Wheelman (2017) Script

It's got a red trunk. What?

The trunk is red. The car is black. Lid of the trunk is red.

Yeah, so?

So, I said "nondescript," you know? It's got a red trunk.

"Nondescript"? Yeah, as in non-recognizable, as in not a black fucking car with a red fucking trunk.

This is what they paid for.

Shocks good? Yeah.

Brakes? Yep, struts, brakes, suspension... steering wheel, everything that was on that list. Six grand worth.

Six grand, huh? Yeah.

Fill it up? I gotta go, man.

Hey, this is Clay. Leave me a message. I'll call you.

Clay, I don't wanna leave you a message.

I'm on my way to work. I should only take 30 minutes or so, and then I'm gonna go to the party, but I got no parking instructions, bro.

Nobody called me about parking.

Clay, pick up the phone. Call me back, come on.

Hey, Kate, what's going on? I'm working, sweetheart.

Dad, I'm going to the Phoenix tonight, so I'll be home at, like, 1:00 or 2:00. 1:00 or 2:00?

Yes. What's the Phoenix?

It's a place. Yeah? What kind of place?

A music place, like live music.

Oh, like live music? Wow, that sounds fun. Who's driving?

Dad, I'm not calling to ask you. I'm calling to tell you, as a courtesy.

Sweetheart, you're 13 years old.

13. You are calling to ask me. Well, you don't have to go.

You can stay home. Your choice.

I think Audrey's driving. But maybe Ryan.

No Ryan. Dad!

We're not going through this again. You screwed up with Ryan last time.

That's so unfair. You can't make me stay home on a Friday night.

It's not up for discussion, Kate. I can't talk. I'm busy. I gotta work.

I'm just gonna go anyways.

Don't leave the apartment or you're grounded for life.

Do you hear me? I'm going anyways.

Don't leave the... I'm going anyways!


Red trunk?

I mean, I'm not questioning. You must be a good driver.

It's just I've never seen anyone drive a stick on a job before.

Yeah, it's always automatics. Column shifters or whatever.

Wanna hear something funny? My girlfriend thinks I'm too old to rock a hawk.

So, you know what I did? I just grabbed a pair of her clippers.

I just zinged this right... voop... right off, like that.

The last couple of weeks... ever since.

What's your name, man?

I don't wanna talk.


Chitchat. I don't chitchat unless it's about the job.

Talk about the job? Yeah.

You know, "get in," "look out," "watch for the cops."

That kind of shit. Cop? Cop? Where is he?

Where is he?

I'm just playing.

What's in the bag?

Sit back.

What's that? Sit back.

What is it? Sit back.

I will. Just sit the fuck back. It's my lunch.

Your lunch? Yeah, my lunch.

I don't know how long I'm gonna be out here tonight, so I brought my lunch.

Oh, so you think we might be out here a while, huh?

Let's hope not, right?

Just sit back. Okay.

You're carrying though, right?


You got a piece on you? A "whistle"? A gun?

All business with the big man up front. No chitchat, no talk. Silent type.

That's Clint Eastwood up front.

You know who that is? Do the brothers love Clint Eastwood?

What's your fucking name, man? I'm not telling you my name, man.

No? No.

Nothing? Nothing.

I gotta call you something.

Three dudes sitting in a fucking car, nothing to call each other... that's just weird, man. I think that's just... that's just fucking... just fucking weird.

Yeah, you know, what's weird, cowboy, is you keep fucking asking me my name.

That's weird. I drive the car. I'm the wheelman, okay?

That's it. End of story.

That's it, you're just the wheelman? That's right.

You just drive the car. Yeah, I do.

Well, then I'll just call you "Wheelman."

That's fine. I know that's fine.

And you can call me "Motherfucker."

What about you? My name is Ben Okri, but you can call me "I want my fucking money."


The whole thing, huh? Well, okey-dokey, Ben Okri.

The guy in the front has a black belt in fucking weirdness. That's Wheelman.

I'm Motherfucker and...

here we are.

It's still fucking weird, but, at least, we're all somebody, right?

Fuck are you doing? Pull closer.

I can see everything better from here. It's a long fucking walk. Pull closer.

I'll be here. I'll be right here.

Yeah? You know who this is?

Yeah, I think so.

Pull fucking closer next time!

Say it.

You're the handler. You hired Clay. Clay hired me.

So, you're driving for me.

How do you like the car? It's fine, man. It's fine. Where's Clay?

