Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne (1955) Script

"When The Father With The Son"

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This movie is based on a true story. All characters and names are made up.


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Armin Dahl with his Diving Show Artistic Adviser Produced on Kodak-Eastman-Color in the Filmstudio Berlin-Tempelhof Production:



Hello! Peepe! Hey, Samson! What are you doing here?

Another pork knuckle, so that you grow big and strong!

Very nice, but I can't laugh about it.

I can understand that.

Yeah. Then what do you think about this brisk joke article, Mister?

A joyful surprise for your wife. "The Frantic Monster," if you let go it bounces for any length of time wildly and hilariously.

That's true, but I haven't been able to laugh about that for a long time.

I'm sorry. Please.

What do you think of this?

It's not funny either. Not funny either.


Then I have something here.

If you give a nice guest your hand, he'll receive a harmless electric shock and a lively mood is ensured from the very start.

May 1?7 Really funny.

And if they hit me? -Well, then even more so. You'd be surprised how lively the mood will be then.

Well, that's a nose. 1.50. May I punch it in?

I wouldn't advise you to.

Very funny! Pardon me!

What's the matter?

Do you feel sick? Yes! Always, when I see milk.

Peepe only drinks schnapps.

Then get him one! Thank you, Samson.

How's it going? What are you doing?

Walking, walking. The whole day long I'm on my feet. I advertise for Teddy's "Magic Saloon."

Does he still have that shop?

It's unbelievable that he feels comfortable in there.

Do you know whether he feels comfortable in there?

Why doesn't he go back to vaudeville?

An artiste like him, who was well known around the world...

...who could ask for any pay...

He can't anymore, Samson.

Back then, when the thing with his boy happened...

...something broke inside him.

It's not repairable anymore.

Unfortunate. Very unfortunate.

Artists are a dime a dozen.

But clowns like Teddy... at the most there are four or five.

Not much longer and the great clowns will be extinct.

Unfortunately, only at the vaudeville.

What do you think of this universal hit? Gets bought a lot.

If you sit down on it, it makes deceptive sounds, which will raise the cheeriness in every jolly company.

Please, once more.

Very funny!

You think that's funny?


Ron, kick it to me!

Now you kick it back!

Come on! Please pass it to me!

Offside! Offside!

Willie is offside!

Gosh! What do you know about it? - More than you! You don't even notice if someone is offside.

Don't talk rubbish, you infant! Be quiet! We'll outsmart him.

Can you do a spot Kick? Of course!

Well then, come on! Want to bet, I'll catch any bomb?

Here is another charming joke article. If you let it drop, it makes a noise as if glass breaks.

"Jokus - the jangling window pane"

I don't know what there is to laugh about! That'll cost at least 80 Marks.

I didn't want to pay that much. Very funny!

You rascals. Who did that?

Who did that?

I knew from the beginning that he couldn't catch my bomb.

I want to know who broke the window. If Willie would've caught my bomb...

Did you do that? I think so.

You're lucky you didn't lie right there. Otherwise, I would have given you a wedgie.

Quite the contrary. If I had lied you wouldn't know that I did it.

In here! Come on!

Mr. Lemke... Uh, the nice pane!

Did you do that? Of course, I can see it when I look at you. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Why, Aunt Biermann? You always say: "Break a thing, mend your luck."

Mr. Lemke, what will you say to the boy? Nothing, Miss Biermann.

Well, whatever you want, Mr. Lemke. After all, it's your pane.

But when it rains, it pours! The "Artiste's Inn" called, you should pick up Peepe.

Uh, not that as well. Once more he is... -Sick. Yes! I know, Uncle Peepe is trashed again.

Ulli, where did you learn that ugly word? You yourself said that to Uncle Peepe.

It's high time you go to bed. Without food?

No, no, of course not. I'll make it as soon as I get back.

You can clean up a little in the meantime. Yeah? All right.

Because I haven't been in the apartment since this morning. -Home sweet home.

I need a woman again. Right, Miss Biermann? That's what you wanted to say? Didn't you?

Talk is silver, silence is gold.

Hey daddy, what do you need a woman for? Uh, all kinds of things.

For darning socks, for ironing pants and for cooking food.

That's all? -Yes.

We do all that ourselves. Exactly. That's why we stay alone, my little guy.

Forever? Forever!

Swear? Swear!

Uh, good day, Mr. Lemke.

Good day.

This is the famous Teddy? You've never seen him?

Unfortunately not. -He only had to wiggle his pinkie and the audience would go wild.

Well, the ravages of time.

I can still see him on stage with his great balancing act. Yeah, that was excellent.

And what is he today? An old tired wreck, decayed and exhausted.

Well, more wasted. Teddy!

Well, it's a pleasure to see you again! Really, Mr. Miller?

Even though your agency doesn't make lots of money off of Teddy anymore?

Who thinks about money immediately?

It really makes me happy that you show your face among colleagues again.

Do you really want to hide yourself away in the store?

I'm satisfied. I don't need anything more.

