What Richard Did (2012) Script

Fucking hell, man.

Where's the love, man? Somebody's got a problem.

Rich, you're driving like my fucking granny, and my granny's dead.

Sure, look at that car. And my granny's dead.

Oh, my God! That is a Mustang.

I did defend him. He still got slagged.

And everybody was still a bollocks to him. That's not my fault.

You failed in your mission. Yeah, I did, man. I did.

You should... You should just give up your armband as class captain.

Because you fucked up.

Right, I'm fucking dropping the two of youse off.

Oh, my God, man.

That was her first shot at that and you just shot her down straight away.

You can make him a sandwich. Whatever is gonna be nice, you think, and you're just gonna have it. That was nothing.

Well, no, I'm dressing it first and then we're adding...

He likes to dress things before he...

Eat it anyway.

Yeah, well, maybe you'd like to eat it when you farted on it.

Chicken fillets, yeah? Yeah, for me.

You seriously didn't get mine?

You fucking... What the fuck did I say to you?

When are you going on your break? I'm going right now.

"When's your break?" "I'm on my break now."

"You're on your break..."

Oh, here. Wait, wait, wait...


You alright, man? How's things?

Hey, guys. What's going on? Are you well? What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon? Nothing.

OK, look. See that card? All you have to do is...

Take it? No, don't take it.

All you have to do is give it a little rub.

That is savage. Absolutely class. Slick, isn't he? He's slick.

Stop doing that. Fuck's sake. How did you fold that, though?


Hey, ladies. Guys, so nice of you to show up.

Hey there, pecs. Thanks for having us down.

No worries, it'll be good.

Who's the baby? This, ladies, is Magic Boy.

Jake. Alright?

He's the coolest. Take care of him, yeah?

What's your name? Jake.

This is the gaff.

Stop being a retard. Rich, this is so adorable.

Done. I got it. I got it!

Bagsy top bunk.

Somebody said there was a party here, lads.

Hey, Ois. Come here to me, buddy.

Good to see you. Alright? Good, man.

How's form? Alright, lads? How's things?

Hey, superstar. Hey, Sophie.

What's going on? How are you? I'm good, I'm good.

Yeah? Does your da know you're here? Come meet my friends.

They'll freak the fuck... Jake, come here.

This is Richard. Hey.

How are you? Rich. Nice to meet you. How's it going, man?

Jake, do you know Sophie, by the way? Have you met?

Yeah, I've seen you before. How are you?

I definitely won't be going for a swim.

So would you, Rich? What?

Sophie Kilroy.

Fuck off, man. Of course he would.

She's Pat's daughter, lads. And? You love him.

It would be like shagging your idol, only not going gay, you know.

Hey, Conor. Hey.

Conor, I'm freezing.

Oh, my God, Lara.

Hi! Hi, Con-man, what's up?

Super-Rich. What's the craic?

I didn't know you guys were here.

Alright, lads. I'm gonna go and be sociable.

Do you want a drink or something?

Hey, guys. Can I grab a water? Yeah.

Nice. Thanks.

Sorry, do you guys know each other? Lara Hogan, this is Richard Karlsen.

Hey. Hi.

You down for long? Just tonight.

Where are you staying at? Tent City.

And yourself'? Just over by the pub over there.

There's a pub?

With a roof?

Here, where's Jake?

Here, man. Look, you look about 12. Take that off.


Con-man. I got my invitation to your party.

Yeah? Yeah, man. Nice photo collage.

Everybody looks a twat in their communion photos, to be fair.

I bet you looked shit cool in yours, though, Rich.

Come to think of it, maybe I did.

If I see a drink in his hand... No, we're all over 18.

Fine, but I won't serve children. I may look young, but I'm old money.

It's Coke. Better be.

And no flashing your mickeys. I know what you rugby lads are like.

You know I wouldn't allow that, Fiona.

Nice one, man.

Told you I was shit. No, it was brilliant.

It was gorgeous.

Going for a smoke, man.

Oh, thanks.


Thank you.

Here you are.

I don't actually smoke. You're cutting loose?

Yeah, I'm going totally wild.

Go, Conor.

You're not a fan?

I just don't get the whole "lost in the Celtic mists" intensity of it.

Plus, nobody knows what the fuck he's saying.

"I'm asleep and don't wake me." Well, I obviously got that bit.



Hey. What's up?

Just answer it.

