When the Cat's Away (1996) Script

Come on, it's only for a week. Don't be so difficult.

I always water your plants. Now you can feed my cat.

Yeah, I guess so. Thank you. Yeah, bye.

Wait, Jean-Yves. Take it easy.

Fuck off! Bye!

I can't stand that noise.

Can't you look after Gris-Gris? I said no.

I just broke up with Jean-Yves. I've something else on my mind.

I need some time. Did you really break up?

He was becoming attached to me.

Haven't you bought groceries? Can't you do anything yourself?

I'm not your servant. What's the matter with you?

It's really no fun to live with you.

I'm not your husband. I know.

You are welcome to live here but only if you stay cool about it.

Can't you look after Gris-Gris? No. Just throw him out of a car.

You don't mean that? Why not?

Put him in a plastic bag, tie it up and throw it away.


Going for a walk, Gris-Gris? Can you feed Gris-Gris for a week?

It's not my job to feed cats. We can never count on you.

Well. It's all I can say.

Just stay in your rotten lair. Watch your mouth.

Fucking concierge!

Areski, do you know who can look after my cat?

Try the baker. Which one?

At the crossroad.

Straight ahead, first left, second right. You can't miss it.

At Taillandiers they know someone.

No. 14. To the left. Ask for Mme Renée.


Are you Mme Renée? What do you want from her?

I've a cat and I need a babysitter. I'm Mme Renée. Come in!

Don't look at the mess.

I have six cats. One more or less...


Who sent you? Areski from Pause Café.

Are you often in the café? Occasionally.

A coffee for 10 francs. That's insane!

Other cafés take 4 francs. And it's just as tasty. But you know that.

What's your cat's name? Gris-Gris.

Funny name for a black cat. Why not Noir-Noir?

He's big, way too fat.

Seen mine? Aren't they pretty slim? They get food only once a day.

Only at 6pm. That's more than enough till the next day.

Are you sure? My vet said that.

So, no worries about my cat?

Not at all. I'm used to cats. Don't worry.

In the summer I had twelve. Everybody brings them to me.

I tell you... People disappoint you, but not animals. Never.

Goodbye. And happy holidays.

Rambo, you can't go out now! It's bedtime!

He has no time. He's busy.

I thought it would be more cool. No, this is exactly the point.

No, he's busy.

Who does the make-up? Chloé.

Can't she accentuate the eyelashes? Linda's are so beautiful.

Emphasis on the eyelashes!

Can she move aside? Move it!

That's enough.

Hey, Fredo...

Isn't the background... Too light?

Not for that dress. I use C41, that gives some more contrast.

But not too much? I can't, because I've to...

I have that woman...

Can you look at the other one? Yes.

Who's that girl?

Flo, I need to go to the laundromat.

Have a safe journey.

Is it going good?

Slowly but surely...

They love company. But they have to get used to each other.

Who? The cats.

Hello. How is it? How are you?

What are you doing here? Nothing.

If you hear of a job for me, let me know.

Leaving tonight? Yes, this night.

I haven't been away for three years. I just need a change.

Some people are lucky.

Hi! Hello.

How is it? Not good. Your cat has disappeared.


It's been gone for three days. How?

It went well the first week.

But a few days ago the kitchen window was open.

After that I don't know. I've looked everywhere.

Nobody knows anything and nobody has seen him.

I don't sleep anymore.

This has never happened to me.

Do you believe me? Of course.


Where did it happen? I'll show you. Follow me.

Come on...

Come and see...

Don't be shy... I'm cleaning all the time.

I never get around.

He must have run over the roof. That way.

He can only have come down at Mme Dubois, rue Keller 21.

Or over there. At the wood factory. You can ask them.

They know me already. I've been there a few times.

I don't dare anymore. I'm too embarrassed.

No one has seen him. Not in the yard or anywhere else.

Can you hear that racket as well? Yeah, he makes so much noise.

Stop playing drums, we're getting crazy. Stop it!

Shut up, old bitch! Keep your mouth and shut your window!

We've had enough!

Sometimes cats come down from the roof that way.

