Welcome to Mercy (2018) Script

What did she say?

I think she said that we're getting close.

Can we end construction now?

Back where you found it.


I think I'm a little nervous.


If Grandpa's so sick, why isn't he in the hospital?

Because he won't be sick much longer.

I remember this road.

Thanks. Yes.

What's wrong?

Nothing. Come on.

Hello, Yelena.

What are you doing here?

Frank wrote me.

The letter said he's sick.

You should have called.

This is Willow.


Come in.

Okay, come on.

Your husband doesn't mind you traveling so far alone?

I'm not married.

You shouldn't have brought the baby here.

How long has he been like this?

He has been sick for many years.

Can I see him?

It is best that we do not disturb him in the evening.

We should call the taxi and discuss this tomorrow.

Oh, I...

There is this very nice hotel in the town.

Let me get my book.

Uh, this is taxi and, uh, this is the inn.

It's a good place. The phone in there on table.

I can't get a dial tone.

The weather can cause trouble.

Maybe we could stay here tonight.

This is not possible.

But the inn is only a few kilometers away.

Oh, it's freezing outside.

I don't wanna walk her all night in the cold.

Children are much stronger than you think, Madeline.

She will be fine.

Don't tell me she'll be fine, okay?

I don't need parenting advice from a woman who abandoned her child.

Repeat, please.

I don't need parenting advice from a woman who abandoned her child.

I did not abandon you.

I wanted you to have a better life!

This conversation isn't appropriate in front of the child.

I agree.

No, sweetie, we have to go. Where are we going?

I don't wanna leave. Please.

My apologies.

You should, please, stay.

But there are things I..

...wanted to tell you.

We can discuss this in morning.





Oh! What this?

I made this. Oh.

I used to make these with your mother.

Did she ever tell you that?



Mommy, was this your room?




You warm? Toasty.


Are you mad or are you sad?

I'm just tired.

You wanna say your goodnight prayers?

Angels bless and angels keep angels guard me while I sleep.

Bless my heart and bless my home bless my spirit as I roam.

Jesus, we shouldn't be here.

Madeline, are you alright?

Come on, get up. You'll freeze.

Inside! It's cold!


Why am I out here?

I don't think..

At least your daughter is here and family is what is important now.

Hello, Madeline.

You remember Father Joseph?

That's enough.

You still wear the cross I gave you.

Uh, I do.

Can I fix you some breakfast, Madeline?

No, that's okay. We're gonna have to get going.

Get a room in the town.

Here, you want some cheese.

Finish your food.

Your mother was just telling me about your sleepwalking episode last night.

How are you feeling?


I'm very sorry about your father.

He is, uh..

...a good friend and was a very gifted priest.

Father Joseph has been coming for morning prayer with him.

He has been very generous with his time.

We all must find forgiveness.

Will you join us, Madeline?

It's important for your father to find peace before he dies.


Um, I think we should probably get walking.

Walk? I'll drive you into town on my way back.

I think that's okay.

Mom, you said I was gonna meet Grandpa.

Come on.

You've come this far, Madeline.

Please join us.

You won't have another chance to say goodbye.

Frank, Madeline is here..

...with your granddaughter.

This is Willow.

She made this for you.

Madeline. Madeline.

Do you know your prayers, Willow?

Some of them.

What about Come, Holy Spirit?


Would you like to learn it?

Come, O Holy Spirit.

Fill the hearts of your faithful.

Send forth your spirit and they shall be created.

Send forth your..




What's going on?

Why am I tied down?

Willow? Where's my daughter?

She is downstairs with your mother.

Why are my hands tied?

Because you lost control.

You did not imagine it.

What the hell is happening to me?


I believe you have been blessed.

The holy wounds of Stigmata.


I just came here to see my dad.


That is not why you come here.

Let me go! Please, please.

Please, just let me go. Just let me go.

I perform mass for the Sisters of Mercy Convent.

Pray, Mother Superior may be able to help you.




Yelena, where is she?

