Wendy (2020) Script

Can I help you with that? Please.

All right, give me a second.

I'll have some milk in mine.

Here you go, Elmo. Thank you, ma'am.

Bacon, egg and cheese, tomato hot sauce and a black coffee.

You got that, Wendy? Thank you, darlin'.

She's gonna put all you lowlifes to shame.

Who's callin' us lowlifes?

I am.

Everyone here is a lowlife except my darling Wendy.

You're such a sweetheart.

You wanna throw an egg for me? Come on.

Throw it.

They'd be lucky to have that egg. One more?

Throw it. Hard.

Yeah. Yay!

When she's pitching in the World Series, I will remember that egg.

If she's anything like her mom, she's gonna be a pitcher.

I don't think so.

Bacon for the birthday boy.

You want your friend Thomas' bacon?

Maybe they gonna be politicians.

Dream on, Ponts.

When these kids grow up, they'll be running this place.

That's right, kiddos.

One day, these little munchkins are gonna be moppin' up after us.

Douglas, you could be the waiter, and, James, you can be the cashier.


Grandma, I could be a pirate?

Pirate? We're not hirin' for a pirate.

You're gonna be my mop and broom man.

I ain't gonna be no mop and broom man.

Nobody wants to be a mop and broom man.

But that's damn sure how we end up.

You think Goose wanted to be a toilet scrubber when he was eight?

That's senior executive toilet scrubber to you.

Y'all quit makin' fun of him.

He wants to be a pirate, he'll be a pirate.

Are you influencing my grandbaby?

You get back, woman.

Go! Get! Get! Who do you think you are?

I'm gonna fight you.

She's got a knife!

I ain't gonna be no mop and broom man.

Slow! Get off of me!

You can take your mop and shove it up your face hole!

Hey! No Pants!

Jump on the train.


I will tell you the story of children who fly away farther and farther, past the houses and the restaurants, past the deadly twizzlers and earthquakes.

Past the animal kingdom and the flooded seas.

All the way to the edge of the world.

Crap! Watch out, Thomas.

The grown-ups are coming to stop us.

Pull out your katana, kill those dudes.

Protect the turtles.

You too, train ghost.

Throw those intestines into the grinder.

Yeah, you got 'em, Thomas.

That's what you get, punk.

No! They've blown up the bridge!

What are we gonna do?

Up, up and away!

Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, choo-choo!

All children grow up.

I'll take the check when you get a chance.

For most, it just happens.

Like a change in the weather.

Biscuits'll be ready in five, Wendy.

You hear me?

Okay, baby. Thank you.


But some, the wild ones...

The ones with the light in their eye...


All hail...

Stand aside for Immortal Don!Whoo!

Get your muddy boots out of here right now.


Come on. Yeah, choose that one.

Y'all come on.

You're tracking dirt all over my clean floor.

You're not listening.

All hail to the turtle!

Both of you, now! Let's go.

Listen to your mama.

Sorry y'all couldn't enjoy my awesome entertainment.

Go. You've gotta get to work. He's gonna bite you.

Watch out, Mom. I've been waiting here forever. He's biting.

Don't touch me with those. Where did those come from? No.

Next thing, you'll ask me for a cigarette, can I put liquor in your coffee...

I'm gonna put both of you on your ass.


Move your biscuit out of the way.

No! No! Get off.


Tell us a story, woman.

I can't. I have to work, dudes.

Come on.

You never tell us stories anymore.

Okay. But just one.


Once upon a time, there was a little girl and two twin boys.

Boring. That's lame.


Tell us a real one from before we were born.


Wendy, Mom was a badass.

She hitched all the way to California when she was only one year older than me.


And she stole a few cars while she was at it.

I said hush.

What was your wildest dream when you were my age?

Ridin' the rodeo.

It's not funny.

Why are y'all making fun of it?

I could have done it.

I didn't know I was gonna have y'all little wild monsters running around everywhere.

What's your dream now?

