Wheely (2018) Script

Well, look who decided to show up.

Mr. Newbie-on-wheels.

Hey, Joe, how are things down at Jurassic World?

Seriously, shouldn't you be on display in some museum by now?

Let's see if you can move as fast as that mouth, kid!


All right!

That cheat's gonna get beat!

Move it 'cause you're gonna lose it!


Can you believe it? The last race of the season, and the two top cars in the championship neck and neck!

Who would've guessed!

Well, in my pre-season analysis I did point out things would be close, just like the race in '86, when I was commenting...

Anyhow, look at this.

Wheely O'Wheels, the rookie star from right here in Gasket City now accelerates into the lead!


Move out of the way!

You think you're invisible, man?

But of course he's up against the overwhelming favorite for the race, Joe Flo.

A four-times winner. Three-times winner.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Joe now moves back to the front!

Hurry, Mr. Wheely! Nah.

Wheely O'Wheels has no chance of winning.

You don't know Mr. Wheely like Putt Putt does.

What, you know him?

Of course Putt Putt knows Mr. Wheely.

Only Mr. Wheely doesn't know Putt Putt.

Ten cars in a row breaking the speed limit!

We better get some backup and more clamps from the station!

It's race day today, ma'am.

The streets are closed for racing.

It's completely legal today, ma'am.

Whoa! You okay?

This is so exciting!

Finally we have reached my favorite portion of the race, which is this fantastic tubular course in a drainpipe!

This is the fun part!

What happens inside, stays inside!

And the racers are inside.

Who knows who will emerge as the leader at the end?

In my day, the racers just stayed on the road.

I bet Joe Flo's gonna lead the tubular course.

He's doing great!

He did have an accident earlier.

My money is on Wheely.

You're on!


Whoa! What! No!

Drive like a butterfly, win like a me!


[LAUGHS] Your turn to breathe my dust!

Catch my drift? Look out now!

Wow! Hot stuff!

And that oil's not bad either.


I need a delivery.

One bucket of Petro Oil Special.

Sure! The name's Wheely O'Wheels.

Yeah, that Wheely O'Wheels.

I know! Make sure it's waiting at the finishing line.

I'll be the one crossing it first.

Aah! Go!

One Petro Oil Super Special for O'Wheels!

O'Wheels? Slap my face!

That's not... Can it be?

The finishing line!


This oil is for Mr. Wheely himself!

Move out of the way! Move out of the way!

Oh, man!

Sorry, this one mine!

And no shortcuts!

No problem. Can, Boss!

Mr. Wheely, here Putt Putt come!


I hate race day!

What's so good about a bunch of cars driving just a bit faster?

What's so good about that?

Sorry! Excuse me! Special delivery!

[HORN HONKS] VIPS only, buddy.

Oh, but I have VID!

Very Important Delivery for Mr. Wheely!

Sure you have.

All right, ladies and gents, we come to the last part of the race, with Joe Flo and Wheely O'Wheels still in the lead.

Who's going to take the checkered flag?

I can't take this anymore!

A dramatic race indeed. Indeed, it is.

And just moments away before we crown a new champion.

Putt Putt failed!

Failed Merry Motors!

They will take away Putt Putt's best delivery scooter trophy!

Putt Putt have to go training again many years!


Oh! Shortcut!

But Boss say no shortcut!

But it's the only way!



So dirty!

See you later, tailgater!

What? Hey!

Out of my way!



Holy... slip!

Did he just...

I think he did!

Oh, no, he didn't!

Momma, I think he just said...


Rail tracks ain't never gonna replace proper roads!

Oh, this ain't gonna be good!

Aah! No! No! No!

Front wheel lock!



Mr. Wheely! What have I done?

Now where you going, son? Just out, Momma.

No, no, no. No son of mine is leaving without having a proper breakfast.


Downtown Gasket City.

I ain't got no time for that, Momma. I got a fare downtown.

This early in the morning?

Yeah, Momma. You know I gotta do what I gotta do.

I'm gonna bring in all the cash and fix this place up real nice for you, Momma.

I appreciate that, son, but just remember you're not what you used to be.

[SIGHS] I got that. Don't worry.

I gotta jet. I don't wanna lose the fare.

All right, son.

Wassup, homie?

How are you on this glorious morning, Mr. Wheely?

Wheely fed up with everyone checking up on me.

I not checking up on anyone, just you.

Hey, Mr. Wheely, wait for me.

Would you stop following me?

Like I told my momma, I'm just picking up a fare in the city.

Okay. Putt Putt make sure no problem.

I appreciate the concern, Putt Putt, but I know what I'm doing.

I'm cool. Yeah, I know, Mr. Wheely.

It's just Putt Putt so worried about you, Mr. Wheely.

Mrs. Momma said Mr. Wheely should take care and be careful, and Putt Putt look after Mr. Wheely.



I'm... cool.

Oww, oww! You not cool, Mr. Wheely.

I'm cool!


Why everyone gotta be all up in my grill?

I'm totally cool. Totally!

I mean, I got a junky axle, but yeah, I'm alive.

I'm still on the road. I'm cool. So cool.


Joe? Is that... a hood job?

Yo, Wheely? Hey, look at you.

You look good. New paint job? Catch up soon!

Finishing line's at Gasket Central, boys and girls!