How long have you been out of the business?

Well, you can easily see that on your bank account.

Unfortunately. Unfortunately!

1.80, Mr. Lemke. Plus what Peepe drank?

All together 9.20 Marks. It's all advertisement and God.

Thank you, keep the change. Thanks.

But Samson, Peepe has been my friend for twenty years.

Come on, Peepe.

We're going home. Go away, I'll stay here.

Peepe! No, let me...

Come on. Uh, Teddy! I'm sorry. I'm coming.


Bravo, Teddy! Bravol!

Ulli! Come outside. We want to play cops and robbers. I don't have time right now.

I have to cook dinner. You can't cook!

I can cook anything I want to. Like what, for instance?

I don't know yet.

If my mommy doesn't know what to cook, she asks my culinary aunt on the phone. -You're crazy.

Do you want to bet?

"...in the end you add an eighth liter sour cream to the sauce and season it a little."

Seel Who's crazy now? You or I?

"...finally some recipes for omelets and pancakes." Uh yeah, pancakes!

I'll help you! No! We don't need a woman.

We can do everything all by ourselves.

That'll be a pretty mess! Probably not even jumbo will eat that.

"...you put it in a well greased pan..." Wait aunt! Who do you put in?

"...and sprinkle each layer with thoroughly washed raisins..."

" .afterwards..." -Listen, aunt! -"... covered up with a lit..."

"You take the omelet from..." Come on, Jumbo. We'll do that.

"Thoroughly washed raisins" is what she said.

"...one pound flour, three eggs, a little bit of salt and some cloves..."

Aunt, we don't have any clover, but daisies are probably okay too. Right?


Flour? Sugar, salt!

That'll be yummy, Jumbo. Right?

"...while constantly stirring, you add half a liter of milk. I repeat: half a liter of milk."

I repeat: half a liter of milk.

.As soon as the pancake is solid and brown on one side, you can turn it over.

Skilled housewives can achieve this by flipping it with the pan.” Uh, great!

Well, now up into bed! Peepe is drunk again. It'll end badly with him.

Quiet! -But Miss Biermann...

If I hear that name I'm getting thirsty again!

No, you stay here! Would you be so kind as to bring him to bed?

I have to take care of the boy.

Well, I rented the room to him without services. But because it's you, Mr. Lemke.

I can't stand him when he's drunk.

Peepe! What?

Time for bed. As you wish.

Peepe, let me go! Let me go, immediately!



Och? What are you doing there?

Pancakes, daddy. I just can't get it to flip over.

Well, you don't do it like that. Give it to me.

This is a... Come here. This is a big one.

Watch, you do it like this. Look!

You have to swing it.

How do you know how to make pancakes, anyway?

The aunt on the phone told me.

That's not true. -"...now we wish you bon appetite!"

That's good. Bon appetite, Mister.

But I tell you this is the last time! All right? -Yes.

Well then, I count. One. Two... Three.

Shhh, Jumbo! Don't tell!

Uh, I can't anymore. UL UL Yippee! I won! What "won"? Won?! You lied, is what you did.

Yeah! You lied. One notices that. One can feel that on the nose.

On the nose? -On the nose! Of course. It gets all hard if you lie.

Now I can feel it, too. See.

That's going to be fun. Exactly! Come on, let's get out.

Quickly, towel yourself off. And then up into bed.

Come on, Jumbo!

Hey daddy, I still get a penny from you!

What for?

Because I've been behaving all day.

I see. And the broken windowpane? But I told the truth!



Here is your place. Nice. That's good.

Where is Jumbo?

He just ran into the kitchen. All right, cutie.

Well then, now for praying.

Dear God, I thank you because you kept me from harm, except for the pane.

Please protect my dear daddy, Uncle Peepe, Aunt Biermann, Jumbo and dear mommy.

Yes, and dear mommy.

What's the matter? What are you doing now?

I repeat: my dear daddy, Aunt Biermann and dear mommy.


Why did you repeat? To be on the safe side.

Tell me daddy, does dear God know mommy? Of course he knows her.

But I don't even know her! Dear God knows all people.

Mommy as well.

Even if she's in America? For sure. He's everywhere.

And does he know what mommy will send me for my birthday? -Of course.

He's lucky.

And does he know what you'll give me for my birthday? -Well, maybe.

What do you want? Us to go to the carnival together.

I see. And what else? And that I can invite all the kids.

And that you make us lots of pudding and that it'll be lots of fun. -Well.

Isn't that a little much? No, that's still all right.

We'll see. But now you have to sleep.

Daddy, one moment!

What do you want now?

I just want to cuddle with you a little, because you are so nice.

I see. You think I am, do you? Yes, uh yes!

I don't even know how dear God can do without you for long times.

Good night, you rascal. Sleep well. -No!

First our song or a story. Whichever you like better. I don't care.

All right. I don't care, either.

Well then: our song.

La Le Lu Only the man in the moon watches...

...if the little babies are sleeping...

Thus, sleep you, too.

La Le Lu In front of the bed are two shoes...

