Web of Lies S6E7 Script

Murder Goes Live (2019)

let's see.

A devoted single parent...

Perfect. Alright, let's go.

Rannita was a great mother.

She took care of her kids.

They didn't want for nothing, and she made sure her kids were straight before anything.

And this one's gonna make us famous, okay?

...A social media influencer...

She wouldn't put her phone down. I'm gonna say that.

...Who was unafraid to call out hypocrisy.

That's why some bitches need to mind their own business.

But when a war of words breaks out...

Maybe she can't just handle the truth -- that her man still wants me.

I don't think rannita knew what she was getting off into.

...Unleashing forces beyond her control...

He said he was coming there to kill everybody.

...The devastating consequences play out on social media. jonathan.

Murder is going live on facebook.

rannita loved the social media.

Everything that she did, she mostly put it on social media...

...To show what she's about and what she liked to do and how she liked to do it.

Rannita always laughing.

She was gorgeous inside and out.

on social media, at times, she just was very, very honest.

She just spoke her mind.

Rannita williams had no problem with expressing her opinions on facebook.

ain't nothing else in this world that eats me up in the inside that I left her.

I left her.

Caddo heights is a tight-knit community in the city of shreveport on the red river in northern louisiana.

Caddo heights is predominantly an urban, black neighborhood.

It's an area that's known for not only poverty, but also a high-crime area.

However, the community is comprised of some of the most resilient people.

Rannita williams was that.

Rannita was comfortable in her own skin, and she would make those around her comfortable.

And rannita was respected because of that.

She saw things in a different eye.

She was an abstract thinker.

Yeah, just a little bit more to the -- yeah, yes. You sure?

Yeah, that looks perfect.

Just wanted to make sure it looks good.

26-year-old rannita williams' home-decorating business keeps her busy and brings in a steady income.

My relationship with rannita is our mothers are sisters, we're favorite cousins, and at times, I also helped her decorate.

Chocolate. Okay, fine.

I'll go with the chocolate, okay?

Alright. Okay.

As far as painting, wallpaper, she knew how to do it, and if she needed me or she needed my advice, I was there.

They're gonna love this room.

And your kids, they're gonna love the paycheck.

Well, that's true. her nickname was "nunu" 'cause she always have on something new, but nunu was her name.

Okay, yeah.

"another cool look by mz nunu."

I watched her turn people houses into million-dollar homes. did you see that?

Yeah. Are you seeing this?

That's crazy. My god.

Let's clean this up.

It got to the point she went viral on facebook decorating people homes.

You know, people always called her.

You know, give her the money and let her go purchase all the stuff, and she'd come back and decorate it.

With a decorating business thriving, rannita sometimes struggles to schedule time with her long-term boyfriend, jonathan robinson.

Jonathan grew up in shreveport, but he's recently moved four hours away to texas, and his visits are less regular.

Hey, mama. Hi.

Jonathan was living in houston and would be back and forth.

He would be in, and he would be out.

What is going on? look what jonathan got us. that looks fun.

The arrangement suits rannita as she values her family and freedom.

And jonathan got that for you?

I wonder what he got for me.


I missed you.

She was a single mother of three, but you couldn't tell it

'cause rannita was a great mother.

She took care of her kids -- all three of them.

Jadarier was 13, rodriguez was 7, and her baby girl's 4.

They didn't want for nothing, and she made sure her kids were straight before anything.

You're always so busy.

Yeah, well, you know, a girl's got to make a dollar.

Yeah? Yeah.

I can dig that.

You know, I might have got you a little something.

Just a little bit. Did you?

Yeah, maybe, maybe. Just a little.

Really? Okay, show me.

You want to see it? Yeah, don't play with me.

You sure? Show me.

Alright, alright. I won't play with you.

Rannita and jonathan was a good couple.

He was a father figure.

When things happened to the school, he went up there to make sure everything was straight with rannita kids.

The best... For the best, for my queen.

My god. Here.

My god. I'll put it on.

Okay, I'm ready. I'll put it on you.

When she first met jonathan, they made a fantastic couple. look at that. Look at that..

It's beautiful. Yeah?

Jonathan was a cool person, down to earth.

He was everything to nunu, so anybody that deals with her, they're gonna meet jonathan.

that's someone I could have seen her with, you know, for the rest of her life.

hey, ric.

