Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) Script

Long live the liberators of Vukovar.

[Cheers, Guns Fire]

# [Chetnik March]

[Motor Revving, Guns Firing]

[Automatic Weapons Firing]


[Man] Today, the city of Vukovar has fallen.

It is now no more than a heap of rubble.

In the past two months, the Serbs have pounded it... with more than two million shells.

These survivors are heading for Bosnia... hoping to escape the war.

But tonight we must face the possibility... that this is only the beginning.

# We strolled through the fields all wet with rain #

# And back along the lane again #

# There in the sunshine #

# In the sweet summertime #

# The way that young lovers do #

# I kissed you on the lips once more #

# And we said good-bye at your front door #

# In the nighttime #

# Yeah, that's the right time #

# To feel the way #

# That young lovers do #

# Then we sat down our hearts started dreams #

# Of the way that we were #

# And the way that we wanted to be #

# [Music Fades] [Chattering]

[Music Stops] [Murmuring]

Mum, what's gone wrong?

I'll go and look.

[Loud Chattering]

[Motor Chugging]

[Speaking Bosnian]

# Young lovers do #

# [Scat singing]

[Automatic Weapons Firing]


# Then we sat on our own star #

# And dreamed of the way that we were #

# And the way that we wanted to be #

# Then we sat on our own star #

# And dreamed of the way that I was for you #

# And you were for me #


# I would like to dance the night away #

[Gunshot] [Women Screaming]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Bosnian Man Yelling]

[Cameras Clicking]

The cross. Yeah, I've got it, I've got it.

Oh, Christ. Go back, go back. Go back.


[Reporter] Get the sniper.


[Cameraman] Yeah. Yeah, I got him.

The priest!

[Cameraman] Yeah!

[Man] He's mad!

Come on! Hang on, hang on. You don't want this?

[Reporter] Come on!

[Speaking Bosnian]

[Gunshot, People Yelling]

[Cameras Clicking]

[Machine Gun Firing]


This is the wrong street.

[Gun Firing]

[Mortar Exploding]

Let's go back.

[Cameraman] Michael, let's go back. [Michael] It's here.


[Altar Boy shouting In Bosnian]

[Altar Boy shouting In Bosnian]

They put the roadblocks. I turned the van 'round.

Others are going to be stuck here for hours.

Go fuck your mother!

[Cameraman] Oh, shit. [Reporter] Easy!


Huh? I dunno.

Hey there. What did you get? We need a new driver.

What? Do you know what it took to get Joey?

He used to be a cabbie. He knows the city inside out.

You know? He speaks... He's an idiot.

He's been selling our petrol.

And he's an idiot.

Just been running around the streets of Sarajevo trying to find him.

Nearly got us killed. Does anybody care about that? Is it true about the petrol?

It was full this morning, and it's empty now. All right, all right.

[Fire Crackling, People shouting]

[Reporter] That's it, from there. Now, another three. [Cameraman] Oh, that's good.

[Cameraman] Four... five. [Reporter] "No one dares move the body."

Then the boy. This could come in now...

[Reporter] No, go to the boy. I just saw this footage of Flynn being shot at.

Have we got any of that? No.

Why not? Why not what?

Why has everyone else got this footage and not us?

I blame the general decline in journalistic standards.

It's all this "news as entertainment" bollocks, isn't it?

So patronizing. I hate that.

I hate that too. How about you, Jane?

I actually think that what he did was very brave... and most people respond to bravery.


[Flynn] They were just yards from the church when the sniper opened fire... and now the bride's mother is dead, another innocent victim killed in cold blood.

[Applause] This is Jordan Flynn in Sarajevo.

Thank you! But, uh, I'm not worthy of your applause... but I will take your money.

Thank you. Oh, thank you! You'll be remembered.

Thank you so much. Okay.

O-ho! Well, look who's here. Henderson. And Gregg.

Care to make a contribution? Sorry, I don't have anything small enough.

I'm sure you do, but I was thinkin' about money. Ah!

What do ya think? Syndicated worldwide?

Yes, your producers must be delighted.

"De-lighted" is exactly what they are. You hit the nail on the head.

I assume they sent you here in the hope you'd get yourself killed.

It looks as if you will. Well done. Good night. Good one!

Henderson, how about a little Bushmill's?

Hey, Gregg. Bushmill's.

See ya. Come on.

[Irish Accent] I can't believe you're turnin' down a Bushmill's. There's a first.

[Man] I'll take it. Flat. [Flynn] Well, thank you.

I suppose he was only trying to help.

We're not here to help. We're here to report. Yeah.

[Gregg] Haven't seen Bushmill's in a long time.

Michael, are you all right?

Michael, are you all right? Yeah.


[Door Opening]

All right, we're gonna drink to the line. Yeah, lower. Please.

Better. I always try to make my most important decisions... after reaching that line.

I liked what you did. I thought it was really brave. Really?

I thought it stank. [Laughing] Oh, God.

You thought it stank? Yeah, it wasn't about Sarajevo. It was about you.

Well, you know, oddly enough, back home... no one's heard of Sarajevo, and they've all heard of me. [Guffaws]

Oh, right. Is she with you? - Freelance.

Freelance. Oh, figures. Who would hire her?

Um, no, you see, they say you should never drink... serious whiskey without water... because the strength of the alcohol smothers the complexity of the flavor.