Taking care of my child.

Making sure I don't screw y'all up too bad.

That's it.

Great dream, Mom.

Come on.

Things change, chica.

Dreams change.

My God.

I have to go.

Good night. I love y'all.

Y'all better not be trashing my kitchen down there.

She probably still wants to do all that stuff.

Yep, but she got too old.

Don't say that.

The more you grow up, the less things you get to do that you wanna.

It'll happen to you, too.

I said don't talk about that!

Jeez, Wendy. I was just explaining life.

Not my life.

Mom, I have a brilliant concept.

Listen to this. Listen to this.

How about we don't go to school?

How about we do what I say we do?

Mom, it's a hellhole. You're killing my inner child.

Don't give me that look. Let's go.



Hurry up! It's over there. Go before he...

Can I have a net? No!

Look. See him? Right here.

Look. Red-eared slider.

Right there. Underneath that grass.

Yeah. That's a snapping turtle.

How you gonna tell? His head's tucked in.

It's a snapping turtle.

Look at his shell. It got spikes on it.

I'll bet you five dollars that's a red-eared slider.

I bet all your pillows it's a snapping turtle.

All right, let's find out.

Now, he might be too far.

I seen a few turtles when we first got here.

Once there was a haunted train.

Hey! Hey, we're here!

"Beware, children," it whispers.

"The most terrible danger is closing in."

Wendy! Come on! We need you in here.

I got dishes fallin' out the sink.

Your life will go by, and nothing will ever happen.

Mom, Wendy hypnotized herself again.

Aah! Aah!

"Come, Wendy.

"I'll teach you to fly through the sky."

"When are we going?"

And the tiny star screamed, "Now!"

James, wake up. You gotta see this!

Go to sleep.

Come on!

Someone's out there!

I told you!

Wendy, wait!

Come on, Doug!

Are you crazy? What about the turtles?

Mom will feed them.

What about Mom?

We gotta go.

Wendy, you can't jump that.


Wendy, you're nuts.

What's our stop?

This is an adventure, there are no stops.

Just kidding. Not kidding.


He says the world has no end.

It goes on and on forever.

Past the houses and the restaurants.

Past all the billions of people who never dared to leave.

What are you looking for?

Everyone, stand there by the edge.

All right.

Come on, Doug-O.

Ha-ha! What the hell?





Are y'all all right?

Yeah! You okay?


Give me your hand.

Why you bringing in this fish bait?

Cudjoe Head, help her on the boat.

She don't stand a chance.

Hey, Mother!

Happy to see you, too!

Are we going there?

Of course.

Remember the voice in your head?

The one that said, "Sneak away into the night."

Here is the place it came from.

So long, jerks.

Ahoy, moron.

Let's go.

I'm gonna cut your foot off and shove it up your butt!

Hey, wait!


Over here! Come on!

Where'd they go?

I don't know.


I'm a big bear. I'm a werewolf.

Get me mad. Watch what happens.


Wendy. Wendy.

Y'all got the same face.


Your name Two-Boy?

No. My name's Douglas.

Y'all got someone looking for you?

My mama, I guess.

My mama named me Sweet Heavy.

And all I do is play with the volcano.

Is that all you got?

That was terrible.

Watch this.

Come on.

Come on, come get me.

Come and get me. I'm right here.

Come on, Wendy. Come on, let's go!

Hurry, run!


Go, guys!

Blackbeard's coming!


Run for your lives!



Thomas, what are you doing?

I'll take your soul right out of your body!

And I'll crack your neck and I'll use your fingers for a necklace.

Thomas Marshall, I'm James Darling.

I'm not Thomas. I am Blackbeard.

You lived next door.


Why didn't he grow up?

When I push the button, your little brother's gonna laugh.

What's he doin'?

Peter's talking to the Mother.

What's she saying to you?


Just listen.

Come on.

I'll be your best friend.


My God!

This is freaking nuts.

She's impossible!