There is one particular hitch in jonathan's relationship with rannita.

It isn't exclusive. I got you.

He's seeing another woman in houston named shuricka.

It wasn't no secret. Shuricka knew about rannita.

Rannita knew about shuricka.

Okay, okay. I'll be there.

Alright, babe.

Yeah, I love you.

They both knew about each other.

It was like the same equal opportunity of both of them.

Alright, bye.

But it's a one-way street, and jonathan's the only guy in rannita's life.

I got to get back to houston, baby.

It's okay. I'm busy today anyways.

Nunu was always in the picture.

You know, she was never left out.

Tell the kids I said bye.

I mean, she was okay.

You know, she was always on the go. and you would never see her sweat.

I'm just gonna say that.

If jonathan isn't in town on a weekend, rannita and trina like to hang out with their girlfriends.

She didn't have to go buy gucci or prada.

She could actually go in a store and get a regular outfit...

...And make it look amazing.

when it's time for trina and rannita to go out, I have to babysit that whole day.

It takes from that morning to that evening to get theyself together because everything that they do will have to be on point.

Can you pass that, please?

This red color?

It's a close-knit family, and rannita's mother and brothers share the babysitting.

Rannita had two brothers, jamarsay williams, which is my cousin marsay, and she had her oldest brother, which is odis williams, which is "o.D." alright, guys.


Salt-n-pepa! Looking good. she was salt. I was pepper. You know, that was -- that's what everyone called us -- salt and pepper.

You would never see one without the other one.

We was like glue.


Go. What? Alright.

Is that what you're doing? Okay.

People wanted rannita to be around them -- call her, "where you at?" she liked to play cards.

Okay. Okay, okay.

That was her thing.

She loved to talk that noise at them tables.

Put my money back. While you figure it out, I'm gonna take a selfie.

"you may have the king, but I have the ace." perfect. Alright.

Did you get it figured out yet? okay.

Despite rannita's card skills, in shreveport, it's not easy to hide your hand from the city's other partygoers.

You could walk outside and tell one person one thing, and 10,000 more people gonna know it.

Everyone know everyone.

That is why I'm always gonna beat you at games.

Please, girl. Okay?

I taught you how to play that game.

Ain't that jonathan's side chick?

That's why some bitches need to mind their own business.

Nunu! You're happy?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

People gonna always gossip anyway, but nunu, she just...

You know what? ...Kept it real.

I mean, she had nothing to hide.

What you see is what you get.

as long as her family respected what she had going on, the skreets didn't matter.

If you was to have a issue with rannita, then it's because you wanted an issue with rannita.

"hated by many, confronted by none" was her motto.

It's something that stood out to a lot of people.


That'll probably get me blocked again, but I can't have these girls disrespecting me.

Rannita loves to express herself freely online, but her profane language occasionally gets her account temporarily suspended.

And now her relationship with jonathan is taking a turn for the worse.

who you talking to?

No one.

You coming to bed or not?

You know, when she first met jonathan, she was ready to settle down, but nowadays, it was always a 50/50 thing with them.

More and more, rannita suspects that the odds are against her as jonathan freezes her out of their relationship.



You said you were gonna stay the whole weekend.

I just can't.

You can't, or you don't want to?

Or is it that ricka don't want you to?

Rannita's curiosity about the status of jonathan's relationship with ricka finally gets the best of her.

And I know rannita didn't understand why shuricka was talking about her.

she was saying things, tried to make rannita feel lower.


Go on ricka's facebook right now.

Rannita had got to the point she didn't want to play it no more.

If this bitch want to start a war, we're gonna go to war.

I don't think rannita knew what she was getting off into...

...And it tore our family apart.

Rannita williams has decided to take back control of her life.

I mean, I'm not even the one messing it up.

If we're each gonna do our own thing, then okay, but...

Ooh, I like that one.

Yeah. You know what? I like this, too.

But, I mean, he can come and go as he pleases, but if she's calling the shots, that's it.

I'm done.

You know what?

It's time for a makeover.

I think it just came to a point where I think she got tired.

You know, she wanted to do her own thing.

Really? Wait.



Men find rannita very attractive.

She a hot commodity.

She had all the confidence in the world that she know she was hot, and no man had to tell her.

She knew it in her heart.