No issues with it? The trunk's red, but...

What's that? Nothing. It's fine, man.

I need the drop. Clay never gave me the drop.

What do you think of the other two?

They're inside doing your thing right now.

Oh, they're in the bank? They're in the bank right now.

I need the drop. I don't have the drop. What do you think of me?

I don't know you.

You don't know me? You just told me you know who I am.

I know it's your job, okay? I never met you. I don't know your name.

I don't know anything. I know you.

Is that right?

How many years did you do for that warehouse fire? Three years.

I'm guessing your ass is a little tender, and you owe big.

And so, here you are.

Yeah. What the fuck is this?

For the rest of the night, you don't take any calls except for this blocked number.

When the other two get back in the car, they'll put the money in the trunk.

Then I want you to leave them. Fuck does that mean?

Leave them behind. I'm not fucking doing that.

You will. I'm not leaving them behind.

They're gonna kill you. Fuck...

Where's Clay? I told them to kill you at the drop.

I wanna talk to Clay. Leave them behind, or they'll shoot you in the head at the drop.

Open up! Open the fucking trunk! Fuck. Where the fuck is Clay?

Let's go, let's go!

Hey! What the...? Ugh!

Hey, motherfucker!

Fuck! Fuck!

Hey, this is Clay. Leave me a message.

Clay? I'll call you.

Clay, there's a fucking problem, man! Call me back!


Hello? ...that's totally ridiculous...

Hello, hello? Hello?

Where's Clay? Uh... hey, where'd Clay go?

I'm not sure... See if he's there. See if he's there.

He's not here. I don't know where he's at. I just picked up his phone.

Wanna leave a message? Listen, tell him to call his driver.

His driver? Yeah, his fucking driver. It's urgent.

Don't be fucking around! Tell him to call his driver!

Okay, his dri... Stupid.

Where the fuck's Clay? Where are you?

I wanna talk to Clay, man.

Where are you? I don't know.

I don't know where I am, man. Lincoln... Lincoln and...

Lincoln and 3rd somewhere. Where's the drop?

You're not headed to the drop. Come again?

Now that I know you're the kind of guy who would leave his fucking crew behind, you're gonna do a few things for me. Hey, hey! Fuckface!

You told me to leave them!

It's not your fault. You do what you gotta do to survive, right?

You know what? Fuck you, man. I don't know you. I wanna talk to Clay.

There's a few things you need to do. Fuck you! Where's Clay?

You better shut your fucking mouth and do what I tell you to do. You hear me?

Or you're gonna get hurt. Why don't you tell me... why don't you tell me where you are, tough guy, okay?

And then you could hurt me? No, we'll get to that.

I hope we do.

First things first. I want you to count the money.

What do you mean, count the money? Asshole, pull over and count the money.

I'm not fucking counting anything till I get to a safe spot.

How long?

Where's "out of area"? What?

Your number says "out of area."

Where is that? Don't worry about where I am.

Worry about where the fuck you are. I hope you're somewhere safe, pal.

How long? Hold on.



It's about 200 grand, maybe a little bit more.



Yeah. How much? It's about $200,000.

Did you count it? Yeah, I counted it.

It's different fucking bills. Different bills?

So, you didn't count it? No.

Look, it's different fucking denominations. It's about 200,000.

Go fucking count it again!

Go fuck yourself. I'm not counting it again.



Fuck! Fuck! Damn it.

Fucking with this shit...

It's 230 fucking thousand dollars, minus a thousand for me counting it twice.

That's my clerical fee.

Yes, how much?

Jesus fucking Christ! 230... where do you keep fucking going?

How much money is there? It's fucking two... it's $230,000.

You sure? I'm fucking sure.

All right, sit tight. I'll call you back.

What the fuck is going on?


You pulled away.

How did you know I pulled away? Go to Chandler Station.

Someone else calling you?


Is that the drop? Do you know where Chandler Station is?

Yeah, I know where fucking Chandler Station is.

I'm not a moron. What do you want me to do?

I want you to drive there and don't answer any other phone calls.

Go fuck yourself.


Dad? What's up, Kate?

I'm at home. I just wanted to tell you, so you don't freak out. And this sucks.

Yeah, I know it sucks. Just watch a movie, okay? Good girl.

I called Mom. I'm going over there tomorrow.

You're not going over there, Kate. I already called her.

You're not going, okay? This is my weekend.

It's my weekend too, and I'm not gonna sit around here, just waiting around.

