Welkkeom tu Dongmakgol (2005) Script

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September 1950, in the thick of the Korean War, Allied Forces led by WWII hero MacArthur succeed in Incheon Landing.

Most of the Communist People's Army soldiers were isolated by this operation died or hid deep in the mountains.

Allied Forces carried out indiscriminate bombings to clear out the People's Army everywhere.

Some of these places were civilian areas, too.

Welcome to Dongmakgol

Contact the general.

Yes, sir.

High Comrade.

We can't go on like this.

Give the order, comrade.

High Comrade, let us live! Let us live!

Let us live, please!

High Comrade, please take me with you.

Why aren't you following orders from Command?

Please take me with you.


You can't keep doing this.

I can go, I can make it!

Look Look!

I can make it alone.

I can make it alone.

High Comrade!

One more word out of you and you're dead.

We are taking all of them with us.

Watch out!

Get up!


What's your problem?

What are you doing? Huh?



Don't kill me Please!

How will we ever get to Pyongyang like this?

Unless you want to get caught and killed, follow me.

Are you sure we'll make it?

Don't worry.

I'll protect you, no matter...

Damn it!

We'll move after sunset, so get some sleep.

I'm Moon Sang-sang.

I don't know your story, but, still... you shouldn't just go and do that!

What unit are you from?

I'm real glad to meet up with you here.

Ex-excuse me?

It's dangerous to go off by yourself!

What was that?

I think it was a person. Hey! What is it?

There are snakes!

Snakes here.

This is a Snake Rock.

Was that you just now, swished past?

You saw?

You saw me!

I'm kinda fast.

I'm real strange. I don't run out of breath...

And I swing my arms like this And my legs get faster, and then my arms get faster, and then...

The ground rushes past, and...

I'm real fast What are you talking about?

Your arms go like that, and then your legs get...? High Comrade!

She has a flower in her hair.

Don't lie here.

Snake bites hurt big.

They hurt really big!

Don't move!

Still there?

Come out of there.

Come on!


Wow! What was that noise?

How wonderful!



Dumb bitch...

High Comrade!

Let go! Let go of me! Please be calm I'll kill you too Let go of me!

Let go of me! Calm down, sir!

Where's she going?

Give it here, comrade!

Must be a village here.

Then, maybe the Puppet Army, too?

No way there's any army here.

Shouted with a gun, but she didn't even blink...

Never seen this kinda thing before.

No way there's any army here.

Come over here.

First, we need find the village.

We'll get there and eat And get somee food... High Comrade!

There might be snakes, so let's go elsewhere and talk

Where are you going?

Didn't you hear there are snakes?

But, we're the People's Army!

People's Army can't get bit and die?

We have no bullets. You wanna pull a grenade?

Look, even High Comrade is going. I'm not going for fear of snakes.

Then why are you, sir?

What kind of greeting is that?

Thrusting a stick in a man's face Is there really a village up this way?

You think I'd take you if there weren't?

Geez, this is one tough climb!

We could take an easier road if you want.

But we'd get there tomorrow.

Do you always use that route?

We don't come out often.

But a while ago, this big guy drop down...

He's real sick so I came out to pick some medicinal herbs.

A village way up here!

This is our village, Dongmakgol.


They say it's named that so we'd live carefree, like children.

Live carefree?

I don't know what's behind it.

Just always been called like that, since way back.

How are you?


How are you?

How do you think I am? Uh?

How do you think I am? Look at me!

I mean, look at me.

I'm tied up with sticks You know I feel like shit!

Shit! Not going well?

It's strange...

You can see, like it says here, sir...

I can't read that. Yes, sir.

Well, if I say, 'How are you? '

He should say, 'Fine, and you? '

That's the right American answer...

So then I can say, 'I'm fine'

Only then is this a completed thing, but he's a bit...

Why isn't he doing as he should?

Is he picking a fight?

Let's try a bit more.

