Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (2012) Script

Stay there!

Listen to me, Charles. Take this.

It was your grandfather's, the great hunter.

Be strong.

The moon! The beast!

John, please. Please! She's just a girl. She's just a girl!

Help me!

Stay there, Charles.


Oh, no. It's on the roof.

Oh, my God!

Innkeeper, more of your stale brew.

And then, out from the blackened wood, the beast sprang as if from out of the bowels of hell itself and latched on to my horse's hindquarters, ripping away her legs with a single beastly swipe.

What the hell was I to do with a two-legged horse, you may ask yourself?

Well, I'll tell you.

The dog bastard put wheels on it!

Thank you, Fang.

Inside. Quickly. Hurry up!

You bloody idiot.

It's a beast. The most horrifying of beasts.

There's been a slaughter. A creature from depths of hell.

Well, in that case, do come in. You've come to the right place.

We fled our village of Dravicu. It's being ravaged as we speak.

A werewolf of unimaginable evil.

That's impossible. Full moon was last night.

Yeah. And I have the wounds to prove it.

Yeah. This is no ordinary werewolf.

This is something I've never seen before.


It has its own poster.

What'd you say the name of this town was again?


All right? Yes.

Was it bad?


You've been busy. Yeah.

It's for Doc.

He's a good man, Doc.


You should get some sleep, Mother. Okay.

A beast that hunts when the moon's not full? No such thing exists.

There are myths. I've heard them.

Nicholas, these people are confused or stupid.

Or both.

Bit of a challenge if it's true, though.

Yes, I suppose it would.

He's been saying terrible things about us again, Leila.

At least you got teeth.


You shouldn't be here.

I know. I just want to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine. And you? Your mother?

We survived.

Well, lucky for you my father sleeps late after these full moons.

You should go before...

Too late.

I'll meet you at the ruins. Okay.






There could be monsters in here.

You're the only monster I see. Yeah?

Except in your imagination.

I couldn't help but notice that you've started writing something.

Yes. All these horrors seem to inspire me.

It's about a werewolf.

Mary Shelley's got nothing on you.

You're pretty smart, you know that?

For all the good it does me.

It will. At university.

If I get in.

Why wouldn't you? Why would I?

A penniless git from a humble village.

Because you're smart. Plus, you're stubborn as a mule.

Hurry or you'll be late. Indeed.

I'll try to come into town later. Bring pages.

I believe those were the horse thieves wanted at La Ville.

Not anymore.

What exactly is that myth you heard, Hyde?

That for three whole nights, it feeds as the full moon waxes and wanes, feeling the pull of the moon like no other beast.

You want this one?

No, no. I think you've got it.


I hate goddamn wurdaleks.

Nicely done, Charles.

Take them to the morgue.

You're late.


I finished my analysis of the victims, and there's too much similarity to deny that there's anything but a single beast.

Well, that's some consolation, at least.

Let's get going, it's been a hell of a night.

Shot by my own damn hunters.

Tell me, I look anything like a bloody werewolf?

Common mistake around here.

Watch it, boy!

Nice work, Doc, nice.

I'm not a doctor yet, but thank you.

Good work. Thank you.

Let's keep going.

Please, come in.

He was working the fields this morning with the thresher when it got away from him.

Yes. Just as she said.

It cut me in the arm. That's what happened.


What is it? It's not what you think, it wasn't the beast!

It was the thresher! It was the machine, I swear!

It was! It was bound to happen.

Doc, please. Isn't there anything you can do?

Yes, there is one thing we can do.

Let's give her a minute before we incinerate him.

Now what?

Another town meeting.

For all the good that'll do.

Still, I suppose one of us ought to go.

Why don't you hear what the good constable has to say for himself? But hurry back.

We've something important to discuss.

We've heard the hunter has captured the werewolf!

Liar! Don't be stupid!

I'll believe it when I see it!

No Gypsies.

Get lost.

Make way!

I got your godforsaken werewolf right here!

Your village no longer needs to fear, because I, the great hunter Jaeger, have slain the evil beast that came out from the pits of hell!

Find us a place to stay for the night?

I'll see what I can do.

Now, who has got my bounty?

How can we be sure that this is the same beast?

Because I battled it myself, tearing it from the corpse of a young, fair maiden.

Such a waste!


get me a drink, boy, while the good constable here collects my money.

I don't work here.