You joining us, Wheely?


O'Wheels, pickup's waiting at Gasket Central.

Get there in five minutes, or you're fired.

Hey, guys, get a load of this taxi thinking his exhaust pipe is as big as ours.


Oh! That don't sound too good, man.

You better get an upgrade if you wanna race with us.


[YAWNS] Why do we always have to start shooting so early?

So the city will be quiet, darling.

No paparazzi, no fans.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm living the dream. I shouldn't complain.


Hello, Bella speaking.

Hi, babe, it's me. Ben, where are you?

You said you were gonna be here.

Sorry, darling. Loads to do before my party tonight.

You better not be late. I wanna show you off to everyone.

Of course I'll be there, but are you coming to see me on set?

Okay, great. See you later at my party.

Okay, everyone, come on, get in position.

Lights, lights, check the lights!

Ah, the talent. Where is the talent?

Is the talent ready? Come on!

It gives you more boom for your zoom.

Petro Oil Super Special.

That was really great, Bella, darling, but can we do it again?

Only this time maybe act like you really dig the product.

Okay, places, everybody.

And... action!



Is this in the script?

Hey, look out!

Sorry. Didn't mean to do that.

Are you fine? Of course you fine.

Oh, you more than fine, girl! Mmm!

Wait, don't I know you?

You're Bella di Monetti, the Petro Oil Super Special girl.

More boom for my zoom.

I know who I am.

The question is... who are you?

Gasket Central!

Bolts! I wasn't here. You guys didn't see nothin'.

Nothin' happened here, ya hear?

Sorry about the mess!

Are you sure this is the final draft of the script?

Freeze. Hands up!

Huh? What? Litter?

That's a contravention of highway by-way law 2274, subsection B.

I'm in pursuit of domestic refuse.

Description: small white plastic cup.

Height about 15 centimeters.

Ugh! I've been slimed!

[COUGHING] Holy smokes!

Speeding, illegal racing, driving without due care and attention.

Oh, they're gonna be sorry they ever turned down Sergeant Street's street.

Aggravation and assault on a police officer.

Wait till I get some clamps on them.



Hey, watch it!

Well, who do we have here?

A taxi moonlighting as a racer. Say no more.

I know an illegal racer when I see one.

You're charged with disturbing the peace of this early morning and for illegal racing.

But... But I didn't do anything!

Ma'am, your son's been charged with illegal street racing.

We haven't been able to detain the other culprits, so we're gonna release him on bail.

But I'll tell you now, it's going on his record.

He won't be able to sneeze in a no-sneeze zone without setting off some red flags.

Thanks, Officer. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on him.

It's "Sergeant," ma'am. You do that now.



I thought I raised you better than that.

Going off racing when you know you're not supposed to and lying to your momma.

For shame.

I'm sorry, Momma.

I got caught up in the moment.

There were cars racing, and I'm a racer, Momma.

It's what I do.

You're a car, son.

You drive on the road, you stay alive.

That's what you do.

Mrs. Momma very worried, Mr. Wheely.

Yeah. I messed up big time.

Cafe have to close.

Mrs. Momma use all money for restaurant repair to bail Mr. Wheely.

Aw, bolts.

It's okay to look into past, Mr. Wheely, but you must not stare.

Say what?

Fortune cookie. Very delicious.


Mr. Wheely, you know your axle no good.

Please. Not again. I am fine.

One hundred percent. See?

Axle fine, tires fine, me fine.

I regret I not so easily forget what happened after accident.


I been looking all over for someone to fix Mr. Wheely.

It's all my fault. Please fix him.

You my last hope.



Please tell me you can help Mr. Wheely.



Excuse me.

Well, he doesn't need this.

Nah, we don't need that.

Not this and not this.

No, wait, wait! Bring that back.

Hmm. You were lucky they pulled your friend out in time.

Well, I'm missing a few parts, but I think I can just about manage to fix him, though his racing days are over.


There must be some mistake. Racing is what... Ugh!

Mr. Wheely do.

Did, kid, did. Sorry.

Ah, nothing I can do about this messed up axle right here.

They don't make this part anymore.

It's discontinued.

But think positive.

They tell me netball can be fun.

Maybe you guys can form a team.

Putt Putt, enough of your flashbacks.

I'm just gonna check on Momma and see if I can get any fares.

Just be you.

[PHONE VIBRATING] Oh! What's that?

It tickles!



Yo. Who dat?

BEN: Bella? Who?

Is this Bella di Monetti's phone?


This is Bella di Monetti's phone!


Uh, no, buddy. This is Wheely.


Yes, really. Who dat on the line?

Who are you, you mean!

And what are you doing with Bella's phone?

If you know what's good for you, then you'll return it to the Hub-Bonnet mansion. Immediately.


♪ I got Bella's phone

♪ Oh, yeah Come on, let's go ♪

♪ I'ma return this phone

♪ I'ma meet Bella Uh-huh ♪

♪ We gonna get married We gonna get babies ♪

♪ Oh, yeah This is my lucky break ♪ All right! Yeah, Mr. Wheely, Maybe we gonna get reward, so you can fix Momma's cafe.

You do good, Mr. Wheely.




You're like all your generation, Ben, more interested in fooling around than proper hard work.

That's unfair. I've been up since midday.

