Web of Lies S6E4 Script

The Deadly Hoax (2019)

Hello, police?

I'm being attacked.

Let me out! Stop!

When desire overtakes reason, the human mind can unleash deadly obsession.

These are true stories told by the victims.

there are so many weeds in here.

Nice evening. Sure is.

I purchased my home in the summer of 2002.

And I was excited.

I was very, very excited.

And I felt so blessed that I was able to get such a cute home in this adorable neighborhood.

I could not wait to make my stamp on this home.

I was working in advertising and public relations.

I was 28.

I had my dog, alice, to keep me company.

I was independent.

hi, jax!

No, serious about tonight.

It's no problem.

I want you guys to see my new place.

Saturday's no good anyway. I've got the triathlon.

seriously, I got everything we need.

Just bring yourselves.


Salad, anybody? Yes.

Great. Yes, please.

Thought it was gonna rain today?.

I'll have that bit.

Jackie, I got those burgers you told me about.

Great. They are so good, seriously.

Two minutes more on the grill, guys.

I'm starving.

My favorite thing to do was, particularly in the summertime, was to have people over and to grill food in the backyard and eat outside on the patio.

I love to entertain.

I want people to feel welcome when they're in my house.

this is amazing, hannah. to hannah's new home.

Cheers. Cheers, guys.


I was really happy.

I was really happy.

So after a few months of living in my house and I'd had time to get settled in and get my routine...

...I started noticing that the flowers that I had planted were just getting trampled.

They were doing so well.

Broken stems, broken leaves, petals kind of mutilated all over the place.

Come on. What a waste.

I knew my dog wasn't doing it because I was watching her outside.

And I certainly wasn't doing it.

It broke my heart when you work so hard, and you see things that are totally smashed.

So for the next couple of days, I carried on with my life.

Now, you be a good girl.

And watch out for anyone trampling on my flowers.


I do remember at that moment thinking there's no way that this chair could've just blown backwards or been just pushed accidentally.

But there were no alarms going off in my mind, nothing inside of me that said it was a signal to anything wrong.

I didn't mention it to my neighbors.

I didn't mention it to my friends.

It was just something that I, again, thought perhaps that it was normal.

that evening, I had come home from work.

I was feeling very much under the weather.

I had a chest cold and just felt terrible.

And my whole intent that night was just to go home, go into the bathroom, sit in the steam for a bit and try to make my chest feel better.

it was truly a monster -- a monster cold that I was dealing with.

as I'm walking and looking at my window with the open blind, thinking to myself, "I need to pull that blind down."

and I wasn't concerned because behind my house is my backyard, and it's very, very private.

And I see this man running as fast as he can up to my window.

I realized that I didn't have a landline, and I had left my cellphone in my car, which was away from my house.

I was so scared.

come on, get a grip. You can do this.

hello, police?

Someone's in my home.

Come. Please come now.

I had never been in a position, up until that moment in my life, where I ever felt like somebody was going to hurt me.

they asked me a lot of questions about who this person was that I saw, and I did not recognize this person.

There was nothing about him that was familiar to me.

And there is absolutely no person that I could even think of at that moment, or still to this day, that would scare me like that.

They certainly believed me, but they didn't feel that it was urgent enough to follow up on it.

come on, alice.

We need our beauty sleep.

No matter how bad something is or how good something is, it still moves forward.

And so the next day, I went through my normal routine. hi, hannah. Hi, fran.

How are you? I'm okay.

My boss was somebody that I was very close to.

She could tell something was wrong.

Actually, I --

I think someone's been hanging around my home, and -- and I had a scary incident last night where he was filming me in my bedroom.

I felt a bit reassured just to get it off of my chest.

Did you call the police? Yeah.

The police came to my home, and -- and I filed a report.

They have all the details, but I don't want to tell my folks right now or anything.

I -- I don't need them worrying about it.

I was very strong-minded, and I didn't want to seem as though I was some fragile woman.

Why don't you come and stay with us?

I'm -- I'm sure I'll be okay.

I didn't take her up on the offer to stay at her house because I didn't want to disrupt her life and her family's life.

It seemed to amplify a situation that I wanted to forget about.

I didn't want to think about it all the time.

I'm here if you need me.

Thank you so much, fran.

I promise I will call you if I need to.