Magic Boy's mum's freaking out. You didn't check in, man?

Get blazed. Give me that.

Richard Karlsen to the rescue.

Mrs Galvin. Richard Karlsen here.

Yeah, Jake's grand. He's with me.

It's just this kind of unofficial Raglan tradition we do.

We grab the Js and bring the lads down the country to show them what it's like to be on the senior team.

Oh, yeah, he's being well looked after.

We've got a couple of fine Raglan boys down here just watching out for him.

Yeah, yeah.

He was out there working away and... Give me some magic.

He's brilliant. Exceptional. He's a real credit to you, I must say.

I did indeed do it myself, yeah.

I want to see your titties.


I'll have him call you first thing in the morning.

Show me your tricks. Bye-bye.

Outstanding. What a performance...

Fucking hell. How did you not break?

Fucking idiot. How did you not break, man?

Fair play. Fair play.

What's the teams?

I'll go with you. I'm not losing again.

You're shit when you play together.

You are the worst pool players I've ever seen in my life.

I'm just gonna grab a beer. Give me one sec.

Hey, man, Soph's in trouble. Just come here.

Bye, guys.

Sophie? Get lost.

Come on, man, open the door. Fuck you.

Fuck off, she's a fucking kid.

Stay there.

Sophie, come on. Just leave me alone.

Let's go. Come on. It's over now.

Come on.

I like being carried by you. Sophie, behave.

Here's the good Samaritan man.

Have a good time, did you? Alright.

How's it going? Anyone want a nightcap?

Fuck off, I'm on my break.

I think that lads in general actually wanna get on with each other, as opposed to girls who naturally... They just like to...

It's like that thing about horses. Do you know what I mean? Apparently...

Apparently horses, right, naturally exclude one another.

So if there's three horses in a field, two of them will stick together and shun the other one.

It's true. Like us, as in, you know, we sort of hate each other.

Without getting too fucking gay about it, right, I'd talk to you lads about pretty much anything.

Have you ever seen girls in a bathroom together talking about one of them being bulimic?

I don't walk into girls' bathrooms.

It's not funny, but it's fucking funny. Seriously.

When have you done this?

It was a mate's gaff. I went up to the jacks.

I walked in and I was like, "Is it OK if I'm in here?"

There were people drinking everywhere in the house so I said, "Is it OK?"

They're in there and it's like... They were sobbing, and I was like, "I wanna sit down and see what's going on here."

They're like, "Oh, my God, please just stop vomiting all the time."

"it's upsetting me. Why can't you stop vomiting?"

"I think I've got it under control." And I'm like...

"Are you fucking serious?" It's creepy, man. That's creepy shit.

But for them, that's talking. Exactly.

This doesn't classify as talking because we're not talking about fucked-up stuff.

We're not all depressed, so it's not talking. Do you know what I mean?

Like, you have to be upset to have a chat.

Fuck that, like.

Oh, he's through!

Stop... Put me down.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

They're doing it here on the beach.

Hey, Liv. Hey, sweetheart.

How are you? I'm good. Good to see you.

And you. Aw.

I just wanted to say thanks for the other day. Sophie told me.

Oh, yeah. That's no problem.

Does her dad know? She was "at her mother's".

Pat's dying to see you. He'll probably be all restrained and Protestant.

So? So what?

So, any women in your life?

I'm very close to my mum. Come on.

I'm a bit sick of all the silly stuff, Liv.

At 18?

There he is now. Hey, good to see you.

What's going on?

I'm glad you could make it. Thanks for having us.

What's the water like? It's fucking Baltic.

Look what the tide washed in. Hey, Mum.

Did you enjoy the free gaff? Yeah, can't complain.

Hello, beautiful son.

Hey, old Dad.

(Pat? This looks fantastic.

I think that's mine, actually. I remember you buying it.

Take it easy on them brews, you're putting on weight.

One beer's not gonna do him any harm.

It's the boy refusing a drink that he's competing against.

I know that boy. That's the boy without friends, isn't it?


Cheers, Peter. I've spent six years teaching him to be a winner.

Success is good. I like success.

Failure's not an option. That's it.

Failure's not an option, it's a certainty.

Here we go. It is, at some point, for most people.

It makes them human. It's true.

Very deep, that. All those long winter nights back in the day?

A Scandinavian thing, I reckon. Big Scandinavian...

No, it's not a Scandinavian thing. It's just a manic depressive thing.

Skol. Slàinte.