Trick's getting a little old, don't you think, Jaeger?

Get away from the boy.

I'll get your werewolf for you, if that's what you want.

It's going to cost you a whole lot more than what you're offering.

This is the reward.

No advances, no bonuses, no extra town privileges.

Well, that may be so, but if you want that beast, you're gonna have to double that offer.

See, I've got a bit of overhead.

This man has killed more than a dozen beasts.

I'd bet my life on him, if I were you.

Like I said...


But just so you know, that's no ordinary werewolf you're dealing with out there.

Then again, you already knew that.

Sorry for your losses.

All right. Wait, wait!

You get that creature, you destroy it and we will double your reward.

Got yourself a deal.

Can I get a bloody pint already!

This really the best you could do?

Well, got its own special charm.

Excuse me, sir? I just wanted to thank you for back there.


I've come to offer you my services.

There's one in every town.

No, thank you, we have all the help we need.

I appreciate the offer, though.

Let me guess, a bold new plan?

There's a new group of hunters in town.

Daniel, it's hell in here.

It has to stop. Of course it does.

But more importantly, we have to get you out of here, into the city, where maybe we could find a cure for this madness.

Doc. Doc, that's not possible right now.

Of course it's possible.

You've been offered a place at the medical school.


That's good news.

That's not quite the reaction I was anticipating.

Doc, you've been my mentor, but I can't leave our village now, not while this beast is still plaguing us.

What are you saying?

I've decided I'm going to join the hunt, kill the beast.

Daniel, any rogue hunter can chase after this creature, but you, you're too smart to be hunting werewolves!

Too smart to defend my town?

I'm sorry,

but this is something I have to do.

There I was, face-to-face with the beast, locked in a life-and-death struggle, until we rolled right off the cliff, the White Cliffs of Dover.

And then the beast came at me, swinging wildly, and took out my right eye! My right eye.

But did I falter?



No. No!


I pulled out both revolvers and blasted the beast into oblivion!

And it was worth losing my eye just to save that entire village.

I thought you lost it over a keg of beer.

Wasn't there a fork involved?

Listen to her.

She thinks she's the queen.

Who, by the way, has knighted me for my bravery.

Why is it that pretty girls are always where I can't get them?

Take your filthy hands off me!

I reckon you just about worn out your welcome.

Thank you for that.

We have our own beasts in here.

Such a pretty...

You better watch out there, chief.

She's not one to tamper with.

You're the one the whole village has been talking about.

Could be.

So you're good.

Two types of beast-hunters, dead and alive.

Must be doing something right.

I've come to volunteer my services.

This is my village. I won't take no for an answer.

I like your moxie, kid.

Answer's still "No."

Say, getting lonely?

Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms and the Autumn moon is bright.

Gypsies. Drunks and whores!

It's them you should be hunting!

Before the demon drags you all to hell!

Not if we drag him there first.

You, too.

Stinking Gypsies.

This is my town. I know the people, I know the land.

I work in the doctor's office, I've seen the bodies.

Let me help you.

It takes more than a clever rube to hunt a beast.

I'll take brains over brawn any day.

He's got my vote.

So you want to be a beast-hunter, do you?

Charles, Charles, Charles, you cannot be serious.

So, what do we know about this werewolf?

The beast is active while the full moon waxes and wanes.

Like other werewolves, when it bites someone, it passes on the disease.

Which is why we euthanize the victims that aren't killed.

You torch the bodies?

We cremate them, yes.

So you do torch them. Good.

Of course. We're not complete idiots.

Otherwise, they turn into something else.

It's called a wurdalek.

Sounds like you've had your head in a book, school-boy.

Now, the X's mark the spots where the beast has already attacked.

But there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it.

So it's like lightning, it never strikes the same place twice.

Exactly. It acts like a wild creature, it's purely...

Instinctual. Yes, exactly.


That's how we catch it. Take advantage of that.

Lure the beast to us.


Is it true?

You've joined the hunters?

I'm helping, yes. Why?

You're not a hunter. You're a... A what?

I only meant...

Daniel, it's dangerous.

Think of me, if not yourself.

Eva, I am thinking of you.

I'm doing this for you. For all of us.

What if you get... I'll be fine.

Just go back to your monster.

I'll go back to mine.

That's one hell of a bite.

Claw marks are huge, as well.

By extrapolating from both, I calculate the creature's seven feet tall.


