Wendy and Lucy (2008) Script

Grab it, Lu.

Give me that stick.



Drop it.

That's a girl. That's a girl.

Drop it. Good dog.


Come on back, girl.

WENDY and LUCY Lu, where did you go?

Great dog, what's her name?


You're a sweetheart, Lucy!

What is she?

Don't know, really. A mix of hunting dog and retriever.

Where's the closest store around here?

I don't know. I'm not from around here.

I'm just kinda passing through.

Where to?

Going to Alaska.

I'm headed south.

Icky over there worked the canneries last year.

Hey, Icky! This lady's going to Alaska!

King Salmon!

It's fucking awesome up there. You going to work?

Where you going?



It's good for greenhorns. Cooper River is pretty good, too. Further north.

Lots of work on that slime line.

You should check out Northwestern Fisheries because their housing is fucking awesome.

Tell Mike Murphy you met me, because he's all right.

Okay, I might. Thanks.

The money's better there, too.

There's no expenses, you know? You just walk with everything.

Well, whatever you do... don't tell Old Man Brutus that you met me.

Because he was a little upset when I left in somewhat of a hurry.

There was this incident... involving me operating a two ton earth mover... in a state slightly less than sober.

Some friends of mine... they were goofing around... and we got the thing started, and I put it in gear and that was that.

We drove the thing across the construction site.

Getting it to stop, though. No one told me that.

So, we finally had to jump off... and the thing just rolled all the way across the construction site.

We couldn't stop the thing. We tried everything.

It snapped the retaining wires.

Huge spray of sparks.

The Cat went over the hill head over heels... ass over tit, right into the water.

It was probably a hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment, gone in four fucking seconds.

But they couldn't pin it on me, man, I was gone.

Ferry Running Times NORTHWESTERN

Good night, baby girl.

Wake up.


You can't sleep here, ma'am.

You can't sleep out here, it's not allowed.


All right, get back, Lu.

My car won't start.

I can hear that.

You can't park here. That's the rules.

Yeah, I got it, I got it, okay?

I don't know what it is. It was fine yesterday.

You just gonna have to get it off the property.

Well, where is that? How far is the property?

Street. The street's public. You just have to get it off the lot.

All right, jump in.


What do you know about that... station over there?

Seems to get business. A lot of cars come and go.

He's the closest. He's got that going for him.

What about, is there some kind of grocery store around here?

Down the road there's Jack's.

Pretty good and pretty cheap. That's where I normally go.

Stay, Lu.

Hey, Lu.


I know.

I know.

Okay. Be right back.

You're hungry, huh? Bet you are.

Come on, let's go.

I can't shut up, I'm choking.

So I said, man, I ain't staying there, I'm going.

Yeah, like one out of what? Is there like ten of us here?

Found a few cans and then I went to this place over here... and laid down under a tree and went to sleep.


Sit here.

There's a long line.

I think some of these machines are broken today, so it's gonna be a while.

Why don't you buy her cans from her?

I don't have any money to buy her cans from her.

But, hey, I tell you what, I'll take those. Hey, dog.

I'll take those from you and I'll give you the money later.

I mean, you've only got...

It's not many cans. It's not worth the wait.

I'll find you later.

Okay, you can just take those. That's fine.

Are you sure? Yeah, that's fine.

Hey, thanks. Thanks a lot.

Yeah. That's pretty cool.

Don't bother anybody, okay?

Be right back with a treat.


What did I say?

Don't be a nuisance. We don't need that.

Hey, Lu.

Excuse me? Ma'am? Let go of me.

I think you're forgetting something. Let go of me.

But you have something. Let go of me.

All right, I'm gonna have to ask you to step inside the store, okay?

Sit here, please.

What's going on, Andy?

This customer neglected to pay for a few items.

I watched the whole thing. I saw her since she came in the store.

No. I'm sorry, that isn't true.

Okay, well, what are we talking about here?

Excuse me.

Sir, I wasn't done shopping yet.

I walked out of the door by accident without paying for those cans... because I was going to check on my dog. My dog is tied up... in front of the store.

Mr. Hunt, it was obvious what was going on here.

Sir, your employee has the wrong idea.

The rules apply to everyone equally.

If a person can't afford dog food they shouldn't have a dog.