After ending her long-term relationship with jonathan robinson, rannita's first night out as a single woman is to a friend's birthday party.

hi, I'm nordy -- a friend of roxie.

Are you trina williams' cousin?

Yeah, how do you know trina?

We went to school together. No way!

I can't wait to tell her.

Rannita surprised me with the nordy thing.

I knew who he was.

You know, I been knowing him since I was young.

I... I got to go.

It's just that my mom's -- she's babysitting, so...

You got kids? Yeah.

How old are they?

Okay, I could show you.

I've got three.

The best part about nordy, he was a family man, liked kids, but nordy is a very laid-back person.

You know, very cool.

I can see why you need to go, but I was hoping maybe I could get your number, and we could meet up sometime?

Okay, give me your phone.

She always tell me everything, and when she called me, she was really happy.

Alright, well, I'll see you sometime, then.

Yeah. Bye.

From the time that her and jonathan had broke up and jonathan went to houston with shuricka, rannita had met someone else.

rannita, she had got on with her life and got on with her ways, and jonathan noticed that.

thank you.

Thank you very much.

I'm gonna get a picture of this. no, you're not. yes. What?


Like a real instagrammer, I got to do it from the top.

Do you photograph everything?

Yeah, I guess.

It's just my way of expressing myself, is all.


You do that. I'm-a dig in.

They was just happy, and she ended up showing it on her facebook, and, you know, hearts was just going across the screen.

Alright, now, I'm-a just run to the restroom.


I'll be back. Will you?

I promise. alright.

in shreveport, you don't have to have a spy down here.

If you have people that dislike you and don't care about you, they will take the enemy that they know you're against, and they will use that enemy against you.

anything that was dealing with rannita, they would make sure jonathan know just because it was rannita.

Rannita had jonathan blocked, so he would actually have other people to call her and send text messages, telling her, "I hear about you got your new boyfriend." you could sense that jonathan wasn't too happy about rannita being with another man.

She knew he was gonna try to stop what she had going on, and he didn't want to see her happy.

That weekend, rannita has a date with her girlfriends.

Kokopellis was our spot.

It's a nice, laid-back, fun club.

going out to clubs and stuff, there's always pictures, pictures, pictures.

You know what?

We are going live, and this one's gonna make us famous.

You ready? Okay.

She wouldn't put her phone down. I'm-a say that.

at times, she would go live on facebook, and it's always laughter.

hey! Hey.

Let's do it.

Jonathan knew it was serious with rannita because any other time that rannita and jonathan were to part, they always get back together.

Cheers. Cheers.


But this particular time here, rannita wasn't having it.

I think if she knew at that point what was about to go on, I don't think she would have even, you know, been there.

Jonathan, what are you doing in here?

Get out!

Jonathan was very controlling.

You're seeing another guy?

So you can see ricka, and I can't see another guy?

A person with a controlling mind, they will always want things to go their way.

So, you're just gonna cut me out?

Yes, jonathan, it's over. It's done.

I'm done with this.

Okay? I can't take any more of this.

He felt like whatever it took to get her back, that he was gonna do it.

Jonathan robinson cannot accept that his girlfriend, rannita williams, is finally leaving him.

I'm done with you.

jonathan grabs her by her neck.


Jonathan, ple-- please.

But rannita's the type of person that, if you step on her toe, she's gonna come back and retaliate to you, and you might not like it.

The next day, she told me what happened in the club, that other people was, you know, talking about it, saying he'd confronted her and was trying to get her to leave the club with him.

You got to stay away from him, nunu.

He's crazy. I know.

I know. He's stalking me.

He's stalking my family.

I don't know why he won't leave me alone.

Once again, the war of words goes online, and this time, the tit-for-tat posts between rannita and shuricka have intensified.

It started from social media with the girl, ricka, talking bad about rannita, just saying rude things that people shouldn't.

Miss nunu, rannita williams, you know who you are.

You been stealing my man, jonathan, from me.

What kind of bitch does that? Who do you think you are?

You think you can get away with that?

I'm here to tell you that you need to stop -- stop chasing after my man.

That's where she really crossed the line.

If you was to dis rannita, then you have a problem on your hand.

Rannita retaliated back.

By them being so harsh, talking about rannita and her family and stuff, rannita felt like she could've talked about them.

And she's doing it publicly.

