Welcome (2007) Script

"Welcome." "Everybody come and welcome."

"Welcome." "To the party come and welcome."

"Hey you, say hello."

"Welcome to the party."

"Come and go. Don't you want to know?"

"What is going on in the party?"



(Groaning) (Sighs)

Scream loudly!

I'll charge the fees of the patients who run away...

...because of your screaming from you!


NARRATOR: 'This is Dr. Ghungroo.'

'In spite of owning such a large hospital...

...he could not fix his own neck.'

'Yes. That's his ailment.'

'His neck turns automatically and people misunderstand it.'

'Now look at this.'

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

I'm here to apply for the job of your personal secretary.

I see.


What a strange and foolish girl!

She's not foolish but a decent girl.

Ghungroo, whenever a girl slaps you...

...you can be sure that she belongs to a respectable family.

Shall we go?

NARRATOR: 'Today Dr. Ghungroo is accompanying his wife, Payal...

...and the pundit to select a bride for his nephew, Rajiv.'

'He has refused more than 500 alliances till date...

...because he wants a very honest and decent family.'

'And he has his own style to judge how honest a family is.'

Whether you accept our proposal or not is up to you...

...but I can't deceive decent people like you.

I'm a doctor by profession but I also carry out some illegal work.

And my nephew is the greatest loafer of all.

Liquor, gambling, races, drugs!

Frankly, we don't deserve such decent family like yours.


What happened! Are you shocked?

This Jodhpur coat I am wearing to show you how decent I am...

...was too tight around my neck and preventing me from speaking up.


KAPOOR: You talk of illegal work!

We are neck deep into all kinds of illegal activities.


There's no greater villain than me.

Well done, pundit! Wonderful!

KAPOOR: This is nothing!

My father is behind bars since six years.

Do you know that minister's son?

What is his name? Whatever it is.

KAPOOR: - We used to supply drugs to him. (Chuckles)

Mr. Haridayal? You're right!

Wonderful! Great! He is my real father.

Mother, tell him.

Great pundit! What a family! Wow!

And as far as licentiousness is concerned...

...my daughter is always on page three.

Now that's interesting!

Mr. Ghungroo, the world has changed so much...

...that if a girl doesn't have half a dozen boyfriends...

...then she is not considered a beautiful. Correct.

You're right! But she doesn't look so hot. (Chuckles)

Don't insult me like this, uncle. You want to see? Then see!

Oh God!

Look at her! Isn't she hot?

Oh God. Mother!

Why did you slap the pundit?

Because we want a family whose relatives...

...have never been to a police station let alone gone to jail.

Come on. Hey.

What people?!

NARRATOR:'He wants such a decent family which...

...has a totally clean image.'

'That's why his nephew is still a bachelor.'

Okay! Okay, try! Try, baby! Try, try, try!

Try, try! Make an effort!

Very nice baby! Very nice! "Welcome."

Sir, you are great! I was trying since two hours...

...but you made him do it in two minutes.

The girl he marries would be very happy in life.

This poor guy is ready with his bat but nobody wants to bowl to him.

There are several who want to bowl to him but...

...his uncle, Dr. Ghungroo, is a terrible umpire.

He keeps refusing all the proposals that come his way.

Why are you teasing Rajiv?

Come here all of you. It's time to cut the cake. Come on!

Come on! Let's go!

Rajiv, take care of my children. Okay.

Hey no! No, no, no!

You're holding the rocket in a wrong way.

It might hurt him. It might get into...

...someone's house. Hold it straight.

Uncle, this is my rocket. If I hold it with an angle...

...only then it will go straight up.

Look, if you hold it straight, it will go straight up.

All right. I will light it.

Gopi, get back!




Fire! Fire! Fire!


Uncle, what have you done?

CHILD: You've caused the fire.


Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Help Sanjana!


Please, help her. Is somebody in there?

Our friend is trapped in there!

Please! Please help her.

Uncle, why don't you too go in there?

You have caused the fire!

What? What?

He has caused the fire? He caused the fire!

What, he caused the fire. This uncle caused it.

Gopi! Go! Go!

I am going inside. I am going.


It's been so long! Why haven't they come out?

I think he is bringing her!

He is coming!

Yes. Yes.

He is coming!

Oh God, he has come.

God knows...

"Super girl."

"Super girl."

"Super girl."

Sanjana, what happened?

Poor guy! Come on, let's go!

"Super girl." Why is there a smile on uncle's face?

Uncle, what happened in there?


Hey. Hey!


What? Fire!


Hold it. I am coming, okay?

Come on, aunt!

I have noticed since two days that...

...you've been thinking about that girl a lot.

You are in love! Yes.

For the first time in my life, I've felt like this about someone...

...that she is made just for me.

I close my eyes and she appears in my mind!

I open them and I see her.

I feel like thinking about her all the time.

Aunt, pray that I meet her just one more time.

You'll surely meet her.

But we should pray that her family is very decent.

(Tyre Screech)

Brother, everything is clear! Come over.

NARRATOR:'This is Sanjana's brother, Uday Shetty.'

'He wanted to be an actor but he became a gangster.'

'But whenever he looks into a mirror...

...the actor within him awakens.'

'His only dream is to get Sanjana married into a respectable family.'

'But why will a guy from a respectable family marry a don's sister?'

'So, they have their own style...

...to talk about the alliance to respectable people.'

God has given us everything. Wealth, fame and respect.

Our status in the city is such that...

...if we go to a house with a proposal we won't be refused.

All we want is a decent family and a nice groom.

But the pundit didn't tell us about your businesses.

Didn't you tell them about our business?

(Stammer) What could I tell them?

Sanjana Airways!

Oh yes! Sanjana Airlines!

Sanjana Textiles!

Yes, Sanjana Textiles.

We're into a whole lot of businesses.

Yes, yes. - We handle the businesses only over the phone.

ADVOCATE:Boss! Boss, there's good news for you!

Not one, but two.

You will be happy to hear that.

He has ruined everything.

Sir, there is a good news.

Your one phone call worked.

The Dhansukh murder case which was running against you...

...has been closed.

The witness knew that if he testified against you...

...then you would wipe out his entire family.

That man has withdrawn the police complaint.

He wants an out of court settlement.

He has already paid 20 million and...

...he'll pay the remaining 30 million in court.

Come on. Hurry up. Come on. Hurry up.

(Engine Revving)

Sir, who were those people?

Go ask them!

They had come with a marriage proposal for Sanjana.

They didn't come!

I had called them from Mumbai!

I had made you lie about us. Yes.

Which decent family is left in this city that have...

...not begged before me and refused?

Sorry, sir. I was so excited.. What do you mean by excited?

Can't you understand where I am, who am I talking to...

...and what I am talking about? Control!

Control Uday!

Ballu Prasad, tell him what happens when I get angry!

I have an artificial limb. I was a good hockey player.

Once, when brother Uday got angry about something I said...

...he broke my leg with my hockey stick.

But he's good at heart. He took me to the hospital.

He got me operated, got me a new foot, gave me this stick...

...gave me some money and... Enough! That's enough!

Now tell me what should I do about you?

I had thought if I gave you the good news...

...you would pat me on my back. Go on.

Sir, forgive me!

Control! Sir, forgive me! Sir, forgive me!

This famous painting was painted in 1995 by Sumit Chatterjee and...

...we start the bid at 50,000 dollars.

So can I hear 51,000 dollars? Can we?

51,000 dollars! 52,000 dollars!

55,000 dollars! Perfect! 60,000, dollars!

65! 70,000! Anybody else?

Okay, so it's going for 70,000 dollars to bidder number 13.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I present the last painting of the day.

Oil on canvas, by Ahmed Raza.

A world-renowned artist, as you already know.

Burning desire!

"Thinking of you."

"Makes my heart peaceful."

"O my beloved."

"Thinking of you."

"Makes my heart peaceful."

"O my beloved."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"You're my life, my love and my desire."

"You're my life, my love and my desire."

"O my darling."

"Thinking of you."

"Makes my heart peaceful."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"My lonely moments are lost in your thoughts."

"How do I tell you how much my heart desires for you?"

"My lonely moments are lost in your thoughts."

"How do I tell you how much my heart desires for you?"

"Thinking of you."

"Makes my heart peaceful."

"O my sweetheart."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"You're my life, my love and my desire."

"You're my life, my love and my desire."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome."

"Thinking of you."

"Makes my heart peaceful."

"O my beloved."


(Tyre Screech)

(Tyre Screech)


Come out! Mister, what's going on?

Nobody move!


Come on, get out!

Come on.

Freeze! Freeze!

What happened? Freeze!



Nobody will make a move! Freeze!

Mister, what is going on?

Can't you see my boss is painting? Boss?

What kind of nonsense is this to cause an accident...

...and make a painting out of it?

Who is this crazy boss of yours?


Okay, okay! Sorry, sorry!

Oh my God! He is Mr. Majnu.

Who is this Majnu? He is a famous don.

You're very lucky!

The day I use the brush, I don't use the gun.

Or else you were a goner!

All I wanted to say was, what was the need to cause an accident...

...because painting is a work of one's imagination.

That's for the bad painters.

I paint it directly as I see it.

It is also called live painting!

Last week, he was stopping everyone on the bridge and...

...asking whether they knew how to swim.

The one who said he did was thrown into the water.

Boss wanted to paint a swimming person.

Don't move! Or else you'll be dead!

If boss' painting turns out to be bad...

...then your family will mourn you.

He has no family!

They too are here?

Yes. He is still unmarried!

Do you want to die a bachelor?

This is too much! He has made a cartoon out of decent people!

Stay there! Sleeping? I'm slipping!

Not sleeping! Slipping! I'm losing my footing!

I want a full background of this decent guy!



Boss, forgive me now! How much faster do I have to run?


Brother Uday, I've been calling since long...

...but you have switched off your mobile phone.

Today I have finished off F.M. Hussain.

What? Brother, look over there.