Sir, I just made a mistake is all. I'm very sorry.

This isn't gonna happen again. I'm really very sorry.

The food is not the issue. It's about setting an example, right?

I'm not from around here, sir, I can't be an example.

We have a policy, ma'am.

Hi, this is Andy Mooney from Jack's on Lombard.

Sir, my dog is tied up out front.

Sir, my dog is tied up outside. Just relax.

Face forward.

Left. Turn to your left.

Can I get my bag back?

Not yet.

This machine's gonna kill me.

We've got to do this again.


Fifty dollars.

Excuse me?

You can pay your fine now or you can come back in two weeks for a trial with a judge.

Then you can pay the 50 dollars plus court fees.

I don't live here. I'm just passing through.

If you get stopped in another state you're just gonna end up right back here.

You could use a credit card.


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Has anyone seen a dog?

Excuse me. Has anyone seen a dog? She was tied out front this morning.


You mean like a German Shepherd or something?

Medium sized, yellow-gold in color.

I kind of remember seeing a white van take a dog.

You do? What time was that?

Around noon?

Noon? You didn't even start work until two.

Could have been later.

Excuse me, a white van, like a city van?

I don't know. I could be totally wrong.

She didn't see anything.




Come here, Lu!


Lucy, come out now!

What are you doing here?

Looking for my dog. She's gone. I hope you're real happy.

Lucy, come!


Come on, girl. Come on out, girl! Come on, Lu!

Yeah, have a great night, okay?

You know, your son is a real hero!


Come now!


Have you seen my dog?

Not since I saw you. Nope.

Is that fucking garage ever open?

Most days. Yep.

Is there a pound around here? There's gotta be a pound close by, huh?

Not too far.

You all right, honey?

Yeah. I just need to get to the pound now.

Well, that's easy.

You just take the street right here.

Go straight down till it dead ends that way about... just right till it dead ends, then you head right about three miles.

You lose your dog, is that it?


that's what it looks like.

That's a shame. Somewhere around here?

Yeah, that store.


I'm sure someone's got her.

She couldn't have gotten too far.

I was gone kind of a long time.

I'm sure it wasn't that long. She'll turn up.


So I just go down this street, and then I take a right?

I'm pretty sure it's close now. You'll probably have to wait until morning.

But you know, you can get the number four right here on the corner.

It will take you right there. Starts at six a.m.

I think I'm just gonna head there now.

It's definitely closed.

Well, fucking Christ!

Well, if she's there she'll be there in the morning, won't she?

A night in the pound never hurt anyone.

You know, there's a good hotel down the road. The Palms.

Really good clean rooms.

If I see anything I'll let you know.


Hey, Dan.

Wendy? Hold on, let me turn down the TV.

Where are you?

In Oregon.


Yeah, kind of, sort of. On and off.

So what's up?

Nothing. I'm just calling. Just, you know, just...


The car broke.

I don't know. It's kind of bad here, actually.

Lucy's lost.

Who's that?

It's your sister. She broke down in Oregon.

Hi Deb.

0regon? What does she want us to do about it?

Nothing. I'm just calling.

She's just calling.

We can't do anything. We're strapped. I don't know what she wants.

I don't want anything. I'm just calling.

I can't talk with everyone on the phone.

I'll talk to you when you're done with Dan. Bye, honey.

Everything's all right?

Yeah. Everything's great.

You kind of sound like you're busy over there, so I'm gonna call you later.

All right, if everything's fine. See ya.

Yeah, see ya, bye.



I was usually like the only white person there.

That's so weird.

Why does that girl hate you so much?

I saw the cheerleading squad. Madison's got some chunky cheerleaders.

Dude, fuck, there's a lady in there!

Your mom's always tired.

Yeah, my mom's like, always, always...

Just a minute!

Good morning. Hello, Amy.

Hello, Mike.

What is going on with the traffic?

Well, we have activity on Northeast 53rd Avenue between Gleason and Irving...

She's medium sized.

39 pounds.

Yellow-gold in color. Her name is Lucy.

I left her tied up to a post and then when I got back she wasn't there anymore.

Well, I don't see anything here that matches.

But come on, let's go take a look in the back. You never know. Okay? Follow me.

Okay, so you can go right around the corner here.


Okay, no address?

And no phone either?

No. I mean, no, not right now.

