When a Stranger Calls (2006) Script


Is that Alice?

No, I think you've got the wrong number.

Well, what's your name?

This is Stacy.

Wh--? Who is this?




Who is this?

-Hey, Mr. Wilson. -Hey, Dennis.

A.J. Charlie. Katherine.



Andrew Joseph.


Charlie? Katherine.



Please stop calling me.

Wait. Let's see it.

-I'm winning you. -Come on, you guys.

Hello, sir.

We have a 44-year-old white female....

What's going on?

We were patrolling a block away when the call came.

-Who made the call? -I'm not sure, sir.

-Well, where did you find them? -Upstairs bedroom.

-Hey, Harv. -Hey, Hines. You're growing a beard.

-Yes, I am. -Makes you look--

Old and fat. I know, I've heard.

-Where am I going, Lewis? -Just around here, sir.

-What did the coroner say? -He's still here, wading through it all.

Wading through it all?

-You need gloves, sir? -Yeah. Give them to me.

That's a bedroom round to your left.

-What was the murder weapon? -That's just it.


There wasn't one.

Nice, nice. Come on, get that.

Sorry, coach.

You're not concentrating, Jill.

You can make 24 seconds. We both know you can.

Just focus on something in the distance, and then--

Run for it like nothing else exists.


Okay. Good practice, ladies. Hit the showers.

-Hey, Jill. -Hey, Boom Boom.

I'm sorry, your service has been temporarily interrupted.

If this is an emergency, please dial 91 1.


Come on, Jill. You just gonna ignore me forever?

Sounds good to me.

I tried to call you last night, but your cell phone was tweaked.

-We need to talk. -Bobby, we've talked.

Seventy-four minutes yesterday, 1 24 the day before...

...and 256 the day before that.

-Just hear me out. -I saw you with her.

Well, what else is there to discuss?

She kissed me. I keep telling you that.

-I barely even remember it, anyway. -Wait, so you let her kiss you.

-Please-- -Later, Bobby.

Am I gonna see you tonight?

-Did you hang tough? -I hung.

I don't want you giving in to those blue eyes.

I'm not gonna give in.

You know, that's just the worst lion I've ever seen, I gotta tell you.

It's.... I know.

So, what time are you picking us up tonight?

I'm not picking anyone up.

-What do you mean? -I'm grounded.

All because you went over your minutes?

-Yep. Thanks to that jerk. -I thought they were gonna wait...

-...till after the bonfire. -So did l.

Hey, guys.

-Guys, this is so high school. -Scarlet, we're in high school.

Anyway, they're making me pay it off.

-Yeah, I have to babysit. Tonight. -Tonight?

Who needs some stupid bonfire party, anyway?

It's just a bunch of skanks and jerks acting like idiots, right?

So Mom was able to get the tickets.

I was kind of hoping they'd be sold-out.

Just be glad you're not going.

It's baroque chamber music.

Since the concert isn't over until after midnight...

...Dr. Mandrakis will drive you home, okay?

I could have at least driven myself, Dad.

Jill, you went over by 800 minutes.

Do you know how much that cost us?

-At least you could wait until after 8:.00. -I know.

-I always do. -Except this time you didn't.

That's-- That's not fair, Dad. You know why.

Sweetheart, I know. But still....

Wha--? So if I drove myself, you think I'd have just bailed and not shown up?

It's one month, Jill. No phone, no car.

Besides, I don't want you driving home alone this far so late at night.


-...they really live pretty far out here. -Yep.

-You gonna be okay out here alone? -Depends what they have TiVo-ed.

Guess I should have been a doctor.

Just think of this as learning responsibility.

Dad, I am responsible.

I mean, when it's not easy...

...when it's complicated, when it hurts. That's when it counts.

Call us if you need anything.

-You guys have fun. -Say it like you mean it.

Hi, I'm the babysitter.

Oh, right, yes. Come in.

I'm sorry to rush, but I think we're a little late.

Honey, have you seen the keys?

Don't yell. I just got the kids to sleep.

-Did you check the kitchen? -Yeah.

Well, try the office.

You must be Jill. I'm Kelly Mandrakis.

Nice to meet you both.

We were so thrilled to find a babysitter at the last minute.

You come highly recommended by the Thompsons.

Well, they're great.

If you can handle them, we're gonna be a cakewalk.


-Tim, keys? -Yeah.