Do you... Do you speak english?

Village Chief!

Dal-soo's bringing some folks!

From the mountain below!

Where they from? Come see!

They've got gourds on their heads, and real long sticks in their hands!

Village Chief, come quick!

Thank you.

No, no. Wait, wait!

Wait a second, come back here. Hey come back here, man!

Wait, don't go anywhere. Come back!

O... Ok, Ok, Ok.

Wait, come back! Come back!

They got lost, sir.

They're gonna sleep over.

We'll just stay a night, sir.

We're good people.


You've come far.

This is our Village Chief.

Have you had something to eat?

How're you feeling?

With these herbs, you'll be up in no time.

He's UN, sir.

I knew it!

I knew it! I knew you guys would come to get me.

Thank you so much you guys. Thank god you guys are here.

Thank god.

My name is Captain Neal Smith Captain Neal Smith of US Navy Thank god you guys have come.

How come there's only two of you?

Where's the rest of you guys?

Do you guys understand me?

Hey, where you goin?

Wait, wait! Where you goin? Come back! Get back here!

How did he...?

Dropped from the sky, three or four days ago.

He almost died...

How do I look?

It's sleeping. Don't make noise.

Be quiet!

My fault, asking a crazy girl.

Dong-goo, am I one of those crazy girls?

Is there more than one crazy girl in our village?

You put flowers in your hair, don't you?

Do lots know beside you? Sure.

Just as long as Teacher Kim doesn't know.

He says so, that you're crazy.

Walk faster!

Snakes not bite while I was away?

Guess not. You look fine.

It's Teacher Kim!

Well, who's this?

It's too noisy. Shut up, kids!

Be quiet!

Seems this song never ends.

Teacher Kim, why are your hands up?

Something good must be about to happen in our village.

So many folks from down the mountain.

How do you know it'll be good?

A war?

You say a war's started? Yes!

Where'd they invade from? Are they Japs or Chinks?

Well, it isn't another country that invaded...

Wait a minute, is it another country?

Well the thing is, our National Army is fighting the Puppet Army from the North!

Then, whose side is the big-nosed guy on?

Wife, he must be on this side. They knew him right off.

That's right.

Then it's 2 to 1. That's not fair!

Well the thing is, you shouldn't look at it that way, ma'am...

It's the kids!

They're all up, coming here. They should be home.

My goodness, Teacher Kim, you're right on time.

Say hello. We have guests from outside.

We have guests over here, too, sir.

Sons of bitches, I'll kill you!

Don't move or you're dead!

Put down the gun, jerk! Or I'll kill you all!

Put down the gun I'll kill you!

Son of a bitch! Don't move!

Don't move!

Get inside! Take the kids and get inside!

Take them inside!

Hey, move!

It's alright, folks, don't move!

I said don't move! Don't move!

Don't move!

You son of a bitche, get off!

No army here, you said.

What's up with all the decisions you make?

They're within ten paces. Three of us, two of them.

Let's take them! Just stay put.

Shit! I told you we shouldn't come way up here!


He's calling you.

Since you put your finger in the trigger, then you should pull it.

What's there to think about?

Have you forgotten we've no bullets left?

Don't talk too tough.

Let's take this elsewhere!

Are you crazy? There's... there's three of them!

Let's leave these innocent villagers out of it and let's go elsewhere!

Don't mind us. It's okay. Suk-yong.

Listen up closely!

Puppet Army and villagers alike, with one false move...

...and you're all dead.

I'm serious now.

You got them all mad!

Is that a rock? It's like a lump of metal What's it for?

I'll tell you later, just do as they say, folks.

I asked over here, not there.

God damn it!

You turning your back on me too, Teacher Kim?

Looks like a potato... Damn sons of bitches...

Think I'm kidding?

Maybe they painted one of these?

If that's a potato, my wife eats four of those a day?

Everyone put your hands up!

Yes, sir!

