White House Down (2013) Script

The vice president is scheduled to preside over a Senate vote today...

...on President Sawyer's controversial Middle East peace plan.

Then tomorrow, the vote will go to Congress.

Republicans and Democrats...

...have indicated they will vote along party lines...

...but some members have indicated that they may cross over.

Castle, this is Hummingbird.

We are inbound from Andy. We're three minutes out.

Carol. He wants to do the thing.

Really? Really.

Mr. President, it isn't a good idea to deviate from the flight plan.

Pretty please, Carol?

Leader of the free world saying "pretty please"?

That ought to count for something.

Captain Johns, we are going to deviate from Route Omaha.

The president would like to do the thing.

Copy that. Let's give him the special tour.

Dropping to 30 feet.

Do you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. president...

...who was in favour of women having the vote?

He wrote a paper on suffrage while he was still in the Illinois legislature.

Yes, I did know that...

...because you tell me every time we do this.

Castle, this is Hummingbird. We are short Foxtrot, one minute out.

- I need a go-no go. Sky Sector 1, Castle Ground...

...all clear, three inbound.

Castle Ground, Sky Sector 1, report.

Hummingbird, this is Castle Ground. You are clear.

Scanning sky south.



Hummingbird, this is Castle Sky.

You are clear.

Hummingbird, this is Castle Keep. You are... Wait. Hold.

- Castle Ground, we are holding. Air Command...

...switch to thermal. Roger that.

Switching to thermal.

Confirm Sector 5, southeast quadrant clear.

Hummingbird, this is Castle Keep. You're clear.

Copy that.

Breaking off for security sweep. Stand by.

Hummingbird approaching.

Castle Ground, all clear.

Be it ever so humble.

Atten-hut! Escort!

Not a bad way to travel, is it?

Beats Dupont Circle, sir.

What time does my wife get in?

Eighteen forty-five. Wake me if civilisation ends.

Welcome home, sir. Thank you.

Hummingbird, you are released.

Tell me we don't have the best job in the world.

I believe the number-one source of violence in our world is poverty.

Now, we were poor in my neighbourhood. Sometimes we couldn't even eat.

And my best friend Ricky, he had it worse than us.

One day things got so desperate for Ricky...

...he made a plan to rob the corner store.

And I told my mother about it. You know what she did?

She had him over, cooked him a full meal...

...and told him that he could stay with us as long as he wanted.

And it was then that I realised that if you feed a man... you take away his propensity for violence.

Come on, we're gonna be late.

Hey, hey, hey-

No, no, no. That's... No, that's not... That's not...

This is not happening right now.

Clyde, we've had this conversation.

My boss does not like squirrels. It's a bird feeder.

Will you at least look at me when I'm talking to you?

Look, man, I like squirrels personally, but you're getting me in trouble.

Do you see this?

You know what this is?

Hey. We gonna need backup?

We're working. Come on.

We have any more Robitussin? Yes, sir. In the car.

No, I'll get it, it's all right. Quiet night?

We're under attack by squirrels.

They're organised and they have the numbers.

Little stinkers trying to get into the feeder?

Morning. Hey, Roy.

This isn't the most glamorous job in the world.

Look, I appreciate it very much.

Yeah, we'll be there in 10 minutes. As leaders, we have a choice.

We can sit back and let the same cycle of war...

...continue in the Middle East or we can do something about it.

You know how much money we've spent on the war since 2001?

Over a trillion dollars. Could you imagine if you had...

It's gonna be a busy morning, boys.

- -Education, food, health care and infrastructure in the Middle East.

Now, we've begun historic talks with the republic of Iran's...

...newly elected president, Al-Sharif...

...to build peace throughout his region. America can't do this alone.

We need the full financial support of all of our allies.

But what we can do is take the first step.

Therefore, I'm announcing today...

...that all U. S. troops will be removed from the Middle East.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes that we made in the past.

And Lord knows, I've made some mistakes myself.

Instead, I ask you to stand with me today.

Sign this treaty. Let's end this debilitating pattern of violence...

...and let's show the world that the pen is truly mightier than the sword.

Thank you.

President Sawyer delivered what can only be described as a historic speech...

- ...earlier today in Geneva. Here.

- Let's go live... You changed your hair.

Last week.

I'm gonna be late tonight.

I love you very much.

Good morning, sir.

John, what do you think of the president's proposal?

I don't know. It's good to have less enemies, I guess.

You're a military man. You don't think he's putting us at risk?

That's a little above my pay grade. If you feel that way...

...why didn't you run against him? No, no, no.

That's one job I never wanted. I like my office.

I like my constituents.

I like being a thorn in the side of the administration.

But I think voters today want somebody cool.

Oh, come on, Mr. Speaker, I think you're pretty cool.

He went to bed at 8 and watched...

The president has a call scheduled with the speaker at 9:30.

I should be there for that, shouldn't I? No.

You have to be here in case of a deadlock...

Hey, I'm gonna see you later.

-With the red tie for that.

Jenna? Absolutely, Mr. Vice President.

Red tie's the way to go.

Jenna. Jenna. Did you get me in?

What do I get if I did? What do you want?

Dinner. Candlelight.

And a promise that you will try to get to second base.


You're meeting with Carol Finnerty, deputy special agent...

...in charge of the president's Secret Service.

I need a favour. This is a favour.

I need another favour. I need a pass for my daughter.

John... You don't understand.

She's a freak for this kind of stuff, so if I get her in, I'm Dad of the Year.

I will owe you so much more than just candlelight dinner.

- I'll make a call. Perfect. Thank you. You're the best.

...A truly historic handshake.

What President Sawyer is proposing to Iranian president Al-Sharif...

...is withdrawing all American troops across the entire Middle East...

...and for that he'll ask his G8 partners for help.

It's all about money, and who won't like this deal...

...are American companies who do business with the American military.

Wanna grab the door? Em.

I'll get it.

Hey. You're late.

She thought you weren't coming. Why wouldn't I be coming?

Hey, you, little face. Come on, get your stuff. Let's go, baby.

Bye, Mommy. I love you. I love you too, sweetie.

What's up...?

I literally just walked in the door. What did I do?

You missed her talent show.

No, I didn't miss it. That's, like, next Thursday.

No, it was last Thursday.

It was on the school calendar.

What did she do?

She was a flag twirler.

That's a talent?

She practised for like six weeks, John. She thought you were gonna be there.

It would've been really nice to have a bit of a reminder.

Come on, I'm not your secretary, John. I'm not asking you to be my secretary.

Look, I'm just... I'm trying.

I'm trying really hard to be in her life.

It's a little late for that, wouldn't you say?

Have a good day.

Are you mad at me?

Just tell me.

Will you be on that all day long?

"Yes." Well, that sucks, because, you know, I thought you would...

...want this, but... Lame.

You don't even know what it is.

Do you really think a bribe's gonna work?

Yeah. I'm hoping so.

We're both adults here, John. Speak for yourself, okay?

Can you please just open it?

For me? What is it?

It's a pony, baby. I don't... Come on, for me, please just...

These are White House passes.

Yeah. That might mean we're going to the White House.

And that your dad here has a job interview...

...with the Secret Service.

This is really cool, John.

You're just gonna stick with "John"? Yeah.

Now The Roger Skinner Show, today live from the White House.

Hi, folks. President Sawyer is one of those academics...

...who never served a day in his life...

...and now he wants to tell the military how to run things?

He's going to make peace with Iran because he has friends there now?

Come on.

Sir, I have the first lady for you.

Remind me again why we let these guys broadcast from our lawn.

Freedom of the press. You know what?

I knew it was something.

Hey, babe. How are the French taking it?

The treaty's gonna be a tough sell here.

- How's it going there? Raphelson is the key.

We lose him, then we lose that Southern voting bloc.

If this goes down, you're looking at a one-term president.

I know two people who wouldn't have a problem with that.

Do you still have that watch I gave you?

Yes, Miss First Lady. It's in my pocket next to my heart.

You know, Mary Todd gave it to Lincoln...

...to remind him he only had so much time to do good things...

...while he was in that chair. I hear you.

Well, kiss Amber for me, okay?

I love you ladies. Miss you.

I gotta go back to being president. I love you too.

Did you know that 1.5 million people visit the White House every year?

No, I did not know that.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your talent show.

I'm not.


Did you know the White House used to be called the Presidential Palace?

Look, I need you to hear me right now. Look at me.

I really wished I was there.

No, you don't.

All I... All I did was twirl a flag. It was stupid.

You know that you don't have to do that with me, right?

What? Have thick skin. You're 11.

Good morning. Good morning, sir.

How are you? Fine, thank you. Yourself?

Good. Photo IDs, please.

Thank you.

What are you guys looking for? Explosives.

This is awesome.

Park up on the left, go into the East Lobby.

Have a good one.

Did you know that the president travels in an 18-ton military-armoured...