Make sure you do. Okay.

cheers. Cheers, guys.

I was really happy.

I could not wait to make my stamp on this home.

The flowers were just getting trampled.

Come on. What a waste.

There's no way that this chair could've just blown backward.

I was so scared.

Come on, get a grip. You can do this.

I didn't want to seem as though I was some fragile woman.

every sense of me was thinking, "please go away.

Just please stop, and please go away."

just trying to pretend like you're asleep and not move.

it was very scary situation.

I could hear his hands, you know, pat around the edge of the window.

I could hear his feet rustling outside on the plants.

you're powerless there.

So once I knew he was gone, I went to sleep, and I did not call the police that night.

I didn't want to feel silly again.

I didn't want them to come and tell me it was a situation that didn't happen.

Knowing that you're being watched is a very unsettling situation.

Knowing that you don't have one moment of privacy ever in your life is not just unsettling, it's a heightened sense of insecurity.

I took it upon myself to have a security system installed in my house.

There were motion detectors.

All of the windows has sensors on them so they would know if they were opened or shut.

I planted bushes that had thorns under each of my windows.

They were not anything that you'd want to brush up against.

I felt that I was doing everything that I could to protect myself and specifically, to deter anybody who would want to come to my house.

Hey, hannah. Hey, pete.

Lovely weather we're having, ain't it? yeah, right?

How are you, settling in?

Yeah. Doing nicely, thanks.

Just trying to steer clear of injury here.

Yeah. Hazardous work.

Um, you know, we're just across the street.

So if there's anything you need, don't hesitate, okay?

Really appreciate it, peter.

All right.

Hey, pete. Have you got a moment?

There's something I need to share with you.

I've been noticing someone hanging around my house.

I just wanted them to be aware of it so that they could help me stop this.

Yeah, well, now that you mention it, I have noticed a guy hanging around your porch.

I didn't know if he worked for you or he was a courier or something.

I felt unnerved because this person who was doing this was not afraid if other people saw them doing it.

Do not hesitate to knock on my door or call me.

I'll give you my cell number. Sure.

Put it in here.

thank you. He was a terrific person.

Stay dry.

He responded in a very warm, kind, and understanding way.

My home started to feel really dirty to me.

I just felt like I didn't want to be there anymore, and I felt like I had to be there because I almost wanted to prove a point that somebody wasn't gonna scare me out of my house.

He felt, probably, empowered to some degree by the fact that he knew he scared me so much.

hey, jax. not so great, actually.

I think someone's stalking me.

No. I'm being serious.

She didn't believe me.

It was almost kind of a chuckle, and "are you sure this is happening?

There is no way that's happening to you." whatever.

I -- I got to -- I got to go.

They are not afraid of you.

They're not afraid of you reporting them.

They feel that they could probably have some kind of control or power over you one way or the other.

he was right there in plain sight.

He didn't care.

I just...

I started to feel a little ridiculous when I was calling 911.

I didn't want to be one of those panic-stricken people that was always asking for help and always asking for the police to come over.

He's taking pleasure in terrifying me.

This is harassment in my own home.

Um, are you sure you don't know him? do you think I'm lying?

Like I want to be calling you out here every day to report this crap?

I can't even sleep anymore.

I am a prisoner in my own home.

She did not seem to take it seriously at all, and she was the first one to articulate that really, this is not that serious of a case.

It was just like giving somebody a speeding ticket.

It's not really all that much of a crime.

I felt absolutely ridiculous for this woman coming to my house.

And I felt very guilty, as though I'd wasted her time.

She left, making me feel belittled and silly for even calling 911.

I'm on my own.

Made me feel vulnerable... And more in danger.

Come on.

This was somebody that was faceless.

This was somebody that was nameless, a nebulous person.

This person had become a part of my life.

I felt bullied.

I felt violated.

I became more skittish than I ever had been before.

I started to recognize him in other people.

I would have just a bit of a chill go up my spine.

He was, for all intents and purposes, a familiar stranger.

Say, I just got the slide back for my r&r.

When I was looking through them yesterday, it felt just like being back there in hawaii.

Well, almost like being over there.

Nothing's as good as the real thing.

Which reminds me, if you haven't taken your r&r yet, maybe you ought to start giving it to some thought.

You know, there's a lot of great places to go, not only hawaii.

There's places like australia, bangkok, hong kong, tokyo...