Do me a favor. Listen... I'm going to Mom's.

I love you. I don't have time for this right now.

What do you have time for, Dad? I'm very busy, Kate.

You and Mom are divorcing... Just hang up on him.

Who is that? What? I can't hear...

Who is that? Hey, who is that?

Is that Ryan? Kate?

We're just gonna watch a movie... Put him on the phone.

No. Put him on the phone!

Hang up! Kate!

Son of a bitchin' kid.

Hey, what's up? This is Katie.

Leave me a message, and I'll call you right back. Bye.

Katherine, call your father back.

Now. Call me back.

Pick up the fucking...

Clay? What is going on?

This whole thing's gone fucking sideways, Clay.

Wait, what? What? What do you mean? This fucking job, it's fucked, man.

This guy's jerking me around. He made me leave the other two guys at the bank.

What? Who? The fucking handler guy.

No, who got left behind? The other guys.

He made me leave them, bro. You left them?

Where are they now? I don't know.

Holy shit, those were my guys. You shouldn't have done that.

Why didn't you call me? I did fucking call...

I did call you, Clay. I called you 50 fucking times. Look at your phone, man.

Why didn't you have your phone on? I have, but...

This guy told me to fucking leave 'em when they came out of the bank.

He said they're gonna shoot me, Clay. Shoot you?

Yes. He said they were gonna shoot you?

But you made the drop though, right? Did I make the drop? You fucking idiot.

You didn't tell me where the drop was! It's eight o'clock. It's almost 8:00.

I know. It's 7:55.

I know what time it is, Clay! Shut the fuck up!

Where's the drop? I don't know.

He's supposed to give you the spot.

Man, I knew this fucking guy was gonna pull something.

Oh, you knew he was gonna pull something, but you don't know him? What's his name?

I don't know him. He's a Jefferson Avenue guy. That's all I know.

Yeah, I know fucking Jeff Ave, motherfucker! He's a West End guy.

What is his name? I don't know who he is.

I only talked to him on the phone. You should be attached to his hip.

I just set it up for him. I don't... I don't wanna know the guy any more than... oh, fuck me. Yeah, fuck you.

Fuck me. I know. Fuck me. Fuck you, Clay. Listen to me.

Listen to me. Are you setting me up, bro?

No, I am not setting you up. He's gonna call you with the drop.

Yeah, since when?

I... Since when?

You don't know the fucking ball from the bounce.

You're either too dumb and you don't know it, or you're fucking dumber and you're trying to fucking set me up!

Those weren't... Why didn't you use your crew?

Those weren't even my guys. He'll call you with the drop, okay?

You make the drop, we finish this. Motherfucker. You motherfucker.

You let him put two strangers in the car.

Well... I didn't know that. How long we go back?

How long we go back? They were gonna fucking clip me, Clay.

You didn't know that? No.

You didn't know that? I got a call from somebody else. Did you know that?

What? Who? Oh, "What? Who?" I don't know.

Somebody fucking texted me that you and I were dead.

You and I were dead. You got any ideas, Clay?

I don't know. Say you don't know again, motherfucker!

Say you don't know again! I'm gonna fucking tattoo it on your forehead.

You borrowed that money. You went into the hole with them, not me.

You chill. Don't you tell me to chill!

I gotta get this fucking car off the road, you hear me?

I haven't been out a year, not a fucking year!

You gotta fix this, Clay! I'm gonna fix this. I'm gonna fix this.

He'll call you. You make the drop, and we're done.

Fuck off!


Put him on the phone. Put him on the phone, Kate.

Dad, I'm not gonna talk to you when you're this angry.

I'm not angry. I just wanna talk to Ryan. It's okay. Put him on the phone.

No. I don't want to talk to him.

Hello? Ryan.


I wanna talk to you about being in my home alone with my daughter.

You listening? Yeah.

Okay. Our family is going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, and what Katie really needs right now, Ryan, what she really needs is a good friend.

I love my daughter more than my own life, do you understand?

More than my life. More than your life.

Are we clear? Yeah.

You're sure? Yeah, yeah.

We're just gonna watch a movie. You're gonna watch a movie?

That sounds great. And you'll be home by nine o'clock, yeah?

Yeah. Good. Put Kate back on.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, he's gonna watch a movie with you, and then he's gonna leave at nine o'clock.


Do I need to say anything else? No.

You sure? Problem solved? Yes.

Okay. See you in a little bit.


Take the delivery road to the left.