...modified Cadillac CTS built to withstand gas...

...chemical and missile attacks?

That's on the Internet? Wikipedia.

Capitol Police, off-duty. Have to check your weapon.

All right.

Check her good.

Hey, Torn. Hey, buddy.

So how is your blog coming along?

Nobody says "blog" anymore, John.

What do you mean, they don't say "blog"?

I just learned "blog." Hi. Hi.

Just for 20 seconds, act like you don't hate me.

I'm Carol Finnerty. Hi. John.

Carol? Cale.

Oh, my God. Carol Wilkes.

Actually, I'm Carol Finnerty now.

You're Deputy Special Agent Finnerty?

Oh, you're Jenna's favour.

This is Emily. This is Em, my daughter.

My father is a very special man.

It's nice to meet you.

I paid her to say that.

Let's get started. Okay.

I don't know. Just...

Sorry, I gotta ask.

You didn't marry Jim Finnerty from Sigma Chi, did you?

That guy was... An asshole. Yes, he was.

This is my colleague, Special Agent Todd.

Standard Secret Service protocol requires...

...a two-agent review for every interview. You're not to look at Agent Todd.

I'm sorry, I just looked at him. You're only to look at me.

So we just... Okay.

The subject is John Cale.

Born 1980, grew up in the District of Columbia...

...graduated Hill High in 1999.

Looks like you've bounced from job to job.

Mechanic, limo driver, construction.

Is my credit score in there?

Yes, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

It's a recession, okay?

Married Melanie Schopp in 2002...

...and had a child six months later.

Filed for divorce in 2005.

So you did three tours in Afghanistan...

...and you were wounded in the Kunar province.

Yes, ma'am. You received a Silver Star...

...for pulling a Corporal Dawson from a burning Humvee?

There was an IED attack.

Humvee flipped, we were taking fire, so I grabbed him.

Why? I was a little concerned...

...that he was getting a little too warm in there.

It's funny to me, you still think glib is the way to go here.

Corporal Dawson is the nephew of the speaker of the house...

...and when you were discharged a year ago...

...he got you a job with the Capitol Police.

Actually, on his protection detail.

If Special Agent Todd keeps making those sounds...

...I'm gonna start looking at him. Will you give us a second, please, Ryan?

John, why do you want to be in the Secret Service?

I can't think of a more important job than protecting the president.

Okay, this job requires a university degree.

You dropped out of GW after our first semester there.

You don't finish things. Check the file, Carol.

Two years in college night school.

A certificate of graduation should be in there.


Yeah, John, you barely maintained a C average.

I'm sorry, I didn't have our little study sessions...

...like we used to back in the day, did I?

Evaluations from your senior officers:

"Cale frequently does not complete his field reports on time."

Nothing to do with protecting someone.

"Sergeant Cale demonstrates a lack of respect for authority.

Sergeant Cale has raw potential but seems determined not to realise it."

You can keep reading that. That is not me anymore.

I'm not the kid you used to know in college.

I've buttoned up every single thing that I have to to qualify for this job.

I have 10 times more experience than any Ivy League kid.

It's not just about experience. I would need to depend on you every day.

What do you want me to do?

I'll start at the... I'll start at the bottom.

Just give me a chance.

I'm sorry.

Did you get the job?

Yeah, I think I got a shot. Really?

You know how it is.

They gotta go talk amongst themselves and...

These... Look, these things, they can be really political.

Good morning. Light day at the White House today.

Eagle will remain on the 18 acres.

He has phone calls to the congressional leadership.

First lady is back tonight?

Empress is wheels down at 1845.

They're supposed to have dinner at the residence, but you know how they are.

So we should have an advance on Obelisk, Marcel's, the usual.

What if she wants sushi? No, no, she's off sushi.

Remember she had that thing on the Japan trip?

Carol, how are you still awake? Caffeine and patriotism, sir.

Threat matrix? Well...

...threats against POTUS have quadrupled since the G8 speech.

PID is keeping an eye on a guy in Buffalo they're worried about.

Visitors today? Just the AV guys again.

DC Sonic, they're replacing the surround system in the theatre.

First lady must be thrilled. And she's...

She's coming back tonight?

Carol, is she coming back tonight?

Yes, sir. Wheels down at 1845.

Yes, of course.

As many of you are well-aware, this is my last week here...

...so I wanna make this clear to everybody:

If there are any congratulatory cakes or any of that nonsense...

...I will be compelled to use deadly force.

I hate you. I hate you all.

Thank you. No incendiaries in the White House.

All right, baby, I just gotta get my weapon real quick.

You're gonna have to sign out, sir. Hello.

You guys here for the tour?

Do you think we can see where you'll be working?

Yeah, sure. Great.

Gather around, everyone, gather around. My name is Donnie...

...and I'll be your guide today as we take a walk through American history.

I wanna give you all a warm Washington, D.C. welcome to the White House...

...where each year we get millions of guests from every corner of the globe.

Where are you folks from?

Washington, D.C.

Bad choice. What about you, ma'am? Nebraska.

What brings you to the White House?

I wanna see the tunnels where JFK snuck Marilyn Monroe in.

Unfortunately, no such tunnels exist, but don't worry, we have plenty...

...of other exciting sights to show you guys.

Follow me this way.

Now, does anyone wanna guess how old the White House is?

Yes. Two hundred and twenty-two years old.

That's very accurate.

Construction began in 1792...

...on what was then called the President's House.

Now, Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution set forth...

...that a district of no more than 10 miles square...

...should house the new seat of government. Does anyone know why?

So no one state could claim the President's House.

Right again. You're a real keener, aren't you?

Now, the founders were crafty...

Hey, so you can tell me the truth.

Do you get picked on a lot in school?

No, I don't.

It's a gift certificate for a massage. I could use one.

Martin, it's... It's been...

I know, for me too, Ted.

You know you're gonna miss this.

When's the last time you took a day off? Oh, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Piece of advice: You gotta get back on the horse.

Get back on the horse? First rule of divorce: Get right out there.

Sow some oats, break some hearts, have actual human interaction...

...with a member of the opposite sex.

Carol, you keep this up, 20 years from now you're gonna look like me.

Well, there are worse things.

Don't make this your whole life.

Trust me.

It's not worth it.

Go home.

Get some rest.


And that is an order.

Yes, sir.

Now, not too many people realise this...

...but the White House is actually three buildings:

The East Wing where you guys came in...

...the West Wing, which houses the Oval and Executive Offices...

...and we're about to enter the residence, which is the famous building that...

- ...got blown up in Independence Day. What's in there?

That's the president's home theatre. Membership has its privileges.

Right this way through the double doors, please.

There's still lots more to see.

You got a visitor.


Could you stay with the tour? Yeah.

Thank you.

The White House is big.

Including below-ground levels, it's six storeys tall...

...with 132 rooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces...

...and 35 bathrooms.

The grounds contain a tennis court, a basketball court...

...a putting green, a jogging track and a swimming pool.

And where's the PEOC? The what?

She's referring to the Presidential Emergency Operations Centre...

...which is this really cool bunker behind 10 feet of concrete and steel...

...that's capable of surviving a nuclear blast, plus...

...for your information, miss, it's the one room in the house...

...that no one knows the location of.

WikiLeaks says it's under the East Wing.

Who wants to see the bowling alley, huh?

Oh, my God. How we doing, folks?

Mr. President. How's the tour?

You see the basketball court?

Mr. President, can I ask you a question for my YouTube channel?

That'd be all right. What's your name? Emily Cale.

Emily Cale, go ahead.

Okay. How I look on that thing?

I wasn't ready for a press conference.

How do you expect 22 Arab nations with different regional...

...and religious interests to agree on a single treaty...

...especially given the newly erupting conflicts...

...between the Shiites and the Sunnis in southern Pakistan?

Tough question.

To be honest with you, I don't know. Whether they'll agree or not...

...I'm not sure, but I gotta try.

The day we stop believing different people can come together...

...is the day we've given up on the world. I'm not ready to.

What I am ready to do is give a little girl...

...a shout-out on her YouTube blog.

Hi, folks, my name is James W. Sawyer...

...and I'm here with Emily Cale and her video blog.

Check it out.

You have a good one. Wait.

Mr. President, this is my dad John.

He's gonna be on your Secret Service detail.

Secret Service detail. Is that right?

You know, I take my protection detail very seriously.

Yes, sir. Stop lying to children.

Nice to meet you, Emily. Nice to meet you too, Mr. President.

You guys have a good one. Need your vote now.

Oh, my God, that was so fun.

Thought you said no one says "blog" anymore, huh?

Bye, Fred.

Goodbye, Mrs. Finnerty.

Oil painting by Tom Freeman to commemorate the burning...

...of the White House by the British in 1814.

Wait, the White House burned down? Yeah, yeah, in the War of 1812.

Practically had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

When I look at this painting, I get very emotional.


I think I need to avail myself of one of the 35 bathrooms in here.

