don't tell me you...

No, I don't believe it.

But, he's throwing his life away.

And all because there's a girl he wants to meet so badly.

Makes me feel a bit envious There's not much point in telling me that.

Suga-San, you...


Are you okay?


Well, you are...


Oh, no!

We're jumping in!

Can't go any further.

Go, Hodaka-kun!

Thank you, Natsumi-San!



Hina-San Hina-San. Hina-San. Hina-San!


Hina-San, are you there? Hina-San!

Hey, Hodaka.

It will clear up now.

It's for you.

That's been your only dinner for three days.

Does it hurt?

You're a runaway, aren't you But, you can't enjoy Tokyo with this rain.

Younger than me.

I'll be.. 18 next month.

[Hina's 15th Birthday]

You should treat me with respect.

Are you hungry, Hodaka?

Sit there and relax.

How do you like living in Tokyo?

Come to think of it, I don't feel breathless anymore.

Happy to hear that.

I'm in love with this job. This sunshine girl job.

Thank you, Hodaka.

-Wait! -Someone got onto the tracks.

-Who's that? -Hey, you!

It's dangerous!

Hey! What are you doing?

It's dangerous! Stop!

What's that? Hilarious What is he doing?

-There's someone running. -He'll get arrested.

There are idiots like that.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Hina-San!

I made you do that sunshine girl thing. You've shouldered all responsibility.

Tell me Hodaka.

Would you like this rain to stop?


I was looking for you, Hodaka.


Do you realize what you're doing?

Hina-San has disappeared.

It's my fault. The sunshine girl job was my idea.

Hodaka, you...

It's my turn to help her now!

I must go.


Where are you...

Where are you...

I can go to heaven through there!


What are you saying?

She's in the sky! I'll use the emergency stairs.


-She can't be up there... -I have to help her!

Get a grip!

Calm down, Hodaka.

Go back to the police station.

They'll understand. You've done nothing wrong.

If you keep running away, it'll be too late.

You know that.

Suspect's car found, going to apprehend him.

Don't worry, I will come with you.

Let's explain everything together, OK?

Let me go! Please!

Calm down!

Get off me!

You bastard!

Don't stand in my way!

Hodaka. That's...

Let me go to see Hina-San.

Morishima Hodaka!

Drop the gun!

Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute.

It's a misunderstanding. I'll explain.

Right, Hodaka?


Put the gun down, Morishima-kun.

Please don’t make me shoot.

Hodaka C'mon Hodaka, drop that stuff.

What's wrong with you guys? He's just a kid!

Leave me alone!

Why are you holding me up?

You all know NOTHING! You pretend you don't. I just...

Want to see her...


Got him!

Let go of me!

You bastards... take your hands off Hodaka, ASSHOLES!

You bastard!

Go! Hodaka!!





It's all your fault, Hodaka.

Bring my sister back!

Dear God, please, please, please, PLEASE!

Sky fish?








Hina! JUMP!

Hina, I found you!

Hodaka! Hodaka!

Don't let go of my hands.




Let's go home, Hina!

But, if I do, this weather will...

It's OK!

That's enough! Hina, you're not a sunshine girl anymore.

Who cares if we don't see the sunshine again.

I want you more than any blue sky.

The weather...

...can stay crazy!

Pray for yourself Hina OK!


The rain started falling again that day, and never stopped.

It's slowly sinking Tokyo into the water, And it's still falling now, three years later.

What... can I say?

[Congratulations on your graduation]

[Graduation Ceremony]


Ehm... You're moving to Tokyo, aren't you Senpai?

Huh? Yeah.

Come on, ask him! It's now or never.

So, can it be that this is...

You know... Senpai! There's something I've always wanted to ask you.

...the first time someone tells me they love me?

Uhm, you in Tokyo...


Is it true you are wanted by the police in Tokyo?


That summer three years ago, I was arrested and went on trial.

They put me on probation until graduation.

The island, my parent's house and the school...

They were the same old places where I was supposed to live.

But, every day, I just kept quietly waiting for graduation.

I haven't...

...seen Hina-San since that day.

I have no idea, what I will think... seeing how Tokyo has changed.

Nor what I will say to her...

I still don't know Tomorrow's weather for the Kanto region. It will rain again all day.

[University Entrance Guide]

Now I need to find a part-time job.



The high will be 15°C. Same or slightly hotter than in most areas.

[ Education for the "New Geology Generation" ]

Oh, right... speaking of part time jobs...

[Sunshine For You]

It's still there!

[Name] [Password]

[1 request]

It was a sunshine girl request from 2 years ago.

Next stop - Takashimadaira.

Look who's here. Are you alone? Where's the sunshine girl?

She's no longer a sunshine girl.

I came just to tell you about that.

Don't trouble yourself.

You moved. You used to live in an older house downtown.

The whole area is under water now.

I'm sorry...

Why do you apologize?


You know, that area used to be under the sea.

Until about 200 years ago.

When Tokyo was called Edo, it was just a bay.

Human beings and the weather changed it, little by little.

So well... I think it has just gone back to how it used to be before.

What the heck...? You've been thinking about that crap for three years?

Don't say that...

You're about to start university, but you're still acting like a kid.

But that day, we...

You two caused all of this? You changed the shape of this world?

Bullshit! Don't flatter yourself, dummy.

Look, I went on a date with my daughter.

But, Natsumi and Nagi were in the way.

Stop brooding over stupid stuff... And why haven't you seen her yet?

I was on probation. I didn't want to cause her trouble.

She doesn't even have a cellphone. And I'm so nervous.

I don't know what to say to her.

Ah, Ame? You're so big now.

Come on, get out of here. Go now. I've got work to do!

Just go to her house.

Thank you for your time.

Come back again.


Don't sweat it, young man.

The world's always been crazy anyway...

Next stop: Hamamatsucho You're super positive. You think?

Looking forward to the picnic. Yeah!

It was under the sea.

The world has always been crazy.

So, it's no one's fault that it's like this.

Is this what I should say to her?

No. No. That's not it.

On that day, I... no We have changed the world!

I made a choice.

I've chosen her. I've chosen this world. I've chosen to live here.



What's wrong Hodaka? Are you okay?


Hina-San, I'm sure...

...we'll be alright!