Slàinte. Skol.

Come on.

Dad, it is not warm out here. Alright? It's not warm today.

I thought you played rugby. I do play rugby.

That doesn't mean I like the fucking cold.

Come on.

Yeah! Way to go, son.

You'll make a singer out of me yet, Dad.

What? You'll make a singer out of me yet.

Well, I'm not staying long.

Thanks very much, cheers. See you again.

So, remind me, Richard. Why are we here?

Because Conor's a team-mate of mine and that means something, Eimear.

Oh, right, yeah. Alright?

God, what is it with GAA jerseys? They're always so fucking rank.

It's like they deliberately pick the foulest shade of each colour.

Could you guys say it any fucking louder?

Hey, man, how's it going? Hey.

Alright'? For the day.

Cheers. Happy birthday.

Good to see you. Yeah, you, too.

Mr H, how are you? How's it going, son?

Will you have a pint? I won't, I won't.

Richard. Mrs Harris. You're looking great.

Go on! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

0-8-5-0-1-0-7-7-7-7. Sorry?

It's my number. You're fast.


Richard, you're so full of shit. I am.

But I'm gonna tell you my number again. If you remember it, great.

If you don't...

Fine, but my memory's like a sieve.

Hey, how's it going? Never better. It's my birthday, right?

How are you, Lara? Good.

Super-Rich? I'm good, man.

I thought you weren't drinking. Yeah, me too.

Conor, easy.

You alright, Con-man? Yeah, sound, man.

No, you're not. Come on.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Come on, we'll go back inside.

Hey- Hey-

How is he? Miserable. Walking it off.

Everyone gets fucked up on their 18th. I suppose.

He'll be grand. Yeah.

I better go.


Bye, Lara. Safe home.

What the fuck are you doing? The right thing. You should try it.

Hello. Hey.

I rang the door but... Erm...

Right, so, here's what I got for you, OK?

I got... some red wine, right? That's laid out on the table.

Best steaks in Wicklow marinating right there.

Erm, I got you some salads, some really nice French bread, and I laid these out just in case the sun decides to pop out. Alright?

We were supposed to eat first.

You should have emailed me a copy of the schedule.

Just give me one sec, OK? Just one sec.

You stay there. Don't go away.

I used to have a gerbil that I won at, like, the day fair.

So I brought him home. I was only about four and I called him Peter.


At the end of the day... I only bought him that day, but at the end of the day, I wanted to wash him because I thought he needed a shower.

Shh! Listen.

First, I made him a little bed in, like, a tissue box, right?

With tissue paper and tiny little pillows.

And then I brought him into give him a shower... well, a bath pretty much, but I gave him a bath in a shot glass. And I washed his arse first, and then I thought that his head would need to be washed. And he died.

I drowned him.

He was dead when he came out of the fucking shot glass.

It's true.

What age were you?

About four or five. Fucking killed him.

All I was trying to do was give him a bath as well.

Washed his head for too long... and he drowned in a shot glass.

Fucking hell, that is not a nice way to go.

Apparently it's peaceful... to drown.

Being drowned in a shot glass?

Yeah, I'd say he loved it.

How do gerbils usually wash?

Are you OK?


And I wrote, like, something like, "They were dawdling," and everyone started laughing at me, saying I made up that word.

And I was like, "That is definitely a word."

You made it up. No, it is a word.

Like, weird shit happens sometimes.

Do you know? Yeah, that...

One night when I was going to sleep, my wardrobe opened by itself and all the shit fell out of my wardrobe onto my bed.

Yeah. Yeah, that was weird.

That would... I wouldn't be able to sleep. That's real creepy.

I slept with my mam then for about, like, a month after that.

What age were you? About seven or eight.



Its a really big house, like a plantation house down in the country with loads of land and horses and fields and trees and rivers and shit around it.

And is there a fence? No.

OK. You're at the kitchen table. What's in front of you?


My mum and dad and my grandparents and a few of the lads, I'd say.

That's nice. Yeah?

The size of the house is supposed to be, like, symbolic of your ambitions in life and stuff.

And if you have a fence, it means you're, like, closed off from people and stuff. Sweet, I've no fence.

And with your friends around the table and stuff, that's real nice.

Like, warm, sociable, people around you all the time.

Are you gonna play professionally and study full time?

Yeah. What's wrong with that?

You're like the Rose of fucking Tralee.