Looks like the party from India has fled.

Brother, can I ask you something? Yes.

Is Sanjana your real sister? She's more than a real sister.

Of course but is she really your real sister?

You're enquiring because I'm dark and she is very fair, aren't you?

Shankar Shetty, my father married twice.

Yes, father married twice but Sanjana hasn't even been married once.

What do you mean? She will marry only once!

You're right. She hasn't even married once!

But now she will.

The solution to your problem lies in that painting of mine.

Can you see that guy?

Which guy?

The one sitting on the bonnet.

Where is the bonnet?

Under the guy!


That guy is very decent.

These decent guys are very bad. They have no decency.

That's why I'll solve this matter myself.

I will get the guy's background tomorrow.

And I will talk to his family in my own style.

You should not get in my way.

Then only God can help us. Go.

DR. GHUNGROO:Ever since we opened this boutique...

...you didn't show me its account-book even once.

I'm going to the beauty parlour.

Go on! Whenever I take up the accounts...

...you run away to the beauty parlour.

Squander my money!

(Phone Ringing)

Hello! Mr. Ghungroo, how is your business doing?

Business is good! Very good! I'm sitting on a hefty profit!

Won't you share your profit with us?


Send four boxes immediately.

This is a boutique. You get ladies dresses here, not empty boxes!

You fool! A box means ten million rupees!

Oh I see! Ten million? And you want 40?

Did your father leave it here, or was it your mother?

"Majnu got trapped."

You fool! I'll send you to hell! Do you know whom you are talking to? (Neigh)

This is brother Majnu! I hope you have heard my name before!

Of course I do. You just told me twice that you're brother Majnu!

So what should I do?

Hey smarty, have you gone mad? Looks like I may have to kill you!

I am asking for protection money! Do you understand?

All right! So you want protection?

Do one thing. Get me 40 million. I will protect you.

And if you want to get beaten up then call again.

DR. GHUNGROO:If I don't change your gender...

...then I'll stop calling myself Dr. Ghungroo.

Now hang up!

He is taking me on!

(Tyre Screech)

Get out of here! The shop's closed down forever.

Stop the work here.

Hey, come on. Hurry up. Hey, get out!

What is happening?

What is happening?

What going on, brother!

How dare you threaten brother Majnu?

Remove those clothes!

And you remove those drapes! Take it out. Fast.

Yes! Now you do look like a woman.

Black, yellow and blue!

Come on. Take him away!

Brother Majnu!

Brother Majnu, I made a mistake.

I thought someone was fooling around with me on the phone. Really?

If I had known you were on the phone, would I talk like that?

What did you say?

What do you mean by that?

What do you think of me? Brother!

Brother, you are fine. This is my problem.

Not just you, many have such a problem.

Moreover, your population is ever increasing.


Listen, you fool!

I am listening. Tell me brother!

I want 50 million by tomorrow. Get it?

But brother you had said 40 million over the phone.

That was over the phone!

Now boss has himself come to you.

Who will pay the traveling charges?

Brother, 10 million traveling charges?

All right. All right.

Thank God, he didn't have any snacks on his way...

...or else it would have been 60 million. It can be 60 million!

If you don't deliver 50 million by 5 tomorrow evening...

...your family of three would become family of 6!

Make him understand!

How is that possible?

If each one in the family of three is cut into two pieces...

...then how many would that make?

6! Let's go!

"No entry in the lanes of love."

"No. No. No. No. No entry."

There has been one more murder because extortion money was not paid!

Today morning, in broad daylight, in a busy market, in public...

...the famous builder Shyam Agarwal was...

...gunned down by three people.

We at Kal Tak news channel were the first to break this news to you...

...that the infamous underworld gangster Majnu is behind this massacre!

He has committed many murders since childhood!

Not only children and old people but...

...he has also not spared the handicapped!

It's surprising. People earn so much.

They should give some to these poor chaps.

Will they take all the money to heaven?

ON TV: Law, police, administration, helpless people.

Will you cause me a heart attack?

You were going to cause me an attack!

You shouted as if brother Majnu had threatened you.

He did! In broad daylight! He came to my shop and threatened me!

Brother Majnu will surely kill me by tomorrow.

Brother Majnu! Yes.

Our brother Majnu?

Majnu threatened you? He's just a kid! Just a kid!

Do you know him?

He is like a son to me, Mr. Ghungroo!

Really? Yes.

Really? Yes!

Please sit!

You should have uttered my name once!

Instead of demanding money, he would have given you some.

No, I don't want anything from him.

And neither do I want to give him anything.

You are so naive! Come on, get ready and come with me!

You'll see that the moment he sees me he'll fall at my feet!

Why do you call me Majnu? Do you think...

...I'm indebted to you since you got two of my men married?

Our wives have run away! He got us married to such girls!


Haven't you earned a lot of money by arranging such marriages?

You too arrange for 10 million by evening.

And you? Yes.

Government hospital's broken bench!

Now you will not pay me 50 but 60 million! Get it?

Continue your game.

You've again brought me to a wrong place.

I brought you here? You brought me here.

Because of you I have to pay extra. You brought me here!

Even I have to pay now!

Salutation! Salutations, sir!

Salutations, sir! Salutations, sir! Salutations, sir!

Salutations, sir!

Why is he saluting everyone like this?

Salutations, sir! He is the security guard here.

He didn't salute our boss once!

Boss has given him the punishment of saluting everyone for six months!

GUARD: Salutations, sir!

This is our boss' private jail. They are undergoing punishment here.

What was his crime?

He got fewer balloons on boss' birthday. Idiot!

He said he finds it difficult to inflate them.

Give him one kick. His punishment is to inflate...

...balloons until the next birthday.

And what will boss do to him?

And this guy is a doctor, isn't he? Yes.

Boss will open a dispensary for him here.

Yes, where he would be the doctor and also the patient!

He will have a knife and scissors in his hands.

He'll say he's operating on himself!


Brother, I could not run away. But you still have time.

Go straight to brother Uday Shetty.

He is the only person who can solve your problem.

Really? Uday Shetty?

He is well known in the city. Everybody respects him.

Even brother Majnu!


DR. GHUNGROO: He increased 10 million in our every meeting.

And the wrong thing is he calls it protection money.

Protection money? I have earned this money in many years.

Please save me from these ruffians, sir.

I am in deep trouble, sir.

Get up. Get up. Don't worry.

Do not cry. Brother Shetty, did you call me?

Majnu, what are you up to? You call up anyone and ask for money!

Mr. Ghungroo is my... Don't give me so much respect.

Why not? Even biscuits are called Parle-ji (mark of honour) these days.

And you are a doctor. You do good service to the people.

I treat the poor free of charge...

...that's why my hospital is running a loss.

Look! He's such a great doctor. And you? What?

Sir, I didn't know that you knew him.

Knew him?

Doctor? He is my friend.

Then he is our provider. It was a mistake.

What is going on? I don't understand!

Your job is done. You can leave.

Shall I hit him? I feel like it.

I will always be indebted to you.

It's not a big thing. Yes, it is.

No! Sir, you're my saviour!

There's still some decency in this world.

It was nothing! But if you are really grateful...

...then do something for me.

Just order me. Order.

I have a younger sister. Yes.

She's beautiful. Okay.

She's of marriageable age.

Now I got it.

God has given us everything. Wealth, fame and respect.

People respect me so much that...

...if I go with a proposal to any house they won't refuse.

All I need is a groom.

Who is decent, honest and belongs to a respectable family.

Who can keep my sister happy all her life.

Mr. Shetty! We should have met long before.

I have a nephew. Yes! He is decent, honest...

...and belongs to a respectable family. Wonderful!

I may not be as rich as you are but we are very respectable.

Pundit, we'll think of the wedding date later.

Let me find out what he thinks. But you have my consent.

You give your consent? Yes. Then so do I.

You have given me your word. Don't ever go back on it.

I am a respectable person. My word is like writings on stone.

Congratulations. Embrace me.

Mr. Ghungroo! Wait, please! I want to tell you something!

What will you tell me? I have seen it with my own eyes!

He is not human but God. (Tyre Screech)

Thank God, I found you here!

Come on, pundit. Come along! It's an auspicious day.

It's a very inauspicious day. Take my word.

Uncle, what is it? You look very happy today.

I have fixed your marriage into such a family...

...if you hear about it you'll be dumbfounded.

Right, pundit! Tell him.

My God! What a great person is Mr. Shetty!

If you ask me, he's the most decent person I've ever met.

He's not a decent man! He's a murderer!

His day starts with the sound of gunshots!

With the sound of gunshots, sir.

And his night is not over until he kills a dozen or so.

What are you saying? I swear!

Shetty is a don!

Don! Yes.

O God! O my God!

Majnu and Uday have deceived you to get their sister married.

You don't get it.. I am sick and tired now! I don't know what to do!

I am so unlucky! So unlucky! Rajiv, you've broken the steering wheel!

O God! What will happen now, uncle!

Rajiv, do something, please!

I am so unlucky!

RAJIV: What can I do!

(Tyre Screech)

Careful... Nephew!


Aunt, what happened?

Leave you aunt. Where is your uncle?

Uncle! Where is uncle?

Uncle! Uncle!

Uncle is safe! He is safe. Uncle.

What should I do?

Nephew, step on the brakes!

How do I stop? The brakes are not working!

No brakes? I'll get a heart attack!

Aunt, I'll do something about it.

We won't move! We won't move!

We will not move! We won't move! We won't move!

We will die but not move!

They won't move! We won't move!

You have to move! The brakes are not working!

We will die but not move! Move! (Tyre Screech)

Move! Get up! Run! Move!

Get up! Run! Get up! Run!


Get lost!


Son, don't stop! Go faster! Don't stop! This steering wheel!


Aunt, hold the legs!

Hold the legs.

Not yours, but his legs! Okay.

What are you doing!

Rajiv, don't leave my hand. Rajiv, please.

My whole family will be wiped out!