Hands up, everyone, before something happens!

Just one hand? Which hand?

What do we do with them up? Put them both up, folks.

What will happen? Everybody hands up

Village Chief!

Get up there!

Damn it, get up there quick!

Come. Come on up here! Hurry, hurry.

These folks is all riled up!

Hurry up, hurry! Hurry, up here!

Yong-bong, what kept you so late? Checking the bee hives, sir.

But, we've got bigger troubles!

You should talk with your hands up.

Yeah, you should put them up!

You know the potato field next to the hives?

The one we just planted? Yeah, there Wild boars rooted up a path right through it!

It doesn't look like it was just one or two boars.

The year before last, they went into the cornfield and, we starved for a whole month in the winter! That's right!

Now, now, don't get worked up. Let's talk it over calmly.

Look here.

Do you not see this?

Worried about stupid boars?

If I open this up, this yard will be strewn with corpses!

But, hey...

Are you friends with those guys?

She's making me crazy... Have you eaten?

Comrade, this is a weird village...

Shut up, damn it!

Now what's that?

It's a Yankee, sir.

Kicking up a ruckus...

Yelling so much I can't sleep!

Why don't you just yell in my ear...

Get up, Grandma, quit sleeping'? Rotten offspring!

Look, old lady, don't move!

Where should I poo, then.

My mother.

What do we do about the boars? Catch'em How? What're you worried about?

Listen A boar shows up, you grab his neck with your left hand Hit him in the eye three times with your right Then his eye's will turn all black He goes home like that and tells his friends Don't go to Dongmakgol! It's an awful place.

Then they'll never come back!

If it were you, got hit thrice in the eye, what would you do?

Take all the boys back with me!

Then... then we shouldn't hit them!

If they all come back, we can't get all those eyes.

Damn it... All of you shut up!

Everyone sit down.

You hear me? All of you, sit!

Let's sit down.

Son of a bitch. Son uva-bitch!

Mother fucker Mother fucker...!

Son of a bitch. Son uva-bitch!

What is it?

The outhouse, sir.

Don't move!

Don't pee your pants. Come back quick.

Stay in your seat, sir.

Gonna check the bee hives, you stay right here, okay?

See you. Yeah

A ring!

You crazy fool!

Secure it safely! Comrade!

Idiot, can't take care of a grenade! hold still, you!

Unless you study hard, you can never speak Engish Wasn't it inquisitive when Teacher talked with the American?


Want to hear what I said to him?

Yes! Yes!

For instance, if I say, 'How are you? ', they'd say, 'Fine, and you? '

And then I say, 'I'm fine.'

And that would be the correct American answer.

Take cover!

Teacher Kim, what's going on?

Think this is a dud, too?

Moon Sang-sang!

Gosh~how... how can you sleep so? Don't your backs ache?

Not again! Not again... shit...

Now, that's enough. Come eat something.

Don't worry, this man promised

...so rest now. He promise?

Sir, you don't know these bastards yet!

If you really want blood... get yourself a sharper tool.

You all sure got vigor.

I'll bring out some food.

So go wash your faces.

This is horrible. The storage room is ruined.

At least the potatoes got well baked.

Are we starving from today? Something will happen Don't mind, something will...

Sorry there's not much to eat.

They blew up a whole year's village provisions and you give them our food!

What's taking you?

Just curb your hunger a bit.

Go on, now. Eat.

What do we live on when it gets cold?

The storage's empty.

Is there really nothing at all left?

Comrades. What?

Shouldn't we have gone with them to the field?

What were you thinking, tossing it there?

It's strange...

They're just working.

High Comrade, how about we just dig potatoes for a while...

And join up with the main unit when they come back south?

The bastards might be up to something.

We can't just dig potatoes in peace.

High Comrade...

Let's attack first!

Just do your work.

They all look like good folks to me.

You don't know anything about reading people, do you?

Yeah, don't mind about what I say.