Son, I know it's fun to party like there's no tomorrow.

Been there, got the tow-rack.

Is this leading somewhere?

You know what turned my life around?

A mini roundabout?

Marriage. Meeting your mother was the best thing to happen to me.

You need a strong lady in your life.


Ooh. I don't think so.

I know so. And Bella is perfect.

I want you to announce a marriage date immediately.

Uh, I might need to propose to her first.

She's here, you're here. Do it or else.

When did she arrive? I never saw...

Now what is the latest news on that car-napping ring?

Wow! What a place.

I can't believe Bella hangs out with this kind of crowd.

But how we gonna get in?

Mr. Wheely, this is bad idea.

But Putt Putt also have good idea.

Ha! I got it! I'm just gonna zoom right in, sweep her off her tires, and hand over her phone

'cause I'm Wheely O'Wheels!

No entry without an invite, bozo.

Okay, Mr. Wheely, we try Putt Putt's way now?

There must be a way of getting into Snobby Towers.

Oh, I got it. If I can't go through the front, I'll go through the back.

Or maybe I can go underground, like a secret tunnel.

Yeah, that's it, secret tunnel.

That security truck ain't no match for Wheely O...

Just one time, Mr. Wheely.

One time you listen to Putt Putt.

Putt Putt have idea to go in.

Oh. Why didn't you just say so, man?

And how's this gonna help me again?


Ah, I get it, I get it.

Putt Putt, you genius.

You genius, putting on some swag on me.

007. You genius!

No, Mr. Wheely, you going as waiter.

What? Oh!

A secret agent pretending to be a waiter.


D'oh! Somebody slap my face!

Welcome to the Hub-Bonnet mansion, Lord Archibald.

Hey, are you sure we're out of sight, carnal?

Nah. I can still see you.

No, knuckle-bumper, I meant...

Ah, forget it, hombre.


That wasn't good!

Are you losers finally in position?

Yes, Boss. You were right.

This place is crawling with money.

Of course I was right. I'm always right.

Did you bring the overrider?

Got it here, Boss.

Good. Wait for my signal.

Watch where you're going!

One more car delivered with dents or scratches, and I'll knock you into the ocean!

If the overrider works, we can go fully automated and forget about having these useless trucks around.

Yeah, man.

Where am I? Help!


Okay, so just try to blend in.


[BRITISH ACCENT] Oopsy-daisy! Uh, sorry, love.

Cor! Blimey!

Something's not quite right with this painting.

That's better.

I'm so English. I am blending in.

Hey, watch it!

Fetch me another drink and make it fast.

Hey, do I look like a waiter?

I mean, sorry, of course I do because I am a waiter.

Totally. Sorry, sir.

I'll get you that drink.


I've been trying to call you, but you never pick up.

No, I lost my phone. Sorry.

Well, there's an amazing offer on the table.

Hollywood wants you.

Hollywood? Me?

All you gotta do is sign.

I... I need time to think. I'll call you back. Bye.


Uh... You there!

Waiters aren't allowed up here!

I'm a...

An imposter?


Oh, what are you doing here?

I just dropped by with your ph...

I said Security!

Wait! No! He saved my life today.

He's a lowlife who doesn't belong here.

You, take this trash out. Sir!

Was that really necessary? Yes.

Now, can you please at least look as though you want to be here?

I'm about to announce our wedding day.

Our what? Are you crazy?


I'm sorry.

And stay out!

Hey, you know who I am? I'm Wheely O'Wheels, buddy!


No one can say I didn't give it my best shot.

Did you see her? I saw her.

She's getting married.

Mr. Wheely, really wonderful!

Success finally!

To somebody else.

Wait, Mr. Wheely. You want to talk about this?

No, thanks, Putt Putt.

But I gotta do some thinking. Solo.

"Keep eyes on road and mind on future."

I once read on fortune cookie.

Maybe things not so bad as you think.

Sometimes they worse.


It's time.

Sir, Miss Bella just left.


Hey, Bella.

Brad, the party is back the other way.

So why not have one right here?

Maybe you and I could go for a drive?

There is no you and I, Brad.


Come on, Bella.

I'm just as shiny and solid as Ben.

Why don't we hook up and settle down?

I know someone who wants to settle down. Ben!

I'm sure you two will look pretty solid together.

What? No, no, no. I'm not into something like that.

I know Ben is rich and handsome and buff.

Press the red button, carnal!

But I'm more into someone like you, Bella, baby.

Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Hey!

Stop this right now!

Me stop? Never.


GPS: In 200 meters, take the first exit.

No, no, no!

Stop this!

Where you taking me?

Help. Help!


You really shouldn't drink and drive, Brad.

Follow after Bella. Tell me where she's gone.

Yes, sir.


[SIGHS] Car Wars.

For the 86th time. Great.

Hey, can I get your autograph?

You know me?

Yeah! Wheely O'Wheels.

I'd recognize those headlights anywhere.


Yeah, and your registration number.


Thanks. Nice to meet you.

Excuse me.

Can you please... I can't see the...


Miss Di Monetti, what are you doing here?

It's Bella. And I'm watching a movie, with this being a cinema and all.

Hilarious as well as cute. I'm Wheely.

Are you okay to share?

Okay? I'm ecstatic, baby, Ec-sta-tic!

Keep it down, buddy!