When the first child laughed, for the first time...

The sound broke into a million glowing pieces.

And the Mother rose up from the center of the Earth to watch over them.

She was always here...

And always will be.

And as long as you believe in her...

You will never, ever grow up.

Swear on the Mother. We will never grow up.

We'll never grow up!


Faster! Faster!

Last one to fly is a rotten egg.

Did you bust your head wide open?

I did bust my head.

Get it, Wendy!

Tell Mama I'm just staying a little longer.

And tell her that I'm being wild as hell and that when I come back, I'm gonna show her how.

And tell her I miss her and I love her.

Now fly home.

I'll throw one stone for every secret I have.

One, two, three, four, five.

Whoa! Big one.

It sure is.

The sun goes up and the sun goes down, but no one bothers to count how many times.

And so began the Legend of Peter.

The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.

When did you draw this one?

Don't remember.

I sink way, way down and the Mother brought me back here.

Is this your family?


Why'd they leave you behind?

I ran away, and no one could find me.

I bet they looked for you.

Probably for years.


Hey, wait!


Not another step.

What is this?

We don't go over there.

You shouldn't even be here.

Hi, Buzzo.

You know him, Thomas?

That could be Buzzo.

That's not Buzzo.

I'm still Buzzo.

You are not Buzzo!

I'm still Buzzo, Peter!

What happened to him?

He lost his best friend, and his number started going up and up.

He couldn't stop it.

Could that happen to us?

Bye, Buzzo.

It turns out there are rules here.

That had to be Buzzo. It had Buzzo's clothes.

Buzzo's short.

That was not Buzzo.

Buzzo's gone.

Never slow down.

Never think twice.

You coming?

When sad thoughts fill your mind...

Let them whizz out the other ear and be gone.

Come on. All aboard to the pirate ship.

I call shotgun!

I call first.

Patch her up, and we could sail away.



Quite a weird name.

There's no way to the front.

There's a door underwater. Come on.

There is.

I bet we could swim straight through.

Hell, no.

What if there's pirate treasure in there?

There might be a skull or something.

Are you scared?

You suck, man.


Stay here. Okay?

I'm going.

No, please!

This place is awesome.


What the hell?

I can't find him!

James, where is he?

Did you see him?

I don't see him!


Doug-O! Come help us!

Doug-O! Get out from there.



He can swim! Douglas!

Don't worry, he's not gone.

Get off me!

Calm down.

Mother don't let nothin' happen to her children.

You have to trust me.

He's okay!

Doug-O, where are you?

Doug-O? Doug-O! Doug-O!


This is the story of Two-Boy broke apart.

All that was left was a half.

Come on, keep going.

His heart cracked right down the middle...

And all the joy spilled out.



We've got to go to the cave!

Don't tell!



What the hell?

James, look!


Help! Hurry!

Hey! Give it back!


Leave me alone!

James stole the sword!

James! Stop him!


What happened?

James, stop!

What'd I say? Get off of there!

That's mine!

Give it!

You have to help me.

I swore to my brother. I can't grow up.

You gotta cut it off.

It's not a toy! Put it down!

He won't really chop it.

Who says I won't? I'll do whatever I want!

You believe it will work?

I believe.

James, don't be crazy!

Stay out of this, Wendy!

Doubt yourself and you're old already.



Now! James!


Look! It's working!

It's not working!

You have to believe.

We're gonna get you help.

Real help from grown-ups.


Come on!

We've gotta find help.

James, look.

Hey! Are you out there?

Hey! Help us!


Why are you hiding, you idiot?

Come on!

You're not afraid of me? No!

Come on, buddy, let's go!

All right. Hold your horses.

Boy, you're hurt pretty good there.

Do you know anyone that can help him?

Do me a favor. Don't worry so darn much.

You wanna get old like me?

All right, give me a hand.

We'll take care of him.

Japan, giddy-up your hiney.

Damn it.

Give me a hand here.

All right, Japan, come on.

