Web of Lies S6E6 Script

The Social Media Butterfly (2019)

happy new year, everybody!


When a social media butterfly...

Jasmine had a lot of admirers.

...Moves in with her new boyfriend...

You're very beautiful.

Come on.

...Their future looks bright. but when she finds herself cocooned in a world of jealousy and mistrust...

Small, normal issues in a relationship can get blown out of proportion when social media is a factor.

...Can she escape before it's too late?

She was too good for him.

He knew it, too.

When jasmine looked through andres' computer...

That's when everything got crazy.

Get out of the car! drop the gun!

What are you talking about?

Give me the damn phone!

Stop it! Get off me!

In June 2011, police make a shocking discovery in this park in upstate new york.

An extraordinary story of life, love, and death emerges, and social media plays a critical role at every turn.

Jasmine and I were super close.

we didn't bicker and fight like most siblings do.

I really feel like god made us sisters, but we chose to be best friends.

jasmine was beautiful, smart, friendly.

She just had, kind of, like, this aura to her, that as soon as she entered a room, everyone wanted to be her friend.

In 2009, jasmine and melanie are living in springfield, massachusetts.

You should get one.

No, I can't get one now.

Everyone will just say I'm a copycat. jasmine works as a teller at a local bank.

I wonder what mom will think, though.

Melanie is attending college.

No, but you wait. you wait.

After all this trouble she put me through, I think she'll end up loving it.

Hi, mom.

Hey, jas.

Hi, denise.

My mom, iris, had just recently separated from my stepfather.

She was kind of holding down the fort on her own.

So, it's done, is it?

Yes, it is.

Denise, come over here.

What, why?

Quick, I've got something to show you guys.


Jasmine and melanie's younger sister, denise, is also living in the family home.

If I needed to talk to anyone about anything, she was one of those people in my life and in my corner that I could do that with.

Who's ready?

Come on! alright.


Jasmine had wanted a tattoo with flowers for a long time, and she basically waited until she didn't really need my parents' permission.

Mom, what do you think?

It's actually pretty.

I like it.

Thank you.



Jasmine loved social media.

It was a perfect platform for her and her personality to just kind of make friends and socialize.

Jasmine's twitter name was caramel-blend.

It was kind of like a metaphor for, like, her skin complexion.

Jasmine had over 1,000 friends on facebook and over 500 followers on twitter.

Back then, in 2009, that was a big following to have.

In February 2010, 21-year-old jasmine quits her job and moves to new york city to follow her dreams.

She really liked the idea of being in the medical field, so she enrolled in the surgical technician program that she had seen on the mandl college website.

Thank you so much.

Jasmine was the type of person who always had a plan.

She always was very goal-driven.

While waiting for the semester to begin, she makes a trip to florida to visit friends and family.

Have I missed the flight? damn.

Jasmine was very beautiful, so she had a lot of guys who had crushes on her.

Missed your flight?

While she was waiting for another flight...

So, where you headed?

...The security guard, he started, like, talking to her.

His name was andres ceballos, and he was 26 years old.

Andres? Yeah.

Are these, like, security questions?

No, no, no. I'm -- I'm on break, so...

Miami. I've got family here.

So, where are you guys from?

The dominican republic.

Me, too.

When's the last time you went back?

Andres was from the bronx.

He had graduated from cornell university with a degree in finance or business, I believe.

He had been working at the airport part-time.

I got to go. My break's up.

But do you mind if I grab your number?

That's sweet, and I'm flattered, but I don't really give it out.


How about this?

He didn't want her to leave without, you know, something, so he told jasmine...

How about I give you my number, okay?

And you just call me whenever you want, no pressure.

Okay. Yeah?

Okay. Alright.


Alright. Well, I'll see you around, jasmine.

Bye, andres.

It definitely sounded like a scene from a movie.

Jasmine is impressed by andres' confidence and calls him.

A few days later, they go on their first date.

Andres took jasmine to a very expensive restaurant.

it was just really romantic and fancy.

This is a really nice place.

Well, I'm glad you like it.

Jasmine just wasn't really used to going on a date like that.

She was very impressed.

She felt very special.

Hey, I got to tell you something.

What's that?

You're very beautiful.

Come on. let's change the subject.


Tell me something weird and crazy about yourself.


I want to do stand-up comedy.

Are you kidding?

No, I'm actually working on a routine right now, and once it's done, I'm gonna take the mic.

Wow, that's brave.