I'm trying to watch the movie here!


I am your father.

No! It can't be!

Accept the fact, Roadrider.

So what was it you wanted to speak to me about earlier?

I just wanted to say sorry for ruining your photo shoot and to give you this.

Thanks! I was looking for it everywhere!


Hey, you wanna grab a bite after the movie?

It's quite late.

It's not far. Good service guaranteed.

The lady who runs the place likes me.

Oh, a ladies' man. I should've guessed.

Shall we go now?

Here we are. Home, sweet home.

Bella meet Momma. Momma meet Bella.

The lady who likes you.

Wheely, you should've called.

Good to meet you, honey.

Come on, let's head inside.

Wow. You have a lot of photos of Wheely.

Well, my baby always wins.

So I see. I don't follow sports much.

Me neither, honey, unless Wheely is involved.

So you two are somethin'-somethin', hmm?

Momma, we went to a movie.

Your father and I went to a movie.

That's how it starts, son.

Do I need to be thinking about ordering confetti?

Getting a makeover for the big day?

We're just friends, Mrs. O'Wheels.

I already have a boyfriend.

And he's a millionaire.

Not that money is everything.

Yes, sir. Miss Di Monetti is still inside the cafe with him.

What? Bring her back here immediately!

Aren't those stars amazing?

Yeah, amazing.

So how come you swapped racing for being a taxi?

I had no choice. There was a crash.

I got smashed up pretty bad.

Oh. It sounds like giving up was a good move.

Racing is dangerous.

So are people trying to film commercials in the middle of a racetrack.

I'm serious. I wouldn't want you to get hurt.

I mean, it would upset your momma.


Clumsy. Don't mind me.

I'm just passing through.

I already promised Momma I'd never race again.

And I won't.

I'll deal with it.

Hey, Bella, I'd really like it if we could do this again.

Why not? I do like a car who keeps his promises.

MOMMA: You make him promise not to race ever again!

For you, I promise. Trust me.

I got a feeling that out of all my crushes...

I mean crashes... today's is gonna be the one I remember.

Mr. Hub-Bonnet is waiting, miss.

Okay, I'm coming.

See you again, I hope.

There's always hope, child.

You come back anytime you like, hear?

Bye, Mrs. O'Wheels. Keep him safe.

Oh, you just call me Momma, girl.


I'm in love.

What did I tell you about being careful with the cars?

On the count of three.

Three, two...




Yes, Boss?

I asked for an Italian, not an American!

Everyone knows Italians are worth more than Americans.

Oh, we did what you said to do, Boss.

The overrider must be broken.

The only thing that will be broken is you, if you don't fix this mess.

I saw the overrider working perfectly with my own eyes when I first tested it.

Well, the American's on his way, Boss.

You still want him?

Send him over. You guys track that Italian down.

Scratch that! Stay put, and I'll track the Italian myself.

3, 2, 1.


Hah. That was smokin'.


Ben? What are you doing here? How did you get in?

Bella, where have you been?

Out. I have my own life too, remember?

I'm sorry. I don't know how to say this, but I've been doing a lot of thinking.

What do you need to think for, love?

You have me to do that.

Everything's going to be fine.

All this security's freaking you out. I get that.

You do? Yes!

On our honeymoon, we'll be on a private island, the only guests.

Peace and quiet guaranteed.

Honeymoon? When was this decided?

Though we'll need bodyguards, of course, and a chef or two.

And my valet, my stylist, naturally, and...

You know what? It's late, and I really need to rest now.

Good night, Ben. Bella!

BEN: So tell me about this taxi she met.

I can still hear you, Ben!


Are you coming to Hollywood? I need a decision soon.

It's your dream, and it's here waiting for you.

All you have to do is be brave.

Hey. Hey!

I don't like heights!

Aw, man. I don't like the lows.

I'm an American citizen! Hey, I know my rights, man!

You just need to relax, man.

We've only got one spot left on Crank.

I want the best for the last.

I want the Italian!


[SNORING] Yeah, I know.





Hello? Anyone out there?

This is a message from Mr. Hub-Bonnet.

You're delivering mail at two in the morning?

Mr. Hub-Bonnet requests your participation in a race through the streets, just you and him.

If you win, you will receive one million in cash.

Say what?

If you win, you will receive one million in cash.

Mr. Hub-Bonnet will explain the full details at the start line.

Gasket City clock tower, 5 a.m.

Nuh-uh. Sorry, buddy.

Tell your chief I'm retired. No can do.

One million in cash, cash, cash.

Uh, I'm retired, buddy.

One million in cash, cash, cash.

Now, why you gotta repeat "cash" so many times?




Thanks for coming, Putt Putt. I got no one else to call.

You trust him, but still, please keep eyes open.

Yeah? What you gonna do if someone offered you a million in cash?

And that money would be good for Momma.

I mean, I gotta pay her back for the fixes and the bail, don't I?

I gotta fix my axle, don't I?

Do not mistake temptation for opportunity, Mr. Wheely.

No chance you can beat him. He got power of six horses.

Wait a sec, Putt Putt.

Who says I gotta race?

Ain't nobody said nothing about taking shortcuts.

And that's what I'm doing: taking shortcuts.


We will race from this clock tower to the foot of Gasket City Towers.

Winner takes all.