Mentally exhausted, physically exhausted, can't focus at work all that much because I'm so tired.

Vietnam for some time.

Take advantage of your r&r and really enjoy yourself for one week.

Okay, now...

I am a very, very heavy sleeper, so once I fall asleep, I am asleep.

I woke myself up several times, thinking that he was in my house.

I pictured him standing always outside of my bedroom door.

I never went back to sleep, and I was absolutely terrified that somebody, probably, was in my house.

I was becoming isolated from the world that I knew, and the life that I wanted to live wasn't happening because somebody else was behaving badly.

I was so anxious to finally start to entertain again and to just get this sense of normalcy back.

Worst, though.

I mean, meredith is driving me up the wall.

Is she still stealing your parking space?

Yeah! I mean what is that?

Seriously? It's ridiculous.

She is ridiculous.

Good sound.

She knew enough to know that there was somebody that was looking in my windows from time to time.

You know, this is the high point of my week.

You bet, honey.


What's up with your new admirer?

What? Which?


you got any idea who he is yet?

I'm pretty sure it ain't george clooney.

what's up, hon?

You want to meet him? wh-what?

He's here.

I wanted to scream.

I am so sorry, jackie.

She was afraid.

My friend was afraid in my house.

Hi, kevin? Yeah.

No -- no I --

I need you to come and get me now.

No. No, you -- you get here right now.

I think that she was a little bit frustrated with me that I had put her in that situation.

I was so embarrassed after she left.

There was some distance between us for a bit after that.

It was really hard. It was really hard.

hello, police?

I was -- a vehicle just tried to run me over.

It was a blue, ford f-150.

License plate -- 26, e, three, something, something. Six.

Six or seven. I don't know.

This had escalated past anything that I ever had expected it to because it wasn't just impacting me.

It was impacting people I cared about.

The guy tried to kill me. Okay?

Can't you -- can't you get it with just the -- the first few digits of the license?

Right. Fine.

Yes, I will come down to the station to make a report.

It was dismissed.

Brushed to the side a bit by the police, for no other reason than there really wasn't much that they could do about it.

I was feeling desperate.

I did google searches to try to find these terrible websites where people can find pornographic images of people, and searching for myself.

I felt dirty having to do it and anxious at the possibility that I could see my picture, namely my video, on any one of these sites.

I have no doubt in my mind that he was obsessed, but he had somehow woven himself into the fabric of my experiences.

He doesn't care.

He was somebody who was willing to hurt another person.


Hi. Hi.

This is joe. Hi, how are you?

Hey, how are you? This is bill.

Hi, how you doing? Cool place?

Yeah. I've, I've never been here before, actually.

Me neither.

So, so daisy says you're cops.

That was a really serendipitous opportunity for me to take advantage of. cut to the chase, why not?

Should we leave? No.

Actually, I -- I wanted to ask something.

I need your advice.

Sure. Shoot.

Okay, well, there's a guy who, for several months now, has been hanging around my house and -- and filming me.

Every time I call the authorities, he's disappeared by the time they get there, so I haven't been able to get anywhere so far with the police.

Can I suggest something? Sure, go ahead.

What do you say bill and myself stick by you tomorrow?


One of us stays with you inside watching tv, while the other one keeps watch outside.

If the stalker is as regular as you say, we'll catch him in the act.

How about it? Yeah!

You bet.

Great plan. Great idea.

And I was so excited that this would happen.

Hey, hannah. It's joe.

I got some bad news.

Our superior officer... Joe contacted me.

He let me know that their commanding officer had not approved that they do that.

And he and his partner were not gonna be able to come to my house and help me out on their day off.

I was exceptionally disappointed that there wouldn't be that type of action taken.

I'm coming in there for you.

I'm gonna come after you.

get back here! Open up this door!

I'm gonna kill you.

Do you understand?

I'm being attacked. Do you understand me?

1149 harmony drive. Open this door!

Cambordy and kester neighborhood.

Come now.

Get back here! I'm gonna get you!

And the police were there within moments, it felt like -- very quickly.

I couldn't even believe that he wasn't there when they got there.


So that's it, officers?

I was terrified that he was coming back that night.

Until the next time, of course.

Hopefully, you'll find me alive.

clearly, the police couldn't prevent this.