Gonna need some bigger traps. Thanks, Doc.

Come on, kid. Ain't got much time. Full moon's coming.


All right. Hold it right there.

Okay, let go.

Have you been using the medicine?

Yes, but it's not been working.


Let's give this a try.

We all set?


Except for one little thing.


Daniel! I need you to pick us up a little snack.

Yeah, sure. What are you hungry for?

No guts, no glory.

You mind helping me out here?

This thing's a bit of a bitch.

Yeah, of course.

This werewolf-proof?

Stops claws, fangs and bullets.

Tie me up, please.



I know what you're thinking. I'd make good bait.

For man or for beast.

Hello. I'm Stefan.

But you may know me as the beast-hunter.

Mistletoe, mutton ash and rye.

It's getting late.

Can I offer you a ride home?


I can walk you home. Oh. It's all right.

You seem to be quite busy here.

Really nice kerchief.

This is very kind of you, Stefan.

Well done, Daniel.

I know that's not an easy job.

Tell you what, maybe you can ride with us the next time.


You know there's never a "next time," don't you?

We're going to get ourselves a goddamn werewolf.

And you all are gonna get some beer money for it.

Come on.

Well, you didn't tell me you were the town's rich girl.

Well-guarded, too.

Eva, your future lies outside this village.

That is, if you found the man worth having you.

I'm not sure my father would approve of such a man.

Well, a man wouldn't give a damn about what your father thought.

Not if your hand were at stake.

I should go.

Thank you for the ride.

What, no token to protect me from the beast?

Here they come.

Let them set the traps...

And we take the prize.

Let's go. Stay out of sight.

It's gonna be one of those nights, guys.

I can feel it.

Easy. It's just some dogs.

Am I the only one who's playing here?

Where's my drink, Vadoma?

You'll get yours.


And you'll get yours.

Well, thank you, gentlemen.

Thank you.


Why is it that I'm always the bait?


Come and get it.

"But just as the beast lives inside the man by day,"

"the man may live inside the beast by night."


More brandy!


She took one look at you and ran off.

Where's Vadoma?

I don't know.




The beast!

Okay, go! It's mine!

Damn it!

Out of my way!


The beast! It's mine!

Damn it, I hate goddamn poachers!

You beef-witted pizzle.

How is it you'd like to die, poacher?

I was just out hunting, like you, for the beast!

Shut up.

We got bigger problems.

You're kidding me. An owl?

It's a goddamn bird?

These idiots were lured into these traps.

This beast thinks like a man.

Looks like the hunters became the hunted.

Vadoma, when the wolf-bane blooms and the moon is full, I need a ripe little bitch like you to screw.




Daniel! Daniel!




Mother, what happened?

The brothel was attacked.

Where did these come from?

At the ruins.

Take them to the morgue.


What do you want?

Why'd the Gypsies come to you? I don't know.

Some people say they know unholy things, practice witchcraft and the dark arts.

Well, this beast sure as hell is unholy.

Let's go see if they know something about that.



Get me out!

Bloody bastards!

We've come to see your leader. Ferka.

Follow me.

This beast was not made a werewolf, not infected by a bite, but was born one.

Born one?

Do you mean a woman can... Taken by a beast. Yeah.

This beast is stronger and smarter.

The disease is part of its original blood.

And it gets stronger, too, with each passing moon, until one day,

it will be able to transform at will.

Transform at will?

It must be stopped now, before it is too late.

Too late for what?

Winter Solstice.

It's upon us in two days, two nights.

The longest night of the year.

It's when the moon is closest to the Earth.

It will be calling the creature, even by day.

The beast will show signs of its power before the moon can even rise.

And on such a night, this beast will be unstoppable.

Perhaps even by you.

Well, thank you for your help, Ferka.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for him.

For me?


Only one hunter has ever been known to have slain a beast like this.

A great warrior-hunter.

A legend.

But also legend says only one whose heart is true can do what others cannot do.

Kill the beast.

You must go now.


You believe all that?

About the legend?

That such a monster could exist?

Well, monsters do exist.

All around us.

Besides, I got no explanation for the things I've seen.

Quiet! Quiet down and listen to me!

Listen to me!

These hunters are useless!

We must stand up for ourselves!

Yes! Yeah!

There will be none of us left!

Quiet, quiet. Quiet.

Quiet, quiet!