I figured you as more of a couch-carburetor than a racer.

I might not be a racer, but I always win.

Just get ready to pay up. You goin' down.


Wait a minute.

What happens if you win? Not that you will.

Well, if I win, you'll stay away from my girlfriend.

Putt Putt have greasy feeling about this greasy situation.



♪ Na na na, never

♪ Never gonna get me

♪ Na na na, never

♪ Never gonna get me

♪ Na na na, never


Now, there's one good thing about being a taxi:

We know shortcuts no one else knows.

♪♪ [RAP]

Oops! My bad!

Oops! My bad!

Hang in there, Wheely. Almost there.

Huh? One million in cash, cash, cash is all mine!

Yeah, I win!

Weird. I always figured my first million might be a little harder to earn.

Stay right where you are.

Aw, bolts, not the cops!

You! Oh, you just don't learn your lesson, do you?

I let you go, and next minute, you go and break the law big time again.

I know how it looks like, but this wasn't my idea.

It was a challenge. It was...

Hello, Sergeant.

It was I who took the liberty to call you and inform you of this preposterous law-breaking event.

What? You lie!

You sent your goon over to ask me for a race and promised me a million in cash, cash, cash if I won.


I mean, do I look like a common street racer?

I am so sorry, sir.

These young hooligans will say anything to avoid justice.

I trust he won't do that.

Oh, no. He's going to be off the road for a very long time.

Face it. You and me, we're not in the same league.

Don't even dream that Bella would ever want anything to do with the likes of you.

You're a loser, and you always will be one, taxi boy.

It's reckless wrecks like you that make this job worthwhile.

You shouldn't have let him go.

He's the one who set this all up.

He's to blame. Save it for your lawyer!

If you can afford one.

Lawyer? Yeah, of course.

I gotta make a call. I'm entitled to one call, no?

I've seen it in the movies.

Yeah, well, this is real life. Make it quick.

Better call your momma.

But she can't get you out so easy this time.


Hello? Bella, it's Wheely.

Hey, Wheely. What's up?

Sorry, but I have to talk to you.

Are you all right? What's wrong?

There was a race. I have to go away for a while.

A race? Wheely, you promised.

I... I needed the prize money for...

You did this for money, after all we talked about?

Wheely, I'm sorry. I thought you were different.

But it was a fix. Ben had...

And I needed the money for Momma.

Okay, that's enough. Your friend here has been caught taking part in illegal racing, fly-posting, driving with a defective rear mirror, sobbing like a baby...

Excuse me? Who is this?

I am Sergeant Street from the Gasket City Police Station, and your friend here is an illegal street racer, and he'll be going to prison for a long time.

Let's go!

Are you coming to Hollywood? I need a decision soon.

It's your dream, and it's here waiting for you.

All you have to do is be brave.


Why is it so darn hard to say which photo I look best in?

Maybe I'll just put them all in.

Ben, there's no easy way to say this, but it's over.

Okay. I think I know where this is coming from, but you mustn't waste time worrying about that loser of a taxi.

It's not that. I'm going to Hollywood.

I've been offered the lead role in a movie.

What? You can't act.

I'm sorry?

Daddy will disinherit me if I don't marry somebody.

I-I mean you.

You'll find someone else. It shouldn't be too hard.

I know that deep down you're not the arrogant, emotionless, self-preening idiot everyone says you are.

Thanks, I think.

But you and I aren't soulmates, Ben, and we never will be.

Maybe not, but there's a life of luxury here for you.

That isn't the life I want.

You're not the one I love.

You're insane!

Please, just think this through.



Uh, I am here for visit time.

[SOBBING] You wouldn't have landed in here if you'd just listened to me and gone left instead of right.


Treasured friend!

Hey, Putt Putt.

You have no idea how happy I am to see you.

Don't worry, Mr. Wheely.

Two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday.

It will be okay.

Yeah, well, two days from now, I'm still gonna be sitting here.

So how did Momma take it?

I think Mr. Wheely have much apologizing to do.


Daytime visit is now over.

Visiting hours for night visits is from 6 to 8 pm.

Cheer up, Mr. Wheely. This is for you.

Petro Oil Super Special. More boom for your zoom.

Hey! No gifts for prisoners. I'll take that.

Ah! Nice!


You're making more noise than my ex-wife.

It's not me, man.

I'm right here.

Turn around, you losers!

Sorry, jefe. We never saw you.

Are you sure it's the Italian?

Not really, but I can ask if you want.

Yes, it is, Boss.

We're ready to reel her in anytime you want.

You say the word.

Okay, I'm saying it now.

The word.

Reel her in!



Anyone here?

Huh? Bella? Is that you, baby?

I was just passing and thought I'd...

Are you okay?

Not really. You know Wheely ain't here.

If only he kept his promise to us both.

Why did he do it, Momma? Why did he agree to race?

I suppose you can't take the racer out of a car like Wheely.

I've tried. It's a part of who he is.

I guess. Sorry for keeping you.

I should get going. I've a plane to catch.

A plane?

I've got a job in Hollywood.

I'll be away a long time.

Can you say goodbye to Wheely for me, Momma?

I just can't face him right now.

My broken engine can't take it no more.

You can go, child. You go.

All right, Momma. Goodbye.

Maybe there's time for one last goodbye.

