White God (2014) Script

White God

Hagen, give it back, it's not yours!


Good boy.


Come on, Lili, I'll be late.

How long is the flight? More than a day.

Where will you land? In Sydney.

And from there? By car.

Don't rip it.

Suitable for consumption.

Professor, please accept this. It's not necessary.

For your daughter.

I'm not a professor anymore.

Next week then. Yes, well...

You're at the sea for three months?

Ocean. In Australia it's the ocean.

How far is the university?

200 meters. You're so lucky.

You'll be fine with Dad too.

Do you have her passport?


Finally! Is it him?

I'll be right back. Fine.

Wait, let me.

Will you be home for the concert?


Take good care of them. Them?

She brought her dog too.

I won't have any dog.

Where should I put him?

The professor will babysit it. You mean Hans?

He'll be at the conference too.

Tripping up the ladder, are we?

Don't do this to me. Don't start.

Come on, darling, time to go.

Obey your father, Okay?

Three months is nothing.

Take care.

No kiss?

I brought this for you.

What is it? A bubble-maker.

Thanks, but I'm not a kid anymore.

What's that on your neck? An access card.

Can I have it?

Are you chewing gum?


Okay. Spit it out.


Key button. 1965.

What's this mutt doing here?


You want to keep it here? For a while.

How long exactly? It can't stay here.

They've posted the ruling. Mutts have to be reported.

They're making a list now.

I didn't know. Read the order.

Mutts have to be reported. I'll do just that.

Thank you.

Dirty pig.

You'll get some.

Good boy.

Lili, leave that dog alone already.

In here at least.

Why do you have the pass?

Where should I put it? Why didn't you put it back?

Where? You have to ask.

Give it to me.

Lili, this belongs here, OK?

Lili, what are you doing? Nothing.

Lili, here you'll eat what I cook.

The dog eats dog food.

So dig in. I told you I'm not hungry.

Fine, then go to bed. Take the dog.

Come on, put your nightgown on.

Turn around then.

Which bed do you want, Lili?

The same one as Hagen. Hagen?

Hagen's not sleeping in this room.

Why? He's a dog, and I'm not sleeping with dogs.

Come on. Out!

We're leaving now.

Come on, out, let's go, out. Stay!


When will he stop?

He's not used to being alone.

I can't sleep.

Where are you off to? I have to pee.

Don't go to him. He'll stop. Please stay here.

I'm sorry.

Sleep well.

What's up, Hagen? What's the rush?

Good morning.

We've received a report. What report?

Canine control. About the dog.

Pardon me?

Someone reported being bitten by your dog.

I don't own a dog.

What's that then?

It's an elephant, can't you see?

Sir, this is a mixed-breed street dog.

It's not a Hungarian breed. You have to pay a tax.

Would you like to pay now or by postal order?

I'll never own a dog. The dog belongs to my ex-wife.

I'm not paying anyone for it.

My ex-wife doesn't live with me, so neither do her dog and its fleas!

It's a street mixed-breed.

It's subject to a fee. What if I don't pay?

The dog can go to an animal shelter.

Today. Yes.

So the dog won't be here next time.

It won't be here.

The dog isn't registered.

What? Nothing.

Did you sleep well? Uh-huh.

Get dressed. I'll shower and then drop you off.

Hagen, come here!

We're out of here.

Come on.

Lie down!

Sit! Sit!

Lie down!


Sit! Sit!

Stay! Stay!

Lie down!

Sit! Sit!


Stay! Stay!

I'll never do that to you.

Hey, relax!

Don't eat me.

Come on, Hagen.

Hagen, relax! You have to stay put in here.

Don't be scared. I'll be here. Good dog.

Hello everyone.

Let's start, Okay?

A bit faster, Okay?

I bet he'll bark. He won't.

Wanna bet? He won't.

What if he does?

He won't. Okay, your problem.



Why are you rushing?


David, practice in the sectionals, not here.

Quit laughing!

What's so funny?

From number 36 again.


Whose dog is this?

Whose dog is this?

Whose dog is this?

Whose dog is this? Mine.

Get it out of here. At once!

Hagen, come on, we're leaving.

What are you doing? Where are you going?

Racz! You stay here!

If you leave now, don't come back!

You hear?


Come back!

You're out for good!

What are you staring at?

Hagen, don't lick me. I'm not in the mood.

Great. Just what I needed.

What do you think you're doing?

I've been looking for you for ages.

I almost called the police. What's your problem now?