Come on, I'll show you around.

The kitchen's back here.

That's Chester. He'll probably be there all night.

It's beautiful.

Bye, Chester.

Oh, you'll get used to that.

Here's a list of all the contact and emergency numbers you might need.

Our cell numbers. And that's the number of the restaurant.

Here's the phone. Don't hesitate to call us about anything.

Oh, and help yourself to anything in the fridge.

I remember babysitting. Food's the best part.

Oh, and if you hear any banging around upstairs, don't worry.

That's our live-in Rosa. She has a room on the third floor.

She sometimes leaves to go take care of her mother...

...who's been pretty sick recently.

-Your house is amazing. -Thank you.

Tim, have you seen my--?

Okay. Anything else, or are we done?

-The guesthouse? -Guesthouse.

Our son, who's in college, stays out there most weekends.

Not that he ever calls to let us know when he's coming.

You have a son in college?

From my first marriage.

Our dinner reservations are at 8...

...but we might catch a movie afterwards...

...which would put us home around midnight. Is that okay?

-That's fine. -Great.

-Okay. Anything else? All set? -The children?

First bedroom at the top of the landing.

They're getting over the flu.

We had a hard time getting them to sleep...

...so whatever you do, please, try not to wake them.

Oh, we have an alarm system.

I'll write the code down for you right here.

-You familiar with these? -Yes.

Okay, honey, let's go.


-Just make yourself at home. -Okay.

Oh, thank you. I just bought them.


Dr. Mandrakis?




Rosa, this is Jill the babysitter.



Mandrakis residence.



What are the kids like?

I don't know. They were asleep when I got here.

And the house?

Pretty amazing.

You should see her closet. It's bigger than my room.


I haven't checked that out yet.

Good closet means good supplies.

Listen, I'm not sure if I should tell you this, but--


The jerk called me.

He wants your number over there.

Well, did you give it to him?

No, because he'd call.

It's okay to give it to him.

I'm smelling weakness.

I'm not being weak.

Then why talk to him?

So I can just end this thing once and for all.

Well, that sounds convincing.

Come on, I got it.

The person you really should be talking to is Tiffany.

When are you heading over to the bonfire?

Nice subject change. I'm on my way now.

I wanna get a good seat before the jocks start streaking...

...like a pack of wild idiots.

Now you're really making me sad I'm missing it.

You want me to swing by first?

No, it's okay.

But give Bobby the number, all right?

-Don't say I didn't warn you. -Fine, I've been warned.

-Hello. -This is TTR Protection.

We just registered your alarm.

Is there an emergency, or do you need assistance?

No, not at all. I'm just the babysitter.

I think the maid set off the alarm.

May I have the password please?

Password? I only have a number.

I'll have to check with the Mandrakises to confirm your identity.

-What is your name? -Jill Johnson.

Okay, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Mandrakis confirmed.

-Good night. -Thank you.


Hello, is somebody there?

Is everything okay? We just got a call from the alarm company.

Everything's fine. The alarm just went off.

I don't know how many times I've written the number down for Rosa.

-Did it wake the kids? -I don't think so.

They're still quiet. Do you want me to go check?

No, no. Trust me, you'd know if they were awake.

Okay. Well, good. Call if you need anything else.

Okay. Thank you.


Is everything okay?


Are you still here?


Mandrakis residence.

Is everything okay?

Dr. Mandrakis?


-Hello. -Hey.

-Who is this? -What are you wearing?

Combat boots and a parka, you jerk. Who is this?

Bobby, is this you?

Whoever this is, this isn't funny.

Yeah, it is.




-My God, the look on your face. -What the hell are you doing here?

Oh, my God. Could this house be more awesome?

Tiffany, you don't just do this to people. Why didn't you call?

I just did.

-How did you get in? -The garage door is open.


What's the big deal?

I've been getting really weird prank phone calls all night.

So then don't answer the phone. I'm sure they have voice mail.

-Well, maybe I'm expecting a call. -From Bobby?

-What's it to you? -Oh, I don't know.

Maybe because I'm your best friend.

It's a little hard to remember after what you did.

How many times do I have to say that I'm sorry? It was one kiss.

And besides, you know what tequila does to me.

Then don't drink.

-Fine, I'll try. -Face it, Tiffany...

...you've been crushing on Bobby ever since ninth grade.

Yeah, I have.