You know, I'm really sick of your fucking music.

How far up? Go all the way up around the ramp.

Straight around? Just keep going straight.

Take the right, go all the way down.

Where do you want me to make this drop?

You're not making a drop. You're gonna make an exchange.

Fuck that. Just tell me where to drop the money. I'm not making an exchange.

Go to the bottom. There's a loading dock.



Fuck, fuck.

He's here.


Hey, get ready.


Come back here!

Fuck you, you asshole!


Exchange? Exchange, my ass. It was a fucking buy.

A buy? A drug buy, Clay.

With who?

I don't know, Clay. Who gives a shit? I'm not running drugs.

Oh, listen, man, I think... let's not rock the boat on this thing.

Did you know about this? No.

You set this up? No, I didn't do that.

I'm trying to get us out of this. I think you're full of shit, Clay.

Okay, then you tell me what you want me to do.

What I want? You set it up.

If you won't do the buy, I don't know what to do.

Find someone to do the buy, Clay.

Someone else? Yeah, someone else. Call around.

Find another jerk-off driver to make this buy.

Get me out of it. All right, okay. Shit, I'll do it.

Good. No, I mean, I'll... okay, I'll do it.

Yeah, make the calls.

No, I'm gonna do the buy. You are?

Just bring me the fucking car. I'll do it. You're out.

I'm not bringing you this car. You're not?

No, I'm not. Well, you put me in a spot here, man.

Oh, I put you in a spot? Yeah.

What do you want me to tell him? Do you know what's gonna happen if I call them?

Tell me who he is. Tell me who he is. What? No. Why do you care who he is?

Why do I care? 'Cause it's my ass on the line with the West End guys.

I owe 'em money. It's my ass!

I wanna know who I'm fucking dealing with. I want a name, I want a number.

I'll tell him you stole the money. You what?

I'll tell him that you're not taking any of my calls, and you're running out with his money.

I'll cut your fucking nuts off, I swear to God. You hear me, Clay?

Clay? Clay!

Fucking asshole!

Yo, it's Cheetah. Leave a message.

Cheetah! Hey, man, I got myself into a situation.

I need some help. Call me back.

Come on.

Who are you, bitch? Fuck it.

Fuck's your problem? Roll down the fuckin' window, you pussy!

Yeah, right. Come on, motherfucker!

I'm gonna fuck you up, stupid little bitch-ass...

Oh, fuck! Get the fuck out...!



You're gonna do this thing, or I'm gonna call him now and tell him you stole it.

Listen to me. This is what's gonna fucking happen.

You're gonna tell me who this fucking asshole is, and I'm gonna call him and tell him I'm gonna drop this money.

And we're fucking done. No.

You hear me? You are fucking this up.

And I'm not gonna be a part of this.

Fuck. Don't hang up. Don't fucking hang up!

What? Are you shitting...?

This you? What are you doing?

Don't say a fucking word. Okay?

I'm gonna drop this money and I'm gonna tell you where it is.

If you fucking call me again, you text me, I'll burn every fucking dollar.


Clay? Clay!

Yeah, I'm here.

I can't negotiate, I can't fucking threaten them, I can't fix this unless I know who I'm dealing with.

I told you, I don't know him. You are totally full of bullshit.


I need to know who booked this fucking job.

All you do is sit in a fucking bar and make phone calls.

Make a fucking phone call and get me a name, you hear me?

I can't. Clay, I'm gonna call you back.

I am not calling him. Five minutes!

I can't talk to you right now. You better not hang...

Yo, it's Cheetah. Leave a message.


Cheetah! Hey, man, I need you to meet me in the garage down in Grand, all right?

I got myself into a situation. I need some help, brother man. Call me back.

I knew you wouldn't answer.

Kate's calling me, telling me you're not home.

She's there alone with Ryan? That kid is 17.

You left your 13-year-old daughter alone with her 17-year-old boyfriend, and you know that I caught them...

She said you told her that she can't come with me because you want to... for some custody thing?

You're such an asshole.

I'm giving you a chance with Katie, but I am not... I can't...

I'm taking Kate. I just... I...

Come on, motherfucker. Wanna play?

I'm not calling anyone.

What do you mean you're fucking not calling anyone?

I'm in a fucking bucketload of shit here, which means you're in a bucketload of shit.

I'm in a fucking tunnel with all the money, and I'm not fucking going anywhere until you give me some fucking answers.

Go back to Chandler fucking Station and do what you get paid to do.