...and they're quite as tired.

Going to have a rest.

Then the sandman is going to come, too..

Quietly, he steps into the house.

Picks from his dreams, the nicest one for you.

La Le Lu Only the man in the moon watches...

...if the little babies are sleeping.

Thus, sleep you, too.

Mr. Lemke.

Where do you get all this love for Ulli from?

Basically, he's a totally strange child to you.

Miss Biermann!

Don't be afraid. 1 will never tell Ul that you aren't his father.

I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you.

Don't you understand Mr. Lemke that sometimes I'm a little jealous?

I didn't care about the 40 Marks from the Youth Welfare Office, when I took Ulli to me, five years ago.

I was always so alone.

I wanted a human that I could take care of.

Yes, I know. And then I took the love of the child away from you. Right? -Yes!

And so you became happy.

Yes. Without the boy, I wouldn't have gotten over all that.

Don't you ever think about the fact, that one day this dream of yours could end?


But you have to reckon that. But I don't want to think about it.

Alright, we won't talk about it anymore.

Let's drink, instead.

On a Saturday evening one may indulge in a little sip.

Thank you.

Here's to you, Miss Biermann. Cheers.

"Home sweet home" Yes, the store is doing well, I'm pleased with the boy.

What else would I want? A loving woman.

Haven't you ever had a desire for that? Not that I know of.

You feel quite well without a husband, don't you?

If you knew, Mr. Lemke...

How it looks in here is nobody's business.

Well then, cheers! Cheers.

It really goes to my head. Yours, too? -No, I don't feel anything yet.

How you can knit!

The woman who'll get you is enviable. The man who'll get you is too.

Uh, Mr. Lemke. You're a real clever one!

You managed to get my head spinning. Darn. I lost a stitch.

Sometimes I get the feeling you walk right past life, Mr. Lemke.

You have to grab life when it's most interesting.

And if I miss it? Uh, you won't miss.

A man like you, in his best years! You will win over every women... I mean life in no time at all!

You're so charming, Miss Biermann. No, just jolly! Mr. Teddy.

Well then, cheers!

Now we'll be funny!

Could we maybe do that some other time? unfortunately, I can't today.

I have a big load of laundry to do, tomorrow.

Did you come to eat, Gerti? No, Roy's picking me up.

We want to go for a drive. Roy wants to show me a cottage that he got offered in San Neal.

Uh, San Neal. I want to live there some day, too.

By the way, when are you getting married? Uh, if it was up to Roy, probably today.

Hey, that doesn't sound very exciting. Is something wrong between you two?

I can't tell you that, Barbel. Basically we totally agree, but...

What "but"? I don't understand that.

Roy loves you. He earns good money. What else do you want?

Gerti, is something the matter? You can tell me what's the matter.

Until today, I couldn't even tell Roy.

Here he comes!

Hello darling! I'm sorry, I'm coming right from the testing track. -Yeah, I noticed that!

Good evening, Roy. How many cars did you destroy? - I broke in our new model. You just can't break it, I tell you.

Come on, get in.

Goodbye! -Have a nice weekend. And don't break your neck!

Don't be afraid, I'll crawl like a snail. Goodbye!

Ladies and gentle...

It's all arranged. Uh my God, what are you doing here?

We're playing snow flurry. Whose idea was that?

Jumbo. We hid his bone in a pillow and of course he found it.

You're a real rowdy dog! You always have to teach these decent kids these things!

Look there! Ulli as a fooll

Take it off!

Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy, you're not mad at me anymore, are you?

You know, I only wanted to surprise you.

Who told you where that costume was?

I found it in the attic, in that big box, when I was upstairs with Aunt Biermann to hang up the laundry.

Don't do it again. No, daddy. I won't do it again!

It's all right.

And you're really not mad anymore?

No. I'm not mad anymore.

But you were mad. Why is that? Isn't it your costume?

No. Then whose is it?

I'll tell you some other time, when you're older. I did become older today. Six years.

Tell me. Please, please.

See Ulli, I had a son. A boy...

...who was as old as you are now.

A brother?

Yes. A brother.

What was his name? Exactly like me: Teddy.

And the costume is his?

Yes. And I had the exact same one.

And like that we went on stage in the evenings.

Also in the circus as fools? Yes, there too.

Every evening. In front of a lot of people. And we amused them.

And the people screamed with laughter.

And where is the little Teddy now?

He died. All of a sudden.

And since then I can't amuse anyone anymore.

Because you have no one helping you?

Now you have a boy again. Me!

Now you could amuse people with me.


Now I have a boy again!

Good night. Good night, daddy.

Sleep well. You sleep well, too.

Isn't he even better then back then?

All of a sudden it came over him again.

He works everyday.

Pay a penny please, ladies and gentlemen. A penny? You've got a couple of screws loose!

If you don't pay, you have to close your eyes next time. In the circus it costs one Mark!

Bravo Teddy! Bravo!

Uh, Mr. Miller. I always knew we'd do business again, Teddy.

