White Girl (2016) Script

All right.

Stay right here.

I'll tell you when.

Slower. Back it up.

Keep going. A little bit more, like three feet.

Keep going. Keep going.

You niggas crazy.

You got it? Yeah, yeah.

What the fuck is in this box? Um, I think it's like kitchen stuff.

Like plates and pots and shit.

You good? Mm-hmm.

You got it? How many flights do we need?

Those dudes are still there.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Don't break the banister, dude. I know, I know.

It kind of sucks that we're on the M line, honestly.

You know how long it's gonna fucking take me to get to work? It's gonna take me an hour.

I'm just glad we have our own rooms.

Yeah, but...

I'm going to miss snuggling with you.

We could still snuggle.


I promise. Good.

Have you ever been jumped though? I got jumped freshman year.

You did? Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah.

By whom?

I was on my way to a show. Yeah?

Yep. And?

This kid fucking asked me for a cigarette and then he jumped me for my skateboard.

What a dick. No, I'm serious. It wasn't even my board.

Did you not have a cigarette for him or something?

No, I had a cigarette and I gave him a cigarette. Then he followed me...

I don't know. I'd rather live in dorms than, live in a weird area like this.


I mean, it's kind of creepy, but like...

I mean, seriously, when I got off the train on my way...

Yeah, I think we're kind of out of weed, man. We're out.

They have weed. Who?

What? They have weed.

So? So, I'm going to go get some.

No. Yes.

No, Leah, really don't.

Um, yo.


I was wondering if you guys knew where I could get some weed? Or something.

What, you think we're some drug dealers or something, Ma?


I just thought you guys might be able to hook me up.

Nah, for real, Shorty.

You can't be coming around here asking strangers like that.

All right?

Are you serious?

Do I look serious?

Hey, Shorty.

Don't do drugs, all right?

Yo, she's tight, too, yo.

You straight stupid, my nigga. I can't stand you.

No, you wrong for that, son.

Hey. Leah, right? You busy?

No. Why not?

Do you work here? Yeah, yeah. I mean, I... just...

What are you... what are we paying you for, then?

Well, you're not paying me.

What? Guys, can I have your attention, please?

This young lady loves this magazine so much that she will work for free.

I'm just kidding. Hey, will you help me with something real quick?

Yeah. Yeah. It's all right.

You won't get in trouble, I promise.

Okay. Watch the pole. It's a killer.

Let me know what you think.

What I think? Yeah.

Well, I mean...

Very interesting. That is a very interesting answer.

I agree.

Oh, I'm sorry.

How rude of me.

Where are my manners? Would you like some?

Do another if you want.


Well... there you go.

Uh, yeah?

Messenger came. Oh, great.

What's this? Uh... that is Rambo.

You know Rambo... graffiti artist? He's painting now.

I bought, like, 10 of these, trying to drive the price up.

That reminds me. Can we do a little piece on Rambo? Try to drive the prices up?

Good idea. Do you know Leah?

Hey, Leah. Hi.

Yeah, she was gracing me with her art history knowledge.

Were you saying something about being more visceral than the street thing?

We have a sponsor call in 15. Uh, shit.

Can we move that to 3:00, please?

That would be very helpful. Thank you, Leah.


Can I get three?

Thank you.




What's your name?


I'm Blue.

That's your real name? Maybe.

Well, why do they call you that?

Because I'm always sad.

Before I met you.


Hi. Hey, what's going on?

Can we talk for a second?


Sorry. One second.

What is he doing here? I have to ask to invite someone over?

Leah, it's not anybody. It's the fucking dude who sits on the corner because he's probably a fucking drug dealer. Of course he's a drug dealer.

And he's nice. Trust me.

My bag's out there with my camera.

They look nice.

They are nice. They put up with me.

So where are you from?

Oklahoma City.

The mountains and shit?

No. It's flat.

You can see forever and... it's a city.

So why'd you leave?

What do you mean, why did I leave?

Is that your friends?

Yo, what's good, Ma? Come on, you going to front on us like that, for real?

Y'all having a party up there without us?

He just mad I got in the castle first.

Fuck that shit.

We gotta talk, man. Because you stupid. You acting mad dumb right about now.

What's good, beautiful? How you doing?

Oh, my God. Um...

What the fuck are you doing?

It's good, my nigga. Chilling, chilling.

Yo, ladies. Y'all have a nice place. Thank you for having us.

Of course. Real nice place. Real talk, yeah, yeah.

Oh, snap.

I'm Kilo.