Oh, now, is that right? [All] Chiverly!

[Explosion] Oh, my God!

Oh, God.

Jane? Mm-hmm?

I am in love with you. In spite of the company you keep.

Thank you. And I would like to take you away from all this madness.

Oh, are you leaving so soon, Mr. Flynn? The war is so young.


Hi. Hello, Zeljko.

Well, I managed to get you a phone call, sir. Ah!

If you want to try, you might be lucky. Very good.

Here. Oh...

Thanks. There you go.

Right. Thanks. Bye. Thank you. Bye.

Hello? Helen. Hi. It's me.

[Machine] Neither Michael nor Helen are here at the moment... Oh, shit, I'm sorry.

Helen? Yeah, hang on.

Sorry, I-I put it on when I was putting the kids to bed.

It's okay. [Sighs]

[Gunshots] I must have fallen asleep. Hello?

You okay? Mm. Yeah, I-I'm fine.

Fine. What time is it? Uh, it's...

[Child Calls] Well, you're an hour behind. It's 20 past 10:00.

Twenty past... She's awake again.

[Child Yelling] Can you hear that?

Mmm. Yeah. All right. Well, you better go.

Um, I just... I'm all right. [Child] Mommy!

[Shouting] I'm coming!

[Rockets Whooshing]

[Rockets Exploding]

[Shells Exploding]

[Machine Guns Firing]

[Yelling In Bosnian]


[Machine Gun Firing]



[Machine Gun Firing]

# Don't hide #

# So much soul #

# He's already in me# [Machine Gun Firing]

# I don't need #

# To sell my soul #

# He's already in me #

# I wanna be adored #

[Machine Gun Firing]

# I wanna be adored# [Weapons Firing]

[Speaking Bosnian]


Look at him. Like a baby's bottom.

Eh... in English. Everything in English, this morning.

Gotta practice, you know. Okay? Okay.

This is my last clean one. Thanks.

I bought it at Marks and Spencer in Paris. What?

Oh, you don't believe it. What's this? No. Well...

Hey. What do you think? It's crap.

Take care of it. Super.

Really? You struck me as a woman of experience. Really?

Uh... Jane Carson?

Oh. Risto Bavic. Yes. Yes.

Co-Come and join us. Here. [Bosnian]

Um, Michael Henderson will be along shortly. Oh, great.

This is our new driver. This is Flynn. Oh, hi.

Nice to meet you. Hey, dig those threads!

Yeah. It's a really great color. It's sort of unusual. Yeah.

Not too showy. Oh, my man, Zeljko. Thank you.

It's my favorite. Do you have it?

Oh, brother. - Four of them. I'll just go and find Michael.

You are a prince. Take 'em.

This will do nicely. Thank you. Oh, suit yourself.




For the head. You need a hangover cure? Mm-hmm.

Uh, would you mind if I save it till later?

I haven't started my hangover yet. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Take 'em. All I need's one. Take 'em.

I mean, he's here now. His English is pretty good.

He studied in, um... Birmingham, or Bristol.

Hi, er, Mr. Henderson. "Man at C & A." Hello.

Er, Marks and Spencer. What?

Uh, C & A do a jacket with a similar cut... but only Marks and Spencer do it in this color.

Michael, mortar attack. Come on. Uh, joke.

[Henderson] That's four days in a row I haven't had breakfast.

Did you get the job? Yes.


I brought you some hotel soap. Wash and maybe Alma will marry you.

Harun, the man got the job.

Hey! Hail the conquering hero.

Well done.

Look what I've got.

Egg! Thank you!

No, two. Two eggs. Two eggs is a miracle!

Three eggs! Is there words for three eggs? Omelette?

Omelette. [Bosnian] That's right, omelette.

Ajsha, fix us an omelette.

Do it yourself.

Come on, Ajsha.

You go first.

No, Dragan, I can't. You're going first.

I don't want to be a wanker. Go on.


Risto, have some. Come on.

No thanks.

I'll wait till this is over.

Where did you go today?

To the bread queue.

It's in Vazim Mezgana. Do you know where that is?

Yeah, boss. Okay. You drive.

Okay. Who's got the keys?

[Horns Beeping] [Shouting]

Hi. Is it all right if I bum a lift? Uh, this is Annie.

Annie McGee. Shall we make a move? That's good.

[Annie] Look, I know this probably isn't the best time, but, uh...

I wanted to talk to you about a story I'm working on. Talk to me? Why?

I need papers, transport, and stuff.

If you need transport, you need to talk to Jane Carson. She's the producer.

I'm just the journalist. Do you mind if I smoke? - No.

This could be the most important story of the war, Henderson.

More important than... b-bombing people in the street?

Compared to that, it seems like fucking Jane Austen. Really?

I never fucked Jane Austen.

[Brakes Squeal]

[Shouting, Crying]

[Man Shouting On Bosnian]

[Ambulance Klaxons]

[Car Horn Honking]

Get the vegetables, Gregg. Gregg, get the vegetables, can you? And the bags!

This guy with the eye. Gregg?

Gregg! [Speaking Bosnian]

What's the guy's name? What's the...

What's the driver's name? Risto.

Risto! Risto! Coming.

[Horns Honking]

What's she saying? What's she saying?

She doesn't know. She has lost control.

Gregg, get the... Get the bread. You shouldn't film her!