Oh God!

Nephew, do something.

Uncle, don't worry! I'll do something.

Be careful, Rajiv. Be careful.

Nephew, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'm towing the car.

Be careful. Be careful.

Stop the car! Nephew. Stop the car!




Boss is here.

"My lips are as soft as rose-petals."

"My beauty is as intoxicating as wine."

"My lips are as soft as rose-petals."

"My beauty is as intoxicating as wine."

"People are crazy about my style."

"And are willing to die for me."

"Then come on." "Then come on."

"Then come on, let's live our lives together."

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"I feel like kissing you right now."

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Wow! What a beauty!"

"It has driven me crazy!"



"When this drink starts brimming..."

"Whoever looks loses control."

"When this drink starts brimming..."

"Whoever looks loses control."

"There's a talk in the town."

"Your beauty is so very vicious."

"My style is so unique."

"It makes every heart beat faster."

"Everyone is head-over-heels about you."

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

"I feel like kissing you right now."

"Your lips are inviting!"

"Your lips are inviting!"

Aunt, don't look like this.

All these people have come to enjoy, play and sing and dance.

Like us they are not here to plan how to get away from gangsters.

Taunt us! You too can taunt us!

If we had stayed there, either we would be dead or...

...you would have been forced to get married.

He didn't think before fixing the alliance. He is thinking about it now.

He has never been a good judge of people.

She's absolutely right! If I were a good judge...

...would I ever get married to her? Good judge of people!

Stop this domestic dispute! Stop it!

I am in deep trouble and here you are fighting with each other!

Just think what would happen to me now!

How can I? How can I think?

I just can't think in her presence.

I have to go away and think of something. Okay, go.

We are losing so much money and I can't concentrate!

I know when you...

I am so sorry! No problem.

How dare he?


Dirty old creep. How shameless!

Listen to me...

'Ghungroo, whenever a girl slaps you...'

'...you can be sure that she belongs to a respectable family.'

These half-naked guys! Rajiv!


I have thought of such a good idea that they can do no harm to us.

What? Yes.

I have found such a girl who I've been searching for since years.

Thank God.

You've found a new problem for me, haven't you?

This girl is not a problem but a solution to your problem.

Understood? Do one thing.

Light the candle of your love in her heart and marry her.

I will apologize to Shetty!

I'll tell him I wanted my nephew to marry your sister...

...but what can I do? My nephew deceived me.

He had already got married three months ago.

Even if he is the biggest don of the world..

Will he get her sister married to an already married guy?

Just take a look! Look at this girl!

Uncle, I don't want to look at this ugly girl!

Aunt, you know why I don't want to get married. Why don't you tell him?

Just take a look! How do I explain to him?

I don't want to listen to anything. I don't want to...

Look at the girl! Look at the girl!

The important thing is, she belongs to a respectable family.

Brother, if Sanjana looks at this painting...

...you will lose her respect!

Don't worry about Sanjana.

We're here for a change and to enjoy..

If I don't enjoy with these girls then what's the fun!

"O foreigner, don't go away."

"Don't leave me. Don't leave me."

What a great song, boss!

That was wonderful.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Please do not move!

Please do not move!

We've just got news that terrorists have planted bombs in this place.


Bomb! (Screaming) Oh no! Let's run.

Wait! Please don't run. (Screaming)

For God's sake... We don't know where the bombs are.

Maybe one is under the table! Oh God.

Maybe in that ball! Oh God.

And because of you there might be a blast in here.

The bomb-squad is on the way.

Nobody will move from his or her place. (Whistling)

Who is it?

"I see your eyes in the morning sunlight."

"I feel you touching me in the pouring rains."

Sanjana, he's the same guy! In the fire incident.

Where are you going?

"And you come to me on a summer dream."

"And keep me warm..."

He will surely get us all killed.

Stop him.


"And it's me you need to show." No. No.

"How deep is your love."

"How deep is your love."

"I really need to know."

"Because we're living in a world of fools."

Stop, you idiot! Stop!

"Let me kick this ball now"



Saw that! We made a fool out of you so easily.

Sorry! Sorry!

Thank you, friend. It's okay!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Frankfinn, the world's number air-hostess training institute...

...is organizing Frankfinn Smart Woman Contest.

The girl who can fool a guy three times...

...will get 50,000 dollars on behalf of Frankfinn.

And this glittering trophy!

So what are you thinking?

Your time starts now!


Can I help you?


Sanjana, maybe you didn't recognize me.

Why wouldn't I? Aren't you same guy who pulled me out of the fire?

Sanjana, now you are embarrassing me.

In fact you had saved me. I had fainted and you had pulled me out.

And it's no fault of mine. Anyone will lose his senses on seeing you.

You're so beautiful!

What's the date today?

1st April!

Are you making me a fool?

No, no! I swear, I'm not joking! I'm really...

Can I help you? I'm taller.

I will help you! Okay!

Whenever I get close to it, a breeze blows it away!

It's a girl's drape. It won't come to you so easily.

Really? I will not rest until I get this drape.

Wow! Great man! Amazing!

This is nothing.

Miss. Sanjana, it's Draupadi's sari? Draupadi's sari?



That's enough! You're too much!

You're too sweet!

Too sweet.

You are sweet too.

(Phone Ringing)

Look at this! Look! Uday Shetty!

Oh my God! Your nephew can't even entice a girl and...

...this Uday Shetty is calling me up continuously!

I don't know what to do with him.

What else can we do but pray to God?

O God, please help me!

What kind of help is this?

Hey, where did he disappear?



Peter! Peter! Sorry!

Peter! Sorry!

Get lost you creep!


Get off me! Hey, you! What are you doing!

Come here! Come here!

Get him! Hey you!

Stop running!


Where did he go? Find him.

(Phone Ringing) Whose phone is ringing?

(Phone Ringing) Whose?

(Phone Ringing)

Come on. Check.

Hey. (Phone Ringing) Nice place.

Brother Uday! UDAY: - Yes, Majnu!

Is everything all right?

Trouble up there and trouble down below!

I can't find Ghungroo! I searched his shop, house and hospital.

And when I call him, he doesn't take my call.

I am getting nervous. Come back immediately!

What are you saying, brother Uday?

Who will look after Sanjana?

Don't worry about Sanjana! Her friends are with her.

They will look after her. You come back immediately!

I'm going to kill this Ghungroo.

Save my shoe.

Let's go. Picnic over.

Who is it?

Hey, you idiot! If you want to commit suicide then jump!

Or should I help you with it?

Are you judging the fall by throwing the shoe?

Why are you holding it? Throw it in the water.

Let's look somewhere else.

Sanjana, get ready! He has come.

Where is he? Where is he?

Okay! Behind me?

I hope she doesn't make me an April fool!

No, she is blindfolded. I will pass her by quietly.

Left, left!

Got you.

Right, right!

Grab him! Catch him!

Caught you! I caught you!

O God! It's you! Actually we were just playing.

It's all right. It's all right.

Are you mad at me? No, absolutely not!

It looks like you are. Not at all!

And why wouldn't you? We made a fool out of you.

It's nothing like that. I too like to play pranks!

I can also do it. But I didn't do it on you.

Really? Yes.

Then we will get along well. Okay.

Come on, shall we have coffee? Yes.

No, I won't have coffee with you.

Come, let's go, please.

You have already made a fool out of me! I can't go!

I can't go. Sanjana...

...where is your necklace? What necklace?

It was around my neck!

Was it a costly one?

It was worth 2-3 million.

Let's search for it.

Search it. Search it. Search there.

Must be somewhere here itself.

Did you get it?

Did you find it?

Did you get it?

Why don't you search there? Yes.



Sanjana, look there. Your necklace is lying there.

It's over there! There it is.

Thank God! You found it!

I will get it.



Hey! We won!

We won!

Where did he go? Where did he go?

Did he drown?

I don't know.

Come on, girls.


What are you searching down there?


Did you lose your necklace again?

Just look at him.

"Say you want to, want to say, want to love." - "Say what?"

"Say you want to, want to say want to love me baby. - Why?"

"Say you want to, want to say want to love."

"Say you got to got to go."

"Say got to got to go."

"You're so tall."

"You're so beautiful."

"You're so tall."

"You're so beautiful."

"And extremely gorgeous and dazzling."

"I die for you."

"I die for you."

"Your eyes are lovely."

"I gaze at your day and night."

"Your eyes are lovely."

"I gaze at your day and night."

"I gaze at you day and night. Oh come on."

"I die for you."

"I die for you."

"Bring the beats back!"

"Guess what... guess what..."

"Tell me, what was that about..."

"I'll cast a spell on you."

"I'm telling you right now...

...I don't know where I went and how but I kind of like you!"

"There is night hidden in your tresses."

"Your eyes talks."

"There is night hidden in your tresses."

"Your eyes talks."

"O dear, shower on me...

...the rain of your love."

"You are unique."

"I lost my heart to you."

"You are unique."

"I lost my heart to you."

"You are unique. I lost my heart to you."

"I can't spend a day without you."

"I die for you."

"I die for you."

"You're so tall."

"You're so beautiful."

"And extremely gorgeous and dazzling."

"I die for you."

"I die for you."

"This is a fact."

(Engine Revving)

RAJIV: Uncle, I'm leaving.

Rajiv! Where are you going? Do you want to put us in trouble?

Why? - What happened? Nobody should know we are back in town. Go inside.

Uncle, I am going to meet Sanjana's brother.

You had said I should get introduced to him.

Oh yes! Yes, yes! You're right. You're right.

I have also found out from Sanjana's friends...

...that Sanjana's brother is a big shot of the city.

Once your alliance is fixed with his sister...

...he will deal with Majnu and Shetty. Why should we?

Go my son. Go on. Go from there.

Bye aunt. Bye.

God has given us everything. Wealth, fame and respect.

All we need is a decent and honest groom.

My search has ended today.

I like you very much and your family likes Sanjana.

