When the Bough Breaks (2016) Script

One of my favourite presentations.

Will you excuse me one second?

...floating oil, submerged oil...

...contaminated soils...

...shifting submerged oil...

...and recovery of additional environments.

Just the physical damage alone.

A pregnancy is brutal on your body.

There's also a risk from the hormonal changes:

Mood disorders, depression.

Are you sure you still wanna be a surrogate?

Yes. I am.

If more than two embryos take, the couple may choose to abort some.

Well, that's their choice.

Now, he's gonna keep pushing her here. It's deliberate.

The girls always think they've made their decision to be a surrogate...

...but a lot of them change their mind after about an hour with Carl.

Hey, John.

Hey. Hey.

It's fine, I'm here.

I'm here.

So we found someone? Yeah...

...possibly. Anna Walsh.

She's 21. She lives here in the city, she's a waitress.

And she is brand-new. Just walked in today.

What would your choice be? If the children were mine?

Oh, come on, Anna.

Aren't they? In a way?

Life can take an unexpected turn.

You could lose the baby.

If life worked out the way it was supposed to, I wouldn't be here.

Anna, why are you really doing this?

Because I have the opportunity to help someone who can't have a child.

Look at her eyes.

She means it.

I don't like your interview guy. He is a bully.

But I do like her.

I like her.


If we submit...


Todd. Is Grafton gonna settle?

Oh, they're gonna wish they did.

I want you to bring Todd up to speed.

If we go to court on this, it'll be the firm sticking its neck out.

Now, this is still your baby, but I want a second pair of eyes.

Right. Of course.

No problem.

Hey, babe.

Cooper was just in here.

He's putting Todd frigging Decker on my case.

I'm with her. You're with who?


It took forever to fill out the paperwork, and I was starved...

...so I dropped into that little diner where she works and she was here...

...waiting for her fiancé to pick her up.

She's great.

I know, I know, I know.

There are a million things that can go wrong...

...and we still have to do the health checks and just everything.

Exactly. It's...

I just don't want us to spend another two years looking...

...and maybe missing, and the whole time, she was the one.

She's so shy.

But there's something else there, like...

...I know she can take care of herself.

I invited her and her fiancé Michael over for dinner tomorrow night.

Oh, babe. Is it okay?

Well, I'll tell you, when you move, you move.

I'm sorry, but I just wanna do it right.

I really want them to like us.

I'm sorry if I overdid this. We could've just gone out.

No, are you kidding?

This... This is real nice.

It's what I do, actually. I'm a chef.

I know it's just a meal...

...but I meant it to show you both how committed we are.

The baby is your business.

One hundred percent. But you will be carrying it.

In the service, I know a lot of guys who've done this before.

When you're deployed, it just makes sense.

When I'm gone, you two, you know, you come see her whenever you want.

I understand you'll be using the money to buy a business.

Oh, from my uncle. Residential and commercial roofing.

He had quite the run here after Katrina.

Owning the company means you get a piece of everybody's take-home.

Plus markup, overhead.

Mike's always been real smart about money.

With my deployment bonus...

...we'll be able to put together almost $40,000.

And that's enough to buy the whole thing.

Anna, I'm sure there are probably some questions that you have for us?

Can I smoke somewhere?

Nice home you got here.

These renovations must have cost you a pretty penny.

Well, the house was part of Laura's inheritance from her grandmother.

The renovations, they came later.

Must be nice to lay out that kind of cash.

Working by windows, you see a lot of things that nobody else would see.

Weird shit, you know?

Housewives, whatever.

Act like they're alone...

...but they know we're there.


Benefit of the job, right?

That, there, isn't the right material.

That gutter's leaking at the splice.

Gonna mess up that window.


Look, if we do this...

...we just wanna make sure that you and Anna are comfortable with it.

We are. Of course.

See, it's just that we're down to our last viable embryo, right?

And we wanna make sure that you know how serious our intentions are.

I get it.


One hundred percent.

We tried for a long time to get pregnant.

I had three miscarriages.

It really put the two of us through hell.

You actually start to hate...

...your own body.

I've never had anything...

...that anybody wanted before.

Except for the obvious.