I thought it was good to be ambitious. Isn't it?

Or isn't it?

You've got everything worked out.

' Hi ' Hi.

Oh, my God.

I haven't seen you in so long. I know!

Hey. How are you?

Oisin not joining us?

No. He's not.

Oh, dear.

He's gorgeous, great body, just brain-dead.

What did I say, man? Farrelly.

Oh, my God. Guys!

I thought they were just the one-time deal, man.

Interesting development yourself.

She's a big girl. Yeah, I know.

Play nice.

Alright guys?


I'll leave you to it. It's OK. Stay.

Give us a minute.

Yeah. Sure.

Sorry about that. It's fine.

You alright'? Hm-hmm.

Give us a shot of your cig, will you? You're not supposed to be smoking.

Just give us a shot.

Thanks, Eimear.

How's it going? You alright?

Just pay with a card, please? Yeah, pop it in there.

Hey, Con. How are you?

Hey, Rich.

Your PIN.

Nice top, man.

That's a good look for you. Yeah?

Thanks, man. Cheers. Thanks a lot, dude.

Take it easy, Con, yeah? See you.

The joke is, the guard goes over to the guy and says, "Take your hands out of your fucking pockets." But my mum tells it like this.

"And he says, 'Stop masticating."'

"And he goes over and says, 'Stop masturbating."'

We're going, "Mum, the whole point of the joke is that you don't use the word."

Anyway, that's my mum trying to tell a joke.

She's about as subtle as a train wreck.

It was very funny, though.

So, what do you wanna do when you finish, at some point?

Erm, I'm not really sure yet.

So I think I'll just do arts in college, and hopefully...

You'll just do arts? By the end...

It's a good foundation, isn't it?

Yeah, it is. Choices later on.

Are you OK?


Did you enjoy tonight? Yeah, it was nice.


You were quiet.

I talked.

To my mum, a bit.

Your dad, too.

Yeah, when you were asked stuff.

Why are you being mean?

I'm not. I'm just saying it was a bit one-sided, you know?

I just wanted them to get to know you a little.

Thanks, you've made me feel worse.

I'm sure they loved you.

You didn't. Why would they?

I'm not giving out to you. You know, like, I didn't mean to upset you.

Do you think it's easy, meeting your mum and dad for the first time?

You're right.

I'm sorry.

I need to sleep.

A whupping? You bought the ref, everyone knows that.

You're gonna thank me for teaching you some humility.

Anyone know where we're going?

Hey, Niall. Hey, Eimear.

Can you hold this for a sec? Yeah.

Are you OK? Sure.

New top? Oh, yeah.

Suits you.

Richard, I want you to meet some people.

Guys, this is my boy.

Hi. How's it going? Richard Karlsen.

Sorry. Sorry.

He wasn't being rude, he's just wasted.

Maybe I just need some of what you've had.

Maybe you do. It's really good.

You don't have to be such an arsehole.

Hey, Rich.

Lovers' tiff?

Just bring her home, Jake, yeah? Whatever.

Sorry. Who are you?

Too many people inside. Daragh's freaking out.

I've been in. One more won't make a difference.

No, no way.


Lara! Lara!

Lara! I've been nice.

Now fuck off or I'll call the guards, alright?

What a fucking bell-end, isn't he? What?

What are you gonna do, magic us in, Jake? Jesus Christ, man.

Open the fucking door! Come on!

Open the door.

Fuck's sake!

Hey, you alright? Fuck off.

What? You are in the shit.

Where the fuck have you been?

Puck's sake.

Daddy's car!

Here, get the fuck down, will you?

What the fuck is it to you? You fucking arsehole.

Where did you go'? Answer your phone, you'd know.

Sorry? I rang you, like, 20 fucking times.

Rich, it was pretty loud in there. Do you mind?

Lara, are you OK? Conor, just get lost!

I'm getting a cab. Night.

Hang on a sec. Don't you fucking show me up in front of him.

That's all you care about? I'm sorry, OK?

I don't wanna talk. I just wanna go home. Call you tomorrow.

I'll come with you. No. Not like that.

Like what? Like what?

Rich! You fucking sort this out when you're sober.

Fuck off, Conor!

He's not so great now, is he?

You fucking culchie cunt.


Richard, are you OK? Richard?

Fuck off!

No, leave him alone!

Lara, are you OK?

Fuck you!

Come on, let's go!

Rich, come on!

Oh, it walks.