Nice to meet you.


Nice to properly meet you, Katie.

Shit, I haven't seen a dime bag since middle school.

You guys got 'shrooms? Nah. No, we ain't got that hippie shit.

We got that killer weed, man.

We got that shit that will have you going... word up.

Yo, yo, we got that yayo.

Yeah, I know you like that shit, right? We got that white girl.

For real, Ma, you won't need to be fucking with that shit, anyway. You heard?

Yeah, but I really like...

Drugs. She clearly really loves drugs.

You guys must like drugs, too.

No, we just spoke weed every day, all day.

But you sell everything else. Yeah, but that don't mean we like that shit.

How much you want, Ma?

You sell grams or what?

I got twenties, Ma. We got, yo, anything you need, Ma.

We got that yayo. So what are you waiting for? Hook me up.


What the fuck you laughing at? What the fuck?

What the fuck?

God, this nigga's always crying, yo.

Fuck, I don't get it, though. Because he still sells drugs.

Holy shit.


You never seen a real woman before?

Yo. Yo.

Yo, son.

What the fuck is that, yo?

You like it? No.

I don't fuck with people that do that shit, all right?

All right.

It's been our spot forever, yo.

My roof is your spot?

You just can't fuck around right over there because neighbor's be tripping.

That one bitch... and I don't say bitch a lot, but... that one bitch, specifically, comes out here bugging out.

Well, it's my roof now.

What's the matter? You ain't never learned how to share?


What kind of girl do you think I am?

All right. Come back.


What's going on? Nothing.

Can you pull up the guest list for me?


All right. Can we take Jason McDonald off there? He's out of town.

And then, give Sophie Goodnight a plus 1 and then Cream should be in press. So move him over.

Move him over.

You know how to do that? Yep.

Okay. And you just deleted him.

All right. Well, it's all right. Just fix it and then at 5:00... lock it up and print it out. And I'll see you there.

I don't think I'm going to make it.

How come?

Well, I just moved and I'm going to be unpacking.

Oh, unpacking.

Can you... can you not? Love, Mom. Aw.

Thanks, Mom. See you tonight.

Yo, you got a man, Shorty?


I assume a girl like you probably got a man.

Why would you assume that?

I really like you, Shorty, you know that?

I think we got something here, Ma. What you think?

I'm going to take care of you, Shorty.

You do not need to take care of me.

Yes, I do.

I most definitely do.

Let me get some of that.

Yo, Blue.

I need to speak to you. Come on.

I'm going to catch you later, man. All right?

I got to speak to you. This is important. Real quick. Real quick. Real quick.

Yo, back off the lady, man. Back off the lady, yo.

Please. Please? Shorty, I'll be right back, all right?

All right. What?

Come on, man, what?

Sorry, man. I don't mean to be disrespectful.

I appreciate you, man.

Tata, this is my friend, Leah.

She just moved up the block. She's in college over here.

Hi. It's... it's so nice to meet you.

We're going to go inside, okay?

Come on. Don't worry. Bye.

So... how much is this?

That's is $20 bag right there.

It is?

This could be, like, $60.

That's a $20 bag right there. You know what?

You should come to a party with me tonight in Chinatown.

I mean, you could sell all this shit.

No, I don't fuck around over there, yo.

What, in Chinatown?

No, like, in the city. I don't fuck around over there.

What do you mean you don't fuck around in the city?

Come on, it'll be fun.

No, I'm good.

Oh, my Lord. What the... look at what we have here.

I didn't think you'd come.

This is exciting. Oh, uh, these are my friends.

Hey, friends. What's going on? My God, you look beautiful.

Let's go to the bathroom.

Uh, they have coke, Kelly. Yo, ease up with that shit.

It's fine.

I'll take a bag.

It's $60, yo.

Look at that.

Hey, Jerry. Does that look like a $60 bag to you?

You going to sell it or you want to buy it?

How you doing? You all right? Yeah, I'm good. You all right?

I'm good.

I love it.

I love it. I'll take three.

What's your name, by the way? Blue.

Baby Blue. What's your name, man?

Kelly. Kelly, like the girl's name, Kelly?

Exactly. I was named after a woman.

Hey, unzip me? Uh, yeah.

Pull my sleeve, please.

This is why I hate jumpers.

So what, are you fucking one of these guys?

Um, well, they sell drugs on our corner.

What corner? Oh, we just moved to Ridgewood.

What the fuck is that? It's, like, Queens.

Well, no. It's next to Bushwick. I mean, it's practically Brooklyn.