I've never been able to give anybody anything.

Okay, just spill it, Taylor, you didn't like them.

Okay, him. I mean, we go outside, right?

And he's talking to me about...

...looking at housewives undressing through windows.

Maybe that's his way of bonding.

I don't know, babe. I mean, we can keep looking.

I think doing something like this is really important to her.

Yeah, I know, it's kind of cute. I mean, you see...

...the way she left a price tag on the dress?

She's taking it back tomorrow.

She wanted to wear something nice to impress us.

I did that on our first date.

Oh, yeah, I remember that dress.

Matter of fact, I remember undoing it, like this.

Did I let you?

On the first date?

I was bad.

You were so bad that you were, oh, so good.


I want to.

Having them here...

...it just brings it all back.

I understand. I'm sorry.

It's okay. It's okay, babe.

It's all right.

We're gonna do this, aren't we?

She's the one.


All right, hold still.

It's gonna feel like a little stick.

All right. Don't move.

I'm placing the embryo. Don't move.

You're doing good.

And there.

All right. Here we go.

I'll take that. Thank you.

All right, we're done. You did great.

Thank you.

Good job.

People always talk about how they know the moment...

...when their child was conceived.

A wedding night or a special date.

But I will know for sure...

...it was this moment.

The baby could be starting its life right now.

It's strange.

It just keeps hitting me how strange it is.

I mean, it's against the law to pay someone to have sex...

...but you can pay a woman to get pregnant with your child?

Imagine how it is for the boyfriend. She said she loves him.

She doesn't hesitate, doesn't question it...

...she just loves him.

She asked if it was the same with us.

But it wasn't, was it?

We worked hard.

And we hung in there.

But it was worth it.

Yeah, it was.

When I was working on this room...

...sometimes I would just...

...close my eyes and imagine you in here...

...playing with our baby.

It's gonna work this time.


We're gonna have a family.

We need to do more research on that section of pollution, 11.62.

Once we have that going on...

You guys go ahead. I gotta take this. All right, John.

Hey, babe. Just got out of court. John.

John, you're gonna be a father.


Anna's here and...

She took a home test. She took three of them...

...and all three of them were positive.

Oh, my God. I'm gonna be a father.

Anna's sitting here watching me bawl my eyes out.

Babe. Yeah.

Hey, Mama. Hey, Daddy.

I want her to go to Yale. No, no. He is gonna go to LSU.

Law review. First female president.


Anna's in the shower. She's gonna come say hi when she's done.

Okay. You guys going to yoga together? Yep.

I didn't know how I'd feel about somebody else's body...

...going through everything but I really like this girl.

I really like you.

I really like you. I really love you.

I didn't know he was here.

He came home early. No, Anna, this is... Oh, it's...

This is great news.

It's great news.

This is good work, John.

If this is right, they got nowhere to run.

Well, unless they draw Judge Steve Paulson.

He doesn't believe in corporate negligence.

Invite him to your charity event next month.

The man loves cocktail shrimp and the Saints.


Will you guys just excuse me for a minute?

She's here for you?

She's a relative.

I called Laura.

She told me to come. I'm sorry.

Is everything okay? Yeah.

I had a doctor's appointment. Mike didn't pick me up.

Okay, let's go.

Come on, honey.

I grew up in a neighbourhood just like this.

My father, he worked so hard, he didn't have that many days off...

...but when he did...

...he used to pick me up from school.

God, I can't wait to do that.

You're welcome, John.

So you okay? Yeah. Thanks for the ride.

Quiet. Quiet!

Guess you forgot to pick her up.

Everything good?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm great.

How's this one working out?

Anything you need me to talk to her about?

Everything's fine.

Go in the house right now.


Let's go.

It's been a long day, cat.


Mess with me?

That's what I'm talking about.

What's troubling that pretty little head of yours?

Anna said she'd call me, and she hasn't.

She's young. She probably just forgot.

Told you.



You must be John Taylor? Yes.

Right over here.

I'm fine.

You're sure? Yeah.

The baby's okay? Baby's fine. I'm sure.

The perpetrator, Mr. Mitchell, he'll be taken in...