You've lost your mind! Get in, now!

You disappear because of a fucking dog!

Get in!

Who do you think you are?

You took that beast to school?

You wanted to take it to a shelter, and I won't take him there.

And I'm not paying your mother for it.

He's not going to a shelter.

That dog is not setting foot in the flat again.

What if I hadn't found you? So what?

You think you're the Queen of England?

Who do you think you are? I'm not the Queen of England!

Shut up!

I don't want to take him to a shelter!

You've got no other choice, kid.

Don't you get that I'm not taking him there?

Let's find a good home for him.

Nobody wants a stinking mutt. That's what shelters are for.

But I don't want to take him there, don't you get it?!

I can't believe you won't pay so they don't kill him.

You want me to throw it out? Put it out on the street here?

Is that what you want? Let's hear it, kid!

You want that? You really want that?


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What am I doing? You wanted it!

Should I take it to a shelter?

Not the shelter! Then back you go!

Hagen, stay here! I'll come back!

Hagen, stay here. I'll come back.


Stop! You hear?

Dad, you're such a jerk! Let me out.

Are you deaf?

Shut up!

He'll get knocked down! Let me out!

Get moving, you idiot!

Hagen! Hagen!

Dad, let me out! Shut up!

Let me out now, I mean it.

Lili, what are you doing?

I'm hungry. Show me your hand!

Raw meat, like a dog?

What do you care what I eat?

You want to be sick?

What if I do? Why do you want to be sick?

'Cause you're a jerk.

Haul ass to bed, Lili!

I'll come back for him anyway.

Is this Okay? I'd like half.

I'll wrap it, Okay?

Goddamn you all! Get the hell out of here!

C'mere you fleabag and I'll gut you!


Where are you, little monster?

I'll gobble you up!

Fuck you, bastards!

Get the catch poles. We'll push 'em all back.

Okay. Push them inside.

Two over there. Up there!

Have you seen a big dog?

That way! Thanks!

There it is!

Come on!

Hey, this one's got a collar.

I'll bet you can't read its name.

It doesn't hate us. What?

Look, it's licking my hand. It doesn't hate us.

It doesn't get what we're doing.

It'll find out.


Two more!



You'll work for me.

We're both hungry dogs, fuck yeah!

Fuck yeah!

Just you wait!

I'll show you who your master is.

Don't make a scene.

Lili, apologize and sit down. I'm sorry.

I'm sure Lili can explain why she had that animal.

We didn't want to keep him at home.

Why not?

Because we don't need a dog like that.

Why don't you need a mutt?

'Cause he bit my dad. What?

Because he bit my dad.


And so you took it to a shelter?

No, he ran away. I can't hear you?

No, because he ran away. Uh-huh.

So it's not coming here anymore.

What do you think? Don't be fresh, young lady.

Answer me.

It's not coming here anymore?

No. Will you take me back?

If you behave.

Thank you. It's nothing.

I don't hold grudges.

What's wrong now? Nothing.

Is everything Okay? Mm-hmm.

Lili can come to Tannhäuser as well. If she wants.

You want to? Mm-hmm.

From 147.









What's she doing here?

Look who came to brown-nose?

Little suction cup. No shit...

Let's go inside.

You didn't go to Tannhäuser either?

No, I was just around.

Did you find your mutt? Mixed-breed!

Can I help you find it? Leave her alone.

I'm cold. Let's go inside.

Let me smoke this.

Where did you go? Mexikói Road.

Did you post many? Yeah.

Can I have a drag?

You don't even smoke.

I do now. No, you don't!

Dry yourself.

Look at the stars.

If they don't fall, you'll survive.


You know what's in Tannhäuser? What?

I mean, what Tannhäuser is about?

Something about love, I think.

Don't get addicted to smoking! See ya!

Told you not to come here anymore.


Don't come here no more. What're you doing here?

Look at this big strong dog. He can knock anyone out.

He's yours for Ft 8,000.

There's no money in it no more.

No money, my ass!

I'll give you a plate of food for him, OK?

6,000. I said, a plate of food.

4,000. I'll give you a plate of food.

And 2,000. 2,000, and a plate of food.

Okay, fine!

Get him a plate of food and bring me the chain.

Here's 2,000. Don't come here no more.

Don't come no more!

I don't care about your stinking mutts!


Take this fucker out back.

I've had these shitty dogs for three weeks now.

That little white one has a nipped ear.

It's a fighter. I think it's worth buying.

Don't judge by the cover. Let me see.