There's a ladies' room downstairs.

Where? I'll take her. I can go by myself, John.

I'm not a child.

Hey, just don't touch anything or wander off...

...or talk to anybody that you shouldn't be talking to.

I make no promises.

He's seven minutes behind.

Sorry, he got hung up on the State Floor.

Good morning, Margaret. Morning, Mr. President.

Could you get the speaker on the phone?

Right away, sir.

Have you and the missus zeroed in on a dining establishment?

When have you known the missus to zero in on anything?

Fair point, sir.

Martin, I wanna shake your hand.

We're all sorry to see you go. Thank you, Mr. President.

And I know that you and Muriel have had a tough go of it...

...since Kevin passed, and... We all make sacrifices...

...for our country, sir. Yeah, but it's more...

I have the speaker of the house for you.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, Mr. President.


Thank you, Margaret. You're welcome, sir.

Eli. That was quite a speech, Mr. President.

If you were on board, we'd have a real shot at peace.

You do know that your plan has upset the entire defence industry.

These are powerful people who give money to both parties.

I talked to President Al-Sharif again about the discussion we had...

...and he's assuring me that he has proof.

And you believe him? I do.

Guys that run those corporations have been in bed...

...with radical regimes for years. All they wanna do is keep the cycle of war going.

Al-Sharif will expose them.

All of that wrongdoing is gonna come out...

...as soon as our plan is signed. Sir, if your plan is signed.


Since when do you guys come through here?

My supervisor told me to come this way.


Be careful next time.

I know we've had our differences, but I've never known you to be a man...

...to let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing.

If you stand with me on this, you can be the man that could take these guys down.

I'd like to drag every one of these CEOs in front of Congress...

...but there's more at stake here. I can't support this, not at the risk...

...of leaving us militarily exposed.

Come on, you know those bases are for show now.

We could launch a drone off of any carrier in the gulf...

...and hit any target we want.

Excuse me, miss.

Sir, you can't leave that there.

Hey, buddy!

Twenty-four, I'm in the rotunda. I got a maintenance...

Eli, you all right?

Keep moving, let's go, push.

Get your security teams up.

Mr. Speaker? Mr. Speaker?

Are you all right? I'm fine.

We have to get out of here. You follow me.

Where's the vice president? In the chamber.

Tell him we need to institute Continuity of Government.

I tried. He's been cut by some glass. Now stay close.

Don't panic, take your time.

There's been an explosion at the Capitol building.

And? I'm crashing the White House.

We're crashing the White House. Get the CAT Team.

I want all nonessentials evac'd.

Get that hallway clear if we have to move. Sergeant, bolt these doors.

I need Marine 1 here as fast as possible.

Sir, I need you to move away from the window, sir.


Lock down all these doors.

Do it quickly. Go, go, go!

Sir. The residence.

Bear with us.

Sir, we have a tour group on the State Floor.

Hold them in the Blue Room. Maintain positions.

Keep the hallways clear.

Everybody stay where you are. My daughter's downstairs.

No one goes anywhere till we lift the crash.

She's just a little girl. I gotta get her. Step away from the door.

Keep moving, please. Everybody.

Gentlemen, we're on lockdown. You can't be in here.

Let's go. Sorry?

We're on lockdown! Can't hear you!

You gotta be kidding me. Movie time is over. Shut this down! Let's go.

Bobby, sync watches, 60 seconds. Silencer.

Let's go.

Yes, sir, that is correct, sir.

- We are on full lockdown. Hey!

We need help up here now!

Security sweep! Open up!

Thirty seconds. Secure Air Comm. Meet at the rally.

Armoury secure.

All right, let's go. Let's move, move!

Hold up. We're on full lockdown here. Hey!

East Hall secure. Heading for Castle Sky.

You've reached the voice mail of Emily Cale. Why aren't you texting me?

Em, as soon as you get this, call me back.

Keep moving, keep moving! Martin, I'm right outside the Capitol.

What the hell is happening? Do you have the president?

I have Eagle. Call WFO, get as many men as you can to the Capitol.

I'll dispatch everyone I can spare. I want a hard perimeter around Castle.

A hard perimeter around Castle.

Eastside Gate. Come on, let's go, people.

Fred, open the gate.

We're gonna be fine. It's gonna be okay.

They're exiting the building. Keep moving!

Castle South clear.


We have Castle Sky.

Five agents in the East Gate, four in the garden.

The rest should be on the South Lawn. And two policemen on the South Gate.

Let's go. Let's go! Keep moving!

Shots fired. Code Black! Code Black!

Say again. Say again. He said "shots fired."

Look, it's gotta be an AOP. You gotta get out there.

Stand back. I'm not doing anything.

You serious? Look around.

Stand back! The threat is out there!

Go out and do your job!

Donnie, where'd you send my daughter?

I'm sure she's fine. We're in the safest house in the world.

Well, not today, it's not.

- You've reached the voice mail... Em, pick up the phone.

Can't tell where it's coming from.

I have no visual on him.

Ten-four. Still have them on...?


Clear! Clear!

Negative, negative. Snipers on the roof.

Do not approach Castle. Repeat, do not approach Castle.

Do not advance. Do not advance.

Say what?

Welcome to the White House, Mr. Tyler.

I love what you've done with the place. Bullet holes add to the decor.

Did you see that shit Conrad pulled off at the Capitol? Goddamn!

Let's keep it tight. Get to work.

Where are my goddamn hostages?

- Dad? Oh, thank God.

- Emily, are you okay? Dad...

Look, it's gonna be okay, baby, I promise you.

Where are you? Where are you at? I'll come get you.

Where'd you send my daughter?

Downstairs. Across the hall, second on the left.

Shut up!

Find him. Go!

What's going on? What? I got it.

You better.

Castle, this is Hummingbird. We are on final approach.

What are we waiting for, Martin? Marine 1 is three minutes out, sir.

Castle, does anybody copy? I repeat, we are...

Break right! Break right! We are taking fire. Castle has fallen.

The White House is down. Heavy weapons on the roof.

Take him to the PEOC. They're in the building.

We need to exfilt... I got this!

Mr. President, Mr. President, I get you to the vault...

...their game is over.

You sure you can get me there?

Yes, sir. I am.

Then get me to the vault.

Diamond formation. Stay low, stay close, shoot first. Got it? On me.

Do you have the vice president?

- I repeat, do you have the vice president? We do.

We're two miles away from Andrews. The speaker?

Negative. We do not have the speaker.

Please evacuate the Capitol. This way. Excuse me.


Carol, COD says we go to the Pentagon.

I have the speaker. Going to the secondary location.

Watch yourself. Excuse me, ma'am.

Downstairs, second door to the left.


No, no, no, please. Please don't! I was just on the tour!

You had a gun! It's a phone, it's a phone.

I swear. Look, I got a daughter. Please. Get up!


That was close.


You think you're tough, bitch?

Keep the ground floor clear. Package is on the move.

Eagle is 30 seconds from the vault. We are coming in hot.

Copy that, sir. Eagle is 30 seconds from the vault.

GO, go!

Mr. President. Glasses.

Match. We're in. Go!

Go ahead. I'll button this up. Go ahead.

Mr. Vice President, I apologise in advance...

...but this is gonna be the hardest takeoff you've ever felt.

We're gonna put this bird at 30,000 feet in 45 seconds.

James William Sawyer.

Gentlemen. What are you doing?!

Please, Martin, what are you doing?

I'm sorry, Ted.

Martin! Consider this my resignation.

Emily? Where are you at, baby?

Please tell me you got out of here.

Mr. Stenz. We're in.

I have the package.

Ground floor, through the library and down the stairs.

- The library. We're on our way. We'll be waiting for you.

That's the library.

Don't go in there. Just... Oh, this is so stupid.

You're not gonna get away with this.

Martin! What are you doing?

No, Mr. President. The question is, what are you gonna do?

Gonna shake my hand again? Give a little speech?

Is this about Kevin? Look, I'm sorry...

Run, Mr. President! To me, to me, to me!



Move, move, move!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Stand behind me and do what I say. Walker, I say again...

...we are coming to you, we are on the move.

In the library.

Shit. I'm empty. Walker!

Run, run, run!


No, not that way! They're up there!


We've lost the package. Secure the exits.

Which Way's this go? West Wing.

Run, Mr. President! Move! Move!

This leads to the basement.

- We 're in the stairwell, coming your way. Shit.

We gotta go!

Elevator's here, let's go!

Shit! God! They're in the elevator heading up!

Cut them off in the Central Hall! What are you doing? Get him!

Take care of Bobby.

- Killick, stop them at the elevator. I'm on it.

He's in the residence! Cut him off at the residence!

Son of a bitch! You screwed us, Walker.

You've got one of your guys running around.

Not one of my guys. Then who is he?

I don't know, probably some schmuck from one of the tours.