They have to pass my window. I would have seen him.

Djamel, have you seen a black cat with a white spot on the back?

Isn't that right? Yes, that's right.

I don't know. It's not my fault.

OK, OK, we just ask, you know. I haven't seen him.

If you see him, you tell her, OK Djamel?

OK... So, if I see a cat, I tell you. Thank you.


Not the brightest bulb in the box.

They're from warm countries, but their brains are frozen.

I gotta go... But watch out...

They are not the worst. Those blacks, Africans...

Have you been in the wood factory? -No.

You need to hurry then. If they catch them, they eat them.


Excuse me. I'd like to...

I live next door at No. 15 and my cat ran away.

Maybe he's here. Maybe he came from the roof or through a door?

If you see him... What does he look like?

He is all black. With a small white spot on his back.

What's his name? Gris-Gris.


We'll tell you if we see him. Thank you.


You're alright?

Is it that bad?

Well. Of course. For me it's serious. Very serious.

No, I mean... You'll find him again.

He'll come back. They say cats have instincts.

What did the old woman say?

This is Djamel. He can help you with the flyers.

I don't need it, that's OK. I can help her too.

Bel Canto can also help her. The more the better.

We call him Bel Canto because he sings so beautiful.

Right now he sings less.

He has a hard time. He stopped enjoying life.

His wife has left him two years ago.

He has only his dog now.

How sad he looks. Who? -The dog.

He is a painter. He can certainly help you.

Want me to introduce you?

No, thanks. I know him, he's my neighbour.

You know he's been thrown out? Really?

Hello, Renée.


I think we better split.

I'm going that way. We'll meet at Pause Café.

Well, alright.

I'll go with you. OK.

Maybe you'd better do that side of the street.

And I continue on this side. No, it's OK. I can stay with you.

But we can do it quickly. That's OK. I don't mind.

No! If we split up, it goes faster. It is nicer with company.

This is weird, huh?

Well I...

It's not my cat.

It's for a friend.

It's her number here.

It's my cat. If you see him, please call me.

Well, you know, cats and I...

Oh hello! Have you put up many?

Where're you going now? Shall we go to Pause Café?


You have a lot left, Michel! Actually, I had a lot more than you.

You're kidding! Yes, I swear.

Have you called the rescue centre?

Wait a minute!

You should really call them. I'll call my friend Odile, in Rue Keller.

She takes care of many animals, especially cats.

Maybe she saw him and can help us. But call the centre also.

Hi, rescue centre?

Do you know the young woman who lost her cat?

She's small, dark-haired.

A little pale. I don't know her.

Wearing tight jeans and a sweater.

I really don't know her. Yes. You do know her.

She's lived here for a long time. But I haven't.

Here's Mrs 'Chatterbox'. Let's go away!

Well, you're very nice!

I hear you lost your cat. How do you know?

Mme Floch told me. How awful. What a nasty homecoming.

Hello? Mme Odile.

Yeah, she told me.

Mme Renée described him to me and told Mme Ménard also.

Mme Ménard here. Mme Renée told me that she lost your cat.

I live at Place Voltaire. That's too far. Contact Mme Verligodin instead.

I know someone who's cat was gone for two months and turned up again. So don't lose hope!

Do you know that I'm leader of the association "My Friend The Cat"?

Yes, really. The leader of the association "My Friend The Cat".

I don't know what's happening, but cats are being lost everywhere.

And his tail?

Good. Right, yes...

And now I've a few questions which are very important.

How old is he?

Did he have a collar? Yes, a red one.

"Oh, my little red cat..."

"...disappeared one day."

What does he eat usually?

Yes. Yes. Do you cook the vegetables?

Well... Have Mme Dubois and Mme Renée put Whiskas in their window.

Does that help? - "My cat's looking..."

I don't hear you anymore. Do you have music on?

"I lost my cat..."

Well, how did you get your Gris-Gris?

I was in the countryside with friends and he...

He fell from a roof.

That's really serious. A fall from a roof...

It's... quite traumatic.

Are you the one who lost her cat?

Henriette Clavo. We talked on the phone.