Come on.

Come on.

So what'd you wanna talk about?

You know that dirt's got dead people in it?

Back in the day, this place was filled up with people.

Come on.

And then, old Betsy up there blew her cookies...

And toasted their butts.

Did only Peter make it out?

Some jumped ship.

Went to Boston. Hartford.

The rest, they on the...

Stuck to your sneaker right there.

By and by, that's where we all go.

One day you're Buzzo, and the next day you're a pile of sand.

What's it feel like?

Kind of like nothing.

And that's the worst part.

You don't have no fever, and you got no bellyache.

And the only reason you know you're old is nobody will talk to you no more.

And the older you feel, the faster it goes.

I'm gonna help y'all feel young again.

You're better off to learn not to become too attached.

I don't wanna learn that.

This is where Lost Boys go when they're really lost.

Does Peter know about this?

Peter knows what he wants to know.

Slow it down.

Beware, children.

You can leave yourself behind.

You won't even know when it happened.

Was it a look away...

Or a lie you told?

Did someone treat you unfairly?

When you lose yourself, the Mother can no longer protect you.

Why y'all killing these fish?

We ain't even fishing for fish.

We're fishing for the Mother, see?

The old folks say if you eat her, you get young again.

You wouldn't hurt her, would you?

Not like we could walk up to her and say hi.

If we get her glow, we'll go back to the way we were.

Does anyone know how to stop this?

Y'all wouldn't be so miserable if you'd just talk to each other.

What do you want?

Whatever you got.

I'm making you a blueberry cocktail with a pinch of margarita.

There you go, darlin'.

Seafood gumbo, curly fries, lots of ketchup.

Dr. Pepper.

It's your favorite.

It could be like we're just back at home.

I'm not going home.

You can't lose hope.

That's what's making you old.

Come on, Brother James.

Come on, Brother James. Show 'em you can bust a move.

I don't know.

All right.

Come on, now.

I don't hear anything.

You have to use your imagination.

What if we don't have one?

Everyone has one.

Come on, let's get it.

Hey! All right. Let's get it.

James, come back!

Go away, Wendy!

Where are you going?

James! Leave me alone!

Y'all just don't know how to fish.

Hey, this dude knows how to fish!

What's the plan, boss?

To catch a fish, you need bait, right?

To catch the Mother, you need to take her kids.

A mother will always come for her children.

Mothers always come for their children.


James, tell them to stop.

James! You're good! Be good!

Leave her! Go get the others!

When you're a child, they don't tell you.

Everyone you love can disappear.

And you never get them back.

They're all gone!

Take care of your tribe.

Make sure nothing bad ever happens to them.

Stop! Peter! Help! Peter!

I got one. I got one here.

Let me go! Stop!

Help me!



We gotta go back for them!

Would you turn around?

Two-Boy is our enemy now.

That's my brother!

Now he's wicked.

You cut off his hand, you ass-face!

You went to the Olds.

There's nothing wrong with being old!

I should've never chose you!

Get away!

You never believe in me enough.

Yeah, 'cause nothing you say ever works.

You're coming or what?

Where are we going?

Ask less questions, you get more answers.

Come on.

Come on, people, stuff 'em in there.

We got more here.

We gotta get this up by dinnertime.

Come on, you old codger. Put a pep in your step.

We ain't gonna live forever.

Shove those nanny goats in there.

Keep 'em flowing.

Pull! Pull!

Pull! Pull! Pull!

Wendy, you let the sadness in.

You're not like him. You know how to believe.

From here.

Leave me alone! Get off me!


Get away!

Get off me!



Tie up those boys!

Get him, get him!

Hold him down! Hold him down!

Tell 'em to man the oars!

Wendy, we got to save them.


Leave me alone! Get off of me!

Want to fly?

We can fly? Really fly?

Just believe in yourself and jump.




It worked.

We fly down through the water.

Mother's saying you can stay here forever.

You can have everything in the world that you want.