You think so? -Of course. I can sell this act in my sleep.

Or, am I not allowed? Well, if you want to.

Agreed, Teddy. And Peepe will get a percentage. He was probably the one starting you up?

No, no. That's a mistake. It wasn't Peepe. It was my little one.

My Ulli.


...much nicer than the one you showed me the other day. In four weeks it'll be our house.

Roy, I have to make a confession.

Now I'm curious.

I should have told you long ago.

I have a child.

A child? Yeah. A six year old boy.

Where? In Germany.

Where? -With a reliable woman, who the Youth Welfare Office found for me.

When did you see the child last? Five years ago.

Can you understand now, how much I miss my boy.

Why did you give him away ?

You know how things were in Germany after the war.

I was unemployed.

There were only two options for me: Either to go hungry with the child or to leave him and care for him from here.

That's why I came over with this American family as a housemaid back then.

You couldn't take him with you?

You know your immigration rules.

And back to Germany...

As a little seller, I couldn't get enough money together for the trip, until now.

Two years ago I had enough...

...then I became sick and it was gone again!

Who is the father?

You don't know him?

Oh yes.

I got to know him, when he walked out on me when I had the child.

I never heard anything from him again.

He doesn't exist anymore for me.

Maybe now you don't love me anymore, but...

...you must understand Roy, I want to take the boy back now..



In these circumstances we can't have our honeymoon in Florida. -Yeah.

But rather we have to go to Europe!

In order to pick up the boy!



"Miss Jane Bentley, to the phone please."

"Miss Jane Bentley!" Yeah.

"There's someone from New York on the phone for you."

From New York? Seems like you have to go.

Bye-bye! Goodbye!

Here you go.


Hello Jane!

Hello Roy! Did something happen?

Only a trifle: I'll get married tomorrow.

Listen, you have to do me a favor.

It's about my future wife's son. He's in Germany.

The name and address are written in the document that I sent you yesterday.

You go to that woman, show her the document and come with the boy to the airport, let's say in Zurich. Does that work?

Maybe. But tell me, what's this all about?

A surprise. The boy can welcome my wife at the airport in Zurich. All right?

Nothing is "all right". What kind of a woman are you marrying?

You don't know her. She's cute. She could almost be your sister. Is that enough for the moment?

Well then, in ten days! I can't leave any earlier. Take care, baby!

And, what's up?

Donald, imagine my brother is getting married. That's right. Why should he be better off than other men?

Tell me, where are our next engagements? - Well, after here we go to to Logano and then end in Laussanne.

Because in between I have to go to Germany and pick up a child for my brother.

Why? Does he want to give him to his wife as a wedding gift?

Do you have time to come? We'll see.

We have time! -Yeah we have time! You should be so lucky. You card shaper.

And, did you see? What?! Neat, right? -Yeah.

Look out!

Great. May I, Mister?

Big, isn't it? Did you see? Rollercoaster!

Dear daddy, can we go for a ride on it, too? Yes, of course.

Look over there! Oh dear, the eggs!

Hello, Teddy!

Hello Teddy! Uh, Peepe!

Mr. Miller sent the contracts. All top playhouses. Now it starts again for you!

Great! Wonderful boys, "Colosseum"!

When the father with the son, once goes out, And then no one, wants to go home, Then they experience on their way the greatest things, Some to cry about, some to laugh about.

And they do it really lively, because they dance the Swing and Hot, And are happy like a pug in the paletot.

When the father with the son, once goes out, That will be great.

Dear daddy, please show me some of our town.

This idea is ideal, yes, I'll do that now!

And then maybe I can get ice cream and some candy.

Of course my son, of course my son. And a balloon as well.

When the father with the son, once goes out, And then no one, likes to go home, Then they experience on their way the greatest things, Some to cry about, some to laugh about.

And they do it really lively, because they dance the Swing and Hot, And are happy like a pug in the paletot.

When the father with the son, once goes out, That will be great.

Do you want to see me? It's very nice. May I? I'll go ahead.

Well then, good evening, please come inside.

Look around without any commitments, no obligations to buy.

Peepe, a chair please! No, thank you. I don't want to buy anything.

Ooh, that's too bad! What else can I do for you?

I only have a question. A Miss Frieda Biermann is supposed to live here.

Yes, that's true, but I think Miss Biermann is not home right now.

Can I pass something on to her? I'm the lodger.

It's about the foster child. Uh, Ulli.

Did he get into mischief? No! Quite the contrary, good news!

I will bring the boy to his mother.

The mother is in America. -Yes, she got married over there and wants to take the child back with her.

She is coming to Europe in a couple of days, that's why it all has to happen a little fast.

The mother will obviously talk to Miss Biermann later to thank her and make the final arrangements.

No, not that... That doesn't work. -Why? You don't think I can take the child with me today?

That's entirely out of the question. I told you, Mrs. Biermann isn't here and I don't think she'll just hand over the child like that.

Who are you, anyway? Uh, my name is Jane Bentley. I'm the sister-in-law.