Yeah right. But how do you know me?

I just met Odile. She told me. Does she know me?

Yes, she knows you well.

Mme Verligodin lives here. Mme Odile there.

And here... And here's Renée. We must focus on this area.

It's a needle in a haystack. But he's here! He's not far...

Right here. I'm sure. He can't be anywhere else.

It's only been five days. There's still hope.

Just keep looking, especially at night.

I know someone who knows this area. He can go with you.

Is it you again? Yes.

Well then.

Shall we go?

Do you know all the old ladies here?

I prefer the younger ones. So how you know Mme Henriette?

Mme Henriette helped me after my accident.

What accident? I fell from a roof as a child.

From a roof? I'm fine now.

I travel straight across Paris in less than an hour.

How that? By bicycle.

I borrow a friend's bicycle. I'm a fast cyclist.

Head down and straight ahead. I don't even stop for red light.

I could be a cyclist.

I could also take beautiful photos. Is that what you do?

No. I don't have a camera. Otherwise I'd take beautiful photos.

I can see things that nobody else sees.

I'd take really cool pictures. But I have no camera.

But... what do you... your work?

I'm doing makeup. I make them all up.

Models. For fashion pictures.

With or without red hairpin?

I'd say with. Let's see with.

Should I? Of course, she should!

And now without!

The blue one doesn't work.

The red one again!

Now the blue one.

Where is the blue one?

Get one please.

Everything should be here.

I have no time. Give it to me.

Try to be on it please! OK?

How about this? Beautiful.

It's nice, but maybe we could also use that black leather bracelet belt.

Oh no, that would be too much... You're right.

Hello. Yes?

Mme Verligodin speaking, hello?

I'm calling you... about Gris-Gris!

Have you any news?

No. Not yet.

I just wanted to keep you informed.

Thank you.

The weather is nice today, isn't it?

Such a beautiful day...


Well... goodbye.

Any news? No. One baguette...

If I were you, I'd pin up notes everywhere.

I've already done it. Also at the butcher?

At the florist too? Yes, done!

With a photo added? I'd do it with a photo!

A color photo... Give me one.

What's going on? This lady was lost.

What happened? She went to Place de la République.

Come with us, madam.

It's Mme Sureau. Since her husband died, she's a bit confused.

She goes for a walk and can't find home again.

Do you know her? She lives here.


How are you? I'm fine.

Were you lost? No, don't I live here?

This way, Mme Sureau.

Excuse me, is Flo here? No, I haven't seen her.

Many live in the surbubs. That's not the point!

That bastard of a landlord came with new tenants...

What an asshole. He wants to throw me out.


Who is that? Is she your girlfriend?

Djamel's getting married.

Buy a round!

Bel Canto et Carlos, your witnesses!

And I'm the bridesmaid!

Hi! Let's shake hands.

Hands out of your pockets! You're with a lady.

I don't mind! Anyway. Hands on the bar.

It's OK.

Both hands! It doesn't matter.

Look down.

Look down! Stop it.

Hold your head up.

Why are you with her? I'm looking for her cat.

Looking for her cat! *** also means pussy in French ***

She has lost her cat.

What color? Black. Do you mind?

A black cat. That means bad luck. It doesn't matter to me, but...

No! Djamel, is it true or not?

No. No.

Djamel, do black cats bring bad luck or not?


Well, you like a drink? A coke.

Djamel, the girl's not for you.

None of your business! Why not, who says that?

Give her a kiss. Come on, let's go.

I like cats! It was just teasing!

Well, thank you. See you!

No, no, Djamel. Sorry...

Sorry, but no... Don't be angry.

Are you upset with me? No.

See you tomorrow? Yes, of course.

Hi Lulu!

Wake up! Open your eyes! I have a girl with me.

Have you seen a cat, Lulu?

He's a little...

What's wrong with you? Let him be! Let's go.

I know him. He's a little...

Djamel, Djamel... Stop it, Djamel!

I'm looking for my friend's cat.

What cat? There is no cat.

But yes. A small black cat.

Stop, Djamel. Let him sleep. He's drunk.

It's OK, Djamel.