You want another line? Oh, yes, ma'am.

Katie. Ow!

Wake up!

That sun is bright.

Let me show you something real quick.

Come here and check this out.

That shit was off the chains, man.

Mad stacks last night. For real.

Do we have any water? I don't know, girl. Drink that shit.

Drink that. That's good for your throat.

Yo, you imagine we get that money every night?

That money, every night. Every night.

Well, I don't know about every night. All night every night.

Why not every night, nigga? It's out there to be got. Someone's going to get it.

I'm going to get it. I'm going to get it. I'm going to get it.

Maybe once in a while. You know what I'm saying? But...

I figured it out. You know what it is?

You scared of success, my nigga. That's what that is.

That's what that is. Nah, I'm just not stupid.

You need to chill. You just fucked up.

Your name is Kilo.

Don't even acknowledge this nigga right now. Jose, turn that shit up.

I don't even want to hear him bitching. Shut the fuck up, bro.

He's scared. That's what I'm talking about.

Scared. Have a good day at work, honey.

You just want to be broke your whole life.

Nigga fucking don't want to make no money. Wants to be on fucking welfare his whole life.

What the fuck you scared of, my nigga?

What you scared of?

Oh, shit.

Oh, no. She did not.

Oh, no. Oh, Kilo, stay in the car. I got it.

Oh, my God. I don't believe this shit.

She fucked up, son.

Yo, Jose. When this girl get back in the car, we're going to Wyckoff and Jefferson, all right?

No. We're going to Myrtle and Palmetto.

Fuck that shit. I'm paying, so you go on to Wyckoff and Jefferson.

I'm telling you to take your drunk ass home.

You're not going over there so you need to chill.

You just want to be broke all your life. That's what you want.

Will somebody buy me breakfast already?

Matter of fact, you trying to be a big boy, you got to play with the big boys, baby. That's how it goes.

I'm not going to that crazy ass nigga's house right now.

Oh, you not? No.

No, you right. You know what? You right. You're not going.

So why don't you get the fuck out the whip now? Baby, hold this for me.

What the fuck you talking about? Get the fuck out.

Relax, man. What the fuck you talking about?


Yo, why y'all always fight... what the fuck is going on, man?

Yo, what the fuck is your problem, man? What the fuck is this shit, bro?

What the fuck did I do, nigga? I didn't do shit. Get the fuck...

Don't fucking touch me, nigga. Get the fuck out of my face, butch ass.

Nah, nah, nah. You know what? You get the fuck out.

Yo, guess what? We going to let you act up. We going to let you act up.

And we ain't going to do nothing about it and we going to hear about this shit tomorrow.

All right? I'm excited.

Why don't you go sell your little dime bags to the crack heads you dealing with and we see how much money you make then, nigga. All right?

Yeah, yeah, all right.

I'm sorry, Shorty. I just can't take these niggas' negativity.

Yo, my nigga. Boom.

Take it. I'll be back.

What's up?

You good?


Good morning, sweetheart.

Good morning.

Can I have a smoke?


What you doing here?

What are you doing here?

This ain't the place for you, Ma.

Whatever that means.

All right.

Be safe, sweetheart.

Yo, Shorty. Shorty. You got to come here real quick. Come on.

Yeah? Yeah. Come on.

Okay. Yeah, leave that shit. Come on.

Yo, be care... yo... yo, look, don't be tripping. Be careful.


Get the fuck out of here.

Dude, you know, how long you known me?

You know I... I always come correct, I... I don't... you know, I don't want to play with your time, your money.

What? You want me to do a line? Sure, go ahead, mami.


That's good.

This could be good for everybody, like I was saying.

This could really, you know, change some shit.

And they cool. I mean... We're cool.

For white folks, you know what I'm saying?

It's true.

You really need this much? I'm... I'm telling you.

With these people, it's going to fly out the door.

And I'll be back here first thing Saturday with the money.

You're joking, right?

I could give you a G right now. I'll give you a G right now.


Don't fuck with me, Blue.

I would never do that, Lloyd. You know me.

Now, here's the money now. I mean, you can count it.

Thank you, man.

I appreciate it. I really do.

Leah. We got to go.

Come on. Here, now, we got to go.

He was fine.

Fuck. That nigga's a maniac, yo. He took my cousin's fucking eye out.

No, he didn't.

Yes, he did. With a fucking fork. That nigga will kill me for real, yo.

Well, at least I got the yayo.

You think you got that shit?