Can I have the rest of your coffee? Sure.

What did you do to your nose? It was just Stevo dicking around.

I think it's quite nice, though.

Yeah? Hmm.

Looks classy.

Want some breakfast? Maybe in a while.

Gardal' launched a murder inquiry after the body of an 18-year-old man was found in the South Dublin area in the early hours of the morning. The disco very of the victim...

You want this section? Just let me listen.

Gardai were called to a disturbance involving a number of youths outside a house party in the Sandymount area of the city.

Gardai have appealed for anyone with information to contact the investigation team at Irish Town Garda Station or to call the Gerda freephone number at 1800666111.

The cloud computing company...



Are you sure it was him? Yes, I'm fucking sure!


My mum told me after mass.

Does your mum know? No, I didn't tell my fucking mum.

Fuck. Could you tell him?

I fucking can't, man.

We should have checked him.

Put him in an ambulance.

We're fucked.

He got up and he walked away. We didn't fucking know.

Yeah, it was an accident.

You fucking arsehole, man!

Con was shouting at the guy on the car. Shoved him in full view of everybody.

Then he backed off. Just let him fucking speak, Cian.

The guards were here.

What did they say?

Anyone could have seen us with him. Who? Clo fucked off home.

She rang me asking if I'd seen this brawl.

That's what everyone was talking about.

They have a list of names, people they thought might have been at the party.

Were you there?

If we stick to our story, nobody can touch us.

Apart from Lara.

Have you spoken to her yet?

Rich! No.

I will.


Lara, hey, it's me.

Just give me a shout when you can. OK?

Have the guards been to see you?

Come to take me away, then.

What's that supposed to mean? Did you tell them?

Well, what did you say? Jesus!

I just need to know what you said. I lied, OK?

I said I left with Conor and went home with you when they were fighting.

I'm going to hell.

And you used my name? Fuck off, Richard.

What did you do to him?

Hey, it was an accident.

He was fine when we left. He was getting up.

It was just this freak thing.

I can't believe this is happening to me.

You can only think of yourself?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I just...


My head's just...

Lara. I can't.

Hey, Aisling. How are you? It's Richard Karlsen here.

Is there any chance that my dad's around?

OK, grand. I mean, if he's...

Yeah. Great. I'll hold.

Morning, Richard.

Thank you so much for coming in.

I couldn't see because a lot of people had come over and were gathering around to see what was going on.

And where was Conor during this?

Again, I'd found my girlfriend at that point and she was wanting to leave, so... we went off together.

And did you see Conor at any stage after that?


I have to ask you, Richard, how did you get that bruise?

In training. I'm a rugby player.


I'm glad you came.

You're worried I'm gonna crack.

That's why you wanted to do this.


And I wanted to see you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I dragged you into this. You didn't make me hit him, OK.

I haven't eaten in two days. Do you wanna go and get some food?

Please don't call me again. Right?

I don't want to have anything to do with you. I just...

..can't. Cian.

Please. Just don't.

Aisling said you'd called. Yeah.

I was... You just sounded a bit busy, you know.

Yeah, well...

Can I sit? Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

Thank you, kind sir.

The tree house.

You were on and on about that, you know?

"Can we get a tree house? When can we get a tree house?"

You know, I just couldn't help you at that point.

I was... I wasn't up to it.

So you just... started it yourself.

You must have been, what, ten? Nine?

Nine years. Nine years. Nine years old.


...were dragging out the planks from the shed and digging in the posts, and eventually I had to help you, so...

Remarkable little boy.

You didn't let me drag you down.

That's a great instinct, son.

Don't change that now.


I know that... your mates mean everything to you, but...

...there's gotta be a limit to loyalty, son.

Dad... don't.

Were you there...

...when it happened to Conor?

It wasn't the fight they said.

I was away from all that with Lara... and we were having a row.

Conor stepped in.

He was just constantly all over her.

And... I told him to back off and he hit me.

So the lads jumped in... just to sort him out.


...it just got out of hand.

Which lads?

Stephen and Cian.



Good, son. Thank you.

Thank you.

Dad, I did it. It was me. I kicked him in the head and I killed him.

No. No.


No. No!

I'm so sorry, Dad. I'm so sorry.

I killed him.

No. No.

What do I do?

I'm sorry. I...

I'm sorry.


I've been thinking that maybe you should go away for a while.

Go to the beach house.

Sure, yeah. Of course. Yeah?