Be serious! A small black cat.

Just go, Djamel.

Bye... Bye Djamel.

You know, Chloé...

I buy raffle tickets...

And I won a trip. A weekend by the sea. For two people.


If you want, you can join me.

I have to work, I can't leave. And I've to stay in Paris for my cat.

But if I find your cat, will you come along?

Don't know, we'll see...

We'll find him.

A cat can be easily found. We'll see.

It's not far. It's just a weekend.

Ah, there you are! I got everything.

Yes... Great!

This is Chloé.

Is she your girlfriend?

No, we're looking for her cat.

Ah I see. It's your business. But she's nice.

And you... are you better?

I just got out of the hospital.


Everything's getting fixed. First me and now the house.

Put it there. The house will be renovated.

The house will be renovated. It doesn't help me.

They kicked me out. Not that it matters...

Typical these days anyway.

I've found someone to do my shopping.

It's a relief to not have worry about that, and the youngster's very nice.

Whom are you talking to? To my husband.

Where is he? Here.

That's better than a tomb. This way we both enjoy the flowers.

Has long since he passed? Three years.

Why separate after 32 years?

You seem surprised.

Why should it be surprising? You just get used to it.

Shall we go?

That's right.

Thank you so much.

Goodbye. Bye, see you soon.

Can you please close the door?

Well, is Gisele's husband really in the... Is that right?

I've never actually opened it. But, well, she says so.

Do you plan to spend the night here?

I really need to go home, hurry up please.

OK. Don't worry.

I can't stand her. I'm sick and tired of this fucking job.

You're only an assistant, watch what you say. Just do what I do.

You let her humiliate you. It's good and bad. She has her own problems.

Her boyfriend is cheating on her. I couldn't care less.

You don't care, look at your clothes. Look at my clothes... What the fuck?

Purple and khaki don't match at all.

It's dreadful. And that childish watch...

Wait a minute. I mean... Taste is individual, right?

Yes. I admit that. Indeed... -What?

No, nothing...


She's right. You might try a little harder.

What do you mean?

It's for you. You should make an effort.

We'll go out tonight.

Making an effort will help you. I'm fine, thanks!

Is that your flirting outfit?

Turn around!

It's a bit gloomy... Very gloomy.

Really? It could be a bit more...

More seductress... Do you understand?

Otherwise, you can wear it more... more...

What? Not bad!

What do you mean?

Glitter style. A bit baggy... What do you say?

Baggy style. Glitter style too. What's that?

It glitters. It shines.

And buttocks?

Don't you have anything less... less uptight.

What? Yes, less uptight.

OK. Ready?

Oh dear!

Show it to your husband... and if he doesn't like it, just bring it back.

And this one? Well...

Not really great.

Yes, that's it... Very fine!

You're... so... gorgeous... Stop it!

I really like it, but you need it more...

It's good. More juicy.

Stop it! Take the straps down.

No! Why not? You're such a prude!

This one's good enough. You can always improve.

I like this one! No.

Why not? I don't like it.

Hard to wear it?

Will you do this all night?

Just take the other one.

This one I like best. More...

Kitty, kitty, kitty...


Hi Blanche! Hi Victoire.


Excuse me, is Flo there? Who?

Flo. No, haven't seen her.

Want something to drink?

A beer.

Excuse me... We know each other?

What do you want?

I'm sure we met before... You, wait!

Two days ago I dreamed of you. I often have prophetic dreams.

Prophetic. First, I dream of people... and then I run into them.

When I saw you, I knew it. What are you doing?


The 'prophetic dreams' trick again?

Hey, it's not my fault if I have prophetic dreams.

We sat together in that dream. And I recognize the hair.

And in the end we kissed.

In the end we kissed. What's your name?

Have you already forgotten? You didn't tell me in my dream.

I'll show you! Hey, stop it!

Don't touch her!

Get off my back. Mind your own business!

Stop it! Leave her alone!

I'm not talking to you, leave me alone!

What's going on?

Calm down! You're the angry one!

I'm talking with my friends. Go and have another drink.

It's not even allowed to talk to a girl in here...