She was a very supportive person, so I think that just him having a dream and following it was something that she was on board with.

let's take a selfie.

Do you mind?


Jasmine, I think, really liked that andres was more professional, well-dressed.

He had his own apartment.

He had a brand-new car.

He just seemed, like, very responsible, independent, well put-together.

Do you mind if I just check my phone really quick?

Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

He did not use social media like jasmine used social media.

Do you really know all of these people?

Yeah, pretty much.


She didn't just have friends on her friends list for fun.

She actually interacted with these people.

The relationship between jasmine and andres moves quickly.

In fall 2010, a few months before jasmine is due to start at mandl college, she moves into his apartment.

It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement... welcome home.

...But I think he knew that he wanted her to stay long-term.

Do you mind, babe?

Yeah, sure.

here. Thanks.

Jasmine posted a lot of selfies, but she never posted anything that was, like, inappropriate for someone in a relationship.

But she still received a lot of comments on her photos from male admirers telling her how pretty she was and that she looked great.

She always very politely would thank them, but she never took it any further.

hi, mom.

Yes, I have unpacked everything.

It's all done.

If you're insecure, and you're in a relationship with a beautiful woman who is loved by many and active on social media, you are not gonna do well with that attention.

It's a great place.

22-year-old jasmine nunez has moved in with her new boyfriend, andres ceballos, but he finds the attention she gets on social media difficult to swallow.

I've got to go. Bye, mom.

Thank you. You read my mind.

I think social media fed into andres' insecurities about himself.

What's wrong?

You know all those guys that have been commenting on your photos?


Can you understand how they might make me feel... Uneasy?

Okay, well, I've got a lot of friends online, girls and guys.

Can you try to get used to it?

I'll try.

What could be small, normal issues in a relationship can get blown out of proportion when social media is a factor.

My god, this is a recording.

Happy new year!

Seven months after jasmine meets andres, melanie spends new years eve with them.

The first time that I met andres...

...I thought he was a nice guy.

Are you recording?

He wasn't a bad-looking guy, just, jasmine was so beautiful.

Happy new year, everybody!


I didn't think that he was in her league.

Early that year, as jasmine begins college, andres' unease with her popularity on social media intensifies.

I think andres was very insecure when it came to jasmine.

He just felt like she was too good for him, or maybe that he could never be good enough for her.

Jasmine told me that she would walk away from the computer, sometimes to use the bathroom.

and she would come back to find, like, her laptop open or her phone lit up, messages, you know, kind of, open, or just things left in a way on her screen that weren't like that before.

she realized that andres had been going through her private messages on social media.

Jasmine was very fearless.


She would ask him straight-up, like, why are you going through my stuff?


I didn't go through your stuff.

So then how is everything lit up?

You want to tell me about jbari?

So you were going through my stuff, then?

Andres would accuse jasmine of cheating.

He's a friend?

Anybody that interacted with her on a status, he was suspicious of.

Okay, fine. He's an ex.

Yes, and we still keep in touch...

Wow. ...But that's it.

Wow. Get over it.

So you're seriously telling me you're texting your ex behind my back, and you didn't even tell him you had a boyfriend?

No. Are you kidding me?

And that did damage to jasmine because she was very loyal to him, and so feeling like she wasn't trusted upset her.

If I wanted to be with him, I would still be with him, but I'm not

'cause I care about you so much more.

I don't know, jasmine.

You just texting all of these guys, and I see how they comment on your photos and I... I just get so jealous.

I understand.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

Come here.

Come here.

It's alright, okay?

jasmine would vent to me about the issues that they were having.

they would just argue, and then they would make up, and then the cycle would start again.

So, I said to him, like, "man, I thought you don't eat meat." and he looks me at me like, "I don't, this is watermelon."

then on the night of andres' debut as a stand-up comedian, things got worse.



Jasmine had gone out to a comedy club with andres and his friends.

He was actually going to be doing some stand-up.

Up next, we have a young man making his comedy debut, so please give a warm welcome for andres ceballos, guys!


It's really good to be here, really good.

So, this...

This -- this priest goes into this chinese spa, right?

The priest has a-a-a-a-a, like a-a-a back pain.

He has, like, a really bad back.

I think that jasmine definitely respected that he was doing something that he enjoyed doing...

I guess that's why they call it a-roma-therapy, right?

...But from what jasmine told me, he wouldn't really get that many laughs.

Come on, guys, let's keep it going for andres!

Don't be shy!

Whoo! Whoo!