Or this black dog. Romani kids brought him in.

Paid 100,000 for him.

Dumbass shit all over the room.

I had to give it pills.

His shit is nice and hard now.

No? Don't you eat it now, you dumb fuck.

I paid 300,000 for the brown one.

I wouldn't sell it for half a million.

This one. I'm taking him.

What? Lost your mind in jail?

It's a fucking lapdog.

I told you I'm taking him. How much?

You see the skin on its neck? It's fucking thin.

Mind your own business. How much?


I'll give you the blackie for 200.

I told you I want this one.

Fine by me.

Here. There's another ten.

Come on now. Come.

You've still got a heart.

Sleep. Sleep.

There. That's it.

Bon appetit!

It's good. Eat, go on.

You like it, huh?

From now on this is what you eat.

That's it.


Next Fight...

To my great disappointment, many of you did not grace us with your presence at the concert hall.

I assume that you are already familiar with the work.

So I'm sure you can all give me a summary of Tannhäuser.


Schiller, wipe that grin!


Beatrix. Trixi.

Wipe off your lipstick.

Trumpet players cannot wear lipstick.

So, what is Tannhäuser about?


Who cares? Pardon me?

You want to teach us to tell lies or play the trumpet?

Tannhäuser is about love, but you wouldn't understand, because you're heartless.

Cut it out!

Get the fuck out of here, all of you!

Get out!

Lili, you stay.

Go on!

Draw it out, drawn out...

Yes, again.

That's beautiful!

Play that at my funeral. Continue.

I knew you had it in you.

You're gonna do it.



You can't come in here. Is this the dog pound?

It's not adoption day. May I see if my dog's here?

Why, where is it? I don't know.

It's where you put it, probably.

He disappeared.

Disappeared? Yes.

Okay, come here!

Don't you lie to me, kid.

I'm not. My dad threw him out.

And you helped, right? What kind of dog?

This is him. Can I see if he's here?

I can't see without my glasses.

Is it a Labrador, or a Shar Pei No, mixed breed. Oh, of course, not purebred.

Well, you threw him out in the garbage, obviously.

When did he disappear? Weeks ago.

Then you've got no dog.

If it's out for weeks, there's no hope.

Either it's lost, or got hit by a car, or ended up in the Danube. Or you put them down!

No, people spread lies. We don't put them down here.

You kill them!

That's my bike!

What are you doing here? I've got a match.

Go take a nap. I've got the stake Where'd you get it? Blowing fags like you in jail.

Fuck you! Go on, tell him I'm here.

I'll ask.

Let's go, Max!

Come on out.


I told you not to do it.

He's dead meat!


1,000 Euros!

Man, you hit the jackpot?!

All there?

Come with me!

You could have brought a tougher dog.

You've never touched a dog, only cash.

This isn't even a dog.

It won't stand the heat.

Come on! Yeah!


That's enough! Pull them apart!

Just the neck! The neck!

Stop! It's over.


Victory! We did it! You see?

I'm back. Give me my money.

We did it, Maxi!

How much for the dog? He's not for sale.

There's always a price. Uh-huh, sure.

Not for you. You fucked me over.

When I was dirty, you shunned me, but now you don't?

It's not you. It's the dog I want.

He's gonna work for us. I'll find another location.

I won't let you.

Hey, turn it back on! Relax, relax!

You fucking with me?


Max! Calm down! Stop shouting!

What have you done with him? He's my dog!

Shut the fuck up! Maxi!

Fuck me! Look, the gypo's barking!

What's going on?

Shut up!

Quiet, gypo!

Where are you going, Lili? What are you doing here?

Nothing. I'm going to a party.

Will you take me?

What? Will you take me?

I need to do something first.

How much? One.

Mm-hmm. What's wrong?

My father's an asshole. That sucks.

Will you take me? I'll take you home.

Am I embarrassing you? It's not that.

Then take me. Hide this.

What's this? You'll bring that in.

You okay?

Mm-hmm. Hug me!

I won't bite.

Give me your hand, we are a couple now.

Raise your hands.

You can go. Thanks.


Wanna dance? Let's go!

Lili, you coming?

Don't you want this? Hold onto it.

You smell nice. What is it?

Ed Hardy. What?

Ed Hardy.

Can I have my sweater?

Hi. Hey.

What do you have there? Nothing.

Empty your pockets!

I don't have anything. Show me!

Come with me!

Your ID card, please.

Thank you.

Good morning.