[Gunshots] Ris-Risto!

[Gunshots Continues]

[Moaning, Yelling]

Where are my mum and dad?

What? Don't understand. Risto?

Uh? Can you ask this girl what she wants?

Ask this girl what she wants.


Both of the parents are dead.

We'll have to tell her. Yeah.


[Gregg] Does she have any brothers or sisters we could take her to?


Does she have any relatives we can give her a lift to?


[Jane] Spooling back.

Roll tape.

[Jane] Rolling.

So this isn't the lead story.

No, this is not the lead story.

What is the lead story?

The Second Coming?

The Duke and Duchess of York are getting divorced.

[Laughs] Or separated. Oh, I can't remember which.


Michael! Hear your network has a big scoop today.

Duke and duchess of pork or something?

Hey, by the way. Your queen. I know she's like the richest woman in the world.

Enlighten me. What does she do? [Laughing]

[Artillery Exploding]

I'll drive. Okay.

[Bosnian Boy Shouting]

[Automatic Weapons Firing]

[Shouting Continues]

[Cannons Firing]

# [Rock And Roll Playing]

Come on. I have to go.

[Baby Crying]


He asked me if I'd any girlfriends.

He's in love with me.

Who is it? It's me.

I was just giving Roadrunner a bottle.

You smell of cigarettes. You've been smoking, Emira.

What is it? Just a Drina.

This isn't a Drina. I smoke Drinas. This is an American cigarette.

Where did you get this cigarette? Where did you get it?

I'm asking you. Where did you get it?

Good night.


# She, she, she shine on #

# She, she, she shine on #

# She, she, she shine on #

[Children Chattering]

Hi! [Laughing]

Emira, what did I tell you? The film people are here.

Hi. Hi.


Michael? Come through here. Risto?

Michael? That's good!

[Henderson] There's a little one here. He needs to come in front.

[Henderson] For these children, home is the Ljubica Ivezic Orphanage... on one of Sarajevo's many front lines.

...all them are inflicting on this town.

[Jane] You should wear them. All of you.

I don't mind. I quite like them. Everyone else is wearing them.

That, um, R.T.L. driver, he was saved because of his.

You should take one. You should wear it on the petrol run.

[Risto] No way. - [Game Pieces Clattering] [Jane] Oh, sorry.

[Jane] I don't know if we can get insured without them.

Michael, look. I know you don't like them... Shush! Listen.

These are their graves.

I, uh, buried these children here in the garden because...

[Henderson] Wonder if she can get insured without one... everyone can see.

[Woman] We are dying. So I will not put them away out of sight.

Everyone must know we are dying.

So, tell them. Keep on telling them until I hope they will move us.

If it is possible to treat the children on the spot... near to their families, with people around them who speak their language... and in relatively familiar surroundings... then that is obviously the best way.

# ["Don't Worry, Be Happy" Plays]

# [Whistling, Song Continues]

[Reporters Chattering]

# Here's a little song I wrote #

# You might want to sing it Note for note #

# Don't worry, be happy #

My God, I don't think I've ever seen such clean-looking people.

# In every life we have some trouble #

# But when you worry you make it double #

# Don't worry, be happy #

Orphanages and hospitals are being shelled on a daily basis.

Are there any plans to evacuate the children and the sick?

We are here to consider a range of options.

I know it's difficult, uh, but we have to keep a sense of perspective.

We have to deal with 13 countries in the world... which are worse than Sarajevo.

Uh, excuse me, sir, just out of curiosity... could you tell me what those 13 places are... and are we slidin' up or down that scale?

[Bosnian] [Henderson] Emira has been here since she was a baby.

Now she is so frightened by the shelling she can't sleep at night.



Sead's mother was killed in a mortar attack.


Zaned is from a village near Sarajevo.

His father and two older brothers were taken prisoner by Serb irregulars... the feared Chetniks.

His mother was shot by a sniper whilst queuing for water.

[Jane] I've got a letter of permission from Radovan Karadzic.

We can use it to get behind Serb lines.

If you've got permission from Karadzic, it can't be much of a story, can it?

Anyway, we've got 50 kids who could be blown apart at any moment... and nobody's payin' the blindest bit of attention.

What more do you want? We've done that story.

No, we haven't done that story. We started that story. Kids are still there.

The U.N. are here. As long as the U.N. are here, I'm going to keep those kids on the screen.

Every night, different child, same message. "Get me out of here."

That's not news. That's a campaign.

I don't care what it is. I'm gonna get those kids out of here.

What's the problem? Big guns, little children, evil men. Great television.

If it works. [Annie] What a sympathy ploy.

Good night. [Annie] God, he won't listen, will he?

[Laughing] Oh, dear.


Since the war, the orphanage has had to take in not only babies... but also older children, many of whom have witnessed terrible events... as well as being separated from their families.

[Bosnian] [Henderson] "My mum had a job, and one day...

"she went to work and was told she couldn't work there anymore because she was a Muslim.

That day it was announced that all Muslims had to leave the town."

[Bosnian] "There was shelling, all sorts of things.

"There were dead people around. I've got nothing to say about it.

It was terrible."

[Risto Speaking Bosnian]


"Where my house is. I'd like to go back there."

[Children, Chattering]

Yours, yeah? Hello. Yours, yeah?


She ask if this is where you come from?

Ah. Yes. Yes.