GPS: Drive 1,200 meters to join main highway.

Target on the move.



Destination: Detour.

Miss Bella very good at driving backwards.

Help! I'm out of control!

I take back my words!

No! Help!

Okay, don't be nervous.

They're just regular Joes like me.

Except maybe him... and him.

Who am I kidding? These guys ain't like me.

They're bank robbers, arsonists, car-nappers or...

Much, much worse.

You see that guy over there?

He used to be a politician!


Something tells me prison and I ain't gonna get along too well.

Prisoner Wheely O'Wheels.

Yo? You got a visitor.

Now, who'd want to visit me?

Putt Putt? He just visited me.

Momma? Nah. She's probably disowned me by now.


Okay, Wheely, come on now.

You da man with the plan.

The king of da rims.

Nobody is smoother.

You are the number one mover.

Hey, baby, I'm so, so...

Putt Putt? Baby?

What are you doing here again? Where's Bella?

Putt Putt?

She driving backwards on road, like this.

Huh? What?

She say she cannot control herself.

Help! Help! Aah!

What you saying?

I think she been car-napped Mr. Wheely.

Are you sure, Putt Putt? I was there.

It's sure as the sun shines in the day and the stars come out at night.

Sometimes the stars don't come out. Anyway, she gone.

Oh, no. No, no, no! I need to find her.

I have to find her. I gotta get out of here.

Do you know who took her? I mean, what did you see?

Describe him.

Some mean-looking truck with Torque Town number plates.

Torque Town? No way. This gets worse.


You gotta bust me out of here, buddy.

Why you think I come?

Putt Putt to control. Do you read me?

Control to Putt Putt. Yes!

Package is ready to go.

Why you whisper?

Shh. Over.

All right, folks, play time's over.

Back into your cells.

Are you sure about this, Putt Putt?

No, but we must try, yes?

You bet.

Hey, I warned you last time.

No gifts for prisoners.

I'll have to confiscate this.

Hey, that tastes kinda... kinda weird.

You like stay around, get girl, win races, have nice life?

Sure, but...

Then take cover. Now!


And that is why you don't mix diesel with petrol.

And kerosene and benzene and water and...

What is the meaning of this?

Do you know how many regulations you just broke?

Under Section 72, Code 6B, underage trucks are not allowed to smoke.

What have you got to say for yourself, young man?

[GASPS] Attention, all units.

There has been a riot at Gasket City Prison.

Requesting all units to backup.

A prison riot. This is it.

One last chance for Sergeant Street to go out with a bang.


Yes! Two tickets to freedom, please.

That's right, Mr. Wheely. We shall be free like... like, uh, butterflies!

Go, go, go!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

You are too large. Too large!

Ow! Ow!


Please tell me you have a plan B.

Plan B? No. I was anticipating success.

This is not good. This is not good.


It's getting dark. Save yourself.

Tell Momma that I love her.

Putt Putt, you're my brother from another mother and father.

Tell Bella that I...

They don't call me Wheely for nothin'.


Too slow.


Stop! Police!

You guys get out of here.

I'm free!


That sound no good.

[HORN HONKS] Ha ha! All is well.

Rest of you please to follow Putt Putt.

They escaped into the tunnels.


Thanks, guys. I wouldn't be here without your help.

Now scram before the cops figure out who you are.

So where you go now?

To Torque Town... to find Bella.

Then I will come too.

Powering up the delta ray scanners.

Time to process our latest guest.

What do you mean, process?

Move it!

Engine: 70,000.

Chassis: 90,000.

Upholstery: 30,000.

CD Fifty Greatest Love Songs: one dollar.

Ha ha! What the...

That is not mine. I bought it for... That is...

Listen, are you quite finished?

Total profit of vehicle: $190,001 Scan ended.

Excuse me?

Ha ha! Excellent!

Take her to the holding area, and careful not to scratch the paintwork.

Don't you dare touch me.

Ooh! Feisty like a chili. Enchi-ladies first.

This enchi-lady is gonna make us money, Boss.

True, but I think we'll get double if we sell her piece-by-piece.

How are we gonna find Bella in time?

Yeah, and nobody knows us in Torque Town.

Maybe we try lost and found. Oh, wait a minute!

I got an idea. Let's call the police.

Putt Putt, we just ran from the police.

You crazy? We on the wanted list.

We gotta keep on the down low. We goin' underground.

We need... disguises.

Yes, disguises!

Ha ha! She's a friend of yours?

[LAUGHS] Sure, she is.

Next you'll be telling me you're a racing car.


This is pointless.

How am I ever going to find Bella?

We just two of us. Torque Town so big.

It'll take a thousand Wheelys to find Miss Bella.

Hold on. That's it!

You come up with the best ideas when you're not thinking, Putt Putt, which is always.

I know just the place to find a thousand Wheelys.

[PHONE DIALING] Hi. I want the number of every taxi office in Torque Town, please.

Yes, you heard right.


Ah, I knew this was a prank call.

The joker that got us here's gonna pay for this.

No, they won't. [LAUGHS] You get it?

Hi. Hello. Everybody?



Are you the jerk that got us out here on a wild goose chase?

[CLEARS THROAT] That's me.

We should have him arrested.

Now y'all, just chill. Just chill.

I called you all here because you're just like me: ordinary guys, working taxis, making a living.