Are you alright?

What a jerk!

Satisfied? Do you believe you're so pretty?

What's wrong? You tried to chat up my guy.

Yes, my boyfriend! Didn't you even know?

Dirty slut! Don't you have something better to do? Find one yourself!

Do you have a problem? You're single, so you come and fuck with me?

You know I didn't do anything. It was him. You do know that.

It's not my fault.

What is it? Nothing, just leave me alone.

It's not a big deal...

If you'd know...

He just drank too much. That's not it.

I don't care if he drinks. He can drink...

Always the same thing. I'm fed up. No, come on.

Thanks once again. No problem.

I got a nice surprise for you in the car.

What a nice catch! Throw her in the back!

Calm down! Let her go!

OK, OK...

We're going to close soon. Blanche can drive you, OK?

Incredible! Just by wearing a skirt... I'll never do it again.

Come on. You look so pretty.

Why should I? They're nothing but assholes.

Of course. All guys are assholes. You're right.

Here it is.

Thank you. You're welcome.


What are you doing? Relax. Take it easy.

I'm sure you'll like it. Just give it a try.

No, I'd rather not.

Look. Put your hand on my breast. Don't you like it?

Have you never imagined touching a breast. Isn't it a nice feeling? -No!

Now I understand...

Sleep well!

Sorry. Goodbye.

It's a pity!

What's wrong?

Can I sleep with you?

Just one night.

OK, if you want to.

Why am I'm all alone, Michel?

I don't know.

You're afraid of men.

It's not by accident you live with a fag.

Why do you mess around with gays?

I don't know.

It's easier with them.

I don't know...

It's less ambiguous.

Don't you like a bit of... ambiguity?

Yes indeed!

Wait... What the hell?

I'm not a leper!

Don't girls turn you on a little bit?


What is it, Michel? Are you afraid?

Let me take your hand for a bit.

What if you caress my breasts...

Well, doesn't it turn you on?

A little.

A little.

Good morning. Jacques Chirac was elected President... with 52.69 percent of the vote.

Who are you?


Are you a friend of Michel? Yes.

Isn't there a toaster? I can't find it.


Are you travelling?


Are you visiting Paris? No, I live here.

Really? At Michel's place?

Yes! We share the rent.

Is that all yours? Yes.

You're just passing through? No.

I was kicked out of my home and Michel offered me... to move in here.

Is that the radio? No, a CD.

Want some tea?

Tea? No. I usually drink coffee.

What's that?

A cracker.

Want one? No.

Well, do you stay here?


OK. I gotta go.

Have you got keys? Yes.

Have a nice day then.

Are you coming home tonight?

Of course.

OK, see you tonight.

Where were you last night? I was waiting.

I really couldn't.

You can take it off. This one?

Why, what happened?

My mother broke up with her guy and we talked for hours on the phone.

It was extremely long. My ears were gone.

Why? Is it a guy from a lonely hearts ad?

She says that at 55, it's the only way to find someone.

She's crazy. She still looks terrific.

What? -Well, don't exaggerate. You're terrible.

I understand her. She's right. How should she find men without an ad?

I think it's pathetic to meet people through small ads.

Stop it! What's wrong with classifieds?


I met my boyfriend like that. I'm shameless.

You? Yes, me.

I was alone. After three years I signed a dating service contract.

Why? You didn't need it.

You are beautiful. It's not only appearance!

You piss me off!


No, nothing!

A buyer will come at 2 pm, they should shine.

Very well!

I wanted to ask you...

Well... Yes?

I want to... You got a minute? What is it?

It's about Claude. Will he stay here for long?

Have you got any objections? No, not at all.

That's not the point. He's very nice.

Do you like him? You don't say it to please me?

No, not at all. I really like him. He's a nice person.

It's just...

Until now we were alone. Both without a friend.

Which I still haven't...

Perhaps you prefer to be alone with him, live with him.

No, it doesn't matter! You can of course stay.

We just met each other. We'll see how it goes.

I don't mean he bothers me...

I understand. You don't bother us either.

But, are you bored of it? Of what?