Where is she?

Willow, come here. Come on.


Madeline, you almost killed her.

I tried to keep this from you.

You are a danger to your daughter here but Mercy is a cloistered convent.

If you want to protect her you will have to go there.

Trust him, Madeline.

Trust him.

Can I get a hug?

When are you coming back?


Madeline, we have to leave.

Hey, you wanna say our nighttime prayer?


Angels bless and angels keep angels guard me while I sleep.

Bless my heart and bless my home bless my spirit as I roam.

I'm not crazy about water.


Consider your fear and let it go.

There are more dangerous things than water.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?


♪ John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave ♪

♪ John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave ♪

♪ John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave ♪

♪ But his soul goes marching on ♪♪

Don't be afraid, child.

Mother Superior will know what to do.

You'll find all kinds of women here.

They start as postulants and after a year, they become novices.

Some are educated widowed, orphaned.

Some have grown children.

But all of them are here for guidance..

...like you.

And what sort of guidance do you have for me?

I am authorized by the church to identify a very specific set of physical and spiritual signs.

If what you are experiencing is genuine then submitting to the spiritual disciplines of our order..

...will help induce this great gift.

But I don't want to bring it back.

I wanna get rid of it.

Once witnessed..

...it can be assessed.

I'd like to call my daughter.

And I want to help you.

There are certain rules we all follow.

We are not to leave our rooms after the evening bell.

We do not wander alone and we do not speak without reason to do so.

And we do not go to the bell tower.

That's the torture chamber.

Excuse me, I should have said most of us do not speak without reason to do so.

So what do you think of our esteemed Mother Superior?

She seems nice. Isn't she?

Just don't get on her bad side.

She doesn't have a bad side.

Alyona's very devout.

Fancy, right?

So here are your vestments.

Casual clothes are not permitted.

Oh, God forbid.

Morning prayer begins at 7:00.

I'd like to call my daughter.


Welcome to Mercy.

She's an odd girl, isn't she?

I found her in the garden. She's a refugee.

I used to have a cat just like that when I was little.


Everyone's talking about you.

They say you're cursed.

You gonna try it on?

That's the evening bell.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll show you around.

I know what it's like to be new here.




Amen. Amen.

It's quite normal that others might feel threatened by you.

What you have is physical.

Tangible evidence in a world of abstracts.

Envy is a sin.

We are all sinners, aren't we?

Now would you like to call your daughter?

Let her know you're alright.




What happened at your parents' house?

There's something wrong with the phone.

The lines are old.

They get frozen sometimes.

We can try again later.

What happened at your parents' house?

I don't remember.

Yes, you do.

Sit down.

Loosen your hair.


I want you to relax.

Close your eyes.

Now clear your mind..

...and breathe.

What do you remember?

I heard noises coming from the barn.

What noises did you hear?


A cat was crying inside the well.

Go deeper.

Deeper! Deeper!

Come with me.

What do you see?

I'm a child.

Angels bless and angels keep angels guard me while I sleep.

Bless my heart and bless my home bless my spirit as I roam.

Angels guard and angels keep angels guard me while I sleep.

Bless my heart and bless my home, bless my spirit..

Bless my spirit, bless my heart, bless my spirit..


No, Madeline.

You need to go back down the well!

Sit down, Madeline. We're not finished.

Wha.. What was that?

Stigmatics are blessed with wounds as a connection to the sufferings of Christ.

But I'm afraid you are experiencing wounds as a connection to the sufferings of your life.

What's that supposed to mean?

Old wounds can cause new ones.

There is something dangerous trapped inside you, Madeline and we need to drag it out.

We'll try again tomorrow.

Spend the afternoon in thoughtful prayer.

Peace be with you.

Come on up here.

If you stay in the yard, they'll end up giving you a broom.

I swear, someday I'm gonna burn these clothes.

This is pretty much the only place that we can talk freely.

Plus, it comes with other benefits.


Do you want to hold her?

You okay?


I'm not.

I'm not okay.