And I need your help.

You'll need an ambulance when we're finished with you!

An ambulance? I used to date an ambulance.

It was a wreck from the start. Whoa!

No, please!

I need help to find my girlfriend.

She's been car-napped.

Bella di Monetti is your girlfriend?


He's crazy!

A ride like her wouldn't be seen dead with a ride like him.


Why us? Why not call the police?

Well, that's a long story.

A jailbird! I should've known.

I was framed. Please, guys.

You're the eyes and ears of the street.

No one could pass through here without y'all knowing.

And why should we get mixed up in some rich car business?

What did they ever do for us, huh, fellas?

Telling me, what have they ever done?

They never tip. That's for sure.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here as the kings and queens of the road.

When have we ever judged anybody by the gleam of their chrome or their engine size?

Shame on all of you.

All vehicles are born equal in the eyes of the maker.

No, no, wait! Please! You're my last hope!

In your sleep, Wheely!



Do I know you?

The cinema, remember?

Oh, yeah.

You're the only one who's ever recognized me.

Look, if it's any help, I took a fare to the docks yesterday, an out-of-towner.


And I think I saw your friend being loaded onto a rust-bucket ship called Crank.

I wouldn't mess with those guys, though.

When they say they wanna break you, you'd better hope they'll do it quick.

Bella's in danger?

I have to save her, no matter what.

Can you bring me there? Yes, I can.

I was about to head in that direction anyway.

Wait! Putt Putt come along too.

Putt Putt, stay put.

But really, Wheely?

Listen, Putt Putt, it's gonna be a dangerous mission, and I need to ride this one out without you.

You've been the best buddy any car could have, and I don't wanna lose you.

Okay, here I go.

Thanks for helping me out here, Amy.

Are you sure you're up for this?

Remember, once you're inside, follow the yellow line to find Harbor Nine.

I'll remember.

Hey, hit reverse, mijo.

This is private property.

Yeah, beat it!

Sorry. I had a call to drop off a delivery to Harbor Nine.

This is Harbor Nine?

What delivery?

How would I know?

I just make the delivery. It sounded urgent.

Okay, you wait there. I'll go check.


What's the problem?

Main gate here.

Some taxi with Gasket City plates with a delivery for Harbor Nine.

What taxi? What delivery? What harbor?

Taxi? Gasket City? Wheely!

Tell him to shove off. He's got it wrong.

Typical taxi. Hmmph!

Hey, can you keep the noise down?

Some of us are trying to get our beauty sleep.


No delivery wanted here.

Okay, then. Well, I guess I should be off.

See ya.

Yeah. Hey, stop him!

Calling all taxis in the harbor district.

We have a colleague in need of our assistance!




I've heard of going for a spin, but that was ridiculous.


I think I finally lost them.

Okay, you need to stop moving.

We're tired of playing catch, ese.

You ain't going to be picking up any more fares, carnal.

So you coming with us?

Or... you coming with us?

Hold it, buddy!

Ain't nobody taking my brother taxi anywhere.

Says who? [LAUGHING]


You called, Amy?

What took you so long?

If you creeps want my friend over there, you'll have to go through us first.

You hear that, Rumble?

She wants us to go through her.


With pleasure!

Wheely, go find your lady love.

We can't hold these tin cans up forever.

I'm on it. Thank you, Amy!

That's it!

Follow the yellow line to find Harbor Nine.

What the...

It must be here.

Well, I guess there's only one way to find out.


Oh, Mr. Frank.

Hey, aren't you the little bike with the broken racecar?

One year ago.

What are you doing back here again?

How's your friend doing?

Putt Putt got no friend.




Oh, sorry.

I thought you were that little bike with the friend who broke his axle.

I found a replacement part, and I was gonna get him to come by.

Mr. Wheely got no time.

He on dangerous mission.

His girlfriend got car-napped, and now Mr. Wheely gone to save her.


Well, there's only one truck who does that in Torque Town, and let me tell you, he is one mean trucker.

I think your friend needs help.

But Mr. Wheely tell Putt Putt to stay put.

Hmm. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

[GASPS] Maybe Wheely needs Putt Putt help.

Uh, Putt Putt don't know way.

Mr. Frank show way?

Hmm. It appears we have a visitor.

A crazed taxi.

Not exactly a worry, but a good chance to check out the new security system.

Computer! Ready to assist.

Let's mix up the pieces a little, shall we?



Why do I feel like someone's playing me like a video game?


Well, that was fun!

This is a really bad idea.

No such thing as bad idea, Mr. Frank.

Is how you do the idea that makes it good or bad.

Okay, kid, whatever you say.

Now you go that way, and I'll go this way.

Mr. Frank not going to help Putt Putt?



Now, what you doing here?

Enough intruders already.

We should get a pay raise.

I agree, carnal. Now get inside.

Not you, menso!

PUTT PUTT: Where are they taking us?

Miss Bella, is that you?

Sorry. If it's an autograph you want, you're out of luck.

No, no. I'm Putt Putt, friend of Mr. Wheely.

I'm sure he tell you all about me.


Is Wheely here? I knew it!

He was the taxi who showed up earlier.

But where is he now?

I not know, but I do know he our only hope.


You need to do better than that if you're gonna stop Wheely O'Wheels.