Great, okay.

I think it's time for a short break.

We'll be back in 10 minutes.

Stay right there.

As the night goes on, andres begins paying more and more attention to an attractive woman.

babe, jas.

You okay?

What's wrong?

You know what's wrong.


Who is she?

What? Who?


She's just an ex.

Yeah, we still keep in touch.

Just get over it.

At some point, andres had told jasmine that his ex-girlfriend was in the group that had showed up to support him, and that made jasmine uncomfortable.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

You don't like it, do you?

He became belligerent, and I think he started, like, yelling at her.

"you should trust me, baby!

You should trust me!" jasmine, she means nothing to me.

You of all people should understand that.


And she decided to leave on her own.

That night was a turning point for jasmine because she told me she was going to leave him.

She told me to wait a day so that she could get all her stuff packed.

I'm sorry.

And then, within the 24 hours that I waited...

It won't happen again.

...They had made up.

A few weeks later, jasmine and andres make the 140-mile trip from new york city to visit her family in springfield, massachusetts.

As jasmine's relationship with andres developed, I did notice that anytime she would come over to our home...

They're here!

...He was always with her.

I started to get the vibe that he wanted to make sure that she wasn't hanging out with ex-boyfriends or something like that.

I'll get you a drink, phil.

What would you like?

He was starting to, like, suffocate her.

Jen, come with me.

You could just tell that she didn't really want to be in his presence.

I said, "listen, I'm not"...

..."but I'm still seeing nick." something's going on with you, and you need to let me...

Who's that? Nobody.

It's not nobody. It says "miguel." who's miguel?

I said it's nobody.

Let me see. Stop it, andres!

Let me see the phone! No!

Who's miguel?

It's nobody! Just stop it!

What, you got something to hide?

One of the first times I realized that there might be a problem within their relationship...

Give me the phone. Let me see.

No, andres! Give me the phone!

No, it's my phone! I know...

...They got into a disagreement about something.

Who the hell is miguel? Let me see the phone!

He's nobody! No!

J! give me the phone, jasmine! Jasmine, give me the phone!

Get off me, andres!

Let me see the phone. Stop it!

Jasmine, I swear, give me the phone!

Get off!

It got more aggressive.

They were sort of intertwined on the floor together.

I got very scared.

What's going on? What's happening?

What are you guys doing?

Get off of me!

Give me the damn phone, jasmine!

Give me the phone! Stop it!

Get off of me!

This was a real fight.

The relationship between jasmine nunez and her boyfriend, andres ceballos, has turned violent.

Get off of me.

On a visit to jasmine's family, they're fighting.

Let go of the phone!

Stop it! Get off of me!

Get off of me!

Stop it! Let go of me!

Hey, hey, hey, hey. What's going on, guys?

My mother came in, and she says...

"what's going on?"

Andres got up and jasmine got up, and jasmine's face was really red.

Why is his cheek like that?

Sorry, we were just -- we were just playing.

And andres had, like, a mark on his face.

Sorry, mom.

And I'm sort of watching all of it in disbelief of what I just saw because I realized this was a real fight, and although it was not all-out-brawl punches, it was physical.

Stop fighting!

It won't happen again. I promise.

Alright? Right?

Yeah. Yeah.

The whole thing really made me feel uneasy because I had never seen her get that way with anyone else.

After that fight, I came to the conclusion that jasmine wasn't in love with him.

I think she was trying to think of her next move, but she hadn't quite figured it out.

Given the fact that he was constantly looking through her things, jasmine started to wonder what andres was hiding from her.

So she decided to go into his laptop.

andres was not on social media as much as jasmine.

But whenever he was on there, it was like a weird, philosophical metaphor

or jokes that weren't really funny.

I think that a lot of andres' tweets and facebook posts were kind of raunchy and inappropriate for someone that was in a relationship.

when jasmine looked through andres' computer, that's when everything changed.


You okay?

Not really.

Jasmine called me on June 5, 2011.

What's wrong?

I took a look at andres' private messages and e-mail.

Yeah, and what did you find?

I'll message you.


I think he's back.

Then she had sent me a message telling me how she had found a lot of weird, sketchy stuff that had made her look at him differently.

we had a long conversation on facebook, and I was just trying to convince her to come home, back to springfield.

She kind of stayed quiet, and then she told me she was going to leave him.

After that conversation with jasmine that night, I called the apartment phone.

It would just ring and ring and ring.

Hey, it's jasmine. Leave a message.