More or less. It's changed a bit since then, but it's...

I want to go to England.

She want to get out of Sarajevo.

Your film would help us to get us out of here?

Yes, I hope so. [Emira Speaking Bosnian]

[Risto]She wants a promise. It's a promise.

[Risto Speaking Bosnian]


[Machine Gun Firing]

It's a Haggadah.

It's the story of the Exodus. Oh.

It was in the national museum, and when the Nazis came, it disappeared.

[Bosnian] As soon as the war was over, it was back in the museum... and now it's disappeared again.

It's lovely. Yeah, it's nice.

Yeah, but on the real one, you can see the fingerprints... and wine stains when it's been used. [Chuckles] Really?

[Man] Yeah, but people say that after this war, it'll come back... but it's been sold to buy the weapons.

No, that's not true.

When the museum was bombed, the old guy...

Professor Imamovich, he found the book in the rubble.

Now it's somewhere safe. It'll be back.

[Tearing] What are you doing?

I use books to cook with.

That's all there is.

If you have to burn your books... you should at least enjoy it.

You know, special occasion, special book.

Besides, I could never relate to the Exodus.

You know what I'm going to do? Uh-huh?

I'm going to make a concert here in Sarajevo... one day. Oh, really?

Is that such a good idea?

I will defy death in the name of art.

Yeah, but what about the audience? They will die happy listening to me.

But I'm not going to do it yet.

Because, you know, Sarajevo is only the fourteenth-worst place on Earth.

So, I'm going to wait until we are number one.

[Laugh] Which place is number one?

L.A., of course. [Laughing]

[Woman] Can you help with the babies? [Henderson]All right.

What about the children? Do you want them upstairs? Yes.

Okay. [Screaming, Crying]

[Henderson] We came here this evening to make another report... on the Ljubica Ivezic Orphanage.

When we arrived, the building next door was on fire after being hit by a mortar... and one room of the orphanage itself had been destroyed.


[Chattering In Bosnian]

Where's Roadrunner? Roadrunner's coming. Don't worry.

Where's Roadrunner? Roadrunner's coming! Let's go.

[Baby Crying]


The Bosnian government has set itself against any kind of evacuation.

From their point of view, the Serbs want the city empty.

If they evacuate, we're helping the Serbs.

"Evacuation is actually collaboration."

And that's a quote.

I believe that it will take time to find a solution to the problem.

Thus, we must have patience.

[Whispering, Crying]

[Baby Crying] [Explosion]


It's cold. Here. Have mine.

Zeljko. I don't want yours. I want a fresh cup.

Yeah, is that hot? I don't want it in there. I want a fresh cup.

Yeah. Is it hot? Haven't got a pen, have you?

Here, here. Give me your book.

[Inhales Deeply] Look at 'em. They're like vultures.

Look at us. We're like vultures.

Working vultures. That's grand.

[Inhales Very Deeply] Great.

That's mine, and, uh, Mr. Henderson is inside.


Thanks. Okay. Bye. Thank you.

Just a sec. Thanks.

It's extraordinary, is it not, that when there are children... trapped in the most dangerous corner of the most dangerous city on Earth... that this plane is going to fly out of here completely empty.

It would be a simple matter to move the children... but someone, somewhere along the bureaucratic line, is saying no.

[Cameras Clicking, Reporters Yelling]


[Jane] Oh, cheer up, Michael.

You'll be back in London by Tuesday.

[Jane Imitates Shooting Guns]

[Gregg] Put that back. That's my lucky hat.

[Michael] Working wonders for us at the moment.

[Gregg] Six years in that hat, and I've never been shot.

[Jane] Ooh! Do you a swap. This hat for my lucky knickers.

No! Can't. Charming.

I'm not going to film a war wearing a pair of your knickers.

[Chuckles] On your head. [Laughs]

Do they stop you getting shot, these knickers?

No, I just get lucky when I'm wearing them. Ah!

Flynn! [Indistinct] Bears no resemblance to the...

You're up late. Where have you been? Thought you'd gone to the seaside.

Met a lady who needed a lift.

Hi, Henderson. Hi. - [Jane]Annie.

Did you get it? Yup. Got it. - Get what?

Was it terrible? Yeah. It was terrible.

Where have you been?

Uh, Omarska and Trnopolje.

It was a real party.

[Prisoners Chattering] [Annie] I.T.N. was given permission... to visit these camps by Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader.

There are 4,500 prisoners held here.

These are the ones we were allowed to talk to.

[Reporters Chattering] [Jane] Yeah. Okay.

Oh, will do. Can you just hold on?

Michael? Sorry. I didn't want to let it go, and...

Oh, no, no. No, you did the right thing. Absolutely.

Well done. Thanks.

Annie, it's a great story.

Congratulations. Thank you.

[Flynn] Henderson!

You, uh, got any petrol?

[Henderson] Yup. [Flynn] You think I might be able to get a lift across town?

Now? Yeah.

Yeah. All right.

Top man.

Are you Ismet Vilić?


Yeah. Uh, uh, I was with...

I was with your son.

[Bosnian] Huh.


[Henderson] You speak Bosnian, eh?

[Flynn] When I try to describe this stuff in English, it doesn't sound real.

So I figured if any language could do it justice, it might be Bosnian.

[Henderson] Does it? [Flynn] Well, I'm still learning.