Nothing could be happier than this.

Brother, Sanjana's birthday is on the 13th and I think...

...we should keep the engagement on the same day.

How can we make all arrangements so soon?

Arrangements? All you have to do is print some invites...

...invite some people and order two rings. What else?

Looks like you are in greater hurry than me.

Brother, if there is some problem then.. No problem!

No problem, sir. No problem.

Boss, you can never have any problems!

Not one, not two but I have three good news for you.

I'll listen to it later.

First meet Sanjana's future fiance. Okay.

Greetings! Greetings!

Meet me before leaving! Understood?

Yes sir!

What happened, brother?

What happened? It is very strange!

During our times, parents used to talk, but... No, it's no problem.

Brother, I'll introduce my family to you whenever you want.

Two days later is the opening of my hotel. I'm giving a party.

Bring them along. Yes, sure. I will surely come.

Who are all these people?

Because of my business. Security?

Yes, security.

If someone tries to harm you then they will.....

Lay down their lives!

They'll take it too. Why do you ask?

Because brother, there was a guy... Actually there are two guys.

They are giving me a lot of trouble. Who are they?

They are very big people.

Tell me, I'll bring them down to our level.

Now that we are going to be relatives...

...your problem is my problem.

By the grace of God, nobody can trouble us in this city.

Tell me, who are they?

It's enough for me that you are willing to help.

Now I will myself talk to them.

Talk to them. Or else let me talk. I'll pacify them on the phone.

Thank you. Okay.

Majnu, if you had come seconds earlier...

...I'd have introduced you to the groom.

Who was he? The one who Sanjana loves.

I have fixed the engagement on the 13th.

What will happen to the guy in my painting?

Remove him from the painting and make a building instead.

What are you saying, brother Uday?

I worked so hard to get to that guy. Now you want me to forget him?

But that does not mean you should marry your sister into any family.

What are you saying?

I was not able you explain to you properly how decent he is.

Look, Sanjana loves this guy. And his family too likes Sanjana.

I have fixed the alliance. You should forget that guy.

Sir, I just can't control my excitement. Don't.

I shouldn't ask this but I can't help it. That is right.

I don't understand which guy you...

...are selecting and which you are rejecting..

Come on, I'll show you. Sir! I am sorry, sir.

Dr. Ghungroo, the alliance is broken.

What are you saying? Alliance broken..

What are you saying? You're breaking the alliance?

You disappeared after fixing the alliance with brother Uday, didn't you?

No, I had gone to make arrangements for the engagement...

...and the marriage. So I was a bit late.

Too late! My sister has fallen in love with someone else.

I say sorry on behalf of brother Uday.

Sorry? Thank God, I got rid of... My nephew will be shocked!

Why did you abduct my uncle like this?

Those who don't answer our calls, we abduct them like this.

What do you think? Rajiv! Rajiv!

They have brought me here to tell me that they have broken the alliance.

Broken the alliance? Yes. Understand the situation.

But uncle, they could have said it to us politely.

They could've easily said sorry to us.

Hey! What?

Let him speak! Let him speak! He has been hurt.

Come on speak up!

Thank God you broke the alliance or else we would have done it.

Because I love someone else and soon I am going to get engaged.

Rajiv! Uncle, just a minute!

Do you know who they are? Who are they?

They are very rich people.

They can buy you and what is his name? Shetty!

Yes Mr. Shetty! They can buy out ten guys like you very easily! Yes.


Brother Majnu, now do you understand?

That's why we had disappeared!

In order to plan how we can get rid of gangsters like you.

What would the sister be like if the brother is a gangster?

And what would their parents be like?

I wouldn't have gone with this alliance even if I were dead.

Brother Majnu, you abduct anyone you like?

Remember Mr. Majnu, someone else can abduct you too.

Hey, you're talking too much! Nobody can even touch my boss!

Nobody can touch him?

I touched him.

Hey! Hey!

If anybody touches me you'll be in deep trouble.

Don't try to touch me!

Here, I touched him again! What will you do now?

Rajiv! Hey, who is supporting you?

Do you want to know? Would you like to talk to him?

Take this. Here's my phone. Should I dial his phone number?

Would you talk to him?

Do you have guts? What happened, why are you tongue-tied now?

Hello... Look here!

I touched him for the third time.

Rajiv! Don't touch him anymore. You'd be inviting trouble!

Listen, Mr. Majnu! If you ever try to cross my way...

...you're going to have it from me and my relative.

And this is my first and last warning to you.

Let's go uncle!

I touched him again. Hey!

Looks like a big-shot is supporting him.

But who could be above brother Majnu and brother Uday?

It could be only one person. George Bush! Yes.

Welcome! How are you Mr. Mir? Greetings, sister.


Mr. Uday, you've built a magnificent hotel.

It's because of your good wishes.

It's very nice of you that you came. Really.

Boss, there are only decent people in the party.

Only white-collared people have been invited.

So that amongst them...

...brother Uday and I may also look decent. Very good!

Do you think you'd look decent just by having a shave?

Sanjana! Hi!

How are you? I am fine.

I got an invitation for the engagement ceremony...

...but where is Rajiv and his family? They might be on their way.

Uncle, can you see the grandeur?

Thank God, he got rid of Shetty's sister.

Uncle, it is a bad thing.

One shouldn't make fun of someone's misfortune.

More than the girl, I feel bad for the family.

They will regret it for the rest of their lives.

That is for sure.

Hey Ghungroo. Yes.

Aren't these the same people whose proposal we had refused?

Kapoors the criminals!


Mr. Ghungroo? What are you doing in this party?

My nephew's marriage has been fixed with the sister of...

...the person throwing this party and who owns this hotel.

Greetings. Is that so? - Yes.

Hey Mr. Ghungroo, this is amazing! You've found a very decent family!


If you had to accept this proposal then what was wrong with ours?

Let's go! I don't know what they think of themselves.

What did he say? What did he mean?

Nothing uncle. Just don't pay attention.

He's just jealous. Let's go.

Kapoors the criminals! Let's go.

Party is really good.

Brother, Rajiv's family is here. I see.

Hello! Hello brother!

Sir, this is my uncle and... Uncle, this is my brother.


Oh, no uncle! Are you okay, uncle? Is there a doctor here?


(Siren Wailing)

Aunt, why isn't he regaining consciousness?

I don't know, Rajiv. Ghungroo! Uncle!

What should I do?

What would I do by regaining consciousness?

The alliance which we wanted to get rid of...

...is hounding us.

Sanjana is the sister of the don, Uday Shetty!


Oh my God, again.


Rajiv! Rajiv! Dear!

Please check me!

That Ghungroo is a greater villain than Uday and Majnu.

If he could, he would make us dance to his tune.

He had to go unconscious.

Do you know what he said when I had gone to break the alliance?

'I wouldn't have gone with this alliance even if I were dead.'

'What would the sister be like if the brother is a gangster?'

And what would their parents be like?

'That's why we had disappeared?'

'In order to plan how we can get rid of gangsters like you?'

Didn't he run away because he wanted to get rid of a criminal family?

I will set him free.

Vallabh, come on! Get ready! Come on! Brother Uday!

Let me go!

Brother Uday! Let me go!

Hey, don't forget, it's the matter of our sister's life.

She loves that guy!

If you kill his uncle, this marriage won't take place.

She's not marrying his uncle!

You are just blabbering angrily!

Relationships are going to get created.

You are his in-law!

But who am I? Nobody! I can do anything. Anything!

Yes, you can do anything.

Go, do anything but make him understand...

...who Uday Shetty is and what I do?

What I'll do if I get really angry!

Look, shoot his head off, like this! Brother Uday!

Take this! Take this gun!

I have a gun!

I will handle him in such a way that...

...he will come with his nephew's wedding procession immediately!

You control yourself! Don't worry. I'm going right away!

Control! Control!

Control! Control Uday! Control!

Control! Majnu sets everything all right.

Control! Control!

Control! Control! Control!


(Door Open)

Hey smarty! Get up!

Give me a gun!

Hold my coat.

I'm telling you for the last time! Get up or else you'll sleep forever!

I won't get up even if I die.

You won't get up!

Where are the bullets?

In this coat-pocket. And the gun on the other pocket!

Have you taken a contract to kill me?

If we get into trouble, you will run away and someone would kill me!

Got it! Boss, who can kill you?

If I keep the bullets and the gun in the same pocket...

...then you may go on a killing spree!

Here are the bullets.

Boss has loaded the gun. You still have time! Get up or else..

DR. GHUNGROO: My name is Ghungroo, but nobody can mess with me.

He won't kill me!


Boss, he is not responding!

But it is my responsibility to wake him.

Remove his trousers! Strip him naked! All right, boss.

DR. GHUNGROO: Yes, go on! There's no shame in getting naked in front of a doctor!

Boss, he's already an immoral person.

Even now he is doing like this.

Boss, forget this middleman. Let's get the main guy.

(Tyre Screech)

If we are gangsters, mobsters and thugs...

...does that mean our sisters and daughters should not get married?

You love Sanjana, don't you? Don't you?

Will you leave her in the lurch now?

Listen, smarty! The invites have been distributed.

The whole city knows about it.

If the engagement doesn't take place...

...what will happen to brother Uday's image?

To hell with Uday's image! My image will be tarnished!


He means his image will be destroyed! Ruined!

Tell me, will you wake...

...your uncle or should I?

Give him whatever drugs you want. Do anything!

But come to the engagement ceremony along with him!

Or else I will blow away your entire family!

Blow away?

How... will you blow them away? Like this!

No. Hey! Uncle! No!

Look at that! Look up!

You, your uncle and your aunt! Will struggle like those pigeons.



And myself!

UDAY: What am I hearing?

Did you fire at his uncle?

Brother Uday, what could I do?

The old man was acting unconscious.

Old man? Can't he talk with some respect?

Will you call his uncle as old man? Old man?

Don't forget that old man is going to be my relative.