Um, yes. All right. You think what you want.

But, yo, if I flip it to your little rich friends, we big time.

You know what I'm saying? Like Bonnie and Clyde, platinum club.

0-4 type shit. You laughing. I'm serious.

You know what I'm saying?


Yo, you like Italian food, girl?

Who doesn't like Italian food?

That's what I thought.

Yo, I'm going to take you out tonight, all right?

I mean, like... you know, dressed nice.

I don't want him inside.

All right. I'm going to take care of it. All right, yo. I'm going to take care of it.

Just chill. I'll be back in a second, all right, Shorty?

Think about what you want to eat, all right?

Be right back.

Yo, man, let me holler at you for a second, son.

Get the fuck off me.

Keep away. Fuck, yo.

Fuck you. Yeah, fuck you.

Yeah, fuck you. Yeah. Extensive vocabulary, son.

Real good. Your mother taught me this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You see this?


Oh. Oh, look at that.

If I have to say one more time, you can all get back in that bus.

I'm not about to stand here and scream at you all day.

Stand in line.

Now, please proceed in an orderly fashion.

Stupid nigga Kilo, man. He was right. He was right.

20... 20 year minimum for 10 ounces.

Fucking amateur, yo.

Yeah, but...

I have it.


I have it.

Are you fucking serious?

I knew they... I knew they were fucking with me.

You really got that shit? Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, yeah?

Yo, you serious? You really got that shit? Yeah. I just picked it up.

But, Shorty, you got to get this shit back to Lloyd, like immediately.

You understand? Okay.

Man, he's going to buck the fuck out.

Just tell him I got locked over some stupid shit, all right?

Tell him I ain't going to say shit in here.

He needs to know that.

So... you'll get out.

Uh, no.

Shorty, this is my third strike.

If I talked, I could walk, but I ain't doing that shit.

How the fuck could I fuck up right when I met you?

I told you we're going to figure it out.

Is that what you think, Shorty?

I always figure it out.

You crazy.

Hey, sit back.

Nice. Fucking coke is pouring out of your bag.

Maybe we should have put it in your pussy.

I'm sure there's much more room in yours.

Look, this is it. So don't be a bitch. Just smile and don't say anything, all right?

I hate this neighborhood. This is going to be quick, right?

What? Shit.

What the fuck, come on. Come on. Walk with me. Come on.

Dude, what the fuck? You just said we were there.

Walk. Walk.

He's actually a really good person, you know?

I mean, his grandmother is sick and he has to pay for her medicine and he has to pay to support her.

And he was actually thinking of stopping before this happened.

And it was an undercover cop who set him up, you know, with... set him up with an old friend, actually.

But he didn't actually make the sale.

He just set it down. So that's something.

But the thing that is the most unfair, I think, is just that, I mean, the lawyer that the jail provided him with hasn't even come to visit him yet.

What's your relationship?

Our... our relationship?

How do you know him?

Well, he's my lawyer... I...

I mean, my neighbor...

So you just want to help your neighbor?

Well, I can't just sit by and watch him go to jail because he can't afford a good lawyer.

I want to help.

Well, okay.

It does make a big difference to the judge when someone's there in court and actually cares about the person and is vouching for him, especially if that someone looks like you.

The quantity of heroine and crack cocaine that your friend was caught with was small, but significant.

That, plus the two prior arrests are going to put your friend in the... unfortunate position of doing some real time.

I would say he's...

I don't know... five years, maybe more... depending on the details of the first two arrests.

But once I get the retainer, I'll meet with your friend, we'll talk.

We'll figure something out, see what I can swing.

There's always hope.

Thank you.

And how much is the retainer, exactly?

$2,500. And then we'll see where it goes from there.

Well, I can have that to you first thing tomorrow, if that's all right.

That'd be great. Um, well... thank you. I really appreciate what you're doing.

It's what I do.

You go to college here in the city?

Yeah, I'll start my second year in a few weeks.

Good for you.

What are you studying?

Um, right now, uh, writing and liberal arts.

What do you want to do, though? Um...

I don't know yet. Uh, work in media, I guess.



Thank you very, very much. All righty. Yep.

Have a good one. Yeah.

It's 10 ounces.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck is that?

What, are you trafficking now?

No, actually Blue is in jail, so I'm selling this to pay for his lawyer.

Are you joking?

He got set up by a fucking undercover cop.

Do you want it or not?

Do you want it or not? Not. Not.

Well, what about five ounces for $10,000? Fuck no.