Little simple things. Um, "Do you have an avocado?"

"I'm desperate for a toilet."

[Speaking Bosnian] [Together] Ah!

[Flynn] Little things, you know, like that. Thank you.

Here's the cake.

Take the small piece. Toast.

Uh... [Bosnian]

[Bosnian] - What's that? To their son.

[Clinking] To your son.


History has shown us... that you can't allow the mass extermination of people... and just sit by and watch it happen.

We do not see any evidence of a program... of systematic or massive killing of innocent people.

Fifty and sixty years ago, the leaders of the world said...

"Oh, we didn't know it was happening, and it was misinterpreted."

We know what's happening now.

Don't, don't, live under this dream... that the West is going to come in and sort this problem out.

Do you want these?

Mm. Mm! What do you say we smoke one of these?

Don't start, Flynn. Once you start, you never stop.

Well, if you're not smokin', and you're not drinkin', what are you doin'?

Staying alive. [Laughs]

Here. Have this as well. What?

I think I might... I might... get the hell out of here and go home.

[Exhales] What do ya think?


I could cover the Republican convention, maybe, uh...

How about, uh, the Super Bowl? Super Bollocks!

Super Bollocks? Why is it that when Americans are playing...

Why is it? Why is it that Americans... when they're playing sport, they wear so much padding? All your games...

You spend more time dressing up, than you do playing.

Sure, we don't dress to the nines, like cricket.

But what about basketball? Just a vest.

Basketball isn't a sport.

Basketball is a freak show. Easy. You're on very sacred territory.

The side that breeds the tallest player wins. Also, it's a girls' game.

As is baseball. Do you know, only two good things ever came from England.

One: America. Two: The Beatles.

Beatles aren't English. They're from Liverpool.

You even pad up to play girls' games.

You know, Henderson...

[Coughs, Inhales] ...those orphans are not your responsibility.

You're here. You're a reporter. You're here to report. [Explosion]

Fuck you, asshole!

Get a job!

Hi, Zeljko. Would you take care of these?

Mr. Henderson. You're leaving? Yes.

Have some of those. I don't smoke. Thank you very much.


[Jane] Yeah, 85. You?

Oh, hi there. Hi.

Good night? Yeah, very good.

Hi. This is Nina.

Hello. Welcome to the fourteenth-worst place on Earth.


Nina's an aid worker. Is this water?

Yeah. Please, please. May I? Thank you very much.

Yeah, children's charity. The Children's Life Line.

We've got a bus. We brought in food, and we're taking out kids.

Trying to pitch our story to your network.

What sort of children? Boys and girls.

Children who are sponsored abroad, or who have relatives abroad.

And babies, I'm taking babies.

They're easy to find homes for. I can get you babies.

There's an orphanage on the front line.

Do you need babies? I thought you were leaving.

You could leave. You could leave with us.

An epic story for you. The Exodus.

[Excited Chattering]

[Babies Crying]

[Mrs. Savic] Can you help any of them?

Yeah. We'll try. We'll try.

Emira! Look how funny it is.

It's for the baby. That's for the baby.

Your brother or sister? Is it your brother or sister?


What's her name? Roadrunner.

Mr. Henderson may take some babies on a convoy.

What about me?

[Translator] She thinks that she's going.

You promised me.

[Baby Crying] [Translator] She says, "You promised me."


[Nina] No, no. It's okay if we don't have the original birth certificate.

[Mrs. Savic] Here they are.

If she had somewhere to go, could you take her?

Nina? What?

Emira. She's one of the older girls. She wants to leave.

Well, does she have somewhere to go?

No. No, I can't take her.

With the older kids, we have to prove they're visiting relatives.

No evacuation. That was the deal we made.

What if she was going to visit me?

What do you mean?

Uh, just if she was coming to London, to visit me. It's not that simple.

Mrs. Savic?

I can't speak for her. You'll have to ask her yourself.

[Bosnian] [Henderson] What's that? Is that ayes?

[Distant Gunfire] [Mrs. Savic] Yes. That's yes.

I thought she might want to stay.

She's been with me always.

[Sighs] But it's okay. I'm glad she doesn't.

Well, it's just for a short time. Until the war's over.

Yeah. For a short time. I hope so.

[Distant Gunfire Continues]

Hello, TV man. Got any cigarettes?

What's the matter?

Leaving already? Bye-bye.

[Automatic Weapons Firing]

You know this is completely illegal, don't you? Yes.

Why are you doing this? I don't know.


Yes. Kids?

Yes. Okay...

I don't want anyone to know about what you're doing.

Not your news crew, not your producer, no one.

I don't want you to sit near her on the bus.

I want you to treat Emira just like all the other kids.


I'm very grateful.

[Chattering] [Henderson] At last, there is some... good news for the children of the Ljubica Ivezic Orphanage.

Five of the babies have got places on a convoy taking children to Italy... where they can stay till the fighting is over.

They'll have to leave behind more than a hundred older children... who haven't been so lucky.

Their daily struggle to survive seems to have no end.

[Guns Firing] The babies are not out of danger yet.

Land mines, mortars, and roadblocks are just some... of the hazards that lie between them and the safety of Italy.

Only last week, snipers opened fire on a bus... as it tried to leave Sarajevo.

Two babies were killed.

[Henderson] Are you worried for the safety of the children?