Wait, what? What did you just say? What?

How do you know I went to Chandler Station?


I never told you the drop was at Chandler Station.

How did you know I went to Chandler Station?

What the fuck are you talking about? Where are you?

Where are you, you motherfucker? You at the bar?

Go fuck yourself.

Oh, you son of a bitch. You piece of shit. Fuck.

Yo, it's Cheetah. Leave a message.

Fucking me up, Cheetah.

I got a car. I gotta get off the road. Call me back. Call me fucking back.


Yo, it's Cheetah...

Yeah? What was it I fucking told you?

What? You don't listen to me, you're gonna get hurt.

Stop it! Stop... ugh!

My arm, you fucking... Motherfucker, you fucked me!

What the fuck...? You fucked me!

What the fuck...

Hey! Get fucking back!

It's not your fucking problem.

Are you all right? Shut up. Shut up!

Get back! Don't be a fucking tough guy!

You broke my arm! Wrong man. Wrong person.

Wrong fucking night.


No, don't!

Who booked the fucking job? I don't know.

Fuck you! Fuck you, you fuck! Who booked the fucking job?

Get back!

You broke my arm! No!

Get in the car! No!

Get in the...

Let him go, asshole!

You fucking fucked me, fucker!

Get back!

Pull that trigger right now, if you're going to.

What? Hey, hey.

What? Help me!

I'm all right. Shut up!

Shut up. You broke my fucking arm.

Look what you fucking did!


Oh, Jesus! "Oh, Jesus" is right.

What did you do, huh?

Who is this? Who's calling me?

Who is fucking calling me?

Who is it? Get off...!

Hey, you fucking threaten me one more time, I swear to God, I'm gonna Molotov this car and the fucking money, you hear me?

I'll fucking fry the whole thing, I swear to God.

Hello? You hijacked my fucking bank job.

You know I'm gonna kill you and that double-crossing cunt next to you, right?

Oh, shit. Who's this? You two are fucking dead.

Oh, shit!


Who was that? Don't fuck with me. Who was that?

It's the West End guy.

Who was that? That's the West End guy.

That's the West End guy? That's the fucking handler?

Who's the fucking "jazz guy"? Did you fuck... did you fucking set this up? You motherfucker!

Just go!

If that guy shooting as us is the West End guy, who the fuck have I been talking to all night?

He's just... Clay.

I don't... Who is the "jazz guy"?

He's a new Philly guy. You fucking with the Philly mob?

He offered me a lot of money.

For what? To fuck me? No, not to fuck you.

He offered me a lot of money, man.

And you broke my arm, you asshole! Offered you a lot of money for what?

I know how this went down, Clay.

You told him you got a fucking stooge, who owes the West End guys for a bunch of fucking favors for taking care of his family while he was in the joint.

Does that sound about right, Clay? Jesus, you got a low opinion of people.

Don't fuck... Hey, fuck! I'm fucking around.

Don't fuck around. Don't fuck around. Okay, okay. All right.

I wanna know who the West End guy is. Okay? You hear me?

Don't fucking say anything... anything, except for that!


I can't go to the Philly guy empty-handed.

They paid me a lot of money to make the West End look weak.

You fucked us up, man. You know what you did?

You start a fucking mo... I started a mob war.

I was trying to get ahead, man. I was trying to get ahead for a change.

Now, I'm worse off than when I started.

I don't know. Okay.

All right. Stupid.

I'm gonna square it with them.

I'm gonna get straight with the West End guys because they took care of me when I was inside, okay?

So, I'm gonna take care of business.

And then you're gonna get the fuck out of town.

Where? Where am I gonna... I don't care.

What's gonna happen to me? I don't know.

They're gonna kill me. Hopefully, they won't.

They're gonna kill me! Hopefully, they won't!

They're gonna fucking kill me! Hopefully, they won't kill you, Clay!

Aw, fuck, my dick is cold. What?

My dick and my balls are cold! Stop.

Is that bad? Stop. Shut up.

They're cold. Don't say another word.

Do not talk, okay?

I'm gonna take $20,000 off the top, and I'm gonna give it to you.

I'm gonna give it to you, I'm gonna square it with them, and you're gonna get the fuck out of my sight.

And I don't wanna see you.

You didn't switch out the cars yet?

Does it look like I switched out the cars, Clay?


I really need that fucking money.

I'm sorry. Clay! Clay! Don't...

Fuck! Clay!




Jesus Christ.