She had told me she was starting a new job and not getting home till really late, and so I just figured she's tied up.

So I had posted on her facebook page, kind of just being sarcastic, like, where have you been?

I haven't heard from you in years.

Melanie also asks jasmine what time she'll get off work.

I received a response...

Very short, telling me when she would be home.

a week later, I called the house.

Hello? Hello?

Hey, mel.

Andres had answered the house phone, very calm, and I said, you know, "hey, how are you?" we're good.

Where's jasmine?

I haven't been able to get a hold of her all week.

And he was like...

She's out in the city having some drinks with some friends.

And I was like, "okay, well can you just let her know that I've been trying to call her, to call me when she gets home?" bye.

And that was that.

I felt better 'cause I spoke to somebody at that point.

The following Friday...

...I received a text message from my father.

I called my dad's cell phone.

Hi, dad.

Mandl college had left him a voicemail asking if jasmine was okay because she had not been to school in a few days.

Four or five days?

No, she'd never do that.

She had perfect attendance.

She took it very seriously.

Okay, I'm gonna try to get her now.

I tried calling jasmine.

no answer.

I tried reaching out to her on social media.

No answer.

It was almost like she fell off the face of the earth.

Have you talked to her and andres recently?

Well, last week I spoke with andres and everything seemed fine.

No, have you talked to her directly?


Her motherly instincts go off immediately, and she's like...

This is not okay. This is not normal.

Do you have his mother's phone number or his sister's phone number?

No, no, I -- well, melanie, call somebody!

Hi, um, yeah, it's melanie.

Have you seen jasmine or heard from her?

I was worried for the both of them.

Okay, um, what about andres?

Every scenario in my head showed me that they were both in trouble.

Okay, bye.


And then that's when my mom kind of started freaking out.

Your sister wouldn't do that!

Why did she leave like that?

She wouldn't do that! She wouldn't do that to you.

She would tell you something, right? no, this is not normal.

Your sister wouldn't do that.

I begin to get very nervous when I saw my mom that distraught.

let's call police.

Call police now!

we drove to new york very early to search her apartment with the police.

Most missing persons are not really missing.

They're just not home or not where they're supposed to be for a while.

99% of them return.

The average missing in the nypd is a teenager hanging out with their friends.

As I walk into the apartment, I couldn't believe that this was happening.

I felt like I was living in a horror movie.

Jasmine nunez and her boyfriend, andres ceballos, haven't answer their phones, or been active on social media for days.

Jasmine's family searches their apartment with police.

Okay, come in.

At first, everything seemed normal.

There was nothing cleaned up or anything we would think is, like, covering a crime up.

You sure they weren't planning a vacation, a trip anywhere?

I don't know. I don't think so.

They kept asking us, "did they go away on the weekends?" and I feel like they thought that everything was going to be okay.

what is it?

All of jasmine's clothes are here.

His are mostly gone.

At that point, my perspective shifted.

I didn't think anything was wrong with andres.

I thought jasmine was in trouble.

Jasmine was always very stylish.

My sister was not the type to just take off with nothing, with none of her belongings.

Melanie, come. Come, come!

What is it?

I went into the bathroom, and I saw that her flat iron was still sitting on the sink, like she had just used it.

That alone rang bells in my head, and I told the detectives right away, I said...

Jasmine wouldn't go anywhere overnight without this.


The proof was in the pudding, really.

It was right there.

I was convinced andres was the reason that she was missing, and I just remember being very scared.

this is jasmine's laptop.

She would take it with her anywhere she went.

Melanie told me that jasmine's facebook traffic had just stopped completely, and this was a huge red flag because she never went a day offline.

Jasmine's a popular girl.

She had a lot of friends.

As a detective, you learn that people are creatures of habit, and when habits stop, it's a sign that something may be seriously wrong.

Okay. We're gonna file a missing persons report, okay?

We're gonna canvas the building, and we're gonna do everything we can to locate them, okay?

We just drove to my grandmother's house in brooklyn.

Tried messaging her on facebook, twitter.

My text messages went unanswered, so I creating a missing persons flier.


The post kind of went viral and everyone was sharing it and talking about it.

We just wanted the word to be out that she was missing, and we were looking for her.

the next morning, there were still no leads, no phone calls from the detectives,

and then I suddenly remembered.

My god. What?

Andres' car has a gps tracking system.

It was like a eureka moment.


Can I speak with detective munnelly, please?