I'm just passing through.

Do you have a previous address?

My sister and her husband. They live at...

East, 73 East Jackson...

Muncie, Indiana, 47603. You can use that.


Do you think that you'll find her soon?


you're just gonna have to keep checking in, okay?

It's gonna be up to you now.


Thank you.

I don't think so.

Okay, just set the Voltmeter to the DC scale, all right?

Measure the voltage across the battery terminals.

The volt meter reads less than 14 volts... you know, it should read 14.


If it reads less than 12 you might have a problem.

Okay, tell you what... you turn on the heater... you turn on the defogger... you turn on the radio, and you rev up the motor... you're turning on everything that draws power... and then you turn on the motor, you rev up the motor... and if the Voltmeter reads lower than 14 volts... your alternator's probably no good. Okay? Well, good luck.

What's up?

Start talking, I'm listening.

I think I've got a problem with my S-belt.


With my S-belt. I think my Serpentine belt is cracked.

Oh, yeah. Serpentine belt?

A guy in Salt Lake City said that he thought it was cracked... and that it would run about 150 dollars for a new one.

You were driving with the air conditioning on? The engine jerked?

Steam came out? That kind of thing?

No. It just won't start. It just makes this terrible sound.


Oh, man.

You are blowing my mind.

You are messing up my mind.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

Yeah, yeah.

50 on Trade Show.

No, that's it.

Yeah, yeah, I said, you know, you're really messing with my mind, man.

Yeah, okay.

Yeah. I'll see you later.

What kind of car are we talking about?

Well, it's an Accord.

1988. It's right over there.


Easy enough to replace the Serpentine belt.

I don't know why the ignition won't fire, though.

Who knows. Could be the timing belt.

How much is a new Serpentine belt?

A hundred bucks.

125. Depends if we have to order a new one. I'll have to check stock.

And it'll be 50 for labor.

That's the best you'll find. I promise that.

Okay. And what about a timing belt? How much is that?

Could be a little bit more, but I won't know until I have a look.


And we're going to have to tow it over, I guess. That adds another 50.

But it's just right there.

Well, it's always 50. But there's no mileage here. So it's just 50.

30 bucks. I'll give you a deal...


How's the dog?

No news.

No luck at the pound?

Not yet.

I had a Collie once that was gone for two weeks before he came home.

They'll find her. They always get their dog.

Yeah, I sure hope so.

Could I trade you for a quarter? I need to use that pay phone over there.

All I've got is change and it only takes quarters.

Lots of minutes. Feel free.

No, no.

No one uses a pay phone anymore. Come on.


Hi, my name is Wendy Carroll. I lost my dog Lucy and I...

Yeah, yeah, hi.

I was just calling to check and see if there was any new information.

Okay, all right, I understand. I'll keep checking. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

How late are you here tonight?

Eight o'clock. Eight to eight.


Better than my last job. I'll tell you that.

That was all night, every night.

Not a lot of jobs around here, huh?

I'll say.

I don't know what the people do all day.

Use to be a mill. But that's been closed a long time now.

Don't know what they do.

You can't get a job without an address anyway... or a phone.

You can't get an address without an address.

You can't get a job without a job.

It's all fixed.

That's why I'm going to Alaska.

I hear they need people.

I hear it's really pretty up there.


You know, if you need a contact for the pound or anything...

I'm just standing here with my hands in my pockets all day.

You can use my phone number if you like, you know.


I might do that. That'd be good.

Floppy ears sharp eyes yellowish-brown friendly face

I'm L0ST!!!

You lost your dog?

Wow, bummer.

Wow, where did you lose it?

You don't know? Well, I guess if you knew, you'd know where to find it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Well, that's too bad. If I see it, I'll give you a call. Good luck.

Thanks. Appreciate that.



Afraid not.

They came and rolled your car away about an hour ago.

You know, I was remembering today, when I was a boy I'd go hunting... and sometimes we'd lose the hound... so my daddy would take his coat and leave it in the woods... the last place that he saw the dog.

And after supper he'd come back to fetch the coat... and more often than not he'd come back with the dog as well.

Could I use that phone again?


Thank you.

Hello, I'm calling to check on a dog that I reported missing. Lucy.

Yeah, sorry, I've just been away from my phone and so I thought I would check.