I came here looking for answers and for help.

And Mother Superior said that the problem is with me.

Do you know why I'm here?

They said you had the signs.

I almost killed my daughter.

Did they tell you that?


I grabbed her and I sent her flying across the room..

....and I threw her as hard as I could.

And now her face is swollen and she has bruises all over her and blood on her eye and..

When she looks at me..

...how scared she is..

...and I just, I just wanna, like, die.

I just wanna fucking die.

And I just..

It's just something that..

...came out of me.

And I don't know how to explain that to my daughter.

So I'm in this place.

Like, just hoping for a sign that I'm doing the right thing, but..

...I don't know why this happened or what's inside of me.

You can talk to me.

I don't want you to get stuck here like the rest of us.

When I first came here, I was so lonely.

I hid atop of the bell tower.

What's in the bell tower?

There are these wooden stairs that go all the way up.

And at the top, there's this old bell with rust around the edges.

And there's nothing like the wind up there.

So strong there's nothing to stop it.

Feels like it could just pick you up and..

...take you away.

Bell tower's where you go when you've got nowhere else to go.

What brought you back?

I didn't want to be alone.

Now I'm not.

I should get some rest.

I know what you are.

You don't belong here.

She's lying to you.

You're a child born out of sin.

Your mother was the postulant whore of Mercy.

Excuse me.


I will drop a hymnal by your room before Vespers.

We are singing "Father, We Thank Thee."

Or there's always a copy in the library.

Dear Frank, I'm afraid.

I'm afraid of myself and of you of this unspoken sin.

These letters and the secrets that they keep.

The sisters may not see inside my soul but the Lord does and I am afraid of what He sees.

Dear Yelena, do you fear the fields or the wind that whisper through them breathing life into silent moments?

They are the quiet creations of our Lord as is this love.

Would you deny a gift from God?

Frank, I would never deny my God but we took vows that promised our lives to the Lord, not to this sick desire.

Not to this love.

How could something as pure as love be other than God?

What price will we pay for betraying that promise?

For denying Him?

Hello? Hey.

It's me.

I'm not supposed to talk to you right now.

Why? Because you're dangerous.

What's happening?

Father Joseph says we're not supposed to talk to you right now.

What are you doing in here? Hello?

I told you to stay out... I'm just talking to my mom!

Get out! Willow.

Willow. Leave Willow alone.


Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?


You missed morning prayers.

I... I slept in.

I cannot help you if you don't join us.

Come with me.

That's very good.

Do you have history of mental illness in your family?


Have you had trouble sleeping?

Yes. Yes.

Yeah. For how long?

Always. Always.

Please follow the eye.


How old were you?

When? When it happened?

Um, 32.

Are you baptized?


Have you been to the bell tower?

It's okay. Answer the question.

I don't know. No.

What the child's name?

Willow, Why? No.

What the child's name?


Are you lying to us?


If you lie to us then we can't help you.


Can I speak with Father Joseph?

I'm afraid he's left for the day, my dear.

But it's recreation hour now.

Would you like to talk with me?

Or perhaps..

No. No, thank you.

I have to talk to you. Shh. Follow me.

I think I need to get out of here.

I wanna show you something.

Come on.

I think I know somebody who can help you.

Hello, Madeline.

Beth's a reader.

She can help you.

Tell her.

Well, she looks like she doesn't have faith in me.

So make her believe.

There's more to blood than science.

I see beneath blood..

...to what it tells us about the soul.

It's a very rare gift.

Like yours.

Are there any secrets you need to find hiding in your soul?


No, I'm okay.

Oh, come on.

You came here for answers, didn't you?

Your blood is thick.



There are secrets and sins that you keep even from yourself.


You were never ready to be a mother.

You aren't here for your daughter.

You're here for yourself.



Let me go.

I wanna stop. I wanna stop!

Your blood is unholy, violated.

I wanna stop! Unloved.


Madeline, are you okay?

Look at me.

Beth, what did you do to her?