...and charged with domestic battery. He acknowledged striking Miss Walsh.

You're not gonna let him out, are you? He makes bail, we can't hold him.

But he'll hurt me. He tries to harm you...

...you call us, we'll arrest him again.

You may wanna try to find another place to stay.

I don't have another place to stay.

Yes, you do.

He hurt my face.

I am so sorry.

It's okay. I am so sorry.

No, it's okay. Anna!

Anna! Hey.

Anna! Let's go!

Anna! Don't move!

Hey, hey! Get down. Get down!

I got him. All right. Get him in the car.

Come on. Come on! Get in the car! Anna.

Oh, my God.

You're okay, all right? We're gonna take care of you.

You're gonna be fine. Let's get you inside.

Hey, John.

How the hell are you?

I need you to listen to me, Mike.

I need you to really understand what I'm about to say.

This is a restraining order.

It's already happened.

This is a case for domestic abuse...

...battery and child endangerment.

This is a letter to the DA...

...who's a friend of mine...

...recommending no less than seven criminal counts.

These haven't been filed yet.

So, what's gonna happen now is this:

You're gonna stay away from Anna.

We're never gonna see you again. She's never gonna see you again.

In 10 days, you're gonna be shipped off to the Middle East.

And when you return, your money's gonna be waiting for you.

But if you ever...

...come near Anna again...

...I'm gonna bust your head open.

Then I'm gonna make sure your punk ass is sent somewhere...

...that's gonna make the Middle East look like Club Med.

Have I made myself clear?

Oh, yeah.

Crystal. Good.

Opening 3.

Have a nice life.


Thanks for the visit.

How is she?

She's sleeping in the guest house.

Where'd you go? I just went to...

...make sure Mike wouldn't be a problem anymore.

I was watching her sleep.

She looks so pretty.

John, it's okay. You can admit it. She's beautiful.

Yeah, well, I don't know.

I guess if you're the type of guy...

...who likes...

...soft, young...

...pert breasts.

An ass that you can bounce a quarter off of.

But I hadn't really noticed, I have to tell you.

Oh, sometimes I forget how good of a liar you are.

I love you.

I love you so much.

You know that, right?

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning, hon. Good morning.

Thank you.

Anna, we'd like you to stay here with us in our guest house.

We'd like you to take time off of work.

We'll pay you whatever you were making.

We'll get you a car so you don't feel trapped. Come and go as you please.

Are you serious? Yeah.

We talked about it. We feel more comfortable...

...knowing you're here most of the time. And knowing that you're safe.

It's just... I think Mike...

Anna, Mike hurt you.

And he's not gonna be around anymore.

Not for a very long time.

Now, you are doing this incredible thing for us.

It's the least we can do.

Let us do something nice for you, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Thank you.

Well, she is now officially better than me in yoga.

Well, she's 10 weeks pregnant. Give it another five weeks...

...you'll be able to take her down.

Because yoga's all about who wins, right?

She says it's got her body going crazy.

For sex, for men.

I guess it's the hormones.

Anything from the boyfriend?

No. Nothing.

He just shipped out without even contacting her.

I'm glad he's gone.

Ready for the associate's dinner? All set.

Laura, sweetie, come on, let's go.

I'm coming!

Sometime tonight, sweetheart.

Oh, my God.

You look like a movie star.

You like?

I love that dress.

You look absolutely stunning.

Can I take your picture?

All right.

Listen, you have both of our cell numbers.

And we'll be home by midnight.

Okay, 1.

I'll get the car.

So beautiful.

It's amazing the way he is with you.

You are so lucky.

Thank you. Thank you, Anna.

And you have a good night.

You too. Have fun. All right. We will.


...I am happy.

I am in control of my life.

I will experience the joy of pure love."


I was watching TV.

I guess I fell asleep. No problem.

I fall asleep there all the time.

I'd like a cup of coffee.

Doctor says I'm allowed one cup a day.


One cup. Thank you.

God, it's so old. Miss Havisham.

She's not old, she's ancient.

I was never really a cat person, but Laura loves her.

All these years, she treated that cat just like she was her baby.

But when the real baby comes...