We'll fill the storage house. You can leave the mountain.

No good in staying together, is there?

Cut the funny talk. You leave!

Why don't you wanna leave?

Take that Yankee down and you'd get a medal.

Careful on your way, comrade.

Down the mountain, People's Army must be covering the area.

You three are probably the only commie reds on this entire mountain.

Allied Forces have landed at Incheon.

They've probably pushed up to Pyongyang by now.

South of that, nothing but commie corpses scattered below...

All red! Son of a bitch! Quit your crap!

You're the ones should be careful.

If they've taken Pyongyang... we're in big trouble.

Sergeant, you believe that shit?

Then what are those jerks doing in these rough mountains?

It's nonsense. Don't be taken in by it.

They might've run off from their unit.

Aren't you gonna sleep?

Let's get some sleep.

You wanna get killed in your sleep?

If they wanted to, they woulda done it when we were sleeping before.

Wait a minute!

So why didn't they?

Now the area that the C8O2 transport plane went missing is less than 10 kilometers from where the C520 transport plane went missing.

Now the reconaissance plane that we sent to the area has disappeard as well.

We can't be sure but we assume that the remnants of the KPA with the small anti-aircraft base is stationed there.

Sir, this is nothing but an assumption.

We need to investigate the situation further.

The problem is geographical.

This is a position we cannot move or abandon.

This is a supply route that we must secure for amphibious approach from Ganglion to Wonsan and Changin

Gee-whiz... We shouldn't have said we'd do the work for them.

It'll never be done!

Look here.

How come your face turned all red... No way!

I'm just mad we have to be with those dogs!

Hey, jerk...

You're bad luck for us, too!

You little jerk... Forget about him.

It'd just be embarrassing to take on a little brat like him.

What, a little brat?!

You son of a bitch.

You want to fight?


Yeah... you ought to be scared...

That's why you ran away from your unit.

You little bastard...

Let's not make trouble in the village.

You wanted it that way.

Taek-gi, go in the room.

Son of a bitch...

I'll kill you!

Just be calm Son of a...

Have you forgotten your promise?

Sparrow A1. Do you copy, over?

Nest, this is Sparrow A1 Sparrow A1 down do you copy over?

What's you name, mister? I'm Dong-goo. Lee Dong-goo.

Copy, that Sparrow A1?

You're still alive?

I said I'm Dong-goo!

Answer a person when they talk to you!

Why are you yelling like that?

What's your name?

Wanna go some place interesting?

Sparrow A1, Sparrow A1? Sparrow A1!

What a strange name!

Then your family name is Seu?

Mr. Seu Miss, run! Oh shit!

What happened to your face?


This big nosed mister, you know his name?

His name is Seu? Seu...

That's right! Seu Miss!

Family name's Seu, and his name is Miss.

Seu Miss?

Seu Miss?

What did you tell them, kid?

Seu Miss? yeah, I'm Smith. Yeah, my name.

Seu Miss! What?

Seu Miss? Seu Miss...


What's so fun, kid?

Make them stop. Make them stop call my name like that.

Seu Miss Me, Dal-soo!

Na... what?

His name's Seu Miss?

It's almost 9 years since Dong-goo's pa left home.

Sure, he wanted to see the outside world, but...

I'm worried sick Dong-goo will leave, too.

We have to send the outsiders away before something happens.

If Dong-goo ends up leaving, too, I'll die!

Fermented bean curd!

I'd be in Jongno looking good right now...

But those fools had to invade. Now look at me!

Who invaded who?

You're the oneswho put the U.S. up front and invaded us!

Shut up, you don't know anything.

You mean we invaded South?

Taeki-gi! That's enough.

That fool keeps telling lies.

Did we invade the South?

We invaded the South.

We did?

See, you jerk?

I just went south because they told me to.

Sparrow A1 down! Sparrow A1 down! Sparrow A1 down!