What did you do? What did you do?

I'm fucked. I'm fucked.

Oh... oh, boy, I'm fucked up.

Clay? I'm fucked...

Clay? I'm fucked.


Help... help me. Fuck.

Help me. I can't, Clay. I can't.

Who is he? What's his name? What's the West End guy's name, Clay? Tell me.

I wanna go. Tell me, Clay.

I wanna get out. Clay?

You don't have time. Clay, listen to me.




Fuck. Fuck.


When I said I knew you, I meant I know everything about you.

I know you're not a pro driver.

You're a weekend racer. You're an amateur.

I know you did three years for that warehouse fire.

And I know you've borrowed a lot of money for your family during that time.

You're just a regular guy.

You do what you have to do for your family, right?

And I know you got a wife and daughter.

Do you hear what I'm saying to you?

Hey, what's up? This is Katie. Leave me a message, and I'll call you...

Come on, Katie. Come on, Katie, pick up.



You okay? No.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Dad, I talked to Mom, and this sucks.

Okay, yeah, I know. I know it sucks. I know it sucks, but listen...

Dad, Mom is gonna take custody. She's not...

She said you blew it. I didn't...

You did. Look, she's not taking... she can't do that. Your mom just gets like this, okay?

You left me alone, and you knew she would do this.

II know. know. I screwed up, all right? I'm gonna fix it. I'm gonna make it right.

All right? But I need you to do something for me.

I need you to leave the house, okay?

What do you mean? I want you... I want Ryan... tell Ryan to drive you up to Uncle Rich's house.

What? Have him take you to Uncle Rich's house.

Dad, Ryan went home. What's going on?

You're home alone? Ryan left like you said.

All right, I need you to do something for me.

What? Can you hear me?

I want you to take my car somewhere. Your car?

Yes. I want you to get in the Porsche and go to the garage on Grand Street.

You know where that is? I'm not allowed to drive on the road.

You are now, sweetheart, okay?

It's just like driving on the track. You've done it 50 times.

Only go a little bit slower, You take your time.

Dad, what's going on? Why are you being like this?

Listen to me, do you remember where the garage is on Grant?

Next to the shoe store? You remember? Yeah.

Okay, I want you to take my car there. I want you to go to level five.

Okay. Okay?

Oh, Dad. Yeah?

Where are the keys? The keys?

Oh, shit, I got the keys. I got the keys.

You have them? What am I supposed to do?

Uh, check the drawer by the sink.

The left drawer by the sink that's all the pens and the stuff and...

The shit drawer? The shit drawer.

Check the shit drawer, baby. Go, hurry up.

I'm gonna stay on the phone. Go. Okay.

Come on, come on. Okay.


Kate? Yeah, I don't see them, Dad.

Shit. All right, listen, just leave the house.

I want you to walk out of the house and go...

Found them. You got them?

Yeah. You sure it's the right keys?

Yeah. Okay, listen to me. Get in the car.

You take your time. You can do this.

Okay. All right? And I'll meet you there.

Bye, Dad. All right, babe, bye.

What do you want? Hey, listen, I need you to do me a favor and go meet Katie somewhere. For what?

Just... can you just go meet her, please...?

No. Why? Are you in the car? Jess.

Jess... Oh, my God. My God.

Of course, you're in the car. Of course, you're driving.

It's not paying for your family anymore. Jess...

You're addicted. You can't not do it. You know you could just work at a garage and be home with your daughter right now.

Jess? But, no. No, that's not for you...

Hey, Jess, hey, Jess... hey, Jess, could you shut the fuck up for a second?

This is serious! I need you to fucking do me a favor!

I need you to go get her. All right?

I need you to leave the house. Can you do that?

Fuck you! I can't get her tonight. Jess.

Okay? I can't get her tonight. I'll pick her up tomorrow.

And I left you a message. I know.

What do you mean "no"? No, I said "I know." I said I know.

I got the message. Just do me a favor, and just go pick her up, please.

Yeah, I'm, I'm... hang on!

What? No hang on. Don't go anywhere. Jess, don't go anywhere.

Could you just hang on, please? Don't...

Jess, I need you to leave the house.

I gotta get the door. Hang on. Just go now.


Fuck. Jess!

Pick up the phone! Son of a...

Get her to the car! Stop it! No!

Jess! Shut your fucking mouth!

Jess! Fuck!

You bring me that money now, yes?

I know you're not the guy.

You bring me that money or you can listen to get her fucked!