...we'll have to see how old Miss Havisham reacts then, huh?

I told Laura she's lucky to have you.

A husband who really loves his wife.

Well, I like to think that I'm the lucky one.

I knew you would say something like that.

Do you wanna feel?

Here. Give me your hand.

I'll show you what it feels like.

Wait, I shouldn't say "it."

It's not an it.

He's your baby boy.

You think it's a boy?

I know it's a boy.

I can feel him.

He isn't even an inch long yet.

But you can feel where my tummy's starting to change.

Feel that?

How it's harder?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I can feel it.

He's growing.

Changing every day.

Can I admit something to you?

It's a little weird that I'm pregnant with your baby.

That you're inside of me...

...in that way.

Yeah, yeah, that is strange, isn't it?


But we're grateful for that.

Because without you, we couldn't do any of this.

I like it.


Hey, listen, next week we're having our annual charity event...

...here at the house. You should join us.

What's it for? We like to raise money...

...for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

You're amazing. Yes, I will come.

What's so important?

Good to see you too.

I missed you, baby.

I'm so glad you miss me.

You look nice.

I mean, living up there in that beautiful big house, that must be nice.

Did you know that you have their only embryo?

It's a baby now. And they don't have any more.

And in the eyes of the law...

...since it's inside of you, it belongs to us.

We can decide to keep it for ourselves anytime we want.

But I... I thought... Don't think.

It's not your thing, baby.

I'm the brains on this.

You're just the uterus.

So here's what you're gonna do.

Every single month, you're gonna say...

...that you're changing your mind, and you're keeping it.

And they'll pay.

Maybe four grand, maybe more.


They've been really good to me.

John really wants to be a father.

Does he?

Does he really?

You're into him.

What do you think is gonna happen, Anna?

You'll live happily ever after with him in that big house?

He doesn't care about you.

You are like a cow to him.

I'll do it. I'll do it, Mike. I'll do it.

I know you will.

I'll do it. I'll tell them.

I'll do it for you, baby.

Anything you want.

It's from the firm. And tell Laura she absolutely tops herself...

...every time you guys do this. I'll do that. Thanks.

Nobody knows this yet, but Grafton Industries...

...is unofficially floating settlement offers.

You're not gonna settle with them? You kidding me?

All this time, you've been telling me we had them by the balls.

I just wasn't sure.

But now I am.

This is gonna lock up partner for you, John.

You take them to trial.

Gut them like a fish.

I'll do that.

Look, I was talking to Anna earlier.

I didn't realise she was your second cousin, man.

She is amazing. Todd, she's 21.

My calculation, that's...

That's legal plus three, right?

I'm just checking with you. You wouldn't mind if I asked her out, would you?

No. You can ask her out.

Normally, this is the part of the evening...

...where John asks all of you to reach for your chequebooks.

And I'm sure he'll manage to get that in still...

...but first, I wanted everyone to know...

...how important the Boys and Girls Clubs of America is to us.

Especially to my husband.

John loves children, and they love him.

Thank you, John.

I'd also like...

I'd also like to thank all of you here...

...for coming tonight and...

Thank you.

Thank you.

Now you can all take out your chequebooks.

Is that the dress you gave her?

No. It's not.

You want me to go talk to her?

No, I will.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Anna. What's the matter?

That's not the dress I gave you.

God, I'm so sorry.

It's just, the one that you gave me didn't really fit.

I was gonna ask you, but you were so busy with the party.

I can... I can go change...

...right now. No, it's fine.

You look great.

Thank you for staying late. I appreciate it.

Thank you. Thanks. Thank you.

Well, no one fell in the pool.

The rain stayed away.

I'd call that a win.

I found it in your record collection.

Where's Laura?

Oh, yeah, she crashed about an hour ago.

Has to catch a flight at 6 in the morning for work.

So how'd our little story hold up?

It was great.

I was acting out a part.

I had a secret in me that no one knew.

Except you.

You know everybody loves you?

Shut up. I'm serious.

It made me think that I made a good choice for the baby.

Well, I thought that we were the ones that made the choice.

I could've said no.


You're gonna make a great dad.

Well, I'm glad it was you.

I am gonna take a bath before bed.