Quick, get it! Tie it up!


Thank you so much.

Are you alright?

Not a scratch!

You're a brave boy!

Second Lieutenant Pyo?

How come these villagers don't eat meat?

It is because it caused them so much nuisances?

Why did they bury such a great thing?

Isn't that right, Second Lieutenant Pyo?

Back on base, they'd call me whenever there were any pigs to butcher...

Like that one, I would...

Have a bite!

Good, uh?

Have some more, sir.

This tastes great!

Hey, hey, let get inside quick.

Looks good on you.

Been so long since I had fat, it just shoots right through me.

What's your name?

I'm called Lee Soo-hwa.

The medic comrade calls you Second Lieutenant Pyo?

Thanks for helping our comrade before.

How about we just pretend to be comfortable and friendly?

Let me ask you one thing.

When we were sleeping... why did you let us be?

These are the coordinates of Captain Smith's last radio transmission.

Now that we can verify the KPA unit, there is no reason to delay the operation.

He's guessing, sir.

I don't think we can make quick decision based on ambiguous data.

The allied forces are moving north.

We have to consider the fact that our winning or loosing depends on the ability to move weapons and supplies.

We are over-reacting.

We need more time to investigate

How can you say that. Obviously, the enemy is there.

There's a chance of civilian casualty.

We don't have the option of being sympathetic And right now, we don't have the time either.

That is irresponsible.

If we lose this passage, this war will last much longer than we expected.

China is on the way

You ready man?

You stay here We run

Hey, stop there!

Where did you get back?

Look here. There are many curious things.

What is that cloud?

I was big in the U.S. Army Club.

The girls loved me!

Second Lieutenant Pyo, join us!

How is it that...

you have such a hold on the villagers without ever raising your voice.

What's the secret to your great leadership?

You just gotta feed them a lot.


I can't do it now. Not now!

You can't make that decision so easily, sir!

Are you kidding? You know what needs to be done!

The bridge is full of refugees!

Shut up and take it down! No, I tell you, no!

You son of a bitch! You want to kill all these people?

I can't! It's an order!

Do it or I'll have you executed!

How am I supposed to kill all those... all those people?

No! I can't! How can I kill all of them!

It's over if their tanks get over the Han River! It's the end, you son of a bitch!

No way! Take it down! Now!

This is an order! Right now!

Your mission is to rescue Captain Neel Smith at all costs.

An order is in place to begin bombing your location, 24 hours after the mission has begun.

So keep this in mind and get out of there as soon as possible.

May the lord be with you all.




There's a U.S. Army Club in Jongno...

It's my dream to become the manager there...

With a girl on each arm.

Wouldn't that be great?

But my father doesn't understand.

You'll know how he feels when you're a father, too.

You sound just like him.

Can I call you elder brother?

You're too young. Call me uncle.

Elder brother's better!

You little pup!

Really, it sounds more friendly.

Do as you like~gosh!

Elder brother? What?

I'm curious...

The first day you saw us...

Were you really gonna shoot me?

Yeah, but the truth is, I didn't have any bullets!

Fooled you! What? What? What did you say?

No wonder you were shaking like that!

How could I shoot you without any bullets?

High Comrade!

Once the storage house is full... are we to leave?

I guess we'd have to.

Where would we go?

If Pyongyang's taken and the Allies are moving north...

We have no place to go.

Neither do we.

Alright... here comes lunch!

It's here! It's finally here. Yeah!

Oh, you've come Be careful now. Give it to me!

It's fine, give it here.

Give that to me, ma'am!

They've done so much so soon!

Yes, they're strong.

That's not a good thing...

Now that the storage is full, they'll say they're leaving.

Thank you very much.

The storage is full, but we've nowhere to go...

Maybe we should find another grenade.

A good toss into the storage house and we'd be set for another few months.

It's your fault for working so hard.

We're supposed to be soldiers, not farmers. It doesn't look good.