Yes, I am, but we have a one-hour cease-fire... throughout Sarajevo, and we have the permission from authorities... on all sides to bring these children to Italy.

And what's the alternative? To leave them here?

[Children Chattering] [Henderson] The mothers of the children leaving today... clearly feel it is more dangerous to stay than to go.

Emira. There you are!

Is Roadrunner all right? Did you change her nappy?

This is for you, and this is for Roadrunner.

You know, I'd like to apologize on behalf of the American people... for our failure to deliver on those air strikes.

Can't help but think that if the situation were reversed, and the...

Muslims were slaughtering Christians, we would have done something by now.

Don't worry. Okay.

Nobody is going to kill me.

Okay. Take this.

[Inaudible Dialogue]


[U.N. Official] We have safe passage through this street.

[Bosnian] This is the street, right? No, no, we...

Door, please.

Back! What's happening?

They won't let us through. We need to take a different route.

They're sending us the long way around.

[U.N. Official] Back. Everybody, back. Will you get back on the bus, please?

[Baby Crying]

[Inaudible Dialogue]

[Brakes Hissing]

[Baby Crying, Angry Voices Outside]

I'm sorry about this. They insist on searching the bus.

You'll have to get everybody off. All right?

Okay. Okay, they want to search the bus.

So we all have to get off quickly. It's gonna be okay. [Translator Speaking Bosnian]

[Nina] Okay, come on. Come on. Stay close. Come.

Back on the bus. We're all right. Okay, we're okay. We're going. We're moving.


[Children] Wow! Yay!

[Speaking Bosnian]

It's... It's really like where I come from.

Apart from the mountains and th-the water and the sun. [Laughs]

It's very, very similar.

[Children] Wow! Elton John.

# [Children Singing In Bosnian]

# [Singing Continues]

# [Singing Continues]



[Bosnian] [Nina] It's so quiet.

Treetop. Treetop. But what's a treetop?

Treetop. Tree-top. Top!

You'd be better off teaching her Italian.

It's where she's goin', isn't it? Do you know any Italian?

[Speaks Italian]

[Laughs] Tree... Tree...

...top. ...top.

Helen. Helen.

Christopher. Christopher.

Jane. Jane.

Garden... in... London. Garden... in... London.

London in... England. London in... England.

England in... London.

No. [Laughs]

[Low Murmuring]

Good night.

We give full guarantees... according to Geneva Convention for civilians.

You can't negotiate with a terrorist.


[U.N. Official] Quickly, quickly. [Anna] Yeah, head onto the bus.

[Nina] First one on gets to drive the bus.

Sean, Sean, get them in the back door as well.

[Nina] Anna, come on. Let's go. Quickly.

[Man On Street Yelling]


[Children Murmuring]

[U.N. Official] We've got documentation here from your people in Pale.

[Chetnik Leader Speaking Bosnian]

It's, uh, it's the official seal.

[Nina] Okay, I have the rest of the documents.

That's all the permission to go through all the different territories.

[U.N. Official] Be cool. It'll be fine.

[Speaking Bosnian]

Oh, we have... It's... No Muslim... No Muslim children on this bus.

There's no Muslims!

[Shouting In Bosnian]

Okay. [Nina] We have documents for them all.

Why is he taking these kids?

[Nina] We have documents for each of these children.

They are not Muslim. [Shouting In Bosnian]

[Nina] Tell me what he's saying.

[Munira] They are taking the Serb children back to Serbia.

[Nina] What does he want so I can give it to him!

[Continues Shouting In Bosnian]

[Nina] Tell him we have the papers to go through these territories.

We have documents for each and every child on this bus.

No, no. She's English. She's with me.

She's with me. She's English.

[Baby Screaming]

Emira! Stay here.

[Nina] Where are they taking them?

Stay. Stay.

[Animated Chattering In Bosnian]

[Horns Honking]

[Soldiers Cheering]

[Horn Honking]

Long live Serbia!

There wasn't anything else you could do.




[Emira] Leila!

Looks like you missed the boat, kid. Boat?

Mm-hmm. You should be on it.


[Helen] Hello? [Whispering] Hello. It's me.

Michael! Hi. Where are you? In Split.

I'll be home tomorrow. Oh, brilliant.

Is everything all right?

Yeah. I'm talking quietly because...

I'm bringing someone home with me.

It's not Gregg, is it?

[Helen Laughing] [Laughing] No, not Gregg.

She's a girl from Sarajevo. She's from the orphanage.

I wanted to call you earlier, but I didn't know what to say.

How old is she? She's nine.

Look, I don't really know why I've done this.

She somehow thought that I could help her get out... and I realized that I could, and then there didn't really seem to be any reason not to.

[Helen Sighing] Well, it's, uh...

It's good, I guess. It's... It's good.

[Sighs] Yeah? Yeah.

[Nervous Laugh] Hmm.

[Both Laughing]

[Henderson] You okay? Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

Just come home, okay? Okay.


Can't wait to see you. Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

# I#

# I've got a reason #

# To know your name #

# I#

# I've got a reason #

# To stay the same #

# I've made up my mind #

# Life's not unkind #

[Repeating After Helen] January, February...

March, April, May.

[Helen Singing] # Happy birthday to #

[All Singing] # Happy birthday to you #

# Happy birthday #

# Dear Emira #

# Happy birthday to you #

[Cheering, Applauding]

# I#

# I've got a reason #

[Henderson] That's it. Go on. Throw it.