By the way, I have official documents with me. It'll be alright.


You heard Miss, the lady you're looking for isn't here. She isn't here today and she probably won't come tomorrow.

Well, what should we do Donald? Tomorrow we have to go to Laussanne.

Come again, what else?

Then please tell the lady that I'll come back in the next couple of days and pick up the child.

Yes, I'll do that!

See, Teddy, it had to happen eventually. I always knew it would. -I want to be alone.

But I mean well.

Uh gosh, go get drunk. But let me be now.

Daddy come, dinner is ready.

Come here, daddy.

Come Lord be our guest, and let this food to us be blessed. Amen. -Amen.

What's the matter, daddy? Aren't you hungry? -No, I am.

What's up? Are you sad? No, no. Only a little tired.

Should I feed you?

One for Uncle Peepe.

And one for Jumbo.

And one...

...for dear mommy.

Say Ulli...

...should we go for a trip?

Uh yeah! Where to? Doesn't matter. Really far away.

To Africa, too?

When? Tonight.

Yes, Mr. Lemke?

Peepe! Did something happen? - Yes, something happened. Teddy lost it and ran off with Ulli.

Where to?

I always sensed that Teddy would do something foolish, when he had to give away the boy one day.

Now of all times!

He's about to start a new career and he walked out on it.

My only hope is, that he sees for himself how pointless this all is and that he comes back.

Does he even have any money on him?

He probably does! Whatever was in the cash box, but he won't get very far with it.

And the trouble I'll have with the Youth Welfare Office! Possibly even with the police! He didn't think about that at all.

After all, I'm the foster mother. Let it rest. I'll manage it.

Uh, you! -Yes, me.

But you have to help me with it.

And not a word to anyone, we have to stick together now.

Unity is strength.

You can be so nice when you're sober.


To that I have to drink one immediately. Good night.

Munich When the father with the son, once goes out, And then no one wants to go home, Then they experience on their way the greatest things, Some to cry about, some to laugh about.

And they do it really lively, because they dance the Swing and Hot, And are happy like a pug in the paletot.

When the father with the son, once goes out, That will be great.


Are you still tired, daddy? No. Why Ulli?

You look so tired, exactly like last night.

It only looks like that, Ulli. I'm wide awake.

And you're not lying?

Sure enough, your nose feels all honest.

Is this still Germany? Yes, this is Bavaria.

And when comes Africa? Right afterwards.

Mrs. Biermann is out of town? Yes, but I don't know where?

And the little boy that lives with her? Uh... What's his name? Ulli!

He's gone with his father, too. With his father?

Who's that? The one who owns this store.

Those two left the day before yesterday in the middle of the night.

With the old circus trailer that was standing in the backyard.

The day before yesterday? Yes.

Do you understand that? You don't?

They don't want to hand over the child. The woman and the father.

Roy never wrote anything about this father.

And what do we do now?

Leave again. What else?


Now we have to wait at least half an hour here.

Then we'll eat in the meantime.

We need... Yeah, I didn't get to buy anything yesterday.

Because you always just pass through and never stop.

Daddy, do you hear the church bell? There's probably a village close by.

No, those are cowbells ,Ulli. And where there is a cow, there's probably milk not far from it.

Come on! Jumbo! Come quick!

Come on, close it. Come!

Why do you pull on that cow? So that milk comes.

But none is coming. True.

No, now it's coming.

Do you want a sip too, Struppi? Seel

I want one too, daddy. Yeah, look out!

Wait daddy, I'll hold it still. Yeah. Do that.

This cow has enormously strong muscles. Well, tie the tail to its head.

It doesn't work, daddy. The tail isn't long enough. With a string, you lamb.

Do you have one? No.

Come on. We have enough anyway.

We thank you very much, my dear... Well, what a bummer!

Such a stupid cow. -As a punishment, we won't give her any money. Come on.

Daddy? Yes?

May I go pick some flowers?

No, no, no. You stay in the car. Come, otherwise you might fall down the slope.

Now you get an apple.

And a piece of chocolate, too.

And in the evening we have a real meal. All right? Yes, thank you.

Daddy, will hit the hay for a half hour. All right?

Jumbo, come in. Sleeping. Go!


What's the matter now?

Daddy! Daddy!

Get back! Otherwise you might fall into the canyon, too!

What are you doing there? Uh, I'm only holding the car from behind.

Uh, my God! No. Uh, my...

Are you looking for someone, Roy? Excuse me for a moment, please.

Excuse me. My name is Bentley, I'm expecting a lady here. - Yes, Mr. Bentley, I have a letter for you.

Thank you. You're welcome.

That's a shame.

It was supposed to be a surprise for you, darling.

From my sister.

"Dear Roy, when I went to pick up the boy, his father absconded with him...

...you'll have to deal with this issue now...

...from the day after tomorrow on, I'll be in Laussanne. Sincerely, Jane."

Ulli's father!?

He showed up again?

But... He doesn't have the slightest entitlement to the child!