By going live, all of rannita's hundreds of facebook friends get a notification to tune into her broadcast.

So everyone was tuned in.

Rannita, she had, like, over 300, almost 400 people.

My ex, jonathan, is still chasing me, and his so-called "girlfriend" has the nerve to think that I'm after her man.

Maybe she can't just handle the truth that her man still wants me.

Rannita williams wasn't afraid to use facebook as a means to call someone out.

She knew the buttons to push to get jonathan upset.

He's being belittled.

He's being called out as a man for the whole world to see.

It challenges jonathan robinson's manhood.

You figure what you're getting?

Yep, I'm gonna order the garlic bread, the jumbo chicken wings, and the margherita burger.

What, so you gonna get all that for you?


Rannita being with nordy, I actually thought it was a good goal for her.

I felt she was happy.

You know, I felt it was a breakthrough for her.

rannita said this time, she was keeping her life privately, but as nordy and her got into a relationship, they started doing things together.

So as doing things together, you gonna be seen together.

Alright. If you happy, I'm happy.


what -- what's that about?

No idea.

Jonathan has a lot of old friends in shreveport who keep their eyes on rannita for him.

People just in the skreets talking.

You know, people always want to be in other people's business.

People always hating.

every man protects their woman, and if nordy knew what was about to happen, he would have done something about it.


Alright, everyone done?

Yep, thank you, mom.

You're welcome.

Mom, have you seen my backpack?

Yeah, it's over here.

Alright. Thank you.

Jackets on, come on.

We don't want to miss the bus.


Alright, come on. Come on.

That's it.

bye, kids.

Bye, mom. Love you.

can I fix y'all with some coffee?

Yeah, mom. Yes, please.

I was in the kitchen, and my son jamarsay was in the front room with rannita.

what's that? I don't know.

Rannita, open up the door.

Open up the door! jonathan, I told you don't come around here no more.

Yeah? Yeah.

Get out!

Shortly after 10:00 on the morning of April 12th, jonathan robinson shows up in the driveway of rannita williams' home.

Fortunately, it's a school day, so rannita's three young children aren't in the home.

By rannita making her live video, it made him go into a whole 'nother rage. what are you doing?!

what are you doing?!

Suddenly, jonathan robinson kicks in a dead-bolted door...

What do you think you're doing?

I didn't do nothing.

You didn't do nothing?

Ricka doesn't think this is nothing.

...And is confronting rannita about events that are going on with shuricka about her posting on facebook.

What is this?

I told everyone the truth. That's what it is.

Bro, just be cool, man.

Shut up! Shut the hell up!

Jonathan got angry because rannita let the world know what was really going on.

You know what?

I did ricka a favor because she doesn't deserve this, and neither do I. Yeah?

Yeah. Okay.

What bothers jonathan the most is that rannita doesn't back down.

You're gonna regret those words.

Get out.

I'm-a see you.

She doesn't care if jonathan hates the fact she's going on social media and berating his girlfriend.

what's going on, man?

rannita's not gonna be told what to say and what to do, and as much as jonathan admires and actually lusts after rannita, this part of her personality drives him insane.

He's coming back. you want to be famous?

I'm-a make you famous. Jonathan...

Everybody wants to be famous these days.

I'm-a make us all famous.

Jonathan, please. Please what?

Shut up!

From the kitchen, I hear him screaming at the top of his voice.

Please? I'm sorry.

I'm calling the police.

I'm calling the police.

As I tell him I'm gonna call the police, he shoots.

He said, "go call the police. I don't care." mom!

when he fired the first shot, it was so close to my ear, everything just rung.

You think I'm scared of the police?

No! I'll kill them all.

He said he was coming there to kill everybody that was in there and kill the police, too. please, jonathan.

So he let me know when he fired that first shot that he was serious.

And I just kept running. I never looked back.

And I ran across the street at the neighbor's house. anita makes the first 911 call.

now, you going to apologize to ricka publicly for everybody to see.

Okay, okay.

Jonathan wants rannita to go on facebook live and apologize to his girlfriend, shuricka.

But rannita has been suspended again for inappropriate language on facebook.

Hurry up!

I can't. I'm blocked.

and as I was talking to the police on the phone, I heard the shot.

And so when police scramble to this scene, they're not certain if someone hasn't been shot.