What was the need to shoot at him?

I thought if I scare him with the gunshot, he might get up.

Ask him what if one of them had struck my uncle?

What if one of them had struck my uncle?

My mistake! Sorry!

He is saying sorry!

For how long should I face the trouble caused by your mistakes?

Did I tell you to shoot? Did I? I didn't, right?

Why did you fire?

And brother, what about that matter...

...when he had threatened to kill uncle and was making these gestures?

What kind of gestures were you making?

How are you going to kill his uncle? Like this?

We have got an alliance with so much difficulty.

We have found such a decent and honest groom.

Will you kill his entire family? Will you?

MAJNU: You can kill me! Kill me!

But brother Uday, I will not spare the one who gets you worried.

What should I do with him? What? What should I do with him?

I can't even kill him!

Because he loves me very much.

Ballu, tell him everything. Tell him!

I have an artificial limb. I was a good hockey player.

Once when brother Uday got angry about something I said...

...he broke my leg with my hockey stick.

But he's good at heart. He took me to the hospital. Enough!

He got me a new foot! Heard that?

He's good at heart.

He can't see me tensed. I don't have much tension.

Sanjana's engagement has been fixed on the 13th.

Rajiv is a sensible person.

He will bring back his uncle to consciousness.

He'll pacify him and bring him along. Don't worry. Okay?

Then ask him. Will he bring his uncle to the engagement or should I?

Now you can bring him along, Majnu.

My uncle is like my father...

...I can't tolerate if anyone insults my father.

I love your sister very much and I always will.

But I will not marry at gunpoint.

Excuse me, sir.

I am leaving. If you want to stop me, you can shoot on my back.



Rajiv, I apologize on his behalf.

What are you doing?

A brother has come begging for his sister's happiness.

I apologize for all the bad things we have done to you.

Being in this wrong profession...

...maybe I could not understand peoples' sorrow.

I am repenting for those sins.

I am tired of being refused for my sister's proposal from everyone.

This is my last chance to bring happiness to my sister.

So please don't refuse.

It's really difficult to bring tears in your eyes without glycerin.

Handle the drama from here.

Mr. Ghungroo, I have never seen tears in Uday's eyes.

But after seeing tears in his eyes I can say one thing for sure...

...if you don't stop these tears there'll be floods in the city.

See there.

Now he won't be able to live peacefully.

Control, Majnu, control.

If he doesn't survive then who will?

Who will!

Only you can stop this calamity.

Stop the time!

Our brother has already left Italy to attend the engagement.

Which new brother is this?

Uday's and my elder brother.

He is our godfather.



"Come on!"

"If you see me coming, better step aside."

"A lot of them didn't. A lot of them die."





These all fire when you want them to fire.

I have brought this gift for my two courageous brothers.

Thank you, sir.

(Tyre Screech)

Hey Lucky, where the hell do you think you are going, son?

I'm going with my friends for some drinks, dad!

There's a party on tonight.

I hate your parties, dad. Just cut it!

(Engine Revving)

Sorry folks. You know, he is half mad. Yes.

Not half. He's fully mad!

Send someone after him. Okay sir.

You! Go after Lucky! Okay boss.

At last your sister's marriage has been fixed.

Yes, sir. Your tension is over now.

That means, even my tension is over.

There'll be terrific singing and dancing in tonight's party.

But we have not made arrangements for that.

Not to worry, Uday. I am still alive.

Guys and gals! It's time to rock!

May the Gods bless these lovers.

And may their alliance last for a lifetime.

Come on everybody! Go! Go! Go!

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"Praise the lord."

"God willing!"

"In body and soul."

"In my heart."

"I welcome you."

"Please come."

"O my darling."

"O my darling."

"We may never separate."

"Let's pray for that."

"Let's promise each other."

"May we never break the promise of love."

"Now we are bonded."

"May this bond of love never break."

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"I am so close to you."

"I am not lonely anymore."

"I have taken over your thoughts."

"Like an obsession."

"With you my wishes will be fulfilled."

"You are the destination of my desires."

"May we never stop loving each other."

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"Our love for each other."

"Will keep our hearts together."

"To you, I present."

"My utmost faithfulness."

"Adoration is because of you."

"Love is because of you."

"May our world of love never get destroyed."

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"Let's promise each other."

"May we never break the promise of love."

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"

"God willing!"


I am ruined! I am doomed!

I am devastated!

"God, be kind to her!"

"God, be kind to her!"

"God, be kind to her!"

I say, what wrong did I do to you... Silly girl. that you deceived me?

Why did you deceive me?

Sister, I am feeling very itchy.

My God, he calls me sister! Sinner, I am not your sister but your wife!

I don't even know you! When did we get married?

And did my uncle allow us to get married?

Wait! Uncle, what did you promise before the villagers?

That you will come to take me when I become an adult!

I have grown so much waiting for you.

How much more do I have to wait?



Is this girl speaking the truth?

What can this liar say?

I have brought the proof with me.

Look at this!

This is I. This is my husband. And that's his uncle.

Look, I am not at fault. My sister had got them married.

I didn't know she would come here after so many years.

I think this is God's wish.

Did God come down or did he call you up?

Mr. Ghungroo, everything happens as we wish and decide over here.

Get out! (Indistinct)

Let go of me. Is somebody there to help me?

Only he can get you justice here. He is above everyone over here.

Control Uday...

I must have been blind! Hey wait, where are you going?

Why didn't I see the emperor sitting over here?

Your majesty, have mercy on me! Have mercy on me!

What does she mean?

What is the meaning of that word?

Your Majesty, I beg of you to give me back my husband.

And if you can't do it then I have no other option but to kill myself.


Justice will be done!

I will do you justice.

Boss, justice has been done. She has to be thrown out.


I am still alive!

On one hand are your sister and her happiness.

And on the other are this girl's tears.

On one side is your sister's engagement.

And on the other is this girl's husband.

As I see it, this girl's position...

...is stronger in the eyes of justice.

This engagement cannot take place.


Brother Uday, why are you tormenting this poor guy?

I feel like emptying all bullets into RDX's head!

But what is the use doing so?

He survives after being shot six times, thrice.

And after getting up he says, he is still alive.


That girl called him 'Your Majesty' and he thinks he is the emperor!

And left our sister to suffer!

Majnu, my father used to hold my hand and take me to the temple.

There was something written on the wall of the temple.

Humans have to face the punishments for their sins in this live itself.

All my childhood memories have washed away...

...but I still remember that writing on the wall.

I feel my sins are stopping my sister to attain happiness.


Ishika, you're not only his sister-in-law...

...but also Rajiv's good friend.

What have you done?

Sister, I was told that this alliance is being forced upon you.

Brother-in-law lied to me.

Wow uncle! You're so cool!

You deceived me with so much of love, that I was laughing at my own destruction.

If you were not happy with this alliance...

...you should have flatly refused.

Why create such a huge drama?

This is not my stubbornness but my compulsion.

I had promised your mother that...

You had promised?

My sister had made only one mistake.

She got married into a criminal family.

And for that crime she had to suffer all her life.

Death was so painful that she died in sorrow.

She handed you over to me and said...

...that her son should be brought up away from crime.

I don't have any objection to this alliance.

But I have my reservations about the relatives.

So you're not opposed to the alliance but the relatives.

What if Sanjana's brother gave up crime and became a decent person?

Uday Shetty?

Yes uncle, Uday Shetty!

If that were to happen I would happily get you married to Sanjana.

I will dance in your wedding. Really.

But what if you could not reform him?

SANJANA:Then I'll myself get Rajiv married...

...to the girl whom you choose.

And I will also dance at his wedding.

Are you crazy? I'm not going to be a film director!

I have small kids. Do you want to make my wife a widow?

Explain to him.

What should I explain to him? I am myself not going to be the producer!

Underworld don, Uday Shetty is the hero? And a fake film shooting!

If he finds out he'll shoot us with real bullets!

I will try that he doesn't kill you.

You'll try? You'll try?

She'll not just try but she gives her guarantee.

She means she guarantees! That's right.

Sir, all the arrangements have been made.

Mr. Suniel Shetty has also agreed.

Suniel Shetty? Yes.

He is in the same hotel. Really?

When we told him our love story, he said it's all right...

...he is Suniel Shetty, she is Sanjana Shetty and...

...also Uday Shetty and he said he was ready.

All that is fine.

But, for Uday Shetty you are married. What will you do about that?

I will explain to my brother that it was his uncle's trick.

That's it.

Hey, you've come? Welcome.

Suniel Shetty is also here? Yes, he is the hero.

Rajiv, why don't you tell the producer to...

...introduce my brother to Suniel Shetty.

That's not such a big thing! Look here.

I had told you earlier that I'd not do this film without a bound script.

The script is ready. Where is it then?

In here. All right!

Mr. Suniel Shetty, this is Uday Shetty. Shetty and Shetty!

Hello! Hi! How are you?

I am Uday Shetty.

Oh, I see.

What are you trying to say?

Are you saying you have doubts on my ability?

No sir, you are a great director! You are a genius!

But script... No buts and no ifs!

You're shooting with me from tomorrow or else you are out of the film.

That's it!

Yes sir. As you wish.

I am leaving.

What do you think? If you don't work with me would I get bankrupt?

Sir! Get lost!

Go away! I will make this film without you!

What have you done?

If there is no star then how can we make the film?

From where will we get a hero?

I will pick someone from the streets and make him a star!


Hey you, come here!

Hey, you.

Look over there! Over there!

He'll look good with goggles.

Now you are my hero!

What? I have got him!

What? A star!

What are you doing? He can't do it. Why? Why not?

He doesn't know acting, he can just...

My eyes are like a camera!

And this camera has recognized the actor within you.

Am I wrong?

Actually I am...

Tell him.

Actually, brother wanted to work in films since childhood. - I knew it!

Brother, come aside for a moment. Excuse me!

Brother, you can't tolerate this man! Why?