But you don't have to.

Good, but not good enough.

Computer, give me manual override.

Affirmative. Manual override initiated.

We have to get out of here before I get chopped up like the rest.

No chop chop.

Mr. Frank, can you open door?

I can try.

Oh, no.

This is... impossible!


BEN: Face it. You and me, we're not even in the same league.

Don't even dream that Bella would ever want anything to do with the likes of you.

You're a loser, and you always will be one, taxi boy.


Oh, yeah? We'll see about that.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Come on, Wheely, you have the speed, you've got the strength, and also a junky axle, but you have the will.

Well, that was a smashing success.

It's working! It's...

Whoa. Whoa!

Stay on track, Wheely.

Yeah! I can do it. I'm the man.

A little bit more.

Don't try this at home, kids!

Aw, yeah! Who da man?

Uh-uh! I'm the man, all right?

Thank you, thank you! Did anyone see that?

Come and get me.

Now's about the time when the hero's gotta drive away real slow, with a cool face, while everything comes crumbling down behind him in slow-mo.

Ha ha! Yeah!

No explosions? Really?

Later, Torque Town.

You ain't going nowhere with Bella.

Whoa, whoa! What the...


You might have been tricky to find, but justice always wins in the end. Clamp him!

No, wait! You're making a big mistake.

I'm not the one you should be cuffing. It's them!

That gang of law-breaking, violent car-nappers.

They're the bad guys.

You have a very vivid imag...

What? Car-nappers?

Stop in the name of the law!

[SIRENS BLARING] It's the cops.

Crank it up, on the double!

Okay, Boss. Ja makin' me smoke it up.

Thanks to the police, that idiot taxi won't ever catch up with us now!

We're starting to move.

From motions in stomach, it would seem so.


Sea sickness.


Apologies in advance. Follow me.

Focus on the ramp, not the water.

Water? Where?

One, two, three, jump!


We made it! We're alive!

But where is Miss Bella?

She didn't make it.






Mr. Wheely, so sorry. We did our best.

So you've seen her?

Yes. She still on board.

Please, Sergeant Street, let me go.

I'm begging you. I need to save her.

I can't lose her now.



Officer? Ma'am?

Swing. Swing?

Swing? Swing?

Swing! That's an order!

Yes, ma'am.

Faster, faster!

What are you doing, Officer?

You make him dizzy. It's "Sergeant!"


Now... release!


Go get her, son.



Anything, but not the water!

Hey, did somebody order a taxi?




Crank, full speed ahead.


You got that, man.

Uh, not gonna make it.

Bella, hold on, I'm coming!

Hah! See now?

Why didn't anyone tell me how fun flying was?

Wow. That was quite an entrance.

Racers, we like to put on a show.



Bella, look out!



Hold on! I'm coming!

This ship is First Class only.



You'll pay for this, you crook!

This really is too easy to be any fun.

We'll both go down together.




So this is the famous Kaiser, king of the car-nappers and the crowning glory of my career.

Okay, boys, clamp him.

Slap my face.

Ow! Why you do that? You just said...

It's a catchphrase. It's Putt Putt catchphrase.

Everyone knows it's my catchphrase.

But what about Wheely and Bella?

They went for a swim to the bottom of the ocean!


Take him away.

Don't worry. We'll dredge the sea bed until we find them.


Look! Ship still afloat!

You promise to tell the cops I'm the one who helped save you.

Remember, it was Crank who stopped you from falling into water.

And sorry I couldn't save your bumper.

Sorry about your pal.

Wheely, can you hear me?

Wake up, Wheely.

I shouldn't have gotten you into this mess.

It's all my fault.

Please, just wake up.

I don't want to lose you, you big klutz.

I... love you too.

What? Wheely!


Bella... What?

I thought you were dead. Are we dead? Am I in heaven?

But wait. Why is there fire?

Wheely. I was about to fall over, but Crank...

Well, here we are at the first race of this new street race season, which sees the return of Wheely O'Wheels in his fresh new looks.

Look at that gleaming yellow and black with a little bit of white.

He's a taxi.

Yes, I-I know.

And he'll be battling again with his old foe, Jay Lo.

That's Joe Flo.

Sorry for my co-commentator's slip of the tongue.

Yeah, well, no one's perfect.

You should know. Back to the race now.

And Jay Lo... I mean Joe Flo... has hit the front.

No! I'm afraid so.

But Wheely O'Wheels still has a chance in this, the final stage of the race.

Now that I've fixed his axle, he'd better win this race.

Your son make good, Mrs. Momma.

My son's always good, whether he wins or not.

I second that.

It was so good of you to come just for this race, Bella.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Besides, I have some time off before my next movie.

What you doing, boy?

Pop those pistons like you mean it!

Did that momma just...

I think she did.

She said... I heard what she said.

So you say you know Wheely, Madam Officer?

It's "Captain!"

That racer taxi foiled a global car-napping ring, my boy.

We should all be grateful.

I want you to become like Wheely O'Wheels. Immediately!


Good to have you back on the track, Wheely.

I see you're now racing in your taxi colors.

Well, as my momma says, "It ain't about what's on the outside.

It's the inside that counts."

You mean you like my new leather interior?

Hey, like I said: All cars are created equal.

I just prefer black and white checks.

♪♪ [RAP]