Thank you for everything, John.

Is everything okay?

Something's knocking against the guest house.

Is there coffee?

Yeah. Coming right up.

When does Laura get home?


So, look, about last night...

Todd Decker, he was...

He was asking about you.

The guy in the Grey suit? You know, he was staring at me all night.

Had to be uncomfortable for you.

Can't blame a person for staring.

It just means they like what they see.

Actually, I prefer older guys.

I always have.

Mike was the youngest guy I ever dated.

Is that your phone? They'll leave a message.

So I have to go into the office today.

On a Sunday? Yeah.

I got an important deposition. You can order out.

I'm not gonna be back until late.

How about we go out to the lake house?

Just you and I, a weekend before the baby comes.

As soon as you get back from Houston.

I'd like that.

John, you're not gonna like this...

...but Chef Folse wants me out here tomorrow as well.

You're right. I don't like it. Should I say no?

Should I just come home now?

No, go ahead and stay. It's okay.

Hey. I hope you're sitting down.

Chef Folse is offering me a major promotion.


That's the reason he brought me down, so he could offer me...

...the CEO position. Congratulations.

But I thought we talked about, you know...

We have six months before the baby's born.

I told him I could run the company while we look for a permanent replacement.

Why not just turn it down, sweetheart?

I think I should take it...

...even if it is only for six months. But that's assuming you agree.

I mean, I'd have to spend a few days a month up here.

But that wouldn't be until later in the year.

And you could come up for some weekends.

Babe, are you happy for me?

I really wanna do this. Yeah, no, sweetheart. Definitely.

I'm... I'm definitely happy for you.

It's unbelievable. Yeah?

And you like spending time with Anna, right?

She might even have a little thing for you.

It's cute. Whatever.

I mean, you're a big boy, you can handle a little attention.

Just congratulate me.

Jesus. What the...? What?

No, congratulations, sweetheart. I am so proud of you.

I love you.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I love you too, babe.


Hi, John. What are you doing?

Look, do you see this?

This is me and Laura. She is my wife, okay?

This is our home. Do you not understand that?

I don't wanna have to say anything to her.

Maybe I should go.

No, wait, hold on. No, no. Please, please.

Okay, look.

Maybe... Maybe I said something to encourage you in all this.

And if I did do that, then I am sorry.


Hey. Hi.

Didn't wanna wait until tomorrow, so I grabbed the next flight.

Good. That's... That's good. Congratulations on everything.

Hello, Laura.

Laura just got a promotion at her company.

Well, it's only until the baby comes.

How are you? Everything is fine.

Welcome home. It's good to be back.

It's good to have you back.

Hey, baby.

Is anybody home?

Anybody wanna make me a goddamn quiche?

Mike, stop it!

You're drunk. Okay? I was gonna call you.

Before they find out this whole thing's a scam...

...you're gonna tell them that you changed your mind.

You'll get them to give you money. No.

Shut up!

You're gonna take that money.

And you and I are heading to Arizona...

...because there is a guy there...

...that's gonna give us another $15,000...

...for a nice, new baby.

If you don't...

...I'm gonna come back here later...

...and I'm gonna tell Laura and John...

...you wanted to take their last baby from them.


They'll hate you.

Clean this up.

Here you go.

Hey! Hey!

Get... Get back here!

Leave a message and I'll call you right back.


It's so goddamn typical of you.

Some asshole buys you some fancy shit...

...and you fall head over heels for him.

Call me.

Stupid bitch.


You're the brains, Mike.

I am happy.

I am in control...

...of my life.

I feel the joy...

...of pure love.

Hi, this is Laura Taylor. Leave a message, and I'll...

I can't hold the room. I'm sorry.

You know what, let's just go ahead and...

Should we? I...

Okay. All right. I left a message.

That's the femur.

It's a boy.

I told you.

She's right.

That's definitely a boy.

Honey. No, wait.

It's a boy.

It's a boy. No, babe...

...just get down here as soon as you can.

That's my son.

I'm looking at my son.

Look at his head.

That's my son.

Thank you. Thanks.

I'm sorry. I had it in my schedule as 2:00.