He is crazy! He was talking so rudely with Mr. Suniel Shetty.

But he won't with me. I can tolerate him.

No problem. Do you have the time to do this?

I have all the time for this kind of work.

Everyone go there. Okay, sir.

Who is it?

Hey, hurry up. Take this luggage inside. Okay, sir.

Who is Mr. Uday amongst you?

He is Uday Shetty.

Hello Mr. Uday. I'm Purushottam, a.k.a Pappu.

I am the new municipal officer of this area.

I hope you know that this house is illegal.

Do you know whom it belongs to? To RDX.

And I also know who he is.

This country does have a legal system.

Don't be afraid. I just look dangerous. But I am good at heart.

I work within the limits of the law.

If you have any valuable belongings then take them out.

I am going to demolish this house.

Friends, go help him demolish it.

Okay, boss.

Come on guys! Come on, I will help you.

Sure, why not? Come on.

Brother, what are you up to?

Is the film's hero giving you a complex?

Ballu, tell him. Yes.

I have an artificial limb. I used to be a.....

Not that.

Tell him what happened at the film's inauguration.

Inauguration? Something unbelievable happened!

The director removed Suniel Shetty and took boss as the hero.


He said he can pick anyone from the streets..

No, no! He said he is not picking anybody from the streets...

...but he was signing a very famous actor. He is a great director.

Brother Majnu, boss' photograph has also appeared in the papers!

Give it to me! Look at this.

But what's this other thing printed over here.

Donkeys will also race among horses?



What's burning?

What? What is burning? Is something burning? - No!

I can smell something.

Majnu, get up! Turn around.

Look, there's smoke coming out from behind.


How dare you mess up with brother Uday!

I had told you this house is illegal, not me.

Why did you break my bones?

Come on, pick me up.


Buy some potatoes!

Buy some onions!

Buy some potatoes! Cut it!

Wonderful! What wonderful acting? Wow!

Note down what I say. I am presenting this world with a great actor.

Keep it up! Well done!

Haider, send the crew forward. I will study the surroundings.

Okay fine.

Wow! Brother, you were great!

You are so talented. Amazing.

Sanjana, won't you say anything?

Brother, I had thought you wouldn't be able to do it but...

...you've done it so easily!


Look here. What?

What a terrific dialogue!

It will be done.

I have neither sold a potato since morning nor half an onion.

I have neither sold a potato since morning...

Nor half an onion.

Brother, what profession have you taken up?

Film acting!

No, I was talking about the other profession.

You were created only to act.

I have neither sold a potato since morning nor an onion.

Half! Yes, half an onion!

Excuse me, sir. Your shot. He is calling you.

Sir, madam wants to meet you. Which madam?

The heroine of your film.

Please, come.

"I am bowled seeing your attitude."

"Shetty has fallen for you."

Come on, sir. She is Miss Isha.

Hello. Superb.

Mind blowing! Fantastic!

Nobody would believe this is your first film and first day of shooting.

I am glad to meet you, Uday. Same here. Hello.

I hope you don't mind me calling you Uday. No! Not at all!

Madam, your shot is ready. She is coming. She's coming.

Look Uday, don't feel bad. No.

But I was going to leave this film. Why?

Because when I found out the director had removed the hero...

I wasn't very comfortable. I know.

But when I saw you act! Oh my God!

The way you said that dialogue, buy some potatoes, buy some onions.

I've become a fan of yours.

I just study the actors and try to act.

I want your autograph.

Oh yes!

Pen. "Welcome."



Thanks! Welcome!

It would be fun to work with you. Real fun!

Bye. Bye.


Boss, looks like this heroine has fallen in love with you.

Shut up!

"The salt of love is on my tongue."

Boss! Take care!

Sir, I am in love with your daughter.

Nobody in the world can stop me..

Brother, you look great!

Don't I look wonderful? Of course!

What are you doing at my shooting?

Brother Uday, I have fixed a meeting with D'Silva today.

I have also called Simon from Singapore.

It is important that you attend the meeting.

All right, we'll pack up after the next shot.

We'll go and meet him. If he agrees then fine or else we'll waste him.

Rajiv, looks like we won't be able to reform him.

After he gives the shot, he will go and do his other job.

Sanjana, once you had told me your brother is afraid of horses, right?

Yes. Why?



Why so many horses are being brought here?

The director has changed the shot. Why?

Previously, you were supposed to come on foot...

...to ask for the girl's hand.

But now you will come on horseback with 25 of your men. - On horse.

But how can he do that? He can't ride a horse!

I can handle a gun but it's difficult to handle a horse.

It's not difficult, brother.

Mount the horse and it will take care of the rest.

The old shot was better where I come on foot.

Why don't you explain to him?

Brother, you know if I try to explain to the director...

...and being a crack-pot, he may stop the film.

Do you want the film to be stopped?

No! Then?

Tell me, which horse do you like?

Any horse will do?


Yes, ready!


Take 7! Action!


Hey, stop.

Cut it man! Cut it!


What are you doing? What are you doing?

The girl's father is here! Can't you see such a huge man?

You have to stop the horse here. You have to get down.

Walk to him. And ask the father for his daughter's hand in marriage.

It's so simple!

Yes but it doesn't stop! The horse won't stop on its own!

You have to stop it. You have to pull the bridle.

Let's take one more shot.

Come on.

Sound. Take 32!


Come on!

Hey! Where are you taking me?

Hey wait.

Stop. Stop. (Neigh)

Where is he? Cut it!

Where are you?

Here I am. Over here.

What are you doing over there in the middle?

The bride's father is here.

But the horse doesn't stop. What can I do?

Hey, what do you expect us to do? Cancel the shooting?

Take the horses back again.


Yes, we are coming! I told you we're coming.

Don't make me angry!

Now see, how he talks to him.

Brother Uday is still stuck with his shooting.

Why did you let D'Silva leave?

Couldn't you make him wait for half an hour more?

Which stupid person is barking out so loudly?

We are working here and he... Get out!

Throw him out! Throw him out!

Director Sir, relax. What is this?

We are taking a shot and people are talking nonsense on the phone!

Listen to me! You keep quiet!

Forget it.

Why are you standing speechless there? Yes.

Is there a sound break? Sound.

Take 57!


Come on!

I have come to ask your daughter's hand. Cut it!

Cut it man! Cut it!

What are you doing?

I am down on my knees and... Is this how you will ask her hand?

Without stopping the horse, you will jump, fall down and ask?

Will he give his consent for the marriage?

Not on us but at least have mercy on the horses!

Please, just one shot! Please!

Hey you, take back the horses!


What stupid hero have I taken in my film?

That horse must also be thinking what a fool is riding him! - Relax.

Who is that fool?

Brother Majnu!

Brother Majnu!


Rajiv, move aside.

Whom did you call a fool? Our brother Uday?

Guys, stop all this shooting! Please, listen to me!

You red matchstick. You will make Brother Uday beg?

People beg him. He won't allow them to marry?

No, it is not a matter of begging.

Sometimes the horse has gone ahead, sometimes stayed back?

Can't father go to brother Uday? What happened?

Where is that old man?

Brother, he is here.

Where is that old man?

Brother Uday!

You wait, I'll just what's the fuss. (Neigh)

I don't know the name of this horse.

(Crow Cawing)

Who did all this?

Your brother Majnu! He beat up the director and the producer!

They were kicked, punched and beaten with shoes!

Noses, jaws and heads were broken.

Look at that! He has destroyed everything!

He has also destroyed your dream of being an actor.

Director, say something!

Pack up! Pack up?

The film is discontinued! Discontinued!

Pack up, brother! You are finished!

He is jealous of me! Majnu!



Once a thief, always a thief!

In the same way, these guys will never reform.


I don't like all these five girls.

Now I leave it up to you to decide whom will Rajiv marry now.

We had one chance of reforming brother but Majnu...

Sanjana, these guys are like crabs.

If one person tries to reform the other forces him back to crime world.

I guess it is our fate!

No Sanjana, brother Majnu...

...will not decide our fate.

But we will decide about his fate.

Your name itself is wrong, Mr. Majnu.

In fact your name should start with a 'S.'

Yes, my real name is Sagar. There you go.

Mr. Sagar, can you pucker your brow.

Did you fall in love with a girl when you were 18 years old?

Don't feel shy. Look up!

Can you again pucker your brow? Like this.

Does that girl's name start with an 'I'?

Isn't it right? Yes.

Iravati! Iravati.

Sanjana, the brothers of the girl with whom he had fallen in love...

...had broken his legs and arms.

Am I right?

They had just broken the arms.

My legs broke because I fell down in the gutter.

That's honesty! That's honesty!

Because of Iravati, you entered the crime world, right?


Because her father asked you to become famous and earn money...

...you murdered someone while trying to earn money...

...and so you ran away only to reach here.

All that was in the past, Rajiv. What about the future?

That love will re-enter your life.

What will happen to the kids then? What kids?

She has four kids!

If she comes into my life again, what will happen to her kids?

The kids will remain with her.

Iravati will not come back in your life.

A girl like Iravati will come in your life and...

...her name will start with an 'I'.

Can you pucker your brow again?

No, don't scare me! Just a little.


There! She should have been here already!

Okay now I get it.

This painting! Why do you hide these in the house?

Take them out.

Brother, they will get wet if it rains outside.

I don't mean outdoors. I mean in some exhibitions or auctions.

Moreover, when will I be of any help? I'll help you!

I will help you to auction them.

And because of your art, you may, you know...

...you will find the girl with a name starting with an 'I'.

Oh thanks.

All right!

And now, I present the painting of a new artist, Mr. Sagar.

Well this painting is called, Rocking Horse!

We start the bid at 10,000 dollars!

12! 14,000!


18,000! 18,000!


25,000 dollars! 25,000 dollars! 25,000 dollars, one!

Two.. ISHIKA: - 50,000 dollars!

Let's see if anybody goes ahead! 50,000, one!