What about four ounces for $8,000? No, I know how much he gets it for.

What about two for $3,000?

All right. Two for $3,000. How do we do this?

That doesn't look very scientific. Whatever. It's just, like, a little less than half of half.

All right. Katie? This is a gram bag, so we're going to put 0.8 in it, you got it?

Can you put the joint down? You're too fucking stoned.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

Oh, you know what, y'all? I'm feeling really tucking tight right now.

How the fuck this nigga got us working for him? He would never do this shit for us.

What the fuck? Yeah, he would. Yes, he would.

This nigga would never do that shit for me. Yeah, he would.

No, the fuck he wouldn't. Yes, he would.

All I got to say, Shorty, is this nigga mad lucky that he got you saving his ass.

All right, guys. Smile for the camera.

Smile. That's fucking sexy, Katie.

Everybody say pussy. Whoo!

What the fuck you doing taking out this money, yo? Relax, man.

My man, my man, my man.

Don't fucking touch me like that. Get the fuck off me.

Yo, what's up? What the fuck?

What are you doing?

This is fucking bullshit, man. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. That was crazy.

Yo, I've been here twice already, man.

Yo, I'm not fucking around with this bullshit no more.

Don't fucking come close to me right now, all right.

Leah, take that. I'm sorry. I really didn't know.

You sorry? You're going to get us locked up.

I said that I am sorry. Yo, shut the fuck up, man.

Leah, we should really just go home.

Come on, everyone is freaking out about some random thing, Katie.

Come on!

We're here.


You scared me.

Where's Blue? Where is he?

He got arrested. Did he have my stuff on him?

Um, uh... I was actually planning on coming...

That's why you got rats outside my house?

He talk? No, he definitely didn't.

He owes me $7,000. Where the fuck's my money?

I don't... I don't know. I know that you'll get it, though.

You do or you don't know? I don't know.

You don't know much, do you?

I'm sorry, I'm barely know him. It's cool.

Everything's cool.

I have built quite the strong case for your friend.

Clear evidence that he did not technically make the sale.

That, plus the fact that this undercover cop, Mr. Macho, has been hitting it a little too hard.

Now, it took me every connection that I had to get that information, but now that I have it, I'm not going to let up.

That's... wonderful.

Mm-hmm. Now, here's the icing on the cake.

We have a sympathetic judge.

So that means this whole thing may be tossed out on a technicality.

Yeah? Yeah? Really?

Happy? Yeah.

Thank you. Oh, okay.

All right. Thank you.

Uh, don't forget this.

Oh, thanks. You got it.

What, Mom?

Oh, yeah, the package. Yeah, I got it.

Um, thank you. I'm sorry I haven't called.

I've been so busy, you know, with the internship and getting ready for school and stuff.

I got into this painting class. Yeah, I know, it's so great.

But they were talking about the extra supplies.

And you know I don't want to bother you for money, but...

Wow. $200.

Yeah. Yeah, that would be so great.

I know, I... I know, I miss you, too.




Today I wanted to read the paper, right?

So I asked the guard 'cause he wasn't using his.

This nigga wouldn't even look at me. Like I wasn't even a fucking human being.

You know what I'm saying?

Whatever, then, this boy-girl comes through, right?

And she's like, hey, baby, I got the paper. You want it?

I was like, no, fuck out of here. I don't want no fucking paper.

I'm good. Why not?

What, do I look crazy? I mean, they ran up on this Chinese nigga yesterday for nothing.

Emptied his whole cell out, you know what I'm saying? All his food.

They tried to give me that shit. I was like, I don't want this kid's food. Get out of here.

You have to eat.

I mean, I eat the fruit, you know what I'm saying? But that's it.

Oh, well, yesterday, they made chicken cutlets, so I ate some of that.

But you know, that's it. It was all right.

Do you like the lawyer okay?

I mean, yeah, as a lawyer.

But, Shorty, I can't pay him.

Well, he's working pro bono.

What's that mean? Like, for free.

I told him about what happened to you.

And he said he wanted to help, so.

You serious? Yeah.

That's fucking amazing. Free?

I fucking love you.

You know that, right?

I, um...

I... want to fuck you... so hard.

You want some?


Come here, what are you doing? Come here.

I... I wanted to ask you.


I wanted to ask if you would, um...

if you would consider letting me... borrow for, like... a very short time. I mean, just...

How much?

How much you need? What is that?

$13,000? Jesus Christ.

It's $13,000 for the lawyer, and then there's another $4,000 for the dealer, and...