Your tourist killed one of my best men! So now I'm gonna take care of it!

No, you will not. You will have your boys...

...sweep every room in this place.

And you will come with me, as planned.

Find him.

You don't talk to me like that in front of my men.

I don't, huh? No, you don't!

Ten years I've known Bobby!

Twice the guy saved my life. This doesn't go unanswered!

Drop the tough-guy shit with me, junior.

Now, I know your story, Emil.

I know what this country did to you.

We're in this together. So be calm.

I'm calm. Good.

I'm still gonna kill him. I don't have a problem with that.

But I need the president alive. Don't forget that.

You promised me the leader of the free world.

Don't you worry your pretty little head. We'll get him back.

But without him, what kind of time frame we looking at?

We have 15 minutes to load in, then maybe another 3O or so...

...to crack the protocols without his code. After that, it's on you.

What about securing the basement? I brought a party favour for that.

Good. Do you know...

...you've got a bit of something right... It's right under your nose.


You let me know the second you find these guys.

Copy that.

Somebody please shut the alarm off!

I got work to do.


Take Bobby's place in Air Comm.

I'll show you the way.

We got some important people waiting for us.

Are you okay, sir? I'm all right.

Is your family in the complex? They won't be here till tonight.

Your daughter, where's your daughter? I couldn't find her.

I hope she got out.

Do you know these men?

That old son of a bitch, his name is Martin Walker.

He's the head of my Secret Service.

You should have a conversation about how serious you take your protection.

I didn't pick him. Why is he doing this?

I think it has something to do with his son Kevin.

Why? What happened? He was a Marine.

He got killed last year in this covert action that I ordered.

Would he do this for a personal vendetta? He said he wanted you alive.

There's gotta be a bigger play.

We gotta get out of this elevator shaft.


Don't tell me you're claustrophobic.

Oh, my God. The FAA needs to ground all air traffic.

Where's the secretary of Homeland Security?

He's at the White House. Who's the deputy sec?

Wyck Halsey. He's also at the White House.

Oh, Jesus.

- -Happens, our thoughts go to terrorism.

I've had enough of this.

Walker told us to stay where we are.

Madam Secretary, gentlemen...

...I'm gonna ask you to accompany us to the Blue Room.

Who is this man? He is...

He's a concerned citizen. Good morning, Mr. Secretary.

You killed the secretary of defence. Well, he wasn't doing a very good job.

Okay, so, would the remaining secretaries...

...please join us in the Blue Room?

Sir, I'm on with Agent Reid. How they doing?

VP just puked all over Air Force One.

I'm General Caulfield, vice chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Have the nuclear launch codes been switched?

Yes, and new codes are active. The stock market's collapsing.

Travis, I need you to suspend trading immediately.

And there's gonna be a run on the banks, so close them now.

You guys good? Yes, sir.

Don't mess it up.

Son of a...

Captain, where are we?

We have reason to believe that the explosive was a diversion.

Diversion from what?

An armed team has taken over the White House.

Do we have the president?

I spoke to Walker. He had eyes on Eagle.

Fifteen minutes is a lifetime.

Radio chatter indicated they were headed for the PEOC. No contact.

We have to assume they've been compromised.

We gotta get you to a phone.

Call SEAL Team Six and they come in here...

...and they'll shoot these assholes in the head.

We keep a satphone in the residence. Great. Where's that at?

Of course it is.

You ever been rock climbing? We climbing this?

Unless you got a better idea, yeah.

No, I don't.

By the way, John Cale.

- James Sawyer. I'll get you out of here, sir.

Just follow me up.

Yeah, I'm right behind you.

Make sure you have one handhold...

...before you let go of the other one. Whatever you do, I'll do.

I ain't doing that shit.

The scene here at the White House is getting more chaotic every second.

We have got hundreds...

As you can see, the military's moving into position...

...but won't advance because of safety concerns for the hostages.

- -Obvious to everyone, this is the work of al Qaeda...

...or some like-minded Arab terrorist group.

- The National Guard... The building's buttoned up.

Rooftop's secure.

They attempted contact yet? Not yet.

Apparently, we're all Arabs. Good.

Cake? No, I don't want cake.

I'm diabetic.


This is my Graceland!

Sweet Shiva.

Sugary pops of delight.

Come on, let's go! Move!

Let's go, sheeple. Now, welcome to my house.

Now, sit down and shut up!

Oh, baby, I've missed you.

Let's get you plugged in. You fit in nicely right there.

Ladies and gentlemen, Skip Tyler has arrived.

By the time you're watching this, I will have pulled off the greatest hack...

...the world has ever seen. This is difficult for some, it is...

...but for me, it's as easy as one, two, three...

...four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.



Oh, some latecomers. Secretary of Homeland Security...

...is in the house! You're so getting fired for this.

Look who was hiding in the Press Room. Oh, my God, Roger Skinner!

The only one who speaks the truth. I love your show. Seriously.

After you, please. Get in there.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Playing some hide-and-seek, little girl?

Well, then, I will huff, and I will puff...

...and I'm gonna blow your house down.

No, no, no! Leave me alone. Get in here.

Move! Mr. Skinner, please stop crying.

Get comfortable, you little mutt.

Are you okay?

Oh, my God, where's my dad? He went looking for you.

Excuse me for a second.



I understand that this is a very high-stress time...

...but if you and your colleagues...

...could maybe be a little more careful...

...with the priceless artefacts that are in this building...

...because I mean, it is a living history... Okay, because see...

...that was a Ming Dynasty 16th-century vase...

...that was a gift from Queen Elizabeth ll. It's irreplaceable.

I'll go sit down. I'm gonna... I'll be over here if you have any more questions.

Vadim, Chen, report.

We're done with the residence, boss. Coming up to the third floor.


Okay, I'm coming up.

Get your head down!

What are you doing?

Trying to shoot off the cables? I heard something.

Come on. That thing's 100 years old. The shit's too heavy for it.

Let's unload before it snaps.

Jesus, they have Javelins. Javelin what?

Surface-to-air missiles.

If anybody comes in by air, they're done.

Mr. Speaker, I have the vice president for you.

Alvin, you okay? I'm fine.

Who's in command on the ground?

Well... Permission to speak freely.

Yeah, yeah, granted. It's a shit show.

D.C. police are on the scene, FBI is trying to horn in...

...plus Secret Service feels it should be their show.

It should. Carol Finnerty, Secret Service.

Mr. Vice President, it was our building that was taken.

Yes, it was, and now you're standing in our building.

We need to send the Army in there and take the White House back.

I don't think you can. Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act...

...make it very difficult to deploy combat troops on American soil.

Which is why we federalized the National Guard minutes ago.

Sir, with respect, only the president can do that.

Alvin, we're in a constitutional crisis here.

We've never had a missing chief executive.

We're gonna have to start talking about the 25th Amendment.

You wanna remove the president from power?

I don't wanna do anything, but I can't sit here...

...and watch the government come crashing down around us.

We've tried them on the phone by now, right?



Hello, this is Special Agent Carol Finnerty. To whom am I speaking?

That sounds official. Please hold. Your call's very important to us.

- We've got an incoming call. About time.

Put them through.

Thank you for holding. I'll patch you through.

Have a great day.

Hello, this is Carol Finnerty. Who is this?

It's me, Carol. You should've called already.

- Martin. We've held the building for 15 minutes.

"We"? I'm sure you're recording this...

...so let's make this easy on everybody. My name is Martin James Walker.

Chief of the presidential detail of the Secret Service.

My men currently control the White House and the 61 hostages within.

What are you doing? I did you the courtesy...

...of sending you out of here, so let's just keep it professional, okay?


You killed your own men.

Where's Ted?

Killing Ted Hope...

...was the second hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.

Martin, I want you to...

There's not a thing you're about to say that I didn't teach you.

So we're gonna get all this done in two hours and be done by lunch, okay?

Now, ask me what I want.

- What do you want? On any given day...

...the United States Federal Reserve holds in excess of $400 million in cash.

And I want it loaded aboard a Boeing (3-17...

...which you will leave fuelled and otherwise empty on runway one-niner.

I'd like to know how you plan on getting from the White House...

...to Reagan National without being killed.

We have eyes in the sky. If I see a single sniper...

...within 10 miles of this place, lam going to kill...

...four Cabinet members...

...and in a particularly nice touch of irony...

...the director of Homeland Security himself.

Is President Sawyer alive?

Yes. I want proof of life.

You got two hours or I will execute him myself...

...on the South Lawn of the White House.

Jesus, the head of his own detail.

At least we know how they got in so easily.

Can we be sure he's the only Secret Service member...

...who's been compromised? Oh, go to hell.

Proof of life, huh?

You say you can do better than your men. Here's your chance.

Find him. With pleasure.

Walker's wife, Muriel, is in Fairfax.

Could you find her, please?

You Okay?

I have Thanksgiving at their house every year.

I wanna run the whole search again, from the top.