I don't understand all this! I understand it very well!

That guy heard that you got married and now he wants to blackmail you.

We should buy the boy from him, so to say. This happens all the time where I come from.

Do you really think so? He'll show up and demand money. Count on it!

We only have to wait. -No Roy, I won't have a peaceful minute while the boy is with that guy.

We have to go to Mrs. Biermann immediately. Of course, we'll go to Germany right away, Gerti.

But through Laussanne. We have to hear from Jane what actually happened, first.


All right Ulli. Come on!


Bad jump! Once again!


Well, you beg with that hat! I don't beg, I collect money for my daddy.

Little one, come here.

What's your name? Ulli. And you?

My name is Jane.

And this here is for you. Thank you aunt.

Great, isn't it?

Great, isn't it?

Now come!

Come on, after them! No, that's too obvious.

I'll go alone. Wait in the car for me.

Washing? But you said we had to save money. Yes, but there's water everywhere for free.

But no soap. We'll save that. Really? And if we look like pigs?

You are still recognizable, daddy.

Come on, into bed.

But no sleeping yet, first talking.

But what? A really, really long story.

And a new one. A new one?

Well, all right. Come on in here. Well then!

Let's begin: Once upon...

Once upon a time there was a little flower. What kind of flower?

A daisy, you know. A little jolly thing that never wanted to go to sleep.

When the other flowers closed their eyes in the evening and dreamed, our daisy stayed up really late.

And from that it became all brown and withered.

But it only noticed that when some children walked over the grass and picked flowers.

And our daisy was all happy because it wanted to be put in a vase next to a child's bed.

But the children walked by it without noticing it. This daisy was much too ugly for them.

And then our daisy realized how stupid and irresponsible it had been.

And it became very sad.

But the sun saw that and had pity and covered herself with clouds and let it rain for days.

And so our daisy once again, became all... All what?

All fresh and all white.

And so it was very happy. It thanked the sun and promised never to go to sleep late again .

And because it was a good daisy, it kept this promise.

And if the cows didn't eat it, then it's still flowering today. -Exactly.

Well then good night, my daisy.

Please, Sing our song! - What, you still want a song? No, now it's enough, enough.

Please, please, please, please! What? "Please, please, please, please"?

All right then. "Please, please, please, please.” But really short!

La Le Lu.

Only the man in the moon watches... if the little babies are sleeping.

Thus, sleep you, too.

Hello, Donald! Hello, Roy!

When did you arrive? An hour ago. The doorman told me that you were here.

Where is Jane? How is she? Excellent, Roy!

Imagine, we have the guy who ran off with the boy! What?

Yeah! Great coincidence. Jane is with him right now. Donald! My wife will fall into your arms if that's true.

I don't mind. Where is she? In the hotel. I'll get her!

All right. I'll try to find Jane in the meantime.

Is someone there? Yes.

Uh, Miss... Miss... Bentley.


You didn't expect me, did you?

Did you follow me the whole time? No. I found you here coincidentally.

Charming coincidence!

Did you... Did you by any chance bring the police with you?

Not yet. Maybe one can reason with you.

Why didn't you tell me right away that you're the father?


What do you know!? Do you have children?

I'm not married.

Then you can't know what it means to care for a child and to bring it up.

To love it.

To love so much that everything else doesn't matter to you anymore.

And now you come and want to take the boy from me.

Not me. The mother.

I don't think Ulli has missed his mother in the five years we've been together.

Where are you going? To the police?

I can't, Donald. If you would have seen how desperate this man was.

Yes, Jane. I did see. But you didn't see how he mothered the child.

I almost cried.

What will you do now? don't know.

This man is attached to his child with such love! And the child to him.

What should I do, Donald?


I can't believe it yet, Roy! Jane really found him?

Count on it! Donald is looking for Jane. They'll be right back and...

There they are!

Hey Roy! There you are!

Hello, Jane!

Jane, this is Gerti. I'm pleased to meet you.

I'm pleased, too. Gerti, this is Donald Crossmann.

Hello! Well kids, you can meet for real later.

Jane, tell me quick. Where is this guy? Gone!

When Jane came, he was already gone! He's gone?

Yes, he must have left a couple of hours ago.

Well, we should follow him right away. That would be pretty pointless, here in the dark.

Do you know which direction he drove in? No idea.

Come on, Gerti. We'll leave really early tomorrow. Don't worry.

In this area, we'll probably find the guy quickly.

Should I not have done it?

Yes, Donald. Thank you.

Roy should get the poor guy himself.

Here, Signore. Without a receipt, please? Thank you, never mind.

Imagine, he saw him.

What time was that? Well, about two hours ago, ma'am.

And there was a little boy with him? But I tell you...

Tell me which direction he drove in? This direction. Towards Montreuil.

Come on. Quickly, please!

Let me drive! -You want to drive? I'd rather go to the hospital right away.

Can't you drive a little faster? I can't get through here any faster.

Roy, would you mind if we stop and eat something? I think the ladies are hungry.