We're two now... Well, three with you.

That I live with a guy. No, not at all.

I'm happy for you. It's nice to see you so...

Let me know if there's a problem. We must keep it cool.

No ambiguities. Sure, no ambiguities.

I really like this one.

Everything's fine.

I've got news for you.

I think I found him.

Well... Is he black?

Then I have bad news.

You must be strong. Come.

Be careful. It's difficult here.

Was it easy to find the place?

I hope we're wrong.

Misery happens to both animals and humans.

It's not him!

This is not Gris-Gris. I don't think so either.

He has white on his paws. His tail is different.

Gris-Gris is bigger.

What a relief! Same here.

You scared me!

Me too.

I thought it was him.

There's still hope, like Georgette says.

I wasn't happy.

We've not solved it yet. We have to keep looking for him.

There was a fabric store here before. They had everything.

They take down and change everything.

We don't know where we are anymore.

Just after the changes we forget how it was.

Yes, it's true.

That's how it is. It's my impression. Yes, I agree.

Before there were many small shops. We could easily do the shopping.

Now you have to go to big stores... supermarkets, shopping malls...

They remove all the small shops.

I don't even remember what was here.

Do you know this shop?

It was a music store two years ago.

They had guitars and accordions. Much nicer than all this stuff.

That's what I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

Look at that! Yes, it's terrible!

That dress! Horrible!

Hi! -So nice! I just moved to the area.

It was a run-down shack but they had redesigned it.

I meet a lot of people I know. Yes, she works for me. She's kind.

What's your name again? Chloé.

Look at those old ladies. Unbelievable.

What's that? A bra made of steel.

What's the use? Look at the price. 800 francs!

800 francs? Can't you read yourself?

I'd rather buy mustard for 800 francs.

How can they sell such crap.

I'm lost for words.

Anyway, it's like a village.

It won't last. They're evicting these old ladies.

Damn! That's tough.

Youth isn't elegant anymore. They lack a sense of the ridiculous.

No, they have it. But they lack a sense of elegance. No elegance.

They are my friends. Should I introduce you?

Yes, but... another time...

Catherine and I still have some...

Another time. Sounds like fun.

Does your friend really sell this? She's not my friend.

How dreadful. It's awful. -What a mess.

I want my music store back!

How awful! How terrible!

It isn't your kind of stuff. You can't buy it.

I can't imagine you'd wear it. Yes and no...

But rather no than yes... Can't imagine you shopping there.




No, he went there.

He should watch out. What's he doing?

What's happening? He's on the roof.

Djamel, what are you doing? Come down, please!

He's not moving! I'll get him!

No, don't bother. Come down. You'll fall!

I'm going to catch him! You're crazy!

Leave him! You're going to hurt yourself, don't bother!

I almost got him. I'll do it myself, Djamel.

Again... Come down, please!

It's not Gris-Gris, not at all! It's gray! Get down!

Shut up!

Djamel, it's me, Carlos. Listen!

Don't panic!

Don't look down!

Breath! Hold on, the firemen are coming. They're called.

Don't worry, the gutters are solid.


Two firemen picked him up like a flower!

No shit! I swear.

Then, the funniest part... In the yard, he sees a fireman and he doesn't say thank you, but, "Where's my cat?"


I didn't see him. See who? -The cat.

Brigitte Bardot!

However, you moron, you scared us! Are you crazy?

He was stuck. Wait, who was stuck?

That cat.

That cat was stuck? It's your brain that's stuck.

What is it, Djamel? Wait. You know he's joking.

I'm kidding.

Don't cry, you're not alone. I was only joking.

We're here, with you.

Lila, a soda and a whiskey.

He's the drummer.


Cheer up, Djamel!

Got a light? Sure.

You live around here?

Yes, she lives here and she's fed up with the noise of your drums!

All day long... we're all fed up!

Don't laugh, I'm serious.

Like it? Really?

I've got some terrific music...

Like what? I got everything.

Whatever you want.

This one's really cool.

Cool, huh?

Your flat looks nice. You're gorgeous too.

Thank you.

Do you live here alone? No, with my parents.