50,000 dollars, two! 50,000 dollars, three! Sold!

This painting is sold to... Miss Ishika. (Applause)




Thank you.

Miss Ishika, what did you see in this painting that others didn't?


I can look at the painting and tell that the artist is a lovable person.

There is a lot of love in his heart.

I mean look what a lovely message he has given through his painting.

Yes. If one animal can carry the...

...burden of another and love it so much!

Then where has love disappeared from our lives?

RAJIV: You have a high thinking.

I really wish he were here. I wish I could meet him.

Miss Ishika, your wish has come true. The great artist is amongst us.

Mr. Sagar Pandey!

You too come with me! Okay.

Thank you.

Mr. Sagar, meet Miss Ishika.

Superb! Fantastic! I mean, mind blowing painting, Sagar.

I hope you don't mind me calling you Sagar.

No, I like it.

It is obvious!

I have bought paintings of great artists. It's my passion, you know.

But after seeing your painting, I have become your fan.

Thank you.

I want your autograph!

"Laila. Majnu."

Do you have a pen?

Sorry brother, I don't have.




Looking at the painting I had thought...

...a mature person must have made it.

But you're quiet young!


Boss, looks like she has fallen in love with you.

Boss, you've created an excellent painting.

Just the vermillion is missing.

(Phone Ringing)


Yes! It is me. How are you?

I am fine. And you?

Sagar, I am terribly restless. Your painting doesn't let me sleep!

You may think I am shameless but I think I have fallen in love with you.

"Laila. Majnu."

If you don't believe it then listen to my heartbeats!


Ishika, I am also in the same condition.

I'm staying awake just to make a painting for you.

I have also fallen in love with you.

Liar! Let me hear your heartbeats!


Oh my Sagar, you are so sweet!

It's my birthday tomorrow. Hey.

Why don't we spend the evening together?

Just you and me!

What is it? You've already started to dance?

What will you do when you get to Italy?


Yes, brother has fixed a meeting over there.

What happened? Aren't you happy? Yes.

Is there a problem?

A very big problem!

It's Ishika's birthday tomorrow.

We have made plans to spend the evening together.

The matter has gone so far and we didn't even know about it.

Everything is happening secretly! Very good!

Rajiv. Yes.

Do me a favour.

See brother Uday's palm and tell him that tomorrow's plans are canceled.

No, no. His life is in danger.

Mr. Sagar, don't feel bad but I should tell you that I never lie.

By the way, you have created this problem.

The shooting was going on smoothly and...

...you unnecessarily beat up that director!

If the shooting were going on would brother Uday cancel the shooting?

Would he go to Italy? No, never!

Rajiv, isn't that director your friend?

Please start the shooting again.

Do you remember you had slapped him?

He is very stubborn. He will never listen.

Why won't he? He surely will!

Guys, come on! This is what I don't like about you!

Why do you get angry with such a small matter?

You can lovingly pacify that director.

Rajiv, now you don't get upset with me.

Should I pacify him lovingly? I will.

By the way love is also so lovely!

"Drives me crazy."

"Does this beautiful face of yours."

"O darling, your magic is such."

"O darling, your magic is such."

"Just like dew drops shining in sunlight."

"The day I met you, my whole life changed."

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"Your face is bright like early morning."

"Your tresses are dark like the night."

"Darling, O my darling! I can die for you."

"Not only my heart I can also give you my soul."

"Your face is bright like early morning."

"Your tresses are dark like the night."

"How much you mean to me, my sweetheart."

"Either I know or my god knows."

"Honey, what have you just said?"

(Phone Ringing)

"The day I met you, my whole life changed."

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"You're my love."

"You're my life"

"I can't go, O, without you by my side."

"You're my love."

"Your loveliness drives me crazy."

"It casts a spell on me!"

"The secret of my heart that you have found out."

"You don't know but you've taken away my life."

"Your loveliness drives me crazy."

"It casts a spell on me!"

"You're in my thoughts all the time."

"You're my trust. You're my companion."

"Honey, what have you just said?"

"Honey, what have you just said?"

"The day I met you, my whole life changed."

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

"What have you done to me, O darling?"

Sanjana weds Rajiv.

Sanjana, I still can't believe the impossible has happened.

But I had full faith in you.

That in order to acquire your love you will surely win this battle.

Get up! Lucky. Lucky.

What do you think of yourself!

Lucky, listen..

How dare you straighten up our men, Majnu and Uday!

They were lost a bit... Lucky, listen...

What do you...

Sorry Lucky!

How dare you hit RDX's son?

I'm going to kill you!

Lucky, no! Get aside! I am going to finish you!

Sanjana, move aside.

You want to shut down our business. Lucky, no.

Lucky, listen to me. You spoiled our men?

It will hurt you.

Rajiv! Lucky, let Rajiv go or else!

Or else what will you do? Will you shoot me?

I'll shoot! Shoot me!

I'll not spare him! I'll not spare him! Lucky, stop!




I shot it in the air.

I shot him.

I have killed Lucky.

Did you hear me?

Sanjana, let's go.

Come on.

He's still alive!

(Tyre Screech)


Look, I am here. Everything will be all right.

MAJNU: - Where's the party? Bring him.

Brother Rajiv, don't worry. I will take care of it. - Sagar

Here's the party.

Sorry! Sorry!

(Phone Ringing)

Sorry. Hello.

Sorry. Sorry.

Who did you shoot?

Brother, actually... I'll tell him everything. Sanjana, quiet!

I made a mistake.

I made a mistake.

Control. Control. The party's gone.

Brother Uday, we all will be dead. How do we pacify RDX?

Sir, don't worry about Mr. RDX. I have solved that problem.

I have told him that his son has been shot and he is in this hospital.

O Lord. You...

Why did you tell him?

Why did you tell him?

Get lost from here. I will kill you, idiot! I will kill you.

He wants to kill me even now!

No, this is just a wild reaction before the end.

What do you mean? It means his time is up.

And he can die any moment now.

That means Mr. RDX won't get a chance to talk to his son.

So now we can tell him anything but the truth.

Whatever you say, brother Uday. This girl is very intelligent.

Thank you.

But doctor, he will surely die, wouldn't he?

I can guarantee it!

Should I call up the crematorium and make a booking for him?

Dad! Dad! Let my dad come!

Uday. Majnu. Look into my eyes!

Tell me, how is Lucky?

He is... No more!

No! No! This is impossible!



Sir, have you also left us?

I'm not going anywhere! I am still alive!

Take me to my son.

(Siren Wailing)

Mr. RDX may come here anytime now. Is everything ready?

Uncle, is everything okay? Yes.

Lucky? Confirmed dead!

I am still alive! I'm not dead yet! I'll kill each and every one of you!

Wait! What is this?

He can run! You also run!

Catch him.

What happened? Didn't you lose your leg? How come you are okay?

I always had my leg.

Brother Uday has set me up for a reason.

If he wants to scare anyone, he calls me up to tell my story.

Now run Ballu! Yes, run!

Why are you still holding the logs?

I will cremate him where we catch him!

He took my cycle! Why did you give him the cycle? - He stole it.

Lucky can kill someone or get killed...

...but he can never commit suicide!

Stop. Stop, Lucky.

Sir, do you think we will lie to you?

Don't you trust us?

Lucky. Lucky.

Why did he commit suicide?

That secret is also gone with him, sir.

Hey! Hey, my phone. One minute.

(Phone Ringing)

Hello! Lucky ran away from the crematorium!

Ran away?

What the...

Who ran away?

The priest, who was supposed to conduct the cremation...

...ran away on hearing your name!

Catch that fool! Yes.

Heard what boss just said? Catch that fool!

Catch the fool? Okay. Here.


Dad. Dad, I am alive.

Daddy! Daddy! How did your daddy come here?

Not my but Lucky's daddy! There he is going in that car!

Daddy, I'm here!

Daddy, I'm here!

I told him many times! Why is he taking his daddy to the crematorium!

Why did you call RDX? Okay, don't hit him.

But Rajiv, what should we do now?

We'll go home! Let's get to the crematorium!

Who says Lucky isn't here?

Where is he? I can't see him! Where is he?

He is standing right before me!

No! Do you think I'm crazy? I don't want to be the sacrificial goat!

Brother-in-law, I would have lied instead of you.

But RDX has lost his son not a daughter!

And a sad father will directly fall on his dead son's chest.

Yes! No, I won't!

You can leave now! Thank you, priest.

Oh God, this body is lying with his spectacle on.

Oh, this was bound to happen.

He was going to form an alliance with the underworld.

Mr. Ghungroo!

But I can't see aunt and Rajiv anywhere.

Nobody must have informed them.

Aunt, Mr. Ghungroo is no more.



Lucky, talk to me. Lucky, talk to me!

Talk to me, Lucky!

Talk to me, Lucky.

What was lacking in my love? Tell me! Lucky, my son!


No uncle, you can't look at him! Why can't I?

Because it was Lucky's last wish!

Last wish?

Why did Lucky say such a thing? Why?

I will tell you.

That secret is also gone with him, sir.

Can we ever lie to you?

Don't you trust us, sir?

He came this way. He came this way.

What happened?

Your uncle is great! He has taken all our troubles upon himself.

Look at that.


Uncle! Control!

Uncle. Rajiv, control.

Why is he addressing my son as uncle?

Not your son but he is addressing you as uncle.

Everything will be fine. What happened to uncle!

Rajiv take care. What happened to uncle!

But why is he crying so much?

He is Lucky's buddy.

Buddy? Best friend.

I will pacify him!

Rajiv! No, uncle is dead! No, he is still alive!

Who is still alive?

Lucky. Lucky.

He is still alive in our hearts! Lucky still lives in our hearts!

Uncle is still alive. Okay?


Lucky! Where is he?

Lucky. Where is he?

He is hiding somewhere here. Who? Lucky!

Majnu! Uday! Yes.

Why are these logs falling?

Even the pyre is calling out for the dead body!