It's because he asked me out first. I was with him for one day...

...when he spotted you.

I never got my kiss, so I figured I had it coming to me.

Now we're even.

You know what? That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

Jill, I'm a bitch.

I know that, you know that, everybody knows that.

Let's go do a truce shot.

-I bet they have a killer bar. -You're quitting, remember?

Sherry, port. So, what about something real, people?

Voila. Tequila.

Didn't we just talk about you not drinking, Tiffany?

-You were serious? -Okay. You gotta go...

...because I'm babysitting.

Okay, fine.

But at least come with me to the bonfire, just for a couple of hours.

I mean, the kids are asleep, right?

So you could just set the alarm and no one would ever know.


-Bye. -Bye.

Call me.

Shit. Oh, shit.

Oh, God.

Oh, no. Come on.

Tiffany. Tiffany, come on.

This isn't funny.



Mandrakis residence.

-Jill, is that you? -Bobby. Bobby, are you there?

Wait, move around. We've got a bad connection.

-Jill. -Yeah, it's me.

Listen, have you been calling me?

Hold on.

-Can you hear me? Is that better? -Yeah, it's better. Listen--

-No one can get a signal up here. -Bobby, listen.

-Have you been calling me here? -What?

I won't get mad. I just need to know if you've been calling.

Well, Cody pranked you, but I made him stop.

-Just once? -Yeah, I think so.

Bobby, listen, this is very important. I won't get mad.

Has he called me more than once?

I don't know.

Hold on, let me check.

Hey, Cody.


Are you still there?

The person you are trying to reach is out of range.

Please try your call again--

Tiffany, I know it's you.

I can see your name on caller ID, genius.

This isn't Tiffany.

Who is this?

Who is this?


Who's Cody?

You better cut this out.


-Hello. -Scarlet, it's me, Jill.

-Jill. -Can you hear me?

Barely. No one can get any service up here.

Yeah, I know. Listen--

-Did Tiffany come up to talk to you? -Yeah, she came by.

Did you kiss and make up?


-Scarlet-- -Are you there?

The person you are trying to reach is out of range.

Please try your call--

Hello, you've reached Ben Johnson.

Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message after the beep.


...it's Jill here. Can you call me at the Mandrakises' when you have a chance?

Okay? Thanks.

Please leave me a detailed message...

...and I'll return your call as soon as I can. Have a great day.

Hi, Mrs. Mandrakis. It's me, Jill, calling.

Could you give me a call when you get a chance?

But don't-- Don't worry, everything's fine. Okay, thank you.

Il Cielo, how may I help you?

Hi. Can I speak with Dr. Mandrakis, please?

Dr. Mandrakis? He left about 40 minutes ago.

That's what I thought. Okay, thank you.

Operator. How may I direct your call?

Can I speak with the police?

-Is this an emergency? -Yes.

No. No, not really.

-Would you like me to connect you? -Yes, please. Thank you.

Elan Valley Police Department, Officer Burroughs.

-How can I help you? -I've been getting weird phone calls...

...about every 1 5 minutes from a man. It's starting to scare me.

-An anonymous caller, miss? -Yes.

-Has he threatened you? -No.

Has he been using obscene language?

No. Sometimes he doesn't even say anything.

-He just keeps on calling. -There's not much we can do...

...unless there's a real threat.

-Is the phone listed in your name? -No, I'm just the babysitter.

-What's your name? -Jill Johnson.

Do you have friends that can come over, keep you company?

No, they're all at the bonfire. My school's having...

...this big thing by the--

I know. We have a couple units over there.

Sounds pretty wild.

-Rosa's car. -What's that?

The housekeeper. I thought she left, but l-- I guess she hasn't.

There you go. You feel better with the two of you there?

Actually, I feel pretty stupid.

There's a lot of freaks out there. You were right to call.

If you need anything else, just call back.

I'm here all night. Just ask for Officer Burroughs.

-Officer Burroughs. Take care, miss.

Thank you.




Are you down there?

Hello, this is Rosa. Please, leave a message.

Hello, this is Rosa. Please, leave a--

-Hello. -Have you checked the children?

-Hello. -How were the children?

Elan Valley Police.

-He can see me. -I'm sorry.

It's Jill, the girl who called before about the man who can--

-Tell me what's going on. -He called me again.

-What did he say? -He's out there. He's outside. He's--

He's watching me through the windows.