I'll let Mum know you're going.

Bring your phone... if I wanna get in contact.


Hey. Hey-

So how have you been?


I've been talking to somebody.

I won't tell you who but...

...it seems that the investigation is focusing on this thing with the gate-crashers outside the house.

And that there are no separate inquiries or suspects.

That's what he said.

Dad, does Mum know about any of this?


No. Right.

Can I come home now, Dad? Is that OK?

Yeah, of course.

Your mother wants me to bring the linen home, so...

Hey- Hey- ls everybody inside? Don't worry, Dad's waiting for you.

Come here.

A few of us are going to the nets if you wanna come down after.

Listen, I should probably get inside, OK? See you.

You alright, man?

Hey. Hey, Rich.

You alright'? How are you?

Grab a few drinks there.

You alright, Rich?

(Pat? Have we all got a drink?

$0, guys...

...I know you're all hurting at the moment.

But we're a team and teams pull together through the tough times.

And I know you're all missing Conor, and you're all angry about what happened to him, but for now, let's just take a moment to say goodbye to a friend and a great team-mate.

Goodbye to Conor.

To Conor.

Raglan men are we.

Faithful to our call.

Valiant' and brave we 're standing.

Steadfast one and all.

Victory is ours to claim.

But honour is our goal.

We never will surrender truth.

On this our sacred soil.

Come on, Raglan! Come on!

Come on, Raglan! Come on, Raglan!

Get in! Come on!

Seriously? That's what he said anyway.

OK, come on. Let's go get wasted, man.

Think I'm just gonna go home, Steve. Come on.

Another time, man.


I'll see you. See you later.

Take it easy, lads. See youse.

Oh, my God, what's this? D4 youngsters drinking in the scrublands?

Shock, horror.

" Hey, you. Hey.

Party finished? Yeah.

Beers. Go for it, lads. Cheers, man.

Grab us one, Jake, will you? Yeah, sure.

Sound. Cheers.

How's it going, lads? You alright?

Knacker drinking away.

So, you alright? Yeah.

It's fucking mad.

Listen, man, are we cool? Yeah.

I was out of line. Don't worry about it, honestly.

Yeah? Yeah.

Alright, man. Thanks.

I'm sorry. Ah, no, I'm sorry.

Fucking bad night, like.

Have I come just a little bit overdressed, maybe, guys?

Just a small bit overdressed here, I think, perhaps.

You got a fire going there, lads? No.

Sweet one.

They were all asking him questions and he's going, "Yeah, yeah," and then out of nowhere, he just goes...

Hear about the guy who was playing rugby and got one his balls ripped off?

This is an awful topic. It's a friend of mine's friend.

He took a really high tackle and there was, like, a whoosh and just... One of his balls...

It was apparently dangling by the string.

No, stop it. Stop it.

Sorry, man.

So disgusting. They were like, "Why is he screaming?"

I got a splinter. Where? Let's see.

Oh, my God. Shit. Have you tried getting it out?

Yes. Can you not see that I've gored it? Look at the state of it.

You did it badly. I'd know. Would you?

Yeah. You're the Queen of Splinters?

Alright. I'm gonna head. School.

Oh, right, take it easy, man. See you later on, right?

Bye, honey. See you.

Oh, my God.


I have to pee.

"A great prophet has appeared among us," they said.

"God has come to help his people."

This news about Jesus spread throughout Judea and the surrounding country.

This is the Gospel of the Lord.

Praise be the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Please be seated.

Dear friends...

Eileen. It's wrong.

I know. Just have a seat.

I won't.

Things need to be said.

There were dozens of kids outside that house when Conor was killed.

A lot would be here.

But do you know...

...how many were decent enough... to come forward with information?

A handful.




Are you telling me... nobody else remembers anything?

Nobody else knows...

...who killed...

...my boy?

Nobody else...

...suspects their own... safe son?

You know.

I know.. you know.

And you're breaking our hearts again... for not speaking up.

I'm gonna hand myself in.

It's what I have to do.

Jesus, Richard.

Lara... it's the only way.

Then we could just take off' after, you know?

Have completely diffierent lives.

God, I can breathe.

You make it sound so easy. It is easy. We 'l just do it.

We 'll go to France. Spain.


Where do you wanna go? Everywhere.



I'll just tidy up a bit.


If a party commits a major breach of contract, whether or not that party can end the contract depends on the surrounding...