How do you know when someone is a real mother?

'Cause they love you the most no matter what.

I think...

I think you're my mother and I'm your father.

That's not how it works.

Then we'll both be each other's mother.

I already have a mother.

One day, she'll be gone though.

No, she won't. Don't say that.

You drew that?


I knew you were alive!

I'm gonna gouge out your eyes and feed you to cannibals!

And I'm gonna throw your body in a river and poke it a million, gazillion times!

And no one will ever find you!

Where's James?

He got sick.

Wendy, we have to go home.

I know.

Is he okay?

He will be when he sees you.

Right, Peter?

Come on.

There's no one on there.

Don't trust it.

What the hell?

Grab that little sucker.

Let me go!

James, we got two more.

Quit it! Let me go!



That ain't James.

I couldn't stop it.

You stayed young without me.

How did you do it?

I don't know how.

How'd you do it without me?

James, you gotta remember who you are.

Do you remember home?

Do you remember Mama?

That was a long time ago.

Look! Over there!

Mother's off the starboard port bow!

What? James, don't! Stop that!

Stop! No!


Hey, it's Peter!

You'll never kill my mother!

Get them, Peter!


Stop! No!

Don't hurt her!


You're still young. You don't understand.

Don't hurt her!

Stop it!


Throw it now, throw it now! Come on.

She's slowing down! I'm going in there!

I'll get you out!

Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

We gotta save the Mother!


Pull! Pull!


Take a bite!


Somebody do something!

Peter, save her!

I don't understand.

She loved me.

I can't stay young without my mother.

I'll get old.

That's not your story.

Once there was a mother.

She lived in a restaurant.

And one day, her children, who she loved the most in the world, ran away and left her alone.

Did any of them ever come home?

Yes, they did.

And they grew up all together at Darling's Diner.

Where it's always egg-o-clock.

She wore a white apron.

Yes, she did.

She sang us to sleep.

It's not a story.

It is a story.

Our lives are gonna be the greatest story ever told!

And the bigger we get, the more huger our stories will be.

We'll explore the earth and mend the planet!

We'll fall in love, and someday, we get our own kids.

A great army of them.

And Doug-O's sons and daughters running around, butt-ass naked.

Yeah, that's right.

Are they bad?

They're horrible.

Are they dirty?

They smell like the last fart of a dead donkey!

But how do I do it and never get old?

It's impossible.



I just think of something.

To grow up is a great adventure.

It's working.

It's working!

Keep singing!

I love my mother!

I love my mother.

I love my mother.

I love my mother.

Even when she leaves me. Even when she dies.

I love her more.

If you love your mother, sing out.

If you love your mother, sing out!

If you love your mother, sing out!

I can't go home.

I know.

I have a plan.

Wicked man!

You think you could kill my mother?

Will he ever come home?

Never. Ever.



I have to kill this pirate Two-Boy.

Two-Boy's dead!

Stand aside for Captain Hook!

All hail!

My worst enemy!

All hail Captain Hook!

All hail Captain Hook!

Throw him in the water!

Grab his sword, Captain Hook!

Toss that dude in the water!

Get him, Captain!

Make him walk the plank!

Take that, Captain Hook.

Peter promised he would visit as soon as he could.

So we waited and counted the days.

Time went by and moved faster and faster.

We tried to remember every adventure for him.

But there were too many to tell them all.

There were miracles and there were tragedies.

And journeys beyond our wildest dreams.

We would travel to many corners of the earth.

And find that there's magic everywhere.

And not just on Peter's island.

As years went by, he became nothing more than a bedtime story.

But sometimes, they could still hear his voice.

"Sneak away into the night."

Is the volcano gonna be there?

I should go.

What about Uncle James?

James Hook is why we have no time to waste.

Did you really teach Mom how to fly?

No more questions. Okay, okay.

Mom! Look who's here!

Run, Mom, you can make it!


She's never gonna make it!

Wendy, you're too old!