The dealer, what dealer? I'll pay everyone back, but, well... the dealer... the dealer knows where I live, Kelly, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Okay, so then move.

What happened to you?

Just fucking forget it.

Hold on.

How much you have left?

Sorry, everybody.

I think I'm going to go dance.

You guys.

You guys!

Let's all do a bump!

I need a light.

What's up, guys? How you doing?

$24 fucking thousand!

Yeah, I am a genius. I am going to start telling everybody that I'm a genius.

Oh, wait, guys. I have an idea. I have an idea.

I have an idea. I have an idea.

No, I have an idea.

Give me that.

Give me that.

Okay, hold it.

Leah, are you all right?

Come in.

It's open.

There she is. You want an espresso?

Um, no.

Holy shit, where have you been? We've been trying to reach you.

Well, you left me there.

Uh, we tried to get you to leave.

You remember puking on my shirt? I do.

You owe me dry cleaning money.

So? What do you say we get a little breakfast and all sneak in to work separately?

Oh, my God. I was so fucked up. Yeah.

What are you going to do to celebrate? Besides get a felon out of jail?

You're telling me you didn't see it?

See what?

The money? What do you mean, the money?

It was gone when I woke up.

Are you fucking serious? You're joking.

Holy shit. You didn't see it?

Well, you guys left me.

Well, it's just money, huh?

Yeah. You'll figure it out.

Fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you?

I got to go to work.

You want to do make-up bong hits?



Are you sure?

You look really pretty.


Did I get lipstick on my face?

Yeah, obviously.

Well, what I mean is, uh... the preliminary is in a few days.

We, uh... we really don't have any options.

Look, I'm very sorry.

I don't think you quite understand how this all works.

He doesn't have anyone else, though.

You don't... you just...

All right. Hold on. Hold on.

Wait a second. Hold it, hold it.

It's not a tragedy yet. Come back.

Just come back.

The '94 is actually my favorite.

It's got this, uh, combination of burnt earth and plums and, like, a incense.


Well, I guess you're a Scotch girl.

Well, I'd drink nail polish remover if somebody handed it to me.

Well, I wouldn't compare Oban to nail polish remover, but what do I know?


This wine is, uh, amazing.


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk more with me.

My pleasure.

You know, I don't too many people who'd help someone the way that you did.

You know, I really think that I can figure out the money.

I mean, it might take a little time, but I really think I can figure it out.

Forget about the money.

Forget about it.

I'm going to go in there and work a little magic.

I'm going to use every trick I know.

And we'll see what we can swing.

Really? Mm-hmm.

It's a really fucked up system.

I've seen violent criminals, sexual predators, just get a slap on the wrist.

You could have a white kid stab someone to death and he'll get less time than a black kid caught with a minuscule amount of drugs.

This is the way it is.

I hate to see a young man's life ruined like your friend.

You don't realize how much...

I appreciate... what you're doing.

I do.



You all right?


Hey, babe.

You okay?

You all right?

You all right?

You all right? You up?

Come on, get up, baby. Yeah, you got to breathe.

You got to breathe. Come on, get over here.

That's right. Yeah, get up here.

Get up here, you all right? Yeah?



Oh, yeah. Huh? You all right?

What, you okay? Yeah.

Oh, yeah, baby.


You all right?

Yeah, come on. Get up. Come on.

Come here. Come on, get me hard.

Get me hard, baby. Get me hard.

That's all right.

You can get down. Yeah.

Yeah, you up? You all right? Huh?


Leah, you okay?

Hey, hey.

You should really eat something.

Your mom keeps calling me.

I don't know. So I just... told her you'd call her back soon.

Do you... know what your first class is next week?

That lawyer saved me, yo. Shit, you saved me.

You should've seen the way this guy was running around the courtroom crazy telling them what to do with me.


You should save that cat's number.

You feel this?


I want to marry you, Leah.

Will you marry me?

Marry you? Will you?

You're not serious.

I'm dead fucking serious.

Marry me.

But we're so young.

Yeah, but something like this only happens once in a lifetime.


No, um, it's just that...

You can't be scared.

Everything happens for a reason.

I'm back for a reason.

Stop! Stop!



Where is it? I don't know.

Tell me where it is.


You gave it back.

Yo, Blue.

Yo, Blue.

I'm telling you, he was chilling around the corner.

I told you he was chilling around the corner.

We was chilling around the corner.


How are you? Good, how are you?

Hey, girl, how are you doing? Good, how are you?

Good to see you. What did you do this summer?