What? Do we have to? Yes, please!

We're on the right track so we can afford a little stop.

Please, let's keep driving!

Excuse me, I still have to buy some small things.

My brother is close on your heels! He's only a little ways behind. Ulli's mother is with him.

Why are you telling me this?

I don't know myself!

Keep going on bypasses.

Daddy, why are you stopping?

That's the aunt with lots of money! Hello, my boy!

Are you coming with us now? No, unfortunately I don't have any time.

Now, I don't even have a piece of chocolate for you.

Here, buy a really big bar. Thank you.

I have to leave now. Goodbye.

That is a very nice aunt, don't you think so daddy?

Yes, Ulli. Do you know what we do now?

Now we rent a room in a small hotel and let the others pass us, all right?

What others? Oh! Nothing, nothing!

Now he knows that we're right behind him.

Well, we'll stay here in a small hotel over night. How do you imagine that? And Gerti?

Let me do that, darling. And if you start liking that guy too much I'll turn him into beefsteak.

Oh Donald!

My arm is too short, daddy. Well, see: You have to...

You have to twist them around your fork. I see.

But not with your hand!

Look! See here. I'll show you.

Well... One moment. I'll get it!

Look here! See this. Do you see?

You do it with your hand, too. Well, I only wanted to show you how you don't do it!

Come on, eat!

Do you have any other requests? We'd like to have a room for a night or two.

Yes, sir. -Does that work? And can we leave our car back there?

But of course. Yes, thank you.

Tell me daddy, why are we staying here?

Because we... Because we have to clean.

After dinner, I'll bring you to your room and then I'll go do laundry.

Can't I come with you? No.

We shouldn't be seen together right now. Why not?

I'm starving. I'll tell you some other time when we're back home again.

You know, we have to be a little bit quiet for a while. For such a good boy like you that should be a cinch.

Qr won't it? Yes, daddy. Don't you hear how good I am?

My boy.

Now come and eat!

With the fork or with the hand. Doesn't matter.

Hey! I'm fishing here! Go figure. And I'm doing laundry here!

But you'll scare away all the fish. You can't catch any!

I was here before you were. Mister. Yes, and you can leave before me, too.

Man alive! There are plenty of other places to do laundry.

Yes, for fishing, too. Or did you order the fish here?

You are a stubborn guy. A born fisherman.

Unfortunately, you're not the born washerwoman, otherwise you could help me.

Is that going to take much longer?

Only the length of two underpants. But short ones.

Quiet! A bite!

April fool's day! Well, that happens.

Did you catch anything yet? Unfortunately, no!

Do you want to try? Yes, thank you. I'd love to.

I actually meant fishing, but never mind. Cheers.

May I have it, too? Here you go.

Take the second fishing rod. You'll see how it calms the nerves down.

Yeah? Do you need that?

Uh yes. My friend's car keys got stolen today and now we're stuck in this place.

And what now? Make a big arc and throw it into the water.

Your pants got caught on it. Try that yourself!

Hold my fishing rod. -Yeah. I'll get your goods safe.

Do you feel the calmness that radiates from a fishing rod? - Quite the contrary, someone is pulling on it.

Come on! -What?

Reel it in! Yes?

I told you so! The right man just had to come along!

Cheers! Cheers!

Well, now we want to see who catches the next one. All right!

Hey, what nerve! You, we're fishing here!

You want to scare away the fish?! Get out of here!

There are other places to do laundry! Avanti! Go away!

The things we fisherman have to put up with! Unbelievable!

Cheers! Cheers!

Now the fish will be gone entirely.

I don't think so. Before sunset they bite the most. What? It's that late already?

Oh, unfortunately I have to go homel! What a shame!

Do you have family? Yes.

Take the fish with you. Oh yes, I'd love to.

Maybe we'll see each other again! I'd like that.

Good fishing!

Do we still have spirits? Yes.

He has eyes like Aunt Biermann, do you see? Yes. Good that she didn't hear that.

Should we name him Aunt Biermann? Well, a real name before? I don't know.

Oh no! You can't really cut his tummy open? Well, we can't eat him, when he's still alive.

Oh no, we should eat more Spaghetti. I already made friends with him!

All right. I like that better, too. But then I have to buy bread, now.

Don't do anything stupid with Aunt Biermann. Tomorrow we'll throw her back in the water.

Signor Bentley! The mechanic just brought the keys to your friend's car.

Thank you. Hopefully it fits.

Tell me, where is the man who owns this car? The gentleman from room number three.

He's coming right there.

What? Him?

Hey you! Oh, hello! Are you staying here, too?

My name is Roy Bentley! Yes, pleased to meet you, but why so formal?

My name is...

One moment. Bentley?

Bentley is what you said?

Uh, so the name is familiar. You kidnapped little Ulli. Come on!

One moment! One moment!

What do you want from me? You know that. The boy! How much are you asking for?

Actually, I should beat you up! That I don't, is only because of my wife...

...she won't accuse me of having made the father of her child into a cripple.

Well, how much? Money?