I'll fuck her myself.

I'll fuck her. Okay.

Where are you?

I'm at 32nd. Where?

Near the tracks. Let me talk to her. Stop the car right there.

Stop the car right there! I'll have someone there in two minutes.

This will all be over...

I didn't hijack your job. You motherfucker.

Do you still have the money?

Do you?

Yeah, I do. There's going to be fucking blood if that money doesn't come back to me right now.

He's got my wife.

He's got my wife. You hear me?

All right, I could help. How?

You start by bringing me the money.

You bring me that money, or I will... Or what?

Or what? What? What are you gonna do? You're gonna kill me, huh? No shit.

No shit, you're gonna kill me. I'd fucking kill me.

He has no use for her... other than to leverage you. That's it.

You have the money. You're in control.

If you let him get the upper hand, he'll kill you both.

You have the money. I got a daughter!

You fucking hear me? I got a daughter.

He could fucking grab her, too. He snatches her. That's what scares me.

What the fuck scares you? The money? Is that what it's about? The money?

It's not my money. It's not my money.

I guaranteed this job for someone else. This is bigger than $200,000.

Clay put this job together. That shithead Clay sold it.

This Philly motherfucker targeted this job.

He's taking a bite out of me in front of every motherfucker in town.

What do you think happens if you give that cocksucker the money?

What happens to my people? To my family?

This situation is a weapon.

Me and mine will be eaten alive. That's what scares me.

You're in over your head, and I'm the guy that could pull you out.

What's it gonna be?

I still owe on the three-year stretch. Yes.

You owe us a three-year stretch. Yeah.

And I can take care of that, too. Don't fucking "magic show" me here, man.

Why should I trust you?

How old is she? Who?

Your daughter, how old?

She's 13. Thirteen.

You help me save my family, and I'll help you save yours.

What are you gonna do? What do you think I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna kill him.

Okay. Okay.

I got him on the other line. What do I do?

He's got my wife. He's got my wife.

All right.

You set up an exchange. Just set it up and tell me where. That's it.

Do not fuck me. Don't fuck you?

You got the money, pal. You got the money.



You still there?

What the fuck...? Let me talk to her.

You wanna talk to her? Let me fucking talk to her!

You wanna talk to her alive, you pull the fucking car over!

And tell me where the fuck you are.

You wanna listen to me fuck your wife and cut her head off?

You're not gonna do shit. You have zero bargaining chips.

Zero! I'll fucking kill this bitch. Do you wanna see your wife again?

Ex-wife, fuckface. And I got your money, asshole.

Come on.

Come on.


You're gonna calm the fuck down, huh? Say it.

I'm calm.

You want this money? You better stop fucking around.

First, I'm gonna talk to her.

Then, I'm gonna tell you where we're gonna make the exchange. Understand me?

You fucking lay a hand on her, I'll fucking torch the money.

You fuck with me, I'll torch the money.

You pull any bullshit when I pull up, I will torch the money. Put her on.

Hello? Jess, it's me. You okay?

Yeah, but I don't... Don't talk. Don't talk.

Listen to me, I don't want you to talk. Don't say anything. Don't say a word.

He's not gonna touch you. All right? I got what he wants, I'm gonna give it to him. It's gonna be fine, but I don't want you to talk, I don't want you to cry.

Don't give him a reason to even look at you. You understand me?

You just do what he tells you to do, okay?

Okay. Okay, baby. Put him back on.

Don't say anything. Just put him back on.


Top of Fillmore and 19th, 15 minutes.

Don't fucking be late. If you don't give me...

Fillmore and 19th. How long?

Fifteen minutes. Top floor. Good. Keep him there.

How you gonna do it? You just keep him there.

He's got my wife. What are you gonna do? Keep him there until I get there.

You pull this off, you bring him to me, we're square.

Your three years are paid. You just keep him there.


Fuck. There you are, motherfucker!





I couldn't get a signal. It's okay. You all right?

Yep. Good girl.

Why did you let me drive in your car? Let's go. Good job.

Dad... Give me the keys. Look at this.

Nice parking.

So, Dad, what's...

All right. Okay.

How was the drive?

Fine, I guess. I worked on my downshifting the whole way.

Good girl.

Heel-toe? No, just regular.

Dad, what's going on?

Dad, you're bleeding. I'm fine. It's not mine.

Why are you bleeding? I'm fine. It's okay.

You're not okay. We have to get you to the hospital.