Yes, sir. O Lord!

I am dead! Side please.

Take it easy, aunt. Take it easy. Ghungroo!

Take it easy. Aunt's here.



AUNT: Aren't you ashamed?

Were you trying to cremate him without informing me?

And then you pass signals? You are asking me to stay quiet?

Let me cry at least on this day.

I am totally ruined!

Why is this woman breaking her bangles? I am ruined!

Who is she? She is the wife of the dead body!

Wife of the dead body?

When did Lucky get married? Why didn't he tell me?

Maybe we'll never find about that secret.

Rajiv may surely know about this secret. Yes. He knows everything.

Rajiv, you tell him. What should I tell him?

What can I say? What can I say?

This girl belongs to a respectable...

...family and they got married.

The girl's parents kept a condition that until the son's father...

...that is you, leaves the underworld they can't get married.

What else can I say? Enough! That's enough! Fine.

Sorry. Fine.

Uncle, shall we carry him there? May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace! Are you really going to cremate me?

May his soul rest in peace!

Uncle, it is quiet crowded. Get away quickly! Get away!

May his soul rest in peace! May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

Why me?

When did you come?

I was the first to come here.

You were crying with your head on my chest.

Over your chest?

Yes sir. In sorrow nobody knows who is crying on whose chest.


He is alive!

Ishika, look, he is alive!

This is called true love!

Poor woman!

Lucky's death has driven her crazy.

Lucky? Lucky, who?

Uncle! Uncle! Light the pyre and set us free. Please.

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!

May his soul rest in peace!


Miracle! Miracle! Miracle! Yes, miracle.

Miracle! Miracle!






How did all this happen? What happened?

Long story, dad.

Dad look, what they have done to me?

They are all idiots! They are all idiots!

They shot me!

Dad, they tried to burn your son.

They tried to burn me.



Welcome, my friends! Welcome!


Ranvir Dhanraj Xaka!

The other name of terror and death!

You have conspired to burn my son alive.

Sir, we did not know Lucky was hiding under the pyre!


Is a pyre a hiding place?

Sir, will we ever lie to you? Don't you trust us?


If you ever speak of trust and belief then I'll...

All this has happened because of me and because of my love.

If you have to then punish me not them.

Rajiv, the punishment has been fixed.

You had played one game with us.

Now we will play a game with you.

Passing the parcel!

When the music stops whoever is holding the parcel has to sing.

Isn't that the game?

That same one!

Brother RDX, my wife and I... Sorry.

Say hello to him! Hello.

We are experts in this game. But I have changed one rule in it.

Along with singing you also have to dance. We know the variation.

When the music stops, whoever is holding this parcel...

...will be thrown into the deep valley below!

"Beware. You just beware."

"Beware as you will not get another chance."

"Wherever you hide, it will find you."

"This is love, this will finish you."


Sir, your man! Black man.

Who told you to join this game? This man!


Shut up!

Sorry, sir. Rules are rules, my friend!

I can't go back on my word.

You have to die.


"He is trapped!"

As per your information there should not have been anyone here.

But there's a party going on!


Sir, what should we do now? We'll do what we came here to do.

But sir, there are many people in there.

All of them are criminals. Each one has a bounty on his head.

Do one thing. Drop the house in the valley.

We can count the total bounty later.

"He is trapped!"

"He is trapped!"



Lucky! Are you crazy?

He was not passing it to save his lover so I took it.

But you stopped the music at that same instance, dad.

Dad, this is not fair!

Mr. Ghungroo... What will RDX do now? What can he do?

He had said rules are rules! Right? Yes.

Correct, Mr. Ghungroo!

In the underworld, RDX is well known for bestowing justice.

Once he says anything, it is the final word.

RDX has never gone back on his word. And he won't now.

But if he goes back because of his son...

...then his image will be tarnished in the underworld.

Brother, it takes a lifetime to earn respect.

But one moment is enough to lose it.

And since Lucky is holding the parcel, that moment has arrived.

Parcel! Parcel! Parcel!

Sir, if you want to change your decision then do it.

We can understand. This is your son. Your blood.

Nobody will tell this to anybody.

What do you mean? To tell or not to tell...

If there is cheating in this game then I won't play. I'm leaving.

Justice will be done!

I will do justice.

I know if I let my son stay alive then...

...I would lose respect in the underworld.

But I would lose respect if any one of you leaves this place alive.




What have you all done? It fell half.

Sir, it will fall. What if it doesn't?




Help me. Somebody help me. Help!




Go that side. Go!

Oh God.

Uday! Isha.

Hold me. No.

Hey, leave my hand.

This way!

Don't run around. The house will fall.

Move aside.

Where are you going? Take care of your sister-in-law.

Don't worry.

Hey come in the middle.


He bit me! Leave me.

This side. This side.

Darling, come into my arms.

My dear, take care of your sister-in-law.

Yes. Yes.

Hey come in the middle.

Come here. I'll do something.

Come here.

I'll help you.

Majnu! Sir, I was trying to help him.

I'll kill you if you touch my son. Everyone come in the middle.

Come in the middle, everybody.

Everyone in the center.

Lucky I am coming.

Uncle, not behind, but come in the middle.

Sanjana, this way. Come on, Sanjana.



Dad, he's trying to rip my head off, dad. Shoot him dad.

Stand in middle. Get in a line.

Everyone stand in the middle.

Lucky cover your face.

Hey, don't move from your places.

Please come in the center.



"Welcome." "Everybody come and welcome."

Everyone come in the center.

"Welcome." "To the party come and welcome."



Hey you fool! What have you done?

Stop! RDX, have you gone mad? Have you gone mad?

Oh my God!

I found it. I found a spray to kill them.

Spray it on my face!

Over here! Over here!

Over here. Over here.

Thank you!

Thank you. I don't want.

I can't see! I am blind!

What have you done?

My eyes are burning! Wear these goggles!

Your eyes will stay cool! If you lose your eyes, how will you see me?

Dad where are you?

Brother, I am telling you. Kill RDX.

Somehow try to make him fall in the valley.

If he gets saved, then we will not be safe.

Who is talking?


I am Majnu speaking.

Hey, he is lying. Sir, your Majnu is here.

Nobody will survive! Where are you throwing the rope?

We are doomed!

Sanjana, let's go! Hold on! But Rajiv...

Don't worry about me. Just move!

Hey Nephew, we are related. When will it be my turn?

Careful. Hey, where are you?

Don't go all at once! All of us will die!

Let everybody die! But she must survive.

Kill everyone.

Hey nephew, will you come and save me after I die?

Move! Lucky, come on!


Oh no!


Get down. Now, get down.


Oh my God.


Daddy. Save me, daddy.

Somebody save my son!


Somebody save my brother, please!

Somebody save my son! Please, save me, dad.

Let's go. Rajiv!

Rajiv, stop! Rajiv, come back!

Save me!

Someone help me! Brother!


Stop him!

Rajiv! Rajiv, don't be foolish! I can't live without him!

God has given us everything. Wealth, fame and respect.

Rajiv, stop!

Help me, dad!


Help! Dad do something.

Dad do something.

I don't want to die.

The house will fall.

Rajiv! Lucky!


I'm slipping!

I can't hold any longer.

If he is punished for my sins then I will hate myself forever.

What do you mean? He did not shoot Lucky, but I did.

But he took the blame on himself so that I may not face any trouble.

Lucky, grab the rope!

I got it.

Towards the door!

Coming. Coming.


Careful. Yes go on.

My son.


Rajiv! Rajiv!

No, Sanjana! Let go of me.

Sanjana! Rajiv, I am coming with you.

Rajiv! Rajiv!

I want to die. Sanjana.

Rajiv, you cheated me! Sanjana!

You betrayed me.

Sanjana! I'll never forgive you.

I'll never forgive you.

What happened?

Why did you slap me?

Lucky, you are so lucky!

Dad, I owe my life to him!

Rajiv, good deeds are always greater...

...than bad ones.

You have won RDX's heart!

Ask me! What do you want?

You should also leave this world of sin and crime.

There is nothing to gain from it. This world needs love not hatred.

Decorate this city like a bride!


Because I will myself get...

...Rajiv and Sanjana married.

It is okay, sir.

Along with them, get us married as well.

We have also fallen in love! Yes.

That's all right. But first introduce me to the bride.

Buy one get one free!

Hey Majnu, why are you holding your sister-in-law's arm? Leave it!

What are you saying, brother Uday?

I really don't like jokes. I am telling you.

What nonsense?

Let go off your sister-in-law's arm! I am not joking.

You are holding your sister-in-law's arm!

She is my Isha! She is my Ishika!

Isha, tell him! Ishika, explain it to him!

Come on tell him! Tell him!

Rajiv, tell them.

What actually happened was... Sir, these two guys...

Run Sanjana! Run!

Why did they run away? I'll go ask them!

Brother Uday, why are they running away?


They played such a big prank on us!

I have changed but I will not spare Rajiv.

If you do, I will not spare you!

God has given us everything! Wealth, fame and respect.

All I need is a bride! Rajiv!

"Welcome!" "Everybody come, welcome! Welcome!"

Welcome. "To the party, come, welcome."

"Welcome!" "Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome."


"There's another girl for everyone."

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"


"Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome. Welcome!"

"There's another girl for everyone."

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"

"Love is intoxication."

"Experience it just once."

"Tomorrow never comes."

"Come on, dance with me tonight."

"What do I do of this heart?"

"It is crazy about you."

"Don't torment me anymore."

"Come on, dance with me right now."

"This moment is for merriment."

"Why are you so restrained?"

"Don't you really want to come?"




"Everybody come, welcome!"

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"

"Hey I, say hello."

"Welcome to the party."

"No one knows."

"Don't you want to know?"

"What's going on in the party?"


"To the party, come, welcome."

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"


"Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome."


"Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome."


"Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome."


"Everybody come, welcome!"


"To the party, come, welcome."


"Everybody come, welcome!"