Please! Quiet!

I agree with you. The hunters have failed.

It's time we took this matter into our own hands.

It's about time!

It is the Gypsies, it has to be!

Quiet, quiet, please!

I have a plan.


What are you doing?

I was looking through the logs.


Because I think that there is a pattern to these attacks.

Doc, wait.

I'm sorry, but were the only people killed last night the people in the brothel?

Wasn't it enough?


I think it's targeting people. What?

The beast. I checked the doctor's logs, and other than the hunters and the people that just got in its way, it's killing low-lifes.

I've seen most of the bodies.

It's everyone from thieves and liars to the brothel owner and those card-sharps last night.

So you're saying we got a werewolf that knows the difference between a church-going man and a low-life?

And cares about that?

We know it thinks.

Why can't it have a motive in its killings?

So, it's going after low-lifes?

The beast is, no doubt, one of the people in this village.

I know the people in this village.

Some of you suspect your neighbors.

Some of your neighbors suspect you.

I have eliminated everyone with alibis during previous attacks.

Eight suspects remain.

These men and I, we will round up the suspects and lock them in my holding cells.

When the full moon rises tonight...

I'm not a werewolf! Yeah?

If one of the suspects becomes the beast, we will blow it to bits.



It's her!

I am not the beast!

Stop! Daniel!

What are you doing? Mother!

Your mother disappeared during the attack on the brothel last night.

Let her go! Daniel!

Leave! Just go home!

Lock yourself up! Lock yourself up! Please!

Go home, kid.

What are you doing? What the hell?

Turns out you didn't have much of an alibi for last night, either.

This is outrageous! I am the law in this village!

Not tonight and not anymore!


What are you doing? What are you doing?

Born of a human?

Deadlier than anything we've ever encountered.

Stronger, faster, smarter.

And it seems to have a lair.

They found more bodies out by the ruins.


I'm ready.

I need you to stand down tonight.

What? I'm sorry, but this is far more than I imagined.

Please, Daniel. Take this.

Go home and protect yourself.

Do you really think you can do what we do?

Be half the man it takes to kill a beast?

Beasts so fast, you won't even know what's happened until you feel the warm blood soaking through your clothes.

Maybe you'll have time for one last thought, maybe think of Eva, and as your life fades from your body, think of her with me.

And who could blame her?

Stefan, I may lack your form, but at least I have some substance.

Eva would never confuse the two.

We'll see about that.

Bloody bastards, what the hell are you doing?

After last night, I thought you might want to help us out.

Bastards! Let me go! Then I'm going to kill you!

Don't shush me! Don't you shush me.

Hey, you keep that attitude up, you're going to ruin everyone's fun.

Now shut up!

You think you can dump me in a well and get rid of me?

You greedy bastards!

That wolf is mine!

Oh, Jaeger, we're not done with you just yet.

Then what the hell are you doing?

You know how to catch a werewolf, Jaeger?

Same way you catch a fish.

Or a rat.

No, no, no, wait!

I'm not your stinking bait!

That thing will devour me!

That thing will devour me, you know!

I doubt that wolf could stomach you much more than I do.

All right!

I apologize for trying to poach from you!

Get me out of here!

That's good! Keep it up.

All right, here's the deal, Jaeger.

That creature gets too close for comfort, I'll shoot that rope.

Worst thing that'll happen to you is a much-needed bath.

Here's the tricky part.

Can't be moving around much.

Sit tight.

Oh, no!


Don't! Wait!


Stay back!

Stop! No, don't, don't, don't!



You idiots!

He was an epileptic.

No more a werewolf than you or I!

How could we know?

We didn't know!

Let me out.

Please! Maybe I can help him.

It's her! It must be her!

Stop her! Stop her!

There's your werewolf.

Damn it!

Hey, wolf!


Where did he go?

Where did he go?

Got you!


What the hell was that?

It should have killed us.

I don't get it. He let us live.

Got the feeling this thing's just toying with us.

Well, some of us.

Charles, I saw Daniel.

What? Here. Tonight, on the balcony.

Until he wasn't.

He disappeared as the moon was rising, just before the beast turned up.

All this killing has got to stop.


It wasn't our fault.

Yes, it was.

Mother, is it true?

Daniel... Tell me it isn't true.

Tell me you didn't know.

Whatever it is you're thinking, it's just...

Stop! Stop! Let me go!