Motts, meet me on the ground floor. Chen, Vadim, the third.

Meet in the middle.

Roger that. I'm taking the stairs. Mulcahy, finish up.

That was the last one.

Wait, so you said Walker's son died?

The Pentagon thought that Iran had a nuclear bomb. We sent a team in.

Things went wrong. Martin's son Kevin got killed.

You're telling me this is personal? He's not doing it by himself.

Someone else is footing the bill. Who?

Heard of the military-industrial complex?

Those are the manufacturers of the weapons.

They think they own the system and they will do anything to keep that power.

They profit off of your sacrifice.

Politicians always love talking about sacrifice.

Think I don't know anything about sacrifice?

How many people come to your house and wanna kill you?

Missiles are topside.

Elevator going down to one.

We gotta get off on the second floor. What?

Get off, get off, get off.

You all right? You see anybody? No, we're clear.

Kick it in. Harder.

Mr. President, stay on my hip.

I got three rounds. Tell me you got some weapons in the residence.

No, we usually have two agents right there with machine guns.

We got some knives in the kitchen. What?

They're big knives.

Great, then you can make me a sandwich.

Now, where's the phone?

Right here.

Walker set this number up. Wait a minute, he's gonna trace it.

We gotta get in touch with somebody on the outside.

I got somebody. You got somebody?

Yeah, yeah. I need to get my shoes.

Needed this.

Hello? Jenna, this is John Cale.

John, not a good time.

Wait, wait, hold on a second.

Close friend? She works for the vice president.

Have you heard what's happening? It's not a good time.

I'm with the president. We're in the White House.

That's not funny, John. Does this sound like a joke to you?

Yeah, he's... Jenna, this is James Sawyer.

For the past 10 minutes, I've been getting shot at with this young man.

If you could connect me to whatever control structure we still have left...

...I would really appreciate it. Hold on.

Hello? Thank you.

She hung UP?

She put me on hold when I was thanking her.

So we wait for your best friend Jenna to hit us back.

You smoke?

Neither do I.

This is your moment, sir.

The country is looking for a leader. It's your time to step up.

I told you, we weren't to be disturbed.

The president of the United States called my cell.

- Mr. President. It's about damn time.

- Mr. President, are you all right? We're safe.

"We"? Yeah, I'm with someone.

I'm gonna put him on the phone.

Hello, this is John Cale. Cale?

What are you doing in the White House?

He's doing a damn good job. It's a long story, Mr. Speaker...

...but look, they've taken the building and they're holding hostages.

This is when you come get us. We're doing our best.

Do we have any intel on these people? We are working on that, sir.

You have to get the president out of there.

Can you get to the basement? Yeah, sure.

- Yeah. There's a series of tunnels.

JFK used them to sneak Marilyn in.

I thought that was a myth. It's true.

Donnie's gonna be pissed.

Get to the basement. I'll lead you to the tunnels.

Okay, Carol, I got separated from Emily. Can you tell me if she made it out?

We're gonna find her, but you have got to get the president to safety, okay?

Cale? Cale? Can you get him back?

Son of a bitch!

Get your hands off my Jordans!

Freeze! I said freeze!

Shoot him!

No, don't shoot him.

Shoot him!


Are you okay? Yeah.

Don't worry about him.

He would've killed me if you wouldn't have killed him.

Thanks, asshole.

Look what I found. Merry Christmas.

You got the satphone? Right here.

And it's on.

Mr. President, are you okay? Define "okay."

What happened, John?

We got two dead bad guys, that's what happened.

These guys had military training. You gotta find out what they're doing here.

Walker demanded a ransom.

You think they're going through this for money?

- You need to see this. Hang on, John.

...people watching all of this together.

No doubt young Emily Cale had to risk her own life to...

Can you get me the president here? Cale, can you turn on the news?

You got a TV?

We need to find out how Walker found these guys.

- John, you've gotta turn on the news. What's going on?

I'm so sorry.

What you are seeing really is just amazing footage...

...captured by an extremely brave young girl by the name of Emily Cale.

Now, these are the first images coming to us from inside the White House...

...from inside this hostage situation.

The images have gone viral. They've had more than a hundred million...

Wait. Cale, Cale, listen.

We're all walking out of here together, okay?

I gotta go get her.

Captain. Yes, sir?

Get me facial recognition on everyone in that video now.

- -Very brave young girl named Emily Cale.

The hostages include the nine girls...

...from Watkins Charter School in Louisville...

...five Cabinet members as well...

...and also, understandably, a very emotional Roger Skinner.

And from what I understand now...

I got the president a scrambled satphone to call his family with.

He keeps it in his bedside table in the residence. See if it's still there.

No. No.

Vadim, would you be kind enough to confirm your last name for me, please?

Let's go. They're in the residence.

Go! That's them in the residence.


...And the faces of the terrorists.

You gotta be shitting me.

So we are going to put those faces up on-screen right now...

In here!

As we put these faces up on-screen, we are sure that we will...

...no doubt learn the names of the men who are...

...holding the White House hostage.

These men are clearly not al Qaeda.

We are positive that the FBI will have...

...those images out. So again, these are images...

...captured by a brave young girl...

How many more ways can you guys screw this thing up?


How you like your chair? You comfortable, Mr. Skinner?

Let me ask you a question.

Where do you come up with all the ideas for your show?

I... You got guys who do that for you?

Because, believe me, I got some good ideas.


Give it to me.

Congratulations, asshole, you just made us all famous.

When they come for us, you're gonna die first.

Get away from me.

You understand? Get away from me.

Sir, we have facial recognition coming up right now.

Carl Killick. This guy's a right-wing sociopath.

First arrested at age 12. Tried to blow up his local post office...

...because they employed too many African-Americans.

Last seen with Conrad Cern.

I saw that guy at the Capitol.

He runs a white-power hate blog against President Sawyer.

Lovely. Jesus. Skip Tyler.

King of the hackers. Worked for the NSA.

Was fired for rewriting nuclear launch coordinates...

...to target Apple headquarters.

He was unhappy with their music-sharing polices.

Walker's been after this guy forever.

And Emil Stenz. Ex-Delta Force.

Highly decorated.

I'm afraid we know this guy too.

How? Unfortunately, that's classified.

Well, I hereby declassify it. Now, you wanna share it with the group?

Stenz did off-the-books wetwork for us in Pakistan...

...as part of a black-bag CIA operation.

When the Sawyer administration came in, the new secretary of defence...

...shut down the operation and disavowed its assets...

...including Stenz. His identity was compromised.

He wound up spending two years in a Taliban-controlled prison.

No wonder he's pissed at us. It's the threat matrix.

Every day the Secret Service does a rundown...

...of threats against the president. Every one of these guys was on it.

It's like Walker used it as a shopping list.

Sir, Delta Force is 15 minutes out.

All right, general. I want them prepped for an attack on the White House...

- ...as soon as I give the word. Sir, please! Please.

Only the president can give that order.

The president is behind enemy lines and compromised.

I'm calling the Cabinet together to invoke the 25th.

Get behind this, Eli.

What if this were even a coup d'état?

Come on, that's just nonsense.

Why isn't the military doing anything?

You gotta understand, this is a very difficult situation...

...for the Pentagon, there are hostages. You can't bring the big guns out...

...because there's a class of little schoolgirls still inside.

Martin! Good morning, boys.

Move, move!

Come on, go, go, go!

They're in the ground-floor kitchen. That's it.

Come on, go, go, go! Where's the basement?

Through here. To the left.

Shit! They're gone.

Goddamn it!

- I have the president and Cale calling. Cale, give me your location.

All right, we're in the basement. There's a gate with a keypad.

Okay, the code is 64762.

All right, we're in.

Go down the hallway. That should be the entrance to the catacombs.

Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.

You should then be in a big oval room. There'll be five tunnels.

Take the second tunnel, follow it all the way out...

...and we'll be waiting. We found it. Mr. President...

...take this.

I can't go. What are you talking about?

I'm not leaving my little girl. Then I'm staying.

You gotta go back to being president, sir.

Otherwise, all this is for nothing. You can't do this by yourself.

You're gonna go and send the Marines in here to get us, okay? Promise me.

All right.

You got my word. Thanks, John.

All right.

See you outside.

They are in the basement.

All right, everyone in the basement! The basement!

Cale, come check this out.

Okay, please don't touch my toys.

That's something that we do not wanna touch.

Carol, we got a problem.

The exit tunnel's wired with explosives. We need another exit.

There isn't another exit.

It's locked!

Tyler, I need the gate code. I have that right here.

Here's your gate code.

This is not happening. We gotta move.

Carol, where are we going? Hold on.

I can't hold on.

We need a location right now!

Stagecoach. Follow me. Let's get to the Stagecoach.

No, no, no, you'll be trapped.

This is a bad idea. They grounded all aircraft.

This is Jack Freeman reporting live from the skies over Washington, D.C.