It's too big.

They're not there? There's nobody home. It's OK.

Have you lived here for a long time? -Yes.

Not bad, huh? No.

Did you like it? Yep!

Crazy, huh?

You have nice breasts. Are you comfortable?

Funny how we keep running into each other.

How so? Quite a few times...

We met each other.

That wasn't me.

Sure. I've never met you.

We met many times in the neighbourhood.

No, I'd have noticed you.




Yeah, OK.

No, I'm with Bob.

We had a drink.

OK, I'll tell him. No problem.

It was fun, huh?

Now? Eh, OK...

OK, I'm coming. Love you. Bye.

I think you're fantastic.

Don't be angry. Just stop it.

Where're you going? This way.

Me, that way.

Let's keep in touch.

Yes. We'll see.

Is that your new boyfriend? You really don't care about looks.

Mme Renée's sick. You should visit her.


With me? Yes. I'm coming.

I'm a bit tired... and depressed. I've caught a cold.

That's useless. Yes, but I worried myself sick.

You need to take care of yourself. How should I do that?

It's not worth it for a cat. It's been 12 days.

We don't want to lose someone else. I don't know...

You have to eat. It takes too long.

Tell her she must eat.


Do you want me to cook something?

Heat the soup.

The soup? It's ready, in the fridge. Warm it up.

OK, I'll do it. I have a sore throat. It might help.

I've made soup for the last three days but you never eat a drop.

This time I'll try it. I'll be eating.

Here are matches.

I'll make some coffee.

Renée! Where's the coffee?

No more? Here it is.

What is it?


Are you sure?

It's Gris-Gris! Your cat?

Do you know where the cat was? Behind the stove. For 12 days.

You're crazy. It's one of mine.

She hears him. One of mine!

But she knows her cat. He's been gone for two weeks.

If you'd been eating, you'd heard him.

All those cats!

He's stuck behind the stove. She's trying to get him out.

Help her. Or should I get up with my sore throat?

I've lost my voice. Do you hear that? You, stay in bed.

There he is! Skinny and all wet!

It doesn't matter if he's skinny. But wet... Get a towel!

Hello. Hi.

...huge bronze sculptures. Come on, Pascal.

Hey, how are you?

Fine, and you?

I'm alright, as you see. I'm moving, finally.

You don't look very sad. It's not that bad.

Don't listen to him. Come on, Bel Canto!

Can I help you? Don't bother.

But I'd like to. Alright.

Come on, guys, get to work.

You're alright, Chloé? I'm fine.

Alright? Yes and you?

Really nice of you, Chloé. You're welcome.

Not too heavy, Pascal? I used to see you from my window.

Oh well? -Yes. How so?

I look... I see you. I've even painted a little picture of you.

You're kidding. Don't let us bother you.

How about a coffee when we're done with this stove?

Don't push!

Is it true, you can really see her?

Fuck you, man. Can you see her now or not?

Do you need help? No, it's OK.

I'll get my pictures later.

Funny! Think so?

Funny that I've never seen it before.

Only when your door was open...

I saw a little part.

And my painting?

Want to see it? Yes!

You asked for it.

Here you are.

Is that me?

Yes, that's you.

Anyway, I'll be back again to get my paintings.

Will you let me know when? Yes, certainly.

Shall we go? It's time. Bye everyone!


Bye, Bel Canto. See you soon.

Bye Renée.

And goodbye Paris.

Goodbye Djamel.

Paris Is a blonde I'm teasing you. Just now I have to go...

Paris Is a blonde Bye, Carlos. Well...

I'm going.

Goodbye everybody.


Thanks for your help. Nice of you. It's natural between neighbours.

You've got my number? You've got mine?

I'll invite you to my exhibition. I'd love it. Really.


We should go. I'm coming. Goodbye.

Is your name Benoît?

What's that face, anything wrong?

Life is not fair.



This is Paris!

Paris... queen of the world Paris... is a blonde Her nose... raised high, mocking Her eyes... always smiling

Anyone who knows you drunk with your caresses Leaving... but always returning Paris... to our loves This is Paris!