That storage house is too small.

Let's rebuild it bigger.

It's all bullshit.

You're mocking me?

Why don't you sing us a song?

What? A song?

Yeah, come on. Nah!

Come on, sing us something. Come on!

You put him on the spot, now he won't sing! We shouldn't have put him on it Right!

Maybe just once.

# A rolling rhythm... And a sweet melody...

# A boogie song is... a song of hope.

# Wipe away those sad tears... Let's move ahead smiling.

# Stop looking surprised... Let's sing a happy song.

# Let's sing...

# Boogie woogie...

# Let's sing...

# Boogie woogie...

Seu Miss! Seu Miss!

Try this on.

Will it fit? It'll fit.

What if it doesn't?

It's for me?

It fits well!

# I'll move on singing my heart out!

That was great!

Here some drink What a good voice!

That's good. More, please! Yo, you are a drinker!

Here some drink I guess we'll have to go our separate ways.

Although if we were to meet again in another war we'd have to use our guns again.

We won't meet again.

I deserted.

If I go back, it's the firing squad for me.

Since I can't go back to my unit... we won't be using guns on each other.

Look at them.

Such a good time.

That's life.

OK, listen up! It's time.

Four minutes before drop.

Now we will be landing on the hot zone and the enemy will outnumber us.

They will not hesitate to kill us violently.

So let's be prepared to land on the ground with the rifles firing.

All right gentlemen, good luck.

I'll see you on the ground.

Go! Go! Go!

Get your rifle. Go! Go!

Nest 1, this is Macpie A2 After drop zone, only five survived.

Current coordinates, Delta Hotel 4045 We found the wild dog, we found the wild dog.

He's looking at us. Then greet him!

I don't think that's it.

If you meet a man's eyes, you greet them!

Come on, let's!


He's smiling.

You think I'm fucking around.

You think I'm fucking around?

You think I'm playing games?

Your fuck'n communist bastards are driving my patience thin.

I told you we shouldn't!

Damn it!

You bitch!

You know what happens when you get shot in the head?

Spill it!

Where are all the commie reds hiding?

Damn girl, I'll kill you!

She's crazy!

You don't treat a crazy girl like that!

You sound like a Northerner.


Sure you're from this village?

Who are your parents?

Has this kid no parents?

He's my son! He's mine!

Why you...!

He's this boy's father!


What do you want? fuck are they saying?

It's father

What are you so upset about?

Why don't you calm down?

Who do you think you are, bastard?

Seat your fucking as down

Are you bastards playing with us?

Has anyone among you seen any commie reds or anti-aircraft guns?

Come forward!

No one?

Still no one? Damned dogs...

Listen up and watch closely...

Until someone comes forward, one by one, I'm gonna kill you all!

Back off!

No, wait, don't! Please...

Don't move!

Don't move, asshole!

Wait, just a second.

Come on!

Tie that bastard up!

Village Chief, are you alright?


Yeo-il! Yeo-il!

What do we do?

Dear, what do we do?


Hey, hey?

It's hot...


Hot here.

Yeo-il, Yeo-il!

Hurts big...




Moon Sang-sang.

Search him. Yes, sir. Hold this, please.

Stay still!

What did you want up in these mountains?

What's this?

We'll all die together...

How's that? Alright?

It'll be a sight to see if they drop it all here.

It's just villagers here!

Tell the truth...

Why'd you come?

Talk, bastard!

Never mind asking him. Let's just bury him alive.

Smith, hit him again with a rock!

Did you call him Smith?

How the hell do you know my name?

Are you Smith?


Is that right? Yeah. yeah, how do you know my name?

How in the world did things

Hey, guys.

I found something.

Shouldn't this be enough to decoy the bomb raid?

It's not enough, but...

If we work altogether, it wouldn't be totally impossible What do you mean?

Work together on what?

We know what would happen here, you can't just sit by.