Maybe you just entered it wrong. No, I didn't enter it wrong. I...

Damn it. I know I didn't. I... I...

Someone changed it in my phone! I know that I put it in right.

I booked my flights around it! I know that I did! Damn it!

I... I... Laura. Stop it. Please.


This is the only time we're ever gonna be able to do this.

It's all right. Just don't worry about it.

Let's just go somewhere. I don't know, lunch.

I can't.

I left a client at the airport.

I have to go back.

Anna Walsh on 2.


I'm so excited. A boy.

I knew it. Let's have lunch today. To celebrate.

Just you and me. I promise it'll be fun.

Anna, is there anything actually wrong? Why?

Because you shouldn't be calling me at work.

Okay? I cannot sneak away, I will not have lunch with you.

I have appointments all afternoon. Like I said earlier...

Mr. Taylor's office. Please hold.

Anna Walsh. Tell her I left for the day.

What is it? Why are you lying to me?

What are you talking about?

I'd never lie to you, John.

I've always told you the truth.

But not you.

Why are you saying that?

Because I'm right here.

This is for you.

A congratulations.

All right. No, we're not gonna do this.

We're not gonna do this.

Let's do something fun.

Nope. We're not doing anything fun.

What a surprise. Laura's working late again!

Why did you think she would make a good mother?

Enough! We're so different.

She couldn't even stay pregnant.

I wonder if she actually even wanted to.

Are you sure she had miscarriages?

Because you know there are ways to fake that, right?

Are you out of your mind? You need to be nicer to me, John.

I will leave. The law says I can.

This is my baby. Mike says we can sell it.

John! You know what?

Leave. Go. Get out of the house!

You don't mean that. Oh, yes, I do.

I'll tell Laura everything. It will kill her. It will break her heart.

But you know what? We'll survive it.

We'll pick up the pieces and move on because that's what we do.

But what about you? You'll be alone.

You'll be broke, with a kid that's not even really yours.

So go for it.


I just want you.

White here. Hey, Roland, it's John.

Hey, what's up? What, the old man needs another rock looked under?

No, actually, I need a favour. And it's not business.

It's personal. Sure, John.

There's a guy I'd like you to look into. His name is Mike Mitchell.

He's Navy, based in Louisiana.

He's been deployed about two months. Just need a history on him.

Anything you can find would be great.

I'm on it. Anything for you, John.

My man.

You wanted to see me?

Have a seat, John.

Look, you know the firm monitors computer use...

...and e-mail accounts.

The system's set up to automatically snag...

...certain types of files, things that could...

...embarrass the company.

Todd recognised her from your party.

She's not your relative, is she?

No. She's our surrogate.

And I don't see how this is company business.

Anna has been getting prenatal care from a clinic...

...that happens to be a subsidiary of Grafton Industries.

She is a patient of the very people...

...we're about to take to court.

That's a big deal, John.

I'm giving the case to Todd.

I hope you understand.

I'm sorry, John. That video got bounced straight to the old man.

I think I just lost my job.

You ready for things to get worse?

I don't think that's possible.

Remember that guy you asked me to run a check on? Mitchell?

Yeah. Two years ago...

...he was discharged from the military for some assaults.

Regular dickhead shit.

But after I saw the video, I got to thinking about that girl.

Your girl. Yeah, and...?

Well, her real name isn't Walsh.

She got married at 19 in Little Rock.

Before that, she was Anna Devost.

Which is why the surrogate agency missed this.

Marijuana. A DUI.

Nothing horrible, really.

But not exactly the picture of innocence.

So I dug a little deeper.

She was born in Memphis.

Her parents died when she was 3.

Raised by foster parents.

She lived with them for 12 years.

Now, this took some work to get to.

When she was 16, she attacks her foster dad...

...with a pair of scissors.

Killed him.

Seems she had a reason.

The guy was sexually abusing her.

State takes over...

...puts her in psych.

She's a minor, so the records are sealed.

But when she turns 18, she walks out and is gone.

She's dangerous, John.

You're right where you should be.

And you slowly begin to reawaken yourself...

...with small movements.

You appreciate your mind and your body...

...for the accomplishments of this lesson.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. Okay, it's my turn.