We're bringing you exclusive images of the terrorist-held White House.

Clear left.

Cabinet is assembling with the vice president to invoke the 25th.

Cale, if you don't get him out in the next five minutes...

- ...he might not be president anymore. You didn't give me the job, remember?

What's the code to D227?

What's the code for D227?

Hold on.

Fast! Go, go, go! Go, go!


We're in, let's go!

Go, I'll cover you! All right, all right!

This way, Cale. The keys.

Got them!

What the hell are you getting in the back for?

Sorry, force of habit.

Damn it! Keys! Let's go! Let's go!

I'm crashing the gate. No, no, no!

It's 8 feet tall and dual-hardened steel. We're not gonna make it. Left!

Where's the garage clicker? You kidding? I don't have a clicker.


I think I'm seeing the presidential limo driving across the grounds.

We're gonna cut them off! Hang on, Motts!

Watch out, watch out, watch out!

Cale, they're in heavy weapons follow-up.

What do you mean, "heavy weapon"?

You gotta be kidding me right now!


Oh, my goodness! The presidential limo...

...has just burst onto the South Lawn!

So sorry. Ladies and gentlemen of the Cabinet...

...it's with a heavy heart... Sir, you have to see this!

It's trying to make its way around the South Lawn fountain.

That iconic fountain that everybody knows...

...anyone who's ever been to the White House knows.

Box them in! Go for the window, Motts!

Tanks. We got tanks. Let's put them to use.

I think that's my dad.

I'm not sure using heavy artillery is a wise...

I don't give a damn. You get that tank...

...you put a hole in the goddamn fence! Yeah! Come on!

Look, look, look! Watch him, watch him, watch him.

Go for the windshield! Go!

Watch out, watch out, watch out. Get your head down.

Yeah, that's one down. Shit!

Commander, are you in position? Roger.

Then go to work. Fall back! Fall back!

Driver, advance!

We don't know what is happening exactly, but the National Guard is in fact...

...enacting some sort of manoeuvre. It depends...

RPG'S! Now!

Blow these bastards off the roof.

Take cover! Fire!


Commander, come in!

Goddamn it! Shit.

Good job, boys! Great job, Mulcahy!

This is an unprecedented situation. We have a full-scale war going on...

...on the White House grounds.

Mulcahy! Take out the limo! Let's go! Take the limo!

What are you waiting on? Take it out!

They're firing.

I can't see. What am I supposed to do? I need him alive!

That's an order! Why don't you shut up?

There's a camera system here in the car. There.

What am I doing with zombies? It's my daughter's favourite movie.

Watch out, watch out! Left!

We gotta punch a hole in this fence soon or we're dead in the water.

There's a weapons locker in the back.

Jackpot! 'What you got?

That's what I'm talking about!

That thing in your right hand is a blast shield. Perfect.

Can you not hit me in the head with a rocket while I'm trying to drive?!

Get me to the fence, Cale!

Stick that thing out there, go to work. Damn right.

Hold it with two hands, Mr. President.

Oh, my God, that's President Sawyer.

- He has a rocket launcher. There's something...

...you don't see every day.

Here it comes!

I lost the rocket launcher. How do you lose a rocket launcher?

Killick, take one of the hostages outside. Show them we mean business.

This just in from China.

- -destroyed the West Gate of the White House.

We got our exit. One more time around the fountain.

No! Get over here.

One of the terrorists is holding a little girl at gunpoint.

- What'd he say? Emily Cale is being held...

...at the White House balcony right now by the terrorists.

She was the one who managed to send this video out so the world could see...

- Another rocket. Cale!


I can't see what is going on...

Get me a location on them now!

-The West Wing. The president has...

We're not sure if he's alive or dead right now.

The limousine has disappeared... Emily?

...The West Wing. I can't see him...

Killick, take her back inside.

Dad! Get over here!

Shit. What the...?

Something wrong with your radio? Malfunctioned.

Stay behind me. They won't shoot us. They need me alive.

Put a gun to my head. What?

That concludes the running-and-shooting portion.

Stay back or I'll shoot him!

Appreciate what you're trying to do, son. Did the same job myself, and proudly.

I have no quarrel with you, but I do have a deadline.

So put the gun down...

Pull the pin.

...because you're not gonna shoot the president.

You're right. Where does that leave us, boys?

That leaves us with this.

Come on!

Go, go, go!

What are you doing?!

Oh, no. Come on, go!

This way! Follow me! Follow me!

Enormous explosion over toward the West Wing.

I don't know if this means the president has been killed. We know...

I got 100 people in here! Somebody tell me something!

You idiot. What'd you say?

You are an idiot.

You just blew our whole mission.

Your mission. Shut up.

Mr. Stenz, this may be your lucky day. Get your men back to the basement.

I, Alvin Hammond, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute...

...the office of president of the United States...

...and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend...

...the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.

Sir, follow me, please.

Place your hand there for scanning, please.

Sir, these are your presidential launch codes.

Keep them on your person at all times.

Vice President Alvin Hammond has just been sworn in...

...as the 47th president of the United States...

...confirming, of course, the worst possible scenario...

...the death of President James Sawyer.

People all over the globe have been holding their breath.

They're wondering what is happening right here in America.

After all, the United States has the biggest weapons arsenal in the world.

We need to start moving the money. Maybe buy some time.

- -Will he be able to get this extremely volatile situation under control.

Muriel Walker's here.

Thousands are gathering, leaving candles and flowers...

...at the doors of the U. S...

We've got movement.

We've got movement at the Federal Reserve.

Stenz, do you hear me? Confirming they're loading the money.

Let's wrap this up.

Stenz, we're wasting our time here.

Walker, are you sure they're down here?

Did I spend 15 goddamn years running this place or did you?!

This guy is losing it.

What do we care if he gets the president?

We made a deal.

Cale was right. This is not about ransom.

Walker has cancer.

His doctors gave him less than three months.

He has a golf-ball-sized tumour on his frontal lobe.

Jesus Christ.

I think he's on a suicide mission.

You ready? Yes.

What do you think you're doing? If anybody can talk him down...

...it's her, trust me.

A little birdie told me you're finally moving the money.


I had to tell them about the tumour, Martin.

That's all right.

Please stop this.

Please just come home.

I have to do this, honey.

No, you don't.

They have to pay for what they did to Kevin.

And when it's over...

...I promise...

I promise you'll understand.

You're doing this for Kevin?

I swear to God.

Then you do whatever it takes.

You make them pay for what they did to our boy.

What the hell are you doing?

Walker, you stop this...

...or I'll make sure she spends the rest of her life in a federal prison.

You have 19 minutes.

You're done.

General. Your boss took the White House...

...and your man inside got the president killed.

Carol, calm down. You're free to go.

Thank God for Gerald Ford.


He built this because he didn't want the press to see him in his swim trunks.

Any chance this leads out of here? No. Listen, I gotta stop for a second.

What? You all right?

That's not good, is it?

Stenz worked for the CIA, right? Right.

If we can track the way that Walker contacted...

...these guys, we can figure out how to stop them.

How do you propose we do that? Keep an eye on Caulfield.

Wait, what?

Hi. I'm Carol.

I'm not supposed to talk to you right now.

Run a database search on the guys in that building.

CIA, NSA, everything you've got.

Okay, listen, Walker's not doing this for the money, trust me.

There is something else going on. I can't do that, ma'am.

On the worst day that our country has ever had...

...you could be the key to figuring all of this out.

- -Could otherwise not accomplish that is take back the White House.

I'm gonna have to get that out.

When did you become a doctor all of a sudden?

Look, just talk to me, get my mind off it. Talk to me about your daughter.

Emily? She's completely in love with you.

She even tried to get me to vote for you. You didn't vote for me?

Your daughter's smart. You should listen to her.

She was like 3 when I enlisted.

And to be honest with you...

...I was probably just running from my marriage.

Right after I deployed, Emily was watching TV...

...and there was coverage on the troops in Afghanistan.

She swears to me that she saw me.

After that point, she became obsessed with politics.

And that's when she first saw you.

The man that was gonna bring Daddy home.

And when I finally did come home, I realised that...

...I'm not her hero anymore.

So I guess I just figured that I'd try to help protect the man that is.

Well, if she saw you today, Cale, she'd be proud of you.

You know how when they're young and they come running up to you...

...and they hug you and they're shouting "Daddy"...

...and all of a sudden, one day, that just stops?


I'd give anything for that hug just one more time.

You know, my daughter, she's 15 years old, her name is Amber.

You know what she wants for her birthday?

A belly button ring. Belly button ring.

What parent is equipped for that? Daughters.

- What's happening? Attention, attention.

Everyone below Calico T-11, please clear the floor immediately.

Put the president on-screen.

Mr. President, Delta Force entered Washington airspace.

I have Lieutenant Colonel Cameron on the line.

You're online, sir!

What do you have for us, colonel?