Sweetie, it looks worse than it is. I'm fine. I'm not going to the hospital.

Sit back. Sit back. Kate... listen to me.

We have to take these two bags somewhere right now, okay? Do you understand that?

Dad, what's in those bags? Just something I have to deliver.

Money. Is it money?

It's money, yeah.

You're gonna go away again.

You're gonna go to prison again. I'm not going away.

I'm not going anywhere, okay? We just have to deliver this money. That's it.

I don't believe you.

Just tell them to come get it. Just tell them that you can leave it here.

Just tell them that they have to. Kate! Kate!

Just tell them that you're waiting! Kate! Stop it! I can't! Look at me!

I can't.

Everything's gonna be fine, Kate. You don't know that. I can tell.

Everything will be fine. Just shut up, Dad.

If you're just gonna keep telling me bullshit, shut the fuck up.

What do I tell you every time this car touches the track?

"You're on the clock."

What are the two most important things when you're in this car?

Speed and timing. Speed... and timing.

This is about both.

I want you to take this car, I want you to go to your Uncle Rich's.

I don't want you to stop. I don't want you to talk to anybody.

Don't tell anybody where you are.

Do you understand me? What?

Do you understand me? No.

Listen, here's my wallet.

I want it back. Yeah?

There's money in here and my ATM card.

What's the pin? My birthday.

Your birthday. Go ahead.

You tell your Uncle Rich your mom's gonna call you, and she will.

Tell him to keep his promise, okay?

Daddy, I can't... Kate, Kate...

Breathe, baby. It's okay.

Daddy, I can't. No, Kate.

It's okay, baby.

Want you to promise me something, okay?

You don't ever do anything that doesn't feel right to you, in your gut, inside.

Not for a boy, not for anyone, okay? Promise me.

Daddy... Promise me.

I promise. You promise?

Slide over.

Okay, find your position.

Where's your position?

Good. Nine and three?

Deep breath.

You're okay.

Daddy, I'm not okay.

I'm gonna freak out. I can't do it. No, no. You're not gonna freak out.

You know why? 'Cause you're my daughter.

You're my daughter. You've done it a hundred times.

What do I always tell you, baby?

"Find the line." Find the line.

Fuck this.

There it is. That's all it is. I wanna see her. Let her go.

Give me my money. You'll get your wife.

Let her out of the car. I wanna fucking see her.

Give me the bag. Step away from the bag.

I want to see her.

No! Let her out of the fucking car...

Don't fuck me over. Don't fuck me! I'll fucking kill you.

What are you doing? Let's go, come on!

Mom? Let's get out of here!

Let's go! Mom.

Watch what you do. Watch what you fucking do!

Fuck you!

Come on, let's go, let's go! Go! Get him! Get him!

Down the stairs!

Daddy! Dad!

Dad, where's Mom? Where's Mom?

Dad, where's Mom? Go, go, go, go!

Where's Mom? Drive! She's safe. She's safe.

Good. Control.

Where's Mom? She's fine. She's safe.

They're after us. Just drive.


Good. Go. Take a right. Take a right.

Dad, what is going on? Shift!

See him? You see him? No? No.

Dad, I don't see him. Okay, right. Right.


Stop? Stop!


Dad, you are gonna have to tell me what is going on.

Belt. We're going for a ride, Kate. Put your belt on.

Come on.

Sit back!

Phone! Pocket! Phone!

Okay. Answer it!

Answer it, and put it to my ear. Put it to my ear.

Hello? You're not here.

Hello? I'm at Fillmore and 19th.

Where the fuck are you? What? Stay there. Stay there. He's on my tail.

What the fuck are you doing? I'm bringing him to you.

Lower level, ground floor. You hear me?

Evergreen. Evergreen.

The entrance is on Evergreen. On Evergreen, lower level, ground floor.

Stay there!

Down! Down! Dad!


Dad! Get down!

Down! Down!


Get the door!

Get him out. All right.


Fuck you!

Give me the bags. I'll be right back. I'll be right back.

You stay down, okay?

Stay down.

Good girl, good girl. Stay down, stay down.

You okay? You good?

Yeah. Yeah?

Where's Mom? Dad, why was she here?

Mommy's okay, baby. We're gonna go see her right now.

We're gonna meet her? We're gonna meet her.

Dad, I'm sorry I didn't leave you like you said.

I'm glad you didn't leave me like I said.

That was good driving, baby. You did a good job.

Did a hell of a job.