That's him.

Good morning. Is she your daughter?

Yes, she is.

Luckily, the drug test was negative.

You can take her.

Take better care of her.

Congratulations, young lady. What?

Let's shake hands.

What's wrong?


It's hard to lose someone you love.

Things don't work out the way we imagined.

You're not a kid anymore.

We'll go to the shelter for a new dog.

I don't want a dog.

What do you mean?

Let's just go home.

How long was I asleep? You can sleep more.

What are we gonna do today?

Laundry. And then?

Whatever you like.

Hangover? Just thirsty.

Aren't you working today? Yes.

So then? Who'll take care of you?

Don't worry about me.

I'm not leaving you here.

Why? 'Cause you'll run away.


Beats me.

Go. I'll be fine.

You won't disappear? No.

Promise? Yes.


Black, brown, big.

Mixed. Mutt.


What's that on his leg?

Come show me. Show her.

That wound is pretty nasty. No one will take it.

It's a goner. Put it separate.

That didn't hurt.

See? That's all it is.

You won't have any enemies where you're going.

No one will hurt you anymore.

It's no lie. I mean it.

Bring the bag. Last one?

Yes. The rest is routine.

Well, see ya! Bye!

You look lovely.

Are you nervous? A little.

Why? Because I'll mess up.

You won't mess up. You'll be the best at the concert.

Please come in! Take your pick.

There are white ones.

What is it? It bit me!

What?! It bit me!

It bit you?

Have you gone mad?

It's over. This is the end.

Back off!

You can't do that, you hear?

Let go, fuck, it's mine! Fuck you!

What's going on?


Sit down, please!

Keep away from the doors! Nobody panic!

Calm down! Call the police!

Who has a phone?

Calm yourselves! Sit down!


Don't leave! Sit back down!


You can't go out. They're rabid!

I think they came because of me.

Don't go out. Hagen is with them.

It's dangerous. So?

Don't do this. Fuck!

Come in here.

Not down there! They went that way!

Wild beasts! You're the beast!

Don't go out! The city is locked down.

Everything's blocked.

You can get out here!

Hurry, they're off! Can you see Hagen?


Take my bike.


Sorry about last time.

Forget it.

What is it, Max?

What is it, Max? Come back to me? You champ.

What are you waiting for? Come here.

Come here, you hear?

Max. What do you want?

What is it?

Come here! Come here, Max.

Come here. Why don't you move?

Did you see anything?

Did you see what happened?

Get in, we'll take you home.

Police Secure the location.

What're you standing there for?

Cat got your tongue?

Nothing to be scared of. A few beasts that got loose.

We'll hunt them down by morning.

Get in the car. Will they be killed?

Sure. Get in, OK? Watch your head.

The dogs were seen near the Central Market.

Patrol 2 to Base. We're all tied up at the station.

We must stay here. Over.

No. 11 reporting. We've got a suspect in custody.

Base copy. The dogs were seen near the Central Market.



Dad! Good God, Lili, where are you?

Dad, there's blood everywhere.

Where are you? I'll pick you up.

They didn't want the meat! What?

They'll be killed by morning. I have to find Hagen.

There is a curfew. Tell me where you are!

I have to find Hagen.

Where are you? Lili, answer, don't hang up!

I have to go.

The city's biggest animal shelter has become a battlefield.

A few hours ago, hundreds of dogs broke out of their cages, killing several of the shelter's employees.

According to eyewitnesses, the most alarming sight was how the dogs acted not like animals, but like a well-organized army.

The authorities have begun hunting them down.

They ask everyone to stay at home.

The dogs are very dangerous.




Stop! Come back! Stop!

No, don't go! Come back!




Are you sleeping?



Other side! Go, go!

Get down! Fuck!








Finally, Lili! Where the hell were you?

I was looking for Hagen. You're in danger too!

It's all a mess! Lili, get inside now!

At the front! I'll open the door!

Come on, hurry!


Wake up! Help me!

I must get into the slaughter hall. My card is not working.

They've gone wild. Who?

The dogs are here.

Get going! Get up!


Hagen, what have you done?

What is it?


Hagen, look.

Good dog. Fetch!

Why are you staring like that?

Fetch the stick!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Help me!

Come on!


Hagen, what are you doing? Relax!


Hagen, it's me. It's me, Hagen!

Hagen! Scram!

Dad, don't do it! Lili, get behind me!

No! Dad, stop it! Enough! All of you!

Shall I call the police?

Give them a little more time.