Where are you going? Let me go!

No, no, we have to leave now.

It's not safe here for us anymore.

And go where? We have to go, we have to leave now!

And go where?


I love you.

I love you.

I know.

I'm afraid you won't be doing much hunting with this thing.

You'd be surprised, Doc.


Hey, Doc,

how long you known Daniel?

Since he was a child.


No reason.

So, is it the boy?

Yeah, starting to look that way.

You ready to finish it?

No, not yet.

What are you waiting for?

I'll take care of what needs to be done here.

Charles, I'm sorry.

It's been me all along.

I'm sorry, too, kid.

Do what you have to do.


I told you that arm would slow you down.

What have you done?

He would have stopped us, Daniel.

Stopped us? Stopped us...

You knew.

Of course I knew, I trained you.

Trained me?

To do what? To kill people?

You were born to kill.

I just focused your skills on liars, whores and thieves.

They were a plague in this village, anyway.

Just practice for when we get to the university.

Those pompous idiots, they called my research "dubious"!

You used me.


I helped you.

But now I think you're ready, Daniel, to make a mark in the city.

You can run as far as you like, Daniel, you can't run away from yourself!

It's only me.

What are you doing here?

I came for you.

And all alone now.

I'm not alone.

What, Daniel?

Well, where is he now, when you need him most?

Daniel values me, he respects me.

He has said so. "He has said so."

Words mean very little to a man with a sword.

You're wrong.

Words are mightier than any sword.

And yet, with one thrust I could silence you.

Stop it!

You bitch.

Leave her alone!

You must be joking.

Don't have time to play with you today, peasant boy.

Leave him alone!

Leave, now.

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Just go. Please.

The things people take from me, they pay for.

In blood.

Are you all right?


Daniel, what's happening?


If the beast comes near you, you kill it, you plunge this into its heart.

Lock the door.



Come to me.


Come on.


You're not the only one who gets stronger in the solstice.

That looks like it hurts.

Does it?

I hope so.

You need to get out of here, Stefan. You don't know...

But the show is just about to start!

I want everybody to see you for the monster that you are, and I do mean


I know it's not true, Daniel.

You don't understand.

It's not going to be like the other times.

Good. It's been ages since I've had a challenge, so try not to die too quickly.

Run! Please! Run!

Run or else I'll kill you all.

No! Daniel!

Eva, I'm so sorry.


No! Daniel!


Well, there he is.

Look at him.

He's just so ugly.

Kill him.

Kill him!

Stop! Don't!

It's not his fault.

He was born this way. His father was infected by a beast.

Please! You know him. That's Daniel!

Let me go.

Not just yet.


Get out of here!

Shoot him!



Damn it!

Don't you just love all this? Makes you feel alive.

If you'll excuse me for a minute...

Well, Charles doesn't use me to hunt monsters for my good looks.

What are you?

Something different.

Well, those things are sharp.

A wurdalek.

Is that all you got, you mangy cur?

I've hunted your kind for over 100 years.

Who would have thought you'd be my best hunt yet?

Where do you think you're going?

Why is it that all the women I woo end up screaming?


Daniel, please don't do this.

You know you've gotten stronger with each passing moon.

You can control this, Daniel, you can.

Soon you'll be able to change at will.

Quite a mess you've made, Daniel.



Sorry it had to come to this.

Down! Get down! Down! Down!

He listens to you?


The way you teach any good dog.

Rigorous instruction and discipline.

Get down! Now!

But his mother, she couldn't have known.

She knew of his condition, of course, and that's why she came to me for laudanum, to sedate him at the full moon.

But as soon as I realized what Daniel was, I saw that his potential was limitless.

Witness his fine work since I started giving her a placebo instead of the drug.

You were his friend.

I am his friend!

I think I speak for both of us when I say we had high hopes for you and our boy.

But now, you simply know too much.

Kill her, now!

Daniel, you're not a monster!



If you won't, I will!

Reckon that makes us even, Doc.


From man to beast at will.

And back again.



Charles, you're alive.

The vest.

Fairly so.

Please let me help him. I can help him.

Been waiting a long time to give this to someone.

A beast will become a hunter. This is your destiny.

I won't let you down, Charles.

We ride at dawn.

Me, I would have shot him.

You sure about this?

Are you trying to get rid of me?

Besides, it'll give me something to write about.

Never ends.