We developed this plan independent of the Secret Service.

We'll use the superstructure of the city to mask our approach.

What if they start killing hostages?

They're dead anyway if this fails.

Alvin, please think about what you're doing.

May I remind you that you are addressing the president of the United States?

Mr. President, I don't wanna write off any Americans yet.

Trust me, sir, we'll get your house back for you.

- Mission's a go, colonel. Thank you, sir.

You heard the president. Flight time to target: six minutes.

So, what's it like being president? It's not like anything.

Once you get into office, it's all about re-election...

...and what the other side can use against you.

Politics. You don't start out a politician...

...but you become one.

Just once, though, I wanna do something that's presidential.

Something along the lines of Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson.

You wanna make history. No. Not history.

I wanna make a difference.

If your little daughter says that I'm her hero...

...then I gotta earn that.

All right, we go in low and quiet. Time to target is two minutes.

Falcon 2, maintain 3-0 feet. Falcon 1, copy, 3-0 feet.

- Drop to 1-0 feet! Falcon 2 dropping to 10 feet.

Complete chaos on the streets of D.C. There's total gridlock through...

Oh, my God! U.S. Special Forces are flying over us!

Shit. Sir, we have Black Hawks coming in.

Which direction? From I Street, and fast.

How do you feel, Mr. President? Surprisingly good, Dr. Cale.

Let me call in, make sure they don't think we're dead.

The former vice president, Alvin Hammond...

...is clearly calling the shots as the new commander in chief.

I have John Cale on the line. Cale?

Where's Carol? Finnerty's been relieved of command.

The cavalry's coming. Should be hitting the residence in a few minutes.

No, no, no, not by air. They have to come by ground.

I think we can handle this. They have Javelin missiles.

Not according to our intel.

Even if we wanted to call them back, they've gone dark.

If they fail, they're going to kill every single one of those hostages...

...including my daughter. Just go.

Take this and stay out of sight.

Thirty seconds! Let's go!

Incoming, three of them! Spread out!

Castle in sight. I say again, Castle in sight.

Are you ready? Colonel, we got movement on the roof.

They've got missile lock! Evasive manoeuvres!

Break right! Javelins! Javelins!


Break right! I can't hold out! We're going down!

Mayday! Mayday! Shit.

Get down! Incoming!

We're going down!

One is closing in on the White House.

Looks like it's checking on the conditions of the hostages.

What are you gonna do? You gonna shoot the hostages?

Get on the 50-cal! Mulcahy, let's go!

Hammer down! Hammer down!


Pull up! Pull up!


Last mag.

They've got missile lock!

Movement on the roof.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire! I think that man is a friendly!

Get ready to deploy!

Fast-rope down! Go, go!

- Get us out! Missile! Javelin up! Javelin up!


Brace for impact!


This mission is going terribly wrong.

I can see now that there are two men on top of the roof...

...and they're engaged in hand-to-hand combat.


Yes! Skip Tyler is in!

Walker, that last firewall just came down.

Mr. Tyler...

...we are a go, sir.

God bless us all.

Sir. My weapons system is coming online.

It's being accessed remotely. I can't...

Jesus Christ, it's targeting. What?

It's firing.

Target is an aircraft somewhere over Ohio.

Appears to be a modified 747.

Oh, my God.

This is an emergency. I repeat, this is an emergency.

What's going on? I don't know.

- -And fasten your seat belts. I repeat, this is...

Sir, we're under attack!

It's clear that someone on the inside has orchestrated...

...this takeover of the White House. That's the only way...

Mr. Speaker, we have confirmation of ground impact.

We're going to need to swear you in, sir. What?

Executive power passed to the vice president when he was sworn in...

...which means the office now passes to you.

Sir. Please follow these men.

Sir, these are your new presidential launch codes.

Please keep them on your person at all times.

I need a moment here. I need... I need to call my wife.

Of course, sir.

Thank you.

Emily Cale.

How are you enjoying your tour?

Remember these?

You and I have a date, sweetheart.

You'll have to go through me.


You're gonna go to jail for that! And who's gonna make me?

The tourist is still on the loose.

But I have a hunch Daddy's gonna come back for his little girl.

So he's still alive. Not for very long, he isn't.

Don't screw up this time! Motts!

You stay here with him.

Hey! Do I look like I need a babysitter?

Sit down and shut up!

Oh, shit.

Mr. President. I...

NORAD is fully compromised. Martin Walker now has the ability...

...to launch missiles at any target in the United States.

Our satellites show massive troop movements...

...in Russia, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula.

What are your orders, sir?

I swear to you all, I swear...

...that we are not beaten yet. We are not!



...how soon can you execute an air strike on the White House?


We can have Raptors on target in 10 minutes.

Then do it. Let's go to work!

Sir... Carol, we have to end this. We have to.

What if the next missile that he launches is aimed at Chicago or New York?

We're talking about millions of lives. Your first act as president...

...is going to be bombing the White House?

Believe me, I know, I know.

But our country is stronger than one house.

This is Mission Control. Raptor Alpha 1, clear to initiate Operation Free Castle.

Copy that, Raptor Alpha 1 beginning approach.

We've lost two commanders in chief in one day.

Look, Mark, if I'm a foreign head of state, and the United States of America...

...has become a rogue nuclear power...

...at what point do I take action and step in...

...perhaps even with a pre-emptive nuclear strike?

Brought you a present.

It's the tourist's daughter.

Well, hello, hello.

Good morning, Mr. Cale.

I'm sitting here with someone who would like to say hello to you.

Say hello, sweetie.

Say hello, sweetie.

All right, then, would you like to tell your father...

...what Mr. Stenz here is holding in his hand?

- A gun. Now, Mr. Cale...

...I'm gonna start counting here...

...and if you don't give the president to my men by the time I've reached three...

...Mr. Stenz here is gonna shoot your little girl in the stomach.



No. No. No.

I'm here.

Guess Daddy doesn't love you after all.

We got the president.

Bring him on down. Back to your office, sir.

I have John Cale on the line, sir.


You put her on the goddamn phone right now.

Hi, John. They have the president.

John, I want you to listen to me. Help is not coming.

I said they have the president. They called a strike on the White House.

The vice president is dead. You need to get out.

They cannot do that. They still have hostages, they still have Emily.

I'm so, so sorry. I was wrong about you...

...but there's nothing you can do, John. If you stay, you're gonna die.

I need you to listen to me. My little girl is counting on me...

...and I am not gonna disappear on her.

So you tell me how much time I have.

You only have eight minutes left to get them out.

Goodbye, Carol.

Clear out! We're moving back now!

Everybody's gotta move back! Everybody move back!

What do you mean, evacuate? My daughter is in that building!

This is an emergency. Move back now!

Please! Clear the area now!

Move back now! I said move back now!


Oh, there I am. That's not a bad picture.

How'd they find out I did that one?


Whatever happened to "the pen is mightier than the sword"?

Martin, as the president of the United States...

...this comes with the full weight, power and authority of my office:

Fuck you.

You okay? Can we get down to business now?

I'm gonna need you to open this for me.

What is that? Oh, what are you doing?

This is the nuclear football, sweetie.

It is keyed to the blood type and heartbeat of the president.

What the hell is this? This is the deal.

There's a dozen reasons why that's not gonna work.

Such as? Even if I open it, my codes are useless.

They switched them out once you took over the building.

You let me worry about that.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel terrible about losing your boy.

But that's on me.

So if you want revenge, then just shoot me.

You think I blame you for Kevin's death?

Sending those men in was the most courageous thing...

...you ever did in your life.

You were a true commander in chief for five minutes.

You just don't have the balls to see the mission through.

What mission?

There were no nuclear weapons in Iran. But there will be.

The Middle East is our last war.

It will be us or them.

I choose that Kevin Charles Walker will be the last American soldier...

...to die in that conflict in vain.

You want that as your son's legacy?

Murdering millions of people in his name?

Mr. President, I wish the pen were mightier than the sword, I do.

But it's just a dream.

Stand up, sir.

History will judge who the true patriots were here today.

I've been standing up, Martin, and I'm not gonna open that.


Martin, that's not necessary.


How about now?

I can't open this for him.

If I do, millions of people are gonna die, you understand that?

I understand.

Goddamn it!

Tyler, what the hell is going on?

We got thermal alarms going off in the second-floor dining room...

...the West Sitting Hall, and the president's bedroom.

Killick, he's trying to burn the place. Second floor. Send your men.

Tyler? Turn off the goddamn sprinklers!

Who makes this shit?

Oh, shit!

What was that?

I've been waiting all day to kill you.

Stop hurting my White House!

German mantle clock. Empire style.

Killick, report!

Killick, what the hell is happening? Report!

Killick can't come to the phone. Where's my daughter?

Dad! She's here with me...

...in the Oval Office, so why don't you come down and get her?

What are you gonna do? What do you think?