I don't want any money. But that's why you ran off with the boy.

To get money for him? Well, what other reason? Maybe paternal love?

I'm not the father.

What? I don't even know the guy!

Well then, why did you run off with the boy?

Because I don't want to give him away. He's my boy.

I raised him.

He means everything to me.

You can have the boy, Mr. Bentley. But first you have to "beat me up".

And you didn't think about the mother?

I don't know her.

For years I've been hoping, she wouldn't come back.

A mistake. You don't get money thrown at you in America either. That's why she couldn't come.

So that you know everything: my wife wouldn't have married me, if I wouldn't have agreed on her bringing the child into our family.

No one on earth can redress what you've done for the child. But all that is nothing, against the right of a mother.

And I have no right!? No.

Well yes, you have a right. But even more, a duty.

So, I should hand over the boy? Yes.

The love that's waiting for him with his mother isn't less then yours.

If you really want the best for the child, you'd go to her now. She's in her room.

I think I know how hard it is for you. No.

You can't know that.

Don't brood long, the faster you act, the better.

For you. For the boy. And for the mother.

Did you get bread for Aunt Biermann, too?

Bread. I entirely forgot.

Bummer! I was looking forward to feeding Aunt Biermann.

Maybe I have a much bigger delight for you. Now I'm curious.

What would you say, if all of a sudden mommy was here? -Mommy?

But she's in America. No, she's here. In the hotel.

She came in a big airplane.

Do you think she brought something for me?


Maybe you can even go to America with her.

There are real Indians. And bears you can feed with sugar sitting inside your car.

Oh, great! Wouldn't you like to see that?

Yes daddy. When are we going? Well, maybe really soon. I mean, you go.

And I come later, because I'm still busy here. Then I'll wait that long.

No, mommy would be really sad.

She's looking forward to showing you everything so much.

What does she look like? Like Aunt Biermann? No.

More like Aunt Jane.

Is she that nice, too?

A mommy is the best thing a child can have.

But for me, you're the best. Daddy, I'll stay with you.

But if I said: "Please, please, dear Ulli, make mommy happy and go with her to America."

Yes, but only if you come soon. Yes, I'll come.

Should we go to her now? Yes, let's go and have a look.

A total stranger!? Not the father? - For us he's a stranger, Gerti. For your son he's his father.

Why isn't he coming with the child?

Give him some time. I can imagine that it's hard.

Excuse me, but I have to drink a cognac.

Come in!

Is that her?

You're mommy?

Daddy! Ulli. My child. My boy.

You're crying. Did I hurt you? No, honey.

I'm just so happy.

You're crying, too, daddy.

Silly boy. My eyes are sweating.

May 1?7 I'm Uncle Roy.

May I take you on my arm?

Your eyes are sweating, too. Is it that hot in here?

Quite the contrary, I'm cold.

Thank you.

Daddy! Daddy! He'll be right back.

Well, and we want to see what mommy brought for her Ulli from America.

Jumbo! Jumbo!

Now sleep well, Jumbo. Did you behave today?

For sure?

Let me feel.

So, what do you want to hear? A story or daddy's favorite song?

All right.

I'll sing.

La Le Lu Only the man in the moon watches...

...the little babies are sleeping.

Thus, sleep you, too.

Good evening, Peepe.




What happened? Since when are you drinking milk?

Biermann always said, it would end badly with me. Had a mishap?

Yes, drunk of course. What happened?

Miss Biermann married me. Peepe!

Congratulations. Go away, you coward. Since then I only drink milk...

...so that nothing worse happens to me.

Mr. Lemke! I'm so pleased to see you. As I always say: "he who never leaves, never comes home."

You really scared me and my husband.

And where is Ulli? With his mother.

Since a week ago.

She'll probably come by here soon.

But why? Will he not come back anymore?

No. Never.

Poor Teddy.

I'll never be able to forget Ulli.


I didn't tell anyone that you were gone. What will happen with your engagement?

I beg you. You don't want to?

No. I'll tell you something, my boy.

I would have liked to beat you up, when you left. But now ['ll beat you up, if you stay here.

Nothing to laugh about, I'll do it! I believe you.

What would happen, if you stayed? You'd be waiting!

Your whole life long, waiting for Ulli, who won't come back anymore.

But there are thousands waiting for you as well!

Gosh! Hundreds of thousands, that won't get the present, that only you can give them!

The best present you can give people.



Old circus horse.

Come on.

If daddy knew I was here! Should I call him? No, be quiet, my Ulli.

Bravo, daddy!

Bravo, Teddy! Bravo!

And satisfied?

Well, you have a good reason. Hopefully now you know where you belong.

Daddy! You were never as funny before as you were today.

Ulli! We had to postpone the departure for another day. Ulli really wanted to see you on stage.

When are you leaving? Tonight, on a really big boat.

And when are you coming? Soon.

And you're not lying? No. All right.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Ulli. Goodbye.

Goodbye, daddy.

My boy!

But you must be happy. Come on, encore!