This was John's great-grandmother's...

...and then my mother and then mine.

I always wanted you to have it.

John told me about this.

Isn't it lovely?

Oh, that's so cute.

Thank you.

What are you doing here in my office?

You picked me.

It wasn't the other way around.

When you're around me...

...my whole body reacts.

I can't think.

I can't breathe.

I need you.

I know.

You want to be a good man.

But how do you know you love your wife?

If you kiss me...

...what if you found out that this was more real?

Kiss me. No, I'm not gonna kiss you.

Kiss me. No.

Or I'll tell her things that will make her leave you.

Kiss me, John.

Please, John. No. No.

Kiss me. John. No. No!

I can't live like this.


...nobody knows what's gonna happen in the future.

What do you mean?

I mean, I know what you want.

But you're gonna have to trust me.


I need you to go back to bed.

So will you do that for me?

I love you, John.

I know.


You asshole! Whoa, wait a minute. Hold up!

You lied to me! Stay away from me.

Come here. I'll kill you!


Stay away from me. Anna.

Leave me alone!

I hate you!

Okay. Give me the knife. Give me the knife.

Give me the knife. No! No!

Give me the knife. Give me the knife. I wanna leave!

Relax. Just relax.

Relax. Anna!

Stop it!

What the hell is going on?

He doesn't love you!

He told me!

Every time he screws me, that's what he tells me!

What are you talking about? I hate you!

Anna, please.

Stop this.

What's going on here? Please don't let him hurt me.

We got a call, a disturbance. No. She is having our baby.

She has to come back inside.

He's been screwing me. Every night.

Using me. Lying to me.

He told me that he loves me.

That's not true. I hate him!

Come in the house. Let me talk to you.

Don't come any further. Listen...

Sir, you need to step back. Listen, she is carrying our baby.

Sir, did you hear me? Step back. Now!


Okay, drive careful, ma'am.

None of what she said was true, okay? None of it. Babe, she is lying!

I never even touched her. Whatever it was...

...you have been lying to me!

And now she's gone with our baby!

I've never lied to you.

Did you sleep with her? No.

Did you kiss her? No.

Then why didn't you say anything?

I didn't wanna ruin the experience for you.

I thought that I could handle it, okay? I knew that I was handling it.

And then it just... It just got worse.

And then she threatened to take the baby and...

Because I couldn't have a baby...

...that I'm not a woman... No, no.

...that I can't handle it, you... No, I knew you could.

I knew, I just... No, you didn't.

I didn't wanna ruin it. You lied.

Baby, I just didn't wanna ruin it.

I wanted it for you.

I wish I could say that it never happens, but it does.

So when does it become a kidnapping?

Never. It never becomes kidnapping.

Even though it's your egg, fertilised by your husband's sperm...

...it's your embryo...

...but it's growing inside her uterus.

The law views her as the birth mother.

And when she gives birth, it is her child...

...until she relinquishes that right.

Yes, thank you, I'd like to hold for the doctor.

I'm not gonna make partner.


Anna came to the office, caused a lot of problems.

Think Cooper's gonna let me go.

Dr. Park just got a notice from a pharmacy in Mexico...

...where Anna bought Cytotec. She's in Mexico?

No, she had it shipped here. What is Cytotec?

Well, it's normally prescribed for ulcers...

...but if a pregnant woman takes enough of it, it could induce labour...

...or terminate.

Where is the medicine being shipped?

I got the address. Let's go.


Is she there? No.

No, she's not here. Where are you?

I want you to come back.

Not to her. Just to you.

God, I miss you.

Isn't that crazy? I can meet you.

I can meet you today, right now. Where are you?

It can't be like it was.

Everything has to change.

I swear to you, if she does anything to hurt my child, I will kill her.

She hasn't been here today.

Box is empty.

I think if she calls again, you know, I could...

...lure her to a public place, have the police there waiting for her.

Except she's not guilty of anything.

She is guilty. Okay?

She ordered a drug to end the pregnancy.

You want me to explain that to a judge?

I mean, you'd win the case, but you'd lose your child.

She could kill your baby today.

You don't have time to bring this to the police.