We're third parties. Why don't we mind our business... and just leave the village?

Don't give me any orders.

We're not from the same unit.

I'll do as I want.

High Comrade?

We'd just decoy the bomb attack.

We fire some warning shots and run.

Nothing to it.

Sang-sang, you think... if you run away now and live, you'll be at ease?

You'd regret it all your life and probably go crazy.

I'd rather go crazy.

You want to die like hell, so it doesn't matter for you.

But I'm not interested at all!

High Comrade

You know how we got here.

The wounded and women comrades...

I killed all those that couldn't keep up.

How do I face my family back home?

That was on orders from Command.

How many people did we kill on the way here?

We can repay that debt now.

Moon Sang-sang.

I'm not going!

If my family...

Even if it were my own family I couldn't do it.

What are you waiting for, guys?

Everything's screwed up!

This operation... how about Second Lieutenant Pyo leading it?

These damn weapons are too new to me.

Which, which is the front?

Wretched offspring... Shouldn't come if you're gonna leave.

Blowing up all the corn...

Look here!

It'll be cold three or four days.

Are you comin' back?

Mister Seu Miss!

I have a favor to ask...

Go back to your base with Smith.

Smith, he asked me to go back to the base with you.


The base?

No, I'm going with you guys.

We can try this once, but If they attack the second time, it's over.

Dongmakgol is in your hands.

They'll believe you if you tell them.

If the 2nd attack is hapenning, there is no turning back.

They're going to believe your word.

I guess I don't have much of a choice, do I?

Take this.

It's been good luck for me.

Take care, guys!

Their bombers will pass over us at about 18:00.

When they discover us...

We have to expose ourselves to look like an anti-aircraft base.

The flight path on the map... says they'll come from that area in this direction.

Your holes should be facing 11 o'clock and...

MG50 and MG30 should be placed here and here.

Next, Sergeant Jang...

Set up the lanterns you brought...

To light up the decoy tents to look like a village.

They'll believe it's an anti-aircraft base.

Just in case this place doesn't get noticed...

wire the TNT underground, too.

No one's gonna care we did this.

It's not too late. Let's just leave!

That's enough out of you little pup!

You've got good command capability.

You all helped so well.

Why'd you yield command to me?

I'm not suited to the vanguard.

The war started and everyone in my unit died...

I got a commanding rank for surviving alone.

You're a born leader.

Does it look that way?

That's good.

Listen to me!

How can the five of us stop a plane in the sky?

Everyone to their positions! We don't have time!

You said there was time! Shut up and get moving!

Until the bomber... is within shooting range we must stay put!

Elder brother.

Come on over here!

Little pup, scared?

Stay here.

Moon Sang-sang.

Sing that song again from yesterday.

You want me to sing here, now?

Come on, try!

# A rolling rhythm...

# And a sweet melody...

# A boogie song is...

# a song of hope.

# Wipe away those sad tears...

Eagle2, Report current status over.

Roger We don't see any enemy movement at the current position, over.

By the way...

Aren't we allied forces, too?

We're a North-South Joint Force, aren't we?

Am I wrong?

You can joke at a time like this?

That makes sense!

Instead of like this...

If we had met somewhere else some other way...

We would have had real fun.

Don't you think so?

It's now!

I think that was enough.

Yeah, that should be enough.

Then let's run!

Damn it, they didn't see us!

Nest A-1, Nest A-1 This is Sparrow05

From our current position, we have detected enemy movements.

I'm on my way down. Check it out, over.




Hurry, come on.

Take cover!

Come on, enough already!

Elder brother! Elder Brother!



Elder brother!

Little pup!

I'm... fine...

Elder brother...

You damn bastards!

Take cover! Take cover!

Take cover!

One minute to drop zone, deadline.

Nest A-1, Nest A-1. We are in hot zone.

Repeat EO 1,2 and 3 are in the hot zone.

Mission has been initiated.

One minute to engage.