Angels bless and angels keep, angels guard me..

There you are.

That was quite a fall you took.

What did they do to me? Drink this.

It was just a foolish game those girls are not supposed to play.

Drink up.

How are you feeling?

I think maybe I wanna go home for a few days.

No, that wouldn't be safe.

There's nasty weather coming.

Then I need to call my daughter.

Of course.

There's no dial tone.

The weather can cause trouble.

I think I'm gonna go rest in my room.

I'll send somebody for you if the lines come back up.

Don't worry, dear.

Children are stronger than you think.

She'll be just fine without you.

Madeline. Madeline. Madeline.




What are you doing?

Leave me alone!

You can't leave in the middle of this storm!

Leave me alone! I'm sorry about Beth!

I thought she could help you!

I know about your parents!

I know about everything!

I know what's going on with you!

I can help you save your daughter!


Let me save you!


Let me save you!

Here, you need to wrap yourself in this.

Why are they taking my daughter?

I heard Mother Superior talking with Father Joseph.

Your family planned all this just to send you away.

That letter magically turning up out of the blue.

Father Joseph turning up at your house.

They wanted to abandon you here.

They think that you're dangerous.

Then why did you stop me?

'Cause you would have frozen to death.

You can't go home.

You're stuck here just like me.

Everyone is afraid of you.

Your daughter's afraid of you.

They don't want you to come back.

Why do they think I'm dangerous?

Because you are..

What's wrong? I have to go.


She's lying to you.

Your daughter needs you.

You must go to the bell tower.

The key is in the well.

You will find what you need..

...if you look deep enough.

You have to go back in.

It's the only way out.

I'm coming, Willow.


I'm coming. I'm coming.

There are..

...things I wanted to tell you.


I never wanted this for you.

I never wanted any of this.


It was just love.

That's all it was.

But it should never have been.

And we struggled.

My God, we struggled.

How could something so pure as love be something other than God?

But it was forbidden.

We followed our desires..

...and broke our vows.

We ran towards love and away from God.

We were selfish.

We invited unholiness into our lives.

Stay where you are. Stay where you are.

Some of the consequences were impossible to bear.

Others were true blessings.

Like you.

But it wasn't always like this.

I have memories of him.

Come on.

We had a burden to bear.

So for as long as possible..

...we shared that burden.

We did everything we could to keep this from you.

We took every step we could to live like this.


We thought we could control it.


We were wrong.

One day, it got away from both of us..

...and it got the thing..

...that it wanted more than us.


It wanted me.

Yelena, please come back.

I warned you not to go to the bell tower.

But you did it, anyway.

That's no way to treat a friend.

And now you're here.

Your parents abandoned you.

God abandoned you.

They didn't want to protect you.

I took you in..

...an unloved, discarded child born of pure sin.

I made you blessed.

You can't escape, Madeline.

There's only one way out.

Don't you remember what they did to you?

Don't you remember what you are?

There are no answers at the bottom of that well, Madeline.

Frank. There's only one thing down there.

Frank, no! You!

Don't you remember?

I can protect you.

But you're dangerous..

...and the only way to save Willow is to come with me.

Let's get off this island.



Willow needs you.

She loves you.


Can you hear me?

Please, look at me.

Please, look at me.

She loves you.

She loves you.

She loves you.

Willow needs you.

She loves you.

I couldn't protect you. I regret..

You're not leaving this time.

Your soul belongs to me.

To me.

Your soul belongs to me!

Your soul belongs to me!

Your soul belongs to me!

Your soul belongs to me!


Listen to me.

I don't regret breaking my vows.

I don't regret having you.

I was wrong.

You should have never had to suffer for my sins.

Please give it back to me.




Yelena. Ye...

I will always be here to protect you, my child.

Thank you, Lord..

...for light..

...for strength..



He is so grateful for a chance to be a family with you again.

Your parents have always loved you.

You know this. I do now.

Then you are truly blessed.

Let's go home.

We made it, right? Good?

How this... made it.

Come with me.