[Yelling, Cheering]

[Shouting In Bosnian]

[Henderson] Quick, quick, quick. Come on, Chris. Your go.

[All] Out!



It's for you.

Coffee? No, thanks.

Hello? Henderson.

Flynn. How'd you get a call out?

Oh, here I badgered the network into getting me one of these satellite phones.

I'm selling calls on the side and making a fortune.

I hope the war keeps up.

Listen, the woman I love... you know, one way... wants to talk to you. Brace yourself.

Hi, Michael. Hi, Jane.

How's the kid?

Oh, yeah, good. You know, complicated but good.

Does she want to come back? No.

The thing is that, uh...

someone here wants her to come back.

Someone like who?

The uncle contacted us here.

She has a mother, Michael, and she wants her back.

Sorry, Michael.

Shouldn't have brought her out.

Of course you should.

What's it going to be like for her now going back into that?

It's stupid. Maybe she won't have to go back.

Huh? Huh?

Maybe she won't have to go back.

I didn't know she had a mother.

I know. I know.

When are you going? Tomorrow.

How long will you be? I don't know.

I have to find your mother. I don't know where she is.

I have to get her to sign some papers... and then we can adopt you.

What if she says no?

She won't.

Don't worry.

[Altar Boy Shouting On Bosnian]


Michael? Sorry.

You okay? Yeah.

Yeah. What's the time?

Half past 6:00.

Gotta go.

[Announcer] Welcome to Miss Besieged Sarajevo.

# The eastern world It is explodin' #

Miss Cngic-Vila!

[Cheering, Applause]

Miss Dobrinje!

Miss Otoke!

Miss Dolac Malte!

Miss Popalic!

Miss Vilesic!

Hey, Henderson! Hey, hey, hey! Hey!

Miss Kosovo! Miss Vrete!

You never got yourself another job?

Oh, no, I am, I, uh...

I'm covering Miss World contests. I'm starting with the Sarajevo heat.

You're more serious about this place than anyone, Flynn. Admit it.

Miss Skenderija!

Look who's here!

Jane, what's happened to you?

Miss Ali-Pasino Polje!

Welcome back. Hi.

[Jane] If we ever get out of here... we're all gonna take a kid back!

Oh, good idea. You'll make a great mother. [Jane Laughing]

# The eastern world It is explodin' #

# Violence flarin' Bullets loadin' #

# You're old enough to kill #

[Distant Gunfire]

[Speaking Bosnian]

[Henderson] I'm looking for Risto Bavic.

[Shouting In Bosnian]

Michael. Welcome to hell.

Brought you some Mars bars. Left them in the hotel.

Fantastic. I started to get cravings.

It's like being pregnant, you know?

This week it's dental floss. I never flossed my teeth in my life.

But I don't know... I want some floss now.

And before that, warmth. Oh, yeah.

You haven't changed, Risto. Yes, I have.

I lost my innocence. I don't remember you having innocence.

I used to think my life and the siege were different things... and now I realize there is no life in Sarajevo apart from the siege.

The siege is Sarajevo.

If you're not part of it, you are dreaming, you are asleep. I don't know.

You've killed someone.

Yes. It was not so bad.

I don't know... therapeutic.

I'm sorry, it's a bit dark and cramped here.

We're all refugees here.

Zivko came to our village, put us on a bus and told us to leave.

These are of, uh, Emira's mother.

She looks... She looks like Emira.

No, I know. I'm just saying she looks like her.

[Speaking Bosnian]

[Speaking Bosnian]

He says her family made her give the baby up.

And now he want to help. Yeah.

Is this her address? She's lost so much.

We've all lost in this war.

If something could be returned that's ours...

...we'd like to have it back.


[Soldier] Ciao.

Who's next?


This is where they want her to live?

Ready to play Sarajevo's favorite game? What's that?

It's called "Is there a God?"

Where does Munira Hodzić live? Down there somewhere.

Do you know where Munira Hodzić lives?

Hey. I know.

Follow me.

Does he know? I don't know.

I don't think we should go with him. Why?

I don't know this guy. I don't know who he is.

Oh, it's all right. Hey, Michael.

Michael, don't! It's all right!

# [Rock] Come on, come on!

[Speaking Bosnian]

No, no.

We're just looking for someone.

We're just looking for...

Tell him we're just... Ask him...

[Shouting In Bosnian]

[Henderson] No, it's okay. It's all right. It's all right.

[Henderson] We're just looking for somebody...

It's not serious. We're not police!

Deutsche marks. You want deutsche... Good money. Here!

Deutsche marks, deutsche marks. Here!


[Man Shouting] Anglais, thank you very much!

[Henderson] Now what? [Risto] Don't bring her back here, Michael.

I'm trying not to, Risto. That's why I'm here. Yeah, but promise me.

What? Promise me.

All right. All right. I promise.

No one should have to come back to this.

[Harun] Look, there are compensations to being in a siege.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. There's this girl called Inela.

Inela. I went to school with her.

She's the most beautiful girl in the world, no question. [Jane] Sex goddess?

But she doesn't even look at me.

I don't know why. What's wrong with me?

[Henderson] Nothing. Thank you.

Well, now, in Sarajevo, everything is for sale.

I figure one day soon even Inela herself will be for sale.