Now, you can go live on facebook and give it to your sister.

Open up your phone!

Jonathan robinson had shot rannita in the knee.

So he made sure that she couldn't run.

Hurry up!

hey, ricka, scroll down on facebook.

Yeah, you gonna get the apology you deserve.


He's on the phone with shuricka, letting her know that this apology is coming on facebook, and you need to watch.

Rannita's holding jamarsay's phone, crouched down as jonathan paces back and forth, towering over her...

...Cussing, carrying the ak-47 this entire time.

We had a large contingent of police officers arrived on the scene.

You have the on-duty patrol officers.

Then you had what some would call a special response team, and other officers came to secure the neighborhood because, at the time, they weren't 100% sure exactly what was going on in the house.



You can tell she's scared.

She's trying to follow every direction jonathan gives her in order to save her own life.

when he saw shreveport police coming up to the house, he just started shooting.

and his intent was to kill.

it's beyond shocking to think you're watching this live on facebook.

Police on the scene at rannita williams' house are responding to a 911 call of a man with a gun.

Officer after officer keeps approaching this scene, most of them without shields, without helmets.

They've got their service revolvers.

He's got an ak.

They're outgunned.

Come on, go this way!

Come on, move, move, move, move! Move!

They keep closing in on the house, trying to do everything they can to get inside there and save rannita williams' life.

I was across the street, but I could see everything that's going on, and I know my daughter is in there.

I know my son is in there.

I was thinking that both of them was deceased.


Look what you made happen.

as jamarsay see him letting his shots go on rannita, that was the time for him, and he said he got away because he seen that he was dead.

He'd seen his life in front of him.

So he took a chance on running.

jonathan fired a shot at him, but he didn't hit him.

For almost another hour, hostage negotiators talk to jonathan while marksmen take up firing positions.

Robinson thought shreveport police were going to storm the home.

He's ready to shoot it out with them and die.

nah, I can't do that.

it's his girlfriend, shuricka, on the phone that eventually convinces him to put his gun down, come out, and give himself up.

it's an absolutely horrible scene the police walk into...

...To find rannita williams shot and bleeding on the floor.

Rannita was shot at least four times -- was very clear that his intent was to take her life and not just wound her.

He shot her until he knew she was dead.

I just couldn't help my baby that day.

I just couldn't help her.

that eats me up in the inside that I left her.

I left her.

As the events of the morning play out over social media, more family and friends arrive at the crime scene.

I knew nordy was hurt.

He just sat on the curve, you know, with his head down in disbelief.

the vigil that we had for rannita is really undescribable.

The love was so genuine.

We had lit candles all in the skreets, spelled her name out for her.

We partied all night for her, and I don't think nobody really went to sleep that night.

There was so much talking in the streets, people laughing and remembering rannita, but when I began to pray, everyone got quiet.

She enriched all of us.

She empowered all of us.

So may we take those things that she has given us and use those to help those around us.

For some, the grief is still too raw to bear.

Jamarsay's in his own world right about now.

It had torn the best part of him out of him.

It's just, like, you go somewhere, and it snatch your heart out.

You breathing, but you dead.

Shreveport is no stranger to violent crime and murder, but this crime, to be broadcast live on facebook, was beyond shocking.

So the caddo parish district attorney wants the death penalty in this case.

Officers asked for the death penalty of killing jonathan.

Would it brought rannita back?


The death penalty is for some people that's angry, mad, that just got so much hate in they heart that they couldn't find love in it.

I'm not that type of person.

We never believed in killing people.

So in the end, jonathan robinson gets life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 100 years.

Being able to broadcast live on facebook has given people the impression that they can become a star and broadcast all over the world.

And unfortunately, what that has ushered in is a culture of people becoming famous for all the wrong reasons.

It was devastating.

That was my everything, you know, my best friend.

She's with me spiritually, but I'm still kind of lost behind the fact that she's not here.

Anita williams is determined not to let rannita's death destroy her grandchildren's lives.

It's all about them, y'all -- my babies. can you say, "hello," y'all?

Look at him go, y'all. Look at him.

My babies. Boy, looky here.

Everything that I'm doing from this day forward, I'm doing it for rannita.

I have fears of things that I don't want to do it, but I do it because of rannita.

Everything that I goes through, anything that I do it, I do it for rannita.