I could do all I could to protect myself, but there was going to come a time when this man was going to hurt me.

I didn't call my family to tell them that this had happened.

I didn't want them worry.

The last thing I wanted to do was put anybody else in danger.

That night, I didn't sleep at all.

Every horror movie that I had ever watched in my lifetime was flashing through my head.

I knew that night.

I knew that I was gonna be hurt.

The person that made sense to tell was the chief of police.

I wanted him to know that I knew I was in danger, and I wrote him an e-mail that explained some highlights of what I had been experiencing that year to that point.

Don't forget that the ever-famed chicken man

is returning to the big afvn airwaves on Monday morning at 6:45 a.M.

Mind you, tune in because if you don't, you might wake up...

A couple of days later, after the e-mail to the chief of police, I came home.

I was completely shocked that I was taken seriously enough to have a tactical unit assigned to my home between the hours of 7:00 p.M. And 3:00 a.M.

There was this sense of relief that washed over me at that moment.

I actually think I got kind of teary because I was so happy to be heard.

And I knew I was safe.

I felt safe.

From going from that night before of feeling like I really am going to be raped or killed or both, to now this guy might get caught.

I expected the end to come that evening.

So there was roughly about a two-week period that I didn't see this person at all.

The fact that the tactical units were there did their job in the sense that they deterred him from coming to my house.

somebody who had ordinarily come around two to three times a week for many, many months, suddenly hadn't come around my house anymore.

I was feeling a little frustrated in that he might not show up while they're there.

I noticed that there weren't any suburbans that night.

It still wasn't 7:00, so I wasn't alarmed because they said that they would normally show up around my house around 7:00.

I had every confidence in the world that they were gonna catch this person.

not tonight.

And I'm anxiously waiting for this tactical unit who had been watching my house to suddenly descend upon my home and arrest this person, and it would all be over.

Nothing's happening. There he goes.

Still walking down the driveway.

There's something that went off inside of my mind that just said, "I just want to find out where he goes to.

I just want to see where he parks his truck.

Where does this guy go?" lady, leave me alone. I know who you are.

Leave me alone!

Stop! Stop!

Stop looking in my windows!

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

I've seen you many times in my windows!

Go to get my phone out. Damn it!

I'm hitting power and holding power down, and finally, it turns on.

Hey! What are you doing?!

If you're innocent, mister, what do you care that the police are on their way?

he won't drive it away 'cause there's no way this man would ever want to drive a truck with me in it.

I thought that he was gonna drive away and rape me and kill me.

Stop! Stop!


Let me out! Stop the car!

Hello, police?

I'm in the back of a truck, a -- a -- a blue ford truck.

Heater drive, grommet avenue, 228.

there comes a point that enough is enough.

I've called the police.

Stop the car.

get off! No!

Give me that. Get off of me!

Give me that!

Get off!

Get off!

Get off of me!

Hannah, hannah?

It's all right.

It's me, joe. You okay?

Come on.


Lying slut.

I was really happy to see him on the ground in handcuffs.

I wasn't afraid of him at all.


Joe, the police officer that I had met with my friends -- he had been assigned to that tactical unit, I didn't know that.

I felt this incredible sense of... Relief, like a tremendous weight had, quite literally, been taken off of my shoulders.

I was happy because this guy had been caught.

And I knew then that he wasn't -- he wasn't going to bother me anymore.

Over the next couple of days after he was arrested, they were able to search his home.

They confiscated his computer.

They were able to find many pictures that he had taken of me.

He didn't just have pictures of me, but he also had pictures of other women that he had taken along the way in parks and in fast-food restaurants.

He had already had a criminal record.

He had served half of a 40-year sentence for stalking a woman.

He beat her up badly and raped her and robbed her.

This man was planning to hurt me.

This man was planning to rape me.

Robert brawn, already a registered sex offender, plead guilty to multiple accounts of felony voyeurism and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Upon release, he continued to reoffend and serve further time.

He was released from prison in September 2014.

He is no longer on the national sex offenders registry.

There is no record of his current whereabouts.

I'm not doing this to draw attention to me, by any means, but I'm telling this story because it's the right thing to do, to tell other people that this happens and it can happen to anybody.

Do I feel unsafe? Yes, I feel unsafe.

I feel as unsafe as every other person in our community should feel unsafe, knowing that he's out there.