I got a packet of Marlboro... and cake of soap hidden away for that day.

[Jane] Tight ass! I'm going... Listen to me... I'm going out to find her... and then she will be for sale... and I will buy her, dang, dang, dang... and die really, really happy.

Inela. See, every cloud has a silver lining.

Have you seen her, this Inela?

Yeah, but I think she's past her best.

So is he. Aren't we all?

[Risto] I don't know for you. Look at me, a little gray, but I'm still...

[Jane] Still hot. [Risto Laughing] Still hot, baby. Yeah.

You're maybe further past than most, Risto.

It's not looking good so far, is it? I was a champion.

Mr. Henderson.

Hello. Don't you remember me?

I remember you. I used to work in the Holiday Inn.

Yes, I do. Zeljko. Zeljko. You gave me cigarettes.

They were very useful.

Now I'd like to return back the favor.

I am told you need help. I can help you.

# [Singing In Bosnian]


[Panting] You're getting soft! [Panting] God!

[Laughing] I peaked on the sixth!

Oh, God!

Oh, come on, you slack ass. Get up!

Oh, God! Oh, God!


# I need someone I can cry to #

# I need someone to pretend #

Oh, fuck!

# Making love and breakin' hearts #

# It is a game for you #

# But I'm not waitin' on a lady #

# I'm just waiting on a friend #

# I'm just waitin' on a friend #

# I'm just waitin' on a friend #

[Flynn] You know, this place feels like a virus you can't get rid of.

Sometimes I feel like I'll never make it home.

Sometimes I feel as if you'll never make it home.

Bye, Jane. Bye.

[Helicopters Passing Overhead]

[Flynn] Please, Jane. He was a good man.

It may be inappropriate... but now that he's gone, maybe you and I could...


Not funny.

Ohh! Sorry. I'm only joking.

Will you find the mother?

Zeljko thinks he's found her.

Oh, Zeljko's a gangster!

I know. Less trouble at the checkpoints.

Why don't you let me drive, Jane? No.

[Henderson] In the back, Flynn.

Fucking, fucking door!

[Speaking Bosnian]

[Speaking Bosnian]

This is it.


Are you Munira Hodzić? No, She's in there.

You're Munira? Yes.

This is Emira's mother.


I've brought you something.

She wants you to sit down.

[Speaking Bosnian]

She said she knew you were coming. It was in the beans.

Then she knows what I've come for then.

You are here to talk about Emira.

You have said that you will bring her back after the war.

Yes, I know I said that, but, uh... things have changed a bit since then.

The orphanage is no longer in existence...

Mrs. Savic has gone into hiding... and Emira is very happy where she is.

[Speaking Bosnian]

She wants to thank you for all you did for Emira.

[Girl Interpreting] Mr. Henderson...

I'm her mother... and I'm alone.

I know that I was a bad mother.

I know that I gave her away, but I love her.

Do you understand why I want her back?

Understand? Yes.

Da. Yes, I understand.


But, uh...

Emira hardly knows you.

You've seen her twice in eight years, and to be honest, I think that...

I don't translate this. What?

I don't translate this. You must listen.

No, I have been listening, and I have things to say as well.

Zeljko, will you translate it? Just wait.

I'm giving you Emira to be your daughter.

But because I was a bad mother...

I don't have any memories of her.

I want to see her... to hear her voice.

[Speaking Bosnian]

How you get money for this car? Huh?

It's through here.

I have a videotape of Emira in England... if Mrs. Hodzić would like to see it.

Would you ask her if she wants to see this? Sit down.

[Translating In Bosnian] Yeah.


Can I have some of these? Yeah.

[Speaking Bosnian]

[Girl Translating] She looks happy there.

[Henderson On TV] I told you to mind Helen's flowers.

Right. In there.

Hi, it's me. Hi. Could you put Emira on?

Hold on.

Emira? Telephone. Yes. Okay.

You okay? It's Michael. Yes. Okay.

Yes? Hi. Emira? I've got your mother here in Sarajevo.

She wants to talk to you. Okay.

[Speaking Bosnian] Hello?

Emira? Hello? Yes?

What do you want?

Let me speak to Michael.

She cannot understand what she's talking about.

Can she speak Bosnian?

Emira, you have to talk in Bosnian.

I'm happy here. Good.

This is my home now.


She will sign.

Stop here, please.

Henderson. Good luck. Thank you.

[Horn Honking]

# [Cello Playing]

# [Cello Continues]

# ["Adagio in G Minor" by Albinoni]


[Speaking Bosnian]

Don't, don't, don't live under this dream... that the West is going to come in and sort this problem out.

Don't dream dreams.

# Is it close #

# Maybe close enough to touch #

# It's what you wanted for so long #

# And soon we'll all be here #

# It is still #

# It's enough that you don't know #

# And all you needed was to care #

# Late as never again #

# Are you thoughtful #

# And are you simple #

# And are you beautiful #

# What will you do when it all falls down #

# What will you do when it all falls down #

# Let it all fall down #

# Let it all fall down #

# So love if love #

# Is all that you believe #

# It's all about #

# To love if love #

# Is all that you believe #

# To love if love #

# Is all about #

# Is all that you believe #

# It comes around #

# To where it all began #

# And it's all down to love #

# If love is all that you believe #

# And it comes around #

# To where it all began #

# And it's all down to love #

# If love is all