She was part of the scam, then she fell in love with you. That's what we have.

She could have that baby any minute now. She could be disappearing.

Oh, that girl ain't going nowhere. She loves you.

You gotta put her at ease.

You need to make her happy. Make her happy?

Yes. No. I know this girl.

Making her happy is not an option.

You're wrong. You're wrong. You give her what she wants.

Convince her you're in love with her. Tell her that you're leaving me.

I'm not gonna do that. Yes.

She is in love with you. If you make her believe...

...that you feel the same way, she will stay with you.

She will have the baby for you.

Laura's right. No, she isn't.

In her mind, I am keeping the two of you apart.

You convince her that you love her.

When you meet her, you have to make her believe you.

That you want to have the baby with her and not with me.

I don't wanna know what you have to do. I don't ever...

...need to hear about it.

But you do whatever it takes to bring my baby back.

You should take her to the lake house.

Tell her that you're thinking of moving there.

With her.

Stay with me.

The new exhibit's right that way.

Wait, Anna.


Oh, my God.

I love it.

It's so beautiful.

Yeah, it was my father's. Laura hates it.

I guess I should've sold it...

...but part of me always wanted to live here.

God, I love it so much, John.

Can we live here?

Just us?


After I file those divorce papers.

Just us.

I'm gonna make you so happy, John.

I want you to know...

...everything that I am...

...is yours.

All of me...





I couldn't sleep.

It's beautiful.

A leap of faith.


I can't stay long, because I told her that...


I told her I had to pick up some papers.


Laura, I...

It's okay. No. I...

...just... It's okay.

Come here.

She's gonna stay at the lake house tonight.

She agreed to go to the doctor's with me tomorrow.

It's happening. Contractions.

I'm okay. I'm going to St. Agnes Hospital.

Come as soon as you can.

It's our baby.

I have to go there. No. No, no.

She cannot see you. John.

I know, just trust me. Okay?

Please, just trust me.

Excuse me. I'm looking for a patient. Anna Walsh.

Are you a relative? Okay. She's having my son, yes.

I got here as soon as I could. Thanks for coming.

No, I'm sorry. I don't have a patient listed under the last name Walsh.

Try Taylor. My last name is Taylor.

No. No Taylors. That's... That's impossible.

No, there has to be a Taylor or a Walsh in there.

No, I have neither. She's not here, John.

She never checked in.

Where the hell could she be?

Miss Havisham?

Miss Havisham, where are you?

Miss Havisham...

Are you hiding in the pantry?

What the hell is that smell?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, Jesus.

Hi, this is Laura Taylor. Leave a message...

Oh, God.

Okay. Okay.

911, what's your emergency?

Please, come now. She's having the baby.


No, no!

She's dropping. Let's get those fluids going.

Laura. Laura, can you hear me?

She's unresponsive.

Wide open. Okay.

We got a female, early 40s. Possible head trauma.

Pressure 85/55 and dropping.

All right, let's cross-type and match.

Make sure the CAT scan...

Hey. Can you hear me?


You're gonna be fine.

Doctor says you just have a bad concussion, some stitches...

...but you're gonna be okay.

Where's my baby?

We can't find Anna.

It's Roland. Yeah.

I'm across the river at Montgomery Hospital.

Anna walked into ER in labour after she attacked Laura.

Gave birth to a healthy baby boy, according to her records.

She left later that evening and took the baby with her.

Where did she go? She disappeared.

I told the police to put an APB...

...out on her in every city she's ever lived in...

...including that military base in Pensacola where Mike was stationed.

John, she has that baby...

...she's gonna wanna be someplace safe.

And close by. All right, thanks.

The lake house. It's gotta be the lake house.

No, babe. What are you doing? John.

Please, I have to go. I can't let you do that.

John, I am going to get my child back.

No. No, no, no.

I let you come with me, but this is as far as you go.

Look, we know that she's dangerous.

Just wait in the car.



Oh, God! What happened?

I got you. Just get in the car.

I got it. Come on. We gotta move.

We better hurry up.

Oh, shit.

Cover the baby!

I am sick of you, you crazy bitch.

It's gonna be okay.