Why do you make all this shit personal?

Oh, you're talking to me about personal...

...when you wanna blow up half the world for your kid!

What are you gonna do? What I should've done in the beginning.

I'm gonna kill this prick. Hey!

What? You lied to all of us.

This was not the job.

I got business to finish. You stay here.

How do I get to the Oval Office? Take the stairs to the ground floor...

...you go to the end of the West Colonnade.

There's an air strike coming! Get them out of here.


You heard the man!

Tour's over.

I didn't sign up for this nuclear bullshit.

I'm gonna go and I'm gonna get the money myself.

Hey! Hey! What?

You think I put my country through this for money?

I hate mercenaries.

It's about time.

I choose the pen!

Come here. Get up. Up!

Put your hand...

Weapon system unlocked.

Enter presidential launch code.

Mr. President, please wake up, wake up. Please!

Sir, we're at DEFCON 1.

The nuclear football in the White House went live.

That's impossible. It's happening.

Someone has entered valid launch codes.

Captain on deck! What the hell is going on?

All 24 of our nuclear missiles went live. This can't be right.

Sir, we have nuclear missiles spinning up on the Albuquerque.

If our allies see us launching a full-scale nuclear strike, they will respond.

Russia and China will launch. We'll have World War Ill...

...unless you level the White House. Four minutes to target!

I need a final go-no go for payload delivery.

God forgive me. Go.

- Go! Raptor Alpha 1, Operation Free Castle...

...is a go. Copy that. Dropping to attack altitude.

Cale, Walker's trying to launch a nuclear attack.

If he does, it'll start World War III.

- You have to stop him. What?

Cale? Cale?

Head to the South Lawn!

Almost there. Come on. Come on. Come on!

I'm gonna enjoy this.

Confirm: Bandar Abbas.

Chah Bahar targeted.

Confirm Chah Bahar.

Go! Leave, leave, leave! No, no!

Not without my dad! Go, go, go!

Your little bitch says you're gonna put me in jail!

Come on, Martin. This isn't you.

You protected presidents for the past 25 years.

What are you gonna do?

You really gonna shoot me?

All right.


He deserved it.

You killed him!

Get back. Get over here.

Get in the room or I'll knock you out!

And do as you're told. Go on, sit down!

I'm gonna carve my name on your chest!

No jail for you, you little bitch!

No! No!

Get it off!

There was an enormous explosion in the vicinity of the West Wing.

A huge ball of flames has burst into the sky.

- It's got to be more than 100 feet... Raptor Alpha 1, you are clear.

Delta 2-6, copy that. Two minutes to target.

Clear the area. Get back in there!

The Department of Homeland Security...

Get in there!

This is a mandatory evacuation...


No, please, please, baby. Look at me. I'm right here.

Tabriz targeted. Confirm Tabriz.

Please, baby, you gotta turn around and look at me.

Damn it.

Evacuate this area immediately! We need you to move back, people!

Move back now! Emily!

Get out of here! There's an air strike coming!

My daughter was in there. Emily Cale. She's still in there. Wait!

Emily! What is with this family? Wait for me!

Confirm Tehran.

Targeting complete.

Armed for nuclear launch.

You have 15 seconds to initiate.

Fifteen, 14...

Nine, eight...

Dad! Dad, look! Five...

Dad, in his hand! ...four...

...three... Emily, get down!

...two... Get down!


Confirmation timed out.

Delta 2-6, one minute to target. Go weapons hot.

Thank God, Em. Daddy, I love you.

You're okay.

I love you so much. The president. He shot him!

He shot him in there.

Look, I need you to listen to me.

There's an air strike coming, I need you to run.

I need you to run as far and as fast as you can possibly go.

Can you do that? I gotta get the president.

Okay. You gotta go for me. Now, go.

Hundreds of people seem to be running toward the White House.

They've been told to evacuate too, but they're climbing the fence.

Okay, we have confirmation. President Raphelson has ordered an air strike...

...on the White House, and I can hear the planes coming.

I... I have to go. I'm sorry.

Delta 2-6, requesting permission to deliver payload.

Raptor Alpha 1, you are clear.

All right, guys, let's clean it up.

Delta 2-6, we're locked on target. Please confirm Free Castle is a go.

Raptor Alpha 1, clear. Mission is a go.

Delta 2-6, we have friendlies all over the kill zone.

I cannot see the planes, but what I can see is an unbelievable sight.

Emily Cale is out on the lawn, and she's waving the presidential flag.

No, baby. No, I told you to run! You gotta run!

Captain, do you see this? Delta 2-6, we have a young girl on the lawn.

I think she's trying to wave off the air strike.

- Sir, requesting permission to abort- Mr. President, please.

Sir! Sir! I need an answer.

I'm not doing this, guys. Abort mission. Pull out! Abort! Abort! Abort!


They have flown over the White House.

It is an unbelievable moment down here.

People are going wild.

And Emily Cale is undoubtedly a beautiful hero of the day.

Emily Cale is a little hero.

This is an unprecedented moment in U. S. history.

That search you requested came back.

Emily, can you believe how many people have seen your video biog?

It's not a video blog. It's a YouTube channel.

- How many? Seven hundred million people.



Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Honest Abe. My wife got this for me.

For the inauguration.

Are you kidding me? You got shot in the wa...?

What I'm telling you is that good old Abe took a second bullet for me.

Thank you.

Thank you for what you did for Emily.

It's my sacrifice, right?

Yes, sir.


John, listen.

This isn't over yet.

Walker had no prior contact...

...with any of the terrorists, but someone else did.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. I'm gonna put you on speaker.

- The president's with me. This guy, Stenz...

...made multiple calls to a secure line in D. C...

...but we don't know who received them. The database was wiped 30 minutes ago.

Really? Did you check Walker's personal records?

His computer, his e-mails?

You don't know Walker, John. He was a dinosaur.

The man still used a pager.

Oh, shit.

Listen. Carol, I got to check something out.

We'll see you outside.

I don't believe it.

I think I know how Walker got the codes, but I'm gonna need your help, sir.

Move back! Move back.


Oh, baby, you okay? Oh, thank God.

Thank God, baby.

Did you see my routine? Yeah.

Oh, I'm so proud of you. You were beautiful, baby.

You saved us. You know that?

Hey, stay with Mommy for a second, okay? I'll be right back.

John. It's disarmed.

Thank God you're all right. Where's the president?

He didn't make it, sir.

I need to address the nation.

General, get on with the Joint Chiefs.

We need to move our troops into the Middle East to stabilise the region.

You wanna move troops in?

When they find out that we almost launched a nuclear attack...

...there's gonna be chaos. We have to contain it.

Can I ask you a question? Of course. Yeah.

When did you and Walker cook this whole thing up?

Excuse me? How'd it go?

You gave Walker the launch codes and he made you president?

You can prove this?

Well, Walker had to get the launch codes from somewhere...

...and you were the only person with those codes.

And I found this pager in Walker's pocket.

I only know one other person that uses one of these.

That doesn't prove anything.

Two old guys use old technology. So what?

Why don't you call the return number on that, Carol?

Would have been better if the evidence had been destroyed...

...in the air strike that you ordered.

You're a goddamn traitor, sir.

You dim little shit.

I hired you out of pity and this is how you repay me.

Tomorrow, when people find out that your precious president...

...helped a maniac open the nuclear football...

...who do you think they're going to believe, you or me?

You, you would be a nobody.

But me, I'm the president of the United States.

No, you're not.

Eli, Eli.

Quite the politician, huh?

You did all of this just to keep your buddies in the defence industry happy.

How far did you fall into their pockets?

This is ridiculous.

Take him into custody, general. Yes, sir, Mr. President.

No, I'm still president. I am still president.

Well, just consider this a coup d'état. Get this trash off my lawn.

You're not fit for office. You son of a bitch!

You're selling this country out to the Arabs.

This isn't over. I got friends.

And I'll make sure all of your friends meet you in prison.

Let's get him to the hospital.

You okay? You look terrible.

Thank you for everything you did today.

Thank you for trusting me.

Special Agent Cale!

I'm not going anywhere without my protection.

You heard him.

Thank you, sir. Hey, Em!

You wanna take a ride?

Come on.

Can I go? Yeah, of course.

Go with your father.

She's an amazing girl.

This way! Move this way!

Welcome aboard. Thank you, sir.

You sure you're all right?

I'm all right now.

Good job, special agent.

Thank you, general.

If you ever want a private tour of the White House, just let me know.

I can hook it up like that. I mean, maybe in a few weeks...

...when we've got the place back together.

That's good to know.

You wanna give him the news?

Calls have been coming in from all over the globe for the last hour.

The presidents of Iran, Russia, Israel and France have all agreed to your terms.

It looks like your peace plan is a go.

You keep this up, I just might have to vote for you.

You wanna see something really special?

Yeah. Carol.

Henry, the president wants to do the thing.

Hold on tight.