Okay. Thank you. Bye-bye.


Did you say that the dog would, the dog came back to a coat?

Yes, indeed.

That's how I remember it.




Please, please, please.


Don't look at me.

This is a steep hill, huh?

Ain't it?

Those kids coming down on a cardboard... they're having some fun.

Of course if that cardboard wasn't so worn and old, you know, they'd slide better, right?

I don't like this place.

You know, it's the fucking people.

The fucking people that bother me.

God, they have attitude.

I mean...

I'm out here... just trying to be a good boy... and it's just like they don't want to let me... you know?

I mean, they treat me like trash, like I ain't got no rights.

I mean... they can smell the weakness on you.

Move it along, move it along. Fuck you.

You know? Fuck you!

I mean, they gotta know I've killed over 700 people with my bare hands.

We lost, man.

Fuck if I know.

Hang on, girl.

I'm coming.

You look a little stricken.

I've been here since eight. Where have you been?

I had to take Holly's son to school.

It's my day off today too.

You got a call after you left here last night. The pound.


Yes, indeed.

Hi, this is Wendy Carroll calling.

I got a message from you all last night about my dog Lucy.

Are you positive?

Okay, where is she exactly?

Where the 30 meets Leaf...

Where the 30 meets Leaf Erickson.

Okay, well, I'll be there right away. Thank you very much.

Yep. Bye-bye.

All right? Good news?

Yeah. That's good news, that's good news.


Someone took her home.

Someone took her home the day she came in and that's why they had such a hard time finding her.

She's in a foster home.

Great. I told you they would find her. Let that go on the record.

It's on the record.

So, that's it, huh? You're gonna be pulling out?

Uh-huh, that's the plan.

Well, I hope it all works out.

I know it will.

I want you to take this. Don't argue.

Just don't argue.

Don't let Holly see. Just...

If you ever come by here again, you just stop by and say hi, huh?

Thank you. I will.



Ferry Running Times


Good morning. Morning.

You're up early.

You want some coffee? I think the first pot's ready.

Yeah, Indiana plates. You're a long way from home, aren't you?

Got a long way to go, too.

Well, the guy was right about the serpentine belt.

It's cracked all over the place.

Just a matter of time before the car gave out on you.

Yeah, that's what he said.

He wasn't all wrong, but he wasn't all right either.

The serpentine belt is worn out, but that's not why the car won't start.


You've got milky oil.

I didn't ask you to check the oil.

I'm just telling you. Look, you snapped a piston rod.

Actually, you blew the head gasket first... water got into the cylinder probably when you cooled it down.

The rod can't compress the fluid then.

And there you go, you ended up with what they call "Hydro lock".

And if you want the car to drive again, you'd have to rebuild the whole engine.

Honestly, I don't think it's what you want to do.

It would end up costing more than the car is worth.


No, I couldn't get around to it yesterday.

Can you call me back later?

Righto. Bye.

Are you sure?

Yeah. No question.

How much?

To fix it?

Two thousand.

At least two thousand.

Like I said, more than the car's worth. On the other hand, it's less than a new car.

Look, I know this is bad news. It's not what anyone ever wants to hear.

But see, the thing is, the car's taking up space out there and I need to know what to do with it.

I'll tell you what, just make it 30 bucks for the tow, for the... to junk it, and we'll take care of everything and that'll be it.

It's just that I can't just leave the car sitting out there, it's gotta go.

Okay. This is good here.

Thank you.

Hey, Lu.

Hey, Lu! Did you miss me? Huh?

You miss me? Huh?

You miss me? Huh? Come here, Luce. Come here. Did you miss me?

I'm sorry. Come here.

I know, I know.

Come on, Lu, don't be mad.


I got you something.

Look at that.

Go get it.

Good girl!

You're such a good catcher, huh? Drop it.

Yes, such a good dog.

Go get it, Lu. Go get that stick.

Good dog.

You are the best catcher.

Drop it, Lu.

Lu. Lu, give me that stick.

Give me that stick, Lu. Give me that stick.

Drop it. Good dog!

Good girl.

It's so nice here, Lu.

That man seems nice.

Yeah, you got a nice yard.

I'm sorry, Lu.

I lost the car.

You be good.

I'll come back.

I'm gonna make some money and I'll come back.

Okay, Lu?