The company that runs the tracking device, they informed us that the car was in the state of virginia.

We've got some good news.

They located the car in virginia.

Virginia, what?

Chesapeake, virginia.

I was confused and shocked, and I was like, "that's a long drive from here. That's pretty far." it'll take about 15 minutes for the virginia state police to pull it over.


Okay? Sit tight.

Thank you. Thank you.

Maybe the police were right in the beginning.

Maybe they're on vacation and they didn't tell anyone. what is she doing there? maybe.


But while I was waiting, I received a phone call from one of jasmine's classmates from grade school.

She told me, "melanie, you have to see this." see what?

The new york state police posted a photo on their facebook page.

They're trying to identify a body.

It's a woman, and they took a picture of the tattoo, and it looks just like jasmine's.

I just froze. what's happening? What's going on?

It felt really quiet, but inside...

What's going on?

...I was screaming.

22-year-old jasmine nunez has been missing for almost two weeks.


And now her sister has received disturbing news.

What's happening? What's going on?

The body of a woman has been found in a park.


What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?!

I couldn't believe that this was happening.

Well, send me the link.

Send me something.

I need to see it.

What's going on?

And at that moment...

...She sent me just the photo of what was jasmine's tattoo.

her jeans were burned. and her shirt was burned, and they tried to crop it out of the photo, but you could see it.

It was in the picture. that's when I knew that she was gone. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

My baby, no!

There's no words to describe the feeling.

I just knew my life had just changed that quickly, and that I had lost my sister.

this is jasmine!

This is jasmine!

Melanie, calm down.

She's dead. Calm down.

What are you talking about?

He killed her.

I started screaming again.

I just start showing everybody in the police department this picture of jasmine, or of her tattoo, and just yelling at the cops.

Why is it taking so long?

Calm down.

Please, calm down.

And then he told me...

They've located the car.

They're just about to pull it over.

The virginia state police were asked to stop the car and identify the driver and any other passengers inside, and inform us who was in there.

Approaching the vehicle now. Heading west on ferguson street.

But when they stopped the car,

that's when everything got crazy.

In pursuit. Suspect is heading right on john street.


suspect is moving east along breezeside avenue.

Requesting backup.

he's stopped by the tunnel on davidson.

get out of the car! Get out of the car!

Andres ceballos ended up getting out of the car... drop the gun!

...Shooting at the virginia authorities, and running into a residential neighborhood.

Get down! Drop the gun!

drop it!

drop the gun!

Drop the gun!

Put your hands where we can see them and drop the gun!

Drop it!

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

Drop it! Put your hands up!

Don't do it! Drop the gun!

Drop it!

Don't! Don't do it! Drop the gun!

Within minutes, one shot rang out from mr. Ceballos' head.

Killed himself.

I believe he shot himself 'cause he was guilty of killing his girlfriend.

Didn't want to face up to it.

When I was told that andres had shot himself, I knew for sure that he hurt my sister.

The decision by new york state police to post a photo of jasmine's tattoo on facebook has made an impact on how police use social media to solve cases.

In 2011, social media was exploding.

The computer crime unit saw that it could be used as a tool in order to reach a large audience.

Using social media in this case set a precedent, and we now use social media in all types of investigations.

Nobody knows for sure where jasmine died, but her family believe it was most likely in the apartment she shared with andres.

I think jasmine was ready to leave, and at some point, an argument happened.

Andres probably thought, "if I can't have you, nobody can," and he physically assaulted her.

Based off the results of the autopsy, ms. Nunez was struck with an object or hand, knocking her unconscious.

She died of asphyxiation.

Andres then drove to james baird park in upstate new york and tried to hide jasmine's identity by setting fire to her body, but her tattoo remained visible.

Jasmine died up to two weeks before melanie identified her body.

Her family believe the few messages received from jasmine during this period were actually sent by andres.

It's just a horrifying feeling to know that the days that I thought I was speaking to my sister, she was probably already gone, and I was speaking to someone else that wasn't her.

My god, this is a recording. happy new year, everybody!


Yes, let's record.

Happy new year!

Aw, little kisses!

The pain is something that just kind of becomes a part of you.

It's, like, a new normal.

I live with some guilt because I feel like she was always there for me, and I couldn't be there for her in her final moments.

And I wonder if she called out for me or anyone.

and it's just something that I think about a lot.

although jasmine only lived 22 years, she had such a full life, so full of love, and so full of laughter and good times, and just smiles.

Although her life was very short, it was so full.