-Did you see him? -No, but I know he can see me.

-He knew when I went upstairs. -Okay. Take a deep breath.

-Where's the housekeeper? -l-- I don't know.

I-- l-- I saw her purse and the keys...

-...but l-- I can't find her. -Is the house locked up?

-Yes. -Alarm system?

-It's on. -Okay.

You're safe inside that house. If he wanted to break in...

-...he wouldn't be calling you. -But he must want something.

Listen to me.

Miss, he's just some asshole trying to hassle you.

-There's something we can do. -What?

I can alert the phone company, so when he calls...

... we can try and trace the call.

I can also get my commander to authorize a GPS trace...

...if he's calling from a cell phone.

Now, I got your number here. Can you verify the address?

I don't....

I don't know. My dad brought me here. I....

It's-- Wait. Here. 3378 Old Mill Road.

I know where that is. Now, if he calls again...

...try to keep him on the line for 60 seconds...

-...so we can trace the call. -I can't.

He doesn't stay on the phone for more than a few seconds.

I'll see if I can get a car out to you.

But if I do, it's gonna take at least 20 minutes from the time of dispatch.

Think you'll be okay until then?

-Yes. -Good.

Now, I'll be watching the phone line. Call me if you need to.

Okay. Thank you.


It's you, isn't it?

No, no, no. Wait, wait. Wait, don't hang up.

If you keep on calling, must mean you wanna talk, right?

Is it me you're calling for?

Are you calling for the Mandrakises?

Damn it.


Hey, it's Todd. I'm not here. I'm up at school.

And if you don't have the number, then there's probably a reason.

Hi, it's Jill, the babysitter.

If you or Rosa are in there, could you please pick up...

...or come up to the house?

Someone's been calling, and I called the police.

I was wondering if you could come up and wait here with me until they come.




Hey, it's Todd. I'm not here. I'm up at school.

And if you don't have the number, then there's probably a reason.

It's you, isn't it?

How did you get this number?

How do you know I'm in here?

Did you see me out there?

Why are you doing this to me?

Sixty seconds. Got you.

You called the wrong phone line.



It's Jill.


I know it's you.

I'm not gonna be here much longer.

Dr. Mandrakis and his wife are coming home soon.

Why won't you answer me?

I know you're there. I can-- I can hear you breathing.

Is that what you wanted?

To scare me?

Because if that's what you want, you can stop now...

...because it really worked.

But you don't know who I am, or where I live.

And Dr. Mandrakis is gonna take me home...

...as soon as he gets here.

But maybe even the police will take me home.

Please, I mean, there has to be a reason why you keep on calling me.

I mean...

...if you're not trying to scare me, what do you want?

Your blood...

...all over me.


-Stop calling me, you sick-- -Jill? Listen to me.

We traced the call. It's coming from inside the house.

Do you hear me? It's coming from inside the house.

You need to get out of there right now. Jill?

Oh, my God.

Come on. Okay.

Come on. Okay.

Kids, come on.

I'm Jill, the babysitter.

Here. Stay right here. Stay-- Stay here.

Get out. Go out that window right there.


Please, no.

Get away. Go on.

Come back!

Come back!


It's Jill.

Where are you?

Come on. Come on.

Come on.


Come on. Oh, God.


Come on.

There. Are you guys okay?

Kids, come on. You okay? Come on. Gotta go.

Come on, gotta go, gotta go.

Come on.

-Jill! Jill, it's okay. You're safe! -Stop it! No!

How you doing?

-Where is he? -We've got him.

He's in that police car right over there.

In ankle cuffs, handcuffs.

Enough sedatives to kill a horse. We're gonna take him to the hospital.

We'll have four cops guarding him around the clock.

That's not enough.

Take care, Jill.

--reporting to you from Elan Valley...

...where police have just apprehended a suspect--

--wanted in the murders of 1 5 people here.

--a violent struggle with his intended victim--

--he's linked to murders where women...

... were stalked and harassed for hours--

--an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse.

Police are looking for links between victims. They were young women--

--most recent victim was in Buford County, 1 25 miles west--

--Elan Valley.

As of now, his identity remains a mystery.

Oh, my God! No! No!

-He's in the house! He's in the house! -Look-- Look, listen to me.

No! No! He's in the house, Dad! He's in the house!

He's in the house! No, you don't understand!

No! He's in the house!

He's in the house!